Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Google Moves To Kill Off Its Adult Bogs

I cordially invite Google to do this.

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, Google has said it will forbid the creation of all blogs with adult content as of March 23. Existing blogs with adult content will be allowed to remain in existence, however, they will be made private, whatever the hell that means. I think it may mean you won't find them via search any more. Basically, adult blogger on Google will have to go out and lasso people to come visit their blog.

Well I have not been very active on Blogger since they made us remove all links affiliate links to adult content providers last year, except to promote my books on Amazon. That's because I saw the handwriting on the wall. Blogger is a dead issue, a waste of time, and Google ... remember their slogan "Don't be evil"? They've actually made it ironic!

Sex is good (mostly). Bondage is good (mostly). Porn is good (mostly). People are good (mostly). People however, are not corporations (and vice versa!). And corporations are evil (mostly).

Goodbye, Google.


Google has backed off its threat to remove all adult blogs, apparently under intense public scrutiny. I leave this post up as part of public shaming for making the threat in the first place.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Love Robot Wars Book 2: Threesome Of All Fears Now On Sale

This is NOT the cover of Threesome of All Fears, but it OUGHT to be. My book would be banned by Amazon so fast you could hear the banhammers going down from space, if I used this for the cover. This image DOES convey one of the scenes in the book very well, but such are Amazons rules about book covers that I had to use the much tamer image at the bottom of the blurb. Such is life in the world of the independent publisher/author. Image courtesy of Sex and

The second story in the series, which you can buy here, explores Dan's relationship a little further, and introduces a few new wrinkles into the Basic Income world, including the Aspect of Loki, an interesting little idea I had about what a transcendent AI might be like that is not fully developed in this story but might come up later. There's a nice sexual roleplay of a Gorean nature to contrast with the modern machined roleplay between the Jetta unit and Dan. All in all a fun outing. Here's the blurb:

Anna knew that wealthy alpha male programmer Dan could be the man of her dreams, based on the kinky online sexual roleplay they had engaged in prior to Dan's divorce. Wounded by the divorce, Dan withdrew from his relationship with Anna and bought himself a Jetta unit, the most advanced sex robot in existence, a pleasure droid designed to fulfill every man's erotic romance fantasies, including the dominance and submission fantasies that Dan and Anna had engaged in. Many men had purchased Jetta units and then gone their own way, leaving the dating pool forever, the male equivalent of spinsters. But when Anna learns that Dan has been using their old roleplay scripts in his sessions with the Jetta unit, Anna knows that she is the one his heart burns for, and decides it is time to rekindle that flame – in the hottest possible manner!

And here's the actual cover:

No hint of bondage anywhere on it ... you can't show even handcuffs on an Amazon book cover. No nudity either ... Amazon does not allow even butts to be shown on it's erotica covers, or even butt crack. No sideboob, no underboob. It's just fucking weird. You can't even accurately describe the books' contents in your blurb! You have to keep things very vague, very vague indeed. Freaking insane, but that's censorship for ya!

The Love Slave Robot War: Book 1 Now On Sale

My first photographic cover! This is the story formerly known as Jetta 2000.

I took my Jetta 2100 story and refurbished a bit as a series of "Love Slave Robot Wars" stories, this is the first of the stories. You can buy it here. I'm having to write more sex scenes to slake the degenerate appetites of the women who read erotica and erotic romances (Hi, Mom!) and I also integrated the story into the Basic Income/Morality Laws world I've created. This is fairly late in that world: we've got fully functional sexbots, nanotech, artificial intelligences and a lot of other fun stuff. Here's the blurb:

Anna met the man of her dreams online. Dan was an exciting, creative, dominant man with a great sense of fun, the sort of man so many submissive women like her wanted to hook up with. Anna had been around and Dan knew the ropes and how to drive a woman wild with pleasure with them.

But then Dan's wife found out about Anna's virtual relationship with Dan, and Other Womaned her in court, using evidence of their relationship to claim loss of consort. Dan cut off all contact with Anna, fearing he would lose visitation rights with his daughter. Anna was heartbroken, but understood.

Then Anna saw sexually dominating a Jetta 2100 unit, a robot love slave, in an online video. She would have been disappointed, except for one aspect of the video that showed that her times with Dan were still on his mind. But could she reclaim his heart from a machine that looked and acted exactly like a gorgeous woman in love with whatever man she was programmed to love? Even if it was a machine?