Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tavern Slut 3: Yard Sale Slut Is Now Available on Amazon

This is the third story in my Tavern Slut series, and it's different from the others. It's set in the present day, or something very like the present day, somewhere between 50 to 100 years from Tavern Slut 1: Jessica's Virgin Auction and Tavern Slut 2: Mia the Contortionist. Therefore, there's no advanced sexual tech here. No anal clits, no oral clits, no hormone enhamcement sets, no nanotech enhancement of the body at all. It's pretty much what we have in the present day. There's also no Basic Income.

There are some minor differences in the world of Yard Sale Slut and our present world. The most obvious difference is the existence of Slut Taverns, but their existence implies some major differences, major enough that it might be best to think of the world of Yard Sale Slut as an alternate timeline that is very close to our current timeline, one that differs very little from us in most respect.

The big difference is the existence of slutting. I came up with "slut" as an alternative to the word "slave" to keep Amazon's censorious types from blocking my books. Very much like other erotica writers came up with the concept of "dubcon" to slide around Amazon's rules about rape. (You can't portray rape in erotica, period). Slavegirls are a little different, they're not NECESSARILY being raped, but the power imbalance implied by slavegirls gets every red flag going for Amazon censors, so it's best to sidestep it if you can.)

But slutting quickly grew into its own thing in my mind. It became a lifestyle choice for sex positive submissives in a society that recognized sex positivity as a valid lifestyle and had alternative social norms and rules that allowed sex positive submissives to live as they liked to. We've got nothing like that in reality. The closest we have is the kink lifestyle, and the dating lifestyle of young adults, but the basis of those lifestyles is that they be hidden, concealed from public view and knowledge. For example, we have BDSM clubs, we have strip clubs, and in Nevada we have whorehouses, all places where various kinds of sexual activities occur behind closed doors. It's allowed, in the places where it's allowed. But you do most of those things on the street, you're in jeopardy.

But in a fully developed sex positive society, you might be able to have sex in public and it would be OK. The people involved would just be slutting, expressing their sex positivity in public in a society that's OK with sex positivity.

Tavern Slut 1 and Tavern Slut 2 occur in the context of a fully sex positive society, but Tavern Slut 3 is in a society where the sluttery remains hidden, but is accepted, so long as it remains hidden. So you can go to a slut tavern and buy food and drink and fuck the waitress, no problem. There's not much public approbation for doing so, except for the religious conservatives, who are not culturally influential.

Times are also hard economically. Jobs, especially good jobs, are scarce. Nobody has to slut, but the economic benefits of doing so are great, if you're young, female and pretty.  Basically, you've got a "Get Out of Poverty Free" card. And a lot of women use that card. Moira uses it, though she frames her decision in terms of taking the Way of Acceptance promulgated by one of her favorite Renaissance poets.

So, a very different story, but still, I think, an engaging one, because like the other "Tavern Slut" stories, it's about women finding their way through sex positivity, through expressing themselves sexually and taking full ownership of who they are. It's inspiring, really, most especially this one.

Here's the blurb, if your'e interested:

Moira was the most brilliant literature student in Warwoman Dell, Kentucky. She got a scholarship to college and fell in love with Renaissance poetry, and graduated with a degree in literature, only to discover (to the surprise of no one but her) that there were no jobs around for literature majors. There were teaching jobs, but they were very rare in these tight economic times, and those that were available tended to go to people with connections, which Moira had none of.

Moira felt that somehow her love of literature would carry her past that point, just as it had carried her out of Warwoman Dell. But … her love of literature was stopped cold by the uninterested job market.

Fortunately, Moira had a skill – she was a natural born submissive and slut. She loved to have sex with lots of partners, and to be bound and gagged while having sex. But she loved doing it on her own terms, not professionally, as a way of making money. 

Moira also felt that if she let her slut nature out to play too much, people would think of her as a slut, and nothing but a slut, and ignore the intellectual side of her that led her to become an expert in Renaissance poetry. Because people HAD done just that, back in her hometown and in college.

That's what led Moira to take a berth on the “Elon's Prospect” as a deck hand trainee – hard, low-paying, dangerous work that most weren't desperate enough to touch. It was that or stay homeless, or take up professional slutting. 

But Moira, uninterested in being a deckhand on a fishing boat, was not a good deckhand. She felt that Captain Dekkish had overstated her incompetence: she had only poisoned the crew with her cooking once, for example. And her mistake with the fishnet line hadn't washed half the crew overboard, only a couple of them, and they'd recovered them just fine.

That's how Moira wound up marooned by the crew in Mossport, Virginia, chained in the basement of a slutting agency. She could have said “To hell with it” and gone back into the streets – nobody had to slut against their will. But she decided to adopt The Way of Acceptance advocated by one of her favorite Renaissance poets, and so she stayed until she was bought by a lovely older couple, the Graysons, as a gift for their son Jeffrey.

After a few months, Jeffrey went off to college, and didn't take Moira with him, saying she would distract him from his studies. And so Moira wound up being sold at a yard sale by the Graysons. It was the low point of her life, and she knew it, because she felt VERY low.
Little did Moira know that better luck was just around the corner, waiting to usher her into a world where she would be valued for her slutting AND her intellect by a very dominant and capable man who would fulfill her sluttish yearnings and challenge her intellect, leading her to a new world of achievement and adventure.

Read Yard Sale Slut and see how it all goes down. Or rather, up.

Tavern Slut 3: Yard Sale Slut is over 33,000 words long, part of the Tavern Slut series, but very much a standalone, set a hundred years prior to the events in Tavern Slut 1: Jessica's Virgin Auction and Tavern Slut 2: Mia the Contortionist (links in the back of this book).