Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ten Highy Kinky Movies (That Are No Damn Fun)

J.J. Von Schnerk: "Vat, is dis naked, hogtied woman SMILINK? Does she know NUZZINK of how fine movies are made?" Image source:

On a site called Whatculture! they have a list of 10 Highly Kinky Films. The list describes what made the films kinky and also interesting and watchable. The films are (SPOILER ALERT, and really, go read the article, it's interesting enough and has pics)
Preaching to the Perverted, Lorna, Spanking the Monkey, Bound, The Piano Teacher, Quills, Belle de Jour, 9 1/2 Weeks, Secretary, Crimes of Passion.

OK, here's my quickie reviews of all these films:
Preaching to the Perverted - didn't watch.
Lorna -- didn't watch, no reported bondage.
Spanking the Monkey -- didn't watch, no reported bondage, and squicky incest.
Bound -- watched, and OK gangster film with some good Skinamax style lesbian scenes and some nice damsel in distress nonsexual bondage.
The Piano Teacher -- didn't watch, tried, but too boring.
Quills -- also boring
Belle de Jour -- also boring
9 1/2 Weeks -- boring Skinamax trash that excluded all the bondage scenes in the book
Secretary -- the only film worth watching in the bunch. Maggie Gyllenhaal really does a great job of conveying the excitement, desperation and eroticism of her submissive character's feelings.
Crimes of Passion -- tried to watch it, boring.

Now you will have noticed that I have dismissed almost all of the bondage-content-bearing kinky films as boring. Well, sorry, that's my unfettered opinion of them. Like art films, mainstream films tend to handle kink as if were some horrible, serious necessity that people are forced to do by mysterious urges, possibly emanating from the Planet Netheria, which do not reward the users with pleasure and human contact, but force them to do very nasty things that they can barely stifle their gasps of horror while doing.

OK, I may be over-reaching there, but not by much. People do bondage for the same reason that people have vanilla sex, because it feels good and it's fun. But mainstream films can never portray that, that's left to porn, in most cases. A shame, because some poor kid who doesn't have access to porn may grow up thinking kinky=boring, based on what he or she sees in mainstream films.

Oh, well, I am glad mainstream sites are just listing kinky movies without Eeeewing them. That's progress, I guess.

A Really Nice Trove of Slavegirl Art

At the Oscars:"And yes, in real life, I'm her slavegirl, I must serve her in all ways, even the most horribly sexual, erotic ways imaginable, and she's got QUITE an imagination! It's a nice break from playing the virginal Jessie in the "Dull Times In The Suburbs" romcom I'm in currently." Image source: Cruel Timur's Imagefap galleries.

I found a real trove of slavegirl art in a series of 24 galleries created by a fellow named crueltimur over on a site called Imagefap.

Imagefap, as the name suggests, has ads showing image of women doing the sort of things that leads to fapping, but crueltimur's galleries are not hardcore stuff, for the most part. Mostly of images slavegirls being slavey, i.e., being auctioned, bathing, being stripped of their clothing, lying around looking sexy, having sex, all of it very often while in bondage and naked or almost naked. There are images of slavegirls having sex and giving blowjobs, but it's not the whole point of the galleries as it is in actual hardcore porn.

Not all the slavegirls are harem slaves, though many are. There are some definite Gorean slavegirls, some images of enslaved women from sweat mags, some modern Poser art (consistently really good stuff, too) illustrations from various magazines, and the sort of stuff you find over years of selecting slavegirly art from Internet archives.

The reason I mention this in particular is because of course I've been looking at slavegirl art on the Web for a long time, and crueltimur has found quite a bit of very good slavegirl art that is new to me.

Most of it is not attributed, however there are a lot of paintings with watermarks and such, so between Google Reverse Image Search and Tineye you should be able to track the artists down and see more of their stuff, though I was unable to find the origin of the image that goes with this post. Figures.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dylan Ryan Speaks Out On

Dylan Ryan, feminist porn star, in a Bound Gang Bang shoot -- she's a person, just like you, as well. Image source:

Dylan Ryan, a feminist porn star and activist, has an article in about how and why she became a porn star. I don't agree with every word she has to say about porn and the porn industry, in fact, I suspect I would find myself in opposition to her on some points. But the thing is, she gives an honest account of who she is, what she does, and why she does it. This in itself is a good thing.

I'm seeing more and more honest writing by workers in the sex industry on the Internet, from the Honest Courtesan blog (she's put out some brilliant pieces lately) to Maggie Mayhem's work. It's all good, even if the Honest Courtesan is a fucking libertarian, Dylan Ryan is a queer activist who talks all feminista-ish at times, and Maggie Mayhem has dissed the hell out of Still, they are honestly and authentically writing about who they are, and of course I won't like every aspect of who they are, that's part of being human.

And with every such authentic expression of who they are, they bring a more human face to the sex industry, a sense that the people who are in it are PEOPLE, just like the people who anonymously download their pictures on the Internet and so forth. They are humanizing the sex industry, which is what is really needed to bring the social acceptance that will end the ostracism they now face.

Because let's face it, there are a lot of people who could look at all these women's writings, and knowing that they are sex industry workers, will dismiss their work with a single sneered word: "Whores." Or if they feel more explanatory, “So they think they're feminists, or social activities or whatever the hell, they're still just whores.”

But every honest blog by a sex industry worker (not just marketing for their videos and so forth) brings the day closer when everyone will understand that a person who can dismiss them all as simply “whores” in its most pejorative sense because they work in the sex industry, is just as obviously bigoted as someone who looks at the color of a person's skin and dismisses them as a “nigger” in its more pejorative sense, and that the use of such terms says everything about the user and nothing about the person it's being used on.

It's exactly the same. It really is. And I cannot WAIT for the day when everybody understands that.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Time Travelling Bondage Models: Part Two

Left: Closeup of a portion of the cover of Mystic Comics No. 8. Right: Unknown tumblr image of a bondage model.

So I found the image on the right on a tumblr bondage photo blog, sans attribution, as usual. It reminded me of something, and after a bit I figured out what: one of the photos from my section on the Competitors of Wonder Woman, specifically, this one, Mystic Comics No. 8, from March 1942.

Clearly, the photo was created well after the comic book cover was inked, yet the resemblance is too amazing not to be true! The only rational explanation is that the model somehow traveled to the past to model for the cover of Mystic Comics No. 8! It sounds fantastic, I know, but it wouldn't be the first time I've obtained evidence of this happening. And c'mon, SyFy Channel "woo" series have proven everything from the existence of ghosts to ancient astronauts to aliens to the plot to save Hitler's mustache from the atomic bomb with far weaker "evidence" than this very strong resemblance between a cover on an old comic book and an obscure bit of bondage porn!

P.S.: I did a Google reverse image search and was able to only turn up websites of the sort that do not attribute and which have viruses and similar stuff, as my anti-virus program bragged to me on one or more occasions that it had detected specific kinds of malware. So tell me if you know of the origin of this image, but tread carefully if you go looking for more like it.

P.P.S.: You will note I have yellow circles over the woman's breasts. They are wrapped in rope and are all purple. I know some people like that stuff, but I don't, and I'm not putting it on my blog.

The original cover of Mystic Comics No. 8 in all its BDSM porno glory. Remember, this was a children's comic, sold in newsstands and stores everywhere without plain brown wrappers or anything ... just like those Margaret Brundage magazine covers. My how things have changed. Can you imagine that on a modern comic book cover?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Trouble At The Armory: Keeping It In Perspective

Maggie Mayhem modelling at her lips may have been sealed in this photoshoot, but they TOTALLY are not sealed in real life. Image source:

In an earlier post,
I pointed out that has become, essentially, an old-fashioned Hollywood studio, only instead of turning out tepid Hayes Code fare, they turn out hardcore BDSM porn. Well the similarities are getting even more striking of late.

Studio execs snorting illegal white powders up their nose, check.

Studio staff accused of doing stupid things with firearms, check. (See previous link.) (I'm thinking of the various Hollywood actors who have been injured by firearms during the course of shooting various films (pun totally intended) such as those who have been killed or injured by weapons firing blanks.)

Studio execs accused of sexual improprieties, check. (Hell, the casting couch was so commonplace it was a cliche in Hollywood lore.)

Studio accused of monetarily exploiting their talent, check.

Studio accused of unsafe working conditions, check. (See link about sexual improprieties.)

All of this has come about, if you'll read the links, because of a drug bust that occurred because some knuckleheads at set up a makeshift firing range in the studio's basement (it is a former actual National Guard Armory, hence you gotta figure would have some great firing range locations). The cops got called in because of all the gunfire, and Somehow (this makes me suspicious) during their investigation the cops found cocaine in the possession of the Peter Acworth, the CEO of, i.e, the studio head.

Sorting out the truth of all this is tough. I personally do not find my morality outraged, or even surprised, by the cocaine possession and the firing range, so long as the firing range was safe (and I have not seen any allegations that it was unsafe). The allegations I do care about are the ones involving mistreatment of the talent at

Most of the accusations of those improprieties at are coming from one person, Maggie Mayhem. (One of the sources I cite claims that other, unnamed staff support her allegations, but frankly I am not at all disposed to lend any credulity to unnamed sources in a case like this. I got some unnamed sources right here for ya! ... if you know what I mean.)

Mayhem is a former model/actress/employee who had a background in social work, i.e., conducting health screenings and providing safe materials to sex workers and addicts in San Francisco. I tend to think Mayhem believes what she is saying, she does not strike me as a liar. (We have all heard of the former porn stars who leave the business, turn Christian, report on all the nonstop horrors she was subjected to in the porn industry, and then sometimes leave Christianity and report on how the Christians brainwashed her into saying all those things, generally while flogging a book or video about her misadventures, leaving the objective viewer sure of nothing except that she is a liar to the core.)

I do not think Mayhem is one of those, but I do know that whenever a porn producer gets in serious trouble it's very possible that they will have employed at least one such person, and that such person will turn on them in a heartbeat with whatever allegations they can drum up. So I am skeptical, to say the least.

In Mayhem's case, I note that she admits that she was impelled to leave social work in part because the goody-goody nonprofit social welfare agencies she was working for did not measure up to her high moral standards. This suggests to me that she might be one of those people whose moral standards are so high that basically no organization can live up to them. So I am skeptical on that basis as well. (Saying a fetish porn model has high moral standards might be hard for a social conservative to wrap their head around, but I suspect it's not a rare trait among sex workers, especially BDSM sex workers.)

However, I am not convinced Mayhem is lying or exaggerating, I just don't KNOW what the truth is. My off-the-cuff impression is that needs to get a lot sharper at separating the business end of their business from the bondage fantasy end, and to pick up on their worker safety practices, and treat their webcam girls better. There does not seem to be anything actively evil going on, at the moment, just a need to tighten up a bit. Which is more than you can say of Roman Polanski's Hollywood (granted it was 32 years go, but ... that's active evil in spades).

The other thing that makes me suspicious is something I alluded to in my initial story about going mainstream ... when you start presenting yourself as a respectable member of the community, you draw attention to yourself, and a LOT of people have it out for sex workers and the sex industry from the get-go -- as Mayhem points out in the beginning of her article. So this kind of smells like the attack I had been fearing when I wrote my piece. Remember, "complaints about the guns" led the cops to Somehow find the cocaine in Acworth's possession. Just offhand, does not pass the sniff test at all. It stinks, in fact.

It would be terrible to see's reputation go down the tubes, because they do have a well-established reputation as being a fun, healthy, positive place to do porn work, a reputation established by current and former workers at the place who speak highly of it. There are millions of social conservatives who will accept any allegations about at face value because it's part of the sex industry,which they hate. And I mean hate, there's nothing rational going on there. Like any sex industry business, their reputation is damaged in the eyes of all social conservatives and suspect in the eyes of the uninformed. So there's a tendency to want to support when they are attacked like this.

But you can't let get away with turning into a sleazebag outfit for its workers just because they say the right things in public, like so many non-sex industry corporations do. (At least has been spared the shame of most of its workers being forced to go on food stamps and other government assistance because of low wages, as WalMart has.)

That's why my stance on the issues at is going to be wait and see. Wait and see what the people who actually work or have worked at have to say about the matter. You can't trust what the mainstream media have to say about the matter, that's for damn sure. And keep a sense of perspective. would have to get a LOT more evil to match the sleaze that our non-sex industry corporations get up to. Compared to many of them, even with the current allegations, is ... saintly.

The Best Naked Lesbian Wrestling Joke EVAH!

What is it about naked lesbian wrestlng that you just CAN'T keep a straight face?" Image source: Ultimate

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo: The Sequel

Coming soon to a theater near you: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: This Time It's PERSONAL! Featuring more tattoo! More girl! LOTS more girl! Lots more girl in bondage! Now with head harness! And ball gag! And ... did we mention LOTS more tattoos? Image source: Device

Yeah, I wish.

Monday, February 18, 2013

In Case of Emergency

There's one in every building on Gor ...

Image source: tumblr site, no attribution. I did a Google image search and a tineye search and found a number of sites, some of which were of the sort that had me wondering if my virus protection was up to date. In fact I did a search for the name of one of the sites that the photo was tagged with and got a hit that suggested it spread Trojans. And most of the sites did not look like the sort that create original content, they looked like sites that grab others' content and rebrand it as their own, if they even bother to do that. So, I'm not recommending any of the sites I found to my readers. If anyone knows who originated this image let me know and I'll give them credit.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Domestic Bondage on SMBC Theater

"Now this is what we call "tickling the inner goddess!" Image source: Training of

A Youtube channel called SMBC Theater has come up with an actually funny bit about sexual bondage play. They called it 50 Shades of Domestic Gray but I think that's just to attract visitors, the skit actually has little or nothing to do with the book Fifty Shades of Grey. Point is: it's actually funny. Lighthearted and fun. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

ABC News Brings the Dinosaur Stupidity On BDSM

Tasty fun bondage! Image source: Device

The flying monkeys brought me a dinosaur of sorts today. Spending my time on the Web I have grown accustomed to a changed tone in news stories covering BDSM topics, ever since Fifty Shades of Grey. After an initial outburst of stupid, a totally predictable response, the various bloggers and writers leveled up and started writing smarter, more knowledgeable articles that didn't have the Eeeeew bookend that was once damn near mandatory on every mainstream media treatment of BDSM topics. (Still plenty of subtle, hidden slut-shaming around, sad to say.)

ABC News ran a piece called Exploring the World of BDSM which was FULL of that whole "Eeeeew" subtext, as the wholesome, decent folks of ABC News examined the strange, bizarre, unnatural world of BDSM that fifty million readers had enjoyed the heck out of reading about via Fifty Shades of Grey. Aaaand they led with a story about a professional dominatrix and her submissive male customers, which to be fair is a part of BDSM, but a very tiny minority and a reverse of the usual genders, because let's face it, women are much more prone to want to be submissives than dominatrixes.

To be even fairer, the story went on to cover a suburban couple, both switches, who took turns submitting and dominating one another, except the woman was having trouble submitting, so they went to a BDSM workshop.

But the whole article was so heavily overlaid with that "Eeeeew!" subtext, that "what are these strange creatures doing that is so unnatural and disturbing?" feeling, that it was hard to get anything out of it other than "Eeeeew!" Very much a dinosaur piece, the sort of thing you would expect from the most hidebound and backward of the mainstream media, which is a fair description of network TV news.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Light Bondage Session from Troma Films

"Light bondage? Why THIS must be light bondage, I feel like I'm floating in air!" Image source:

The flying monkeys brought in a Vimeo clip titled "Light Bondage Sessions" uploaded by Team Troma from their film, "Blood Sisters of Lesbian Sin." And it is a nice bit of lesbian bondage, with an evil captoress tormenting a bound captive with a whip to get her to reveal information. It's great to see movie companies openly promoting their bondage scenes for what they are, rather than coyly ignoring their bondage content even when it's overwhelmingly obvious that the bondage content is there to please those who like bondage content (I'm looking at you, Lifetime Network!).

This could very possibly be another cultural effect of Fifty Shades of Grey … now that mommies have given bondage and kink their positive attention, it's OK to market it for what it is. In any event … enjoy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I KNEW there was something other than a woman's buttocks seen during doggie style sex that looked like a Valentine heart! Image source: unattributed tumblr site.

Here's hoping all the tier-uppers and tiers-upped out there have a wonderful year replete with love and sex and all that good stuff! Here's a post with sexy-lovey bondage goodness, an account from the "It's Just A Hobby" site of what it feels to be tied with rope running through nipple and labia rings. Contains the phrase "his glorious wonderous cock" ... gotta love it! Found it on the Bondage Blog, it's always worth taking a look at.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Felicia Day Topless and Chained ... or Cloned?

Felicia Day has a new celebrity clone and she's in bondage, or course! Image source: Roman Filioppov's 500px blog.

Found a new clone of Felicia Day on the Abnormally Bound tumblr site, and my, she DOES resemble her clone sister. The image shows Felicia Day hanging by cuffs attached overhead to her wrists, naked from the waist up. Wait, no, it shows Day's celebrity clone doing that. She's a model for a Russian photographer named Roman Filippov. There was no attribution on the tumblr site, or course, but there was a watermark on the image, making the tracking down of the source a lot easier. Well there was a LITTLE difficulty, seems photographer Filippov shares his name with an arm-wrestling champion who's made a bigger dent on the Web that photographer Filippov has. (Still it was nothing like the hassle of tracking down the guy who took the photos of the Russian bondage cheerleaders who got pasted all over the web.)

But do check out Filippov's site at the image link, he's a topnotch pro photographer who's apparently done work for publications all over the world, including many glamor shots of naked or nearly naked models. Not a lot of bondage in his work, though there are a few shots ... still, he's got a nice feel for faces, I like that.

As for why a Russian bondage clone of Felicia Day? Well that's easily answered. It's part of a leftover Russian mad scientist cold warrior plot to rob American youth of their precious bodily fluids with hottie clones of famous Americans. We're on to you, mad scientists of Russia!

Interestingly, I could not even use the most attractive image of Felicia Day I could find because it does not look enough like her. I mean, I don't believe it's Photoshopped or anything, just that the lighting and makeup people did a terrific job of making Felicia look prettier than normal ... so much so, this image does not look as much like her as most of the images of her clones I have run.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Abnormally Bound

Normal sexual bondage. Image source: Training of O. com.

Here's Abnormally Bound, a better than average tumblr photo blog of women in bondage. Not a lot of SM, I like that. By the person who wrote the Slave Bride post on being gagged. As usual, total lack of attribution for the photos unless the image happens to have a watermark. I wonder why tumblr hasn't had its ass sued off?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bad Sentences of Gor Interpreted

It would be stupid, or absurd, as I suspected, if not dangerous, to pretend to a belligerent stance, to protest, or threaten, or to appeal to legalities, the purport of which might well be aligned precisely against one, then perhaps, I thought, one might appeal to the pity, the mercies, of one's captors Image source: Device

I've been working my way through Witness of Gor, the Gor novel Norman wrote after his long hiatus from writing Gor novels when he lost his publisher, DAW Books. I'm only about halfway through Witness, which so far has been one long slavegirl fantasy-fest.

Even so, it's full of Norman's trademark comma-clause laden sentences. I've picked out some of the longer, more comma-enriched sentences because hey, they're so much fun you gotta share. I've also interpreted a few for the lengthy-sentence impaired. Those who regard Hemingway's spare prose will no doubt burst a blood vessel, however, there's all kinds of fun to be had with all kinds of different prose styles, and if you can't enjoy Norman's, even knowing their flaws full well, I'll just let that be your problem. Otherwise, enjoy!

The will by the rule of which, by the decision of which, I, and perhaps others, might be confined would doubtless be remote from the instrumentalities by means of which the dictates of that will would be enacted.

Interpretation: The Big Boss don't mess with the details.

My mood, or fit, of indignation, or resolve, of protest, of momentary righteousness, of transitory belligerence, such a futile bellicosity, soon passed.

Interpretation: My mood soon passed.

It would be stupid, or absurd, as I suspected, if not dangerous, to pretend to a belligerent stance, to protest, or threaten, or to appeal to legalities, the purport of which might well be aligned precisely against one, then perhaps, I thought, one might appeal to the pity, the mercies, of one's captors.

Interpretation: Rather than try to bully the men while naked and chained, I should probably act all helpless and stuff.

I did not think, really, given the fact that I was here, the presumed methodicality of my arrival in this place, the presumably routine manner of my incarceration, the nature of my cell, or kennel, suggesting that it was not unique, that my presence here would not be its first occupancy nor its last, the unlikelihood that there was anything special about me, the probability that I was only one of several such as myself, that my pleas would move my captors.

Interpretation: I was probably not the first woman in this cell.

I turned, of course, immediately and fell to my knees, putting my head down to the lavender grass, as was its color here, in this portion of the garden, the palms of my hands down, too, on the grass, beside my head.

Interpretation: Lavender grass? o0

I was ravening.

Interpretation: I found myself, unaccountably, perhaps not amazingly, interested in sustenance, or food, the mere thought of which sent my mind into paroxysms of desire for some sweet, delicate, delicious morsel, or chunk, of tasty comestibles, my tongue almost tasting itself, in my implacable desire for the least, or perhaps even the most, bit of that thing which I, hitherto unknowing, uninterested, was now forced by circumstances to consider, at last, of paramount importance: food.
Too, I do not think it had to do merely with an accent, though they surely had such, an accent which appeared distinctively, oddly, in words they uttered in various languages, languages some of which I could recognize, though I could not speak them, as the doors were opened, and which, on the other hand, seemed so natural, so apt, in their discourse among themselves.

Interpretations: Some of these guys had funny accents even in languages I didn't know.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Designer Invents Slavewear And Doesn't Realize It

"The admiration this crowd has for my Daan Roosegaard gown is really turning me on!" Image source: Public

The new "Intimacy 2.0" dress from designer Daan Roosegaard has a feature that has the fashion world all agog: the cloth, normally opaque, becomes transparent when the wearer becomes aroused.

Commenters in the Huffington Post article about the garment were quick to clutch their pearls and declare that they would never wear any such scandalous garment. (One commenter was refreshingly honest and said that when she became aroused the clothes tended to go away anyway.)

But let's think for a moment here: who's the obvious market for garments that go transparent when the wearer becomes aroused? Slavegirls, that's who! What could be more fun than forcing a slavegirl to wear a garment that revealed her most intimate feelings? Oh, you betcha masters will be buying this for their slavegirls. It's fun enough to order a slavegirl to strip and spread her legs wide, making a slave wear a garment like this would allow a Master to strip her mind and spread it wide. Mmmmmmm ... (I can almost smell submissive women's panties getting wet as they come to this realization.)

Designer Roosegaard has said he is planning to create a ready-to-wear line of such garments, so things are looking very, very good. Of course, there will be cheap Asian knockoffs in no time that will be 1/10 the price and but will have quality issues like turning horrible shades of lime green and mauve when the wearer becomes aroused.

And of course, there's a catch: the garment works via ribbons of leather (leather!) and opaque e-foils that measure the wearer's heartbeat and make it go transparent when her pulse increases ... for any reason, not just sexual arousal.

Well, hey,no one ever said slavegirlhood was fair!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The S.E.C.R.E.T. Of No Success

The S.E.C.R.E.T. ... going down ... but with nothing like the style of this model. Image source: Device

This one was so predictable that I am surprised it has taken until now for it to happen. Publishers have decided that then Next Big Thing after Fifty Shades of Grey will be a sexy, sexy novel with lots and lots of vanilla sex and not all that problematical kinky sex, and they've found their book, they think: S.E.C.R.E.T., a relentlessly vanilla sexy novel by Canadian author Lisa Gabriele (writing as L. Marie Adeline).

At the Frankfort book fair, publishers bid the novel up to a six-figure advance against sales in 30 different territories worldwide. The widespread success of Fifty Shades has clearly left publishers hungry for a repeat, but these particular publishers are clueless gits. I predict that S.E.C.R.E.T. will go just as far as the publishers' marketing machine can push it, there'll be no worldwide cascade of interest. After the marketing machine push is over, it'll drop like a lead balloon, going only so far as its astroturf runway permits.

It was the kinky sex, specifically the dominance/submission relationship between Ana and Christian, that made Fifty Shades of Grey so popular. The importance of the kinky sex is so freaking obvious that even the mainstream media reviewers sometimes saw it, but I can just SEE the publishers wishfully thinking, "Well this book has plenty of sex, and none of that problematical kinky sex!"

Fools. If S.E.C.R.E.T. were a stock and I were a stockbroker, I'd wait til it hit a hundred thousand copies sold (the outer limit of where its astroturf sales will go) and then I'd short it like crazy.

GQ Fifty Shades of Grey Inspired Photo Spread Features Actual Bondage ... Of A Woman!

When a bondage photo spread looks like THIS, maybe THEN I'll get interested. Image source: Sex and

The flying monkeys brought in news that GQ Magazine's Spanish edition has a hot "Fifty Shades of Grey"-inspired photo spread. I checked it out dutifully, certain I'd see no bondage at all, or a dude in bondage. Because that's fashion bondage for ya. So my eyeballs bugged out a little when the photos included SEVERAL images of a couple with the WOMAN in chains, cuffs, etc. And blindfolded, of course. Good lord, has Fifty Shades become such a powerful media force that even the dunderheads who do fashion photo shoots are starting to get it?

Hmm. This could be an outlier. I'm having trouble giving up the notion that fashion is run by idiots. I'll wait for further evidence. Yeah ... it's gotta be an outlier.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kiss of the Spider Gagged Woman

She's going to be SO surprised when she finds out whose cock she's been sucking!" Image source: Sex and

At one time, some people said that ring gags were only for show, that giving a blow job while wearing a ring gag wouldn't work unless your cock was very small or skinny (do the term, "needle dick" sound familiar?). But then all these porn sites pretty much DEMONSTRATED that it could be done, to the grateful thanks of an amazed (and perhaps, satiated) world. Thanks to bondage models like Sarah Jane Ceylon, seen above, the little slavegirls that could! (And perhaps a few real life women as well.)

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Appeal Of A Collar

That's one big honkin' collar on that slavegirl! Image source: Sex and

Not until I had been playing Gor for a while did I come to understand the appeal of collars. For securing slaves in positions in which they can be used with impunity, wrist cuffs, ankles cuffs and head harnesses are much more useful. But collars have a nice visual appeal. They identify the wearer as a slave, an animal, especially big honkin' metal collars like this one that can't POSSIBLY be mistaken for a necklace (as some slave collars are clearly designed to be -- once again, plausible deniability!).

In combination with chains and a gag as seen above, it's just incredibly fricking hot. Helpless and gagged.

I guess my general aversion to collars is a matter of safety ... necks are very fragile things, securing people by them is dangerous, if you don't know what you're doing, and really, even if you do. But they do have a certain slavey quality that lends them (and their wearers) great visual appeal. I imagine that the fashion of wearing necklaces got started as Roman matrons grew tired of watching their husbands ogling the sexy slavegirls slinking past in their sexy, sexy collars. Next thing you know, necklaces are all the rage, but here's the thing ... the REASON collars are sexy is that the wearer is a slavegirl, and may be used as one wishes. And I'm betting that the first free women that adopted that hot, sexy, scandalous necklace fashion, was signalling to her husband that he could treat her like a slavegirl in bed. Nice! Of course, I'm just theorizing here ... but such FUN theorizing!

That's what you get for wearing one of those newfangled necklace collars! Image source: Sex and

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Margaret Brundage: Kinkiest Artist of the Golden Age

Naked and bound, and on the shelves of magazine stands all over America in the 1930s without a plain brown wrapper. Image source:

It's always great to find fodder for my bondage posts on a science fiction/fact website, i.e., Yesterday I found an article about Margaret Brundage, "The Woman Whose Pulp Art Was Too Sexy For Public Decency." Back in the day when Robert E. Howard was churning out ripping Conan stories like "Red Nails" and "People Of The Black Circle" for the cult pulp "Weird Tales," an artist named M. Brundage was illustrating them and others with some of the kinkiest, nakedest art out there. The IO9 article includes a number of very good quality images of Brundage's covers, like the one at the top of this post, so I recommend you hie yourself hence and check it out.

Science fiction and fantasy fans have long known that Brundage was one hot mama of an artist, and Vanguard Books is releasing a new book, "The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage: Queen of Pulp Pin-Up Art," celebrating the appeal of her sexy, kinky cover art in an era that no one nowadays associates with the terms "sexy" and kinky." She's been described as the most important artist of the pulp era, and I for one will not dispute that.

An interesting dispute occurs in the comments on the IO9 article about Brundage. Prior to the covers, I09 points out that the images below may be Not Safe For Work. Some commenters pointed out the absurdity of a NSFW warning prior to images that were visible on magazine stands all over the U.S. without plain brown wrappers or anything on them. And while that's true, there's one HUGE difference between the 1930s and now. Where could you see photographic images of naked women in those days? (Let's not mention naked women in explicit upside-down sexual bondage being diddled with a dildo vibrator like the image above.) Practically nowhere, that's where. It only existed in smoky back rooms. For all intents and purposes, there was NO porn to be had anywhere. Think about THAT while you read this on your desktop. Image source:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Midori "Gets" Fifty Shades of Grey

Mmmmm, rope bondage! Image source: The Training of

I've become so used to BDSM folks dissing 50 Shades of Grey because it does not portray a perfect, idealized BDSM relationship (and honestly, gets a lot of stuff wrong) that I was extremely pleased to discover a positive quote from one of the leading lights of the bondage community, rope bondage expert Midori, who has already made an appearance on Politically Midori said:

Xtra: Would you say EL James’s novel Fifty Shades of Grey has had an influence on the world of bondage?
Midori: Sure it has. It’s given the general culture permission to explore a wider range of sexual expression. It’s about opening a dialogue.

Source: Xtra Canada's Gay and Lesbian News.

Midori gets it! Fifty Shades of Grey, whatever its flaws as a work of art, has allowed people in mainstream culture to explore BDSM without getting the "EEEEWS" and the "double ickies!" all over themselves. For this alone it is great benefit to BDSM culture. But everybody's gotta protect their own special vision of what BDSM is or can be, so a lot of BDSM folks have taken the short & easy road to dissing "Fifty Shades of Grey" as a way of showing their superiority. Sure, we get it, you know stuff. But still ... so short-sighted! So dumb! The folks like Midori who actually do have their act together know better.