Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year for 2013

Happy New Year in real life and Second Life!

Here's hoping you and yours have a wonderful year this year, EVEN THOUGH the world didn't come to an end in 2012, as USUAL. Gotta happen sooner or later, though!

Have all the greens and black-eyed peas you like, baby, but I'm eating the luckiest dish of all! Image source: Sex and

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Boxes at

At, some of the presents come in boxes, and some of the presents wear boxes. Most of them HAVE boxes as well. Image source: Training of

Staff at try out the popular new present that many got for Christmas: a wooden box that sits on the head of a bondagette, which has electronics that closely monitor the wearer's heart rate, blood pressure, and GSR (galvanic skin response). When the wearer has an orgasm, the little lid at the front of the box pops up (see woman standing second from left for an example). It's kind of like the pop-up timer on a turkey.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


She had built a better mousetrap, she was sure of it -- between the old style mousetraps and the ass hook, there was no way the mouse could escape, and the bait! Now she waited patiently for the world to beat a path to her door. Image source:

Aubrey O'Day Naked Tied and Gagged, For Reals

Aubrey O'Day, naked and chained for a spread in Playboy Magazine. Tasty! Image source:

Aubrey O'Day is an American singer, songwriter, model, fashion designer and reality TV star who's used her silky golden skin, gorgeous figure and beautiful blond hair into a low-level celebrity status. She can sing, too, apparently.

Aubrey O'Day, gagged for the Noh8 campaign. Tasty! Image source: Noh8 campaign.

Now with most celebrities, you don't get a lot of nudity and bondage, and you don't get them together when you do, but O'Day is generous with the bondage and nudity, undoubtedly because her remarkable looks have extended the range of her career. Don't get me wrong, she's a very competent singer, as good as most pop singers, maybe better. But all you need to get a very good music video for her is put her in something sexy and let her do some dancing and singing.

Aubrey O'Day strapped and tied in what appears to be a vidcap from her music video.

Take the picture above, it's common enough for vocalists to wear something with black straps on it so the celeb websites will go "Kinky" because they don't know from kinky, but O'Day is not only appearing in what appears to be straps and very little else, she also is leashed or tied to something as well. Actual bondage! Who's a thunk it?

Aubrey O'Day on just another day at the beach, wearing a fringed micro thong that leaves you wondering not if, but when, her vagina will be flashing others (Full disclosure: it never does.).

Even when she's not naked or in bondage, O'Day has a taste for the risque. The fringed bikini bottom she wears above does not expose any part of her womanly parts, but its design makes it appear that it will do so at any second. Now THAT'S fashion design! And O'Day is the only person I've ever seen wearing anything like it. This is one hot celebrity!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Calculating the Tip

When the girls at the salon had her disrobe and strapped her into the hair straightener and told her that she would spend two hours there, she was thinking they would get NO tip even if it WAS a $200 hairdo. Then they brought out the Sybian ... Image source: Device

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ksenia Solo Naked, Bound and Fucked ... or ... Asphyxia Noired?

Left, Ksenia Solo, an actress starring in the "Lost Girl" TV series on the SyFy Channel. Right, Asphyxia Noir, porn star at Image source for Ksenia: publicity photo. Image source for Asphyxia: Training of

So, I found an image of Asphyxia Noir on that just knocked me out. That's it on the right above. Noir and Ksenia Solo both have faces that are very changeable, depending on how they are lit. Since Noir is Solo's celebrity clone, her face strongly resembles Solo's face in its general features -- large eyes, long round face, clear skin, general shape, etc. The photos above really play up their features, though the photo of Solo doesn't really do justice to her, particularly her light blue, almost luminescent eyes. So I found a photo of Solo that showed off her, and another photo of Noir that shows off her beauty ... the one was not a fluke.

Left, Asphyxia Noir caught red-handed. Check out those lips, so nice! Right, Ksenia Solo in a pic that shows off her luminous eyes to great effect. Image source for Ksenia: Lost Girl publicity photo. Image source for Asphyxia: Training of

Lost Girl is a Canadian science fiction series in which Solo plays a cute punky streetwise Gothish girl who gets hooked up with a cute punky non-street less Gothish but still kinda Gothish girl who get involved in fairy politics, mainly because the less Gothish girl is a fairy herself. Ksenia's character is not a fairy but she's streetwise and sympatico so she fits in. It's got some steamy scenes since the fairy Gothish girl is a succubus and REALLY promiscuous. Also, bisexual.

Suppose Ksenia Solo's character were captured by bad fairies and chained up and ball gagged, making her drool a lot as they poured hot wax on her and molested her relentlessly so that her shorn pussy turned bright red: it would probably look a lot like this. But this is not Ksenia Solo, this is Asphyxia Noir, and that gleam in her eye as she sit there, used hard and dripping wet, is ALL Asphyxia Noir. Red hot! Image source for Asphyxia:

And though there is no real explicit sex scenery in "Lost Girl" thanks to Ksenia Solo's celebrity clone Asphyxia Noir, we have a pretty good basis for imagining what they might look like.

Suppose Ksenia Solo's character were captured by bad fairies and put in a latex straightjacket and then molested by lesbian succubuses wearing strap-ons. It wold probably look kinda like this, thanks to Asphyxia Noir's willingness to really get out there with the sexual bondage. Image source for Asphyxia:

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Slutty Christmas!

"So tell me again why it was such a great idea for BOTH of us to be tied and gagged?"
"SHUT UP! Oh, right, you're gagged. So you never said that!"
Image source: Second Life.

Turns out we CAN do it while both of us are tied! I KNEW it!"

Oh my!"

"You go out and get the present."
"I can't I'm all tied up and gagged and stuff."
"I am all tied up and gagged and stuff, too!"
"So YOU go get it!"
"YOU'RE the slave!"
"No more a slave than you!"
"Let's just wait and see if some nice man will bring it in to us."
"Good plan ... I'm sure we'll find SOME way to reward him, bound and gagged and naked though we are."

Monday, December 24, 2012

Addams Family Kinky Fuckery Music

Here's a fun little video, some clips from the old Addams Family TV series put together with Tom Lehrer's "Masochism Tango" to put a distinctly kinky spin on the goings-on. It's amazing what they were able to slip in under the radar in those days. Carolyn Jones deliberately wrapping herself in Gomez's whip and leaning into his arms for a kiss ... nice!

Gomez: "Cara mia! How did Thing get so far in ...?"
Morticia: "He calls it "fisting" dear, says it's all the rage on the continent!"
Gomez: "Deucedly clever chap! Now we just have to figure out a way to get him to come back out."
Morticia: "That may be difficult, he seems quite at home. Perhaps if we offered a round of bridge, you know how he loves to play!"
Gomez: "Genius!"
Image source: Sex and

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa's Slave Girl

"Well Santa, I'd like to be tied up and left under the tree for some lucky man to find and, um ... play with ... now would Santa like a lap dance on his manly North Pole?" Image sourse: Second Life Gor.

Here's hoping all the ones who want to be found tied up under the Christmas tree and all the ones who want to find semeone tied up under the Christmas tree have a very Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fifty Shades of News Bits

Fifty Shades of Gray has inspired a workout. Do tell. Bandwagon-jumping continues apace. They've also got a new video out of George Takei reading Fifty Shades of Grey aloud which is SUPPOSED to be hilarious, and to have gone viral, but I watched it, and ... meh. So no link!
Also, a cogent and interesting analysis of the prospects for a Fifty Shades of Grey movie that predicts the movie will be bizarre. If it's bizarre, I think that will be a success, because that means somebody will have TRIED to make it work. I think it will just suck. But do read the analysis, and if you like, my response in the comments section.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Emma Thompson Nude Bondage For Christmas

Emma Thompson wearing a cloth gag and having sex in the film "Peter's Friends." It's a real blink and you miss it scene and as the blurriness of the image indicates, Emma is humping furiously so moving fast, but ... it's there. Image source: vidcap from "Peter's Friends.

Actress Emma Thompson is in the news this holiday week because she confessed in an interview posted on a site called "Contact Music" back in 2006 that she once cooked Christmas dinner wearing nothing but an apron and leather and rubber bondage gear. My flying monkeys picked up the story this year, apparently it gets hauled out every year, an old holiday chestnut.

We'll just let that image of Emma Thompson cooking in nothing but bondage and and apron, otherwise naked, sink in for a bit ...

She said at first it was funny, but after six hours the costume got a TAD uncomfy, so she removed it and went to bed. Suuure, Emma, personally I'm not buying it, I bet you and your husband fucked like minks but you are too classy and British to mention it in an interview. If it's true that nothing happened other than six hours of cooking followed by pyjamas and lights out ... we got some advice for the hubbie that got you the outfit.

Ahem. If your wife is wearing a hot bondage rubber and leather outfit and an apron and NOTHING ELSE, she wants you to FUCK HER. At least make a run at tying her down and fucking her brains out, OK? Do it early on before she gets tired from cooking. If she blows you off (and not in the good way) at least you tried, and she'll probably be glad you did, and reward you at SOME point during the holidays, perhaps when a cooking marathon is not in the offing. That is all.

Emma Thompson needs a little Christmas/right this very minute! Image source: Sex and Disclaimer: model in this photo may not be Emma Thompson. Emma Thompson may never have engaged in the activities pictured above. For instance, Emma Thompson may prefer being tied in the "pile driver" position. That Emma Thompson "needs a little Christmas" is just supposition on the author's part and may not reflect Emma Thompson's actual Christmas needs. Emma Thompson void where prohibited by law.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

50 Shades of India

Turns out, a problematical fantasy in India. Image Source: Public, I think that's Cherry Torn pictured.

A report in The Times of India announces that the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon is sweeping through country, sparking interest in BDSM in this one billion strong nation. The Times is reporting on the formation of The Kinky Collective a Delhi-based 15-person strong group that provides support for lovers of BDSM.

Wait ... 15 people? India? In India, 15 people is an empty room! Good lord, this is a trend sweeping the nation? Really?

One sense that the author fervently hopes so. If it were, they might have something sexy to report on in a nation that the story admits has a reputation for being very conservative sexually. To wit, it's prudish.

In addition to being prudish, Indian society is sexist and violent. So the search for good news about sex in India that's not completely bad probably gets kinda desperate at times. Here's a good article on all the sexism and violence toward women in India. Most of the violence and sexism appears to be in the rural and poor elements of India, which despite the rise of a detectable middle class in India, still constitutes one hell of a lot of people, the majority of that one billion. Jezebel recently got in on the issue, but Times of India does a much better job of covering it, as you might expect.

In an overwhelmingly violent, sexist culture like the ones many Indians live in, all sexual relationships are going to be profoundly affected by the sexism and violence. I guess if you are wealthy enough and sufficiently privileged, or sufficiently alienated from Indian society (the Kinky Collective was started by a couple, one of whom is transgendered -- hmmm) you might be able to figure your only sane path is to just go your own way, but most women are probably too afraid that men will tie then up and rape them for real to enjoy pretending that a man is tying them up and raping them for consensual kinky fuckery.

I don't know, it's a knotty problem, figuratively speaking. It's tempting to feel cheap moral superiority from the outside, but probably a bad idea, which is why I'm not gonna do it. I suspect that the only reasonable path is to take on the sexism and violence and put an end to it, which is what most reasonable people can agree on. How? Gonna be hard, gonna be a rough slog, as many of the originators of the sexism and violence are illiterate, young, poor and male, a hard group to reach. But most of them have mothers and sisters, and with the same kind of full court press that has been applies in other societies, they'll learn. Sadly, they will almost inevitably learn ... eventually, which will do little good for the women being victimized now.

In the meantime, maybe Fifty Shades of Grey will provide a nice fantasy of kinky, romantic love for those Indians that are at liberty to enjoy it, and perhaps it can preach the subversive message that pretendy sexual submission is all fun and can last throughout a lifetime, while the real thing is nasty, short and brutish.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Doll Bondage Strangely Over-Publicized

Oh noes! Barbie in bondage again! What a little slut she is! Image source: Ottawa Sun news report.

A display of dolls in bondage has attracted enough attention to prompt a news report by the Ottawa Sun.

Let me repeat that, so the full extent of the slow news day-ness is evident: dolls in bondage and wearing kinky outfits in the window of a sex shop called "Wicked Wanda" were adjudged to be interesting enough to be worthy of a television news report.

Of course, Ottowa is in Canada, and I imagine things can get pretty dull up there, it's sort of Northern Minnesota to the Max. Still ... doll bondage? How sensitized to bondage do you have to be for a sex shop showroom with dollies tied up in it to rate more than a shrug and moving on?

Maybe I'm jaded, I dunno.

Now when THIS starts showing up in showrooms ... STOP THE PRESSES! Image source:

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Language Of Opprobrium

Ah, a classic image of cisgender heteronormative faux-sexual-oppression framed as a trasngressive power fantasy! Image source:

Well, bopping around on AlterNet I found an interesting article on why the sex positive movement is bad for sex workers. It was a difficult to read article though, because it was larded pretty heavily in the language of feminist academia. Fortunately, I've enjoyed working my way through dialect ever since "Huck Finn" so I was able to slog through it.

It's kind of OK on Alternet to use such language,where you have a sympathetic audience, some of whom can navigate the language. But damn, it's DANGEROUS language to use out in the mainstream, because it's LOADED with bad connotations.

Take "cisgender." I had to look it up. You know what it means? Someone whose gender and identity reflects the gender they were born to. In other words, cisgender means "straight." I'm pretty sure is was created as a match to "transgender." And that's fine. Except in public discourse. There, it raises hackles, because it SCREAM "wealthy white feminist sexuality studies academic preaching down to the masses." It raised MY hackles, and I'm a progressive. (Well, more of a working class progressive.) I had to read the whole article with my teeth bared and hair standing up on the back of my neck, resisting the impulse to bite the author.

The author, Audacia Ray, is pretty much a feminist academic nowadays (she used to be a sex worker). And she's a good honest thinker, but damn, she couches her thoughts so thoroughly in academo-speak that it was hard to work out what she said. If you've read the article, or tried to, you know what I mean.

Here's what I think Ray actually meant to say, translated into normal-speak (or something like it): "Emphasizing sex positivism for sex workers may have the unintended consequence of excluding or marginalizing sex workers who have been economically or otherwise coerced into sex work, who do not find the experience all that positive. Most sex workers and former sex workers who advocate sex positivism are wealthy upper middle class white women, or might as well be, and we tend not to "see" the problems of poor or minority women, who are the ones who tend to get coerced. Their issues are valid, and must be addressed, but there has been a reluctance to do so on the part of sex positive sex workers because anti-sex-worker forces have used the issue of coercion as a way of marginalizing all sex work, claiming that virtually all sex workers are trafficked, or might as well be. We have to find a way to address the issues of coerced poor and minority sex workers and not allow the anti-sex-worker forces to use such people as a club with which to destroy the rights of sex workers generally."

I think that's pretty close to what she meant. Here is one of the paragraphs Ray actaully wrote:

However, the promotion of pleasure and sex positivity within the sex industry and as an element of sex worker rights activism, is proprietary to a small but very vocal group of people, namely: white, cisgender women who are conventionally attractive, able-bodied, and have some degree of class and educational privilege. People like this – people like me – are central figures in the American sex worker rights movement, and often claim sex positivity as a key vehicle for claiming rights and making progress. Arguably, some progress has been made, especially in the area of cultural engagement and public awareness about the struggles and humanity of people in the sex industry. The fact that the phrase “sex worker” appears regularly in news outlets when the subject is covered is a testament to this progress. Though offensive slang still publicly brands people in the sex industry, the awareness of the preferred terminology has certainly grown. But despite the progress, there are many barriers to justice. One of these barriers, the one that this essay explores, is sex positivity.

If you wanna engage the public, Ms. Ray, you have to speak their language. Hell, I agree with your message, but I had to work to understand it, and I'm a smart boy, I am. Good luck with the crew that gets their news from TV. I can see Bill O'Reilly smirking knowingly at his audience every time you use the word "cisgender" or "heteronormative" or "cultural engagement." You might be well advised to avoid using such terms outside the realm of academia. The people who undestand it already agree with you, you need to address those who don't.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Getting Bendy

Many people pooh-poohed her for visiting the chiropractor, saying his treatments were not really medicine ... but they felt so GOOD ... afterward ... Image source:

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Romantic Evening

As she hurried to finish licking her gruel from the plate before the candle burned down too low, the slave thought, "When Mistress promised me a candlelit dinner, this was not what I had in mind!" Image source: Training of

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Anne Hathaway Wardrobe Malfunction Doubles My Visitor Count

Anne Hathaway's naughty, naughty porn star clone Iona Grace answers the question: "What would Anne Hathaway look like if she were naked, tied, bit-gagged and relentlessly dildo-vibed by a masked minion?" We believe it would look a lot like this! Image source:

I noticed that the hits on this blog have more than doubled, and looking around, I see that Anne Hathaway has had a wardrobe malfunction, which has apparently sent many fans looking for more. I've seen the unretouched wardrobe malfunction photos (thank you, Google!) and it's nothing much. model Iona Grace, who bears a certain resemblance to Hathaway in some photos and has a really beautiful body, shows so much more!

Strange how things work out. I've been writing what I think are some pretty good posts of late and they've had no effect on visitors, but Anne Hathaway experiences a wardrobe malfunction and I'm swamped. Not that I'm complaining! Much...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random House Buys Lena Dunham's Grocery List for $3.7 Million

Lena Dunham in an intimate moment in the first episode of her HBO series, which she writes, directs and stars in. Image source: Vidcap from the HBO series "Girls."

E.L. James and Lena Dunham have one thing in common: they are both women who won the Writing Lottery, gaining incomes in millions of dollars for writing books. (Dunham hasn't written her book yet, she scored a $3.7 million advance on the basis of a 66-page book proposal).

The other thing that they have in common is that their talent does not at all match the rewards they have won (that's why I call it the Writing Lottery -- more on that later). I'm not saying that neither of them is talented, or hard-working, just that the products they produce are, well ... kinda mediocre.

If there were some sort of meritocracy involved in who got money for writing, John Crowley would have scored a 500 million dollar advance for his novel "Little, Big" which is so much better than anything that James and Dunham have ever written or done that it's literally (not figuratively) beyond comparison.

(You may think I am not in a position to judge Dunham's book, as it has not been written yet, but it just so happens I am: Gawker got hold of her entire book proposal and published it online. I didn't read the whole proposal, just glanced at it when the flying monkeys dropped it off. And I CAN'T read it now and you can't either, because Gawker took the proposal down after Dunham's lawyer threatened legal action if they kept it up. However, Gawker DID leave up 12 lines from the proposal which they hilariously appended to demonstrate how self-involved and silly the book proposal is. Read it, it's hilarious.)

Also, I have seen or tried to watch several eps of Lena's HBO series "Girls" which is a lot better than her book proposal but still kinda mediocre. Of course, I am not the demographic for her series (self-involved coastal twenty-somethings who are either wealthy or wannabe wealthy -and who doesn't wannabe wealthy? But still, I know mediocre when I see it, and this is high mediocre ... it doesn't challenge you on any level, unless you are one of those people who is perpetually challenged by the thought that twenty-something women have sex and like it, in which case I'd have to say you're just plain old challenged. Some of the dialogue is kinda witty, the characters are not entirely superficial, impressive for someone Dunham's age, but not brilliant stuff at all.

I think the reason Dunham won the Writing Lottery are almost entirely demographic. She's a rich, pretty (I mean real life pretty, Dunham is Hollywood ugly), smart, Jewish woman living in New York City. Now there are a TON of rich, pretty, smart, Jewish women living in New York City who have not won the Writing Lottery. But Dunham did a few things right. She made a an indie film called "Tiny Furniture" that got some buzz, parlayed that into her HBO series "Girls", and has parlayed the premium cable success of "Girls" into a $3.7 million book deal.

In fact, the art that Dunham has show the most skill at is The Art of the Deal, arguably. I don't see the book deal so much as a reward for great achievement as a case of rich, Jewish, New York publishers anointing One Of Their Own with $3.7 million for being able to do the literary equivalent of toddling about without falling over.

I mean, when Stephen King was writing bestsellers every time he put pen to paper and each bestseller became a successful movie, people were joking that publishers were bidding on the chance to buy his grocery lists. Well, guess what? According to the Gawker article, "Fully 13% of the proposal's pages are devoted to reproducing a diary Dunham kept of what she ate in 2010." Yes, Random House ACTUALLY IS buying Dunham's shopping list for $3.7 million!

Now I can't blame Dunham for being willing to accept this largesse -- I'd be willing to accept it too, if it were offered to me, even on the basis of me fitting the demographic and my grocery lists being the thing to be published. But it does exemplify everything I HATE about the traditional publishing industry -- centered in New York, insular, greedy, myopic, and prone to exploit anyone it can for money, while wasting money on mediocrities that fit its demographic. (Remember when about half of all mainstream novels were about middle aged men, generally academics or publishing industry folks, who were living in the Northeast (often New York) and cheating on their wives while experiencing Mid-Life-Crisis?).

Contrast this with E.L. James and Fifty Shades. I give James higher points for originality and challenging work -- the reason Fifty Shades succeeded was that it did beautifully integrate its BDSM themes into the traditional romance novel structure. Of course, James had a lot of help, after reading the Obsidian Wings website's account of how the Twilight community helped her with editing and feedback, it might reasonable have been given the byline, "By E.L. James, with considerable help and support from the Twilight fanfic community."

It can be difficult to integrate this sort of scene into a traditional romance, but E.L. James managed it, with plenty of help and feedback from the Twilight fanfic community. Image source: Training of

But the fact that James started her book out as straight up fanfic under the name “Icedragon Snowqueen” shows me that she started out just wanting to write a story that she enjoyed and cared about, working with the Twilight community to make her book better in a very humble and creative way. There was no Art of the Deal here, just Art, pure and simple.

In fact, it was the Twilight and online community that made "Fifty Shades" a success. They bought the online version in droves, and when Amazon's numbers showed Fifty Shades beating the crap out of the sales of the traditional publishing industry's bestsellers in the online marketplace without a BIT of help from all the publicists, agents and marketers that were flogging THEIR books, well, it didn't take a LOT of brains to see that the thing to do was to get that book printed up and in stores and get the hype machine going for it.

So, even though E.L. James just an average-looking Brit middle-aged housewife with no connections to the New York Publishing industry (the book had originally been published by Australian outfit that specialized in publishing converted fanfic to non-fanfic after the process called “filing the numbers off” had been completed), the publishing industry started a bidding war over her manuscript, netting her milions when Random House won.

But here's the difference between what Random House bought from James and what Random House bought from Dunham: James' book was a completed manuscript that had already been proven an online bestseller, beating THEIR bestseller. It was NOT a 66-page writeup, 13 percent of which consisted of a listing of what foods James at in 2010.

You see the difference? A purely economic decision, no demographics involved, for the seven-figure advance James got for her book. (I can't find any more definite figure for E.L. James' advance than “seven figures” so it could be as little as $1 million or as much as $9 million … I would not be surprised at all to learn that it was less than what Dunham got for her book proposal.)

Now in my opinion James' book is a pretty good romance novel, but not a great one, and not a great book. It is mostly a triumph of technique, like John Norman's Gor novels, of seamlessly integrating BDSM sexuality into an existing genre (in Norman's case, sword and sandal fantasy adventures).

But the point is, it got bought because it was loved by its readers and fans, not the publishers whose first instinct would be to ignore such a book. “Fifty Shades” got thrust upon the publishing industry, the publishing industry did not thrust it on readers, as is their usual practice. That in my mind has merit. The book may not be great literature, but people love it.

If you want to read a GREAT novel, try John Crowley's fantasy novel “Little, Big.” It has no BDSM sex in it, and although there is sex it is not at all graphic. But what it is, is beautifully written, with an imagination on a scale that takes you completely into another world, in a very sly and intelligent way. THIS is a book that succeeds of merit. All I know of John Crowley is that he lives in the Northeast and does research for film and video documentaries for a living. He may be Jewish, wealthy, a New Yorker, or not, I don't know, and I don't care. HIS book has merit. WHATEVER the means by which it was published (I'm betting an editor read it and fell in love with it as so many have) is all right with me.

But I'm pretty sure that Little Big did not get any seven figure book advance. I REALLY doubt it got six figures. Five figures … maybe, I think Crowley had several books published by the time “Little, Big” came out. But it could easily have been just four figures, it's fantasy. But, damn … what a MASTERPIECE. Read it, I dare you. Used copies are for sale real cheap over at Amazon if your finances are straightened.

Now the marketing machinery is going to grind out its releases for Dunham's book, and for all I know, it may be good, but I doubt it. It is clearly, “Item designed to appeal to readers for a variety of demographic reasons.” So do yourself a favor. Buy Little, Big, instead, or search out some good fanfic that might appeal to you. Don't let Random House recoup its stupidly given advance to Dunham with your dollars.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

5000 Shades of Grey

"Oh, no, my name's not Bella, it's Anna ... no, it's Ariadne ... yeah ... Ariadne!" Image source: Device

I read with pleasure that Random House is giving $5000 to each and every employee of the company who has been with them for more than a year, right down to the lowliest janitor and administrative assistant, in celebration of the tremendous success of "Fifty Shades of Grey" which has sold almost 50 million copies worldwide, at one point constituting one out of every five books being purchased by adults.

I applaud Random House for their brave generosity at a time when corporations in general are behaving with incredible stupid dickishness toward their employees and customers in reaction to the Democratic election victory. For example, Applebee's Restaurants, Papa John's restaurants, and Darden, the Corporate Monster that owns Red Lobster, Longhorn Steaks and Olive Garden have all announced moves that will decrease employees' wages, hours or status (moving from full time to part time) explaining that the now-likely continuation of Obamacare into law "necessitated" it.

In contrast with this sort of corporate dickishness, Random House looks really great!

However, I am not entirely delighted by the bonus, because I think part of it comes as a result of a capitalist organization looting a gift economy. I am referring of course to the Twilight fanfic community from which Fifty Shades of Grey. Remember, it started out as a straight up fanfic called "Master of the Universe" by Icedragon Snowqueen (James' pen name for fanfic) with characters lifted straight from the book.

And a key part of what made "Master of the Universe" and by extension, "Fifty Shades of Grey," so successful, was the work that some Twilight fans put into Master of the Universe for free, editing it skillfully to take it up another notch. Obsidian Wings wrote about their work, with examples. Clearly they had a LOT to do with the story's success, much more than most Random House employees.

Of course, the Twilight fanfic editors got nothing for their work. They did not sign a contract or anything like that, they just edited a story they liked, because they liked it, expecting nothing more in return than the thanks of the community and the chance to read the story.

Still, it does.not.seem.right!

Now I know legally the Twilight fanfic editors are entitled to nothing. But so often, what's legal has little to do with what is ethical. And I don't think this is a problem that could be solved by giving some Twilight fanfic editors a few thousand dollars (though it WOULD be the right thing to do!). But I do believe we are going to have to eventually deal with the moral issues of capitalist organizations essentially looting gift economies, and giving nothing in return. Perhaps quite soon, if publishers continue trolling the Twilight fanfic community for new works to publish.

Coming up soon: E.L. James vs. Lena Dunham vs. John Crowley. Really!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Soviet Style Heroic Sexual Imagery

"It's not good night, Grulenka ... it's good-bye!" Image source: Public

Found this pic on Public Disgrace, and for some reason, it has a real "art" feel to it. Especially the face of the woman on the bottom doing a little breath control of the woman riding her strap-on. She looks like one of those heroic Soviet-era nudes, all flaring nostrils and steely eyes and smiling but firm determination to advance the cause of worker's solidarity throughout the world. (That's James Deen adding to the woman's excitment from the rear.)

"Workers of the world unite! ... and strangle those capitalist beyotches!" Image source: Public

Heroic, indeed! That is one beautiful woman ... Image source: Public

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hogtied In The Grand Canyon

"MMMMMMFFFHHHH!!!!" ... "Mmmmmph!" ... "mmmph" ... (thinking: "That echo think really works!" Image source: That's star Penny Pax giving the camera a nice ballgagged smile. has hit the road with a feature filmed in The Grand Canyon, called "Wet Rock Canyon." Here we see two performers dangling naked and helpless from one of the magnificent edifices that define the American West. It's great to see porn branching out into new areas with actual scripts and locations. Who knows, we may be watching features on cable one day soon: you have to believe the folks at Kink would know how to do a damsel in distress movie!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jabba the Hutt Has A Celebrity Clone: Roger Ailes

Check out those crazy Jabba the Hutt eyes on Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News.
Image source: Reality! Fair and balanced reality!

So I saw this pic of Roger Ailes and those eyes of his just screamed that he was a celebrity clone of Jabba the Hutt. In human form of course. But really, if he were a Hutt his appearance would not change much. He'd look a lot like this:

That's Ann Coulter playing Slave Liea to Ailes' Jabba the Hutt like she always does on Fox News. Image source: Reality also, of course. Imaginary reality, you know, the one they cover on Fox News.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fifty Shades of Lame Party Game

Now THIS is a Fifty Shades of Grey style party game! Image source: Training of

As Fifty Shades of Grey the book has spread out into mass culture, one of the things I've envisioned happening to it has happened: in at least one instance, it has had the kink bowlerized right out of it. I mean, completely: let me introduce you to the Fifty Shades of Grey party game, a game that has no kink in it whatsoever.

Basically, it's a card game in which people are asked a series of vanilla questions and then they try to guess most accurately who would be a good match for the answer, or something along those lines. It's generic embarrassing sexy-ish party drivel. As one commenter on the Cafe Mom post but it, "It's one of those games designed to be a gift you give someone to embarrass them at a party, but which will never be played."

I've tried to figure out why anyone would sell a "Fifty Shades" branded item that is sure to disappoint all of the 50 million people who have bought the book, and all I can figure is a combination of greed, short-sightedness and cynicism. The game-makers objective is to sell as many units as possible, that's all. And they figure that having branded the game "Fifty Shades" they've done all they need to in order to attract people who read the book, so now they are after the dollars of people who have not read the book and probably don't even like it's subject matter. So they squeeze the bondage content right out of the game, so Aunt Sarah in Dubuque who doesn't like sex at all won't find it too offensive.

Of course, word of mouth will kill this game dead, and I'm happy to report that all three reports I've read about the game in various media point out that it's very vanilla, in varying degrees of subtlety. (CafeMom is the most blunt of the group, but then, they've got an active group of readers and responders who won't let them get away with crap.)

There IS a Red Room Expansion pack, totally undescribed in any report I've read, which MAY have kinky content, but really, if there is a more classic case of throwing good money after bad than buying the Red Room Expansion Pack, I don't know what it might be.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sexual Bondage and Sexual Healing

"Well it beats being in an MRI machine ..." Image source:

I have encountered posts on various message boards by a number of women who have claimed to have been rape victims and/or sexual abuse victims in the past, who participate in BDSM. (Some in fact on Second Life Gor related message boards, by women who play slavegirls.) It has made me wonder why women who have been abused participate in BDSM. It seems counter-intuitive: one imagines that women who have been raped/abused would want to avoid any sexual encounters that remind them of what they suffered.

Feminists who dislike BDSM have an explanation: they believe that the victims are neurotically reliving their abuse. Kind of the psychological equivalent of a tongue repeatedly probing the cavity where a pulled tooth once was. It's a very appealing meme for them, because it makes female BDSM participants hapless victims(prudo-feminists tend to assume that this is the sole reason that women participate in BDSM, other than coercion by men, which is of course just another form of victimhood).

I'm suspicious of the instant, wholesale adoption of the BDSM-play-as-neurotic-reliving-of-trauma meme by the prudo-feminists and the social conservatives. It fits their agenda so beautifully. Even women who openly, consensually enjoy BDSM sex aren't REALLY doing it consensually, see, they're just acting out abuse. Which enables controlling and suppressing BDSM.

So when I found this post by a woman explaining that she had experienced a maledom/femsub relationship as a healing experience after a history of rape and sexual abuse, I was great encouraged. She said, in essence, that the experience of giving herself over to a dom who respected her limits, responded to her safewords, and generally behaved in a caring manner toward her, taught her that there WERE men she could trust, that sex DIDN'T have to be a horrible experience, that it could be a really rewarding experience, one that helped heal the psychic wounds inflicted on her by her abuser.

Now THAT is what I would like to think is going on for women who have been abused who participate in BDSM. I don't KNOW, but it seems to me to be a more hopeful idea for human healing than the prudo-feminist meme of suppressing women's BDSM impulses to prevent them from healing. Sexual repression, the presecription of the prudo-feminists, never seems to work for the repressed.

I have always felt that decent non-abusive men are the natural enemies of rapists and abusers, particularly decent men who do BDSM sex play. Rapists and absuers hurt the women that decent guys care about, decent guys should be mongooses to rapists and abusers' cobras. This is instance showing how we can, by helping women heal, by helping them regain their trust in humanity and their natural pleasure in sex.

There's also tracking down and jailing abusers, of course, and I'm all for that. If you can't abide by the consensual, you can park your ass in jail.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Are Being Lied To About Human Trafficking

Your typical anti-human trafficking organization would like you to think this is a real thing that happens every day, all over the world, thousands of times. It's a BDSM fantasy, which is pretty much what human traffickers are trying to sell you in lieu of reality. Image source: Training of

There are many organizations in the US that make a lot of money by promulgating lies, Fox News being the lead suspect, but there are some bottom-feeders swimming in the murky depths as well, and I'm not just talking about wild-eyed types like Joel Gilbert.

One particular group has been enormously successful, and that's the human trafficking alarmists. They've been so successful that MSNBC, a putatively left-leaning cable channels, has fallen for their tripe and regularly broadcast alarmist programs about human trafficking and sex slavery which are dripping with misinformation and bad numbers.

The Honest Courtesan, a website of a former prostitute, has been doing yeoman work in getting out the truth about human trafficking. She's even created a post full of cites to sources that give true numbers for human trafficking (hint: there is little or none of it going on) and exposing the really dubious techniques the anti-trafficking groups are using to gin up the numbers.

(By the way, the Honest Courtesan may very well be the smartest blog out there on sexual topics, it is very definitely worth reading and exploring, so DO check it out! Laci Green may be wise beyond her years, but the Honest Courtesan is wise, period.)

Here's a brief summary of what is ACTUALLY happening to remember next time you see an MSNBC documentary entitled: "Sex Slaves in America" or something to that effect. There are anti-trafficking organizations in the US that are making millions of dollars in grants from the US government to oppose human trafficking in America. They are generally the source of all the bogus numbers, which are arrived at by such devices as defining every youth who lives near the Mexican OR Canadian border as being at risk for being trafficked. They are doing it strictly to keep the money flowing. If they cared at all about people coerced into sex work, they wouldn't lie about them so massively.

The anti-sex trafficking people get the government grants because their brand of lies has some strong constituencies. One, they got the anti-sex moral conservative crowd. Two, they got the anti-sex prudo-feminist crowd (the Honest Courtesan calls them neofeminists, a term she coined, just as I coined prudo-feminist to describe the exact same set of behaviors among a certain class of feminists), three, they got the anti-prostitution crowd.

Now both the moral conservative crowd and the prudo-feminist crowd dislike prostitution, for different reasons. But they're not same as the anti-prostitution crowd, which encompasses them but ALSO includes the trade-unionism-of-the-married crowd (a Shavian borrowing). The TUOTM crowd consists of married women who see prostitutes as potential poachers on their men. They tend to clothe their objections in the language of the moral conservatives (and sometimes of the prudo-feminists) but their essential deal is protecting their husbands from temptation.

Because progressives, libertarians and some feminists openly supporting legalization of prostitution, laws against prostitution have become increasingly difficult to justify through traditional means. There's now a debate over prostitution, with some nations legalizing it, or at least de-criminalizing it, which of course is a problem for law enforcement and prisons, which make money from it.

That's what makes the whole human trafficking narrative so fucking appealing to conservatives and prudo-conservatives. In the libertarian/progressive/feminist narrative, prostitutes are women who simply have the entrepreneurial spirit and exercise it in the field of sex work. Legalization and regulation are the obvious things to do in this narrative, to protect the public health and give the sex workers the same rights as other workers.

But in the human trafficking narrative, prostitutes are victims, kidnapped, coerced (i.e., tortured and threatened) into performing sex work against their will, and for the profit of their owners/pimps/madams rather than themselves. Obviously the thing to do here is to get law enforcement involved, bust the traffickers and free the trafficking victims so they can work in other fields.

Well, there are undoubtedly some women who get trafficked, but every time you look at the numbers created by US anti-trafficking groups the numbers just crumble like dust, because the truth is very few women are trafficked. One woman trafficked is too many, of course, but frankly, the kind of response called for by the lying anti-trafficking groups is ALL out of proportion to the actual problem, and points to all the wrong solutions.

So next time you see some human trafficking special on MSNBC or CNN or CNBC, all of whom have drunk deeply from that well, know that you are being lied to about human trafficking, just as egregiously as Fox News lies about everything. Their goal is to induce a moral panic in you, to make you not think about what is being said. To hell with the lot of them, I say.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meet Laci Green, Video Sex Blogger

Laci Green (right) and her favorite drunk lesbian in one of her videos. Image source: vidcap from Laci Green Youtube video.

Laci Green is a sex educator with a series of videos on Youtube. She's very young for a sex educator, just 23 years old, but most of her videos are sensible and smart, way smarter than her years would seem to indicate. She's also very easy on the eyes. Her presentations tend to be lively and upbeat whether she's talking about anal sex or freaky looking labia. Her voice has a tendency to bleat at times, but it's more an endearing thing than an annoying one, at least, from my POV.

Laci does not get Fifty Shades of Grey, but hell, most people don't, though I was disappointed that she did not get what a good thing it is that it has people talking more openly about BDSM sex. Anyway, she's fun, her videos are lively, give her a watch and see what you think. In the particular video I've linked to, Hanna talks openly about what it's like to come out a lesbian, both to herself and those around her, and it was a relaxed, friendly discussion, and it was vaguely amazing that such a topic could be dealt with so easily and well and in such a relaxed manner. We have come a long way ... well, some of us.

Green has a deal coming up with the Discovery Channel to do a news program -- good on her. It probably won't be as sexy as her Youtube videos, but not everything she does needs to be sexy. We can just hope her Discover news program is informed by the same intelligence and sensibility that her Youtube videos are.

OK, this was the video that was playing in my mind when I was watching the Youtube video up top. It's from Kink, of course. I have a dirty, dirty mind, and it generally improves the quality of my viewing experiences a lot.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Beyond The Fringe: Bondage Porn New World Order Slavery Mashup

"I thought the New World Order was a fashion design label!" Image source: vidcap from the Rocket Radio Show.

Well it's time for some bull-goose looneytude, and I've got a topnotch example to hand. This Youtube video from the Rocket Radio Show is a weird mashup of New World Order conspiracy theorizing, bondage porn, sexy dancing, and inaccurate accounts of real life slavery.

Of course, the theory that Obama's mama was a bondage model still takes the cake for whacky political theorizing, but this one makes up in bull goose lunacy what it lacks in current political relevance.

The New World Order is a longtime right-wing conspiracy theory (we're talking Woodrow Wilson style longtime!) about various international groups -- leftists, jews, the Triateral Commission, communists, Catholics, travel agencies, lingerie football leagues, you know, the usual -- who have established a cabal intent on setting up a single government to rule the entire world (a "one ring to bind them all" kind of thing from the conservative POV).

The government would eliminate all lesser government and force us all to take up fluoridation, miscegenation, gay marriage, Communism, have abortions, and proclaim all glory to the Hypno-Toad, or the Trilateral Commission, depending.

But Rocket of the Rocket Radio Show, the creator of this video, thinks the New World Order will be achieved via a worldwide catastrophe of some kind, and that the miserable few survivors of the catastrophe will be literally enslaved by the New World Order, and then he goes into this long diatribe about slavery with lots of images of women in slavery (always women, a good indicator we are into sex fantasy territory here) from various movies and also some BDSM-inspired Poser art that I've seen on the walls of Second Life taverns and on DeviantArt.

His point was that viewers do not understand the reality of slavery, how horrible the real thing was, and he's probably right about that. But he talks about commercial (i.e., non-war) galleys in Roman times being rowed by all-female crews, who had rings welded in their labia, which were welded to rings set in the bench the oarwoman sat at, so that she could never get up from it (eeeew).

It sure sounded like a fantasy to me so I did some research. The Wikipedia page on the topic of galley slaves assured me that Roman galley slaves were largely a myth: most galleys were oared by free men. I could find no reference to real galleys rowed by female galley slaves, though there were a number of BDSM related fiction novels on the topic and one mainstream movie with such imagery.

(Galley slaves chained to their benches DID exist, they appear to have been confined to the 15th through 17th century in Europe and the Middle East, where being a galley slave was a common punishment. All male. No fun.)

The Magic Christian features naked female galley slaves in chains, but to be fair, it seems to realize it's fiction. Image source: vidcap from the Magic Christian found here, a post I'll be linking to again soon.

Anyway, watch the video, enjoy, I lurve me some bull-goose looney conspiracy theorizing, and who knows, maybe Fox News will take this stuff seriously at some point, and I'll have a good retro-laugh over it.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Celebrity Bondage Safety Tips

Not for beginners! Image source:

The Celebrity Cafe, a big fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, or at least publishing posts about it, is doing what is very much the right thing by publishing a set of celebrity bondage safety tips by practicing submissive and erotica author Joey Hill. We're passing the tips along to you. A lot of the imagery on this blog is very complex tie ups by the folks at They know what they are doing, both tier-uppers and tie-ees, so don't try this stuff at home unless you've had some training. Emergency room visits will suck the fun right out of any bondage session.

The other reason we're posting about it is, more evidence of a sea-change brought about by Fifty Shades, when a blog entitled "The Celebrity Cafe" is publishing BDSM safety tips. How long before we have celebrities giving bondage safety tips? Oh, about as long as it takes for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie to hit the theaters, and the cast to be doing publicity tours. Will they be as good as Hill's? Doubtful in the extreme.

By the way, the post's opening line is worth quoting:
There is a growing interest in bondage in the bedroom, and many of my readers are giving it a try in an effort to spice up their sex lives. It’s fun and feels a little bit dangerous, like a roller coaster, right? But you know why a roller coaster is so thrilling? Because deep down you – the rider – know you’re safe, and the designer and operator intend to keep you that way from beginning to end.

Good BDSM practices are the same.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Town and Gown Bondage Issues

"Hmmm ... does yes mean yes when she's screaming it?? Image source:

Well apparently colleges and universities are lettings students have their little BDSM clubs where the students can explore their BDSM fantasies in a safe, consensual environment instead of doing it the old-fashioned way, via the unsafe, nonconsensual environment of fraternity and sorority hazings, which occasionally result in death for the hazees. (For some reason, Harvard's decision to recognize a campus BDSM club is making the rounds of the big aggregator blogs and the mainstream news blogs, even though it's kind of a non-story. Probably because it's Harvard and a lot of the Very Big Deal People went there.)

The New York Observer ran a story on the topic, which said that the new groups while exploring BDSM were having difficulties with issues of consensuality and staying within boundaries. Logical, right? Noobies gotta noob.

But I find myself really dubious about the reporting on the story's nonconsensual aspect. It starts out talking about a student, Maria, joining Harvard's BDSM club, but then when it starts to talk about the nonconsensual behavior, it shifts over to another student, Victoria (a pseudonym) at an unnamed Ivy League school, who didn't even join a club, she went to a meetup she found on the Fetlife bulletin board.

As Jezebel has reported recently, Fetlife has a very dodgy reputation when it comes to nonconsensual activities, though Jezebel's headline about the story was kinda sleazy in and of itself.

Fetlife is NOT a campus BDSM club, it's not allied with colleges, and already had a bad reputation due to many accusations of coercion and nonconsensual BDSM by former members. The article then covers Fetlife's issues very thoroughly and then segues back to campus BDSM clubs without making any real connection between the two.

It's a cheap bait-and-switch, arrant scumbuggery, and the New York Observer ought to be ashamed. It tries through its headline and lead to establish that there is this big controversy about nonconsensual behavior in campus BDSM clubs by deliberately confusing them with Fetlife's issues.

I guess the really big lesson here is that you need to watch BDSM related stories in the mainstream media very carefully. Mainstream media have been lying for years and falling for every trick the political pundits pull on them to make their dubious points, it's little wonder they'll do a terrible job of reporting on BDSM-related topics with all the baggage that mainstream media, which are increasingly appealing only to Very Old People (I'm not talking about Baby Boomers, I'm talking about their parents!) generally bring to sex.

Also, Fetlife is a sleazy organization, if you know anybody who's part of it, you should warn them, just in case they don't know about all the ruckus that is being raised over them.

As for consensuality issues with campus BDSM clubs ... it still seems plausible that it might exist -- look at hazings which are straight-up torture that sometimes ends in the death of the hazee. But when come back, bring evidence of SOME sort, New York Observer.