Thursday, January 5, 2017

Adventures Of The Ooga-Wooga Kid: Book 1 Now Available

"Adventures of the Ooga-Wooga Kid: Book 1" is now on sale at Amazon. You can get it here.

This is the book mentioned in a previous post where I said I had been inspired by a film adaptation of "She," the story of three British adventurers who travel to east Africa and find an immortal white woman ruling over a tribe of native Africans, and have a series of pulpish adventures there.

"Adventures of the Ooga-Wooga Kid: Book 1" was INSPIRED by "She" but is nothing like that. It's NOT "She" with explicit sex scenes. (That is a description that much more closely matches the prequel I'm working on now, more about that later.)

I realized that I COULDN'T write an honest book about a 1920s adventure in Africa that involves slavegirls (because you KNOW it's got to involve slavegirls) that would pass Amazon's muster, especially given that I am on super-double probation there due to so many of my earlier books getting banned.

I figured out a solution: start the story with the adventurer (George Huntington) returning to America with a wife who was a slavegirl there, whom he freed and married after buying her from slavery.

This gets rid of the nonconsensual elements that generally make slavegirl stories objectionable to Amazon (and of interest to readers). But it still left me with a problem: where to get the dramatic punch for the story?

On further thought, I decided to take a two-pronged approach: first of all, have the conflict in the story provided by the deeply inhibited nature of 1920s Americans with regard to sex. The depth of American sexual inhibitions with regard to sex is hard to comprehend from our Internet-enabled age, but I remembered an account I read somewhere years ago that brought it to my attention.

It was just a paragraph in a long article about something else, but it recounted the story of a country singer in the 1960s, think Hank Williams, Sr., or George Jones, somebody like that. He was on a tour, and was enjoying the services of a local whore, and suddenly bolted from his hotel room with startled expression on his face.

"What's the matter?" his buddies asked.

"She tried to put it in her MOUTH!" he said in tones of surprise and disgust.

Now, if stuff like that went on in the 1960s, you can imagine what the 1920s were like. Granted, the country singer didn't exactly come from the most enlightened background, but if things were still that backward in some cultures in the 60s, I think it's reasonable to hypothesize that even the most educated and affluent people in the 1920s might have had a lot of inhibitions where sex is concerned.

And that there would be much shock and awe among such people in close personal encounters with a woman who had been a sex slave.

The other prong dealt with race. Slavery in America was a matter of race, but in Africa it was not. It was mostly Africans enslaving other Africans. It was a matter of social status that was not linked to race.

But it wasn't JUST Africans. Between 1530 and 1780, Barbary Coast slavers ranged up and down the coastal villages of Europe, raiding them and taking away their villagers as slaves. It got so bad in Spain and Italy that long stretches of the coast were virtually abandoned during this period.

That white Europeans occasionally got enslaved has long been known, but what has not been known is the extent of it. A recent study has estimated that well over a million captives were taken from all over Europe by slavers during this period, far more than was thought to be the case previously. (No one had really done any serious research previously.)

So there's ample precedence for white slaves to be in the gene pool of slaves in Africa, because women and children were taken as well as men.

Now, having the explorer returning to America with a black or brown wife when America was rife with racism of the very worst sort and miscegenation laws were still in effect in many states, might take my story in a different direction than I intended.

But what if the woman the explorer brought back was to all visible inspection, white, in fact, with pale skin and red hair … perhaps a genetic throwback to an ancestor kidnapped in the distant past? Her parents, brothers and sisters might all be dark brown, and she would be mentally a part of the culture of her family and city, a well-adjusted slavegirl who thought of black and brown people as her equals and often her superiors, given that she was a slavegirl.

She would then be an excellent stalking-horse for introducing her cultural attitudes about sex to the inhibited denizens of upstate Connecticut.

And thus you have my story.

As for the characters, well I read or tried to read "She" to prep me for writing the story. Haggard, I discovered, was not a particularly good writer. He could come up with ripping stories, but his characters were wooden and not at all believable. But it was easy enough to model my explorer roughly on Indiana Jones and to keep Haggard's keen sense of the exotic.

I also reread a Bertie Wooster story or two, to get a feel for Percy Webster, the dissolute playboy who heads the Humboldt College Department of Antiquities. Percy has a little bit more on the ball than Bertie Wooster, but shares his slangy language, his lack of interest in work, and his taste for drinking and dancing.

I had some trouble coming up with the personality for Mrs. Webster, until I remembered Natalie Wood's plucky feminist heroine in the movie "The Great Race." Wood's character wasn't a serious feminist figure, her role was mainly to be a romantic foil for the hero, and to fall in love with him, but Wood did a great job in the movie of conveying a sense of plucky independence and charm, which I was happy to borrow for Lily Webster.

As for Safi, she remains a bit of an enigma. People looked at her and saw an Irish colleen, a beautiful young women with red hair and pale skin, while in her heart she was what we would describe as a black woman who was also a happy and well adjusted sex slave. (OK we can argue about the likelihood that any real life sex slaves would be happy and well adjusted, but for the erotic sake of this story, she's a fictionally happy and well-adjusted sex slave.)

We'll find out more about Safi in the prequel to Book 1 of "Adventures of the Ooga-Wooga Kid" which is what I am working on right now. Unfortunately, it will have to be published on Smashwords, a much more open and free publishing platform than Amazon, because Amazon isn't going to put up with any stories about sex slaves having nonconsensual sex, however well adjusted they might be.

It's a shame I have to jump around publishing platforms like that, but I just can't denature the story of Safi's origins enough to suit Amazon and still have a story that makes any kind of sense. I see this as a case of artistic integrity being blighted by censorship, pure and simple. Straight up, no excuses: Amazon is doing its readers wrong with its ridiculous censorship practices.

In fact, there's an interesting series I have read that has a very neat way of sidestepping Amazon censorship practices: the "Sold To The Master" trilogy by Brittany Adams. In it, there's an alternate America where women are enslaved when they reach the age of 18. They become the property of a man at that point, and it isn't their choice who they become the property of.

Adams' sidestep in this case is to have the whole "enslaving" thing be pretty much like an arranged marriage, and the enslavement roughly equivalent to being a 1940s/50s style housewife in America. Despite the fact that she uses the terms "slave" and that the women wear collars (instead of rings on their fingers) and they have sex with their owners whom they presumably have no choice about, it still reads like a romance set in 1950s America somehow.

And as well as Brittany does it, I have to wonder what sort of slavery the women would be in if Amazon weren't so censorious on topics like slavery and rape. I suspect, a very different, much more dramatically interesting sort of slavery.

So read "Ooga-Wooga Kid" and enjoy, enjoy. I think it's a fine little story that gets some major erotic kink going and also conveys a nice jazz age feel to it. Then keep an eye out for the prequel … on Smashwords.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

"The Master Plan: Samantha" A Romantic Bondage Comedy, Now Available on Amazon

"The Master Plan: Samantha" can be downloaded in the US here ... and here's my International Bookstore link for all the international Amazon store links.

"The Master Plan: Samantha" is the first book I've published on Amazon in quite a while. I refuse to write FOR Amazon, that is, write stuff that has no creative spark that interests me just to get published on Amazon. It's also my most bondage sex-soaked book. The raunchy action starts in the first couple of pages and continues throughout.

The particular spark for “Samantha” was brought on by my enjoyment of romantic comedies. I like a romantic comedy so long as it is sufficiently funny or sex, preferably both. A lot of romantic comedies are neither. But when they're good, they're good. “You've Got Mail” come to mind. Also “Knocked Up.” Neither was a perfect movie by any means, but they did have a fair amount of funny moments.

I thought it might be fun to try to capture the spirit of romantic comedies and throw some bondage fun into the mix. (I couldn't stand to do a straight up erotic romance, which is what has been keeping me from writing for Amazon for some time. I've sampled a lot of them to see what's popular on Amazon, and most of them are kinda formulaic and dull. The stuff I do on Smashwords is much more to my taste, and WAAAY outside Amazon's censorship regimen.)

My initial thought was to have a heroine who is a submissive who tries to get Masters to collar her as their own, but the cowardly Masters evade her, in some cases actually running away from her. Running exactly counter to the general impression of how these relationships work, but with a bit of truth for the reality.

I still might write that story, but it's not the one that came out when i sat down at my word processor. Instead I wrote a story about a successful businesswoman who is a submissive sexually and who is determined to be owned by the stereotypical billionaire Master, but winds up falling for a dirt poor bike messenger.

This happens to me a lot, if you'll recall other blog posts I've written. I suspect it's because my subconscious is actively involved in writing my stories, and once i get into the writing mode, whatever my subconscious wants to write pops out.

Thing is, it's very easy to write the stuff my subconscious wants to write and very difficult to write the stuff it doesn't. Plus, I LIKE the stories that pop out of my subconscious.

I have a series of Master Plan stories in mind, each one featuring a submissive whose plans to be enslaved by this or that Master gets turned on its head in humorous ways.

But the next in the series is going to have to wait, because I have got another story line cooking that's even more fun, with a working title of “Adventures of the Oooga-Wooga Kid.” I got the idea when I was watching a broadcast of the movie "She" based on H. Rider Haggard's story. I thought what fun it would be to set a story in the 1920s, past Victorian times but still a time of widespread ignorance about sex in general, much less BDSM, in America. Which is why I got the idea of an Indiana Jones type of that era bringing a born and bred sex slave from Africa to the United States, from a fictional African city-state called Bagooly-Nooly that's much like Gor. The concept of a born and bred Goren sex slave let loose in an America that was still extremely sexually inhibited offers … much fun.

And since said slave will have been freed by her former owner, and in fact married to him, there will be none of the nonconsensual issues that make a lot of my stories not suitable for Amazon. I'll be playing this one for laughs, and for the atmosphere of the Roaring 20s.

In the meantime, enjoy “Samantha!”

Monday, November 14, 2016

Nataly: The Violent Virgin - Pet Shop Slave Girls #2 -- Is Now On Sale At Smaswords

You can buy Nataly: The Violent Virgin by clicking on the link here or clicking on the pic.

Pet Shop Girls #2: Nataly, the Violent Virgin Auction, is my latest novel, now available for download on Smashwords. Huzzah!

"The Violent Virgin" is one of those stories that writes itself. When I started it, I had no idea that violence would be any kind of element in it, or virginity either. The main thing that made me want to write it was, "Pet Shop Girls #1: Katie" has sold very well for me. People seem to like it.”

And I had noticed that by starting "Katie" in medias res, I skipped over what was potentially the most dramatic element of my story: the training of a woman who has led a free and unfettered life on Basic Income to become a sex slave, which is what Pet Shop girls basically are.

So I wanted to do a story about training a woman to be a sex slave. I also thought it would be interesting to do a story about a woman from another segment of society. "Katie" dealt with a woman who, was basically a happy, well adjusted young woman on Basic Income, except for having impulse control issues where other people's property was concerned.

I thought it might be interesting dramatically to do a story about someone from a higher status who has to adjust to being a sex slave.

I realized that Nataly would have to be a victim of a double downfall in my story, since the punishment for misbehavior for a Premie (a Premium citizen, still employed or with a family member still employed) would be Basic status. That would be a terrible blow, since Premiums tended to live the sort of lives we now expect millionaires to live, only with everything printed very cheaply, they have to search for expensive things to buy with their money to show off their status, which, being human, they do.

Nataly would feel her fall to Basic status very deeply, especially as she was innocent of any wrongdoing, her father was just one of the very few to hang onto a job that finally got replaced by an AI.

With only violence and theft to get Nataly tossed into the Pet Shops, and Katie having already done the theft option, I went with violence for Katie. And with her family's fall from Premie status, I had the motivation for the violence all laid out.

But what I didn't know until the very moment when I was writing the scene where the Pet Shops are doing their initial rape of Nataly and her cohorts, was that she was a virgin. I had no idea until I typed out the line where she screams out these words through her gag as the cock of doom was literally millimeters from her helplessly bound pussy.

This is what writers refer to as a character "coming alive" in their minds. It's not a new process for me … the voice of Constance Harlee in Riverbeast was EXTREMELY powerful as I wrote the story, a distillation of the florid speech of the era and a bit of a parody of florid Victorian romance heroines as well.

I believe that when a character "comes alive" it's merely the case that my right brain, which does not control written language, has done more work on the character than I know, and the non-verbal impulses that are being processed by my right brain just seem to "pop up" on my screen, which my literal left brain experiences as a complete surprise … perhaps because it is, but not because the character "came alive" in any literal sense.

And it's almost always (actually, it's "always" I"m just weasel-wording here) a good thing when that happens because the right brain is really strong on character and motivation and the unconscious needs, feelings and motivations that drive a character.

Well, when I found out that Nataly was a virgin, that changed everything on the instant. The story stopped being a simple sex slave training story and became a story about a virgin auction and a virgin being deflowered … very popular themes, indeed, that I was glad to explore, because I really hate the whole virginity fetish thing and wanted to write something that violated it so hard that cultural conservatives the world over would be making soft blubbering sounds at the mere THOUGHT of it … which this is … but which I hadn't expected to explore in this story.

Well not story, it was a novel, another thing that happened unexpectedly. I was writing along at a very good pace, expecting to crank out a story in the 20K-25K word range, but it kept going and going and going and suddenly I had 45,000 words written and I still was not all that close to the end. But I soldiered on until the end, which turned out to take about 55,000 words. So it's a novel. A very short novel, but definitely well past long short story and novelette range.

Fortunately, indie publishers have the freedom to publish stories at any length, because a lot of traditional publishers would have made me pad out the story to 70,000 words, and who needs that?

So anyway, enjoy this novel while I work on the next thing I'm writing … which I am a few thousand words into already, and no, I have no idea what it will wind up being.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Too Hot For Amazon Campaign

The Latvian Women's Double-Fucking team is still mad that their sport wasn't included in the Olympics this year. (I've been having fun posting pics with captions on Reddit of late, this is my most popular to date, over 1300 likes. Relevance to this post: this image is too hot for Amazon!)

Text of a post to my blog on Goodreads:

I'm an erotica writer who has had books banned by Amazon. You get enough books banned by Amazon, and you lose your Amazon account, so I've moved all my titles that even MIGHT get banned by Amazon to Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.

If you are an erotica writer who publishes on Amazon, you know what a minefield it can be. (If not, I'll be glad to go into detail in a thread devoted to that topic.) But the thing is, it's not just the writers who are being hurt by Amazon's peculiar censorship, it's the readers -- they are being denied the content they want by Amazon.

So I was thinking all the Smashwords authors whose content has been banned (Amazon prefers 'blocked" but it means "banned") by Amazon should get together and develop some marketing tools to let indie readers know the content they really want is on Smashwords and not Amazon.

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to do that, I think, would be to develop a "Too Hot For Amazon!" campaign which would involve letting readers know that the content that they want is on Smashwords, not Amazon . No individual author would own the campaign, it would be a group endeavor designed to benefit all the authors involved.

The campaign could involve:

1) Develop a "Too Hot For Amazon!" logo that all authors involved could put on their Smashwords titles to let readers know that this particular book is full of scorching hot content that readers seek

Edited to add: Here's that logo ...

2) Talk up the "Too Hot For Amazon!" topic on blogs, on message boards (like this one) to try to get readers and other authors interested in books on Smashwords and in their books ... of course, as part of it you could promote your OWN books as Too Hot For Amazon! while promoting the general notion that Smashwords is the place to go for content you can't get at Amazon.

3) Could also portray Amazon as fuddy-duddy and dull. This should be fairly easy since the content that authors are producing there tends to BE more fuddy-duddy and dull. What we want to do is attract readers who are not content with Amazon's product, and make them aware of the Amazon censorship that is making the product so dull.

4) Might even run some ads for your books on Smashwords that are "Too Hot for Amazon" 

I can do all of these things myself, for my books, but I'm just a single voice i n the wilderness. All of us working together, I think, will be able to pry many more readers loose from Amazon. So I thought I'd post here and see 

1) If there are a lot of other authors on Smashwords in my situation (I know there are) who
2) Like this idea and want to go with it.

I think it could benefit, not just Smashwords erotica writers, but ALL Smashwords writers, because it will bring greater attention to Smashwords, and erotica readers read a LOT of stuff besides erotica.

What say you, O solons of the Smashwords author group on Goodreads?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Erotic Slave Girls Of Outer Space: The Novel Is Now On Sale, Plus A Censored Version!

Click here or on the pic to get the book at Smashwords. This is the novel-length, uncensored version. If you have not purchased part 1 of "Slave Girls of Outer Space" this is your best option, because it includes Part 1 and Part 2 and is cheaper than buying both independently.

I seem to be writing novels lately. The second installment to my epic "Erotic Slave Girls of Outer Space" story, which was SUPPOSED to be a 20,000 word short story turned into a 40,000 word novelette. When I added it to my original 32,000 short story, I realized I had a perfectly good 72,000 word novel.

And so here is that 40,000 word novelette, "Erotic Slave Girls Of Outer Space: Part 2 -- Alien Harem." Dita and Maria are captured by the Zeskon Empire and endure all sorts of sexy things before … well, can't give the whole plot away, can I? But I can say I'm very proud of the planetary megastructure I envisioned for the story, a multi-layered transparent plastic sphere that surrounds an entire planet.

This is part 2 of "Erotic Slave Girls of Outer Space: Alien Harem." Click here or on the pic to buy it. If you have already purchased Part 1 of "Erotic Slave Girls of Outer Space," this is your best option as it is cheaper than purchasing the whole novel.

The ending DOES leave room for another book in the series. Because DAMN that was fun to write … if it's half as much fun to read as it was to write, it's gonna sell very well.

"Erotic Slave Girls of Outer Space: The Novel (Includes "The Anthrax Codex" and "Alien Harem") is basically parts 1 and 2 of “Slave Girls of Outer Space” stitched together and given uncensored, unabridged, unbelievable life. In part one I had fun with ideas about a sex-positive sex slave, bondage toys and zero-gee sex, and in part two I had fun with the effects sex pheromones might have among a breeding population of sexy humanoids whose brains are wired in subtly different ways that produce subtly different effects.

I also had fun with a set of futuristic bondage toys and the effect they might have on an escape attempt involving a banquet for prudes. I also have some fun with the idea of a sapient humanoid species whose women experience full-on estrus, you know, baboon-style estrus with the swollen labia and the willingess to fuck anything that moves.

And I'd like to apologize to prudes everywhere for all the fun I've been having imagining the possibilities kinky sex could have when paired with future technology and post-scarcity interstellar empires. Except I don't feel at all guilty about it.

But prudes notwithstanding, I understand that there are people who does not care for explicit sex scenes, so I edited the explicit sex scenes out for "Slave Girls Of Outer Space: The Novel" which is a censored version of "The Anthrax Codex" stitched together with a censored version of "Alien Harem" to create a censored version of "Erotic Slave Girls of Outer Space: The Novel." You still know what's going on, mostly, but in a third-person, briefly summarized sort of way. And the book remains very sexy, primarily because it still confronts sexual issues, practices and customs very directly. Just no explicit descriptions of people putting some of those practices into practice.

Two options to buy here: Smashwords or Barnes & Noble. This is the censored version, so if you want all the explicit sexy parts, do not buy it. But if you DON'T want the explicit sexy parts, this is the one to buy. It is still full of nude language and adult facial expressions, though. Fair warning! 

There is no censored version of "Alien Harem" being sold separately, because the censored version of "The Anthrax Codex" was offered for free. Like any good drug dealer, though I am willing to offer the first taste for free, the second taste is gonna cost ya. Bwahaahahahha!

The censored version of “Slave Girls Of Outer Space” is ONLY available on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. The reason: despite the fact that I cut all the explicit sex scenes out of “Slave Girls Of Outer Space” to make it a merely sexy science fiction novel, I got a notice from Smashwords that the censored version of “Slave Girls of Outer Space” would have to be labeled “Adult” before it could be included in their Premium Catalog, which includes Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and about a dozen other distributors you've never heard of.

Well I felt that this was bullshit. The censored version is a lot like Philip Jose Farmer's “Flesh” or John Norman's “Gor” novels or “Kushiel's Dart” by Jacqueline Carrey, or “High Couch of Silistra” by Janet Morris, or “The Velderet” by Ceclia Tan, or a whole shitload of other SF books where sexuality is a central theme or sex is a constantly recurring event, but is not explicitly described.

And I also didn't CARE that the book wasn't to be distributed in the Premium Catalog, because I'd looked up my Smashwords sales records and found that the ONLY two markets in which my books are selling are Smashwords' own sites and Barnes & Noble. (I don't even bother with Amazon any more, they'd ban “Slave Girls of Outer Space” in a nanosecond). I'm doing well on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble, sales are growing, but the Premium Catalog, I've had a total of two sales
So I had this thought: “fuck the Premium Catalog.” Well a more complex thought than that. One of the reasons I wrote the censored version of “Slave Girls of Outer Space” is that I wanted to get the book out from behind the Adult barrier that distributors hide “erotica” behind. For almost every distributor, if you want to see “Adult” materials, you have to opt in by clocking on a button or some text somewhere on a webpage. And that text/button is generally not prominent. (Kudoes to Smashwords for putting their opt-in text in a prominent place, though, it's right up there in the blue bar at the top of the page.) The opt-in button is VERY hard to find on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

So searches within those sites do not show up your books if they are labeled adult. And most customers don't bother with looking for opt-in boxes, they just look for what they want and if they don't find it, shrug and move on.

So the “Adult” censorship wall, DESPITE the claims that it doesn't really exist because there are opt-in buttons for it, is real and quite a problem for erotica writers. But that's where my habit of being generous with plot and characterization and so forth pays off … because after stripping out ALL the explicit sex from my 75,000 word erotica version of “Slave Girls of Outer Space” I STILL had 55,000 words worth of plot and characterization.

A novel's worth. And I feel I should be rewarded for my attention to story and characterization by being able to publish the non-explicit version of my story, and garner attention for it and my OTHER novels and stories, from OUTSIDE the paywall.

And since neither Smashwords nor Barnes & Noble have ANY problems with my non-explicit novel NOT being labeled adult, I published to both of them separately. If Philip Jose Farmer and John Norman and all those others can do it, so can I. Hopefully more readers who will enjoy my work will find it this way.

Monday, August 15, 2016

"Pet Shop Slave Girl #1: Katie Now Available

You can get the book in a WIDE variety of formats (including the Kindle's Mobi format) here or by clicking on the pic. You can get ALL my books by visiting my International Bookstore links page.

Wrote another story just too HOT for Amazon, and by hot I mean full of slave rape, lots and lots and lots of slave rape. Because really, if you are going to fantasize about slaves having sex, part of the fantasy is that the slaves have to have sex with their owners, or whomever their owners order them to have sex with, like it or not. That's slavery, and that's sex slavery. It's part of the fantasy.

But Amazon is not grown-up enough to understand that, or rather, does not believe its corporate interests are congruent with understanding that. They are willing to get in bed with sex-negative feminists and prudes rather than work with the authors who are driving most of the sales of indie books.

So it's off to Smashwords I go, where I'm selling some books, but not nearly as much as I did with Amazon, largely I think because Smashwords does not have a subscription service like Kindle Unlimited to create additional revenues and drive additional sales.

I'm studying the works of other authors to try to determine how THEIR slavegirl fantasies manage to exist inside Amazon's structures. So far, no answers, only questions. But I'm sure I'll find a few answers down the road.

Meanwhile, we have “Pet Shop Slave Girl #1: Katie, the first in a proposed series of stories dealing with the lives of women living in the not-too-distant future in the early stages of a post-scarcity society where almost everyone lives on Basic Income because robots … well, the foreword to my story explains it very nicely:

The year is circa 2116, and the Oligarch War has been over for about 50 years. Only it isn't called the Oligarch War any more, it's called the Socialist Rebellion because the winners write history, especially over the short term.
Millions died in the Oligarch War, but those who survived are living wonderful lives. All their basic needs are taken care of -- food, clothing and shelter, at no cost. Almost everyone, even most members of the former technological elites, is unemployed and unemployable due to automation. But the same machines that displaced almost all human workers build everything humans need, from homes to food to clothing to gadgets and geegaws, with little or no need for human supervision or assistance.
The Basics, as the unemployable humans are called, couldn't afford to pay for any of the things the machines produce and would be back in the street shooting at oligarchs and dying by the many more millions in short order, if not provided for. And the Oligarchs don't want that ... some few of the millions of Basics managed to kill a few hundred Oligarchs (and tens of thousands of their minions) despite their fleets of drones that can blanket the skies. The deaths of millions of Basics is a statistic, but the death of a single Oligarch is a tragedy.
Basics get an allowance to buy the consumer goods that make some of the Oligarchs rich, and making Oligarchs richer is the whole point of Western civilization now that the Socialist Rebellion has been quashed. It's a good life for the Basics unless you make a mistake and do one of the few things that can get you kicked off Basic.”

Note that I set the story about a century from now, and that I have a civil war that kills millions occurring about fifty years from now. I think such a war is unlikely, but I do think that if the present trends toward increasing automation, increasing concentration of wealth at the top, and the corporate oligarchs continue to use their political clout to dismantle the social safety net and prevent the construction of new nets, civil unrest of some kind will occur. Something short of open warfare, perhaps, but certainly rioting, protests, mass demonstrations, and other forms of protest.
But it's hard to make any kind of definitive predictions about the future because technological change is moving faster every day and will almost certainly create changes that will throw my predictions completely off. Over the scale of a century, it's almost inevitable. I mean, the people who lived at the turn of the 20th century walked or rode horses to get around, did not have access to electricity except as an arcane scientific oddity, used chunks of ice shipped in from the north to preserve their foods or put them in underground cellars, had no mass media, and still had very high death rates due to infant mortality, though modern sanitation was helping reduce it.
At the turn of the 21st century we have all these things, plus computers, the Internet, the beginning of nanotechnology, nuclear weapons (well not all change is good) air travel, satellites, and manned trips to the moon. And things are probably going to move FASTER in the next century. The predictions I have made are absolutely TIMID compared to the changes that occurred over the previous century.
Still fun to think about, though.

From what I'm saying you are probably thinking I have written a science fiction story full of political implications disguised as porn … and you'd be right. But the disguise is hardly superficial. The story is FULL of sex slavery, slave rape and graphic erotic content. All the science fiction content is hidden away in the background.
Our protagonist, Katie, has little or no interest in the history and origins of the world she lives in. As a young woman on Basic Income, with all her needs provided for without effort on her or anyone else's part, her whole life is concerned with hanging out with her friends, buying clothes and geegaws, or better yet getting boys to buy them for her by dating them and having sex with them, which she thoroughly enjoys even without the lovely presents from boys.
When she screws up and winds up off Basic Income and forced to become a Pet Shop girl on sale to anyone with the means to buy her, Katie finds her life considerably less agreeable … but not wholly disagreeable. It may be slave sex, but it's still sex with a boy, and Katie likes sex with boy, even if she's bound, gagged, hooded and has a … well, read the book and find out.
Here's the blurb:

Katie couldn't believe it. There had always been a way out for a clever, pretty little thing like her, no matter how badly she screwed up.
But now here she was, standing in the window at the local Pet Shop, wearing nothing but a collar, cuffs and shackles, looking out at the customers, any of whom might buy her at any moment. Her old life on Basic Income seemed like an idyll now … living free, no work, no responsibilities, spending all her time shopping, visiting with friends, and dating boys. Boys who gave a girl nice toys if they liked you.
And all the boys liked Katie. She was pretty and she liked boys and she having sex with boys. It had been a wonderful life for clever Katie, until the day Katie got a little too clever for her own good and did one of the few things that would get her kicked off Basic ... and into a Pet Shop, where girls were sold to the wealthy elite who could afford them.
Katie has no control over who will buy her, and when she is purchased she will have to do whatever her purchaser wants her to do. Which is very likely to involve sex. Lots of it. And any way her owner wants it, whether she likes it or not. They used to call it “rape” and “bondage.” Now it was “the privilege of ownership” and if bondage was involved, well that too was a privilege of ownership. And you had to do something bad to get owned, everyone knew that, so how could anyone object? Katie can't.

Whatever will clever Katie do now, other than whatever her owner wants?

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Full President Slave Girl Saga Now Available!

Here it is, folks, over 100,000 words of piquant social commentary smothered in a rich, creamy gravy of pure pornographic filth. It's post-Amazon, so the covers are much improved, i.e., more graphic, and so are the contents. Click on the pic to go to Smashwords and get the full volume, or go to the pics below the post to get any of the other volumes. (Book 1 is a freebie, by the way.)

It's been a while since I've published anything but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Au contraire! I've figured out a new method of working that has made me much more productive than I have ever been. What I do is, I turn on my computer and pull up my music files and get a nice concert going, then pull up a folder full of porn and set it to display in a slideshow.

With the music for the ears and the porn for the eyes I pull out my cell phone that has a free app called Simple Note on it and then take out a little bluetooth keyboard I got at a discount at Frye's for fifteen bucks (don't mean to brag, but damn …) and I go to town writing my text in Simple Note. It might seem that the porn and the music would distract me, but they don't. They seem to aid in concentration, I think by providing what is for me a pleasant and rewarding environment. Maybe it shouldn't work, but it DEFINITELY does -- my output increased four or fivefold.

Unfortunately, that method of productivity eventually led to a strained back as I was sitting at my desk writing for three hours at a stretch without getting up.

Back spasms are REALLY FUCKING PAINFUL, it turns out ... big muscles that cramp and put you in screaming pain every time they strike. Which was a LOT when my back went out. 

It's all better now, after two or three days spent pausing to scream periodically, things got better. Slowly. I get up regularly and stretch now, none of those three-hour marathons.

Anyway, that's in the past. Here are five volumes of the Eileen MacCammon saga, the story of a moral conservative prude who gets elected President and then unleashes a reign of terror with her Morality Laws restricting commercial sex activities of every kind, and a lot of noncommercial sex activities too. In her arrogance and pride she overreaches even what Presidents can do. She goes after not just strippers, prostitutes, porn filmmakers and erotic book publishers and writers, but also the customers of strippers, prostitutes, porn filmmakers and erotic book publishers and writers – which turns out to be practically everyone.

In the next election, everyone votes for MacCammon's opposition, not wanting to be in jail, or have their loved ones in jail, and the result is the biggest wave election in US history. MacCammon and all her Congressional supporters wind up out of power. And MacCammon is prosecuted for her crimes as President (she over-reached a LOT, it turns out) and stripped of her civil rights, save for the right to life.

Because of this, she can be kidnapped and raped and sexually enslaved by anyone without penalty – she has no right to freedom. Her friends try to hide and protect her, but very soon she is kidnapped by her enemies and given a mock trial and then put through a lot of sexual torments, basically doing most of the things that people got put in jail for just watching during her Administration. She's kept in strict bondage the whole time. Worst of all, her enemies use nanotech to transform her mouth into a homouth, a vagina where her mouth normally is. Sex workers get the homouth voluntarily, and can transform back and forth between normal mouth and homouth at will, but MacCammon's mouth will only transform with activation from a remote control, or by performing the very sex acts that MacCammon was railing against as President.

That's just the set-up, covered in Book 1 of the series, “The Homouth” which is free. The other three books detail MacCammon as she's kidnapped, sold (she can be bought and sold, she has no civil rights) and makes various escapes from the powerful oligarchs and ordinary people who want to have the President of the United States as their very own sex slave. She disocvers a world of slave sexuality and desire, not just imposed on her, but brought forth within her. (The nanoset her captors put in her with the homouth also had the effect of cranking her libido up to 11).

How will MacCammon cope with this new world of slave sexuality? Can she ever come to terms with the gulf between her prudish ways as President and her sluttish ways as a sex slave? Can she own the harm she has done to millions of Americans with her repressive ways as President? And how will it change her?

To put it simply, this is a slave sex-filled odyssey that is full of bondage, rape, sexual bondage, submission, humiliation, and it has a plot, too! A character than progresses and changes! Woo-hoo! Furthermore, since it's post-Amazon, it's not required to pedal back on the sex slave fantasies, which has hindered me a lot. The covers are sexier too!

Read book one for free and if you like it, get the complete novel in complete confidence that you will like it as well. And at 116,000 words of pure pornographic goodness, it's a hell of a deal.

Below are the other new, sexy covers with links to their Smashwords sales pages. The book will be available on other platforms, too, once they pass review … but not Amazon. Amazon's gonna have to grow up a little before it becomes a proper book market.