Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ring Gag In Action

Closeup of a ring gag blowjob. From Sex and Submission.

I like the way the ring gag makes the woman helpless as she serves her master.

Coming Next Week: President Slavegirl, Book Three

The sex slave training of the President! Image source: Sex and

I've completed the first draft of the third book in my Homouth series (which I renamed the "President Slavegirl" series because it works the Amazon keyword system so much better and also describes the essential story of the series a little better than "Homouth").

Sometimes polishing a story can take a long time, especially if it was a difficult story to write or if I made some major misstep in the plotting/characterization. But this was an easy one. I had a pretty clear idea what I wanted to do with former President MacCammon: lots of slave training in the basement of Grossinger, Inc. headquarters with plenty of sexual bondage, sex slavery, bondage and dominance, and perhaps some characterization and plot advancement. MacCammon will also be encountering an old enemy from her political days, with some surprising results.

I can't tell you too much beyond what I've just said without spoilering the story. Let's just say, this is gonna be a very adult, very engaging read.

Coming Soon To An Ereader Near You!

I'm trapped here! If I move at all, these shackles and this collar will fall off!" Slave-A-Licous slavegirls from "Slavegirls From Beyond Infinity" the B-movie with the best title of any interstellar slavegirl movie evah!

I am really excited about my next novel and I want to tell you about it RIGHT NOW, that's how excited I am about it. I have for a long time not talked about upcoming projects because I felt that people who talk about the stuff they are GONNA write are often not writers ... just wannabes. But with 30 stories and books published, I feel that I am due some cred on the topic of stuff I'm gonna write. Besides, it's probably a good idea to tell people about your upcoming projects ... what do they call it? ... marketing, yeah!

So a few years ago I wrote a review of the movie "Slavegirls From Beyond Infinity." And in that review, I said the following:

And for all its faults, Slavegirls From Beyond Infinity is an actual movie -- it's not porn. It's just that -- it COULD have been one hell of a movie. If the movie's creators just followed through on the storyline they'd developed during the first five minutes of the movie, they'd have had a real hit.

The story of two desperate, half-naked slave girls trying to escape their captivity with interstellar slavers/cops/whatever on their tails would be a topnotch movie. If they'd just bothered to make the movie that naturally follows from the opening five minutes instead of morphing it into a remake of The Most Dangerous Game, they could have had a HELL of a movie that WOULD be remembered as a topnotch B-movie.

Because as absurd as the first five minute storyline is, this is about the best slave girls-of-the-future storyline ever. It offers so many intriguing questions for the connoisseur: Why are interstellar spacecraft transporting half naked slave girls across the galaxy? Are they part of some interstellar slaving operation? Or did these two women do something really horrible to merit such treatment? Maybe there's a political element -- they're rebels captured by the bad guys and enslaved and transported to another world to work as sex slaves. Or maybe the crews of some interstellar craft routinely grab a few slave girls to make the long voyage between planets less dull.

There are all sorts of intriguing scenarios here, all sorts of great adventure possible as the slave girls flee their relentless pursuers, but we don't get that. And I, well, I don't know why the people who made this movie didn't get it. But they sure didn't.

So I was casting about for a new story to write. It had to be something I would really be interested in writing. I have written a couple of stories just to work within Amazon's limits and draw a large portion of Amazon's readership, and it was hard as hell. I'M not interested in dull stories of happy consensual sex even if it does involve bondage, I want there to be danger and excitement for the characters as well as hot sexual bondage scenes.

And at some point, I started thinking about "Slavegirls From Beyond Infinity" and what a great movie it would have been if it had stayed with the premises of its original scenes and not turned into a tired and poorly done remake of the Most Dangerous Game. If it had only been a galactic space opera with two sexy, scantily clad slavegirls at its center, it would have been HUGE fun.

And that's when I had the idea: I should write that story, the one that had fired my imagination over the first five or ten minutes of the movie. The story I had WANTED to see, and had missed terribly when the movie dissolved into mush.

THAT will be my next project. I'm fired up about the prospect of writing it. And I know I will write it, because by damn, I want to READ it. And I want it to be GREAT FUN and sexy as HELL. And I KNOW I can do it.

And the question I will leave my readers with is: why would a culture capable of interstellar travel need slavegirls? Couldn't they clone them? Build female androids to function as slavegirls as in my Love Slave Robot War stories)? Come on, both those technologies are MUCH simpler and close than FTL interstellar travel. I'm looking for a good, convincing answer. I have a few in mind already, but I have not settled on any just yet. What would make human slave girls a desirable enough item to transport between the stars, other than their hottitude? I'm listening ...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Get Witless On Lothar!

Get Witless or Be Witty ... It's YOUR Choice! Image source: Hottitude Press.

OK, fans of my website will remember that I did a series called "Witless on Lothar" way back when, and I realized that I could easily collect them and put them in book form for sale on Amazon, so i did. And when I finished, I realized, "This is not erotica, there's only two sex scenes and they're only a few paragraphs long."

What they were, actually, was political satire. It was all about the contrast between the protagonists (political pundit Anne Coaltar) highly politicized view of the world and the barbaric (and really dumb and unbelievable) reality of Gor. Then former presidential candidate Hilarity Clanton winds up being First Girl in the slave kennels where Anne winds up, because "Duh!"

It was so much fun to write. I'm hoping it will be as much fun for others to read.

Here's the blurb:

When political pundit Anne Coaltar wakes up on a strange new world naked and chained to a huge rock after what must have been a hell of a party, she naturally assumes it's a practical joke. Or perhaps that it's one of those dreams where you think you are awake but really are not. But when she's accosted by hard-looking alpha males who look like they stepped out of a Renfair and subjected to indignities that outstrip ANYTHING she had ever suffered at the hands of even the most rabid democrat, Anne realizes this MIGHT be more than a joke, or a dream. If it is a dream, it is a very NAUGHTY dream.

But this is just the BEGINNING for Anne, as she's drawn farther and farther into this dream, or world, or most likely, democratic plot to discredit her. Anne winds up in a slave kennel and discovers that her superior in the slave kennel hierarchy is none other than Hilarity Clanton, her greatest enemy and candidate for the US Presidency!

It it all a dream, a subconscious demon brew of repressed lust and desire that runs counter to Anne's every conservative desire? Is it a democratic plot to discredit Anne? Or is it a science fiction reality that has launched her across the stars only to be confronted with something out of a medieval fantasy?

Find out as you explore the world of the Witless On Lothar!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Amazon Changes Its Game

"I dunno, guys, I don't think we've got the writers quite helpless enough." -- Every publisher, ever. Image source: Sex and

So, up until July of this year, Amazon was encouraging its authors to participate in a program called Kindle Unlimited, which allows readers, for a $10 monthly fee, to load books onto their kindles (or kindle readers for Windows, Mac and Android computer and devices) for free, if they are in the program.

Amazon threw money into the pot to make it a good deal for writers. How good a deal? Well if you sell a short story for $2.99 and opt for 70% royalties, you get about $2.02 on every sale. A borrow on Kindle Unlimited gets you about $1.35, provided the borrower reads 10 percent of the books. (That's right, Amazon knows, not just which books you read, but what percentage of the books you borrow that you actually read. But wait, it gets worse!)

There's less money for a Kindle Unlilmited borrow than for a sale, but since the people who belong to Kindle Unlimited typically don't buy books, it's extra sales, or as they say in comics, "Ka-Ching!" KU has been a good addition to the income I get in sales, in fact, it runs about equal to my sales worldwide (that's right .. people in England, Germany and Australia buy my books, among other countries!). Some people have done GANGBUSTERS on KU, though, with borrows outpacing sales 10 to 1. "Ka-Ching!" indeed!

The catch for KU, as far as authors are concerned, was that in order to have a book in the program, you had to publish it only on Amazon. Exclusivity was the price, but it was still a pretty damn good deal, and most authors went with it. Once again, "Ka-Ching!"

That was true until this July, when Amazon implemented a new Kindle Unlimited compensation plan: authors get paid for every page a reader reads, not every book a reader borrows. How much do they get paid? Half a cent. (Ok, the actual number for July was $0.0057791577669113). For most erotica writers this means a huge decrease in income, because most erotica is in the form of short stories, and short stories have fewer pages to be read.

But it's not just a matter of how many pages get read ... there's also the matter of linger. Linger is Amazon measuring how long you spend reading each page. If your readers don't linger over a page long enough, you don't get your half penny for it. So Amazon knows how many pages you read, and how long you spend on each page. I imagine that must give a lot of erotica readers the creeps, thinking of Amazon metaphorically peering over their shoulders as they read. If you're an erotic speed reader, be sure and take a break every five so I get my KU2 credits!

The new KU payment system, dubbed KU2, cut the incomes of a lot of erotica writers severely, since they mostly write short stories. Being adaptable sorts, erotica authors are changing their game. Those with a lot of stories in their bibliography (some have hundreds) are "going wide" which means they are selling to markets other than Amazon. The theory being that with much less income from KU2, Amazon's exclusivity is no longer something they are willing to put up with.

But they aren't pulling out of KU2 wholesale, because of another little "catch" to the KU2 program. When you enroll a book in KU2 (or in the old KU, for that matter) Amazon's search algorithms are optimized to make your KU2 book more visible than books that are not enrolled in KU2. That's not just for Kindle Unlimited searches, that's for ANY searches. So your book is going to be a lot more visible, and hence sell more copies than it otherwise would have, if it's in KU2.

The strategy I plan to adopt, which I picked up on a Reddit author's forum, will be to put all my new books in KU2 initially and keep track of them. If they sell well, I will keep them in KU2 for as long as they sell well. When and if sales tank, I'll go wide with the books.

I like going wide for its own sake. Giving Amazon exclusivity is a bad thing in and of itself. I tried to convince other erotic authors of this back before KU2 but was roundly ignored. Now that KU2 has changed everything for them and hurt their sales, a lot more erotic authors are going wide. Now that Amazon has altered their deal, they see that Amazon might alter it again, and again, in anyway they like, and if Amazon is the only functional marketplace for ebooks remaining, they are pretty much in the position of the young lady pictured at the top of this post.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Where Have I Been?

Keeping baby in the corner, of course! Image source: Sex and

Well, simple enough: our Simon Legree of a landlord sold the house we were renting out from under us because real estate prices in the neighborhood we were living in have been going through the roof, and he made a bargeload of bucks. He gave us notice, but the unexpected expense and hassle has been a total PITA. Very much modern America, I guess.

I've been spending the last two months frantically searching for housing, getting us packed, and getting us moved. I've had to put writing and publishing on the back burner for this period, as in, "not doing any of either."

We're in a smaller but very nice living space now, paying a little more for rent, but not much. And I'm back in the writing and publishing game, as subsequent posts will demonstrate. But in the meantime, the game has changed, and as I result, I've had to make some changes, too.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Riverbeast: The Journey Will Be Made Into A Full Length Major Motion Picture!

Will telegenic contortionist and bondage model Wenona grab the coveted lead role in the Riverbeast movie based on her ability and willingness to do scenes like this? Time will tell! Image source: ... for all your hogtied women needs!

I've had to keep this under wraps for a while, but my agent, Pauline Perell, has called and I'm free to Tell All: my novel Riverbeast: The Journey will be made into a major motion picture! It's set in the 1820s on the Mississippi River, the story of the beautiful young rich merchant's daughter who is kidnapped by a keelboat captain who is furious at her father for cheating him in a business deal. She is made into a sex beast on the keelboat and then sold into actual slavery to the owner of a saloon in a notorious outlaw hideout, the keelboat captain claiming she is a runaway octoroon. What turned the idea into an actual movie was the pitch line, Perell says: "Django Unchained Meets Fifty Shades of Grey" opened a lot of doors, as studio execs have noted the box office success of both movies.

Casting is even now underway, with Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, Wenona, Queen Latifa, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and many, many others vying for the role of Constance Euharlee, and James Franco, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, Michael Douglas, Zack Gallifinakis and Will Smith vying for the role of Big Al.

The movie has required a few script changes but they are minor things that shouldn't affect the message, tone and style of the story, I am assured. Riverbeast will be set in the future and on another planet, there won't be any sex, nudity or bondage scenes, Constance Euharlee will be a teen with superhuman powers and her kidnappers will be aliens with no interest in sex with humans. Big All will be an intergalactic cop who plays by his own rules. And there will be a giant spider in the movie. And it will be a PG-13 film. But otherwise, I'm assured, it will be exactly the same story. Can't wait to see it on the big screen!

And I just have to let this tidbit out: My novels The Homouth and President Slavegirl are in development in a major motion picture studio as well (can't spill the beans on which one!). Perell tells me that when movie execs are told there's a scene where a female President of the United States is put on a rape rack and forced to give a Wall Street tycoon a blowjob while her mocks her as an idiot for not following the Rules of Money, they go wild. This movie is on a fast track indeed!