Sunday, May 5, 2019

Crazy Aunts & Scary Uncles Now on Amazon

When the professional kidnappers showed up in Connie Nelson's classroom at the end of the day, she was floored, flabbergasted. Her own sister had Crazy Aunted her!

But Connie was all right when the Collartunity Corporation kidnappers stripped her naked, cuffed her hands behind her back, hooded and gagged her and belted vibrators into her blazing nether regions, and strapped her into a cage on wheels and rolled her off to be delivered to an unknown man -- hopefully, the Scary Uncle of her dreams.

Connie was all right with it even though she knew she was not Crazy Aunt material. She wasn't some weird, flaky woman who couldn't get along with anyone. She was a popular, successful, winning gymnastics coach who'd been offered over a dozen personal collars, though she'd turned them all down. After all, there were so many Masters out there to submit to in her Free Use collar.

The Masters and Mistresses at the Pluterday Club, for example, knew her well, and on most any evening would spend hours putting her body through the most intense sexual pleasure they could think of. Connie's limber gymnast body was their plaything, ,and they tied and chained her in all sorts of challenging and bizarre positions, then applied vibrators, dildo poles, Sybians and their own tongues, cocks and hands to her body while she moaned and writhed helplessly for hours on end. At the end of the night they sent her home, half asleep, thoroughly sexed out and totally satiated.

Still, Connie had been doing this sort of thing for over a decade, and she craved a new kind of adventure, and being a Crazy Aunt to some Scary Uncle might just be that.

Mathematician Kevin Patterson fit more properly into the Scary Uncle mode. His idea of a great weekend was spending long hours in his study, staring unmoving at the walls while he worked on his particular field of study, Fourier transforms. The few women who'd worn his collar found him maddening, and broke the collar each time. But Kevin was also a dominant Master who really loved to use a girl like Connie.

Could Connie and Kevin find happiness together? That's the question as the game of Crazy Aunts and Scary Uncles is ON!

Note: this is one of my most erotic erotica novels ever. But the next novel in the Collar World series, "The Visitor," is science fiction, not erotica. It will have TONS of great fantasy fuel for sexual bondage fans, but there will be no graphic descriptions of sex acts. I'm warning you about this because I don't want to disappoint erotica fans with science fiction, any more than I'd want to disappoint science fiction fans with erotica. In the time-honored tradition of indie publishers, I will only disappoint erotica readers with actual erotica, and will only disappoint science fiction readers with actual science fiction!

Monday, April 1, 2019

"The Adventures of Jinkie Jenkins: Interstellar Sex Reporter" To Be A Major Motion Picture! From Disney!

Will telegenic bondage actress Darling grab the coveted lead role in the Jinkie Jenkins movie based on her ability and willingness to do scenes like this? Time will tell!
I've had to keep this under wraps for a while, but my agent, Pauline Perell, has called and I'm free to Tell All: my novel The Adventures of Jinkie Jenkins: Interstellar Sex Reporter will be made into a major motion picture! By Disney studios of all people!

It's the story of a virginal young girl from a deeply inhibited planet who gets a job with the "Interstellar Inquirer" the tabloid sleaze paper of record in Earth's intergalactic empire of the future. Forced onto the sex beat by her depraved edito Grabthar Assurilogan (aka "Grab Ass"), Jinkie picks up an older, experienced slavegirl ("hotmeat") who shows Jinkie the ropes and the chains and the nipple clips as they travel throughout the galaxy, moving from one depraved hellhole to another and writing it up for the "Inquirer" while she secretly searches for the space pirates who stole the planet Alderan.

With the success of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, Disney is hot to get into the female superhero market, and although Jinkie is no superhero, she IS in outer space and has all sorts of adventures, which was close enough for Disney. Especially since, with the success of Fifty Shades of Gray, Disney is sure that a strong female heroine who is also heavily into kinky sex will be their ticket to success, and since they don't own Wonder Woman, they were drooling for Jinkie like they were wearing ball gags, according to my agent.

Casting is even now underway but some earlier speculations may not bear out with Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, Wenona, Queen Latifa, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and many, many others vying for the role of Jinkie Jenkins and Christina Carter, Justine Jolie, Penny Pax, Wenona and Phoenix Marie vying for the role of hotmeat. Vying for the hunky male lead role of John Quill are Chris Helmsworth, Chris Pine, Chris Pratt and Chris Kattan.

I've been informed that Disney has requested a few script changes but they are minor things that shouldn't affect the message, tone and style of the story, I am assured. Jinkie Jenkins will be an interstellar bounty hunter who is also an escaped slavegirl. Hotmeat will be a wisecracking barrista in an intergalactic coffee shop, and John Quill will be a loose cannon of an intergalactic cop who makes his own rules and breaks them, too! And almost all of the movie will take place in the coffee shop, and will be about decoding a mysterious message from an office slave about a popular children's cereal. So, pretty much the same story.

And I just have to let this tidbit out: My novel President Slavegirl is in development in a major motion picture studio as well (can't spill the beans on which one or we get locked in the Magic Castle with Tim Powers!). My agent tells me that when movie execs are told there's a scene where a female President of the United States is put on a rape rack and forced to give a Wall Street tycoon a blowjob while her mocks her as an idiot for not following the Rules of Money, they go wild. It's a lock!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

"Run, Sluts, Run! See Sluts Run!" -- A new bundle of three stories on Amazon!

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Keeping it light, funny, sexy and science fictional, these three kinky stories are set in the future, and deal with women who race in three different ways, for stakes varying from dear freedom itself to a commendation for an office job well done, to fame and fortune, and of course for the sheer pleasure of it.

In “The Slut Run” we have a conflicted feminist graduate student who spends her days writing papers on nanoagression, but on Friday nights goes out and gets drunk and strips naked in bars, daring anyone (man or woman, she's bisexual) to catch her, collar her and make her their slave girl, which is legal on her planet. It's a BDSM romp with fun for all.

In “Office Slave” we have two office slavegirls (a job category even lower, though not much lower, than interns!) competing in a race where they are naked, bound to bouncy balls, and race through a crowded office, for the chance to get commendations from the office workers, which might possibly lead to an actual job where they'll be paid, just like real workers! She's also racing to deliver a message to an executive, but everybody keeps grabbing her and having sex with her. Not that she minds – that's why she took the job, after all.

And in “Slut Race 3250!,” set in the far distant future, we have an interplanetary slut racer, a pro who, along with her Master, is an expert at manipulating her own and others' sexual responses even when she's bound and gagged and helpless. It's a race to see who can make who succumb to their own sexual feelings, and it's a top interstellar sport, as others can hitch a telepathic ride on her and her opponent's sexual feelings. Fame, fortune and millions of stellarbucks, and millions of orgasms hang on the outcome of the slut race!

As you can probably tell from the summaries, these are all fun stories set in a future of amped-up, maxed-out sexual bondage fun that awaits us all. The stories total over 47,000 words. Bon appetit!

Each of these stories was previously published under the titles listed here: if you have already bought them you will not find anything new. If not, the price of this volume is the same as the prices of the stories when they were sold individually … a real deal … you can't lose!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Campus Slut Run -- A KInky Spring Romp!

It's Spring, and the Campus Sluts Are Stripping Naked, Putting On Their Free Use Collars and Running Around Campus, Ready To Be Grabbed, Tied Down and Fucked By Any Man That Can Catch Them! And Boy Do They Get Chased! But If They Get Inside A Building, They're Safe ... Poor Things!

That's the basic concept of a campus slut run, and what fun I have with it! It's just a spring short story, and it's just 99 cents if you buy, free on Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy!

And if you want to know what inspired me to write the story, well, there's a reason my protagonist is named "Michelle"

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Collar Dread: A book about an alternate Earth where EVERYONE is kinky!

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The pitch:
Collaring. It was the most exciting thing for any woman on Collared World, the entrance to a new world of sex, love, romance and finding her rightful place in the world. Most women loved it, craved it, sought it with every bit of their submissive hearts.

But not all women felt that way. There was a thing called “Collar Dread.” Most women felt it now and again in a mild way. After all, being collared changed you, everyone knew that. And change can be frightening. We've all got a little Peter Pan in us, frightened of the changes of adulthood.

But most women got over it easily, and then loved being collared so much that many of them went into a sort of temporary insanity called “Collar Frenzy” if they lost their collar.

Some women were terrified of being collared, so much so that every year a few women killed themselves to avoid being collared. Sometimes it was due to mental illness, sometimes due to the quirks of personality and experience. Part of Arlette Spencer's Collar Dread was undoubtedly because her parents died when she turned 12 and she had to go to an orphanage because there were no relatives to take her.

But there was more to it for Arlette. Much more. She feared collaring like death itself, even though she lusted desperately for it And when she left the orphanage and became eligible for collaring, she lived in constant fear that the worst – or was it the best? -- would happen. Perhaps both. Collaring was a mysterious unknown looming over all of Arlette's life.

Arlette had always known she would be collared to some sleazy corporation and vended out to men for their profit, living for sex alone. She was an orphan, she knew the worst could happen to her. Once collared, the question was, how would she survive? Would Geoff, the hunky alpha male slave trainer who had a way of falling in love with his charges be the key? Or was it Dr. Kojak and his team of crack … or was it cracked? … corporate psychologists? Or did the answer lie in Arlette herself? And why did people keep telling Arlette she was going to experience something more wonderful than she could even imagine once she fully embraced her collar?

To find out, read the book. It'll be fun! Psychological suspense combined with erotica and just a smidgeon of humor.

"Collar Dread" is a 48,000 word novel and is number two in the Collared World series

Friday, February 8, 2019

The Prop Master Adventures: Books 1-4 of the Prop Master Stories Collected In One Volume

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The pitch:

“The Prop Master Adventures” is a collection of all four previously published  stories about Jack Davis, the Prop Master, and his friends. Those stories are: “The Prop Master,” “Cindy's Student,” “Cindy Stripped Bare,” and the novel-length story, “The Great Chase.” All four stories form a single meta-story that concludes with “The Great Chase,” totaling 100,000 words.

It features:

Lust-crazed Hollywood starlets begging Jack to show them how to make movie damsel in distress scenes into steamy bondage scenes!

Ponygirls on trampolines, chasing through suburban backyards!

Rubbery Tonguesaws of Doom heading toward helpless damsels!

Exploding sex machines!

Hairs' breadth escapes, stunts galore!

Crazed MMA fighting stunt girls!

Glider-borne mad bombers!

Small town power tripping gone mad!

A string of murders in a rural small town!

And much, much more.

It was all a bit much for a persnickety control freak and movie prop master who basically just wanted to tie up beautiful Hollywood movie stars in a safe and responsible manner for filming and make love to his sexy stunt woman girlfriend Cindy (a loving slave girl to Jack who loved to be personally bondage wrangled by him).

But it was what Jack got when he signed on as bondage wrangler for the DID Productions movie studio. With help from Cindy and the relentless chess-playing detective Raul Escalder, he'll gain control of the situation if he has to use every knot he knows! And Jack knows ALL the knots … just ask Cindy, and half the B-movie starlets in Hollywood.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

"Stolen Collar, Stolen Heart" -- An Alternate World Erotic Romance Now in Amazon

High School Romance: Two Masters, One Slavegirl! Click here to go to my International Bookstore. Or click here to go to Amazon USA

God, I had the MOST fun writing this book. I wanted to create an alternate world where what's considered extremely kinky here is extremely normal there, and populate it with characters that ordinarily people can identify with, living ordinary lives but winding up in extraordinary situations.

So I took your typical high school love triangle, two guys pursuing the same girl, who isn't sure she wants to be with anyone, which would be very dull ordinarily … and instead of Earth with its vanilla dates, we have a world where everyone is kinky and temporary collarings, only permissible after a girl (or boy) turns 18, are how boys and girls hook up. And it's much more intense than Earth because a temporary collaring permits almost every kind of sex act between the boy, now a Master, and the girl, now a slavegirl, once it's accomplished. And with both male and female characters typically virgins when they collar or are collared, things get very intense, very fast

Yes, we are talking fun here. Lots and lots and lots of fun.

But as I worked on the story, a beautiful and original implication of the world I had created manifested itself. It completely changed the focus of the story. Certain aspects of the psychology of temporary collarings manifested themselves. I realized the psychological implications of this could make for extremely powerful sexual experiences. These experiences combine first sexual experiences, multiple orgasms and forced orgasms with sub space and connubial bliss, resulting in a psycho-sexual experiences so powerful that they transform those who experience them -- which turns out to be practically every woman on Collar World.

To put it simply, this story contains prolonged kinky sex that changes the characters' minds and lives.

Indeed, for some, including our heroine, it is a mystical experience.

I don't know if anything this intense is even possible in reality, but damn, damn DAMN it was fun to dream up and write about.

And the funny thing, after all is said and done, this story falls very nicely into the niche of erotic romance. The people on the cover very nicely represent their respective characters' situations.

And if this erotic romance is half as much fun to read as it was to write, I am going to be a very happy author. And you are going to be a very happy reader.

Feel free to let me know what you think..