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Emmalina's Rape, Taboo Erotica By Pat Powers, Now On Smashwords

Everyone -- her own sister, her brother-in-law, her psychiatrist, probably her PARENTS if anybody had asked them -- wanted Emmalina raped!

Emmalina had officially been classified as a Crazy Aunt, living in a room in her sister's house for five years, hiding from all the Masters out there whom she was sure wanted to rape her.

When she'd tried to buy a gun, that had triggered EVERYONE. They thought she would shoot some innocent Master who looked at her the wrong way. She would NEVER do that, she was sure. But nobody believed her, and that is why she wound up bound, gagged and being driven to a stranger's house – not just ANY stranger, a Crazy Uncle! -- to spend an indefinite time as his sex toy, being raped repeatedly while in total bondage!

Emmalina is SURE that being repeatedly raped by Jose the Crazy Uncle will turn her into his mindless love slave, just as the same experience turned her sister, and all other women, really, in to the mindless love slaves of men. Because that was the only explanation for how much they loved the men. (Oh, sure, the men loved THEM, too, but come on, the women were their sex slaves!)

Can Emmalina and Jose find their way to a healthy, natural Master and slavegirl relationship despite their rocky start? You'll just have to read the story to find out.

This story is over 33,000 words long and is part of the Collar World and Scary Aunts & Crazy Uncles series.

Why You Need to Go To Smashwords Not Amazon if You Like Taboo Erotica

If you've been getting your erotica from Amazon and lately you've been disappointed with them, feeling like they're kind of watered down or missing entirely in certain categories, you're absolutely right. You should go to [Smashwords]( for your taboo erotica. Here's why:

Amazon has a policy of heavily censoring certain categories of erotica, eliminating some entirely and leaving others so watered down that it's hard to tell what they are.

These categories include incest, rape and bestiality. Rape fantasies, for example, are entirely missing on Amazon. Initially Amazon allowed rape erotica, then forbade it, which caused authors to move to something called “dubcon” which stands for dubious consent in which the heroine submits to sex under pressure, like to save the family farm or get Timmy out of the well or whatever. This didn't last long and then it was off to “reluctant” which is somehow different from dubcon but still pretty much the same, and lasted about as long. Now all the characters in Amazon erotica are 100 percent all for whatever the hell they are doing.

And so if you like rape fantasies, you are not gonna be happy with Amazon. Same with incest and bestiality. Incest went from incest to semi-incest (people related but not by blood having sex) to pseudo-incest (people who only THOUGHT they were related having sex) and now there's pretty much nothing.

I'm not at all up on bestiality on Amazon, but I DO know that even in werewolf erotica there are now rules against the main characters having sex in their wolf form.
So, no bestiality or anything like it on Amazon.

If you enjoy these genres, the good news is, Smashwords still publishes them. You should go to Smashwords and check it out. Because that's where all the authors who write or have written books with that kind of content have gone. And you can get your books there formatted for Kindle, ebook, and frankly, almost any format. Bon appetit.

You could start by enjoying Emmalina's Rape, now on Smashwords.

(If you feel that no one should be allowed to read or publish in taboo erotica genres, read my previous post.)

In Defense of Taboo Erotica, Especially Rape Erotica

(Just by coincidence, I've just released Emmalina's Rape on Smashwords.)

First of all, let me say that I am against actual rape in the real world. The amount of non-consensual sex in the world should be this: none.

That said, we are not talking about rape in the real world here, we're talking about fictional depictions of rape.

So you're against allowing others to write and read taboo erotica, such as rape erotica, incest erotica and bestiality erotica. That's fine, everybody's entitled to their opinions, but yours IS wrong. Here's why:

Reality isn't fantasy, and erotica is fantasy. What's more, most sane human beings know that, in fact, being able to distinguish between reality and fantasy is a condition of sanity.

And almost everyone who reads erotica knows they are enjoying a fantasy, and that the things they're enjoying in their fantasy are not things that they would enjoy in real life. They're just like people who read murder stories, who don't then go out and get involved in actual murders.

Rape erotica would be the prime example here.  Women enjoyed rape fantasies back in the day when there was very little written erotica being published by anyone. The evidence for that is all the romance novels that came out in the Bad Old Days before erotica, with storylines about dashing pirates or bold, handsome Viking warriors abducting innocent women and having their way with them without a by-your-leave, and then, of course, falling in love with them.

This probably does not happen a lot in real life, but it doesn't matter … it's a fantasy. All the anecdotal evidence and what scientific evidence there is indicates that the women who enjoy rape fantasies do not want to be raped in real life. (Plus, common sense if that counts for anything.)

And of course when erotica happened as got going, there were a lot of rape fantasies written and published, until Amazon censored them.  It was a very popular genre. It stands to reason, since most erotica readers are the same women who make up the bulk of romance readers.  They're just getting to read the parts in erotica that were formerly left to their fervid imaginations.

The interesting question is, why is there so much emphasis on censoring erotica when  the vast majority of readers are women? Especially considering that there is no one out there that I know of who claims that women are out there trying to tempt men into raping them in real life – much less that they're doing so because the erotica reading made them want to be raped.

It's almost like erotica doesn't make you  want to participate in rape in real life.

And the irony of it all is, there's little or no censorship of rape in porn films, you know, the sexual entertainment that men, who comprise the vast majority of rapists, like to watch.

So, rape content in the medium that is enjoyed by men, where rapists come from, is not censored at all. But rape content in the medium that is enjoyed by women, where rape victims come from, is heavily censored.

How exactly will that prevent rape again?

It makes very little sense, if you accept the claimed motivations of the people who call for censoring erotica at face value. Which is why I can't accept them at face value.

I think there are just some people, mostly women, who don't want other women to be free to enjoy sexual fantasies that they disapprove of. That's all there is to it. They'd like to restrict men's access to porn in general and rape porn in particular as well, and they've tried to do both of these things, but haven't managed to yet. Good thing because censoring visual porn would very likely increase the frequency of rape in the real world. I kid you not. Read on and find out why.

But it's hard to see how ANY amount of censoring erotica will reduce the amount of rape in the US. (All the evidence is also that censoring visual porn would have  little or no effect on rape incidences as well.)

The same is generally true for bestiality and incest. There's just no logical support that censoring the erotica about them will have any effect in real life. Especially the bestiality erotica about werewolves and dinosaurs, which aren't around to have sex with no matter how good the erotica about it might be.

I'd say if you want to reduce the incidence of rape in the real world, you should try to find some unbiased information about what works best to reduce the incidence of rape.

For example, when internet access (and hence easy access to internet porn) became widespread on a state-by-state basis (which occurred as America built its cable system) a strange thing happened with rapes. They dropped significantly, in every state in perfect unison with the easy access to porn via the Internet..

So widespread access to porn is what people who oppose real-world rape should want, because since 1995 when Internet porn has been widely available in the US, the incidence of rape in the US has gone down 44 percent.

Isn't that great? Feminists should LOVE porn. But somehow, they don't. It's like they don't really care about reducing rape.

(Of course, some will argue that this reduction in rape with increased access to Internet porn could be coincidence, not causation, but they are resisting common sense. I mean, say you're the sheriff of a Western state and fifty banks have been robbed in that state, once a week or so, and Jesse James showed up in each town where there had been a robbery during the week in which its bank got robbed. You might not have proof that Jesse James did it … it COULD be a coincidence. But you'd be a piss-poor excuse for a sheriff if you didn't take it as a working hypothesis that Jesse James robbed those banks and acted accordingly.)

Yes, I'm saying some feminists (not ALL feminists) are piss-poor excuses for rape opponents. They want to power trip over other women and they DON'T accept the strong evidence that access to porn decreases the incidence of rape, because they DON'T LIKE PORN, even if ignoring the facts and censoring porn means MORE REAL WORLD RAPE OF WOMEN.

If feminists were serious about decreasing real-world rape, they be PUSHING porn, big-time.

I honestly don't think rape erotica is the culprit here, for the reasons I just set forth. That's why I'm comfortable writing rape erotica and publishing it. The same would be true of incest erotica and bestiality erotica, too, if I were to write and publish them. So if you can convince me that rape erotica leads to rape, I'll stop.

Ball's in your court.

Friday, May 29, 2020

"Earth: The Love Invasion" Now Available on Amazon

Link to "Earth: The Love Invasion"

(Barry Anderson is a pen name I use to write non-erotic science fiction so as not to disappoint my erotica readers. I want to disappoint a NEW group of readers, thankyewverymuch. Not that everybody won't enjoy this book!)

“Earth: The Love Invasion” is a sequel to “The Visitor From Incel World” but can easily be read as a standalone as it has just two characters carried forward from the previous book, neither of whom is the main character in either book. (Doctor Tammy Frisbie and CIA Agent June Smoringe, for the record.)

What I wanted to do in “Love Invasion” is create a modern update on the pulpy SF alien invasion stories of the 1950s and 60s. You can't really recreate those stories, because they had the cultural energy caused by the Cold War and the McCarthyite Red Scare going to add depth and scariness to the stories. (With Red Scare, we're talking about the 1950s-60s era of politically and culturally conservative hysteria about secret communist spies everywhere, not the podcast, an entirely different thing.)

But right now we have another source of energy to drive the story, as the world slides into Crapsack World status thanks to the inspired leadership of the United States of America. And as I wrote the story, I tried to keep in mind the horrified expression a peaceful human race that has conquered violence and aggression would have as they looked at the prospect of visitors from our wonderful, wonderful world.

And although “Love Invasion” isn't erotica, it's still deals with a world of kinky people. Although there are no explicit sex scenes, there are sex scenes, mostly played for laughs. Kinky fun will be had, just not explicit kinky fun.

And the kink theme of Collar World gives me an excellent change to present vanilla sexuality from a kinkster's view, except of course the Collar World kinksters are not aware of themselves as kinksters, coming from a world of kinksters. They just think the vanilla folks of Earth are kind of strange, violent, twisted and very bad at sex.

I spent a lot of time figuratively rubbing my hands with glee as I wrote this story, yes I did. (I couldn't literally rub my hands with glee because I needed them for typing.) I hope readers will enjoy “Earth: The Love Invasion” as much as I have.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Star Treque: Attack of the Kinky Slave Girls! -- An Erotic Parody (Collar World Book 6) Now On Amazon

I enjoyed parodying "Late Night On Onion Station" so I thought I'd give parody another shot, this time a SLIGHTLY better-known property, "Star Trek." I'm a fan, watched TOS, the Next Generation and some episode of Voyager and Enterprise, as well as all of the movies. I even married a woman who went to Dragoncon wearing a tribble suit. I didn't marry her FOR that reason, but it should be noted that it didn't deter me in the slightest, in fact, it was cool to me.

So I felt fully qualified to parody Star Trek. I decided to base my parody on TOS, because let's face it, there's a LOT of room for parody there. Most especially sexual parody, since The Original Series was an unreconstructed product of the sixties, with Captain Kirk jumping on any green-skinned alien woman he can find and Lt. Baskethead (I mean, Rand) sexing up the show for no particular reason, a task soon taken over by Nichelle Nichols.

I didn't entirely confine myself to TOS characters, I included Lieutenant Worf (Lt. Rorf Woof in my story) from Next Generation mainly because I was going to have Klingons, too, and he would come in handy for several reasons.

For the same reason, I had an Orion slave girl ("Aurion" in my story) as a cultural attache on the crew, helping integrate the Orions into the Federation, or as I called it, the Agglomeration. Encountering the Empire of the Collar (essentially, Collar World in space with gigantic men, because why the hell not?) the Participation Prize crew would naturally call on an Aurion slave girl for advice on how to deal with such a sexy menace.

Especially since the Empire of the Collar is technologically far in advance of both the Agglomeration and the Klingons (“Klaxons” in my story). It would have made an interesting story for Star Trek, except of course that Star Trek would never have been sex-positive and kink-positive.

And of course, being an erotic parody I was free to follow the sexiest, kinkiest elements of the story as far as I wanted to, which was very far, indeed. And I did not neglect the humor either, I had a LOT of fun with story and characters.

It's a shame media Trek could never follow where I have gone before. I've been to science fiction conventions, I've SEEN what the fan base gets up to, left on their own. They would have loved it. In the meantime, there's my parody, I'm hoping fans will love it. Maybe you will, too. Either way, live long and pump her.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Why Did I Write A Parody Of the EarthCent Ambassador Series?

So, my new novelette, "Late Nights At Onion Station" is a parody of the EarthCent Ambassador series by I.M. Foner.

I have not done any parodies before, though it's very clear I like humor and I read a LOT. Almost all of my stories have been completely original works, no fannish stuff among them. I have my own stories to tell, thankyewverymuch, and although I've taken some humorous jabs at this and that, I've never outright parodied anything.

And like most parodists, I'm a fan of what I'm parodying. I've read and enjoyed the entire EarthCent Ambassador series. But the definition of “parody” explains why I did it: “a parody targets or mimics an original work to make a point.” And I wrote “Late Nights At Onion Station” to make a point about something that bothered me about the original work: its libertarianism. I'm more of a socialist.

The libertarianism in the Earthcent Ambassador series is very subtle, well buried in the story. But once you see it, you can't unsee it: the EarthCent Ambassador series is a pure libertarian fantasy at heart. There are little clues: the protagonist, despite being the chief representative of humans on Union Station, is paid very little money, so little that she lives in a slummy area of the human sector of Union Station and has to save up money to buy a comfy chair.

Why is she paid so little despite her important government position? Because she's a government official, of course, and government is not important in libertarian fantasy land. While the protagonist of Union Station makes so little money that the food at diplomatic receptions is an important part of her diet, all her friends and acquaintances who are independent businesspeople make huge amounts of money from their activities. They can't do anything at all without making huge piles of money. Because they're independent entrepreneurs, you see: the good guys.

As a socialist, this was annoying, but what was REALLY annoying was the usual libertarian obliviousness to the fate of those who don't work out well in his paradise. This is in face my major problem with libertarianism in general: their focus is always on those who succeed in libertarian society, with a general feeling that almost anyone can succeed if you put forth a little effort, gosh darn it!

Most libertarians, in fact, have little or no interest in what happens to those who don't do well in their libertarian fantasy. Often you get a sense that they would be fine with people who aren't good bargainers in the free and open markets starving to death and dying, that they would happily kick their bodies aside on their way to the bank.

You can see this by the way libertarian authors focus on the successes in their stories and ignore the losers. The successful entrepreneurs who make scads of money and get loads of power in their lives are the FUN part of the libertarian fantasy. Of course that's who gets all the attention in a libertarian story.

But if you don't pay attention to what happens to all the other people in your society, you're basically building a hell on Earth, and honestly, that's what I think most libertarians are doing. They don't WANT to create a hell on Earth, any more than the original Communists wanted to create the Soviet Union from Imperial Russia, but as the Soviet Union demonstrated (and China) if you're at all sloppy in thinking about how you get to your paradise, you can so very, very easily wind up with a dictatorship or an oligarchy that commits crimes against humanity without so much as blinking.

And libertarians are even worse than Communists in this respect. They really, really don't want to deal seriously with the hard part of their fantasy, which is how do you handle the people who don't do so well in the free and open marketplace? The phrase “ideological blinders” was invented for this phenomenon. Libertarians are like architects who want to build a skyscraper that will truly scrape the clouds, but have little or no interest in building a solid foundation.

The problem is, when you look at any group of human beings statistically, for almost any set of abilities and skills, including success in business, if you graph the results it forms a bell curve, with the bulk of people falling in the middle of the curve, and a considerable portion (half, even!) falling on the wrong side of the halfway mark. That being the case, you need to ensure that your system, whatever it is, provides a decent standard of living to the people who fall on that wrong side, not just the lucky winners.
Just assuming that everyone will magically be above average in a libertarian scheme is ridiculous, but a lot of libertarians do just that.

I think the reason that libertarians aren't willing to address the “ground floor” issues is that it may require making an exception to their rule that every problem can be solved by the invisible hand of an unfettered marketplace.

It might require some crude actions like taxing the very rich and successful (the beneficiaries of the invisible hand) at higher rates to fund housing, food and medical care for the poor. It might require, in short, some form of socialism.

It's time to call the belief that the invisible hand of the marketplace can solve all social problems and allow people to live free of government of any kind what it is: magical thinking.
And that's what really bugs me about libertarians, that they let this magical thinking fuck them up time and time again, because you know, if they took the time and effort to work out how a libertarian society could help the losers in the marketplace, they might just have a robust ideology that could compete successfully with democratic socialism.

But they can't, they won't and they don't, and so they remain a fringe, though a markedly more successful fringe than their ideology deserves, because many parts of it (the economic parts) dovetail very nicely with traditional conservatism.

And so you have many, many science fiction books written with this profoundly dumb, magical thinking, wish fulfillment hoo-ha presented as a wonderful basis for a society to exist on.

I found a very nice way to dramatize the problems with libertarianism in the story. I also manage to point out how adherence to libertarian principles makes one inherently blind to the suffering of others. And I ramped it all up to 11, to make it funny. And by damn, it IS funny. Some of the best humor comes from annoyance. I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Somebody Has Written A Parody of "Date Night On Union Station" and I'm Pretty Sure It Was Me

If you LOVED Date Night On Union Station (Book 1 of the EarthCent Ambassador series) you'll LOVE Late Nights On Onion Station the sexy, sexy parody of "Date Night on Union Station" written by the infamous Pat Powers, author of Crazy Aunts and Scary Uncles and Jenkie Jenkins, Interstellar Sex Reporter.

Onion Station lies in the outermost reaches of human-explored space, a gigantic artifact created by the alien Zuks, artificial intelligences that are so badly programmed that they are extreme libertarians. They run Onion Station with a fine disregard for safety, comfort and well-being of the various alien species that dwell in their station, including the humans.

But it's the beings who live in Onion Station that make it the unique, exciting and strange place that it is, and when the Earth Ambassador to Onion Station starts dating an actual human man (much to her mother's relief) everything changes on Onion Station. This simple act of dating will bring together a fascinating group of characters:

Kitty Reinhardt, the human ambassador to Onion Station, is totally dedicated to her work. She earns the 25 cents an hour that the tight-fisted Zuks pay her the hard way, i.e., attending diplomatic receptions and helping Earth firms negotiate trade deals with the many other alien races in Zuk space. She's proud of what she does for humans in her role as ambassador (but it is too bad about the starving people who die regularly in the lower corridors of the human sector of Onion Station). But it's her relationship with her more than just comfortable chair that is a source of deep shame to her, even though she's not at all guilty about her taste for kinky maledom/femsub bondage sex.

Mike Bonus, the trader with a heart of gold who buys the contracts of starving humans by the dozens on the cheap at Onion Station and sells them off to slave traders on crapsack worlds for a fat profit – and who is revered as a saint by the humans whose contracts he sells.

Kitty Reinhardt's chair, which seems sentient to Kitty, given that it converses with her and does things to her that previously were confined to safely nonsentient machines like vibrators -- but which the Zuks SWEAR is not sentient.

The Sisters of Mercy, who rescue starving humans crawling through the mean corridors of Union Station ... but whom many starvelings would describe as anything BUT merciful.

Dweezil the Dreddarian, a six-limbed otterlike alien with a sharp eye for info-trading and a very commercial approach to friendship.

The Fringe, treelike aliens who have a taste for Earth epiphytes to hang in their canopies.

And the Zuks, the artificial intelligences who run Onion Station and live in fear of the massive artificial intelligence that runs the station itself, because it's definitely one of your more godlike artificial intelligences, and it's just as benevolent as the Zuks who created it.

But most of all, you'll have fun, and lots of it, as a favorite series is parodied senseless by someone who has read and enjoyed every book in the series.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for space opera!

So go ahead, dig in already. And if you have not read "Date Night on Union Station" go ahead, get over there, dig in, you'll enjoy it! The whole series is on Kindle Unlimited! It's sexless, but it's fun. And "Late Nights On Onion Station" well, it provides all the kinky sex an adult mind needs to ... adult ... and it's ALSO on Kindle Unlimited!