Sunday, January 20, 2019

"Stolen Collar, Stolen Heart" -- An Alternate World Erotic Romance Now in Amazon

High School Romance: Two Masters, One Slavegirl! Click here to go to my International Bookstore. Or click here to go to Amazon USA

God, I had the MOST fun writing this book. I wanted to create an alternate world where what's considered extremely kinky here is extremely normal there, and populate it with characters that ordinarily people can identify with, living ordinary lives but winding up in extraordinary situations.

So I took your typical high school love triangle, two guys pursuing the same girl, who isn't sure she wants to be with anyone, which would be very dull ordinarily … and instead of Earth with its vanilla dates, we have a world where everyone is kinky and temporary collarings, only permissible after a girl (or boy) turns 18, are how boys and girls hook up. And it's much more intense than Earth because a temporary collaring permits almost every kind of sex act between the boy, now a Master, and the girl, now a slavegirl, once it's accomplished. And with both male and female characters typically virgins when they collar or are collared, things get very intense, very fast

Yes, we are talking fun here. Lots and lots and lots of fun.

But as I worked on the story, a beautiful and original implication of the world I had created manifested itself. It completely changed the focus of the story. Certain aspects of the psychology of temporary collarings manifested themselves. I realized the psychological implications of this could make for extremely powerful sexual experiences. These experiences combine first sexual experiences, multiple orgasms and forced orgasms with sub space and connubial bliss, resulting in a psycho-sexual experiences so powerful that they transform those who experience them -- which turns out to be practically every woman on Collar World.

To put it simply, this story contains prolonged kinky sex that changes the characters' minds and lives.

Indeed, for some, including our heroine, it is a mystical experience.

I don't know if anything this intense is even possible in reality, but damn, damn DAMN it was fun to dream up and write about.

And the funny thing, after all is said and done, this story falls very nicely into the niche of erotic romance. The people on the cover very nicely represent their respective characters' situations.

And if this erotic romance is half as much fun to read as it was to write, I am going to be a very happy author. And you are going to be a very happy reader.

Feel free to let me know what you think..

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Office Slave: In the Future, Work Will Be Kinky, Sexy and Fun! Now on Amazon

Da Blurb!

It's the future. Robots have taken all the jobs. Everyone still alive after the civil wars that happened as a result of that lives on Basic Income. They do not work, and their lives are an endless party, or an endless pursuit of their dreams, hobbies and ambitions. Nobody has to do anything just to survive.

Still, some corporations do need human beings to work for them, if only to provide human input on their products and services. Thunder Muffin Corporation is one such corporation. So how does a corporation attract human beings away from their endless parties and make them care about the WEINUS? Or the VEINUS? Or the heinous ANNUS?

By making work MORE FUN than FUN, that's how. And that's why Jenny became a corporate slave girl for Thunder Muffin Corporation, the lowest, humblest job the corporation had to offer, even lower than being an intern, and just as unpaid!

But if you think being a corporate slave girl is endless drudgery, that's where you're wrong. Drudgery is for robots! Slave girls are for sexy, kinky sex games, an important part of keeping any corporation humming along smoothly. There will be much fun had in break rooms, in hallways, in deserted meeting rooms, and in crowded workrooms, including but not limited to the slave girl bouncy ball bondage race! Plus a mysterious message, corporate insider info and skullduggery, and a heaping helping of BDSM whatnot!

If you're up for some upbeat, kinky fun, set your brain on robot cruise control and enjoy this ride.

This story is just over 15,500 words long and is part of the Basic Income universe.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Coming Soon: The Great Chase -- The Fourth and Final Story in the Prop Master Series -- Novel Length!

The DID Productions staff continues to work to create epic mainstream sexual bondage movies with DID elements. And the saboteurs continue to work to create havoc on the set. The scenes get wilder and wilder: yes, there are ponygirls in chains on trampolines in one scene. And a lot of other sexy and unlikely peril bondage scenes elsewhere. Ponygirls at a wedding. Ponygirls freaking out psychedelic drug worshipers. And a chainsaw which has soft, rubbery tongues attached to it, instead of blades, the fiendishly sexy tonguesaw! 

Meanwhile, DID Productions hires Rivemont Investigations to find out who'd been sabotaging them and to prevent further stabotage. Roberto Escalder is the lead detective for Rivemont in this investigation, and as he works, dark secrets will be unearthed from the past, secrets that drive some DID Productions people in surprising ways. Violence will erupt, and key players will be endangered. Mixed martial arts will be involved, as well as bombings and worse.

Worse? Oh, yeah, there's worse.

Can Escalder figure out whose invisible hand is pushing the pawns as they attack DID Productions shoots before someone else gets hurt while they try to create fun, sexy movies that adults can enjoy?

You'll just have to read the book: and it IS a book, novel length at over 60,000 words -- to find out.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Love Slave Robot War Stories Now Available in One Volume on Amazon

You can get this book and many others by Pat Powers by clicking right here.

The Love Slave Robot Wars: Books 1-3 Complete” is a 61,000 word novel that includes “The Love Slave Robot War: Book 1,” “The Love Slave Robot War 2: Threesome Of All Fears” and “The Love Slave Robot War 3: Doera Ex Machina (Slavegirl from the Machine).”

It's the story of an exquisite love machine, a submissive woman and a heartbroken alpha male in a kinky love triangle. Jetta 2001 is the product of advanced AI tech, a love machine designed to sexually please her owners in any way they desired. Jetta was gorgeous, had no inhibitions, had skin that felt human, was always lightly perfumed, had an armature that allowed her to mimic human movement and software that allowed her to move with incredible grace, and she had some transhuman attributes like a prehensile tongue.

She also had an excellent artificial personality and a topnotch language parser. Maybe she was sentient … every so often, it happened that sufficiently advanced software slid over the line to sentience. No one was sure why or how it happened, but it happened.

Sentient or not, Jetta was what she had been designed to be -- every man's dream of sexual desire made flesh. Plus, she was self-cleaning!

And Jetta was the property of Dan, the man whom Anna would like to be the property of with every bit of her kinky little heart. Surely Anna's wit, humanity and desire to serve Dan in ways that exactly matched HIS kinky little heart would give Anna an advantage, wouldn't it? Anna knew how much they had once meant to one another, before Dan had been emotionally wounded by a bad divorce. Anna and Dan had roleplayed their lonely hearts out, and she'd lost her heart to Dan during the course of it. She'd been prepared to find he was just a Basic, and would have been happy with him as such, but he was instead one of the few programmers still capable of creating code that was useful to the AIs that were doing all the real work of human society. Rich, handsome, dominant and successful, he was all a woman like Anna could ask for.

In the now-complete saga of the Love Slave Robot War, we dive deep into what it means to be alive, what it means to be human, and how a machine might experiences love and sex, and sexual bondage. This threesome explores the very limits of humanity and sexuality with the fun and excitement that characterizes the very best erotic science fiction.

This novel is part of the Basic Income universe.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Adventures of Jinkie Jenkins Now Available on Amazon

I've combined “Jinkie Jenkins, Interstellar Sex Reporter – Assignment: Durango 3” and “Jinkie Jenkins on Sexquest Station” and “Attack of the 100 Foot Virgin” into a single tremendous volume, “The Adventures of Jinkie Jenkins.” It's 108,000 words long, and while some people would say it won't make you richer, thinner and smarter, there's no scientific evidence that it WON'T. And that means it WILL make you richer, thinner and smarter, by Occam's Shaving Brush.

Jinkie Jenkins is the story of a virginal young wannabe investigative reporter who is hired by the Interstellar Inquirer and put on the interstellar sex beat by her shady editor. She wants to cover the kidnapping of Alderan, an entire planet, supposedly done by the Borkistani pirates. Instead of tracking down the pirates, she finds herself encountering rump plug plopping contests, herds of wild ponygirls, sex slave training pens, and hucow stampedes, and she buys a sex slave on the cheap and becomes a 100-foot naked virgin giantess. That's the sex beat for ya.

(Yes, hucow stampedes! You know how many other stories have hucow stampedes? None of them! THAT'S how original this story is!)

Seriously, “The Adventures of Jinkie Jenkins” is seriously funny science fiction, and it's sexy as hell, too. How funny and sexy? Well, suppose you time traveled into the present and met a woman with the sexiness and looks of Estella Warren, and the funny of Tina Fey. You'd have to marry her, right? Well, that would be Iliza Schlesinger! Or if you're a woman, suppose you met a man as handsome as Ryan Reynolds and as funny as Stephen Colbert. That would be … Ryan Reynolds!

So go out and marry Iliza Schesinger and Ryan Reynolds, they're already married to other people in THIS timeline, but hey, this is science fiction and alternate timelines, right? And in the MEANTIME, buy this book! It's just like having Iliza Shlesinger for your wife, or Ryan Reynolds for your husband, if they were into sex slave fantasie -- but in book form. And this book is a LOT easier to get than Iliza Shlesinger or Ryan Reynolds. (I'm not saying they like to play hard to get, mind you, it's just that this book is REALLY EASY to get, I mean, totally slut-level easy, especially if you have Kindle Unlimited.)

By the way, this book is banned on the planet Alderan. And they've got their reasons. No need to go into that here. Read the book and find out why!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Doera Ex Machina, Book 3 of the Love Slave Robot War Series Is Available On Amazon

Fans asked me to finish the Love Slave Robot Wars series, and, damn … fans! I had no idea! Erotica writers are generally hard up for fans because you know, that would be admitting that they read erotica. They don't even want to acknowledge that they read erotica anonymously!

So, fan mail for an erotica writer is … wow. So, yeah, I wrote a 30,000 word novella to finish that series, and to finish it up in style. It's about a kinky woman who finds herself competing with an android designed for sex, far in advance of what we have now. It's an android that looks as beautiful as any movie star, that moves beautifully, that can talk and walk and crawl like a cat in heat, has a prehensile tongue, and is self-cleaning!

I decided to dive right into the heart of the story, directly attacking the issues of what it means to be human, and what it means to be sentient. And I found plenty of ways to look at these issues from the viewpoint of sexuality, both human and inhuman.

I also had some fun with the parallels between collaring and marrying. In a sex-positive, sexually open society, collaring might be seen as a prelude to marriage.

I had a lot of fun writing this story. I hope you have fun reading it. Here's the blurb!

Jetta was a product of advanced AI tech, a love machine designed to sexually please her owners in any way they desired. Jetta was gorgeous, had no inhibitions, had skin that felt human, was always lightly perfumed, and had some transhuman attributes like a prehensile tongue. Jetta was what she had been designed to be -- every man's dream of sexual desire made flesh. Plus, she was self-cleaning!

And she was the property of Dan, the man whom Anna would like to be the property of with every bit of her kinky little heart. Surely Anna's wit, humanity and desire to serve Dan in ways that exactly matched HIS kinky little heart would give Anna an advantage, wouldn't it? Anna knew how much they had once meant to one another, before Dan had been emotionally wounded by a bad breakup and was suspicious of human women.

In the third and final book of the Love Slave Robot Wars, we dive deep into what it means to be alive, what it means to be human, and how a machine might experiences love and sex, and sexual bondage. This sexual threesome explores the very limits of humanity and sexuality.

Who will win the Love Slave Robot Wars? You will, gentle readers.

This novella is just over 32,000 words long and is part of the Basic Income world.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"Attack of the 100 Foot Virgin" A Jenkie Jenkins Novel, Now Available

I didn't intend for "Attack of the 100 Foot Virgin" to be a novel, but it is, and I'm glad it is. I'd planned it as a another 20 to 30 thousand word novelette to go with the first two Jinkie Jenkins story, ending the story arc and setting up further stories if that proves advisable (i.e., if people buy tons of the stories, and the Jenkie Jenkins stories have done very well in the marketplace).

“Attack of the 100 Foot Virgin” is by far the best story in the Jinkie Jenkins series. I had a number of story lines built up in the first two stories that allowed me to create a kinky slapstick climax that takes all the elements from previous stories and in the early stages of this story and brings them to what I think is a funny and satisfying ending.

That took a lot of more writing than I'd bargained for, but as I was adding each element and it fit beautifully I knew I was on the right track. Especially since I was able to draw upon some seemingly inconsequential details I'd set up earlier and make the events that occurred organic to the story, instead of pulled out of nowhere.

“Attack of the 100 Foot Virgin” is 100 percent pure science fiction humor. There are a couple of strong erotic scenes, but they're not the point of the story, they fit within the story very naturally. The experience here is one of reading a fun adventure with interesting, sexy characters and a wild ride of science fiction adventure.

I also had a lot of fun planting little Easter Eggs throughout the story, references to other science fiction and fantasy novels and movies as well as a couple of general pop culture references. I've made up a list of them elsewhere on my subreddit if you are interested.

I was wearing a great big fucking grin when I wrote this story, and it's my hope that my readers will be wearing one, too. Because damn, this was a fun story to write. If it's as much fun to read as it was to write, I'll have struck gold.

But maybe you're saying to yourself, “Pat Powers is bragging pretty strong on this book, but let's face it, he's biased. He wrote the book, of course he thinks it's great. Even if he DIDN'T think it's great, he's got an economic incentive for lying about it, since he wants us to buy his books.”

These are reasonable and valid thoughts. But I have a counter argument. Go to the link for my book and read the free sample and see if it isn't a fun ride that grabs you and sweeps you along. It will cost you nothing, and if I'm wrong, you can say so, right here in this thread. But …. if I'm not wrong, you're in for a very good read. Read the sample and see for yourself. I dare you! In fact, I double dog dare you!

The Easter Eggs

The blurb, in case you are interested:

Oh, noes! Jinkie got kidnapped! What happened to her?

Well we can't tell all, not in this blurb anyway. But in the writhing mass of kinky science fiction erotica, hilarity and fun that some call “Attack of the 100-Foot Virgin” we DO tell all.

And in this blurb, there are some things we CAN say. We can tell you that on Alderan, Jinkie is now known as “The Riotess of Cyzlyk City” and is wanted by the authorities there on numerous charges. We can tell you that Marty Stu becomes a Forest Management Services bot and is eaten a couple of times. That the Mayor of Cyzlyk City comes to believe that a distant city called "France" has declared war on Cyzlyk City, for perfectly good and sufficient Jinkie-related reasons. And we can't tell you why Jinkie HATES being a hundred-foot-tall virgin in the middle of Cyzlyk City square. Wait a minute, we can: it's because she's naked. We just can't tell you why that happens, or why Jinkie is naked. But it's perfectly rational on Alderan.

We also can't tell you why the Rebellion, the mercs, Grab Ass, John Quill, the Borkistanis and the Cyzlyk City copbots all want to get their hands on Jinkie and hotmeat, or why Marty Stu got defenestrated. We can't tell you hotmeat's real name, or Marty Stu and the Interstellar Inquirer's fates.

You'll just have to read the book to find out, you ridiculously silly human, you.

This novel is just a hair over 55,000 words long and we can tell you that it may well be the funniest thing Pat Powers has ever written. Especially that one scene. No, we can't tell you what it is. You'll know.