Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Crying In Cell 49 Is Now On Sale

I had written a pretty good short story back in 2002 called "The Mmphing in Cell 49" and published it on my Jolly Roper site. I considered publishing it on Amazon when I started publishing there, but I soon realized that I would not be able to because of their absurd censorship rules. Also, it was more a horror story than erotica, though it definitely had plenty of fuel for dark bondage fantasies.

So I put it in my virtual desk drawer and moved on. 

I happened to see the story file while I was working on a Smashwords story, and I thought, "this would work out fine on Smashwords." So I pulled it out and had a look at it, and it does. 

However, it's not really erotica, which is why I am calling it a horror story. It's a futuristic, dystopian story set in the world of the Morality Laws introduced by Eileen MacCammon, the protagonist of the President Slave Girl series. Here's a link to the first story in the series, The Homouth, which is a freebie, and here's a link to the full novel compiled from the President Slave Girl stories, which is complete, but not free.

And here's the blurb for the story:

Evil never identifies its true motives. It always has excuses to hide its intentions. When prisons began replacing solitary confinement with Total Restraint, which involved putting dangerous prisoners in extreme bondage but keeping them housed with the general population, the reasons cited were mental health and fiscal prudence. After all, solitary confinement drives prisoners insane, and bondage gear is much cheaper than solitary confinement cells.

But Total Restraint makes prisoners extremely vulnerable to the prisoners and guards around them, and many of them are Not Good People … that's why they're in prison. Hooded, cuffed, shackled, gagged and deprived of all clothing, they are easy meat for the predators that surround them.

Here's a short story that that examines the pavement that is the road to hell for female prisoners in Total Restraint. It's basically a horror story, but it provides plenty of fuel for the darkest erotic fantasies.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

"Treasure of Bagooly-Nooly" Now On Sale On Smashwords

I had SO MUCH FUN writing this story. It's the story I initially intended to write when I wrote "Adventures of the Ooga-Wooga Kid Part 1." (I went with “Ooga-Wooga Kid” because I realized I could publish it on Amazon and hence boost sales of my books that are still located there).

You may be wondering why I published the sequel to "Treasure of Bagooly-Nooly" on Smashwords AFTER publishing the "Ooga-Wooga Kid" on Amazon. It's all about that Amazon censorship, I'm afraid. I had originally conceived of “Treasure of Bagooly-Nooy” after watching “She” on AMC. I thought it would be fun to write an African adventure story set in the days when the world was still shrouded in exoticness and mystery, with plenty of strong sexual content to add to the exoticness.

But I knew that having Safi be a slavegirl working in a tavern and fucking whatever man had the price of a glass of wine and wanted to fuck her could be problematical. Safi and the other slavegirls enjoy their sex slavery, but still, I've had so many books banned, I don't want to give some narrow-minded censor type the chance to ban the story.

Then it occurred to me that if I moved the story forward … if I wrote a story about Huntington returning from Africa with this born and bred sex slave to the staid academic world of Humboldt College, I could have her be married to Huntington, and not enslaved, making all the sexual bondage non-problematical from Amazon's point of view. So I wrote THAT story.

But having written it, I still wanted to write “Treasure of Bagooly-Nooly,” that story was strong and sound and so, I wrote it, and published it on Smashwords, where I don't have to worry about crazed censors jumping out of the woodwork everywhere.

Treasure” deals with how archaeologist George Huntington met Safi, the wife he brought back from his expedition to West Africa in search of ancient manuscripts. Turns out that Safi was originally a slave girl working in the Kajira Gardens Tavern (little homage to the Gor novels there) in the ancient city of Bagooly-Nooly in West Africa, where sexual access to the waitresses is guaranteed by the price of a drink, and the drinks are by no means overpriced.

What's more, the tavern's sluts also serve as "bed warmers" for the night, for the price of a room, which is also by no means overpriced.

So … yes, there is a LOT of sex in this book, and all of it sexual bondage because of an extra added ingredient: a religion that holds that the origin of the universe was created in an act of sexual bondage known as the Big Fuck. Adherents to the religion, which includes almost all of the women in Bagooly-Nooly and most of the men, believe that sexual bondage is the ultimate expression of sexuality and honors the initial act that created the universe. So, they're all for it, if you know what I mean.

Bagooly-Nooly is a city of many mysteries, from the origin of what appears to be a white slave girl (Safi) who is by all appearances an innocent young Irish colleen with bright red hair, pale white skin and an air of innocence that completely belies her behavior (hint: tavern slave) to the city's age.

Bagooly-Nooly is a lot older than it looks. How old? I won't say just yet, but I'll give you a hint: the figurines of the Mother-All that the Bagoolians worship look a lot like Neolithic figurines found all over the world that are considered fertility symbols (think Venus of Willendorf and Tyr Na Nog).

The story also has plenty of interracial sexual bondage, with white Masters fucking white and brown girls and black masters fucking white and brown girls. (It's a little bit of a cheat, in that Safi, although she appears to be a white woman, is culturally just like any of the brown slave girls and in fact has a well-founded dislike for white men.)

I tried to avoid stereotypical treatment of the characters in my story. The real divisions between them are along class lines, not racial lines.

I did a lot of research for this story and discovered some very interesting things. For example, there is an actual city in West Africa that is a sort of analog for Bagooly-Nooly, the city of Tichit in Mali. It's a trade city, like Bagooly-Nooly, and sits near the ruins of the most ancient city known in West Africa, the neolithic settlement of Tichit.

I also discovered that there is currently a program to recover ancient manuscripts in a better-known West African city,Timbuktu. Long a center of trade, especially gold and slavery, the city faced invasion many times, and citizens hid their manuscripts from invaders because looting WAS a problem. Now thanks to a grant from the South African government, historians and scholars in the city are digging up the manuscripts (sometimes literally, they were sometimes buried in chests in the desert) and building a library. An excellent and honorable task, which resonates nicely with Huntington's researches.

It's really nice when you take a blind stab at a story and hear echoes from all over the place, indicating you have hit the right spot. So many things came together in the writing of this story … you can be sure the worship of the Mother-All will be making appearances in future stories, for example, because DAMN it's a wonderful mythos to work with.

If ever a story felt RIGHT from every angle, this one does. Read it and see for yourself.