Thursday, February 25, 2010

World of Warcraft and Hyborea and Gor Evolved, Oh My!

Combat ... the common coin of the World of Warcraft, Hyperborea and Gor Evolved.

A fellow showed up on the Gorums saying that he was working with a well-heeled company that was interested in developing a pay-for-play virtual world (think World of Warcraft) that would include adult content (think Second Life, thought it is a freebie world, not pay for play). He asked for suggestions, which sparked some thinking on my part, which I'll share with you, because I'm such a nice guy.

You should really look at Gor Evolved (which you apparently did not do) if you want to really assess the potential of Gor for helping populate your virtual world. One of the advantages you cite would be HUGELY popular for Gor Extended players, who typically engage in the dreaded combat thing much more often than BtB players, which is ... no lag. SL Gor fights between huge groups with dozens of players participating typically result in arrows hanging in the air in rows. If your lag solution fixes that, and I'm pretty sure it would, you'd have a huge advantage over SL Gor right there alone.

The ablity to have 1000 avatars on a single sim would be good too. Right now we don't KNOW how big battles in Gor Extended might be because sims typically can't handle more than 60 players at a swat (as the BtB guys how often their battles ... hell, their ANYTHINGS ... bump up against sim limits on the number of players). I can see battles with hundreds of players that last for hours. Tremendous fun for me and the despised "pew-pewers" I think.

And because of its greater emphasis on combat, and on it's better range of roles for women (i.e., female warriors, not permitted in the more tradional Gorean sims) Gor evolved is likely a more productive source of new players from outside Gor. I'm thinking about World of Warcraft (WoW) here. It has eleven million players I understand. I imagine that every months tens of thousands of WoW players think, "Damn, I'm getting bored with WoW and all the other games out there ... I mean, I still like the fighting, but I wish there was more to it."

Sexy slavegirls, the common coin of Hyperborea and SL Gor. That would amount to "more to it," wouldn't it?

Well, what they are thinking about is what Gor Evolved IS. If you can communicate that to WoW players somehow, you might have a conduit that could pump thousands of new players to your world every month, and there's nothing WoW can do about it, because they have to keep that youth market. Your world could sort of "harvest" the WoW players as they mature.

Now an original thought. Why do Gor? Why not do something like the Hyborean world described in the "Savage Sword of Conan" comics? Slavery is rampant in that world, Goreans slavegirls, Masters, Mistresses and such would fit quite naturally into it. I wrote a long article about the Hyborean Age's Gorlike aspects at one time, and came to following conclusion:

The thing about Savage Sword of Conan other than being damn good in and of itself, is that all the elements were there to make it a Gorean-in-everything-but-name comic (as it is, it's damn close to being that). All it would have taken is a little more focus on bondage where the slavegirls are concerned.

My point is, Goreans could live very easily in the Hypborean Age, taking roles as slavegirls, warriors, free women and such that are pretty much the same as their roles in Gor, and you wouldn't have to fight all the prejudice against Gor that now exists. Frankly I think Goreans have a better feel for roleplaying barbarians than anyone else, because they alone have dared to play roles that run counter to modern ideas concerning egalitarianism, sexism, slavery, etc.

You could follow Alice's idea of creating a new land that didnt have any copyright entanglements very easily in such a situation, because much of what Howard laid down in his Conan stories has become generic. Wouldn't be hard to create a Hyperborea-in-another-name because there are a huge number of such places already.

In fact, you might want to consider creating a Gor continent and linking it to a Hyperborean continent. The distance between Cimmeria and Torvaldsland is just not that great, just as the distance between Aquilonia and Ar is not that great.

From the guy's response to my post, he's not interested. Tsk, tsk. I have a tendency to be right about these things.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Excited By A Disney Movie! Now THAT'S Kinky

This image has nothing to do with the story at hand, I put it in here for those who like their bondage imagery in my posts, as an example of what can happen if you just put your slave in a bikini and a steel yoke and take her for a simple walk down the street. People notice!

When the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out, one of the things that I and an awful lot of other people said was, "SOMEBODY (meaning the scriptwriter) has read Tim Powers' novel "On Stranger Tides." Not that Disney plagiarized the work, really, it's just that an awful lot of the atmosphere and feel of the movie was an awful like the atmosphere and feel of "On Stranger Tides."

Well, it turns out that Tim Powers has confessed that his book was in part inspired by the "Pirates of the Caribbean" amusement park ride, just as the movie was based on it.

And it turns out that the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series will be titles "On Stranger Tides" because Disney has done the right thing and bought the rights to Powers' book, and will be LOOOOOOSELY based on the book. As indicated in the ending to PotC 3, there will be a search for the Fountain of Youth by pirates, as in the Powers book, but that's the only lock for the fourth installment. All else is up in the air, though there's a general feeling that Barbosa the pirate will probably play a similar role to the one Blackbeard played in the book, since the characters are VERY similar.

In any event, this is the first time I've really been jazzed about a Disney movie since "The Black Hole," since Powers is one of my favorite SF and F authors, and I've read a LOT of SF and F. Unfortunately, there is a potential lesson there. The first three minutes of "The Black Hole" with the majestic music and the simple yet powerful graphics, were wonderful. After that, it rapidly degenerated into a squalid mess of hackwork. So, I'm jazzed, but my anticipation is ... tempered. Even if the movie turns out to be a wreck, it's amazing to see a movie company do the right thing and acknowledge the source material it borrowed from. Especially (cough-Lion King-cough) Disney.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pondering Pinder's Pendulous Pecs Pics

(Points to the caption provided for the picture by the magazine that published it): And I thought MY captions were kind of a reach sometimes. Presumably several people would have had the opportunity to come up with a caption, and "There must be an easier way to eat this spaghetti" was the best they could come up with. Granted, it's funnier and makes more sense than MOST laddie mag captions, but here's a few alternatives:

1) She chewed idly on the chain of her wrist bonds, fondly remembering the taste of last night's bacon-flavored ballgag.

2) She thought it a very strange way to floss her teeth, and she was puzzled as to why she had to do it in the nude, but the man WAS a professional dentist.

3) The feel of her wrists in cuffs made her long desperately to have something, ANYTHING in her mouth. Why had her captor not had the decency to gag her?

Five minutes for the three of them. Granted, I am sort of a specialist at this sort of thing, but really ... was that so hard?

Lucy Pinder is a celebrity of some sort in England, starting her career as a Page 3 girl. (Page 3 girls are women who pose for mildly racy topless photos that traditionally appear on page 3 of the British tabloid "The Daily Mail" and on other pages of competing tabloids.) She's moved on to television, appearing on various programs such as "Big Brother" and something called "Nuts TV."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cheeky Lesbians

"This is not what I was thinking of when she said we would soon be dancing cheek to cheek ... not that I'm complaining."

Image courtesy of

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Queen Victoria -- Bondage Hose Beast

"Just Relax Your Throat and Think of England, Dear!"

Now, I'm not one to start unfounded Internet rumors, but it's a well known fact that before she went all chastity-crazed, Queen Victoria was a major hose beast and slutbag. In fact, she and hubby Prince Albert (he of genital piercing fame) made a few French postcards (the sex tapes of their time).

Here we have a pic of Victoria engaging in a little sexual bondage, draining the royal lizard with her hands tied behind her back. It seems that even in her cock sock days, she was kinda guilty about sex, especially the little matter of having it, and liked to be bound "during coition" as they called it in those days, thus relieving her of any sense of personal responsibility for her total sluthood.

Here, for the doubters and naysayers among you, are paintings of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert clothed. (Photographs were Simply Not Done in official images in those days, Queen Victoria distrusting such modern innovations for OFFICIAL reasons.)

Look at those eyes ... you know she wants it!

My good man, I have never in my life been in a can! Why do people keep asking me that?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Virtual Worlds Found To Be Most Efficient Internet Time-Waster

The creation and use of virtual worlds has been discovered to be the most efficient time-waster on the Internet by a whopping 37 percent margin, a new study shows.

"The numbers were virtually astounding," said Marco Sofapommedeterre, president and CEO of Virtual Studies, Inc., the Internet survey firm that conducted the survey, which is famous for keeping its headquarters in Mrs. Sofapommedeterre's basements even after it had grown to become a $10,000 Virtuabucks a month business. ($10,000 Viruabucks equals $3.95 US.)

"Although porn downloading remains by far the biggest time-waster in the Internet by virtue of the fact that a whopping 103 percent of Internet users do it regularly, virtual worlds is MUCH more efficient in terms of the results/time ratio," Sofapommedeterre said. "You spend MUCH more time sitting staring at your computer while the world downloads with virtual worlds. Plus, virtual worlds are MUCH more demanding of computer resources than porn or any other application. It's hard to explain the thrill of staring at a frozen computer screen while your cpu is 98% occupied, and knowing you aren't even downloading a virus -- but it's a real thrill nonetheless!"

The creation of virtual worlds software of various sorts is an even more efficient Internet time waster, Sofapommedeterre said, as 99 percent of all programming activity related to virtual worlds is bound to lead to the creation of virtual worlds that are fated to never have any actual inhabitants.

The proprietary nature of Virtual Studies' survey software means that they can't reveal anything about their methodology or even the number of users polls, but as Senior Media Analyst Susan Whiffenpoof of Bondagerotica says, "Gee, ain't that something?"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Read the Disclaimer

For God's sake, just ... read the disclaimer for Jon Woods' Bondage Babylon site. God, I wish I had written it ... the only truly honest disclaimer I have ever seen on the Web. Then go on and check out the rest of his site. Judging by the disclaimer, it's got to be fairly awesome.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nobody Wants To Buy A Dildo Harness in August

"Paging Mr. Spock. Your love slave is here." Click on the pick for a most informative news article.

Actually, this is Camilla, who makes a line of vegan (no animal products, such as leather, used) bondage gear. Mostly she makes belts, but she does have that flashy sideline of bondage gear.

Avatars in Heat!

"I'm not a sex slave ... I'm just drawn that way!" (A portion of the header for the 3Dkinkdotcom site.)

It had to happen eventually. Some porn site looked at all the people whooping it up kinky style in Second Life and decided to cut themselves in all that action for a profit.

At least, that is what I surmise is the origin of's 3Dkink site. On you can pick and customize an avatar and then violate that avatar with a variety of sex toys and a variety of other avatars, in various dungeons, and film your exploits and post them to non-profit websites. You can also develop custom animations and poses for your kinky avatar.

Those who think of SL Gor as just kinky sex in cartoon form (I'm looking at you, kinkynapper) will imagine I am very interested in joining that site. Whereas in truth my interest in it is zero, or nearly so. All it has is the kinky sex imagery, and the thing about SL Gor is ... it's not JUST about the sex. It's the adventure, the roleplay, the fighting, the fun. 3dkink is a very well appointed dungeon. SL Gor is an entire WORLD.

Image courtesy of

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


"Wow, I had no idea the penalties for tapping on the glass lobster tank at Red Lobster were so stiff!

Image courtesy of's "Water Bondage" site.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Frontline's Digital Culture Could Use A Yeast Infection

"Hi, I'm Bob Executive. Which way is business?"

Frontline, PBS television's desperate attempt to seem hip and cutting-edge, continues its long history of epic fail with its "Digital Nation" episode, which is a tremendous exercise in viewing-with-alarm at all the terrible things digital media is doing to American culture, most notably, rendering shows like "Frontline" obsolete.

They covered "Second Life" in the episode, and I was all agog, of course. The segment dealt with the Philip Rosenthal's claim (billed as "the creator of Second Life") that he wanted to use Second Life as a way of changing the way people interact with one another -- to make them more socially connected rather than less socially connected. And what did they focus on ... Second Life's attempts to lure the business market by hosting virtual meetings. (See image above.)

The episode COMPLETELY ignored the really interesting part of the way Second Life changes human interaction, and the one Second Life is most famous for ... the addition of sexual elements to online life, making the virtual life experience all the real. The self-censorship that was involved there ("It's NOT the sex!") made the episode seem lame, dowdy and hopelessly out of touch, which of course, it was. (I KNEW they were not gonna touch on SL Gor, but they ignored the ENTIRETY of Second Life sex.

Granted, nobody else in the mainstream media has done a hell of a lot to cover this powerful aspect of our culture, so Frontline IS ahead of the rest, but what a pale, pale compliment that is, considering how really retarded and out of it mainstream media typically is. And if any of them DID cover it, you know that most of them would focus on the most out-there sexual elements they could find, to the exclusion of all else. That's the way it goes with the mainstream media with sex, it either ignores sex or goes ape-shit over some aspect of sex. Thinking about it rationally? Not gonna happen.

"Come on in to the Second Life orgy pool, boys and girls! I'm a slave, I'll clean ALL those naughty bits -- the hard way!"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Shocking Image

I always find images like this so shocking. I mean, look at that chair. It could REALLY use re-upholstering!

Image courtesy of Fucking Dungeon.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Spartacus Has The Hotticus

"I want to wrestle with a few gladitors!" Viva Bianca as a Roman patrician lady with the hots for the gladiators.

Well, I didn’t have much hope for “Spartacus” an original sword and sandal series produced by the Starz network. That’s because it was created for the Starz network, which trends heavily toward family-friendly fare. That tends to detract heavily from the potential for hot slave girl action of course.

But hell, it was On Demand for free and I had nothing better to do for various reasons so I watched the first two episodes. It turned out to be the usual buff-guys-in-leather-diapers stuff that defines peplum, borrowing heavily from the cinematic techniques of “300” with lots of slo-mo blood spillage in the fight scenes.

However, there have been a couple of naked slave girls, some slave girls in chains, and even a slavegirl blowjob.

In a scene between the owner of the gladiator stables and his wife (played by a still red-hot Lucy Lawless) the slave girl is used as a slave girl should be. Lucy and her man are planning to fuck, and as they are casually chatting prior to fucking, planning this and that, and the man gestures to the slave girl, who silently walks forward, kneels before the man, and gives him a blowjob.

The whole scene is done exactly right, it’s not a big deal, just a slave girl being used, absolutely no consideration given to her feelings. A little bondage would have been nice to add to the slave girl feel, but really, the deft handling of the scene kinda makes up for that.

Unfortunately, the slavegirl is wearing the usual baggy slave dress while she gives the blowjob (really, if you can’t strip a slave while she’s giving a blowjob, when CAN you strip a slave?).

Lucy Lawless and Viva Bianca, who play Roman noblewomen, both get naked, interestingly enough, but I saw no naked slave girls There was a slave girl in chains, but clothed. It’s like they are shooting all around the target but missing the bulls eye.

A slavegirl in chains ... and a baggy dress. Sigh. Have they learned nothing?

There are of course, many, many, many, many images of mostly naked men, and some images of totally naked men, far outnumbering the images of naked women.

There are two factors that make me think Spartacus might turn into something other than a naked manfest, and they are:

1) Spartacus’ wife has been enslaved by the Romans, it’s logical she should go through a lot to make Spartacus all mad about Rome and stuff, and hopefully that’ll include a heaping helping of bondage and sex.

2) Spartacus is a Sam Raimi production, he of the busty babes with guns action flicks (Think “Day of the Warrior”). The guy knows his cheese.

All that said, Spartacus isn’t one tenth of one percent as exciting as playing SL Gor. Though if you are female or gay, your mileage just might vary.

Thursday, February 4, 2010 Goes Mainstream With Sexy Wrestlers

Either an Ultimate Surrender tag team match, or a genetic experiment gone terribly, terribly wrong. It's hard to tell which really., the parent corporation of Sex and Submission erstwhile sponsor of my Bondagerotica site has a number of other sites under its banner. In addition to Public Disgrace and Training of O, there is Ultimate Surrender, a porny wrestling site in which naked and nearly naked opponents spend a time in sweaty grappling on a mat, without being tied up, unfortunately, but while being tres sexy. For example, in addition to scoring points for escaping from holds and making the opponent submit, you get points for putting your fingers in her pussy. And after the three rounds of actual wrestling, there's a fourth round where the winner sexually uses the loser in the ring in an orgy of femdom/femsub lesbian sex.

I was checking my cable networks adult listing the other day, and I noticed a listing for a channel called "Catfights." I was bored (catfighting is not my thing, I never subscribed to Ultimate Surrender) and I checked the listings and started seeing a lot of familar names ... Wenona ... Darling ... Vendetta ... Hollie ...

I just had to know. I bought a "Catfight" video from the cable network, and in a moment the logo shnowed, and it was ... "Ultimate Surrender!"

It was startling to see programming from MY favorite porn provider on cable TV. Frankly, all the good stuff, as far as I am concerned, and I mean, ALL the good stuff, is on the Internet. It is NEVER available on more mainstream media. It was REALLY startling to see it on a national cable network.

I'm ready for my Sex and Submission channel now. But ... I have a feeling that might take a while. The panting, squirming, naked women of Ultimate Surrender are actually kind of wholesome. They're really just an extension of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the embodiment of the fantasies that most guys had while watching that series.

I think Sex and Submission models may not so easily be mistaken for wholesome.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tathassa ... A Gorgeous Gorean Sim

A lovely slavegirl in Gor rests on a ledge in a beautiful Gorean sim called Tathassa.

One of the things about working with virtual worlds is, being virtual and all, virtual real estate and materials are much cheaper, being made up and all. What this means practically is that sim designers do not have to build to human scale or worry about physics. This has some implications.

That's a HUGE statue she's kneeling next to. It totally dwarfs her! Click on the pic to see a larger version.

Gorean builds are noted throughout Second Life for their beauty, I think, because they impose limits on the builders. The architecture has to be something that people might build and live in with the technology available to human beings at their techno level of development (think Roman Empire-> early Middle Ages for everything except medicine) and cultural background. But there's nothing restraining them as to the particulars of their designs, or the topology of their world (so long as it's Earthly as in the books).

I guess the statue is not all that big. Nor are ... any of the others ...

And the thing is the Gorean sim designers don't just think in terms of scale, though they are clearly capable of doin so. Check out the large sized image of Brundisium from my previous post ... the detail there is subtle and amazing. And some very nice stuff is done on a smaller scale in many Gorean sims.

Our lovely kajira lounges in a shallow pool tide pool. Very nice work on the small scale.

Without these constraints most SL designers come up with pedestrian imitations of current topology and architecture or stuff that looks like a vidcap of a Hanna Barbera cartoon. This is not to say that SL non-Gorean designers don't come up with some brilliant designs. Some do, creating mind-bogglingly striking and appealing designs for sims. But it is fair to say that many do not.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Real Life Kajira?

That peculiarly shaped "k" is the mark of a Gorean kajira, and right underneath it, her kajira parts are doing what they should, even as she is bound with ropes and gagged ... which is also as it should be.

A little bit of Gor makes its way into the "real world" if that is a proper description of a sexual bondage adult site, when Sula Satanas models for Fucking Dungeon. As you can see, she bears a "K" tattoo, in this form being the mark of a Gorean kajira. I've seen them before in some amateur bondage pics, and of course it makes sense that women who like playing at being Gorean in the real world would have them. And in the initial interview she said she had been a lifestyle slave, so it's not real hard for us who know to figure out what kind of slave she was. And she's modelled for Fucking Dungeon several times, an unusual thing. Guess she's working out well in the role of bondage model. Imagine, a kajira doing that.

Courtesy of >Fucking