Friday, March 30, 2012

Four Really Bitching Sexual Bondage News Stories

1. the Hugo and Nebula Award wining novel The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi introduces the titular heroine with a really powerful lesbian dominance and submission scene in a strip club. I'm just past that scene which occurs very early in the book so I can't say if the book itself is any good or not ... so far, very William Gibson, but maybe it'll get better. (Gibson wrote some brilliant novels, but he's been done to death since then, especially, corporate dystopias have been done to death ... ESPECIALLY since Citizens United, the news sounds like it's doing Gibson.) No wonder it has won all those prizes!

This isn't an EXACT match for the scene, but it's close! Image source: Public

2. If you like hot, bluesy vocals AND damsels in distress -- and who doesn't? -- you'll like Idina Menzel's song Damsel in Distress. I looked all over Youtube for a video using it as background along with some tasty bondage imagery, but I couldn't. But the song is great, so here's a video based on the Tudors that uses it as background.

3. Over in San Francisco a group called Femina Potens will be hosting "An Evening of Wine and Bondage" on April 14th. Dominants and their submissives will attend. Both will be served wine. Dominants will drink from wine flutes. Submissives will drink their wine from dog bowls, and be blindfolded. An event like this in the Bible Belt would have to be held behind closed doors and kept secret, otherwise the Flanderses would mob it. Unless you could give it a Biblical hook of some kind, but of course, it would all be maledom/femsub stuff, since religion and gayness don't mix here in the South. (Yah, I like the maledom/femsub myself, but other peoples' tastes are their business, not mine, even though the feminist and gay bondage fans are not always models of tolerance themselves -- be nice if the feminists and gay bondage fans were more accepting of Gorean play.)

I'm thinking it will look something like this. Image source: The Upper

4. Fifty Shades of Gray is the cover story on Entertainment Weekly this week. Turns out a movie deal has already been cut. Surprise! The juggernaut rolls on. Could be looking at a real bondage franchise here -- so long as it isn't Disney that bought the rights.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Karg Illustrated With Giant Naked Breasts (what else?)

Spring on Karg ... so refreshing!" Image source: me. No actual pixels were harmed ... who am I kidding? Bwahahahahaha!

While prepping Karg for sale on Amazon so I could take advantage of the hype over 50 Shades of Gray, it occurred to me I could do illustrations of my own that wouldn't get me busted, for once. So ... here's a sneak preview ... Remember, you saw it here first!

Bondage Sells

I'm sold! Image source: Sex and

The mainstream media are jumping all over the 50 Shades of Gray story, my flying monkeys are bringing mainstream stories about it by the dozen. Most of them snark about the subject matter, snark about the mostly female fandom, and leave one with a clear sense of the superiority of the author to such stuff and its audience, and by implication the superiority of the story's readership as well.

Here's a fine example from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, now known simply as "The Star Tribune."

Most people who are old enough that they read mainstream media are accustomed to this particular form of hypocrisy though. Well, I am. The mainstream media are of course looking to pique readers' interest and maybe trying to look kind of daring and sexy because they will cover such stuff, but they have to do it in a way that shows they are far beyond such things. It's kind of amusing once you figure it out and see that it's the way mainstream media handle all but the most mundane sexual content.

But along with all this hypocritical snark messages sometimes get passed along all unintended, and a lot of the stories I've been reading have been passing along such an unintended message -- the one that is the title of this post. And, amazingly, and very unsubtly, the lead of the newspaper story I've linked to. It's part of the story's snark, they're implying that it's a really effective marketing campaign rather than any genuine taste for the novel that is making it popular, but i suspect that most people in the publishing industry and the movie industry are reaching the conclusion that the author reaches, and not in a snarky, hypocritical or ironic way.

Bondage sells: yes it do!

Not a particularly revolutionary message online, but in the mainstream media, which for decades either pontificated about the evuls of bondage or just went "EEEEEWWWWW!!!!" a message that equates bondage with sex as a marketing/advertising tool is kind of revolutionary if you think about it. Which, unlike the mainstream people, we do.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slave Training On The Sly

The Big Bang Theory is a show that is about the private lives of a group of professionally brilliant physicists and engineers, chief among them Sheldon, the brightest and also the most socially handicapped.

I was predisposed to like the show when it came out but after a season or so of watching it casually I stopped because a lot of the humor was played to an audience that was, frankly, dumber than me, and they dumbed down the characters too. But the show did have its moments. Checking out a fun blog by an Aussie submissive (an O/p relationship as she describes it, i.e., Owner/property) I found a link to a Youtube clip of Sheldon doing a little operant conditioning, or as it might better be described, secret slave training, of Penny.

Hey, check out the hot, naked, large breasted bondage babe kneeling and sucking her Mistress' dildo below!

"Chocolate?" Image source:

The Evolution of Erotic Gifs, Betty Page: Girl Scout and Fosbury Floppers

Sometimes, all you have to do is point and laugh. Juxtapoz comes up with some great stuff at times. Ladies and gentlemens, I give you the evolution of erotic gifs!

And while we're just pointing out he funny, here's an Historic LOL featuring Betty Page.

Aaaaaand let's throw in a gratuitous bondage image while we're at it.

Wow, West German Olympic training techniques really WERE harsh back in the Cold War days. Here athletes learn the Fosbury Flop -- the hard way! Image source:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Zenobia, Conan's Slave Girl Chained and Censored!

Censorship rears its ugly head, I guess. Image source: Marketing photo for slavegirl Zenobia from Age of Conan.

Censorship rears its ugly head again, this time in the marketplace. The above statue is being sold in stores everywhere, well not EVERYWHERE because it's not cheap: it runs $55.00 on Amazon.

A blogger whose post I can no longer find points out that this statue is censored. If you'll take a careful look at the figure above, you'll see a painted-on bra and panties underneath the barbaric loincloth and halter-ish thingie.

Naturally, I'm appalled. If I were to buy a $55 slave girl statue, I wouldn't want painted-on underwear! Frankly, I would kind of expect sculpted nipples and at least a fold of flesh to represent the vagina, too! But since the big-money retailers presumably are afraid that kids will buy these statues who will show them to Mom, who will see them and fear the prospect of junior peeking under the skirts and getting chubbies from simulated doll parts.

And the thing is, it would probably happen somewhere. I'm not even sure how I feel about that. In Japan they have dolls that are made to be masturbated with ... not Real Dolls like we have in the states ... real dolls! They also have a significant portion of adolescent males who say that they have no interest in or even are disgusted by sex, and they have negative population growth.

Now granted, I don't know if the sex dolls are linked to the negative population growth and the negative feelings about sex (as an adolescent, I considered getting laid the Holy Grail of life, a feeling most of my male friends seemed to share). European countries have negative population growth too, and they're not nearly as freaky as Japan (who is, really?).

So, basically ... I'm confused. I hate censorship. But ... doll parts censorship? It's so hard to care! Especially since this particular form of censorship can be put an end to with a brushful of pink paint.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Consider Antonius

Bad marketing, Roman style. Would it have killed the seller to wash the girls, do their hair up nice and put a little grease in it and on their skins? And remove all their clothes, of course. Only a fool buys a clothed slave!Image source: Vidcap from Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

The flying monkeys found an excellent article in, of all places, The Wall Stret Journal. It was advice for an up and coming political aspirant that seemed directly related to the current political campaign. The catch of course is that it's culled from a 2000 year old Roman manuscript.

There was a particular quote that interested me. Here it is:
3. Know your opponent's weaknesses—and exploit them. Quintus practically invented opposition research: "Consider Antonius, who once had his property confiscated for debt…then after he was elected as praetor, he disgraced himself by going down to the market and buying a girl to be his sex slave." A winning candidate calmly assesses his opponent and then focuses relentlessly on his weaknesses, all the while trying to distract voters from his strengths.


The reason it interested me is this: the notion that a Roman would be disgraced by purchasing a sex slave. Hell, the term sex slave itself is a bit jarring. Romans did literally consider slaves property. The term originate from the phrase "saved" the idea being that they were the survivors of battle whose lives were "saved" (i.e., they were not massacred) in exchange for a lifetime of servitude. Their lives and their bodies belonged to the Romans much as the lives and bodies of farm animals did, in fact, under Roman law, slaves were not regarded as human, but as livestock.

So of course Romans could fuck any slave they wanted to, male and female, and according to the sources I've read (The Internet) they did. They did not have sex slaves, they were ALL sex slaves, in essence, though as a practical matter the house slaves generally served as sex slaves. Some Romans probably took slaves primarily for the purpose of fucking them, but they also worked around the house when they were not being fucked.

I've seen nothing to indicate that Romans would have considered fucking a slave to be disgraceful. Now being fucked BY a slave ... if you were male, being on the receiving end ... THAT could be disgraceful. But the Romans just weren't freaked out about sex the way Christians and their weird-ass descendants (that would be, Western Civilization) are.

So, I'm taking this quote with a grain of salt. I'm no scholar in Roman history, but I've read a LOT of popular accounts of Roman slavery (some of them only semi-lurid at best) and none of them points in the same direction this one does.

Still, fun read!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ana Kasparian Nude, Bound and Gagged or Cloned? You Be the Judge!

On the left, we have Ana Kasparian, co-host of "The Young Turks" news show, on the right, we have bondage model and actress McKenzie Lee. Clearly, they are the products of modern cloning technology -- no other rational explanation is possible! Image sources: Left: Young Turks publicity photo, and on the right,

The Young Turks is a progressively-oriented news discussion show appearing on Current TV which also has a channel on Youtube. Cenk Ugyar is the lead commentator on the show but Ana Kasparian is the co-host of the show. Kasparian, as can be seen, is very attractive, but also a bright and witty commentator who holds her own fairly well in her banter with the older Ugyar.

And as you can see, she also look very much like actress McKenzie Lee.

Is that Ana Kasparian or McKenzie Lee wearing a schoolgirl fetish outfit? We'll never tell! Image source: Guess!

Now we're not prone to fly off the handle, but it's pretty obvious Ana Kasparian was cloned and her clone, as they so often do, wound up working as a bondage model. Call it clone porn if you will. She clearly had some collagen injected into her upper lip and some silicon injected into her upper torso, probably to make herself look less like Ana Kasparian's twin sister. Or more. You never can tell with clones.

Some viewers of The Young Turks may wonder what Ana Kasparian might look like nude, tied hand and foot, and ball gagged. Now we're not experts at photological comparitiveness, but we're pretty sure it would look a lot like this. Image source:

And if Ana Kasparian were to be involved in a steamy lesbian bondage tryst with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, it might look kinda like this, though some would say it was McKenzie Lee and another bondage model. But I ask you, is this a reaonable supposition? Image source: It ain't Fox News!

We gave a preview copy of this article to The Young Turks and they were kind enough to send us a video response. This is it, uncut and unedited.*

Ok, this image is just completely gratuitous. We're so ashamed! Image source: Sex and

*If you believe that, we've got some Nigerian ministers of finance that are dying to talk to you!

Caroline Aquino

Jeffi's backyard swimming pool was so in demand that he had women stacked up like cordwood waiting to skinny dip in it. Image source:

So, there's an edgy, artsy website called that has an erotica section, and in this erotica section there are sometimes some tasty bondage images, or in this case, a tasty bondage video by photographer Dave Naz, featuring the rigging of Damon Peirce and fetish model Caroline Aquino, plus a pug dog that carries a red ball in its mouth in a way that will unsettlingly remind you of a ballgag.

The whole video, however, has a relaxed, fun feel to it, plus Aquino is quite the hottie.

Check it out!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patrick the Slaver

"Hey, big fella, you like redheads? How 'bout this one right here? A beauty, trained to unquestioningly serve your every desire! Go ahead, feel her breasts, big and luscious! Any of St. Patrick's Angels of Sin will make you believe you have died and gone to heaven ... surely, they are the next best thing!" Image source: Training of (Image of St Patrick is from a very old painting of the guy.)

As academics often do, academics are making new discoveries about old stuff, and one of the old things they've made new discoveries about is St. Patrick, yes, the very same patron saint whose day we just finished celebrating. Seems he was not the ex-slave who found God and chased snakes out of Ireland. Instead, as reported by this story on, a new Cambridge University study suggests that St. Patrick was a former Roman tax collector who fled to Ireland where he was a slaver.

Seems the real St. Patrick was the son of a Roman tax collector who inherited the very lucrative job. Unfortunately, he inherited it at a time when the Romans were losing power in Britain, and since tax collectors in those days were little more than thieves, in the absence of Roman power his future in England looked like it would have been all mobs, torches and pitchforks.

Ireland lacked a monetary system at the time (seems to be headed that way now!) and so in order to finance his move and his life he most likely would have converted his family's wealth to one of the more valuable, portable commodities of the time: human slaves.

So jolly old St. Patrick was a slaver, most likely. And a tax collector. All the stuff about him being a slave who escaped slavery are based on letters St. Patrick wrote late in life, as he tried to set up his legacy. In short ... lies. Well, that's what happens when the gift o' gab goes wrong.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slave Girl Rigged For Transport

"We told her there was a pony at the end of her journey. We did not tell her she would be the pony." Image source: Artwork by Greta Heron on Deviantart.

Found another excellent artists mining the treasure trove of imagery provided by the Gor novels, and more particularly Gorean roleplay on Second Life, which is arguably the most important venue for Gorean anything nowadays, with tens of thousands of active players and God knows how many former players.

It may not sound like much compared to something like World of Warcraft, but you have to realize that the marketing budget for Second Life Gor roleplay is this: $0.00. In fact, Second Life never promotes this popular roleplay venue on their grid, because of you know, all that crazy sex slavery and maledom/femsub stuff that goes into it. (Never mind that Gor Evolved, the most popular brand of SL Gor roleplay, is mostly about the combat.)

Point is, SL Gor has more of a negative marketing budget going for it and yet continues to thrive, mainly because it's fun for grown-ups.

And Greta Heron is one of a number of artists on Deviantart who use the Gorean roleplay and stories as sources of powerful, vivid, sexy imagery. This art is very much by the book: it's mentioned that slaves were often hooded, collared and chained together when they travelled. In fact, it's not QUITE by the book as the books also claimed that the slaves were gagged as well (with gags built into the hoods). Very nice bit of imagery with the two fellows leering at the unseeing slave as she passes. She has a bit of a smile on her face, perhaps they made a few comments about her as she passed.

As you can see, this art has the Deviantart logo on it, but if you go to her gallery and buy one of her prints, etc., you can get the art without the logo. Even if you don't lots of other naked women in bondage to see in her gallery. So ... check it out!

Monday, March 19, 2012

DOA: Devon Aoki Bound and Gagged And Half Naked

Devon Aoki gagged in DOA: Dead Or Alive. Image source: vidcap from DOA.

You may remember Devon Aoki from such films as Sucker Punch, Fast and Furious 2, Sin City, and well, a hell of a lot of stuff. In DOA: Dead of Alive, she's a princess of a ninja clan or something who winds up participating in a martial arts tournament as she searches for her missing brother.

At one point Aoki remembers when she was kidnapped by bad guys and rescued by her brother. She is tied to a post and gagged with a thin red cleave gag. As you can see, gorgeous imagery. And it's gorgeous imagery throughout, DOA is one hell of a good-looking film and I'm gonna write a full review of it, because it is GREAT guy movie, full of gorgeous, sexy babes fighting and guys fighting and incredibly good scenery other than the bodies of the three lovely leads.

Hard to believe it's a movie based on a video game, but it is.

And speaking of the bodies of the three lovely leads, here's Devon in a skimpy bikini. Damn, she looks fine! The scene I got this from was a full-body ogle of Aoki starting at her feet, I had to paste together two frames to create it, and they don't QUITE match so spotting the join is easy. Still ... nice body! Image source: vidcap from DOA, of course.

When the crackerbox girls became a "thing" ... slavegirls with a prize hidden in every one! ... the prizes were really nothing much. It was the crackerbox girl that was the real prize ... and the search for the prize was always more fun than the prize itself! Image source:

Alternatively: While Agent X invaded the helpless spy's nether regions, Agent Y made sure the spy was not able to blurt out the information they were seeking ... neither of them was in any hurry to discover the mole! Well, not since that last gerbil they'd found.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Slave Leia In Metal Bikini Bondage

"Oh, great, raped by a giant gangster tadpole. How am I gonna explain this to Han?" Image source: me.

A few years ago I wrote a some fanfic/slash based on Slave Leia's appearance in Star Wars. I dressed it up roman a clef style, changing the names and locations to protect the guilty, then put it in my Powerspack of Short Stories. The Powerspack is out of print now since Mobipocket shut down, so I've decided to rerelease Slave Leia in full fanfic format so Star Wars fans in general can enjoy it. I have an ulterior motive: maybe they'll like the rest of my stuff that IS in print. Well, we'll see what happens. In the meantime ... enjoy!

Shorting Out

"What kind of vibrator IS that?" Image source:

The newest craze in modern birthing procedures, Vibrator Assisted Birth, is said to make birthing downright pleasurable and also allows women to squirt out fully formed adults from the womb, saving greatly on child-rearing expenses and time!

On November 17, 2010, bondage actress Rain DeGray, under the attentions of Isis Love, experienced a bondage slave orgasm so intense that her legs were blown right off!*

*See comment.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bondage Games Spark Protests in Scotland's First Festival Of The Erotic Arts

Festival organizers have developed some creative solutions to the problem posed by long lines. Image source: The Training of

Plans for Scotland's first Festival of the Erotic Arts, scheduled to be held in Edinburgh in June 2012 is whipping prudes of all stripes into a froth, according to a report in

Tory city councilmember Jeremy Balfour expressed concern in particular over bondage events: “Bondage workshops do cause me concern because that can be humiliating to women and I think it can pick on the vulnerable as well. I think it is degrading and not the kind of thing we should be encouraging in our city in the 21st century.”

I guess it just goes to show that Der Stupid is an international thing. There's also a Church of Scotland prelate prattling on about "degrading=bad" without any regard for consensuality and so forth, the usual social conservative mind rot.

What sets the story apart from what you'd see if it was set in America is that the organizers, instead of curling up into a ball and crying "Don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me!" are sticking to their whips. Festival director Donna McGrory said, “We unapologetically wear our sexualities on our sleeve with the erotic arts festival, which is an event to promote sex positivity and the work of erotic artists.”

I guess next time there is a protest against sexy bondage in the US we can send a delegation over to Scotland to borrow a cup of balls from Ms. McGrory.

Eat A Peach, Already!

This woman never leaves the house. Why should she? Image source:

Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?

I read once in a book supposedly about life in a sultan's harem that slavegirls were taught a position called "Presenting the Peach" designed to arouse the sultan. I guess this position would be called "eating the peach." But honestly ... what a remarkable photo! So obscene, so suggestive, so weirdly beautiful!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

James Deen: The Dom Heartthrob

"OMG! He's so CUTE!" Image source: Sex and Submission.

James Deen is an actor/model who plays the role of dom in a lot of Sex and videos, as well as working for other online adult filmmakers. And he's getting press as being, not just a porn star ... but a pornstar who appeals to women.

It's no secret that women are watching ... not just reading ... porn in increasing numbers. But since porn's audience has historically been male, those women who watched it generally had to pick from among the least ugly male stars who seemed to dislike women the least. Especially in mainstream porn (i.e., vanilla non BDSM porn) women tend to get slapped, spat on and generally treated like crap as part of what now passes for "normal" in porn. It's all consensual, but what the hell, it's not to my taste, consensual or not, and I can imagine a lot of women don't like it, though I'm sure some do. Point is, women who watch porn have to go through an awful lot of rubbish to find gold.

(And yes, I understand that many people would have trouble with the notion that a guy who likes women tied up during sex would cavil at the spitting and the slapping, but hey, I'm not pretending that my sexual fantasies come from a rational part of my brain ... and neither should you.)

Deen seems to be the "guy next door" heart-throb that has been missing in porn. I haven't really noticed him, as my attention when I watch porn is on the women. I'm OK with men being in porn, SOMEBODY'S gotta tie those women up and make them scream in ecstasy right through their ball gags. I'd do it myself but I have other responsibilities, like writing this blog and being married.

I think it's overall a good thing that a male heart-throb has surfaced in porn, primarily because he does BDSM stuff as a dom. As I pointed out in "Hottitude of Servitude" in the Slave Leia section, the fact that Slavegirl Leia is the template for what people imagine is a slave girl means that the template for what most people think of as a dom is Jabba the Hutt. Having handsome young James Deen as the template for a dom is a huge improvement. Hell, he's almost as handsome as me!

"What a nice guy!" Image source: Sex and Submission.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For A Twisted Time, Call an Escher Girl!

Caged and cuffed, Spiderwoman could only hope that the supervillain who had captured her did not realize that her web spinner was not located in her wrist. Image source: Marvel comics, but I found it on the Escher Girls tumblr site.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that some feminist sites that decry how awfully sexist comic book art is, can be excellent sources of sexy comic book images. The Escher Girls tumblr blog is a case in point: decrying the way in which comic book artists use and often misuse female anatomy in order to get maximum sexitude out of the images of superheroines and supervillainesses, and also full of images of said sexitudinally maximized superheroines and supervillainesses.

I'm recommending the site not just because of all the tasty imagery, however, but because Escher girls also treats its subjects with a fair amount of intelligence and good humor. They may not be at all happy with the way superheroines look, but they also think some of the things that are done to them are hilarious, and take a certain glee in deconstructing them ... which can be kinda contagious, even if you don't agree that superheroines should all look like gymnasts and dress in dowdy clothing. For example, they have posts in which they draw superheroes mimicking the sexy poses that superheroines often show up in, and they are pretty damn funny.

Fact is, they do have a point in many cases. The superheroines do tend to get stretched in some fairly strange ways. The worst of them look as if their torsos have not only been compressed and stretched, but twisted around several times, too, like they were Stretchina McArmstrong.

So check 'em out!
That said, a warning. Not a lot of bondage on the site. I had to go 15 pages deep into it to find the image at the top of this post.

OK, so her waist is way thin and her torso is a weeeeee bit stretchy. I'd hit it! Especially if I were a comic book supervillain!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Betty and Veronica In: Bondage Doggie Style!

"Archie! Archie! Veronica has learned a new trick! Come watch her shake the pom-pom doggie style!" Image source: Drawing by DAHR, found at his Hentai Foundry gallery.

I initially found this image over on the Ultrafem site, something about the doglike glee in Veronica's expression just cracks me up, combined with the unself-conscious, oh, let's say it, animal-like way she displays the pom-pom ... like she's so proud of putting it there. There is a lot of other bondage art at DAHR, some of it funny parodies of various comics and movies. He's got a thing for the Rescue Rangers, apparently, also does a lot of Star Wars. But a lot of his art is in a style I really don't like, which involves huge breasts and genitals. But hey, go over and give his gallery a look, the guy clearly has a nice sense of humor at times.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lesbian Femdom Underwear Ad

A new ad from the aptly-named Agent Provocateur gets it on with the sexy naked lesbian bondage and dominance imagery. Image source: Agent Provocateur commercial, which you can see here in it's entirety at the London Daily Mail's site.

A new ad by the daring Agent Provocateur naughty undies company has sparked a furor in Britain, as one person has complained about its story of sexy underwear vixens kidnapping a beautiful woman and making her one of their own through lesbian dominance and submission rituals.

Apparently, it was the kidnapping theme that was too scary for the British sissy. Here in the US, it would definitely have been the sexy dominance and submission imagery with breasts hanging out that would have created controversy.

I'm not sure I buy the notion that there is a genuine furor over the ad anyway, just one person objecting sounds a little manufactured, though Britain has proven itself willing to censor the kinky in the past.

Anyway, my point if there is one other than "watch the ad!" is that if such ads were on US television, I'd watch commercial TV with a LOT more attention and interest than I do now.

Adele Nude, Bound, Gagged, Lesbian Sex: Or Just Her Clone?

Left, the singer Adele listens to two of her grammys, right, somebody who looks a lot like Adele flashes a gorgeous smile. Image source: left, the Internets, right,

OK, this is a VERY CLOSE MATCH for the singer Adele, you have to admit. Clearly, the product of cloning technology. Her name is Sabrina Fox, and she is a model for, as well as quite a few other sites. Clearly, cloning technology is permitting a secret cabal of mad scientists to clone copies of various beautiful acrtresses and models for purposes of, well, mad scientistness. It only stands to reason, it's as obvious as ... that 49th vibration stuff I spoke of in an earlier post on cloned celebrities.

Rational explanations about coincidental similarities in appearance between models and actresses/singers/whomevers will not be accepted here!

And in the meantime ...

If you have ever wondered what Adele OR HER CLONE would look like nude, strapped into a rack in a spread eagle, panel gagged and receiving oral sex from model Rain Degray who is also bound, well ... wonder no more! Image source:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Winds of Dellos

"The penalties for jaywalking and littering were very stringent in the land of Dellos!" Image source: estreet's deviantart page.

The well of talented artists at Deviant Art just does not seem to dry up. The Winds of Dellos is a great panoramic shot of slaves being transferred from an aircraft of spacecraft of some sort in a futuristic world, all chained in coffle and collared.

The image here is about 1/3 the size of the original, you really owe it to yourself to hie yourself hence to estreet's gallery at the link above and check it out in all its panoramic, detailed glory.

Estreet does not do a lot of bondage inspired stuff, there's just one other bit of bondage imagery in his gallery, I'll leave it to you to find it. But it you have the LEAST taste for great SF and fantasy art, estreet's gallery is worth it on those counts alone. Just check out "The Hub" a great futuristic ciytscape. And all the others.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Whipped Orion Slave Girl On The Cutting Room Floor

"It's the 25th Century, and here I am, dancing pretty much naked and being whipped by some bozo. Oh, well, at least my skin is green ... that's progress, I guess." Image source: Birdofthegalaxy's flickr site.

Mainstream bondage fans have their share of bondagettes whose scenes never made it to the actual film. There's Famke Janssen, gagged and tied to a chair in "Mystery Men" according to many sources, but the scene remains unseen. And there's Jennifer Garner's never-seen ballgag scene from "Alias." And undoubtedly many others I can't recall offhand.

Now mainstream whipping scene fans have a reason to gnash their teeth in frustration, and arguably, a better reason than either of those cited above: in the pilot episode of Star Trek (the original series, called simply TOS by Trekkies) hottie Susan Oliver plays an Orion slave girl who gets whipped by a slavemaster while doing a dance. That's what the scene at the top of this post shows ... it's a copy of a 35mm slide from a deleted Star Trek scene that we only have because of the collector who put up images of some of his collection of rare Trek scenes on Flickr. (And thanks to the IO9 website for pointing this out!

Of course, you can make up any scenario you like if you have the right tools. For example, an Orion slavegirl is sold to a Gorean paga tavern and is insufficiently pleasing, and the First Girl must punish her. Image source: me.

Any scenario you like. Image source: me.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rubber Bordello: A Silent Black and White Porn Film

"Enjoy the torments of this steam-powered electro-vibratium device of sexual infernality, my dear!" Image source: Rubber Bordello promo website.

Creativity is suddenly springing out all over the place in the adult industry. The latest exception to the decades-long rush to see who can turn out the most porn with the crappiest production values is "Rubber Bordello," a black and white silent porn film set in turn of of the (20th) century New Orleans.

Wait ... what? Black and white? Silent? Porn? Pre-Civil War? YES! It's a BDSM-themed film about the proprietor of a "specialty" bordello on the outskirts of New Orleans' Storyville District which catered to BDSM fans.

Much of the film is lesbian bondage and dominance scenes, basically femdom stuff, but there is a subplot about Butch Cassidy, who gets tied up and endures forced feminization to become "Bitch Cassady," so ... be forewarned, whatever your tastes are!

The score to the film consists entirely of ragtime tunes created by a punker named Fat Mike who is married to the filmmaker.

The movie has been covered in articles in "Rolling Stone" and "Inked" magazines, so old media is actually paying attention, perhaps because it features "safe" BDSM, that is, BDSM that is not maledom/femsub.

Nice to see signs of actual creativity showing up in the adult film industry ... about damn time!

Monday, March 5, 2012


"What do you mean, there's no no-gerbils clause in my contract?"
Image source: The Upper Floor.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

American Avenger Movie Seeks Crowdsource Funding

"What the hell happened to the rest of my costume, and why am I wearing a ballgag?" Image source: sneak peek section of the League of Amazing Women site.

In recent news, the website has announced that its funding for arts projects this year will exceed that of the National Endowment for the Arts. This is not AMAZING news, Republicans have been sniping at the NEA budget for so long that it's amazing that it could fund so much as a cheap-ass Blogger blog. Hmmmm ...

So crowdsourcing (like is attracting attention from everyone who'd like to get some money to put on a play or whatever. And that's where the American Avenger Movie comes in. It appears to be a project set up by a group of sites that share a theme of superheroines in bondage and being a dominanted by supervillainesses. In short, lesbian bondage and domination, with women in the usual way-out superheroine and supervillainess costumes … until recently, not involving explicit sex. But we are promised strap-ons in the movie! Woo-hoo!

For a seven dollar contribution, you get a DVD copy of the movie when it comes out in fall of 2012. There are other premiums offered ranging all the way up to having a chance to be in the movie (or assign a spot to someone else) at the $1000 level. (My feeling is, for that kinda money, I want a cut of the profits.)

But the goal is modest, they just want to get $40,000 in funding. (The fund drive is open until May 31, and they are already at 1.04 percent! (The fund drive just opened on March 1).

They say they will make the movie even if they don't reach their $40,000 level, and also if they exceed it they will plow the money right back into the film. I feel certain they will be able to make the movie no matter what. They already have made plenty of short videos showing superheroines bound and dominated by supervillainesses available at their League of Amazing Women site, it's just there are rarely more than two actresses involved and the set for all of them appears to be somebody's suburban home. (Takes you right back to the old Arrow-Harmony days).

American Avengers apparently wants actual sets and other stuff associated with a full-blown movie. Good on 'em! Ambition is a very good thing. They got some money from me (no, I will not be in the movie).

The League of Amazing Women is a little confusing at first. Basically, there is a League of Amazing Women comic and a League of Amazing Women live action site, both using the same characters and wearing the same costumes. It's an interesting approach, and fun. Still, it's clear from the video samples at the live action site that they have the people, the skills and the ability to make a full length movie of superlesbians practicing bondage and domination, so do check it out.

"OK, I admit it, you're the most super lesbian dominatrix ever! Now, more, please!" Image source: same as the pic at the top of the post, of course.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gay Prison Farms of "A Princess of Mars"

A naked chained Dejah Thoris drawn by Darren Geers, one of the many talented artists at Deviantart. This image is less than half the size of the original - I urge you to hie youreself hence to his Deviantart page and check out plenty of other excellent fantasy and gaming art in his gallery there.

So, I was reading "A Princess of Mars" again because I'm psyched at the prospect of seeing "John Carter" in about a week, when I ran across this curious passage, describing a farm on Mars:

These brothers, with their wives and children, occupied three similar houses on this farm. They did no work themselves, being government officers in charge. The labor was performed by convicts, prisoners of war, delinquent debtors and confirmed bachelors who were too poor to pay the high celibate tax which all red-Martian governments impose.

You can find the quote here.

"Confirmed bachelor" in case you did not know, is an old-timey code word for "gay." So, apparently, the red Martians, the dominant Martian race that Dejah Thoris belongs to, charges crushingly high taxes on anyone who wishes not to procreate, and that includes gays. So they have to work at what are essentially prison farms along with convicts and prisoners of war.

Somehow, I do not think this particular passage is going to make it into the Disney adaptation of "Princess of Mars." Along with all the Martians running around nekkid, of course. Perhaps some future adaptation by a bolder group will. But in the meantime ... bwah hahahahahahahahaha!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Anne Hathaway: Nude, Bound Gagged And Fucked ?

The two photos on the left are of movie star Anne Hathaway. The two photos on the right are of bondage model/actress Iona Grace. Not twins, perhaps, but the resemblance is ... clonish!Image source:

Nope. Just cloned. Apparently, the usual army of mad scientists are making clones of movie stars for purposes which are almost certainly nefarious, and then releasing them on the unsuspecting general public. Unfortunately for them, SOME members of the general public are very suspecting!

As the pictures above indicate, Iona Grace, star of such films of "You Can't Put That There Even If You Have Me All Tied Up!" and "Why Did You Put That There?" and "Please Put That There Again, I'm All Tied Up!" does bear a suspicious resemblance to Anne Hathaway, star of such films as "The Devil Wears Prada," "Get Smart" and my personal favorite of her oeuvre, "Ella Enchanted."

You may be wondering, "What would an actress who looks kinda like Anne Hathaway look like if she was nude, ballgagged and hogtied? Voila! Image source:

"Ella Enchanted" is a favorite because it's the story of a young girl who's put under a curse that forces her to do whatever she's told to do, whether she wants to or not. It's strictly family-style fairy-tale stuff but of course, there's a definite element of submission there. Plus, Ella gets tied over a cooking pot by ogres, chained to a tree and manacled by medieval cops. So there's that!

Also of some potential interest -- what would a woman who looks kinda like Anne Hathaway, even if she is actually Iona Grace, look like if she were bound, naked, bit-gagged and forced, perhaps by a fairy godmother's spell, to walk along a rope with big thick knots in it that press deep into her pussy every time she walks over them, which of course she does a lot. Note: not a scene from "Ella Enchanted"! Image source:

Given the nature of "Ella Enchanted" a bondage porn parody of the film would be a natural. I'm not holding my breath, however, as it would require sets and a script and costumes, expenses not usually associated with porn films of any kind.

Some might also wonder, what would a woman who looks kinda like Anne Hathaway look like if she were suspended in a spread eagle, breast bound, ball gagged, and fucked with a strap-on by a woman who does not look at all like Anne Hathaway, but is still quite pretty? Its a fairly commonplace and simple thought, something that might occur to you walking down the street or going to the store, like the notion that humankind is simply materialized color operating on the 49th vibration. Image source:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

50 Shades of Grey: The Next Mainstream Bondage Romance?

"You understand, I wouldn't do this with just ANY billionaire!" Image source:

It's been a long time since there was a breakout bondage romance in mainstream media, and it looks like the drought is over: Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James, a London television executive who got published by a small Australian publisher and who is not getting wall to wall buzz for her book.

It's the story of a hot young woman seduced by a bondage-loving billionaire and all the deliciously naughty things he does to her. It's doing tremendously well in terms of sales and it has the buzz machine going on overtime. How successful is it? Well I linked to the Kindle version of 50 Shades because the paperbacks, which were printed in a small run initially, were going for $105.00 each on Amazon when I created the link. The Kindle version is only $6.95, so ... I figured most would prefer it. It's being called everything from Pornography for Mommies to Twilight for adults.

Now, there's an interesting story there. Fifty Shades of Grey apparently started out as Twilight fan fiction. And the Twilight fanbase adopted it as a tribute to the wonderful Twilight books (you know, Stephenie Myers' series about a vacuous high school girl who is inexplicably attractive to vampires). Then, the narrative goes, she somehow sneakily rewrote it as her own creative work, USING the Twilight fandom community to promote her book.

By all accounts, it's hard to see how 50 Shades is Twilight fanfic, so I'm not sure I buy this narrative, though it's apparently true that James wrote fanfic in the Twilight community as Icedragon Snowqueen. I really don't know enough to have an opinion, having read neither book. (Oh, I'm gonna read 50 Shades!) But it's some great gossip!

It's interesting, almost always, when a bondage story breaks over into the mainstream, it's a romance. Spicy romances, to be sure, with plenty of sex, but the feel of the genre is unmistakable: Story of O, 9 1/2 Weeks and 50 Shades all are about women who have relationships with a single man who brings out the submissive in them, while they bring out the dom in him. Secretary would be the film equivalent, I suppose.

I'm always interested in bondage that makes it into the mainstream, maybe 50 Shades will be the novel that becomes the gateway fiction that leads readers to find all the great erotic bondage fiction out there. Fiction like: Karg!

"Do it again! Do it again! Do it again! You're a billionaire -- think of me as the American electoral process post "Citizens United"! Image source:

Did I mention there are already two sequels to 50 Shades out?