Thursday, December 15, 2016

"The Master Plan: Samantha" A Romantic Bondage Comedy, Now Available on Amazon

"The Master Plan: Samantha" can be downloaded in the US here ... and here's my International Bookstore link for all the international Amazon store links.

"The Master Plan: Samantha" is the first book I've published on Amazon in quite a while. I refuse to write FOR Amazon, that is, write stuff that has no creative spark that interests me just to get published on Amazon. It's also my most bondage sex-soaked book. The raunchy action starts in the first couple of pages and continues throughout.

The particular spark for “Samantha” was brought on by my enjoyment of romantic comedies. I like a romantic comedy so long as it is sufficiently funny or sex, preferably both. A lot of romantic comedies are neither. But when they're good, they're good. “You've Got Mail” come to mind. Also “Knocked Up.” Neither was a perfect movie by any means, but they did have a fair amount of funny moments.

I thought it might be fun to try to capture the spirit of romantic comedies and throw some bondage fun into the mix. (I couldn't stand to do a straight up erotic romance, which is what has been keeping me from writing for Amazon for some time. I've sampled a lot of them to see what's popular on Amazon, and most of them are kinda formulaic and dull. The stuff I do on Smashwords is much more to my taste, and WAAAY outside Amazon's censorship regimen.)

My initial thought was to have a heroine who is a submissive who tries to get Masters to collar her as their own, but the cowardly Masters evade her, in some cases actually running away from her. Running exactly counter to the general impression of how these relationships work, but with a bit of truth for the reality.

I still might write that story, but it's not the one that came out when i sat down at my word processor. Instead I wrote a story about a successful businesswoman who is a submissive sexually and who is determined to be owned by the stereotypical billionaire Master, but winds up falling for a dirt poor bike messenger.

This happens to me a lot, if you'll recall other blog posts I've written. I suspect it's because my subconscious is actively involved in writing my stories, and once i get into the writing mode, whatever my subconscious wants to write pops out.

Thing is, it's very easy to write the stuff my subconscious wants to write and very difficult to write the stuff it doesn't. Plus, I LIKE the stories that pop out of my subconscious.

I have a series of Master Plan stories in mind, each one featuring a submissive whose plans to be enslaved by this or that Master gets turned on its head in humorous ways.

But the next in the series is going to have to wait, because I have got another story line cooking that's even more fun, with a working title of “Adventures of the Oooga-Wooga Kid.” I got the idea when I was watching a broadcast of the movie "She" based on H. Rider Haggard's story. I thought what fun it would be to set a story in the 1920s, past Victorian times but still a time of widespread ignorance about sex in general, much less BDSM, in America. Which is why I got the idea of an Indiana Jones type of that era bringing a born and bred sex slave from Africa to the United States, from a fictional African city-state called Bagooly-Nooly that's much like Gor. The concept of a born and bred Goren sex slave let loose in an America that was still extremely sexually inhibited offers … much fun.

And since said slave will have been freed by her former owner, and in fact married to him, there will be none of the nonconsensual issues that make a lot of my stories not suitable for Amazon. I'll be playing this one for laughs, and for the atmosphere of the Roaring 20s.

In the meantime, enjoy “Samantha!”