Sunday, March 12, 2017

Princess Slave Girl of Bal-Marduk: Kinky Hi-Jinks In The City That Time Tried Really, Really Hard To Forget" Is Now On Sale

You can get the book at Smashwords here. Or you can go to my Internantional Bookstore listing and find other places to buy it as well.

In a time before the wheel was invented, indeed, when most people despaired of its ever getting out of the lab, one woman was determined NOT to make a difference. The Princess Buttur-Kup strides proudly down the Street of Sexy Slave Sluts in ancient Bal-Marduk, kicking and cursing the beautiful young sex slaves that are chained there for the use of passers-by. And Princess Buttur-Kup likes it that way, as do the slaves.

But in this ancient cradle of civilization, or the Tri-Empire area as it's also known, Bal Marduk faces the Korgan Horde, which has been knocking over city states like drunken, shirtless teens knock over convenience stores on hot summer nights.

If the Korgan horde should conquer Bal-Marduk, the royal Princess Buttur-Kup is in for a terrible time, for in the Tri-Empire area when a city is conquered, all the men are slain, all the women and children are enslaved, the slaves are demoted to interns, and the livestock are made to work for the livestock of the conquering city.

Will Bal-Marduk fall to the mighty Korgan Horde? And if Bal-Marduk falls, will Princess Buttur-Kup be enslaved and forced to enjoy doing all the naughty things her own slaves enjoy being forced to do, or will she, being a royal, become part of a level on the Pyramid of Skulls? We can't tell you the answer, but really, if you read the title of this story or look at the artwork on the cover you should have SOME clue.

And if you read the book you will KNOW the answer to this and many other questions, such as “What is a Traitor Protection Plan?” and “What made Purina Slave Chow so delicious in ancient times?” Let's face it – in order to be truly well informed about kinky hi-jinks in the ancient world, you HAVE to read this story!

“Princess Slave Girl of Bal-Marduk” is a little over 15,000 words long. And each word in it is better than the one that preceded it!

When in Bal-Marduk, feel free to visit Princess Buttur-Kup and fuck her brains out!