Friday, January 18, 2008

More Thoughts on Holly Hunter nude and bound

I've heard of doing it "doggie style" but this is RIDICULOUS.

One of the things that has occurred to me since my initial writeup of the scene about Holly Hunter's nude bondage scene on "Saving Grace" back in November is that there may well be another reason for "Saving Grace's" ability to get away with such a lengthy, naked, sexual bondage scene is the religious theme of the show. "Saving Grace" after all is about a woman who calls on God to restore life to someone she has run over, and as a consequence gets an angel as guide and guardian to help her straighten her life out. In fact, that angel spends a lot of time sitting and talking with Grace while she's tied up, refusing all of her requests to untie her saying "That would be interfering."

(I seem to recall that Old Testament angels of the flaming sword variety had noooo problem at all with interfering, even unto raining death and destruction on people, so maybe it's just as well Grace has one of those New Age Hollywood angels working with her.)

So, maybe the producers of "Saving Grace" are working the old "Biblical epic" scan to get away with more sexy content than others -- it certainly worked for films like "Sign of the Cross" back in the 1930s. The idea being that in order to show how saved Grace is, you have to show what a rip-roaring sinner she is, and so it's OK to show her tied to a bed naked being fed whiskey and, well, fucked by her one-night stand because when she EVENTUALLY gets around to being saved, she'll be all that much more saved, and it'll all be worth it. (Just as it was OK to show just how degenerate those Romans were in the Biblical epics, because that just made the Christians look more prudish, er, moral.

The other problem for "Saving Grace" is that it's just about impossible to properly promote a bondage scene on TV without getting the Flanderses all foamy at the mouth. Can you imagine an ad like this on cable TV? (Imagine this in the "voice" of an announcer for a NASCAR race ad):

"Monday night at 10 p.m. FX is proud to present the most intense, dramatic hour on television as Holly Hunter gets naked for some (reverb and echo effect) NUDE SEXUAL BONDAGE!!! That's right, Holly Hunter, star of stage, screen and television will get (echo effect) BUTT NAKED and (reverb efffect) TIED HAND AND FOOT for YOUR viewing pleasure! Never before has any cable station submitted such (reverb and echo effect) SALACIOUS, EXPLICIT, NUDE SEXUAL BONDAGE for your viewing pleasure! Don't miss this (reverb) EXCITING presentation!"

You can see how that might have been a problem.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's all about the T-shirts, man!

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Slave Leia's Secret

Have you been wondering why dozens of attractive young women are showing up at Cons (science fiction conventions, comics conventions, etc.) half naked, chained and collared? Well, I have, because it's really happening, it's not just a fanboy wet dream.

The women are appearing dressed as Slave Leia, an outfit foisted upon Princess Leia when she was held captive by the gangster Jabba the Hutt. It should be noted that the Slave Leia garb only appeared for about two minutes of total screen time in "Return of the Jedi," the only movie in which the costume appears. Most of the time, Leia appears in the white robes of a Senator or the crisp uniform of a Rebel Alliance commander (or whatever her rank was). But the two-minute appearance of Leia in slavegirl garb made much more of an impression than any other costume she has ever worn, to judge from the way it absolutely dominates Leia cosplay at cons.

Why has Slave Leia become so popular 30 years after her initial appearance? I have a theory, and I propound it at length, with lots of visual evidence, in my article on the topic. But I am required by the American Psychological Advancement Association that if you are not already smitten with Slave Leia prior to reading my article, by the time you finish it, you will be. So be forewarned.