Saturday, January 20, 2018

"Slut Race 3250!" Is Available On Amazon!

The years is 3250. The planet is Margus 5. The event: a Slut Race, in which female sluts make love with male riders, the men seeking to drive the sluts to multiple wonderful experiences, the sluts seeking to make the Masters have a wonderful experience without having wonderful experiences themselves. It's an endurance contest that continues until overwhelming waves of pleasure drive a racer to have a wonderful experience.

Truly, there are no losers in a slut race, especially on Margus 5 where the arena's audience follows right along with the slut racers in the forcefield beds that fill the arena they perform in.

The contestants: Buck Ram and his slut Emporia Longstrider Mystique, and Gunnar Blast and his slut Proudfoot Honoria Slipstream. Buck and Emporia train together for the slut races, as do Gunnar and Proudfoot, but for the race itself, they switch partners and go at it with everything they've got.

In 3250, they've got a lot: all sorts of gear to restrain and excite the women, not just mechanical devices, but force fields they can float on as they sport with their riders and neural enhancements that put pleasure centers in places where pleasure centers don't exist in unaugmented humans.

To prevent themselves from being overwhelmed by pleasure, the slut racers have only the mental disciplines known as Marusian subspace and Marusian domspace, which allows sluts and riders to vastly increase their ability to contain the surging waves of pleasure created by their systems and their partners.

All of these people, devices and techniques come together in the incredible futuristic spectacle known as a Slut Race. Who will win and how will they win? You'll have to read the story to find out.

This story is 17,400 words long.