Saturday, October 26, 2013

It Happens Everywhere Photos Are Taken!

Photobombing happens even in the midst of pubilc bondage and sex porn involving a naked bound woman sucking a naked woman's breast. Good to know! Image source:

In a bit of fun unrelated to the photo above, we found this article about the ways the success of Fifty Shades of Grey has affected English housewives. It's a tasty little sendup. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Curl of the Lash

She had called him a young whippersnapper one too many times that day ...
Image source:

I love the beauty and intensity of this image. The way the woman's body curls as she writhes, the way the whip seems to mimic her curling as it uncurls. An ingenious and interesting tie as well. I'm not into pain at all (which makes the lack of whip marks on her skin a plus for me) but this is a really strong dramatic image. Once again, an example of artistic bondage.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nude Nipple and Rope Bondage

"The weave on this dress is very coarse, but it fits very snugly, does it not?" Image source: unknown. Found it on a tumblr site. Let me know if you know.

I was initially attracted to this image because of the great beauty of the model, and the direct way she looks at the camera, with an inviting smile on her face. She looks like she is looking forward to something fun.

Then I looked more closely and saw this:

Now THAT is an ingenious use of a nipple piercing and rope. The ends of the bar are pulled up and over the ropes, pulling the nipple out with it. Tasty! I'll bet her nipples are feeling it every time she so much as blinks.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Walking The Dog

"That's a good girl, keep it up and I'll let you chase some cocks later on." Image source:

Is there anything as pleasant as taking your bitch for a walk in the park on a beautiful afternoon?

Amazing how many people they have out there, I suspect a lot of Public Disgrace shoots are handled by using staff and maybe even visitors to The Armory to produce the people who put the "Public" in "Public Disgrace." But this photo looks pretty damn public! I'm guessing Folsom Street Fair or maybe some park in San Francisco where getting your freak on is tolerated. Strange concept, toleration. Seems vaguely outmoded nowadays. Whatever happened to traditional American values?

Here's some appropriate music. (Hilarious early Rolling Stones video)

Monday, October 14, 2013

If You're Kinky And You Know It ...

Found this unattributed on a tumblr blog, had to repost it, it's hilarious. captions are not mine. Wish they were! The art looks like a something from a bondage magazine (remember those?) from the 1980s.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another Happy Bondagee

"I really love it when a guy gets carried away over me ... or when I get carried away by a guy!" Image source:

Ah, another bondagette grinning and enjoying the bondage. I considered the possibility that it was the gag that made her appear to be smiling, but look at her eyes ... they're smiling, too. It's hard to look at her and not think she's laughing her ass off. Always fun to see!

And here's a nice little tumblr bondage site, full of beauties bound and gagged, called Bondage! I figure that since tumblr is trying to suppress its adult sites, then I should promote them. It is better to light a single candle than to curse stupid megacorporations, but if you can do BOTH, that's wonderful! Fuck you, tumblr!

The blog hasn't been update of late, I've been busy with some video production, you know, tryna make some money here. There'll be more frequent posts in the next few weeks as it ties in with my other efforts.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Celebrity Bondage Welcomes Charisma Carpenter, Xenia Seeberg and Bernadette Peters

Rain DeGray: "Well see, you said I didn't have the NERVE to strip you naked, tie you up, put weights on your nipples, and put a huge vibrator right on your clit, but I DID, didn't I? And I'm going to fuck you senseless with this strap-on dildo next while you're all helpless and tied and sopping wet from the vibrator, what do you think of THAT, hunh?"
Cherry Torn: "That's, um ... terrible ... a little higher, please ...
Image source: Wired

Well some new updates to the Celebrity Bondage section of Bondagerotica: Bernadette Peters, Charisma Carpenter and Xenia Seeberg join the restrained lovelies on the page. Check it out!

Finally, a link to the Fair Weather Bondage site, a nice tumblr collection of lovelies in bondage.