Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Freize, Lesbians!

Found on the walls of an ancient Pompeiian villa, this fresco clearly reveals to the incredibly credulous that lesbian mistresses violating beautiful young slave girls with strap-ons were a thing in ancient Roman times.* Who knew? Image source: Whipped

The issue of whether or not ancient Roman women used strap-on dildoes is difficult to discover via Google, as any search with those key terms will turn up many, many porn sites whose answer is an enthusiastic "Yes!" but fail to back it up with anything but many, many, many videos and photos of modern women engaging in lesbian activities.

I found exactly one site that had actual cites, but they were mostly in the form of cites to books, not links, so I could not verify it but it seems kind sound so I'll cite it.

My considered answer is "Yes," this did occur, based on the link cited and what I've read in general articles about the treatment of slaves in the ancient world. If ancient Roman lesbian women had dildoes, some of them undoubtedly used them on their slave girls, there was very little in the Roman ethos about sexuality or the treatment of slaves to stop them. The freize above is a phtoshopped fake, based on the image below. It stuck me that Isis Love's pose had an "ancient world" vibe to it so I went with it. Who can blame me, really?

Isis love gives a blonde and bound model a thorough pegging in this photo from Whipped

*This fake image proves no such thing, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen!

Trisha Hershberger Naked Nude and In Bondage

Is this SourceFed commentator Trisha Hershberger kneeling naked with her ankles and wrists enclosed by a massive metal stock, or is it her celebrity clone, Whipped model Madison Scott? We'll never tell! Image source: Whipped

AKA: The Hershberger Endowment!

Trisha Hershberger is a relatively new commentator on Source Fed. Like the other female commentators, she's quite attractive, and she's also got some good chops as a commentator. She can express herself clearly and well. Like the other SourceFed commentators, she does a lot of "Aren't I cute?" kinda shtick in her commentary -- it seems that this approach is a deliberate technique used by SourceFed commentators, and Hershberger is not notably worse than others, and not nearly as bad as the worst offender, Steve Zaragoza (to be fair, he's not working that well nearly so hard as he did when he first started).

BEHOLD! Image source: SourceFed videos particularly this one, "The Boobie-Pokey". Action starts at 3:40 or so. You're Welcome!

But there's one thing, or rather two things, that Hershberger has that the other commentators don't have, and that's an enormous rack. Check out the image at the far right, those breasts are really OUT THERE! I'm not even sure that Hershberger's breasts are all that big objectively, it's the tiny body that they're mounted on that makes them look huge. (Check out the middle image in that montage, her waist is so slim and elongated that she looks like one of those superwomen drawn by Rob Liefeld that comic prudo-feminists are always complaining about for being unrealistic.)

Various Youtube commenters have noticed that Hershberger has fine set of ta-tas, and her Youtube videos' commentaries are laden with many observations of that fact, and encouragements for Hershberger to liberate her ta-tas, often couched in the crudest language imaginable. Tempting as obliging the salacious commenters and getting naked must be, I don't think it would be to Hershberger's advantage to do it. Here's why: right now, the niche Hershberger occupies is that of skilled news commentator who has a great rack. There are a lot of skilled news commentators, and there are a lot of women out there with great racks, but women who combine the two are very rare. If Hershberger were to go the naked route, she would be competing with a very large pool of women who look very good naked and have enormous breasts, thus it would greatly diminish her uniqueness.

Besides, even if you do have enormous breasts, it's not necessary to reference your breasts to objectify you! And yes, this is a TOTAL fake! Image source: Sex and

(Remember the women who used to read the news naked in Europe? Well, neither do I. That's because if you read the news naked, your presentation soon stops being about the news, and rapidly becomes only about being naked.)

By the same token, Hershberger should not hide or conceal or ignore her Endowment of the Visual Arts. It's something that distinguishes her from other commentators, and generally, in a good way. (Some commenters seems to assume that because Hershberger has a large rack she can't possibly be a decent news commentator, but they're as far off the mark as the commenters who literally cannot see Hershberger for her breasts.)

Former Fox and now MSNBC news commentator SE Cupps, another news commentator of undoubted bodaciousness, who was noted for unapologetically flashing her long, lovely legs during her commentaries at Fox News (not so much in her current MSNBC gig) should be Hershberger's guide. Cupp never went the naked route, but she used her appearance to her advantage when it suited her, and Hershberger should consider doing so as well, in my opinion.

And in keeping with our policy of not disrespecting the models whose bodies are used to create fakes, heeeeres' Phoenix Marie, model, and a great example of what I was talking about earlier, because Phoenix Marie, although not as breastically well endowed as Tricia Hershberger, has an absolutely gorgeous face, far prettier than Hershberger's, or for that matter, most models. And she's just one of the hundreds of thousands of naked women that Hershberger would be competing with, if she went the naked route. Image source: Sex and

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Totally Spies Was Totally Kinky

This is an unusual bit of bondage gear in use. A collar is connected to a metal stock by a rod that passes between the wearer's legs. The stock passes under the wearer's knees, with cuffs that go outside the elbows. Renders the wearer very helpless indeed! Image source: Atelier Eisen site.

The bondage gear above isn't just unique, it's rare. I found a post related to it on the Bondage Blog site this weekend and it brought back some memories. The Bondage Blog post has a great John Willie drawing of the gear in use on an attractive lass.

A poster named Collarsmith pointed out that he had only seen gear like the one in the Willie drawing in one place: the Atelier Eisen website that is cited above.

I initially encountered the imagery in an episode of a kid's cartoon show called "Totally Spies" about the adventures of three beautiful young female spies who fight supervillains. I had looked around for art like that several years ago, in spring of 2002, and found the exact same image Collarsmith did. I used it in an article about that weird bondage scene on Totally Spies. Here's the Bondage Banter post from the Bondage Banter section of my old site circa 2002 courtesy of the Internet wayback machine.

Unfortunately, the key photo that really seals the deal on the Totally Spies imagery in that post has vanished into the aether. But no matter, it turns out that thanks to Youtube the entire episode that features the bondage can now be viewed. You're welcome.

Check this out: the Totally Spies girls in exactly the same bondage, in exactly the same position as the model at the top of the page. It's like the artist used it for a template. I think he may have done just that.

So I made some vidcaps from the Youtube video. Some of the vidcaps I made are not nearly so convincing as the one above, mainly because the episode suffers from major continuity issues. Sometimes the spies wear collars, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they have a rod running from the collar to the stocks, sometimes they don't. I don't think the continuity errors mean anything, they're pretty common in cartoons.

Here's an image that occurs just seconds before the one above it. As you can see, no collar, no rod. Why? No idea!

Totally Spies catered so assiduously to it's kinky fans that there's a wiki page about what a fine source of fetish fuel it is. Most of the speculation is based on the sheer volume and variety of fetishy scenes, costumes and situations that the series presented.

But here I think we have something approaching evidence that the fetish fuel was deliberately injected into the show (not that it's NEEDED, necessarily). Because this particular form of bondage gear happens to be so freaking rare. I think the artist probably copied it from what they assumed was an obscure bondage site. Of course, the artist might claim that he independently came up with this unique form of bondage ... but I think that's kind of revealing as well. So, in conclusion:


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lena Dunham Nude With Her Finger In Another Woman or ... Cloned!

It's the only way to keep your fingertips moist and shiny! Image source: Dunham, the Intertubes, her clone,

Is that Lena Dunham, winner of the Writer Lottery, with her finger in another woman's pussy? Perhaps an out-take from the new season of her HBO series Girls? Well, sure looks like it ... granted, she's dyed her hair blonde and put in blue contact lenses in a pathetic attempt to fool us, but we know it's her. Some would say it's her celebrity clone, Danielle of the FTV girls. Granted, they look very different from one another in other photos, but I'm pretty sure all those other photos are doctored by the Non-Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy, concealing the fact that Danielle is Dunham's clone. It only takes one kinda/sort similar photo to tell ME what's going on ... it's the same way I know aliens from planet Zoltran are stealing Earth's washing machines.

Don't take my word for it ... just look at the evidence!

Proof positive! Of something or other!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fifty Shades Seedlings

"Oh, so THAT'S what bondage is all about! Oh! Oh! Oh my!" Image source: is not the only bondage-related thing that is getting mainstreamed of late. "Soft" bondage, whatever that is, is also taking off according to a report in, which is not exactly a fetish site, as you'll note.

The article, basically a fluff piece, interviews James Deen (known well from who is fast becoming the go-to guy as bondage's most well-known star and a manufacturer of a line of sex aids/toys called Liberator (There may be some sexism going on here, there have been MANY well-known and successful women who have promoted and advanced sexual bondage over the years ... Midori, Lorelei Imboch, Chanta Rose, the list is very long indeed, yet James Deen is the go-to source for the press. Well at least they are going to someone who actually does bondage.)

The Liberator people obligingly ascribe the upward boost in sales of their products to an increase of awareness of "soft" bondage and interest in it, created by "50 Shades of Grey." And they're probably right. I'm seeing other articles in which bondage is being matter-of-factly described as a culture phenomenon rather than some bizarre fetish, like this one on celebrity bondage looks from, which asks which actress looks best in leather "bondage" fashion.

What I see happening is that the effects of Fifty Shades of Grey are beginning to appear in our culture. Fifty million seeds have been planted, their effects are invisible as they grow in our collective unconscious, now we see the first tiny shoots poking above the unconscious into mainstream media. Gonna be interesting to watch and see what grows, and how it grows.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Goes Mainstreaming

Mainstream, here we come! Image source: Sex and

James Franco, an actor-director best known to the general public for his starring role in the network comedy "Freaks and Geeks," is one hard working guy, he's got all sorts of projects under way.

And one of his projects is a documentary called "Kink' which will be showing at the Sundance Film Festival. It's about Kink is a fascinating success story. It has a great reputation for being a place where decent people work with other decent people to make totally indecent videos. It is housed in a huge former National Guard Armory that now contains over 50 movie sets. Let's face it the place is a full-blown MGM-style porn movie studio. They should have tours!

Oh, wait ... they DO have tours!

Well as long as we are going with the fantasy of them being a regular big-time movie studio, maybe they should have a themed bar or restaurant or something. Oh, wait ...

What the hell, they're doing tours, got a bar, why not just hold a fricking FARMER'S MARKET and other community-type events in their so-called porn studio? Facepalms.

Most sex workers have used the tried-and-true approach of concealing themselves from the public so as to protect themselves from the prudes with their endless desire to hurt and harm sex workers and the people who enjoy their work. seems to be going in the opposite direction, with a documentary about them, tours of their studio, and opening it up to community events.

Good for them! I hope it works. I think it's a very risky stratagem, because I live in the Bible Belt and I know the deep hatred for sexual fun of any kind that burns in many hearts (and loins, to be more accurate, it's like a perversion more than anything else) out in the heartland. There are many people who would take ANY rationalization to shut down. But I've been wrong about a lot of things, and I would be VERY glad to be wrong about that, too.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ultimate Surrender of The Lingerie Football League

Action starts at about the 1:15 mark. As you can see, the participants really do play hard ... when they tackle, they knock the living daylights out of each other. They are not as fast or efficient at blocking, tackling and passing as NFL pros, but then, who is?

The Lingerie Football League puzzles me. Ultimate Surrender, less so, but still, it's a bit of a puzzler too. Allow me to elucidate!

The combination of women clad in sexy lingerie and football would seem to be a natural. Everybody loves watching the football players play football, and everybody loves watching the sexy cheerleaders on the sideline. But you can't watch both at the same time -- unless you're watching the Lingerie Football League!

I just don't get it. If you want to watch nearly naked or naked woman looking sexy, go to a strip club, bro. If you want to watch people play football about as well as it can be played, watch a college or pro football game. Watching women dressed sexy who are very attractive and athletic but probably not the best conceivable athletes for football -- well, kinda worst of both worlds, not the best of both worlds. That's the way it goes.

But maybe there's an appeal for eroticized football that I just don't understand. The league is reportedly doing fairly well financially, for whatever reason. If anybody has a clue, clue me in on this one. I've learned that just because I don't understand the appeal of a particular thing, that does not mean it does not have a valid appeal for others. Wish everybody understood that.

In any event, I've heard that the Lingerie Football League is becoming the Legends Football League and the lingerie will be replaced with skimpy but more "supportive" sports bras and short shorts. Sort of like what Olympic sprinters wear nowadays. I would say this presages a dramatic drop in attendance for the league, but as I don't know what's drawing the fans as it is, I would not venture to make any predictions along those lines.

Part of the fun of watching an Ultimate Surrender Match is trying to figure out what parts of whom belong where. Or whatever. Image source: Ultimate The link will lead you to many videos that will show you exactly what the appeal of Ultimate Surrender is, whatever it is.

Ultimate Surrender from is a similar sort of proposition. Naked women wrestling, the lesbian appeal is very clear. Especially since you score points in these matches by face-sitting or putting your finger in your opponents' vagina and keeping it there.

Still, if you want to watch lesbians having sex, there are plenty of videos out there of lesbians having sex. I don't know if there are videos of topnotch professional wrestlers out there of either gender. The best wrestling-as-sport that I know of is college wrestling and Olympic style wrestling, and I have never seen women engaging in such a match. Still, given its peculiar set of rules (for example, the last round in an Ultimate Surrender match consists of the winners fucking the losers with strap-ons) I doubt Ultimate Surrender is comparable to non-sexual wrestling the way Lingerie Football League is comparable to regular football. I mean, not even Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was comparable, cheesy as it was.

(Along the same lines, Kink also has a male version of Ultimate Surrender, with guys wrestling naked. I have no interest in such matches, but some of my readers may, so hear ya go. Don't say I never gave ya nothing!)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Greta Christina Works It Out -- Kinda

This is a photo of a real woman, in a real bondage tie, albeit in the highly artificial context of a bondage porn shoot. It is a depiction of a woman in bondage, not an actual woman in bondage. You know what a written description, however accurate it might be, of this woman tied up is? Another depiction. It is not the real thing. Why can't people figure this out? Image source:

Greta Christina is a writer. Among other things, she writes what she describes as kinky porn. As she observes, the line between romances and erotica has gotten real blurry and vague of late, and so has the line between erotica and kinky porn. In the world of the written word, it's all kind of the same soup.

Christina has written some thought-provoking essays about porn and sexuality and society. She takes an honest approach to the questions she deals with. Now I don't agree with her complex and tortured take on writing kinky porn in rape culture (and I would argue that although far too many rapes occur in America, we are by no means possessors of a rape culture.

My feeling is, fiction is fiction and real life is real life, anybody who confuses the two is at the very least a Republican and is probably insane, too. It's a non-problem, and looking for a "solution" to it is positively harmful, because really, we need all the intellectual freedom we can get in this crazy world. If they can control our fantasies, we are really, really, really screwed ... and not in a good way.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nigella Lawson Cruelly Edited

< Nigella Lawson demonstrates the dangers of saying a lot of things on video.

Enjoy this freaking hilarious video of Food Network celebrity cook Nigella Lawson saying many dirty, dirty things in the course of various cooking shows. It's sexy, it's funny, it's worth it.

Nigella Lawson waits patiently for a chance to appear on her cooking show, in what is euphemistically called "The Dark Room." Wait ... hold on ... sources are informing me that that is NOT Nigella Lawson in that photo, but a model appearing in a shoot on Device Well ... a natural mistake, I'm sure we'll all agree ...

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Friendship Ballgag

Ah, two girls, naked and roped, and yet drawn to one another, attempting to kiss despite the fact that both are wearing a ballgag. Image source: Training of O.

Turns out that the girls are drawn to one another because they are both wearing the same ball gag! What a clever way to create closeness! Image source: Training of O.

I've seen one or two other images of two women sharing the same gag in the past, but they are quite rare. Given the general interest guys have in lesbian bondage, you'd think something like this would be commonplace. But it's rare. My suspicious is that the issue that keeps it rare is safety concerns. Chipped teeth might easily happen with the two girls' mouths tied that closely together. Not a lot of wiggle room there. Not that there's anything wrong with bound slaves wiggling!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Movie Reviews of Gor!

Not a vidcap from the Gor movie, though something like it SHOULD have been in the movie, somewhere. Actual image source: Sex and

Hugely successful million-plus view blogs like this one don't happen by accident. They're intentionally committed, like first-degree murders. As part of my intentional commitment of this blog, I keep an eye on the keywords that bring people to it. Generally they are kinda predicable phrases like "Pat Powers moron" and "Pat Powers fucks up" and "bondage made laughable."

But the other day I found a strange sting of keywords: "naked first girl of gor." I mean, it's not strange that "Gor" would lead to posts on my blog, since I write about Gor a lot, but "first girl"? First girls in Gor are slaves who are put in charge of other slaves, generally in a kennel or a household with a lot of slaves. I've used it in exactly 3 posts on the blog, which is more than I would have thought, but still not a lot.

Well I guess in using the term at all I set my blog apart from other websites. But I was still curious so I ran the term "naked first girl of Gor" through Google to see what came up. Then I checked the image results rather than the web results because in certain respects image results can tell you more about the content of a web page/site/blog post than the text.

For example, if an image result is a standard Gor novel cover you can be fairly sure that the content of the site/blog is selling or reviewing or quoting the Gor novels. If the image result is a Second Life Gor image, it's likely related to Second Life Gor. And if an image result is a vidcap from one of the godawful Gor movies, it's likely related to a review of those movies.

I found a SURPRISING number of vidcaps of the Gor movie in the results, and almost all of them linked to reviews of the Gor movie, some of which I have not read, which is kind of amazing ... people are still reviewing the Gor movie, apparently, even after I wrote the definitive review of Gor the movie years ago.

Well actually, it's not the definitive review. I really didn't get the last word in on Gor until I reviewed the movie Warrior Queen, which was written by the same fellow who wrote the Gor movies, Harry Alan Towers. In Warrior Queen I wrote of Towers:

Harry Alan Towers (is) a notorious hack and former child star who would have been much less of a detriment to society if he had only taken up robbing convenience stores and beating up transvestite prostitutes like other former child stars, instead of producing and writing terrible movies ...

But you know, I read all the reviews I hadn't read yet and found it a kind of interesting experience. All of them got the essentials about the movie: that it was terrible, boring and awful. Most knew enough about the Gor novels to know that the movie shared little or nothing with them except a title.

Several of the reviews showed the usual weird combination of ignorance about Gor and hositilty toward Gor. Others looked at the films purely as works of fiction. Reading all the reviews is very much a Rashomon-style experience -- each review "got" that the movie was bad, but each found it bad in different ways that revealed more about the reviewer than it did about the movie. Here are links to the movie reviews I found, read them for yourself if you feel like THOROUGHLY wasting time on the Internet. Bon Appetit!

Part 1 of Cosmic Cinema's very thorough two-part review of Gor
Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension review
Love Train For the Tenebrous Empire review
Badass Digest review

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lost Girls Does Women in Prison Episode

Those are some BIG honkin' handcuffs. Guess the Fae might need something a little studier than usual. Some of them are werewolves. Image source: vidcap from Lost Girl.

I had the Season Three opener for SyFy Channel's Lost Girl episode and discovered to my pleasure that it was a full-bore Women in Prison episode. Something crooked is going on in the Fae prison, and Bo's lady love is now the prison doctor there, so Bo goes undercover to find out who's doing the crooked stuff.

I know the episode was consciously written as a Women in Prison story because it has almost every theme found in Women in Prison stories, some of them VERY well done, for non-premium cable TV.

For starters, it has a bondage scene, with Bo being hauled to prison in the biggest set of cuffs evah! A brief scene, but at least she is cuffed hands behind. Sadly, there is no body cavity search scene. Well can't have everything, and a LOT of Women in Prison movies lack even a bondage scene.

There is an EXCELLENT nude shower scene, however! Image source: vidcap from Lost Girl.

The nude shower scene is PARTICULARLY well handled. No actual naughty bits are shown, of course, but they use silhouetting nicely to show just how naked Bo is, and there are half a dozen leering guards watching her as she showers. They're Amazons, you know ... Wonder Woman style Amazons. They love prison work! All that bondage and womanly love!

Dominatrix warden wearing black leather boustier. Check.

Dominatrix warden dominates Bo. Note thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings. That's doing it right! Image source: vidcap from Lost Girl.

This is probably the best scene in the episode. They've got Bo dressed in a very skimpy outfit, on her hands and knees, her large breasts bulging out at the floor-level camera, cleaning the floor with what appears to be a toothbrush so there is much jiggleatude. Dominatrix warden comes up from behind her and puts a boot on her skimpily clad ass, dominating her very nicely. Kinky to the max, you bet!

Later, the warden does some outright molestation of Bo while her Amazon guards look on. Also, lots of non-dominatrix lesbianism ... Bo is a bisexual succubus, after all, and she never squanders a chance for some lovin.' It's her thing! Image source: vidcap from Lost Girl.

The Amazon guards riot. Image source: vidcap from Lost Girl.

There's plenty of violence in the episode too, in addition to the guard riot, Bo dukes it out with a guard, gets beaten by the guards and gets doused with a fire hose. The other major themes of Women in Prison stories that was missing was trafficking the prisoners as prostitutes and/or strippers, but that's just a matter of where the story went more than anything else.

Where the story DID go was a surprise, and in keeping with the theme of Amazons guarding the prison. I did not see it coming. Where did it go? Well I guess you'll just have to watch the episode to find out. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ksenia Solo as Kintze does not appear much in this episode, though she does make a few appearances, being anxious about Bo and all.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Joyful With the Bondage

Reading Gor novel is fundamental ... if you're a slavegirl. Image source: The Joy of Bondage blog.

Having indulged in a little self-promotion by celebrating my millionth visitor, it seems only fitting to promote someone else's blog, and besides, it's a fun blog, "The Joy of Bondage." The blog skillfully conveys the pleasures of bondage. It consists mostly of photos, I suspect taken by blog author Andrew Conway, with some tasty commentary, including some nice bits from the Gor novels (especially nice is one photo, showing a naked slavegirl in a cage reading a copy of Kajira of Gor). The blog has only been up since November 2012, but it's worth checking out, so ... check it out!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Over One Million Served ...

A chart topper, indeed! Image source: me.

As the chart above indicates, Politically Sexy has crossed the one million hits mark. I'm not sure what this signifies, except that if I had a nickel for every page view my blog has had, I'd have $200,000 and that would be All Right with me, when in fact I'm pretty sure that if you counted my hours spent updating the blog at minimum wage and subtracting the amount I've made from it, I've probably lost $200,000 in "opportunity costs" on it.

Still, it's been fun. I tried to think of what would be the appropriate image to put on this post celebrating my blog's passing of the million page view mark, and I figured it out: what would a paga slut's heat look like after her millionth furring*? Probably something like this!

One million served and ready for more! Image source: Public

*Before you point out that it is absurd that a paga slut could fur one million customers, consider: in the Gor novels, Norman states that the stabilization serums allow Goreans to extend their lifespans well past 1000 years if they don't get their asses killed in all the fights and wars they have, and in the prime of health, appearing to be in their late 20s right up til the end. So a paga slut that has spent 990 years furring a dozen men a night in a tavern, every night, could fur well over 4 million men. Or one million men, four times each. So there! (And yeah, that's another reason Gor makes a better fantasy than it does a reality.)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Filthy Shades of Grey?

Think you got the raunchy, Kelly Marcel? BRING IT! This is the Intertubes, baby! Image source: Sex and

Kelly Marcel, the screenwriter for the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie, says the movie is gonna be RAUNCHY, that they are going for an NC-17 rating. The news is all over the entertainment blogs.

I'm kind of amazed, and surprised, and frankly, cynical. There is a long distance between a screenplay and the final movie. Frankly, to have the movie come out as raunchy as some of the scenes in the books, you'd need something as intense as the scene pictured at the top of this post, because there ARE scenes in the books where Christian ties Ana up thoroughly, gags her and fucks her.

I'm betting the studio execs will get cold feet at the thought of trying to make an NC-17 hit franchise film. If the film is NOT raunchy, it will be a flop, because the readers clearly liked the raunchy elements of the books. But the conventional wisdom is that NC-17 does not produce blockbuster hits. You gotta get the kids in there! And even though the thought of Fifty Shades of Grey that's clean enough for the kiddies is patently ridiculous, well, anybody who ever read the Gor novels would have said the same thing about a Gor movie ... and look what we wound up with.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Badly Written, Vaguely Alarming Report About Kink Regulations In England!

"Call me crazy, but I LUUUUURVE being fucked while wearing an asshook and a head harness!" Image source: Sex and

An extremely poorly written report by Jeremy Culley in Mancunian, a website for people living in Manchester, England, states that a local group of kinksters, who are not really identified in the article, have filed an e-petition against the Department of Health (not identified whether it is a city, county or national Department of Health) because the International Classification of Diseases lists fetishism and sadomasochism as psychiatric illnesses. (No information is provided about who is responsible for publishing the International Classification of Diseases, or what authority it has in Machester, England, or, well, anywhere.)

The article moves on to cover the kink scene in Manchester, very thoroughly, and to mention in alarming tones that the Manchesterian kinksters have just 24 hours to file the petition. The article was posted yesterday, so if you live in Manchester, England, or whatever jurisdiction is covered by the International Classification of Diseases (say, you live in some nation or other) it's already too late.

I kind of have a clue what the article may be about: here in the U.S. they have a thing called the "DSM" (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). A lot of psychologists will snort to hear it put this bluntly, but as a practical matter the DSM determines what's crazy and what isn't, and most of all to the point, what disorders can get you locked up against your will.

It was used politically to attack unpopular sexual behaviors, of course. Homosexuality was removed from the DSM as a disorder in the 1970s, consensual BDSM was removed in the late 1980s. I wrote an article about some of the legal absurdities created by this along with the long delay in making marital rape illegal.

So if it's like the DSM thing, the issue here might be fear of further use of psychological diagnoses to repress kink in Manchester, or England, or everywhere, depending. But based on the text of the Mancunian, I have no idea. So I think a vague feeling of uneasiness is all that's warranted here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Warning Tremors

"It's fun to whip her, but it's quicker to lick her." And the guy in this image is teen-girl-popular porn star James Deen. Image source: Sex and

Found an article on Alternet wondering when BDSM became so wildly popular. The interesting element of the article was its date: it was published in June 2010, well before the advent of "Fifty Shades of Grey."

The people at Alternet definitely showed some prescience in running such an article just ahead of Fifty Shades of Grey, clearly someone at the progressive site was feeling the advance tremors of the cultural volcano that is Fifty Shades of Grey.

The tremors were as nothing to the explosion, of course. What the article cites is things like the success of and kink no longer being considered a mental illness and Christina Aguilera's kinky outfits she wore in music video, and Aguilera's predecessor, Madonna with her Sex book back in the 80s (which if I recall, was a bomb).

All in all it is weak beer compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, the equivalent of the filler material my flying monkeys brought in for posts to jam in between the tons of stuff they brought in about Fifty Shades this summer -- only scattered over a couple of decades instead of a few months, because there just wasn't that much going on in the mainstream wrt BDSM.

When you got the top three books on the New York Times bestseller list containing a story of bondage, dominance and spanking, fifty million copies sold mostly to soccer moms, and James Deen (see above) an idol of teenaged girls in America, well you are in a WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLPARK. But to be fair, Alternet's contributors knew SOMETHING was up, more than you could say about a lot of the mainstream media.

Of course, some people, such as me, were feeling the tremors six years ago. What can I say? Prescient!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Form Follows Function

What could you possibly need a fingertip control that looks like this for? (Really, who wouldn't buy switches shaped like this?) Image source: Training of

Why, to release the Kraken, of course! Image source: Training of

Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's Better Than ... ?

Bellydancers by 14girlwatcher

What's better than bellydancing? NAKED bellydancing! Here we have a whole bevy of cuties bellydancing via Dailymotion. Enjoy!

What's better than a blowjob? A PUBLIC bound blowjob! Who can forget that great scene in The Story of O where a bound O must kneel before her Master Sir Stephen and suck him off while Sir Stephen embraced two of the cuties at the Chateau and Sir Stephen's buddies watched, all of them looking down on her and commenting as she sucked. Not just submission, but a very public submission. This image, from Public Disgrace, captures the feel of the scene very well, with the submissive gazing up worshipfully at the dominant while she sucks, tied and helpless.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Needs A Gag!

When the Mistress played rock paper scissors in her own special way, the poor slave found herself screaming every time the Mistress chose "paper." Image source: Public

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012: Afterthoughts

Leftover candy canes, anyone? Image source: Down the Rabbit Hole blog.

OK, let's get this out of the way: by FAR the biggest thing to happens in the realm of bondage, ebooks, erotic fiction, romance fiction and arguably publishing itself was "Fifty Shades of Grey." I've already written at length on the topic, so I'll keep it brief. The thing that made "Fifty Shades" special wasn't just that it was a book featuring scene of bondage and dominance, but who read it: it was women, mostly, lots and lots of women, and not just young Goth girls looking for something to read while getting a skull tattooed on their butts, but older women: "soccer moms" which is THE prime demographic for many, many advertisers.

The news that soccer moms like to read about women in maledom/femsub relationships did not surprise me at all: I RP in SL Gor, where women outnumber men almost two to one, and all a guy has to do to find a naked slavegirl chained to him is stand still long enough for them to find him. But I think the news that ordinary women like bondage set the mainstream back on its heels, even though the romance genre of which erotic fiction is a subset has always had more than its share of "bodice ripper" stories.

Nothing else that happened in 2012 that I know of had anything LIKE the impact of 50 Shades of Grey on the bondage community/industry/whatevs (though having said that, I am totally prepared to find history proving me wrong).

Another trend I am liking is honest, straightforward blogging by women who are either real life submissives talking about their lives like the author of Down the Rabbit Hole, or sex industry pros like bondage model Cherry Torn and former prostitute The Honest Courtesan, who are talking honestly about THEIR lives and interests instead of just using their blogs as marketing tools.

I think it's great that these voices have found expression online, and I hope they become more popular, and teach everyone that people who are submissives or who work in the sex industry are not mysterious others who can be marginalized and ignored, they're people, just like anybody else. Soccer moms who took the dare their subconscious minds made with them, perhaps.

People call this the "mainstreaming" of BDSM, as if it were merely the inclusion of BDSM topics in mainstream media, but I see it as something more profound, or at the very least, I HOPE it is something more profound, a sort of cultural maturing about matters sexual, a recognition that sexual power fantasies can be acted out in real life, that does not make them any less fantasies, nor justify treating people as the object of such fantasies without their consent.

Now, would somebody please call the prudes and the prudo-feminists and let them know we have this matter all hashed out?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why Can't WE Have Commercials Like This?

THIS is bondage! And yet ... no reason it couldn't be FASHION bondage! Image source: Public

So, flying monkeys found an INCREDIBLE commercial for Axe body spray from France recently. A nice little update of the damsel in distress cliche for the era of 50 Shades of Grey. It's freaking hilarious, and sexy, too. But mostly, hilarious! I know that Axe commercials generally get the ladies at in full twisty-panty mode, but damn, there was some wit and intelligence going on in that commercial. Keep chopping away, Axe!

Also, a bit of end-of-the-year silliness from the fashion industry, a survey of bondage-inspired fashions from 2012 entitled Fifty Shades Of 2012: Year Of The Bondage-Inspired Outfit on, which proves conclusively that all a garment needs is black coloration and one or more straps to get labelled "bondage-inspired." Note that there are no fashions that involve anything being, well, um ... bound to anything else. Proof positive that the fashion industry knows diddly about bondage.

Many bondage ties you see on this site wouldn't work on a runway because with her legs tied to things, the model can't really walk. But it doesn't HAVE to be that way. This is the same model in the same bondage as at the top of the page, she's standing and can walk easily, because her legs aren't fettered. She wears a ring gag, a leather collar, a leash, a rope breast harness and her hands are tied. She's in bondage, and looks it! Why can't fashion designers come up with inspired ways of interpreting actual bondage gear and ties rather than putting black stripes on a shirt, or otherwise create completely lame designs? Is this the age of 50 Shades of Grey or not? Image source: Public

The slideshow features Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Krysten Ritter, Krysten Stewart, Lea Michelle, Carmen Electra, Katy Perry, Stacy Keibler, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton, Katie Price and of course, Madonna, none of whom is tied or bound or chained in any way. Frankly, for many of the images, if a fashion blog had not informed me that they were bondage-inspired outfits, I would have had no idea.

Here's a Pinterest board that the flying monkeys found that has actual bondage imagery, just to get the bad taste out of your mind. And of course, our image up top makes the point. Bondage be bondage, bitches!

Here's another bondage model, in what's practically a fashion runway scenario. She wears a rope harness, her hands are tied behind her back, and she is paraded before a crowd of seated individuals while wearing a delightful blue negligee. True, she has a handler showing her around, but that could work in a runway environment very well, and is not needed anyway. Of course, no reason designers should restrict themselves to rope or exactly copy shibari harness rigs ... but they can do a LOT more to be bondage-y than they do. Image source: Public

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Music to Eat Greens and Black-Eyed Peas By

Above: what we imagine the boning in the song lyrics might look like. Image source: Public Disgrace.

Well if you've got to eat greens and black-eyed peas on New Years Day for luck, I've got the PERFECT music for it, Bone Me Like You Own Me by Barbara Carr, a bluesy ballad full of nasty lyrics and growly bluesy sexiness. Don't say we never did you any favors!