Monday, April 30, 2012

Gareth Williams: The Spy Who Should Have Thought Outside the Box

Do you have anything in a smaller size? I was thinking a briefcase ..." Image source: The Tight Package section of Erotic Illusions.

There are certain occupations for which a predilection toward extreme bondage is problematical, and being a spy is definitely one of them. As is indicated by the fate of young Gareth Williams, a British spy who was found naked, dead and padlocked in a North Face suitcase in August 2010.

Mr. Williams' sad fate is in the news right now because the results of the inquest into his death have finally been released. It took a long time, at least in part because Mr. Williams was discovered to have been into an extreme form of bondage called claustrophilia, in which you get off sexually from being in tiny, enclosed spaces ... like luggage bags.

The question at hand was, did Williams die a death by misadventure or was he killed as sometimes occurs to spies who Know Too Much or are In The Way or are simply Inconvenient to this or that spy agency. The key point for the inquest was that the bag was padlocked shut, and was on the outside of the bag. Could Mr. Williams have possibly locked the bag with the padlock on the outside?

That's how the inquest ended up, well ... we'll let tell the story:

Last week, Westminster coroner’s court was treated to the bizarre spectacle of escapologists attempting to zip themselves up in similar hold-alls to establish if someone of Williams’ build and expertise might have been able to padlock themselves inside, with one, Peter Faulding, telling the inquest he had tried and failed 300 times.

The trail of justice can get into some strange paths. The story has also been covered on The Daily Beast, with predictably more coverage of the fetish aspects than the criminal aspects.

It's looking kind of like murder now, or at least manslaughter (could have been a play partner who took a powder when it became evident that Williams had kicked the luggage) but who knows when or if the murderer will ever be found, especially as Williams may have been killed by his own agency ... another thing that sometimes happens to spies.

Hitting All The Right Spots

An ordinary dom does well to hit the G-spot. But Fingers MacFarlane could hit a woman's A,B,C,D,E,F and G spots all at the same time! Image source:

Alternatively: "You mean I get PAID to do this!?"

Sunday, April 29, 2012

When The Rain Cums

"MMMMMMMFFFFFFFFGGGGHHHH!!!! (Translation: Why yes, I do believe I am about to achieve orgasm!") Image source:

Based on this photo and a lot of others of star Rain DeGrey, I'd say she's one of the best bondage actresses evah! Woman knows how to look like she's about to explode!

Friday, April 27, 2012

50 Shades of Silly

I'm pretty sure the girl on the right is faking her orgasm. Image source: Whipped

I found a couple of amusing threads on the Web about 50 Shades of Gray as the clueless and the unlikely have done some Olympic style bandwagon-jumping, so I thought I'd take a break from Second Life Gor to tell you about them.

Let's start with the silliest. Kendra Wilkinson is a reality show star who has just signed up for a new We TV Channel show. A former Playmate, she is noted for her bleating laugh and goatlike stupidity. An article on (my flying monkeys have no taste!) has Kendra saying this about her new show:

“WE TV represents women and empowering women, and I am so very happy to be a part of all that because I feel like it is time. I’m a woman now and it is time to break out of that shell and have fun and show everyone that it is okay to be a working mom and wife and still step out and be hot,” she told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column at last week’s Us Weekly Hot in Hollywood party. “It’s like the book '50 Shades of Grey,' I think my show has a similar theme to that."

Reading the quote, it is evident that Kendra has not read the book she is talking about. But that's not all. She has no idea what the book is about. Somehow, all the time she spent naked, tied up and ballgagged in Hef's mansion (she once was in a reality show about being a Playboy Playmate) did not connect in her mind with BDSM. It was just something related to sex somehow. (And I just know they gagged her because of that annoying laugh of hers -- she may not even connect being gagged with sex!)

I'm guessing somebody told her she should try to get on the 50 Shades bandwagon. They probably even tried to explain what the book was about. But clearly, it did not stick, and so we got the spectacle of Kendra blathering on about something she clearly knew nothing about. Now anybody who reads this blog regularly knows I don't go bangin' on mindless bimbos ordinarily. Because if you are watching a mindless bimbo for her hot bod, you have no business criticizing her for being a bad actress or saying silly things in her off hours. If her bod is worth watching, then respect her bod for what it is. Nobody criticizes Meryl Streep for not having 38DD breasts and a butt you could bongo on all night long. But this is RIDICULOUS! If you are gonna jump on a bandwagon, at LEAST have some idea what the bandwagon is all about!

Our next entry comes in the area of something strange rather than silly. A wedding planning website,, has an article entitled Starter Fetish Sex Toys During the Bondage Retail Store by something called onlinespring. Considering the fractured grammar in the title and the random links for a certain brand of tennis shoes scattered throughout the article, when I first read it I figured it would turn out to be one of those garbage sites. You know, a site in which a computer program is used to slap together a random collection of keywords with conjunctions to make something resembling an article which might fool a retarded person whose 45th language was English into thinking it was something other than a glob of keywords designed to show up high on search engine lists and get clicked on by people too stupid to breath.

But no, it is actually a readable article about various fetish sex toys you can buy and spice up your honeymoon with. What's more, the rest of the website appears to be a real commercial wedding planning website of SOME sort with all sorts of ways for young girls to bankrupt their parents as they plan their wedding. It appears to be based in Madison, Wisconsin, not Czechoslovakia or China. So ... legit, I guess, though I still regard it with deep suspicion. Maybe garbage sites are getting better, or real sites are turning to garbage. This site may be the Internet equivalent of those fossils that show one kind of thing evolving into another. If so ... blogging is doomed, possibly the Internet and humanity as well. Dammit.

Moving on, the Japanese used to have pillow books (basically, Japanese sex play information) for newlyweds that included bondage imagery in them. (But they did NOT include tentacles ... most of the time.) In America bondage and weddings are not linked, as a general rule. So ... this is new ... and offered without comment other than ... dammit.

Finally, an article in Adult Video News informs us that Adult Source Media's romance studio, Intimate Encounters, is slated to begin work on a hardcore adaptation of 50 Shades of Gray.

Now, I'm four fifths of the way through 50 Shades, and I am in a position to tell you that a hardcore version of the book might be of interest to the usual porn audience (men) but that it's very unlikely that it will do a thing for the mommies that have earned it the sobriquet "mommy porn." Aside from the hot sex scenes, and they are really hot and nicely done, the attraction of the book is that the delicate interplay of the two lead characters, especially the virginal female protagonists' attempts to get a relationship on something like reasonable terms with an experienced, handsome billionaire dom who has had many submissives as his playtoys over the years, and who has lots of Issues about physical and emotional intimacy. And to put it simply, porn actors typically do not handle nuance well. Frankly, I do not anticipate that the mainstream adaptation of 50 Shades is going to be able to do a decent job of adapting the book. a hardcore version? Really unlikely. Really fucking unlikely.

Well, there you have it. All sorts of strange critters are hopping on the 50 Shades bandwagon. Who knows where it will stop next? Wherever it is, you know that it will be a very silly place indeed!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How To Play Second Life Gor Part 2: Raiding

Typical by the book Gorean. Image source:

So I've got you into Second Life, you've got an avatar, you've got you've got Gorean clothes, and you've visited the Gorean Welcome Center and learned a few things about Gor and roleplay. Well, I'm gonna teach you a few things about Gorean RP that they DON'T teach in the courses.

Gor the Second Life game is divided into two groups: By the Book (BtB)Gor and Gor Evolved. The formal difference between the two is that BtB does not accept the existence of female outlaws armed with bows, or large bands of panthers that attack cities. They say that these things are not consistent with the Gor novels by John Norman that are the basis of the game. Gor Evolved accepts these things. But that's not the REAL difference between the two factions.

A Gorean raiding crew assembles on the docks of a sim. This is a large raid, about 30 people, which means about 15 defenders. Like in World of Warcraft, you generally join groups to play SL Gor, which is how you get the large raids. Image source: Snapshot of a Gorean raid in progress.

The real difference is, Gor Evolved raids and BtB Gor does not. It's not a COMPLETELY accurate statements, raids occur occasionally in BtB Gor, and there are Gor Evolved sims that have few or no raids, but it's close enough for all practical purposes. Getting ahead of myself a bit: raids are like raids in World of Warcraft, a group of players get together and go to another sim and kick ass in combat.

The weapons in SL Gor are swords, spears, bows, blowguns, rocks, axes, clubs, crossbows and what have you. Basically, it's all medieval weaponry. No gunpowder-based weapons. Bows are the most powerful weapons on Gor, being ranged weapons, followed by swords and scimitars, fast melee weapons that do a lot of damage. There's no magic on Gor either, it's just tough warriors duking it out with primitive weapons for gold, glory and slavegirls. But mostly for fun.

Because you never play against lame NPCs (non-player characters) raiding is hard in Gor. Players come in three levels of skill in Gor: newbies, regular bows and super bows. Best way for a newbie to learn to fight in SL Gor is to join a group, get some training and practice with more skilled members of the group, and you go along on raids and learn your craft while have tons of fun, with better fighters along to keep you from losing constantly.

There's an economic interest for sim owners to have people on their sims, and groups to have sufficient numbers to raid successfully, so its' generally easy to get into most groups. With over 300 Gorean sims in Second Life, most of them hosting multiple groups, so it's very easy to get into a group. And there's nothing like grinding in Second Life Gor. You have to learn to play the game well, but there's no digging for stuff. You just buy what you need or find it as a freebie, and play the game.

And of course, the prize you get when you successfully raid is other players. Which brings up our next topic: Sex in SL Gor.

Here's an SL Gorean raid in progress. The red bubbles mean that an avatar has been downed, knocked out by arrow fire as it were, for a period of five minutes. During this time, a downed person can be aided back to consciousness or tied up and captured by the enemy. After five minutes, they're up again, but with very low health. All the arrows you see are due to a glitch you sometimes see in very large raids in which lag causes arrows to appear to be floating in air at times. You can actually dodge them. Most of the time, however, the arrows are NOT dodgeable, and are coming from all directions. It's incredible chaos, and incredible fun! Image source: Snapshot of another Gorean raid in progress.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How To Play Gor in Second Life

In Second Life Gor, captured panther girls in the northern forests are stripped and bound, preparatory to being shipped to a city and sold into slavery. Image source:

So, you wanna play at being a Gorean warrior, slave girl, Free woman, panther girl, scribe, merchant, slaver or what-have-you, but you don't know how. Well, in this post and several subsequent posts, I'm gonna tell you exactly how to do it, step by step, so that you can play the game confident about what you'll encounter and what kind of fun you'll have. Basically, this is intended to be a friendly doorway into SL Gor for anyone who wants to play, and for anyone who wants to know how it works. There's way too much to tell you in one post, so I'll just get you started in this one, enough to get you SL Gor and snooping about. Subsequent posts will tell you where the cow pies are.

First of all, you need to join Second Life. Go here and set up an account, pick out an avatar, then download the Second Life viewer. You're gonna want to switch to Phoenix or Forestorm shortly, but start out with the standard Second Life viewer.

Now about that avatar. Pick out whatever you like, don't worry about it. You can buy (or get freebies for) the avatar that will allow you to look like anyone you like, you can think of these avatars as very rough drafts for the character you'll end up creating.

You can have as many as eight avatars with a freebie account, so don't sweat that, either. Almost nothing in SL (Second Life) is irrevocable. But there is one irrevocable thing you should know about.

Until you are VERY familiar with the people you play with in SL, I would STRONGLY advise you not to reveal any personal information about yourself to anyone. It's really a good idea to keep your second life and your real life completely separate until you know the lay of the land, better yet, keep it secret, period. Cause once that cat is out of the bag, it's out of the bag: irrevocable. If you have told someone you should not have who you are in real life, you don't get to untell them. Keep your real name, real address, real phone number, real email address, and other such revealing information under your hat. It could save you a LOT of trouble.

Also, don't accept gifts from anyone you don't "know." There are people who are stealing stuff from SL residents (Linden dollars are real money, if not as expensive as real dollars) and the objects they give you will allow them to steal your money and your inventory.

But other than that, just wander around and have fun. Get to know the lay of the land. Second Life is atonishingly different from other computer games in many respects, and Second Life Gor is it's own special level of fun and weird. Have fun! It's supposed to be fun! You might just wind up visiting the sim where I play. Not that you'll ever know ...

(All of the following links are slurls (Second Life URLs). To use them, copy them from this page, then paste them into local chat on your browser and hit return. They'll show up in the chat window. Click on the url in the chat window and they'll teleport you to the sim.)

Here are a few places to visit to get you started. Caveats: Many Gorean SL sims are classified as "Adult" by Linden Labs. You will have to be age-verified to visit them. By all means do so. If you are not old enough to play Second Life, don't play Second Life. It'll still be there when you turn 18, and there are plenty of other games to play. In fact, what are you doing reading this blog?

Also, you may want to buy things in Second Life. You buy Lindens in order to do that. They run roughly 250 Lindens to the US dollar. There are lot of brilliant designers, weapon makers, scripters and builders in Second Life, and the virtual goods are often quite reasonably priced. As I've noticed elsewhere, Second Life is FULL of sexy clothing for slavegirls to wear. Have fun! But just so you can get kitted out for free, before you develop your taste for SL gear, I'm including SLURLs for a lot of freebie shops. Have at!

Gorean Welcome Center

This sim is designed to welcome new players to Gor. It has some excellent resources to help you learn how to roleplay, freebie kits for various kinds of Gorean roles, including clothes, and a large map of Gor with links to let you teleport to various Gorean lands.

Gorean Recruiting Center

This is a great place to find Gorean sims to visit. Just click on the posters which will give you landmarks, or notecards with landmarks on them. (They look like pushpins). Click on the pins and they will pull up a graphic which will have a button called "Teleport" on it. Click that rascal and there you are! Also has plenty of freebies scattered about.

The Gor Hub

This is a place where Gorean congregate to meet and greet and find new places to visit. It's a good place to hang about and listen. There's also a giant map of Gor with many Gorean sims represented it on it. Good place to look around for lands to visit.

Port Haifa Freebie Market

There is a section of regular freebies to the right of the docks as you come off the ship. (Nothing metaphorical here, in most Gorean sims you materialize either on a ship or on docks, to make the the teleportation a little more plausible.) Also freebies hidden in barrels scattered throughout the market. And plenty of goodies to buy in the market. Have fun.

Freebie Temple
Excellent source of freebie weapons and other Gorean RP items.

Sexy Freebies Paradise
This is a non-Gor freebie shop. YOu can get hair, avatars, skins, and a lot of other personal adornments.

Many Gorean sims have freebie costumes available in their markets or in their docks as well.

More to come!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bluenoses Object To Kink Studio Tour

"And on your left you can see a naked submissive hung upside down by her heels, tied hand and foot, orgasming her brains out via vibrator."
Image source:

Well with all the good news and general acceptance of 50 Shades of Gray I've been reporting, you just know there has to be some bad news. And it's minor-league bad news, nothing like on the scale of all the good news.

It seems that Kink, Inc., the San Francisco-based home of Sex and and and a lot of other really good BDSM oriented websites (full disclosure: I'm an affiliate site of theirs, that is, you click on the photos from their sites that I use and then join their site, etc., and I get a portion of the money) offers tours of their studios.

The Internet coupon firm Groupon has for the second time offered a coupon for Kink, Inc., tours, and this has roused the ire of a group of prudes called Morality in Media to call for a national boycott of Groupon, according to this report from Grub Street in San Francisco. I was expecting the usual craven response of businesses to ANY pressure from right wing groups, but instead Groupon stood their ground. They said (paraphrasing here) "We vet our businesses carefully, and is a responsible member of the business community."

So I guess this is good news, so far. Morality in Media gets a thumb in the eye for their efforts. It couldn't happen to more deserving people. My hope, and my expectation is that their boycott will go absolutely nowhere. But we have to keep an eye on these jerks, they are relentless in their fetishistic desire to control what others can watch. And like rapists, they are ALL ABOUT the nonconsensual.

Hey, the article mentions that Kink is opening a restaurant! I bet the service there will be TERRIFIC!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sites of Grayness

Clearly, the readers of 50 Shades of Gray do not realize that they should be terrified, cowed or ashamed by the book. They are having a great time! They just aren't getting it! Image source is

In my previous post I made a lot allegations about the 50 Shades of Gray phenomenon. But I didn't back it up with any cites, basically because it would be a TON of work to assemble enough cites to prove my point, more suited to a research institute than a single blogger. But still, so much is happening, I thought it would be good to leave you with a few of the more interesting articles and posts I've found.

Let's start with a biggie. A discussion of 50 Shades of Gray on The View had Barbara Walters (82 years young, as the old folks say) saying that women liked to go home to husbands who were the boss in the bedroom and who did kinky things to them. And asking a co-host if she liked rough sex. A good example of the "hot and sexy" response without the EEEEEWWW brackets in a major mainstream venue.

Newsweek did a cover story about 50 Shades that was one of the most effective pieces of trolling ever. The article is badly written, out of focus (for example, it tries to link 50 Shades with a cable series called Girls that has absolutely nothing to do with the book). The article managed to outrage feminists who hate 50 Shades (here's a great example of a doctrinaire feminist attacking the Newsweek article, note that she's so out of control, foaming at the mouth mad that she even has to attack the book's sales as not groundbreaking, something everybody else seems to agree on) feminists who love 50 Shades (here's a good example from The Frisky, note that its criticism of the article is about the difference between real world BDSM and how badly Roiphe missed the point about the book). It probably offended apolitical women who love and hate 50 Shades, but I suspect they did not write much about the article.

The bulk of the attention in the articles cited above is "What does this all mean about women in this day and age?" but there are other aspects of 50 Shades that have been covered as well. For examples, the rise of ebook erotica may well be the most important story here. There have been several articles on this topic, the best I have read is this one, which covers the ways traditional publishing has failed and the way readers on the Internet have succeeded in mentoring the authors and stories they like. The author claims that the success of 50 Shades heralds the end of publishing as we know it, and I think he has a point. EL James benefited from that mentoring when she wrote her initial Twilight fanfic, when it was cast off the Twilight fanfic website for being too erotic she had a huge base of fans, and when she went pro, they drove the book to huge sales. No marketer or marketing department had come near the book, it made bestseller all it's own, as an ebook.

But if you want to get a real viewpoint on what's happening with 50 Shades, don't read the traditional media pieces like Katie Roiphe's, or the somewhat predictable responses of doctrinaire types, read the reviews by women who have actually read the book. (A surprisingly large number of doctrinaire types preface their analyses of the effect of 50 Shades by confessing that they never read the book, in short, that they are lazy, ignorant blowhards who don't do their homework.)

And on the news front, the Victim Channels ... er, the Lifetime Channel, will be premiering a new daytime talk show hosted by Amanda de Cadanet, a British photographer and mother of three whose major claim to fame seems to be that she's best friends forever with Demi Moore, whose company, not coincidentally, will be producing the show. And the hook they have chosen to make the show different is that it will be a "50 Shades of Gray" kind of show, which from what I can tell means only that they will talk about sex a lot. Duh. The news is not the show, but that it's using the book as its hook. 50 Shades has got that kind of hooks into the culture already. Change is in the air.

Friday, April 20, 2012

50 Shades of Gray Is A Game Changer

"All right! All right! I'll sign the friggin' contract!" Image source:

From where I sit, the 50 Shades of Gray phenomenon looks less and less a wave and more and more like a tsunami. I have instructed my flying monkeys to bring stories based on a number of key phrases: bondage, sexual bondage, kink, kinky, etc. etc.

The 50 Shades monkeys keep bringing in more stories than all the other monkeys put together. In fact, the OTHER monkeys bring in lots of 50 Shades stories as well, as the tsunami swamps other categories. And that's even counting the "bad hits" you get with many other keywords. For example, the keyword "bondage" always brings in references to "debt bondage" which is just NOT sexy, and religious tracts, where references to "bondage to the Israelites" and "Roman bondage" are common ways of referencing incidences of slavery.

And let's not talk about all the bad hits you get from the term "slavery." Hell "damsel in distress" is nothing BUT bad hits since Whit Stillman's movie Damsels in Distress came out. (There is no bondage or anything like it in the movie.) But that's the ONLY keyword that picks up that movie. 50 Shades leaks into EVERY fricking keyword, with the possible exception of Sword and Sorcery.

And even counting all those bad hits, 50 Shades still swamps everything else.

And it's not just the QUANTITY of stories, either. 50 Shades is making more appearances in much larger mainstream venues than other keywords. TV shows like "The View," and "Today," magazines like Entertainment Weekly (it was the cover story) and Time, and, well, most websites and blogs that could develops some kind of rationale for covering, like Slate, The Huffington Post, Salon and so forth. Most other keyword stories show up on the Web, often on relatively obscure websites, there's been nothing even remotely like 50 Shades' profile in the mainstream.

It makes me wonder what it would be like to watch the media when the movie Story of O rolled in back in the 1970s. My suspicion is that Story of O would have had a huge impact on the media relative to other topics related to bondage (likely including "bondage" itself) but that's not saying much because at the time there was no Web with all its bondage-related sites, in fact, the porn industry had just started up. It was nothing like it is now. So there would not have been a hell of a lot to be swamped. It would have LOOKED like a tsunami, but it would be a tsunami in a small lake, compared to an actual tsunami.

But THAT'S not even the biggest thing, or the most important thing, relating to the 50 Shades media splash. The biggest thing has to do with HOW the stories are reported. As I said in an earlier post on 50 Shades, up until quite recently, which is to say NOW, any story dealing with bondage, ESPECIALLY maledom/femsub bondage is bracketed with a long, loud "EEEEEEEWWWWW!!" as the author distanced him or herself from the topic and also expressed their disgust with it. The prevailing tone was, "What is this alien bondage thing these FREAKS are doing and how can IT and THEY be prevented or at least given the medical treatment they so desperately need?" generally lumping consensual bondage practitioners with serial killers who included bondage in their murders, or at least making them seem to be close kin.

There have been exceptions to this rule, increasing slowly over time, but still, these few exceptions REALLY STOOD OUT against the overwhelming background of "EEEEEWWWWWW!!!!"

With "50 Shades," while there have been a FEW stories full of "EEEEEEEEWWWW!!!" and the usual predictable old-wave feminist disapproval, the fast majority of stories have been positive, in a "that's kinda sexy and hot" way, or sometimes neutral. It's AMAZING to see the difference. Clearly, SOMETHING has happened in the media or in the culture to change the way bondage stories get reported on.

Here's my take on it, and it's a theory, I don't have any facts to back it up: the change has occurred because 50 Shades is perceived as, as it has so often has been described as "Mommy porn." That is, everybody thinks of the popularity of 50 Shades as a result of a lot of women in their 20s and 30s liking it entirely on their own accord. Because it is perceived as a grass-roots movement by women rather than some artificial astroturfed movement created by a publisher or movie producer, it gets respect. And the only reason it gets that perception and that respect is because the book's success undeniably WAS a grass-roots thing, it was selling hundreds ouf thousands of copies online LONG before any big publishers came near it.

In fact, the only reason a big publisher DID come near it was that it was ALREADY a phenomenal success.

And it probably doesn't hurt that it was written by a woman, a mother like the readers of the book.

Hopefully, this presages big, important changes for bondage erotica and online erotica. I won't say it's certain, but something important certainly HAS happened. If this means maledom/femsub bondage has finally become acceptable as a fun, sexy game ... everybody wins.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Karg Now Available For Sale on Amazon

Art created by Pat Powers. For reals!

Karg has been out of print since Mobipocket folded its publishing operation. But you can't keep a good book down, so I've updated it for Amazon. The success of L. D. James' Fifty Shades of Gray has, well, a LOT to do with my decision to bring the erotic romance with a science fiction twist back into "print." (It's an E-book for kindle and other devices.) You can buy Karg on Amazon at this link.

If you're unsure of what you're getting into, you can read several chapters of Karg for free at a link found on the Amazon page. It's a hard book to quantify, it can be described as an erotic romance, a science fiction romance, a fantasy romance, it has elements of a paranormal romance (artificially induced telepathy) and let's face it, some might just call it bondage porn. Or porn. Though that term is generally reserved for visual sexual imagery, and Karg is ALL about the words, baby!

Readng the free samples of Karg might help you decide for yourself, that's why it's a good diea. In another sense, it's probably a terrible idea ... you WILL want to buy the book after you read the sample chapters. Just a friendly warning ... heh.

People who remember Karg's old book cover will notice I've changed it, for the better I think. Let's face it, Karg is not about the relationship between a woman and her dinosaur. It's about the relationship between a woman and her man ... many men, in fact. And a couple of women. And though there ARE dinosaur-like creatures in the books, they are in NO way romantic leads!

Anyway, a brief description of the Karg:

Karg is the story of Susan Yearby, an astronaut who, along with her lover Tully, is marooned on a primitive planet full of dinosaur-like giant lizards, warriors and slave girls. Separated from Tully when an unknown enemy blows up their lander and forces their mother ship to feel the area, Susan is quickly captured and enslaved by the primitives who live on the area. Somehow, she must find Tully and make her way across this strange planet full of perils and pitfalls while enslaved, find Tully, and discover what attacked their lander. It's a tall order, but even naked and in chains, Susan has resources her captors cannot even guess at ... and a blazing determination to find her way back to Tully and civilization.

So buy the book. It will have plenty of scenes like this:

Well, kinda like this! Image source:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stuffed Submissive

"When they said I'd be stuffed after dinner this was NOT what I had in mind!" Image source: Sex and

Let's see: "Hand in mouth, check. Butt plug in ass, check! Cock in pussy, check! Hands tied behind, check! Legs tied together, check! Ok, now we gotta slather her in body oil and fuck her for 45 minutes, then she'll be all nice and tender and ready for bed."

Monday, April 16, 2012

Introducing The Hello Kitty Ball Gag

"Eh-oh, Ih-ee!" (Translation: "Hello, Kitty!"). Image source: Hello Kitty Hell.

Well it had to happen. The Hello Kitty vibrator raised a furor back in the day, since Hello Kitty is apparently marketed to very young girls in Japan. My flying monkeys found this image of the Hello Kitty ball gag recently, apparently there are also a number of OTHER BDSM-themed Hello Kitty products out there. I'm not sure what to make of this, in this case I simply report the news as it happens, or doesn't, sometimes considerably after it happens. But you get the idea.

Of course, there is much to be said for the traditional ballgag! Image source:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blood Meridian: When Bridesmaids Go Bad!

"Ok, ok, no more pink and green polka dot bridesmaids dresses!" Image source: vidcap from Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz' music video "Blood Meridian."

Well as far as I'm concerned this is just another bad heavy metal rap video, but it DOES have lots and lots of images of a blonde bound and gagged. So it gets credit for that. I think she was overdressed ... bridal dress and all ... but still, some nice emoting by the damsel and a variety of scenes of the damsel in bondage. Not gonna make my bondage television channel, which is moribund of late, but I'll save that for quality stuff.

So check it out!

If only they had gone to the folks at Kink for costuming and staging advice! Image source:

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Art of Bondage: En Pointe

"Are you SURE the nipple weights help with the balance? I mean, my breasts are ... all right ..." Image source:, featuring model Darling with an improbable grin on her face.

She had heard that ballet training was hard and required great sacrifice and effort, especially for things like going en pointe ... but she'd had no idea HOW hard until she entered the Christian Gray School of Ballet ...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Following Up

The only appropriate prison garb for a crime of this magnitude! Image source:

Well first of all, good news! Remember the Portland couple who got arrested playing bondage games with her tied up in the back of his car on Valentine's Day, who got reported by a concerned citizen? Well the outcome I'd hoped for ... a chewing-out with no charges ... was the one we got. Huzzah!

In other news, the 50 Shades of Gray media juggernaut continues to roll. Found a column by Maureen Dowd ... Maureen-fricking-Dowd! ... writing about her experiences reading Story of O as a teen and now 50 Shades. Oh my! The tone of the column is distinctly kinky erotica friendly, which is a big change for mainstream media writers, who generally have not been able to communicate on the topic of bondage kink without bookending anything they say with "EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" Which frankly tended to drown out the rest of what they were saying. So ... WTG Maureen!

"Sir! I can hardly assassinate you properly while in doggie style! Image source: vicap from Sexy Assassins.

Finally, I was working with my TV on in the background the other night, when I kept looking at the actress who was humping the guy in the Skinamax film that was on. She looked kinda familiar. Looked closer. She looked like ... looked like ...


It was not Felicia Day of course, Skinamax flicks are not her thing. It was Felicia Day's celebrity clone Justine Joli, starring in "Sexy Assassins," a 2012 Skinamax film that just HAPPENED to have come out recently. Good lord, the woman is everywhere!

So, if you want to see a scene where an actress who looks kinda like Felicia Day has full-on softcore sex with a guy then ties his wrists together (of course, Skinamax is all about dudes in distress) and finally smothers him to death with a pillow ... you're in luck! It's in rotation on the HBO digital cable channels right now!

April Is Sexy Bondage Lingerie Month

"Your stockings really match your stocks, baby!" Image source: Sex and

A tidbit from the Adult Video News website declares that April is sexy bondage lingerie month, according to Goldstores Online, a retailer of, just by coincidence, sexy bondage lingerie, among other things. (You can check out their website, if you want to see lots of sexy bondage lingerie, restraints, gags, etc.)

We're down with, it sounds like fun!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Charlize Theron's Hacked Bondage Sex Video

Would you believe this is a still from Charlize Theron's hacked bondage sex video? Image source:

Charlize Theron's cellphone was hacked and it contained a bondage sex video. So the natural thing to do is to broadcast that video on the Funny or Die! channel. Which is to say, it's actually a spoof of the phenomenon of "leaked" celebrity sex videos, and a pretty damn funny one.

Sadly, unfortunately, perhaps even tragically, it contains no images of Charlize Theron in sexual bondage. (It's guys in bondage, of course.) It's still funny, though, so check it out!

Yet another image not to be found on Charlize Theron's naked, hacked bondage sex video! Image source:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dr Who Lesbian Orgy With Jenna Louise Coleman

"Are you SURE you're Daleks?" Image source: Public Disgrace, inset, publicity photo.

It's recently been announced that the latest addition to Dr. Who's long list of comely female companions will be played by the British actress Jenna Louise Coleman. And Coleman is comely indeed!

However, the moment I saw the publicity photos (see inset) I knew that I'd seen that face before. And so I have ... check out this image from Public which clearly shows Jenna Louise Coleman (or her clone) being molested by half a dozen women getting all in her business like Dr. Who gets in Daleks' business, only with less cries of "Exterminate! Exterminate!" It looks like the next season of Dr. Who will take a direction never taken before by the long-running series.

Well it beats Dr. Who having an invisible alien friend whom only he can see and hear.

Of course, it COULD be a wayward clone of Jenna Louise Coleman, or even someone who merely kinda looks like Jenna Louise Coleman who is in the employ of Kink, Inc., but come on, who would believe a thing like that? It is to laugh!

For more on Jenna-Louise Coleman's celebrity clone, porn star Melissa Jacob,check out this post.

Is Anyone Else Finding The Pics Missing On This Blog?

Because I sure am! Got no idea what's up at the moment. I checked the links for the picks, they look all right, though I notice some of my text links are now directed to the UK. Weird. Anybody who has a clue what this might be, please let me know.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Felicia Day: Nude, Bound, Gagged ... or Just Cloned?

Felicia Day and Justine Joli (right). Celebrity clones ... or CONSPIRACY??? Image source:, right, publicity photo, left.

In a previous post I noted that Felicia Day had a celebrity clone that had done some nude modelling, specifically posing in and out of a Slave Leia outfit.

But you know how those Celebrity Clones are. Turns out that Justine Joli, the model who was clearly cloned from the same DNA as Felicia Day by mad scientists posing as sane scientists, has been doing some other modelling as well.

Modelling like this:

Ball gagged, tied spread-eagled and given a vigorous lesbian dildo fucking? Oh NOESSSSS!!!! Wait ... could be the clone ... Image source:, inset, publicity photo.

Seems Justine Joli is or was a model, showing up at several sites and doing the sort of things that are done at those site. Isn't that just the way it goes when you clone celebrities? If only those mad scientists were sane enough not to do this sort of thing!

You'll just have to take our word on this one! Image source:

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Art of Hardcore Porn

"Marco!" Image source: (It's tagged "" but this was a website that branched off from Hogtied but was never launched because they feared the models would injure themselves or each other in the course of the trials ... hey, this is Spar .. America!)

Over on the Eros Blog they've got a nice post about some porn images being art images. I tend to agree. I've found quite a few pics that made me go "Wow!" first and foremost the pic above. It's an image of a bound woman swimming as part of the never-launched website "Bondage Trials" a spinoff of I think the trial in this case was swimming with bound hands while carrying a banana from one part of the pool to the other, because there are other images of the model swimming with a banana clutched in her bound hands and of her trying to get the banana from the edge of the pool using only her tongue.

The thing that makes it look like fine art to me is the way the reflections work on th woman's figure and on the surfaces of the pool, and the surface of the water. It turns a prosaic image into something that looks like an artist playing with the themes of light, shadow, shape and texture and how they interact on an abstract level to create an image with an objective meaning ... nude in a swimming pool. Cool stuff, indeed!

Then there's this image from Public Disgrace:

"My breast is pleased to meet you as well!" Image source:Public Disgrace.

How is this a fine art image? Just a woman on a bus with her hands tied behind her back getting felt up by a fellow passenger. Well, to see what makes it art, you need to look at the Dutch Old Master painting below:

"Gypsy Girl" by Frans Hals. Image source: public domain.

Here's the link: look at the women's faces, they are almost the same: the same sly expression in the eyes, the same half smile on the mouth, the same rounded cheeks, the same dimpled chins, the same nose ... let's face it, they could be Celebrity Clones! So this image is a reflection of an Old Masterpiece, and maybe gives us a bit of an insight into the painting ... was Hals' hand inside that open blouse when the painting was created, but left out of the final product? We'll never know, but I think this art leads to some speculation.

Finally, there's this bit, not a bondage image but still very nice:

"This is what I call my lickety-split! If only I had something else to lick." Image source: (And if you like images of stretchy naked women wrapping themselves into all sorts of improbable but erotic poses, you owe it to yourself to visit CL-Erotic, it does not photograph models if they are not way over to extreme on the bendy scale.

I see this image as a sort of modern rural Americana piece, much like some of the paintings of Grant Woods and Edward Hopper that portrayed rural landscapes in all their vastness. Kind of like this photo:

"Wheat!" Image source: Dirt Road In A Wheat Field, © Alexei Poselenov |

I see the CL-Erotic photo as an image of the sort of thing that probably has occurred more than a few times in rural America, some limber cheerleader wowing her boyfriend with her bendiness and her sexiness on the hood of a car in some distant field, in front of God and everybody as the saying goes, hidden in plain sight by the vastness of the landscape they're in.

The raunch factor of her exposed pussy and anus is offset by her carefree grin as she licks her knee, enjoying the sun, the sky and the near-certain prospect of having that wide-open body of her thoroughly fucked on the hood of that car. It's a Real American Image, all right!

Study in Sepia. Image source:

Let's finish with a strong bondage image that also has the look of fine art. Like the image that started this post, this is another study in texture, form, color and shape, the smooth masses of the woman's body contrasting with the rough textures of the boards she rests on and the even rougher texture of the brick wall at the top of the image. The linearity of the boards works against the curves of her body, and it's unified by the blacks, browns, and grays that are the dominant colors of the image. The vulnerability of her pussy, soft and delicate and organic, is contrasted with the hard inorganic shapes around her.

You may think that none of these images is art, or can be art, because they have elements that most would say are prurient. I personally think that's a function of culture ... the art will remain long after the culture is gone.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Virgin Mary in Bondage

Mary goes beyond contrary to perverse! Image source: California Newswire.

An article in California Newswire reports that a portrait of the Virgin Mary showing her collared and shackled has stirred controversy ... who'd a thunk it?

The portrait, entitled "The Lady of Nazareth Chooses To Play Along" is by Marilyn Artus, an artist and feminist who created it to protest the way Catholics and various prominent conservatives are encroaching on women's rights ("the war on women" as it's been called). There is all sorts of symbolism in the work beside the bondage (a coat hanger, a scarlet letter, etc.) but somehow, I don't that other symbolism is going to be what attracts attention, if any mainstream media pick it up.

I say "if" because the article seems to be searching for outrage but not finding any. An interview with an Oklahoma City Catholic (where the art will be exhibited as part of a tour) found him expressing the eminently reasonable position that it was all right for the artist to use such symbolism to express her opinions.

Still, with "50 Shades of Gray" growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, you have to wonder what kind of weird cross currents are going on out there in that great big culture of ours.

"Mary, is that you?" "Mmmmfgh!" Image source: Hogtied.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beach Heat: Miami And A Dungeon

Chasity Lynn puts the heat in "Beach Heat: Miami." Image source: vidcap from Showtime's "Beach Heat: Miami" series.

From time to time I've taken pleasure in spotting bondage actresses getting their groove on in mainstream films, mostly Skinamax films that can be seen on late night cable fare. I haven't done so in a while because it has become old news. A lot of Internet bondage porn actresses do mainstream televised porn, and why not?

It's a bit ironic, since Skinamax films remain totally oblivious to bondage themes, and when they do run a bondage theme, it's generally very brief, lame, or involves a dude rather than a damsel, with rare exceptions like the bound blowjob scene in Bikini Jones: Temple of Eros.

Showtimes' Beach Heat: Miami series is no exception to the rule, the bondage scenes are rare, brief and crummy. But what piqued my interest is that I recognized three of the four female regulars on the show as bondage models. That was new! Chastity Lynn, Pepper Kester and Savannah Stern have all showed up in the Dungeon bondage sites, Chasity and Savannah in the Fucking Dungeon, Pepper in Strict Restraint.

"Yoo-hoo! Boys! Look what I got here! Come and get it!" Image source: vidcap from Fucking Dungeon video.

The actresses all use the same names for Beach Heat: Miami as they use for their bondage videos, hence they're not trying to conceal their identities, a Google search gives up the goods on all of them instantly. (The fourth actress, Kiara Mia, does vanilla hardcore modelling, also under the same name she uses in Beach Heat: Miami.)

Savannah Stern in one of the few bondage scenes in Beach Heat: Miami (season 2, episode 13 if you're interested) in which she impulsively gags herself with a tie during sex. As indicated earlier, it's brief (just a few seconds) and crummy (the tie is never tied in back of her head, it just hangs there after it's placed. Image source: Miami: Beach Heat vidcap.

Many bondage models used to use different aliases for Skinamax softcore work, I guess there's no longer any opprobrium attached to being a bondage model, at least where softcore porn is concerned. Yay! Then again, it's kinda surprising that there ever was any opprobrium ... it's not like softcore porn has STANDARDS. But there it is ... change. Though I guess they do have kind of a standard of doing little, lousy or dudish bondage, and of doing sex scenes in positions that clearly do not promote genital to genital contact, but acting like it's really intense sex. So they've got THAT going for them!

Now THIS is more like it! Clearly, Stern is up for stronger bondage scenes when she gets the chance. Image source: vidcap from Fucking Dungeon video.

In addition to Savannah Stern's lame-ass gag scene, Pepper Kester has an even more lame-ass cuff scene in Season 2 episode 12 where she's arrested for murder. It's pretty much the sort of routine cuff scene you see on prime time TV. Sad, really.

Pepper Kester in decidedly NOT lame-ass bondage. Image source: promo photo from the Strict Restraint site.

I don't do much coverage of Skinamax films nowadays, the simple reason is, the dearth of bondage scenes on them. But hey, if their casts are becoming all bondage models, all the time, perhaps the actresses will INSIST on some good bondage sce ...

Sigh. Who am I kidding?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Linking Abortion to Sex Slavery

"Help! Come and see the violence inherent in the System! The Man has TOTALLY got me down!" Image source:

I think we can all agree that my flying monkeys have been hauling in some weird shit of late. And today's post is no exception: some femininsts are advancing the argument that the best way to defend abortion rights is to argue that the people who are advocating against abortion are attempting to continue the enslavement of (especially black) women from the days of slavery, and detailed by this article on The Nation's website.

I'd advise reading the article for the best understanding the argument, but to summarize: author JoAnn Wypijewski talks about the work of Professor Pamela Bridgewater, who has done a lot of historical research on slavery and discovered quite a few facts, like the fact that female slaves outnumbered male slaves two to one in the slavery era and for good reason: they were the preferred gender, being the gender that could produce more slaves. Allow me to quote:
We don’t commonly recognize that American slaveholders supported closing the trans-Atlantic slave trade; that they did so to protect the domestic market, boosting their own nascent breeding operation. Women were the primary focus: their bodies, their “stock,” their reproductive capacity, their issue. Planters advertised for them in the same way as they did for breeding cows or mares, in farm magazines and catalogs. They shared tips with one another on how to get maximum value out of their breeders

Now here comes the legal angle: when the 13th Amendment was passed, prohibiting slavery, the American courts ruled in a succession of cases that the Amendment also prohibited slavery's "badges and incidents," i.e., all the things that went along with slavery. So since inhibiting a woman's reproductive freedom was definitely an essential elements of slavery ... and the history is quite clear on this point ... then inhibiting a woman's reproductive freedom is illegal under the 13th Amendment.

It's a really nifty legal argument, linking the Civil Rights struggle for black women with the struggle of women generally to control their reproductive destinies. I personally doubt it would fly with the present Supreme Court, because although legal types LURVE a good, solid legal argument, my cynical self suspects that they tend to be more swayed by legal arguments that are in line with their personal belief systems ... and it's not for no reason that Republican presidents have nominated four successive middle aged white Catholic men to the Supreme Court.

"We've come a long way, baby!" Or ... not ... Rihanna in bondage for her video S&M.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Amazon Gets Explored

"Mmmmgh gllrrbb gggrrrhhhgg!" (Translation: "Great Hera! I'm coming! I'm COOOOMIIING!" Image source:

Had to run this pic, it's a Wonder-Womanish superheroine, I think played by Christina Carter, though it's kind of hard to tell under the circumstances, getting her brains minioned out. I think it's a great, cartoonish pic, the sort of thing that could show up as a panel in a Wonder Woman cartoon if censorship issues didn't exist. There's even a very plausible set-up for a LOT of imagery of this sort in Wonder Woman's mythos.

It seems that back before Wonder Woman was born, in ancient Greece, Wonder Woman's mother was tricked by Hercules (a bad guy in Wonder Woman's mythology) and as a result she and all the other Amazons were enslaved by Hercules and his buddies. Hence the scene above, and many, many others like it, could be canon, if censorship were not the rule.

We're talking a franchise of Amazons in bondage films! Image source:

And speaking of thrusting deep into Amazons, an article on IO9 reveals that the mightiest Amazon, i.e., the river down in South America, is now accessible via Google Street View. You can explore the Amazon without getting bitten by a single mosquito, poisonous snake or jaguar. I know, it sucks, but it's still pretty damn cool!

"Hey, I think I saw a fish!" Image source: IO9.