Monday, December 23, 2013

Naked Women of Cell Block F Reviewed

"Please excuse us for swarming you like this, sir, but we've been in prison and ... it's been a long time for us ..." Image source: Vidcap from "Women of Cell Block F."

While converting my library of old VHS tapes to DVD format, I came across a film I did not know I had taped, Girls of Cell Block F, a XXX film. (There is a fair amount of stuff in my video collection that I did not know I had taped, most of it is garbage. Some, or as my wife puts it, "almost all") of the stuff I KNOW I taped is garbage, too. But at least I knew I had it!)

Remember the old Jolly Roper department, "The No Bondage Zone", filled with films that by all rights SHOULD have had bondage but had little or none? Well, The Women of Cell Block F (I'm not calling it The Girls of Cell Block F, as it's not a juvenile prison) goes the inhabitants of "The No-Bondage Zone" one better. Its title clearly indicates that it should be a women in prison movie, but it lacks one of the two things that are essential to a women in prison film ... a prison! (The other, of course, is women, which the movie DOES have ... see above.)

Frankly, I'm pretty sure the movie is the way it is because it's a budgie job.

How did they manage that? And what's a budgie job? (You Monty Python fans might be able to guess.) Read the review here and learn all, as well as seeing images from VHS tapes copied so long ago that the video smearing renders some XXX-rated scenes into a soft R rating.

My video collection is full of interesting stuff, like this vidcap of the widest, raunchiest spreadeagle bondage in non-premium cable television -- it's from an episode of the Howard Stern Show that used to run on the E! Network, featuring Jaqi, a professional tickler of women. Image source: vidcap from the Howard Stern show.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Keri Russell's Haircut

Keri Russell in "The Babysitter's Seduction," just before the bad guy catchers her snooping on his computer and ties her up. Image source: vidcap from "the Babysitter's Seduction."

Doesn't Keri Russell look AMAZING in this vidcap? She's a beauty all right, big dark eyes, beautifully shaped face, cute little nose, perfect lips and the thing that really sets it off, the magnificent mane of lustrous, curly golden hair that surrounds her face. Even in a place like Hollywood, where beauties are a dime a dozen, Russell stands out.

But it's the hair that really does it. How do we know this? Because at the height of her fame, she cut it short, so people would take her seriously as an actress, instead of seeing her as a prop for a head of hair. Here's what she looked like afterward:

Keri Russell as she appeared when she had her hair cut short during the run of "Felicity." NOT an improvement, she aged a good fifteen years, visually.

Now there's no doubt about it: Russell is still a beauty, even with her hair cut short. Her face remains gorgeous. But she's JUST a beauty. With her hair cut short she moves from the ranks of an amazing beauty who makes jaws drop open even in Hollywood, to those dime-a-dozen beauties that are common in Hollywood. If you saw her short-hair face on a box of soap or a commercial for JC Penney blouses, you would forget it as soon as your eyes moved away. Just another model.

Predictably the TV show Russell was in ("Felicity") took a major hit in the ratings after she cut her hair, leading the WB Network it was airing on to create a rule that actresses were not allowed to change their hairstyles during the tenure of the show. Yes, it was THAT bad.

Now, here's the thing. I get that Russell wanted to prove her worth as an actress, but the thing is, beauty, even amazing beauty like Russell's once was, only gets you so far in Hollywood. You still have to be a good actress, and a lucky one too, to reach the A list. So if you are smart, and Ms. Russell is not smart, you use every advantage you have. You don't shuck an advantage just to PROVE you can manage without it until you have proven you can manage with it, by getting as far as you want to go.

Don't get me wrong. Ms. Russell's career has survived her haircut. She's currently starring in a TV series called "The Americans" and is starring in an upcoming movie "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes." (And she thought she had hair issues in "Felicity"!) But who knows how far she would have gotten if she had kept the advantage her incredible hair conferred on her?

Here's notably large-breasted porn star Christina Carter tied to a rack and wearing a ring gag while being thoroughly molested by a vibrator mounted on a dildo pole. Don't look for her to have breast reduction surgery in order to demonstrate that she can still do great work in bondage porn with small breasts. Not that she couldn't ... but an advantage is an advantage, in fact, she clearly paid to have her twin bouncing advantages installed. Image source:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Next Fifty Shades of Grey

"So you think you're gonna be the next Fifty Shades of Grey author, eh? I don't THINK SO!" she cried as she put her opponent in a full Authorial Submission Vagina Sleeper Hold. Image source: Ultimate

Here you'll see the latest book being touted as the next Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm not even going to mention the title in this story, I've seen dozens of such stories since Fifty Shades of Grey came out, and you know what the title “The Next Fifty Shades of Grey” has come to mean to me? It means “Also Ran.”

The success of Fifty Shades was not a matter of being well written, it was a matter of time, and tides. It was the first time a bit of fanfic (of the Twilight books) with the numbers filed off had ever had great success. It was the burgeoning of the long-building move of romance books toward more powerful sex scenes, and of the transformation of the traditional old bodice ripper romances to straightforward stories with themes of bondage, dominance and submission, along with the breakout of romance writers from the stranglehold of traditional romance publishers to the freedom of self-published ebooks. Finally, it was the rise of ebooks as a valid format for good writers.

It was ALL of these factors working together that made “Fifty Shades of Grey” such a tremendous success. I'm not saying it wasn't a well-written book, it WAS a well written book, but it's quality had a lot more to do with the understanding of its subject matter and its audience's interests than it had to do with literary sylishness (the basic gripe most of the lit-crit types have with the book is over style, not substance). In fact, it was arguably the feedback and editing that James got from the Twilight fandom community when she was working on "Master of the Universe," the fanfic story that became Fifty Shades of Grey, that made the book work so well.

There will be other very successful bondage-themed novels, and many will be very well written books indeed. But they will stand on their own as what they are. There will never be “another Fifty Shades of Grey” and saying that your book is such is more an admission of defeat than anything else. But there will be many, many books touted as “the next Fifty Shades of Grey” because marketers think it's a good “hook” for touting a book.

They would not think so if they understand the success of Fifty Shades of Grey the way I understand it.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Origin of Jazz Hands

"Wow, her hands really wiggle about every time you sit on her face!" Image source:

It's the only logical explanation, really.

Another nice tumblr bondage image site, just my way of saying, Fuck You, Tumblr.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

It Happens Everywhere Photos Are Taken!

Photobombing happens even in the midst of pubilc bondage and sex porn involving a naked bound woman sucking a naked woman's breast. Good to know! Image source:

In a bit of fun unrelated to the photo above, we found this article about the ways the success of Fifty Shades of Grey has affected English housewives. It's a tasty little sendup. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Curl of the Lash

She had called him a young whippersnapper one too many times that day ...
Image source:

I love the beauty and intensity of this image. The way the woman's body curls as she writhes, the way the whip seems to mimic her curling as it uncurls. An ingenious and interesting tie as well. I'm not into pain at all (which makes the lack of whip marks on her skin a plus for me) but this is a really strong dramatic image. Once again, an example of artistic bondage.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nude Nipple and Rope Bondage

"The weave on this dress is very coarse, but it fits very snugly, does it not?" Image source: unknown. Found it on a tumblr site. Let me know if you know.

I was initially attracted to this image because of the great beauty of the model, and the direct way she looks at the camera, with an inviting smile on her face. She looks like she is looking forward to something fun.

Then I looked more closely and saw this:

Now THAT is an ingenious use of a nipple piercing and rope. The ends of the bar are pulled up and over the ropes, pulling the nipple out with it. Tasty! I'll bet her nipples are feeling it every time she so much as blinks.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Walking The Dog

"That's a good girl, keep it up and I'll let you chase some cocks later on." Image source:

Is there anything as pleasant as taking your bitch for a walk in the park on a beautiful afternoon?

Amazing how many people they have out there, I suspect a lot of Public Disgrace shoots are handled by using staff and maybe even visitors to The Armory to produce the people who put the "Public" in "Public Disgrace." But this photo looks pretty damn public! I'm guessing Folsom Street Fair or maybe some park in San Francisco where getting your freak on is tolerated. Strange concept, toleration. Seems vaguely outmoded nowadays. Whatever happened to traditional American values?

Here's some appropriate music. (Hilarious early Rolling Stones video)

Monday, October 14, 2013

If You're Kinky And You Know It ...

Found this unattributed on a tumblr blog, had to repost it, it's hilarious. captions are not mine. Wish they were! The art looks like a something from a bondage magazine (remember those?) from the 1980s.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another Happy Bondagee

"I really love it when a guy gets carried away over me ... or when I get carried away by a guy!" Image source:

Ah, another bondagette grinning and enjoying the bondage. I considered the possibility that it was the gag that made her appear to be smiling, but look at her eyes ... they're smiling, too. It's hard to look at her and not think she's laughing her ass off. Always fun to see!

And here's a nice little tumblr bondage site, full of beauties bound and gagged, called Bondage! I figure that since tumblr is trying to suppress its adult sites, then I should promote them. It is better to light a single candle than to curse stupid megacorporations, but if you can do BOTH, that's wonderful! Fuck you, tumblr!

The blog hasn't been update of late, I've been busy with some video production, you know, tryna make some money here. There'll be more frequent posts in the next few weeks as it ties in with my other efforts.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Celebrity Bondage Welcomes Charisma Carpenter, Xenia Seeberg and Bernadette Peters

Rain DeGray: "Well see, you said I didn't have the NERVE to strip you naked, tie you up, put weights on your nipples, and put a huge vibrator right on your clit, but I DID, didn't I? And I'm going to fuck you senseless with this strap-on dildo next while you're all helpless and tied and sopping wet from the vibrator, what do you think of THAT, hunh?"
Cherry Torn: "That's, um ... terrible ... a little higher, please ...
Image source: Wired

Well some new updates to the Celebrity Bondage section of Bondagerotica: Bernadette Peters, Charisma Carpenter and Xenia Seeberg join the restrained lovelies on the page. Check it out!

Finally, a link to the Fair Weather Bondage site, a nice tumblr collection of lovelies in bondage.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Big Changes Ahead

British actress Sheridan Smith bound, gagged, naked and getting fucked, just one of three new actresses inducted into the Celebrity Bondage section of Bondagerotica.

Today's news, I've inducted three new celebrities: Gwen Stefani, Sheridan Smith (Love Soup, a Brit TV series) and Sibel Kikelli (Game of Thrones)into the Celebrity Bondage section of I've also updated the listings for several existing celebrity bondagettes whose links ran to a single article that included images of the, giving them their own pages. They are: Naomi Watts, Francois Yip, Dina Myer, Heather Matarazzo, Ogla Kurylenko, and Carolyn Ducey. The link for the Celebrity Bondage site goes to the mainstream listing site on Bondagerotica because the description has separate listings for each actress, including the ones whose sites have been updated. You can click here to go to the Celebrity Bondage department index.

The Big Changes

As you'll recall, a couple of months ago, Google threatened to dump all the Blogger sites that had adult affiliate links on them, which mine had hundreds of. So I cleaned em up and continued, but as you'll note there have been few posts this summer. What's the use, really, if Google can fuck up all my work with a wave of their hands.

Strangely enough, my hit count has not gone down at all. My stats show that the main driver for Politically Sexy hits has been my celebrity-related posts, and those account for only a small percentage of my total posts.

Then a week or two ago I got an affiliate check from and was surprised to note that it was for about twice what it normally is. I had had more signups WITHOUT the blog that I had WITH it.

Obvious inference: Politically Sexy has not been driving my signups, Bondagerotica has. And since there's no Google playing nanny over Bondagerotica, it's completely under my control.

So from here on out, Bondagerotica will be my first order of business, and Politically Sexy will be just a way to publicize Bondagerotica. Might as well grab them eyeballs whilst I can. And if Google at some points decides to go all squeaky-clean and dump all its adult blogs, and surely that is the direction it is headed in, I can safely say "Fuck you, Google" and move on. Very satisfying! I feel so validated in not trusting Google any further than I can throw it.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Underwater Beauty

Elegant, refined, beautiful ... and underwater! Image source: Water

Another underwater image struck my Art Bondage radar today. The young woman pictured here is strikingly beautiful, in a refined and elegant way. Her expression is knowing, almost haunting. Her hair floats above her in a cloud, her brown eyes are beautifully made up, her lips as well, despite the fact that she is under water. Frankly the image looks more like something you'd see in a jewelry ad than in porn.

Elegant, refined, beautiful, underwater, naked and in chains ... it's porn! Image source: Water

To be exact, an image for Water Bondage, a kink that just does not register at all on my kinkometer. It doesn't freak me out, I've enjoyed swimming since I was a kid, but there's nothing about it that makes me get sprung. Probably related to breath play, another kink that does nothing for me and is also dangerous. But for those who like it, I guess it's great stuff, so long as you don't go all Seth Mazzaglio. The unusually high number of images of women grinning happily during the sessions on Water Bondage shoots indicates to me that it's probably fun.

Kinda reminds me of this bit of art, which is pretty good for something not underwater. Image source: Vermeer's "Girl With A Pearl Earring."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tumblr Badmouthing and Hiding Its Adult Sites, And There's A Great Gorean Image Site On Tumblr

One of many, many great images that look very much like a Gorean sex slave to be found on the Gorean Life tumblr. Image source:

The corporate types who run Tumblr have started badmouthing and hiding from search engines the huge number of adult sites that have been established on Tumblr, as the Eros Blog has pointed out. I've never been all that crazy about Tumblr blogs because they're so fricking bad about tracking down the original artist/photographer that created the images that they use. But there's no doubt that tumblr is a VERY efficient way to load up a lot of great art, especially those archive pages.

I'm particularly fond of the Gorean Life tumblr blog. The guy who runs it has a great eye for Gorean imagery, as I've noted before, and the main reason for this post is that link so that Tumblr's fucking asshole ways will be in vain. Check it out if you have not already, bookmark it if you haven't already, because fucking Tumblr is not about to help you find it if you lose it.

And finally, I'm kind of amazed at ALL the images of slavegirls on the Gorean Life blog that show that whoever created the images shares my view of what slavegirls should look like: hot, naked, sexy, beautifully made up and so forth, and wearing lots of barbaric jewelry and ornamentation. What many of them DON'T seem to get is that they should also be wearing bondage gear: collars, cuffs and shackles.

Now I'm sure many of these image creators and their fans might argue: slavegirls don't go around all the time in shackles and collars (nipple rings and pussy rings work too!). True enough, but the problem with no bondage gear is that you've got nothing to distinguish between a free woman having sexy time and a slavegirl having sexy time. The point of a slavegirl is that she is in bondage, she can be tied up or chained up at any moment by her owner. That's what gives her that very sexy dom/sub edge. And since your image of the slavegirl is the only reference the audience has for the slavegirl, MAKE HER LOOK LIKE A FRICKING SLAVEGIRL WHY DONCHA? If she's not actually tied or chained to something or someone, have her AT LEAST wearing the fricking gear that will make it possible to SEE that they're SLAVEGIRLS! The collars, cuffs and shackles can be made of precious metals that are encrusted with jewels or wrought with intricate designs, but dammit, make them thick and heavy enough and with at least one inset ring that can be used to bind them securely, so they'll look like slavegirls.

Still and all, the beautifully adorned naked slaves on the Gorean Life blog are a wonderful thing in and of themselves. I've not seen a lot of photos that really do the hot slavegirl thing justice in the past, but it appears that a lot of photographers and artists are catching on, and the Gorean Life blog is finding them a lot more successfully than I ever did.

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Review of Anjanette by Candace Smith

Cover of Anjanette by Candace Smith

Candace Smith's "Anjanette" has one of the more riveting opening sequences in erotic fiction. In the near future, various young women are selected by the government to participate in a mysterious project on graduating from high school. The girls are never seen again after reporting for duty at the project. So there has arisen a tradition in which, after graduating, the girls go to a club and have a good time drinking and eating, before opening the envelopes which tell them their fate.

Anjanette is one of the unlucky girls who is selected for the project. She reports to the government building and is never seen from again.

It turns out that the project is a dirty deal between the government and aliens. The aliens give the government enormous diamond-like objects called “nelam” which are used to power their spaceships (and which are not all that rare or uncommon to the aliens) and in return they get the Earth girls, which they then sell on various other planets, somehow making a hefty profit in this trade.

Anjanette's fate is to be sold to the ruler of a planet where she is to be part of the prize in a brutal lottery in which the strongest men on the planet compete to see who will be the "lucky' one chosen to work in the government nelam mines for a number of (years? months? -- hard to say, time is very slippery in this story, along with much else). After serving their time in the mines, which reduces them to little more than beasts, the miners compete in one on one death matches in the arena, with the sole survivor getting a prize, a hut, a plot of land to grow things on, and a woman. And Anjanette is the woman in this instance.

(Why not just use a native woman instead of buying an expensive Earth girl? There's an explanation given, but it doesn't make much sense.)

Anjanette turns out to be a feisty and smart woman who is able to gentle down Raiz, the beast man she is given to, and they wind up having a happy and loving relationship, although Anjanette is often tied to the bed when they make love, though the bondage is only explicitly dealt with in one scene. (Why? I'm not sure. The dynamic of the story is definitely femdom/malesub, though Anjanette and Raiz's relationship feels very vanilla, despite the tying up.) I had hoped for more bondage, and since the aliens were larger than earth size (Raiz, for example, is a male of average height there, standing 6'7") and Anjanette was just 5'2" a little sexual dimorphism too, and that was dealt with in one scene where Anjanette had to REALLY work to fit Raiz's giant cock inside her, but that was about it except for Anjanette occasionally getting all warm in the genitals over how large and hunky Raiz was.

Meanwhile, back in interstellar space, the authorities who are (alien angels, kinda?) are sniffing out the rogue slave trading operation with the help of some (alien demons, kinda?) The story is further complicated by the fact that the planets are in different Realms (which are kinda dimensions?). I won't give away an plot spoilers, even though the plot is so badly constructed that it would be silly to read the book because of it.

My main complaint with the book is that the author seemingly threw plot elements in at random, like the angels/demons and the Realms/planets and the time distortion without really explaining how they work. In science fiction and to a much lesser extent, fantasy, it's important to let the reader know the rules that govern how the futuristic/supernatural elements work, and Smith does none of that. So you get the feeling that the plot was worked out during a drunken spitballing session, scrawled on the back of a few cocktail napkins with felt-tip pens, then dutifully written up by someone sober who didn't care if it made sense or not. Sort of like the plot of the movie Prometheus.

And frankly, mixing science fiction and religious elements together almost never works. Science fiction is by its very nature concerned with sticking to the real world, and the supernatural just doesn't work with it unless things are VERY carefully worked out, and that definitely didn't happen in "Anjanette."

That said, the story comes alive when Raiz and Anjanette gets together, mainly because Anjanette is so well characterized – she's a feisty, determined woman who stands up for herself (and Raiz, who is not the sharpest tool in the shed). The conflict between Anjanette and the native woman who wishes to claim Raiz is deftly handled, as is the relationship between Anjanette and her high school friends in the opening scenes set on Earth. Smith can definitely write good characters, despite her weaknesses with the plot.

If Smith has written any stories based on present day Earth, I would definitely check them out, IF there had been a lot of sexy dominance and bondage in "Anjanette." As I said, there is one bondage scene, others implied, but the sexual relationship felt very vanilla in tone. It felt like someone writing about bondage who didn't have any taste for it and very little feel for how it worked. That combined with the plot, not my cuppa.

Now HERE'S some dominance and submission and dimorphism. Nice! Image source: Sex and

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Maggie Mayhem Said A Mouthful

"Assimilation is something I’ve been thinking about for a few years and I had a lot of unquestioned white, cis, and class privi ... mmmmfgh!" Image source:

So, I was reading an interesting piece by sex worker activist Maggie Mayhem, previously referenced here as a bad-mouther of But in the case of the piece I was reading, I was agreeing with what she said. She was talking about the way the San Francisco Pride parade, once a hallmark of social activism and countercultural change, had been co-opted by corporate sponsors now that they had sniffed out the cultural change that makes gays politically acceptable.

Specifically, she was disappointed in the Pride parade leadership renouncing the selection of Bradley Manning as the Grand Marshall of this year's event (apparently Manning self-identifies as female). The leadership not only rejected the selection of Manning but also saw fit to make a hateful and inaccurate statement about it, saying: "even the hint of support for actions which placed in harms way the lives of our men and women in uniform — and countless others, military and civilian alike — will not be tolerated by the leadership of San Francisco Pride."

Fact is, there's no evidence whatsoever that Manning's revelations put anyone in harm's way, just that they embarrassed our government because they revealed stuff that the government should not have been doing in the first place (like the double tap drone strikes which target first responders to the drone strikes and are by every standard of international law, war crimes).

Mayhem is mad at the organizers because the rejection of Manning as Grand Marshall reveals to her what a bunch of sellouts the Pride parade leadership has become, issuing a carefully worded statement designed to let the corporate bigwigs who shelled out the big bucks for the event know that they would NEVER offend them in any way. My objections are somewhat different, I feel that the Democrats use gay issues to distract their middle class base from the fact that they are being looted wholesale by the One Percent, just as Republicans use gay issues to distract THEIR middle class base from the fact that they are being looted wholesale by the One Percent.

Because of course, both parties work for the One Percent who write those huge checks for their SuperPACS that enrich their campaign coffers and their personal bank accounts. THAT'S the important thing to them, not the social issues which are just nice distractions for all the looting they are doing. Gay, straight, liberal, conservative, progressive, we're ALL being robbed blind.

So Maggie and I agree about the Pride parade being a sellout, though I doubt she considers the entire gay liberation movement a distraction.

But here's the thing that she wrote that set my teeth on edge:
Assimilation is something I’ve been thinking about for a few years and I had a lot of unquestioned white, cis, and class privilege I never considered in my early analysis of pride.

I've seen something a lot like this in the blogs of other white, middle class feminists and sex workers, it's almost a standard disclaimer nowadays. And it just reeks of academia and privilege, you can tell that the author has been to all the right conferences and attended all the right classes to know that this is the very thing to say to excuse herself for being white, upper middle class and privileged as all hell. It also probably covers being female and pretty enough to work in porn films. It just STINKS of privilege and upper middle class bullshittiness. There's sort of an unwritten, unacknowledged and in Mayhem's case, I think unintended, "You fucking peasant" at the end of that phrase.

Well I'm not interested in your damn excuses, woman. I know you're an upper middle class white woman just from the way you write. Speaking as a reprobate lower middle class white male beneficiary of the patriarchy, possessor of the Male Gaze, straight, married, dominant and all-round unredeemably masculine person, I could give a shit about all that. I care about what you think, what you say. Save the disclaimers for the academics who eat that shit up. It's annoying as hell.

Here's your unquestioned white, cis and class privilege, Maggie. Enjoy! Image of Maggie Mayhem in bondage found at:

Friday, August 2, 2013


"You said "oh, let's travel coach, it'll save ever so much money and the only difference between first class and coach is you get more peanuts during the flight!" Image source:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fifty Shades More Popular than the Koran and Causing Fire Depts Extra Work

"I keep telling you, we're not having an actual fire here!" Image source:

Fifty Shades of Grey news has been nothing but crap for months, frankly. Almost all casting speculation and obvious loser novels being called "The Next Fifty Shades of Grey." But two amusing tidbits have come down the pike this week.

A) Fifty Shades of Grey is more popular than the Koran among prisoners at Gitmo. I think the reason is obvious: the men locked in that prison indefinitely, many of whom have been found innocent of all charges, have reasonably decided there is no God and so, what do you need the Koran for? Might as well just sit around and masturbate and "Fifty Shades of Grey" is the best they can get from the US military. (Hint: scan the back shelves of the library for Gor novels, fellas.)

B) In England, a fire chief observed that there have been a lot more calls for people to be uncuffed and otherwise freed of bondage gear in the last year or so and speculated that it might be the result of so many people reading Fifty Shades of Grey. For some reason, this caught fire around the world and I found reports of it on all sorts of sites. So I went with the story that had the raunchiest illustration among the more mainstream sites ... Daily Star, you win this one. (Sadly, it's not all that raunchy an illustration.)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Beauty

What a beauty! Clearly this is a photo clipped from some fashion magazine or women's magazine.

Um, no. That's her on the bottom of that porno pile, tied to the woman on top of her, watching the dildo go in and out up close. Both images are from

When I saw this woman's face in a collection of promotional images from WhippedAss, I thought "Damn, that does NOT look like a porn shot!" promotions typically feature head shots of their models, and some of them are amazingly attractive women, though most are just pretty. Maybe it was the hairdo, I don't know, but the woman's face looked like something you'd see in an ad for a beauty product or a household cleaner, not porn. An interesting contrast to the sort of things she gets up to later in the promo set.

I think it's interesting because I suspect there's still a popular mindset that the women in porn are somehow physically degraded by acting out sex fantasies. Now there are real concerns about STD's in doing porn, but for the most part, they don't show on your face, as this image indicates.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Auto Da Fe Tish

She had no idea that a rear-end alignment was so complicated, and so personally involving, and she couldn't wait til they took the ballgag out and did the front-end alignment. Image source: Sex and

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One Beautiful Vagina

Cleave gag licking good! Image source:

I love this pic. For one thing, does this woman's pussy look like Ms Pacman giving some oral, or what? I can almost hear the wukka-wukka-wukka sound. Plus, I love the way she's licking her cleave gag, or whatever she's doing with her tongue. And finally ... cleave gag! Very rare in sexual bondage porn, ballgags, panel gags and bit gags are much more common.

Finally, I think the models' vagina is really pretty, as seen here, along with having the whole Ms. Pacman thing going on. An all-round nice pic!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kicking Up A Kickstarter For My Latest Novel

"I'm not bad ... I'm just rendered that way!" Image source: me.

I'm in the process of completing "The Final Veil," a detective novel about the efforts of detective John Bowman to find a kidnapped belly dancer who is in a consensual real life realationship as a Gorean slavegirl. And this time I intend to do it right, launching the novel with a Kickstarter campaign to fun its completion and its marketing launch.

I don't know how many of you are Kickstarter fans, but if you're curious, here's their website. I don't have a page up, because I wanted to ask you: what sort of premiums would you like to see me offer for the book? (Remember, Kickstarter doesn't fund porn, and my book is not porn, it's squarely within the confines of the modern detective genre. Copies of the book in ebook or hardcover form? Sure! Signed copies of the books? The opportunity to have your name (or anyone's name you designate) appear in the books' Acknowledgements section? The chance to have one of the characters in the book named after you?

As you see I've got a front cover prototype all done and a teaser from one fo the chapters up to tempt people. Here's my teaser for the book itself:

April Dancer -- many consider her the best damn belly dancer on the planet, a breakthrough artist for belly dancers everywhere. She's been all over television, a living advertisement for the beauty and grace of belly dance, and she's an openly acknowledged Gorean slavegirl, livng the life consensually with her hunky master. When she disappears, the call goes out to John Bowman via the alluring belly dance teacher Lady Astra.

John Bowman -- a detective for the new millenium. Plugged in, turned on, online, a former to Atlanta detective who went on one too many pot busts and quit the force. With his crew of technical specialists, and his personal willingness to make it with beautiful women and knock heads with bad guys, he's able to bring resouces to bear that get results.

Who kidnapped April Dancer? One of her lust-crazed fans from her days as an exotic dancer? The Mothers of Propriety, a collection of morally snooty types? Or the ALFALFAns (the Alliance of Lesbian Feminists Against Legalized Fucking and Assault) a collection of womyn who despise myn? Or was it a desperate nutjob, crazed by April's beauty and sexuality? Can John Bowman find her before someone decides that murder is no worse than kidnapping and leaves no witnesses? He'll try if he has to interview and possibly have sex with every bluenose, feminist, belly dancer, stripper and slave girl in Atlanta!

Link to sample.

"Master? We were just waiting to have our brains interviewed out by John Bowman. We hear he gives great interview!" Image source: The Gorean Life tumblr.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She's Ready To Pop!

When the little ball pops out of her mouth, that's how you know she's done! Image source:

Now that's a powerful image of a bondage orgasm! The black straps and the black ballgag and the black dildo mounted on the sex machine and the black background all contrast nicely against the model's pale pink skin to produce a powerful image of bondage in action, and her pose with her head thrown back really sells it. Nice work!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

His Slave, His Princess: Collared By The Billionaire Prince Review

The cover of His Slave, His Princess. I wanted you to see it in all it's diamond-encrusted glory. You can buy the book here, at, at least until they start banning the books that made the kindle a success. And believe me, they and other online publishers are working on it.

Ever since the success of Fifty Shades of Grey I've read many comments to the effect that there are many erotic romances that are better than Fifty Shades of Grey. I figured it was mostly bullshit and sour grapes. But after reading “His Slave, His Princess: Collared by the Billionaire Prince” by Tanya Korval, I have had to change my mind.

Writers who deal with bondagelicious sexual fantasies in their stories have a tough line to follow. The fantasies work on a variety of levels, and staying on a level that will entertain and turn on readers is not an easy task.

“His Slave, His Princess” is a book that does a pretty good job of handling the divide, though Korbel sets the story up in slippery lands indeed. Despite the title, the story is set in modern Earth, however, in her modern Earth is the fictional land of Asteria. (Those who have read my review of “The Punishing of Jendri” will recall that it is set in the fictional land of Asperia. I thought I had fucked up, too, but I checked. Interesting coincidence, considering that pseudonyms and concealed identities are common among erotic romance writers. If the next book I review is set in the fictional land of Asleria, I'm gonna call shenanigans!)

Asleria, er, Asperia, er ASTERIA, is small kingdom in central Europe somewhere around France. Asteria is a different sort of European country … all the women in the country are enslaved when they reach 21. They are allowed to pick the man they are enslaved by, but if they can't find a man they like they get enslaved pretty quick, as any woman over the age of 21 without a slave collar on her neck can be claimed by any man just by grabbing her and saying, “You are mine.”

Lucy Snow is a UN translator who has a chance meeting with the crown prince of Asteria at a UN-related party that goes from “hello” to passionate kisses and groping in seconds. The animal magnetism was so intense that it wiped out hard drives for a three block radius of them. Shortly thereafter, Prince Jagor requests that Lucy be assigned as his translator. Although Lucy has been translating French at the UN, she is also prolific in Asterian, as she has a geeky feel for language and was intrigued by Asterian even though it's a very little-used language outside Asteria due to Asteria's extreme insularity.

The US state department is thrilled with the chance to get Lucy installed as Jagor's translator, because Asteria has rich deposits of palladium and they'd like to be a favored customer of Asteria's. Lucy's encouraged to take the job, and a few hours after she accepts, she steps into the Prince's limo, and scant minutes after she steps into the limo, the Prince has her panties off. He's just that dominating, and she's just that submissive.

Jagor and Lucy are soon engaged in a passionate romance, which they must conceal from the public as he is the Prince and People Will Talk. Oh, there are many hindrances to Jagor and Lucy's romance, including plotters intent on overthrowing the Asterian monarchy, a nobelwoman whom everyone had pegged to be the Jagor's princess/slave, and Lucy's misgiving about being a real life slave. The plotting is really well done here. Lots of thrills, action and intrigue mixed in with the romance.

The characterization was strong, but did have a few weaknesses which weren't enough to be a problem for me, just noticeable. At each erotic interlude, Lucy is not sure she can do the kinky and erotic things Jagor wants her to do, at the same time, she is overwhelmed with lustful desire to do it, and does it, much to her pleasure. After the fifth erotic interlude, it feels kinda formulaic. And Prince Jagor is a little too much The Hunky Guy. He's handsome, he's caring (even after he's gotten a collar around Lucy's neck) and he's smart and brave and of course, rich as hell. His character is very much female Sex Fantasy Fuel, even down to having a character flaw that he eventually overcomes (with Lucy's help of course).

That said, one thing I really liked about the book was that Lucy was neither a formulaic damsel in distress nor a formulaic Action Girl. When things get tough and dangerous, Lucy gets going. Furthermore, her bravery isn't manifested unrealistically in an ability to outfight guys twice her size who are trained and experienced fighters, or in developing a sudden ability as a dead shot with a gun, but in ways more suited to her abilities, which nevertheless demand great courage. Lucy is a very well-realized character.

Now let's get back to that tough line that His Slave, His Princess must follow with regard to sexual bondage themes. When you write an erotic romance, you want people to enjoy the sexual elements of your story. Now there are several ways to present these elements in any erotic romance:

1) You can tell a straight-up story of two people engaging in a consensual bondage. That's the route Fifty Shades takes, and I'd call it the safe route, and I'm not saying that disparagingly, you can definitely tell a great story that way. But there's no danger people won't enjoy the sexual scenes, if they are at all well written, since they are clearly consensual.
2) You can have real nonconsensual bondage/slavery as a story element but set it in a distant milieu (in time, like ancient Roman slavegirls, or set on another planet or another world, or a straight up fantasy setting) so that you can have nonconsensual bondage but with an element that reinforces the fictional nature of the sexual bondage. Since the nonconsensual bondage is set in a framework that is clearly fictional, it is sufficiently a product of fantasy that the nonconsensual elements are not so much a problem.
3) You can set it in modern times and have it be nonconsensual bondage. I don't know of a lot of erotic romances that do that, because nonconsensual bondage is not the stuff of romance and is threatening and unhappy-making when set in our current world. For example, imagine writing an erotic romance about Nazi sex slaves circa 1943. Think anyone at that time would have found it romantic – well, anytime, but particularly that time? Of course not, Nazi Germany in those days was straight-up horror. (I know, very few Americans knew of Nazi concentration camps in 1943, but pretend everyone did know all about them.) In a similar faction, a sexual bondage erotic romance set in a South American prison for political prisoners might work for uninformed Americans, but it might not work so well for readers in the South American country the story is set in.

His Slave His Princess takes the fictional milieu route, even though it is set in modern times. The land of Asteria does not exist, we all know that, putting it firmly in a fantasy milieu. If Korval had set the story in a modern country that practices female slavery, or something close to it, like Taliban-era Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, it would rouse all sorts of unpleasant associations from the real world and make the sexual bondage much harder to accept as purely pleasurable.

But the fact that it's set in fictional Asteria makes the semi-nonconsensual bondage easier to accept. And semi-consensual is the right word. It's clear that in Asteria nonconsensual bondage exists – every woman is subject to collaring once she turns 21. But since the women get to pick who collars them prior to coming of age it's more like a peculiar form of dating. (Though it's hard to see how all the women find their true loves, or even a guy who APPROXIMATES a true love, prior to reaching 21.)

What's more, if the relationship goes sour after the woman is collared, she is not divorced but sold at a slave auction, which would result in some nonconsensual bondage. In fact, there are a couple of characters who are in nonconsensual bondage in the story. One is a palace slave that winds up as Lucy's personal maid. The other is a public relations specialist. In both cases the slavery does not seem too onerous, but there ARE differences between being a slave and an employee.

The maid, for example, can be sexually used by any of the palace officers. She does not do the picking, if they want her, they can take her. She is in fact seeing a young palace staffer, and sneaks out of the palace regularly to do so, to her great risk. I don't remember specifically what the punishment might have been, but it was enough to make her sneak out of the palace at night in a laundry cart and risk being smothered.

However, none of the nonconsensual sex was shown, in fact, all of it was Lucy and Jagor steaming up the chains, as the story is told strictly from Lucy's POV. And there are several slaves who were shown who were clearly deeply in love with their masters, or in some cases, master/husbands. So there's that.

The PR specialist seemed no different from a PR specialist on Earth who is dedicated to her job. So as far as the story FEELS, it's very much a consensual BDSM story, even though there is a certain amount of putative nonconsensual slavery present in the story. The nonconsensual stuff just gives an edge to the kink, much as the fact that the sex slavery in John Norman's Gor novels was nonconsensual, but was almost competely offset by the fact that all the slavegirls just LURVED whatever was done to them.

Of course, all works of fiction are fiction, and you can make that defense for enjoying bondage imagery in any fictional work, consensual or not. But I personally find the nonconsensual stuff only a turn on when it's part of a story line that leads to a consensual relationship of some kind. Like the pirate and kidnapped wench that is the basis of so many romance novels, except you know, with more and better kinky sex. Or the Gorean master and his slavegirl he bought at auction just to use, but they develop feelings for one another.

I think most people who read erotic romances are like me in this respect.

Now as to this book being better than Fifty Shades, it's better written. It moves along smoothly and has an engaging plot. You never feel the story lag, as happened quite few times in the first book of the Fifty Shades trilogy. Ana and Lucy are both well-developed and engaging characters whom you enjoy reading about. However Prince Jagor has it WAY over Christian Grey, who's been damaged by childhood mistreatment. Jagor may be too much the Hunky Guy, but his lust for Lucy is simple and straightforward, he wants her as his slavegirl/wife because that's the way he was raised to respond to women, and that's who he is. His direct, natural lust for Lucy is just a lot cleaner and more fun to read about.

His Slave, His Princess is by far the best erotic romance I have read. It isn't the hottest one, however. That honor goes to The Punishment of Jendri, which, while it was not as well written as His Slave, His Princess, was in a fantasy milieu I like better, and had a much stronger feel for the dominance/submission dynamic than His Slave, His Princess. I think this may be a gender thing to a certain extent: I think most female readers would find His Slave His Princess sexier than The Punishment of Jendri, and I think most male readers would fine The Punishment of Jendri the sexier read, and not just because Jendri is pure-D pussy-lickin' lesbianism (though to be fair, that would be an issue too). His Slave His Princess, for all its kinky explicit sex, is very much in the tradition of romance novels, while The Punishment of Jendri is more like porn for guys.

I do think Korval has missed a trick with His Slave, His Princess. I think the Asterian society she has created is fascinating, sort of a mini-Gor on Earth. I think she should set a whole series of books in Asteria, detailing the problems of a small country that has retained government by aristocracy and chattel slavery, to survive in the modern world, and the people in it to find love. There are many more stories to tell in Asteria than the story of Princess Lucy and Prince Jagor, and Korbel is capable of doing a fine job of telling them.

In the meantime, buy this book. It's worth it.

When touring Asteria, the friendly locals will talk to you happily ... if they can! Image source: Public

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Bondage Slave Having Fun

It's rare to see a woman smiling with BOTH sets of lips! The model is Audrey, the shoot is from

I'm not having so much fun myself, cars are breaking down, computers are breaking down, and money is vanishing like yesterdays' adult blogs. June has not been good to me!

Friday, June 28, 2013



See my Fuck You Too, Google post a little way down the page for an explanation.

Dimorphism At Work!

"Dental work? Dr. Feelgood only drills where it feels good, woman!" Image source:

Another nice instance of sexual dimorphism (one sex differently bodied than the other, in this case, large male, small female) once again courtesy of Rachel Roxx, who's very short to begin with, and who in this image is kind of folded up by the bondage. If you unfold her with your eyes (and let's be honest, fellas, we do that to women we see on the street all the time) I bet the top of her head barely grazes the guys' shoulder. Check out the post I did on this topic featuring two women earlier.

But along with the dimorphism, this post tickled me because of the background, with the three vibrators hanging on the wall like power tools in a garage. Obviously, very much a work environment, granted, it's sex work. Now some may say "sex work" is an oxymoron, but I say if you do it for money, it gets to be work after a while, even if it's fun.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fuck You Too, Google

At least she can see it coming! Image source:

In case any of you were wondering where I've been, I've had major computer issues the past few days. A lightning storm fried my motherboard on my main computer. I have a backup, but it had a virus on it. I cleared the virus from it, but then it crashed -- total black screen of death, didn't even have a blinking cursor. It wasn't fried motherboard, it was a software issue. Days of work cleared that up, I had it working and THEN it wouldn't connect with the internet. More days of work. Yesterday I had it up and running and was all set to begin work again, when my Internet connectivity allowed me to visit my mailbox and find this missive that Google had freshly sent out:

Important Update to Adult Content Policy on Blogger

You are receiving this message because you are the admin of a blog hosted on Blogger which is identified to have Adult content.

Please be advised that on June 30th 2013, we will be updating our Content Policy to strictly prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger. After June 30th 2013, we will be enforcing this policy and will remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites.

If your adult blog currently has advertisements which are adult in nature, you should remove them as soon as possible as to avoid any potential Terms of Service violation and/or content removals.

The Blogger Team

Well I can summarize this message for you very neatly: "Fuck You, Adult Blogger." Basically, they are giving me four days ... no, three days, as of today ... to scrub all the affiliate links from my blog, or they'll shut it down. Many long hours of tedious work for me, a flip of the switch for them, if I don't comply.

Or even if I DO comply, because really ... why should Blogger give a shit about whether or not its adult blogs make money? They don't. They're just trying to clean up their corporate image even though as everyone knows, when searching for porn, "Google is you friend." (Let's see how long that lasts.) Google has already forced us behind an adults-only wall, they penalize adult blog links in their search engine, and they are generally assholes when it comes to adult content. I think this is another step toward cleaning out their adult blogs entirely. Clearly, they are going down the same corporate road that Yahoo and Apple have, shitting all over the porn content that makes new innovators successful, once they have other sources of revenue streaming in.

Well, I am currently mirroring my site, and to be honest, I never trusted Google ... all my images are mirrored on my own domain, and I've been saving the text of my posts for a while now. So even if Google finds some affiliate link I've missed and uses that as an excuse to switch this blog off, I've got plenty of resources to get it back up.

And frankly, at this point, any adult blogger who doesn't believe that Google has him or her in their crosshairs is playing the fool.

I saw this coming. Just didn't know how fast it was coming.

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Confused Sex Slaves

"Please, Master, it's not what it looks like! By the way, Master ... what does it look like? Really, we've got no idea what we're supposed to be doing here ... are we being lesbians or what?" Image source:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Safety Straps

"Sure, she LOOKS harmless right now. But she's a fully trained battle slave, and if that buttplug weren't strapped in, she could, with one clench of her buttocks, send it hurtling at your head so fast and so accurately that you'd be lying on the ground with a buttplug-shaped dent in your forehead in a split second!" Image source:

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Punishing of Jendri Reviewed

Cover art for Punishing of Jendri. Looks all right at this size, but it does not scale well. Image source: Punishing of Jendri ebook.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Punishing of Jendri by Susanna Valent, because it's just filled with lesbian slavegirl dominance and submission goodness. The book opens with General Jendrickar Verrian, brilliant young head of the Obdurian armies, leading the fight against the Asperian armies. Democratic Obduria has decided that it's time to teach autocratic Asperia the importance of being democratic and peaceful.

The battle is decisive, a disaster for the Obdurians, and General Verrian is captured on the field of battle. She's brought before K'endarra, Queen of Asperia, naked in chains, and learns that her fate is to remain naked and in chains, the personal slave of Kendarra, and by personal we mean she'll spend much of her time naked with her tongue in Kendarra's pussy.

It will take a lot of torture to break Jendri, but the Queen is down with that, she's willing to punish Jendri as much as it takes, and also to punish Jendri's captured subordinates, and well, anyone else. Fortunately, the punishment consists of whipping and paddling, mostly, no heavy BDSM here. Another reason I liked this book. But it's worth noting that it's not pain that finally breaks Jendri and makes her Kendarra's slave, but pleasure ... ANOTHER reason I liked this book.

The Punishing of Jendri definitely falls on the porny end of the erotic romance spectrum. The characters are strong and well developed, but not subtle. And the sex scenes, which mostly consist of cunnilingus, are explicit and lengthy, and there are a LOT of them.

There is also a lot of tasty slavegirl dominance and submission in the story. Jendri is renamed Riki the slut, and is forced to go naked at all times, including when the queen is holding an audience. Riki the slut is also forced to lick Kendarra's pussy in public while naked, which is a damn good idea. What's worse, she's physically attracted to the queen, and her body often “betrays” her as she gives her queen the lip and tongue service she requires.

Jendri also has to clean and serve as a personal maid to the queen, who has other slaves of course, but being a defeated enemy and all, Jendri gets the brunt of the dominance.

Despite the physical attraction, there's no love between Kendarra and Jendri. Jendri spends all of her time scheming to escape from the queen and lead a rebellion. She does as the queen orders but only out of fear of punishment, a well-founded fear, as the queen punishes her for the least little thing. The story element of the book lies in how Kenderra and Jendri's relationship changes, for the better overall. I won't give away plot points on that but I will say that the change in the relationship is handled well. It's not a John Normanish, “I will never be a slave ... oh, I LOVE being a slave” sort of thing at all. There's a good reason why the relationship changes, and the changes are shown as occurring incrementally, over time.

That said, I wish the book had dwelt more on the breaking of Jendri. She was a freaking GENERAL, I should think it would have humiliated her a lot more to become a naked slavegirl, or at least, it should have been shown more. It would have been a valid excuse for lots of sex and D&S scenes, and would have made Jendri's character more believable.

Still, I enjoyed the book. The fantasy milieu appealed to me. The story is set in a basically medieval Amazon world ... there are men in it, but they are definitely bit players, women hold most of the power and the men are not mentioned much at all.

I liked the porny sex scenes for the strong slavegirl dominance/submission aspects, I just wish it hadn't been mostly cunnilingus. I like cunnilingus, and it works very well for dominance/submission stories, but lesbians do other things than cunnilingus I understand, and some of them can be very, very bondage-y, and also work very well for dominance and submission. Just a thought!

The book was also way short on bondage for my tastes. No gag scenes, and Jendri is tied to tables and posts and so forth when she's whipped and paddled, but that's about it. There is a nice scene when she is forced to spend a day going about her slavey business in the palace with a whip handle jammed up her pussy, but that's more humiliation than bondage.

That said, I'm very comfortable with having spent money on The Punishing of Jendri. I wish it were longer, but it appears to be one of those cases of dividing a long book into four shorter books and selling them for $3.99 each, rather than trying to sell one book for $11.96, much like the Slave Harems of Xhagia series. I don't really mind this actually … it gives me a chance to get a really good feel for the book for a relatively small price, though I think the individual elements should be less expensive. Twelve bucks is a lot for a book that costs $0 to print.

I am thinking hard about buying the next book in the series, just to see how the relationship between Jendri and Queen Kendarra develops, like do they ever move beyond cunnilingus, but I've got a lot of books on my “to read” list right now so probably won't be doing so right away. I'd say if you like slavegirl dominance and submission with lots and lots and lots of cunnilingus, especially in a medieval lesbian fantasy world, get your damn money out now, this book is for you! Even those who, like me, mostly enjoy the slavegirl sex with dominance and submission scenes, will enjoy the book.

It is good to be the queen! The queen's slavegirl ... not so much. And note that that's not cunnilingus those two are doing. Image source:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Straightjacket Supermodel Video

Now THIS is a hot music video! Click on the image to see the video. Image source: Straightjacket Supermodel vidclip.

Found a video called "Straightjacket Supermodel" on Youtube, by a group called "Eve To Adam." It's got a racy scene with a latex-clad (I think it's latex, I don't have any fabric fetishes, so they are kinda all alike to me) dominatrix uncaging a ballgagged babe in lingerie and leading her around on a leash. Not THAT a big a deal, except I also like the music, it's nice growly rock with a hard metal influence, I found it quite listenable. Don't know if I can dance to it, but I can DEFINITELY watch ballgagged, collared babes being led around on leashes to it. (Warning: there is NOT a happy ending for the ballgagged blonde, an axe is involved, but it's all very cartoonish and affected, so not all that grueling.) Check the video out and see what you think.

Is she or isn't he? Image source: Straightjacket Supermodel vidclip.

Of course, with a group named "Eve To Adam" you have to suspect that there might be some gender-bending going on in the video. Stands to reason. So I checked this video out hard. And this is the most incriminating vidcap I could find. Nice sized chin. Nice bicep. Brown hair under the blond, is the dye job growing out or is that a wig? Nothing that seems all that determinative, really, so my conclusion is, don't know, don't care. But a fun game to play, nonetheless.

The Thrill Of Victory, And the Agony of De Butt

The Olympics' new Silly Weight Lifting category would call forth some of the silliest weight lifters in the world, but her Mistress had whipped her into a frenzy of determination to win, and she was sure she would win, if only because the shoe gag would surely clench it! Image source:, for all your lesbian whipping needs. By the Beltway.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Her Lips Are Sealed ... All of Them ...

"Note to self: "I'm not sure what I said or what I did to piss Master off, but next time I'll hide all the clothespins before I do whatever it was I said or did, if I can just figure that out!" Image source: Sex and

The buttplug was completely gratuitous!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Catwoman Ball Gagged and Hogtied, But It Ain't Porn, Nope!

"Catwoman ball gagged and hogtied! Zowie! Batman! Where did you find that? Some porn site so porny that it doesn't even have a name? REALLY? I09? Jeepers! I'll have to check it ... what do you mean, it's been bat-blacklisted?" Image source: This article in I09.

So, my flying monkeys brought in this story about a Kickstarter project called Superheroes In Bondage. The relatively modest budget of a little over $4000 allowed model and writer Lela Gwenn to travel to the studios of photographer Richard Kadrey and do a photoshoot of her dressed up as Catwoman (see above), Harley Quinn, Death and Leelo from Fifth Element, all of them in various states and forms of bondage. DO check out the article, you might like seeing Harley Quinn tied to a bed in a spreadeagle.

In the article you'll see a link to other fetish photography by Kadrey. DO check that link out, because it's got pictures of women's vaginas in it. Shaved vaginas seen straight on. From back in 2008.

A very naked woman seen on I09 in this article. Hey, but it must be art, because she's got a dead octopus on her leg. Right?

Now here's what kills me about these pics. The rules I know about porn as far as big advertisers is, if you got boobies, it's porn. If you got naked vagina, as I09 and the Huffington Post have, it's HARDCORE PORN.

You know, porn like this blog is porn, according to Adsense, which won't run ads on my blog because it's so goddam porny. Huffington Post and I09 meanwhile, are awash in mainstream advertisers. Now granted, they don't run images of naked women, or naked women having sex, with every story, then again, neither do I. (My stories' naked women frequency may be a TAD higher than theirs, I'll admit.) But the rule is, if you have just one image of a naked breast, you're porn! A vagina with the labial lips hanging out? Porn! Porn! Porn! No mainstream advertisers for YOU and you get stuck behind an "I'm an adult" wall!

Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break! It's pure bullshit! There is no porn! There is no erotica! There is no mainstream! There are only articles, about sex or bondage or other things, well done or badly done. Everything else is a fucking lie.

Is this so far from what I09 has shown? Here we have Scarlet Johanson and Anne Hathaway as Poison Ivy and Catwoman, respectively, in nude bondage with their vaginas displayed. A nice fake from Dr. Villain, go to this page to see a MUCH larger version of the same image, and there's also a story to go with it. Also, kudoes to Dr. Villain for crediting Device Bondage for the original image from which the fake was created.