Monday, November 14, 2016

Nataly: The Violent Virgin - Pet Shop Slave Girls #2 -- Is Now On Sale At Smaswords

You can buy Nataly: The Violent Virgin by clicking on the link here or clicking on the pic.

Pet Shop Girls #2: Nataly, the Violent Virgin Auction, is my latest novel, now available for download on Smashwords. Huzzah!

"The Violent Virgin" is one of those stories that writes itself. When I started it, I had no idea that violence would be any kind of element in it, or virginity either. The main thing that made me want to write it was, "Pet Shop Girls #1: Katie" has sold very well for me. People seem to like it.”

And I had noticed that by starting "Katie" in medias res, I skipped over what was potentially the most dramatic element of my story: the training of a woman who has led a free and unfettered life on Basic Income to become a sex slave, which is what Pet Shop girls basically are.

So I wanted to do a story about training a woman to be a sex slave. I also thought it would be interesting to do a story about a woman from another segment of society. "Katie" dealt with a woman who, was basically a happy, well adjusted young woman on Basic Income, except for having impulse control issues where other people's property was concerned.

I thought it might be interesting dramatically to do a story about someone from a higher status who has to adjust to being a sex slave.

I realized that Nataly would have to be a victim of a double downfall in my story, since the punishment for misbehavior for a Premie (a Premium citizen, still employed or with a family member still employed) would be Basic status. That would be a terrible blow, since Premiums tended to live the sort of lives we now expect millionaires to live, only with everything printed very cheaply, they have to search for expensive things to buy with their money to show off their status, which, being human, they do.

Nataly would feel her fall to Basic status very deeply, especially as she was innocent of any wrongdoing, her father was just one of the very few to hang onto a job that finally got replaced by an AI.

With only violence and theft to get Nataly tossed into the Pet Shops, and Katie having already done the theft option, I went with violence for Katie. And with her family's fall from Premie status, I had the motivation for the violence all laid out.

But what I didn't know until the very moment when I was writing the scene where the Pet Shops are doing their initial rape of Nataly and her cohorts, was that she was a virgin. I had no idea until I typed out the line where she screams out these words through her gag as the cock of doom was literally millimeters from her helplessly bound pussy.

This is what writers refer to as a character "coming alive" in their minds. It's not a new process for me … the voice of Constance Harlee in Riverbeast was EXTREMELY powerful as I wrote the story, a distillation of the florid speech of the era and a bit of a parody of florid Victorian romance heroines as well.

I believe that when a character "comes alive" it's merely the case that my right brain, which does not control written language, has done more work on the character than I know, and the non-verbal impulses that are being processed by my right brain just seem to "pop up" on my screen, which my literal left brain experiences as a complete surprise … perhaps because it is, but not because the character "came alive" in any literal sense.

And it's almost always (actually, it's "always" I"m just weasel-wording here) a good thing when that happens because the right brain is really strong on character and motivation and the unconscious needs, feelings and motivations that drive a character.

Well, when I found out that Nataly was a virgin, that changed everything on the instant. The story stopped being a simple sex slave training story and became a story about a virgin auction and a virgin being deflowered … very popular themes, indeed, that I was glad to explore, because I really hate the whole virginity fetish thing and wanted to write something that violated it so hard that cultural conservatives the world over would be making soft blubbering sounds at the mere THOUGHT of it … which this is … but which I hadn't expected to explore in this story.

Well not story, it was a novel, another thing that happened unexpectedly. I was writing along at a very good pace, expecting to crank out a story in the 20K-25K word range, but it kept going and going and going and suddenly I had 45,000 words written and I still was not all that close to the end. But I soldiered on until the end, which turned out to take about 55,000 words. So it's a novel. A very short novel, but definitely well past long short story and novelette range.

Fortunately, indie publishers have the freedom to publish stories at any length, because a lot of traditional publishers would have made me pad out the story to 70,000 words, and who needs that?

So anyway, enjoy this novel while I work on the next thing I'm writing … which I am a few thousand words into already, and no, I have no idea what it will wind up being.