Friday, July 15, 2016

The Full President Slave Girl Saga Now Available!

Here it is, folks, over 100,000 words of piquant social commentary smothered in a rich, creamy gravy of pure pornographic filth. It's post-Amazon, so the covers are much improved, i.e., more graphic, and so are the contents. Click on the pic to go to Smashwords and get the full volume, or go to the pics below the post to get any of the other volumes. (Book 1 is a freebie, by the way.)

It's been a while since I've published anything but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Au contraire! I've figured out a new method of working that has made me much more productive than I have ever been. What I do is, I turn on my computer and pull up my music files and get a nice concert going, then pull up a folder full of porn and set it to display in a slideshow.

With the music for the ears and the porn for the eyes I pull out my cell phone that has a free app called Simple Note on it and then take out a little bluetooth keyboard I got at a discount at Frye's for fifteen bucks (don't mean to brag, but damn …) and I go to town writing my text in Simple Note. It might seem that the porn and the music would distract me, but they don't. They seem to aid in concentration, I think by providing what is for me a pleasant and rewarding environment. Maybe it shouldn't work, but it DEFINITELY does -- my output increased four or fivefold.

Unfortunately, that method of productivity eventually led to a strained back as I was sitting at my desk writing for three hours at a stretch without getting up.

Back spasms are REALLY FUCKING PAINFUL, it turns out ... big muscles that cramp and put you in screaming pain every time they strike. Which was a LOT when my back went out. 

It's all better now, after two or three days spent pausing to scream periodically, things got better. Slowly. I get up regularly and stretch now, none of those three-hour marathons.

Anyway, that's in the past. Here are five volumes of the Eileen MacCammon saga, the story of a moral conservative prude who gets elected President and then unleashes a reign of terror with her Morality Laws restricting commercial sex activities of every kind, and a lot of noncommercial sex activities too. In her arrogance and pride she overreaches even what Presidents can do. She goes after not just strippers, prostitutes, porn filmmakers and erotic book publishers and writers, but also the customers of strippers, prostitutes, porn filmmakers and erotic book publishers and writers – which turns out to be practically everyone.

In the next election, everyone votes for MacCammon's opposition, not wanting to be in jail, or have their loved ones in jail, and the result is the biggest wave election in US history. MacCammon and all her Congressional supporters wind up out of power. And MacCammon is prosecuted for her crimes as President (she over-reached a LOT, it turns out) and stripped of her civil rights, save for the right to life.

Because of this, she can be kidnapped and raped and sexually enslaved by anyone without penalty – she has no right to freedom. Her friends try to hide and protect her, but very soon she is kidnapped by her enemies and given a mock trial and then put through a lot of sexual torments, basically doing most of the things that people got put in jail for just watching during her Administration. She's kept in strict bondage the whole time. Worst of all, her enemies use nanotech to transform her mouth into a homouth, a vagina where her mouth normally is. Sex workers get the homouth voluntarily, and can transform back and forth between normal mouth and homouth at will, but MacCammon's mouth will only transform with activation from a remote control, or by performing the very sex acts that MacCammon was railing against as President.

That's just the set-up, covered in Book 1 of the series, “The Homouth” which is free. The other three books detail MacCammon as she's kidnapped, sold (she can be bought and sold, she has no civil rights) and makes various escapes from the powerful oligarchs and ordinary people who want to have the President of the United States as their very own sex slave. She disocvers a world of slave sexuality and desire, not just imposed on her, but brought forth within her. (The nanoset her captors put in her with the homouth also had the effect of cranking her libido up to 11).

How will MacCammon cope with this new world of slave sexuality? Can she ever come to terms with the gulf between her prudish ways as President and her sluttish ways as a sex slave? Can she own the harm she has done to millions of Americans with her repressive ways as President? And how will it change her?

To put it simply, this is a slave sex-filled odyssey that is full of bondage, rape, sexual bondage, submission, humiliation, and it has a plot, too! A character than progresses and changes! Woo-hoo! Furthermore, since it's post-Amazon, it's not required to pedal back on the sex slave fantasies, which has hindered me a lot. The covers are sexier too!

Read book one for free and if you like it, get the complete novel in complete confidence that you will like it as well. And at 116,000 words of pure pornographic goodness, it's a hell of a deal.

Below are the other new, sexy covers with links to their Smashwords sales pages. The book will be available on other platforms, too, once they pass review … but not Amazon. Amazon's gonna have to grow up a little before it becomes a proper book market.