Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Riverbeast: The Journey Will Be Made Into A Full Length Major Motion Picture!

Will telegenic contortionist and bondage model Wenona grab the coveted lead role in the Riverbeast movie based on her ability and willingness to do scenes like this? Time will tell! Image source: ... for all your hogtied women needs!

I've had to keep this under wraps for a while, but my agent, Pauline Perell, has called and I'm free to Tell All: my novel Riverbeast: The Journey will be made into a major motion picture! It's set in the 1820s on the Mississippi River, the story of the beautiful young rich merchant's daughter who is kidnapped by a keelboat captain who is furious at her father for cheating him in a business deal. She is made into a sex beast on the keelboat and then sold into actual slavery to the owner of a saloon in a notorious outlaw hideout, the keelboat captain claiming she is a runaway octoroon. What turned the idea into an actual movie was the pitch line, Perell says: "Django Unchained Meets Fifty Shades of Grey" opened a lot of doors, as studio execs have noted the box office success of both movies.

Casting is even now underway, with Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, Wenona, Queen Latifa, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and many, many others vying for the role of Constance Euharlee, and James Franco, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, Michael Douglas, Zack Gallifinakis and Will Smith vying for the role of Big Al.

The movie has required a few script changes but they are minor things that shouldn't affect the message, tone and style of the story, I am assured. Riverbeast will be set in the future and on another planet, there won't be any sex, nudity or bondage scenes, Constance Euharlee will be a teen with superhuman powers and her kidnappers will be aliens with no interest in sex with humans. Big All will be an intergalactic cop who plays by his own rules. And there will be a giant spider in the movie. And it will be a PG-13 film. But otherwise, I'm assured, it will be exactly the same story. Can't wait to see it on the big screen!

And I just have to let this tidbit out: My novels The Homouth and President Slavegirl are in development in a major motion picture studio as well (can't spill the beans on which one!). Perell tells me that when movie execs are told there's a scene where a female President of the United States is put on a rape rack and forced to give a Wall Street tycoon a blowjob while her mocks her as an idiot for not following the Rules of Money, they go wild. This movie is on a fast track indeed!