Monday, August 25, 2014

The Art of Porn: Getting the Big Picture

Art is in the eye of the beholder. Image source:

Here's an interesting picture from a website called "in the crack," which is clearly designed for men (or women) who are deeply interested in knowing what women's vaginas look like from close up. The model in this case is Bernice, it's a still from a video/photo shoot of her. She has a brilliant smile and a healthy glow about her.

But the thing that I found interesting about the photo, other than Bernice's vagina which is very nice looking indeed, is the way it is composed.

That's right, the way it is composed. Look at it, the top half of the picture is divided into two halves, with the black mass of rock defining one half and the sky the other. In the lower half, Bernice's right leg zooms in from outside the focal plane and right in the middle of the curve of her right ass cheek you find the point where the rock and sky and the water level that splits the image horizontally meet. It's a classic center point perspective, your eye literally drawn to it by the elements of the image.

In addition, the mass of Bernice's butt in the bottom left of the picture is a counterpoint to the dark mass of the rocks in the upper left of the picture. It's a light-colored mass as oppposed to a dark colored mass, but it's an analogue to the upper half. On the upper right we have a brilliant portrait of Bernice's face. I mean, the sort of thing that many models would be glad to have as a portfolio piece:

"Say "Cheese!"

Admit it, if you saw this picture in an ad for a frosty breath mint or a vacation paradise or dental floss, you wouldn't give it a second thought. It would fit right in. It's a very nice portrait, using the sky to frame Bernice's face, with the blues, yellows and whites of the cloudy sky providing a nice contrast to the pinks and browns of her skin. The only giveaway that it's not a simple portrait is the tip of the clump of trees coming out of her shoulder, which in the context of the whole photo, makes her seem gigantic.

Which is a clue, in conjunction with the way the image was composed. This is not a simple nude portrait, it's a combination of landscape and nude portrait. The image was conceived and shot as a landscape, you can tell that because the thinking that went into it is exactly the same kind of thinking that landscape artists and photographers use to create images. The upper left, though, is a straight up portrait of Bernice's face, incorporated into the overall landscape created by her body and the background.

In fact, Bernice's body is an essential part of the landscape. Imagine the photo without her body in it. It would still be a nice landscape, but a trifle dull, with the water filling the entire lower half of the image, the rocky cliff filling the entire upper left and the sky filling the entire upper right. A simple three part composition. Bernice's body and face break up the composition into something more complex and interesting.

Which leads us to another point: the landscape art techniques the photographer used to create the image also serve its pornographic purposes. Because to be a perfect counterpoint to the rocky mass above it, Bernice's butt would have to be a more or less featureless mass. But it's not a featureless mass, right in the middle of it is Bernice's vagina and anus. The highlights and shadows of Bernice's labia are particularly strong, and kind of jump out at you in the photo. Your eyes are drawn to them because they are an irregularity in the big, smooth masses that dominate the left half of the composition.

Of course, your eyes are ALSO drawn to them, because male eyes tend to really glom on to a woman's vagina when it's in view. It's primordial, instinctual and just plain fun. But the thing is, the composition reinforces this very strongly, and your eyes ALSO go toward the vagina because it's drawn there by the fact that it breaks up the composition. Like a crack in an otherwise perfectly smooth wall, if you will. The COMBINATION of these factors REALLY makes Bernice's vagina pop off the page, with a force that would not otherwise exist, and is not present in most images of women's vaginas.

Go ahead, get a good look. You know you want to.

And here's the thing. Some people will be able to see nothing but Bernice's vagina, because they LURVE looking at vaginas and such images are as catnip to a cat for them. Others will be able to see nothing but Bernice's vagina because they hate looking at vaginas, and sex in general, and the whole picture is porn, nothing but disgusting, awful porn, because VAGINA.

I'm just saying, look at the whole picture. The big picture. You'll get more out of it that way. People who can ONLY see the vagina are losing out, when a picture has more going for it than just the elements most people call "pornographic."

To close out my case, here's a link to another shot of Bernice from the same photoset. It doesn't have nearly the same power as the photo presented here, and not just because Bernice's vagina is not visible in this one. The composition is not nearly as focused and powerful. It's still a very nice picture, as Bernice is still beautiful as is the land and water and sky around her. But that's all you can say for it, it's very nice. The picture at the top of the page ... it's got it going on!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Just TRY To Read The Fine Print

Here we have the "Fifty Shades of Grey" contract reading scene as imagined by prudes and gender feminists who of course have never read the book. Image courtesy of the good folks at