Friday, July 31, 2009

SL Gor: It Is Not Just About The Sex -- Kinda

Though it does have its rewards.

OK, in my previous post about the Gor sims in Second Life (henceforth referred to as SL Gor) I wrote a phrase that I generally associate with hypocrisy, dishonesty and general stupidity. I wrote:

“Its not just about the sex.”

I despise the phrase and the people who use it because most of the time they are making a transparent effort to disavow their sexual interest in something or other. The classic example is the old joke about Playboy Magazine: “I read it for the articles.” The lie fools no one to such an extent that it has become a joke, as the lie is generally trotted out because the liar feels compelled to do so even though he or she knows it will fool no one, but it provides them with what they think is cover for their interest. They are so embarrassed to admit publicly to any sexual interests that being an obvious liar seems less terrible for them.

So let state now and for the record that I LUUUUUURVE the fact that SL Gor is full of a number of naked or nearly naked slave girls who are submissive, who will fur you (Gorean for “fuck you” as fucking is generally done “in the furs”) any way you like, because there are a LOT of them … more women than men play SL Gor.

Let there be no doubt about it -- this is a very important point to me, and without it I would have little or no interest in SL Gor.

That said:

“It’s not just about the sex.”

If the B/d slave girl sex were ALL I was interested in, Second Life has an active BDSM club scene which most definitely IS all about the B&D slave girl sex, among other things. (And to be honest, many Goreans have alts that have been or are in the Second Life B&D club scene.)

So within THAT context, I am saying that SL Gor is all about the adventure, the romance, the combat (yes, there’s combat and plenty of it for those who like it) and excitement of living the life of a Gorean character (in my case, that of a Gorean Master).

In my next post I will endeavor to get down to the nitty-gritty and explain exactly WHY SL Gor is orders of magnitude more entertaining than any other medium in existence, including other parts of the Internet. And while it’s not JUST about the sex, the sex is an important element. Crucial, even.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dusting Off The Cobwebs

:::Dusts Off the Cobwebs:::

Those of you who have decided the reason for my absence from this blog and from my website and also from every freaking website I formerly frequented is that SL Gor has swallowed me whole are absolutely right. It has done that. And it has convinced me that every word I have written over the last few years is in vain, for nothing … no book, no movie, no website, no ANYTHING is even a tiny fraction as engaging as SL Gor.

Roleplaying in SL Gor is by far the most intensely pleasurable experience I have ever had in my entire life that did not involve my actual, fleshly cock and an actual, living woman. There, I’ve said it.

There are no words to describe how much more intense and pleasurable SL Gor is than other media. But I can feel my subconscious mind working on the problem, which means that eventually, the words are going to spew out of me like lava out of an erupting volcano. And so I’m going to repurpose this website to that end, trying to find ways of describing what makes SL Gor so intense and rewarding.

Because, and it amazes me to see these words coming out of my word processor, but they’re true so I’m going to say them: It’s not just about the sex. Which, granted, there is plenty of. But there’s so much more, and I’m going to talk about it. Also, the cybersmexing, of course. I mean, I may have gotten into SL Gor, but I’m still me.