Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Did Felicia Day Model As A Topless Slave Leia?

Felicia! I ... don't know what to say! Except ... RAAAAWWWRRR!"

Did Felicia Day, star of the enormously popular Web series "The Guild" dress as a topless Slave Leia at one time? These two photos displayed in close conjunction would certainly seem to indicate so! In fact, going strictly from the photographic evidence, I think it's only reasonable to state that that IS a topless Felicia Day in a Slave Leia outfit!

Just as my researches have revealed that Kyle McLachlan's father once sold the Spice Girl's mothers into slavery, and that Sandra Bulloch once used a time machine to travel into the past to model for the cover of a Gor novel, I'm prepared to state definitively that this constitutes solid evidence that Felicia Day once modeled topless (actually, fully nude in some cases) while wearing Slave Girl Leia accoutrements!

Of course, a more cautious person might do a little research. And he might discover that the origin of the image (which I initially discovered on the Bondage Blog, nice big pic of topless Slave Leia there and a lot of other cool articles as well) was Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art Blog, which contains many pictures of topless and a few fully nude Slave Leias. And a REALLY thorough researcher would actually read the article and discover that topless Slave Leia was really gorgeous model Justine Joli.

Now, who wants to have a really beautiful theory totally destroyed by a gang of inconvenient facts like that? That's why I just went with the photos! (Left is Felicia Day, right is Justine Joli.)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pole Dancing Medieval Style

"You are guilty of going naked in public! Admit it!"
"But ..."
"I see your butt! It is nice, but no defense to the charge of public nudity!"
"But ..."
"Your breasts are gorgeous as well! But still not a defense!"
"But YOU'RE the one who stripped me of my clothes and paraded me through the streets!"
"A technicality, woman -- which you are ALSO guilty of being!"

Justice was DIFFERENT in previous centuries. And pole dancing consisted of tying a woman to a pole and whipping her to make her dance. Well ... they got SOME things right!

Image source: a vidcap from the movie Haiducii, from the now-defunct Moviebonds site. Haiducii is another one of those obscure movies from the late 60s early 70s when Europe was eating American filmmaker's lunch by producing films with nudity at a time when the big studios still hadn't shaken off the Hayes Code. Nice stuff!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Boys! Over Here, boys!

She had tried EVERYTHING to get the attention of boys on campus. Now here she was, cuffed to a lamp post, naked and ball-gagged, and there all the boys were, standing in line to talk to those OTHER boys. And the worst part of it, the part that REALLY burned was ... they were SELLING INSURANCE!!!!! Oh, what's a girl to do?

Image source: Public Disgrace, of course.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Premature Evacuation

"You're not leaving NOW are you ... I mean ... you just got me all tied up ... I'm so helpless ... and vulnerable ... you really should take advantage of me!"

This is a vidcap from a 1963 Italian horror flick called "The Demon" and that's the star, Dalilah Lavi, tied up on that bed. It's a minor sort of scene in what the IMDB reviewers say is a very scary movie, except it's unusual in a couple of interesting ways.

In the first place, Lavi's hands are tied behind her back, which is unusual, but not extraordinarily so. She's also lying face down on the bed, which IS extraordinarily unusual, almost always when an actress is tied on a bed in a mainstream scene she's face up, probably because it's easier for the camera to capture her face as she emotes that way. And I suspect that being tied face down also has a sexual submissiveness connotation that may have worked against such scenes as well, though I'm SURE the technical aspect is the one that counts.

A third aspect of the scene: that's a VERY short shift she's wearing, and with the camera going straight up it. Hike that dress up another two or three inches and we'd know for sure whether or not she's wearing panties. That cranks up the sexual aspect of the scene a great deal.

When you combine the behind the back tie, the face down pose and the very short dress with Lavi's look of vulnerability and fear, and her beauty, you get a really powerful sexual image, for its time. It's a really nifty mainstream image in that regard.

The movie itself is said to be a predecessor of "The Exorcist" -- Lavi plays a young woman accused of being possessed by a demon, calling for an exorcism, and a number of scenes from her exorcism, especially "the spider walk" (note: I am going on hearsay, have not seen either film) are VERY much like scenes that appeared later in the Exorcist, albeit in a more horrific form.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wonder Woman Gets Sexy With The Bondage

The hottest image of Wonder Woman in bondage I've ever seen. She's tied and helpless and just begging for it with her eyes!

The art in question is by Raf Marinetti, an Italian artist with a real talent for portraying superheroines with an emphasis on the sexy. Here's his Deviant Art page. I can't find any images this hot on his Deviant Art gallery, though there is one of Catwoman and the Joker that will please bondage fans, and it's full size, unlike the art on my blog. Kinda looks like Raf is trying to go legit, and damn, looks like he has the talent to go any way he wants to go! Well, we'll keep this out little secret ...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Japan Wins The WTF Races Once Again!

Aaaaand they're off ... literally!


At the Greater Osaka

Six daring BONDAGETTES will compete in an amazing SEX BONDAGE DEATH RACE in which they will thunder around the track in blazing SEX DOOM MACHINES powered only by electricity and the INTENSITY of the NAKED, CUFFED, AND BALL-GAGGED drivers' ORGASMS!!!!!!!

You'll be amazed at the BEAUTY, COURAGE and LASCIVIOUSNESS of these FEARLESS FUCK MACHINES as they RISK ALL to win VICTORY in the ONLY race of its kind ever staged in HUMAN HISTORY! Bring the WIFE, bring GRANDMA, bring the KI ... er, DON'T bring the kids ... for the most ENTHRALLING race ever staged by NASCAR (Naked Ass Silly Cart Autoerotic Racing)!!!!

This is an actual bondage go kart race called the Fuck1 Grand Prix staged in Japan in January 2010 by Soft on Demand Studios, a Japanese porn studio. The studio invited six porn studios to design a cart and have a film star race the cart, which is supposedly powered at least in part by the orgasmic responses of the drivers (not buying it for a minute, personally). Built-in dildos and male passengers who fucked the drivers provided the orgasm-inducing action. And the whole mess was then made into a film.

The race included pit crews and trackside interviews and was filmed in pornovision, making it a thorough parody of your average stock car race. But given that the carts are clearly mounted on those rolling LaZBoys they've come up with for those with limited mobility, the speeds probably weren't blazing, and a good thing too from the safety standpoint, with things sliding in and out of the driver's pussies as they rolled.

You can visit the Soft on Demand studios site about the race, see more and larger photos (all pixelated in the genital area, not sure if the video is or not) and if you like, buy and download the video, at this link.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

And when that special slave of yours gets the turkey all trussed up and stuffed, don't forget to get HER all trussed up and give her a vigorous and prolonged stuffing later in the day ... so that ALL will have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great turkey day all! Image source: Dominated

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spanksgiving Grinches In Illinois

"Does it feel good when I spank here?" Image source: Chayse Evans stripped, bound, bit-gagged and spanked in a Fucking shoot.

A bondage-themed exposition called Spanksgiving, scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend in Fairview Heights, Illinois, is getting hit with unexpected fees by a city council playing the usual dickish political games where matters sexual are concerned.

The council had initially told the organizers of Spanksgiving that their vendors would not have to pay the $50 fee the city charges for commercial events, as Spanksgiving was a nonprofit event. But lo and behold, minds got changed when the city council "did further research" into the event's activities and suddenly vendors have to pay the $50 fee. The council maintains they are just enforcing new rules, but since no other nonprofit events have had their vendors charges, it's obviously just garden-variety political dickishness. I suppose we should give thanks that they did not shut down the event completely, though they would probably have done so if they could have conjured up a legal excuse to do so.

I think the Fairview Heights town council needs a good spanking! And I also wish you all a happy Spanksgiving, and a happy Thanksgiving, too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can I Get A Second Opinion Here?

"Look, I know I shouted "Help!" earlier, but I'd be so dreadfully embarrassed to need help from, um ... you guys ..."

The image is from a music video by Israeli musician Yoni Bloch, a lampoon of superhero tropes, though not done with the intelligence and viciousness displayed by my favorite superhero lampooner, Seanbaby. Still, it's a music video, whaddya expect? You can watch the video here. Action starts near the end of the video.

Monday, November 21, 2011

SOPA: The Censors Are At It Again In The US

Don't worry, America, you'll get used to it!"

Image Source: Public Disgrace ... how fitting!

The filthy, cretinous thieves who inhabit the halls of Congress are at it again: they're looking at a bill called the Stop Online Piracy Act that, as written, will allow sites to be shut down merely on an accusation of piracy violation. Basically, it's larcenous politicians taking money from big-money media companies like the Recording Industry Association of America and Time-Warner, to pass a bill that will allow them to run roughshod over the Internet in the name of profits. You're probably sick of hearing about it by now, but hell, we gotta stop this thing or freedom of speech on the Internet will be a thing of the past.

And of course, I have self-interest here. If the big media companies can establish a mechanism for censoring the Internet, every asshole special interest that wants to control others' thoughts will be dying to get their filthy paws on the censorship control panel. And first in line will be the right wing social conservatives who hate porn, and the prudo-feminists who hate porn. They still exist, and if there's an easy mechanism already extant for censoring, you can bet they'll try to slide a bill through to censor the porn out of the Internet.

Here's an Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF) site that provides a mercifully brief summary of the dangers posed by SOPA and its sister bill, the PROTECT IP act. Neither of these bills will do what they say they will, they are just stalking horses for censors. EFF also provides an easy way for you to contact your Congressional representatives. Let your voice be heard, before it's too late!

New Wave Press Conference

It seemed like the appropriate way to get all the cameras turned your way at a flash mob, and she really needed the publicity for her Etsy products. Her only regret was not getting a tattoo of her website's url on her inner thigh.

Image source: Public

Inspired by the fact that some designers are using nudity to sell their stuff. Now THAT'S marketing!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Poor Planning For Double Bondage Blowjob

"Mmmmffh ... glrrrgh ... aaargh ... you know, giving you this double bondage blowjob would be a LOT easier if we were both tied to the same side of the post!"
"Wait ... ah ... ah ... Ok, that explains a lot. I thought your mouth was unusually dry and splintery. This is a knothole!"

Image source: The 1973 film Lautarii, something about gypsies in Moldavia, or Bessarabia, or Romania ... it's really hard to say, there are even arguments online about what language it's in from people who say they grew up in whatever place the film was filmed in. Supposedly a very good film, but ... the very definition of obscure.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Swinging Slave Girl

And now came Jake's favorite part of every auto restoration job: installing the seat covers.

Image source: Public

Friday, November 18, 2011

Russian Bondage Cheerleaders

Here you have it, the only cheerleader team that travels to and from work in coffle.

I've made a couple of posts involving repurposed photos that I have completely, willfully and falsely implied relate to cheerleader training. (Here and here to be exact). So it was with great interest that I saw the above photo placed on a radio station's blog as the "picture of the day," showing what appears to be a group of female bondage slaves writhing on the ground on a soccer field while male soccer players practiced in the background.

It was labelled a female Russian bondage soccer team. A commenter posted that he thought they were cheerleaders, not players, and looking at the photo I tend to agree with the anonymous commenter -- they are all very attractive young women with long-flowing hair. Now that does not preclude them from being a soccer team, but given that ALL of them have that look, I'd say it's kind of a clue. Being a soccer player is quite consistent with being a hottie, since soccer players are typically young and fit, but a good many of the best soccer players are just average-looking at best. It's a sport, not a beauty contest.

But damn, look at those outfits! Pure bondage slave outfits! Just compare with the actual slave outfit shown here from Second Life.

OK, no cuffs or leg shackles on the cuties, but they do have collars, and are otherwise quite similar!

(This is another clue indicating they're cheerleaders ... soccer uniforms tend to be very utilitarian, just shorts, a T-shirt, socks and shoes, just the thing for running about vigorously. All those straps and stuff that an opposing players might slyly grab while the referee looks away ... not very utilitarian!)

I did some research and found many other images of the photo on the web, all of them labelled as being of unknown origin, or just "by some guy named Petros." I dug a little deeper, found a Russian photo site (kind of like Reddit only more humor oriented) called that had the photos branded with it's URL and asked for a linkback if their photos are used. So here ya go, Kaifolog, nice find! (Do check it out, there are some amazing photos on the site. Some are NSFW. You can use Google translator to get an idea what's being written, but most of the images are universal in their appeal.)

I still wasn't happy, wanted to know who actually took the pictures, and finally tracked it down to a St. Petersburg, Russia, photographer named Alexander Petrosyan. Found his livejournal page, check it out, he's done some amazing stuff. And both his page and Kaifolog have much larger images of the bondage cheerleaders than are shown here.

Still don't know the full story behind the photo, but you gotta admit ... bondage cheerleaders ... those Russians have got it going on! And of course, hats off to Alexander Petrosyan, for taking the photo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Starz Channel Series Stars Harem Slave Girl

Gina Gershon, no stranger to onscreen bondage and nudity (seen here in the lesbian bondage romance Mafia caper movie "Bound") is helming a Harem series project on the Starz network.

According to a report in the New York Magazine website, Gina Gershon is helming a new series set in a Turkish (Ottoman Empire era) harem and starring a slave girl to be show on the Starz Channel.

Potentially, this is GREAT news. Starz is the channel that is currently showing the Spartacus series, which I believe has done absolutely the best job of handling slavegirl nudity and sex of any movie, TV series, etc., in existence. If any network is capable of developing a show that can fully flesh out the superheated sex fantasies that harems have engendered in people since the 1800s, it's Starz.

However, the series also has a feminist theme, as it covers a period when the harem became so influential over the sultan that it was called "The Reign of Women." Now, the last movie that dealt with this theme in a feminist fashion was the blood-curdlingly awful movie Harem starring Natassia Kinski. Harem was notable for lacking sexiness, nudity, plot, drama, or interesting characterizations.

I have no idea what we'll get from the Starz Harem, the fact that it's from Starz gives me hope, the feminist theme reminds me of the Kinski Harem and dashes cold water on those hopes. Ideally, I don't really think there's a conflict between sexy, naked slavegirls and feminist themes, but things tends to work out otherwise in the real world.

I'm sure of one thing: if Starz forgoes the naked slave girl sexiness, the series will be a ratings flop. People have come to expect edgy themes, nudity and sex from premium channel TV series, and a harem theme promises a lot of that. Break that promise, and they are doomed to low ratings.

Gershon looking naked and slavegirlish in the film "Showgirls." A sign of things to come?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ask A Foolish Question ...

"All right, contestant number 3, can you tell us what's outside the box?"

Alternatively: It turned out there WAS such a thing as a stupid question. And the penalties for asking it were HARSH!

Image source courtesy of the folks at Public Disgrace.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Demotivational Bondage

After that first night of wild, passionate sexual bondage with Rick, she felt like she was sleeping on air.

Did you know that Demotivational Posters has an adult section called "Motifakes After Dark"? Did you know that you can search that section by keywords like, say, I dunno ... bondage? Why, yes they do and yes you can! Have at!

I like they way they bothered to bind the woman's ponytail. That's going the extra mile!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Katherine Heigl and Others In Excellent Fake Bondage

"Heh heh! She has to take her panties off, I've still got my pantyhose on!"

Found a site with some really interesting and well done fakes of celebrities in bondage, In many instances, the celebrities are shown in hardcore sexual bondage. The fakes look like illustrations, and they basically are, but I'm betting the figures begin as photomanips, then get a LOT of Photoshop filtering and touch-up, as well as maybe some Poser manipulation, because that floor Heigl is lying on sure looks like a top quality Poser floor to me.

But aside from wondering how they did it, the quality of the images is topnotch -- the celebrity faces are very well done, you don't need a caption to tell which celebrity is which if you are familiar with the celebrity (as is the case with some bondage fakes). The quality varies, this one is not as good as most, but I've got a weakness for Katherine Heigl. It's a pay site, but there are a lot of free images to look at if you are interested, and I think you will be. I am not sure what you will be getting if you join the site (I've made inquiries) so caveat emptor if you decide to join.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Delicate Situation!

"Get a room, you two!

It happens all the time. You meet a nice masterful guy, you go back to his place, he gets you all tied up and starts fucking you, then some other woman comes into the room and starts sucking on his face while you're still down there having sex with him! So rude! Fortunately, the Onion has some relationship advice for all the submissive women who find themselves stuck in this quandary.

Image source: Sex and Submission.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Suzanne Collins Is Tied And Gagged In "A Fistful of Collars"

"I'm sorry, Miss. But you did attempt to iron your teddy AFTER you were wearing it, and it's our policy to bind and gag all women who are that dumb, for their own safety, you see."

Image Source: The Daily Mail online.

Suzanne Collins, former star of the long-running Brit soap opera Brookside, gets bound and gagged in her lingerie in a British play called "A Fistful of Collars." The play appears to be one of those lowball comedies the Brits specialize in, with the leggy Collins spending much of her time onstage in the black teddy pictured here.

The play appears to be a pretty good source of Fetish Fuel, as the Daily Mail article also shows pics of Collins holding a gun on some people wearing nothing but a teddy and stiletto heels. Of course the article does not mention the obvious appeal of the imagery, but that's fairly typical of mainstream media -- they take advantage of fetish fuel but would never acknowledge that they are doing so.

Here's another pic from the play ... google "Suzanne Collins gagged" and you'll find a ton of them online. This one gives a bit more emphasis to her very nice rack:

Image Source: The Sun.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cecilia Cheung Gets Ball Gagged

Hong Kong star Cecilia Chung in a ballgag and some ropes.

Cecilia Cheung is a Chinese movie star of the sort who plays the lead in romantic comedies, sort of a Katherine Heigl equivalent. You see her here bound and ball gagged, an image which got pasted all over Chinese tabloids. The interesting thing about this particular sex scandal is that it's one of those crouching scandal/hidden photos things.

Her career never really took off until she was involved in the Edison Chen sex photos scandal, in which a series of photos of Chen having sex with several actresses of the time were stolen from Chen and pasted across the Internet back in 2008. (Google "Cecilia Cheung nude" with the safe search filters turned off to see the images, there are a LOT of them and they'll be right up at the top, including images of Cheung with cock in her face and pulling her labia apart ... apparently, it was a hell of a sex session.) People went to jail for it, as the photos were in fact outright stolen from Chen's camera. Worked for Connie Cheung, as the notoriety got her noticed.

Flash forward to 2011 and suddenly these pics of Cheung in bondage pop up. Everybody is scandalized. But there's a catch: these were not stolen or illicit images at all. They are actually scenes from a short film called "Captive" that Cheung made in the beginning of her career when she was a relatively unknown actress, that was publicly exhibited. This site has an excellent summary of how things went down plus more photos.

Since practically no one saw the short film and Cheung was a nobody at the time, it sort of passed under the bridge until somebody found the photos and realized a new sex scandal was in the making.

The pictures also had a dark undercurrent because Cheung's father was a member of a Triad, the notorious Mafia-gang-equivalents of China, and a "misunderstanding" he got into with a rival gang led to death threats and rape threats against Cheung early in her career.

All-in-all it was the equivalent of a Sandra Bullock "Fire on the Amazon" thing. (Bullock was a relative unknown when she made "Fire on the Amazon" nobody paid any attention to the film until she became an established star) except it was bondage instead of softcore sex, and except for the fact that no one here seems to give a flip about "Fire On The Amazon" -- quite appropriately, I think.

I do have a caveat, I'm looking at this Chinese scandal from a strictly American perspective, I don't know how much of a scandal it really was. In Japan, for example, many mainstream anime producers have also done echhi and hentai (adult anime) with no one really caring about it, and major film studios (Universal Pictures equivalents) have done softcore bondage porn (Wife to be Sacrificed, for example). So, I could have read this all wrong. But based on what I've read from the Chinese media, I think I'm fairly close.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lesbian Dildo Gag Revenge!

Next week on "Bridezillas": a carelessly worded bet by our Bridezilla gives Mom a chance to get some revenge in an unexpected way!"

Image source: Sex and Submission.

I LOVE the expression on the older woman's face. How many women could manage a smirk while naked, bound and wearing a dildo gag?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tied To The Mast Update - Col Cameron

"I am Tubatai, I'll be the Mongol horde that ravishes you today ... it's the day off for the rest of the guys, sorry about that!" Image source: Col Cameron cover art collection

A few days ago I posted a this about a guy doing some sailing using a broad as his broadsail. Ropeguy over at the Bondage Blog picked it up because he'd run the same pic but was not aware where it came from. All I really knew was that it was the cover of a book called "Woman of Blood Island," but when I started getting visitors from his blog I thought I'd do some more research, and I came up with the artist's name: Col Cameron.

I also came across a lot of other illustrations by Cameron that are very bondage-licious and very tasty indeed. The guy definitely had a feel for damsel in distress art, and he had plenty of opportunity to express it, because he was "ekeing out a living" as one blogger put it, working for an Australian publisher called the Horwitz Company, which nowadays publishes children's books, gardening books, and glossy mainstream magazines like TV Soap, Inside Sports, as detailed in this blog.

However, in the 1960s and 70s, Horwitz mainly published lurid paperbacks with titles like "Victim of the SS," "Death Island," and "Satan's Captive." It was straight-up lurid sweat-mag stuff, not far from SM porn from the sound of it (haven't read any so can't really say) and Col Cameron illustrated a lot of the covers. What's more, many of them showed cuties in chains, ropes, straps and even (see above) the occasional gag. You can see a nice selection of his cover art here.

According to this blog, "Fall of the Roman Empire" is supposed to be the finest cover Cameron did for Horzwitz. I personally prefer "The Centurion" because the damsel is a lot nakeder and slinkier. But hey, it's a matter of taste I suppose.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Which Hole Do I Stick My Hose In Again?

In the old days, installing a dishwasher was a lot more fun!

Alternatively: "Before she got the implants and the blonde wig, she was still Dolly Parton ... and now you know how she got her first name!"

Image source: the Web somewhere. Looks to me like the sort of thing you'd see in a 60s or 70s porn magazine, something along the lines of Playboy.

(Postscript: finally tracked down the provenance of this one. It's from a photo spread in Issue No. 8 of "Gorgeous Gals" Magazine, from 1968. Here's a link to scans of the entire magazine. Looks like my guess was on target.)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

World of Warcraft Gamer Girl Hottie In Bondage

Pretty girls and microphone cords ... you know it happens every day!

Found a listing of the Hottest Gamer Girls on Youtube and was surprised to notice that the first one shown (lowest on the list) was all tied up! It was a bit of a self-promotion, the gamergirl in question, Danielle of Tradechat (aka panserbjorne of azuremyst in World of Warcraft) is a guest host of the video channel that created the video. All the rest were well known geekgirl stars like Felicia Day, Grace Park, Adrian Curry, etc. Still, Danielle is cute enough for all practical purposes, and it was nice the way her wrists are tied off and not just her arms tied to her torso.

You can see the hottie list here.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Has To Be True!

"It figures," Mary Jane thought, "Spidey WOULD be into bondage! But if he doesn't stop chasing Doc Oc soon and get back here and finish what he started ... who am I kidding? I'm loving this!"

Image source: The folks at Sex and (Nice touch: it's hard to tell at the resolution of the image I have, but I THINK the model may be wearing a ring gag with backward-pointing metal spokes ... it's called a spider gag!

Friday, November 4, 2011

An Oldie But Goodie: Maitresse

This is chair bondage, but it is NOT comfy chair bondage. You can't see it in this shot, but the girl's wrists are tied to the back of the chair, and of course her knees are tied wide apart. And of course, she's naked. That's how it's done!

The French film Maitresse is what I would call an offbeat romance released in 1975. Written and directed by acclaimed French director Barbet Schroeder, it starred Gerard Depardieu as a good-natured burglar who gets involved with a professional dominatrix (Bulle Ogier) after an unsuccessful attempt to burglarize her leaves him cuffed to her radiator.

Left to right: Bulle Ogier as the dominatrix, the Baron who is her servant, the apparent boyfriend of the naked submissive in the chair, and Gerard Depardieu doing the honors.

As Ogier's character is a dominatrix, most of the bondage is definitely femdom/malesub kinda stuff, but at the 38 minute mark there's the tasty femsub whipping scene I've made caps of, with the boyfriend sharing some hot kisses with his bound sub while Depardieu lays on.

What makes the scene stand out in my mind is the thoroughness with which the woman in the chair is bound. In the mainstream, even scenes that are all about the sexual bondage tend to feature feeble bondage scenes. This is NOT feeble stuff, perhaps because it's rumored that real-life French submissives played the submissives in the film (rumor even has it that they were not paid for their work, but rather paid for the chance to be in the film). And I did a quick scan of the scenes after the female bondage scene, it was all femdom/malesub stuff, so far as I could tell.

Along the same lines, there are supposed to be some scenes of torture that shocked audiences at the time (the movie is or was banned in Britain, not sure of the time frame) and that might be a product of using real-life subs as well. I haven't seen that section, as scenes involving torture squick me. Leave it for those who like it.

You can watch the entire film at, here's the URL, action starts at the 38 minute mark. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ordeal By Pants!

"Look at my pants! My pants! My Pants!"

In Caca Talentos, a Brazilian fantasy TV series, a man kidnaps a fashion designer, binds and gags her, then utterly breaks her will by forcing her to look at his pants for 20 minutes. Not recommended for the faint of heart! Image source: Moviebound.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Celebrity Clones: Victoria Jackson and Holly Morgan

"I keep it there to help me remember I'm a porn star!"

Image source for Holly Madison: In The

Are porn star Holly Morgan and former Saturday Night Live comedian Victoria Jackson (now a conservative political activist)two people cloned from the same stock? These photos would seem to indicate so! Of course, there are subtle differences between them, but that may be ascribed to the difference between the life of a porn star and the life of a comedian/political activist, for example, Holly looks considerably sleeker and healthier!

(And in addition, I really like the insolent, smoky look Holly gives the camera as she lies there with her legs spread and a dildo poking out of her butt, as if to say, "Got any better ideas?")

And there is this to relate somewhat to our bondage theme: (granted, we have touched on politics, though to be fair I was not enough of a douche to claim that that it actually was Victoria Jackson with the dildo up her pussy, so I can't really lay claim to being a hardcore politico -- Karl Rove would have made the claim in a flash, were Jackson a liberal activist)

Holly Morgan HAS shown up ball gagged and cuffed in a lesbian women in prison shoot with Sasha Sparks, done for Bondagerotica sponsor Whipped Call my cynical, but I bet her ass got whipped in that shoot too.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Woman of Blood Island

"Lean to the left, we're picking up a port breeze!"

After repeated attempts to propel their craft by motorboating her breasts had failed, he finally realized that she was a broad and if he used her for a sail she would be a broadsail, a perfectly nautical thing. He had no idea why she kept calling him crazy, he imagined she was just angry at being tied to the mast like that, but after all, being tied to the mast was what happened to broadsails!

Image source: It's art from the cover of an old paperback called "Woman of Blood Island" by John Slater. There's virtually no other information about it that a quick Google search can find. There have been a lot of Grade B horror flicks set on "Blood Island" also other World War II prison camp movies. Google Books acknowledges the existence of "Woman of Blood Island," but Amazon only acknowledge the existence of a book of poetry by John Slater. The cover art for the novel is probably better than the novel itself: a strange image that makes no sense -- that's they way I like them!

By the way, in his book "Imaginative Sex" John Norman warns us all never to tie someone up on a boat. Apparently, it's very dangerous, I guess because boats have that "sinking" thing they sometimes do. So be warned!