Friday, August 11, 2017

Tavern Slut #1: Jessica's Virgin Auction Now On Sale

I've written a new story, “Tavern Slut 1: Jessica's Virgin Auction” and am actually published it on Amazon. I've been looking for a way to write stories I and my Semi-Loyal Readers would enjoy. And I finally found it.

I thought I'd write about slavegirls without calling them slavegirls. And I'd have them all eager and anxious to have sex with men. I'm talking sex positive to the max here!

And in my stories, the bad guys would be the ones who strove to PREVENT my protagonists from having lots of sex and serving men in every way imaginable and some which are not.

And I even hit upon the perfect venue for such stories: a futuristic version of John Norman's paga tavern, where the waitresses serve naked and are sexually available to the men they serve.

Jessica's parents are very conservative sexually and have used advanced personal surveillance gear to prevent Jessica from having any sexual contact with anyone. (The story is set about a hundred years in the future, give or take a decade of three -- the future keeps getting harder and harder to predict, which is probably a good thing, overall).

But having turned 18, Jessica is a legal adult and eligible for Basic Income, so Jessica's parents have no more control over her, economic or legal. All they have is moral persuasion, and Jessica is so cheesed at her parents for keeping her away from boys throughout her teens (she's got a VERY strong libido) that they have absolutely NO cred with her on sexual topics, or any other.

That's why Jessica moves out from her parents to her own room. (Everyone is entitled to a free room, a printer that prints out most consumer goods, and a 1000 credit a month allowance for whatever, so long as they haven't done anything terrible). (For stories about what happens to girls who do something terrible in a Basic Income world, see my stories "Pet Shop Girl #1: Katie" and "Pest Shop Girl #2: Nataly the Violent Virgin" over on Smashwords, where the censorship regimen isn't so harsh -- and yes, you can get stories in .mobi format for Kindle over on Smashwords, along with many other formats.)

Jessica's goal is to become a serving slut in a Slut Tavern, and applies at the Smiling Slut Tavern. When Fawna, the manager, discovers that Jessica is a medbot-certified virgin, she proposes that Jessica auction off her virginity to ten lucky men. Jessica is all for it -- it will make her rich, but more to the point, she'll get fucked by ten men in one night. For Jessica, that's a dream come true.

On the night of Jessica's virgin auction, there's sexy dancing, a huge tavern brawl, and lots and lots of sex for Jessica and the ten lucky winners. So buy the book or get it on Kindle Unlimited for free. I think you'll enjoy it.

Also, I put a lot of work into the background for this story, working out the economics of Basic Income and slut taverns and speculating on some of the fun and exciting sexual technology that might exist 100 years from now. I'll talk about that in another post.