Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kinky Writers and Publishers

A traditional writer waits for a traditional publisher to consider her submission, maybe for a very long time, maybe for years ... but heaven help anyone who wants to do things any differently. Image source: Sex and

Writers who write for traditional publishers give me the creeps. Well, not all of them, but a lot of them. I think it's the same feeling a feral wolf might have for a domestic poodle. Something is seriously wrong about them, and I think Anne R. Allen put her finger on it in her blog post, Has Publishing Become A Kinky Game? Traditional writers (defined here as writers who do not self-publish via ebooks but work strictly through the medium of traditional dead tree publishers) are masochists with bad cases of Stockholm Syndrome, says Allen, and I completely agree.

Now let me make something clear. I have NO problem with sexual masochists, especially with the ones who are submissives first and mashochists second. They are fun people. They are playing a game they enjoy, for the pleasure they get from it, just as the sadists and dominants they play with are. I get that. Most of all, they don't, for the most part (might be some exceptions, I dunno) think others should be masochists/submissives. They understand that they are responding to the promptings of their natures, and that others do not necessarily have similar natures.

Traditional writers are more like whipped dogs who've been beaten into Stockholm syndrome, and who are outraged when they come across writers who don't share their pathology. They're like little yappy dogs who bark and snarl at dogs they see on the street through their French doors. And yap and snarl they do. Anne Allen relates that after she encouraged writers to write Amazon reviews, she was deluged with attempts at shaming, bullying, and even death threats. I've had similar responses from traditional writers (though no death threats) for similar reasons.

And that's the thing, the traditional writers think their whipped-dog Stockholm Syndrome ethos is All That With A Cherry on Top and attack writers who dare advocate things like submitting manuscripts to more than one publisher at a time as if they were advocating eating babies on national holidays. They're kind of a wet, soggy lump of stupid in the middle of the writing profession, clogging it up for more self-actualized writers.

Hopefully they'll vanish or at least as ebook sales continue to make inroads on traditional publishing, become a very small minority. Right now, they're still an enormous mass of losers whom I am not pleased to be associated with.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Naked Bondage Self-Wedgie!

In their constant search for ever more humilating torments, the villains eventually hit on the self-administered bondage wedgie, considered a new low in crapulence in the field of dominance and submission torments. Image source: Public

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lady Gaga Outfit Outshone By Second Life Designer

Lady Gaga looking bondage-y in the "bondage dress" that shocked those fashionistas who are shocked by anything they think somebody with money or clout wants them to be shocked by! Image source: just about every fashion/celeb site on the Web, here's a very nice one on The Stir that includes a nice butt shot of Lady Gaga. She really hung it out there. Note the lack of butt plug, however. Thought you was EDGY, Gaga! (The headline is pathetic, "Too Racy for 50 Shades of Gray!" the editor has clearly never read the book or even a good description of it, cause 50 Shades is WAAAAY racier than that dress.)

A couple of weeks ago the flying monkeys spent a few days filling up my mailbox with reports of the "bondage dress" Lady Gaga wore to lunch one day. Now I gotta give Lady Gaga credit, it's a pretty bondage-y looking dress, MUCH more bondage-y than a lot of stuff that get's called "bondage wear" by the fashion industry. (Basically, if it has a black strap on it, it can be called bondage wear, by fashion/celeb site standards, if that's not an oxymoron.) Lady Gaga would not look at all out of place in your average kink club in that getup, in fact, she'd look pretty durned IN place.

Now here's a nice outfit from Second Life designer Graves. It's way racier, way bondagier (I THINK that's a word, but I don't know if your average Scrabble dictionary would go for it) than Gaga's outfit, and of course, it has optional butt plug and nipple and vagina stims, and REALLY, who can resist options like that? Image source: Graves, I'll post the SLURL below. My flying monkeys, however, originally discovered the outfit on this website. And the images on the linked website give you a much better idea what those nipple stims and the butt plug look like. Tres sex droid.

Graves features a lot of similarly-inclined kinky outfits on her site. Thing is, this outfit does not look like it's beyond the capabilities of Real Life designers ... a transparent body stocking with some black fabric on it to give it the circuitry look. And when you compare the Graves outfit with the comparatively sloppy-looking, prosaic "bondage dress" it's not hard to tell who's the better designer. Graves is. Difference is, the Graves outfit goes for 690 lindens, with is about three bucks in US currency. I'm betting Gaga's less snazzy outfit cost thousands of dollars. Food for thought!

Graves has some Yahoo videos of her outfits, you can find them here.

Here's the SLURL for Graves' store in Second Life:

Have fun!

"Clothing? You mean, other than ropes? Can't say I remember it ... Image source: Sex and Submission, where they understand that the best thing about women's clohting is removing it!

Dreams of Control: Awakening -- Book Review

Control via hypnotism, will power or magic rings lacks a certain visual appeal that bondage has in spades. But hey, c'est la vie! Image source: Christina Carter on

I read Dreams of Control: Awakening by Marc Cabot, and it was a good, steamy, fast read that rolled right along. You can buy it here, it costs only $1.99 and it's totally worth it. It's about a fellow who finds box that contains a genie, who must give him a wish in exchange for his freedom. Being a rational fellow, David, our protagonist, figures he is dreaming, but proceeds in accord with the general zeitgeist of the dream to use his legal skills (he's a law student) to draft a wish that the genie can grant and which won't blow up on him.

It's nice to see an old hackneyed theme (man gets wish, regrets it) neatly sidestepped, a sign you're in good hands.

David's wish is to have anyone whom he talks to while wearing a certain ring immediately obey his orders as if they were their own wishes. Figuring he's still dreaming, as soon as the genie vanishes he tests his power on the cute young hotel desk clerk. It works as advertised, and in a short time she's naked and and doing very sexy things in his rooms, and enjoying it thoroughly, because that's the real crux of Awakening, it's a straight-up power fantasy as David uses the ring to have a lot of fun with women.

Cabot tells his story with verve and gusto, the writing is smooth and the scenes flow easily as you read. He also has great skill at putting the erotic in erotica, the sex scenes are steamy and very realistic, with the pleasure that both participants take in them well portrayed. I was kind of surprised at this, I haven't read a lot of power fantasy stories and I kind of expected the women he controls via the ring to be zombie-like and withdrawn. You know, (robot voice) "Your wish is my com-mand, Mas-ter!"

But no, by using commands that drew the women into the erotic acts he gets them to perform, he draws them out as characters and creates a sense of two people sharing sexual escapades rather than a man using women as living blow-up dolls for his sexual pleasure. Instead of saying simply, "Suck my cock," he says, "You find me the most desirable man you have ever seen, you want more intense pleasure..." and lets the female character express how that intensity manifests itself. The women PARTICIPATE in the fantasy, albeit under the compulsion of the ring, and it adds a lot to the story.

There are a lot of moral issues with a power fantasy of this kind, and I figured that Cabot was going to use the old dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream dodge. Well don't want to get too spoilerish, but let me say that his protagonist wrestles with the moral dilemmas inherent in the power he's been given, at least a bit. Not enough to get in the way of the sex scenes, fortunately, but enough to make you feel the book isn't entirely superficial.

I personally would have liked for Cabot to come out with a cleaner way of dealing with the moral dilemmas posed by his power fantasy. I mean, the appeal of the dream-within-a-dream solution is that it does sweep the moral dilemmas out of the way … when the protagonist wakes up to find himself disempowered, no harm has been done, it's just been his subconscious out on a romp. Which many people would say is a good description of erotica.

Point is, Cabot avoids cheap solutions to his dilemmas while keeping the steamy stuff going He's a writer worth watching … and reading!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sexy Rope Bondage's Appeal Beautifully Explained

Tied naked and suspended in midair with her legs spread wide, all the sexy damsel in distress could do was enjoy the whole experience tremendously. Image source:

"Got Rope?" the post asks. Written by Mollena, The Perverted Negress (AKA The Executive Pervert, AAKA Trembling, Delicate Flower of Submission) it's a post about the appeal of rope bondage for the bondagee. It's written beautifully. I've tried to put my my feelings about the pleasure of having a naked, bound woman at my mercy, and the best I can do is, "Grrr, Arrrgh!" Check it out, if you've ever wonder what a woman could possibly see in bondage, here's a pretty good explanation.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

50 Shades of Revolution

Right now, America's middle class workers have a long row to hoe to reclaim their democracy, being in a situation roughly analogous to the one seen above. Image source:

As I mentioned in a previous post, I found one article about 50 Shades of Gray downright fascinating and thought-provoking. This one, by Anne Parramore, that ran on Alternet, which compared Ana and Christian's relationship to the relationship between the one percenters and the rest of us.

Way back in 2007 I had explored the same topic, though without the touchstone of 50 Shades of Gray. In this early post I pointed out the issues that dominance/submission behavior can create in politics. A short time later, I wrote this post, about the relationship between culture and politics, which essentially said that the rules of culture were murky, unwritten and voluntary and the rules of politics were much clearer but also tended to be matters of one group imposing its will on another in a nonconsensual manner.

In that article I promised a subsequent article on the Grand Pooh-Bah of hidden memes which relates to bondage. But I never delivered on that article, because, "look a slavegirl wearing a butt-plug shaped like a fluffy tail!" It was a hard article to write, because it dealt with how dominance and submission behavior is imbued throughout human behavior and culture and how the culture that has evolved to deal with sexual dominance and submission behavior has some really subversive implications for the dominance and submission behavior that exists in human culture generally.

Hell, it's a hard article to describe, much less write.

"Come and see the sexiness inherent in the system!" Image source:

So you can see where Parramore's article really lit me up. It sort of APPROACHED the theme I was working at way back then but then missed it entirely. Parramore's mistake resulted in some minor flaws and one major one in her article, both products of her missing the Grand Pooh-Bah meme. The most glaring minor flaw ... Ana NEVER signs the contract that Christian offers, though Parramore claims she did. Ana instead negotiates with Christian, essentially using his fascination for her as her leverage, to eventually wind up in a contract-free relationship of something like equals even though she continues to enjoy the smutty, submissive-y sex. The book is a lot more subversive than Parramore realizes it is.

In fact, it is this very subversiveness, largely unrecognized by the unobservant readers (like Parramore, sadly) that may account for its popularity. 50 Shades of Gray says that even if you are young and powerless, you are worthwhile, and you can use your worthwhile-ness to negotiate something like equality with those around you who may be more powerful than you. You can humanize and improve the world around you. No wonder it is so popular!

Which relates to the major flaw in Parramore's article. Humans in almost any organization tend to organize themselves into hierarchies, with some having power over others. Parramore "got" the parallels between corporatist billionaire Christian Gray and the One Percenters, which worked well for her critique of the relationship between the One Percenters and the rest of us, but she missed the more universal application of dominance/submission behavior to human institutions of all kinds.

In a dominance/submission relationship, the submissive GIVES power to the dominant, and it is incumbent on the dominant to return that gift by treating the submissive in ways that he or she will enjoy. If he or she does not, the submissive can simply walk away, withdrawing the power that he or she gave the dominant.

In most real-world relationships it is not so easy to withdraw the gift of power. If your boss mistreats you, you can quit your job, but where will you find another one, and what will you use for money while you look? And what guarantee do you have of finding a better boss, especially in times like these which encourage every abuse by corporate bosses?

Clearly, most of us can't just quit, we have to negotiate. And one way to begin is to look at your boss and ask, "Has he or she earned the power he or she has been gifted with? What sort of boss would be worthy of the gift of power they have? How would they behave?"

Assume your boss' power is your gift to him or her, even though it is in fact not a consensual gift at all. Then work to make your boss into the person who would deserve such a gift. They do not need to be informed that that is what you are doing. It would probably be better for you if they were not. You can then proceed to subvert the relationship between your boss and you into something more human, because you will know what you are doing, and they will not. The changes in the relationship may be very subtle to start with, but over time could change radically.

And if you have subordinates, you could perhaps stand to ask yourself, "Have I earnd the trust they have given me? What could I do to be worthy of the gift of power here?"

I guess what I am saying is, absorb the lesson that 50 Shades of Gray and, more generally dominance/submission sexuality, teaches about power relationships. Then think globally and act locally. Could have some revolutionary implications!

Someday, the American worker's plight might be a little more like this, as this worker's trust is being earned senseless! Image source: Sex and

Monday, July 23, 2012

50 Shades of Sexy

50 Shades of Gray continues to be popular with readers, for reasons that Internet writers, many of whom appear to be missing their genitals, cannot seem to fathom. Hopefully, this illustration will function as a clue-by-four for those poor souls. Image source: Sumbitchin' Sex and

Time for another 50 Shades of Gray update, as my flying monkeys continues to dump reams of the stuff on me, but at least SOME of it has bondage-y goodness to it, and some of it's funny, and some of it's strange.

There's starting to be a clear bifurcation in the response to 50 Shades of Gray: reviewers and columnists don't like it (often bragging that they didn't bother to read it). Readers who respond to it in the columns' comment sections tend to love it. It very much reminds me of the difference between official reviewers of "Deathstalker" on IMDB and the fans who write comments: regular folks liked it, the official bloviators dislike it.

A popular tack for many of the nay-sayers is to say the book is bad for bondage. Here's an example with a nice image of a woman with her hands tied behind her scantily clad backside.

Policymic has a very nicely illustrated article showing 5 reasons why women love 50 shades of Gray, very sexy for a political website. Perhaps they are learning from me. It's about time!

A general culture blog called OC Weekly has a nicely illustrated article about the increase in sales of kinky products inspired by 50 Shades of Gray, featuring a hot blonde in restraints and lingerie.

Down in Australia, they're just now getting around to being surprised by the success of 50 Shades of Gray in some cases. The Cleo News writes about their astonishment and includes a nice image of a lingerie clad woman with her hands bound behind her back, albeit very loosely.

A radio station in Ohio encouraged husbands to get together and hold a public book burning of 50 Shades of Gray, in what can only be described as a ceremony of communal dicklessness. Jeebus, guys, can't get it up? Sad. No image with this one, it's stupid all the way through.

You may think this is a lot, but it's a tiny fraction of what's out there. Most of the articles I see are mindlessly bloviating opinion pieces by bloggers/writers who clearly have not read the book, illustrated with the usual cover art from the book's dust jacket. I never run those, why inflict them on my readers, they're boring enough for me. Plus the celebrity blogs are constantly speculating on who will be cast to play the leads in the 50 Shades of Gray movie, also very boring stuff.

There is one article in particular, however, which I did not include here, because it is too fricking good. It's from Alternet, and it shows some very shrewd insight into some of the cultural aspects of bondage and dominance and links that to 50 Shades of Gray. I'll be treating that one to an in-depth analysis, it deserves it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roleplay At The Gor Visions Tavern

A slavegirl awaits the Master's pleasure at the Gor Visions Tavern. Image source: me.

Well it seems that some enterprising folks in Second Life have started up a Gorean paga tavern that is accessble to all, not just Goreans. This is a brilliant idea, I think, given the popularity of 50 Shades of Gray I suspect there may be a huge appetite for dominance/submission roleplay. A place that can sort of ease people into it, getting the idea of Gorean roleplay without have to actually be IN Gor proper makes all kinds of sense.

I decided to go to the Gor Visions Tavern and conduct an interview with the owner, bubit Treves, and introduce readers to how the tavern works. Treves suggested I conduct the interview in roleplay, which was agreeable to me, so I grabbed a slave and grilled her good. But I got more than I bargained for, and so I posted the roleplay on Bondagerotica so you can check it out for yourself and see what happened, and get an idea of how Gorean roleplay proceeds.

Basically, the Gor Visions Tavern welcomes all to its doors, not just experienced Gorean roleplayers. You can play a slavegirl, a customer, a dancer, whatever floats your boat. The staff will help you learn the rules of the roleplay and guide you so you don't get caught up in roleplay that does not work for you. The slavegirls actually visit non-Gorean Second Life sims and entice visitors to the tavern. It's an interesting concept. I'd like to see them take a wider approach to attracting visitors, but I will watch their experiment with great interest, perhaps making the tavern a regular stopping point for Bondo Quixote on his travels.

If you want to visit the Gor Vision Tavern, here's their SLURL:

Gor Visions Tavern Teleport

Have a great time and tell em Bondo sent you if you drop by!

Slavegirls: enjoy your luxurious accommodations as you are carried, naked, bound and gagged in the trunk of a car, to your new life in the Gor Visions Tavern! Image source: Sex and Submission.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tied Gagged and Fucked Nun

Sister Mary Purity had had enough of all the headlines about priests molesting, well, other people than her. "I will do anything to keep our fine priests from doing such things," she told Father Brown and Farther Murphy. "Anything?" they had responded, brows raised, as if doubting her resolve. "Anything!" she responded firmly. Later, she discovered what an incredibly wide range of activities "anything" entailed. It was physically taxing, but it had certainly been fun finding out! Image source: Sex and Submission (oh, you're gonna get your knuckles whacked pretty good for that video, guys!)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Natalie Dormer Tied and Fucked Or Cloned?

Two of these images are of the actress Natalie Dormer, two are of her celebrity clone, Chanel Prescott. Once again, mad scientists have been at work, clearly. And before you say one has blue eyes and one has brown eyes so they can't POSSIBLY be clones, I have three words for you: tinted contact lenses. Image sources: Upper left, Chanel Prescott from Sex and Submission, upper right, Natalie Dormer from this site, lower left, Natalie Dormer in a vidcap from HBO's Game of Thrones, lower right, Chanel Prescott from Sex and Submission.

When I noticed that Sex and Submission model Chanel Prescott had been cloned by this guy from the same cells that produced Natalie Dormer, I had to put up a post about it, because hey, Natalie Dormer is FUCKING HOT. She's best known to American audiences as the beautiful, sexy and ambitious Ann Boleyn who came to such a sad end on HBO's "The Tudors."

Ever wonder what Natalie Dormer would look like naked and tied over a crate awaiting use? Probably a lot like her clone in the same position. Image source: Sex and Submission.

More recently, Dormer plays the beautiful, sexy and ambitious wife of one of the Baratheons, whose husband came to such a sad end (killed by a demon assassin). When you need beautiful, sexy and able to play ambitious ... and willing to get naked and play sexy ... Natalie Dormer is an EXCELLENT choice.

Perhaps you have wondered what Natalie Dormer would look like naked and tied and being anally assaulted while being choked by Sex and Submission model Isis Love, and really, who does not? It might look a lot like this. Image source: Sex and Submission.

Dormer also played Private Lorraine in Captain America: The First Avenger and has several movies in post production, plus of course she will be appearing in upcoming episode of Games of Thrones, so there will be plenty more to see of her, which makes me rejoice, because with that twisty little smile of hers and those eyes that just won't quit, I could watch her ... quite a lot!

Dormer is willing to get naked for the right role, and it's definitely worth it, as seen here in a vidcap from Game of Thrones.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

50 Shades of Gray Reaches 30 Milllion Worldwide

This is one great image of sexual bondage. Both of the people pictured here appear to be really into it, and particularly the woman's body is graceful and almost appears to be flying. And ladies, that's James Deen in case you are wondering. Image source: Sex and Submission.

50 Shades of Gray has now reached 30 million in sales worldwide, 20 million in sales in the U.S. alone, according to this report. This in an industry where 100,000 in sales constitutes a bestseller. There are even reports that the book is going to create a 50 Shades of Gray baby boom, as frisky moms read the book and, well, get frisky. They don't call it mommy porn for nothing, sweetheart! (Some are disputing that there will be such a baby boomlet. We should know either way in about a year!)

I think I've finally hit on a metaphor for 50 Shades of Gray that gives some idea of the scale of the phenomenon. Imagine an ordinary marina harbor, like this one. That's bondage erotica. Now imagine a huge cruise ship like this one sailing into that marina. That's 50 Shades of Gray. Now imagine a dude floating on a tiny orange inner tube being swamped by the waves created by the cruise ship. That's inner tube is Karg and that dude is me, and yes, I am shaking my fist in anger.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Extreme Naked Bondage Spreadeagle

"Ok, now I get what you meant when you said that I would be the bedspread." Image source: Sex and Submission.

There's something about a woman bound with her legs spread really, really wide that adds a certain frisson to any bondage. Those legs are staying spread very, very wide until she is untied. Nice. And the look she is casting over her shoulder, also very nice. Very dramatic!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Caged Fashion Slaves Bondage Fail

"Hey, when I begged and pleased to be let out of the cell, this was not what I had in mind!" Image source: Sex and Submission.

So, my flying monkeys brought is a story about a fashion show in Germany in which some of the models posed in a roomy giant birdcage sort of thing. It's easy to see why they brought it in, the story was headlined "Caged Fashion Slaves!"

Looking at the image of the model sitting comfortably in a cage about the size of your average office cubicle dressed in clothing that would be completely ordinary in your average office cubicle, I at first thought the image was too lame to bother with, but kept it around because it WASN'T about 50 Shades of Gray, and how often does that happen lately?

Then I read the copy that ran with the article and it consisted of a bunch of nattering about whether the cage was really about bondage or not, etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda "Not really bondage" etc. It was SO FREAKING STUPID! The fashion show imagery was not bondage, it was WEAKSAUCE! The image at the top of this page ... THAT'S bondage, you stupid fucking fashion dumbasses.

I know rationally that they were just playing up the bondage imagery because there was nothing else going on in the show to make it interesting, and the protests were probably squealed in delighted tones rather than serious objections. But damn, that sort of stuff is tiresome.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Skyrim Gets Kinky With Slaves, Binds and Gags

Found an excellent post called Danger Theatre: Skyrim Gets Kinky over at the Danger Theater website about the kinky mods now being created for Skyrim, including craftable binds and a gags. There's also going to be a Skyrim Slaver mod, apparently, where you can enslave female NPCs or be enslaved if your character is female. In an earlier post on this blog, I noted some of the naked mods to Skyrim and other video games that have been created, and strangely enough, that has been one of my most popular posts, perhaps because of the the Photoshop artwork I created to illustrate it. But Sasha has gone one better and found actual kinky mods in the game. Great work, Sasha!

Skyrim has not yet reached Second Life Gor levels of sexy kinky fun, but hell, you know it's just a few mods away ... Image source: original art.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bondage-licious Youtube Videos

10,000 views and no flaggings! Keep your fingers crossed.

Found a couple of Youtube videos that really push the boundaries of what Youtube allows to be broadcast, and yes, I mean bewbies! Also, pussy! A tiny bit, anyway, in the second video. Wow. The first is a series of nice black and white still photos with some dramatic music, the second is a brief video of a woman in a hogtie, with some mmmphing. Check 'em out and enjoy them, my flying monkeys have been doing topnotch work of late.

Friday, July 13, 2012

50 Shades of The Gor Novels and the Ginger Movies

Frankly, the mommy in this photo was the only one who WASN'T caught by surprise by the success of 50 Shades of Gray. Image source: Sex and

Came across an old blog post of mine from five years ago, in which I wondered if it was possible for a bondage-centric project like John Norman's Gor novels or the Ginger movies to slip into mainstream culture unnoticed. (This was before I had encountered Second Life Gor, which is hardly a part of mainstream culture, anyway.)

Both films slid easily into the culture in the wild and woolly times of the Swinging Sixties and the Sexy Seventies. Each was well enough tricked out in the habiliments of other genres that they were not obvious porn, and that was enough. The Ginger movies were pure sexploitation, very shallow and lots of fun. The Gor novels had some serious intent behind them, which is why they worked for creating the virtual world of Second Life Gor, but they could also easily "pass" for fantasy adventures.

Now, implicit in my essay was the notion that the only way a bondage-licious book/story/game/movie could slide into mainstream culture, was by "passing" as something else, on some level.

I completely missed the mark there. Because the next big thing to come down the pike in terms of bondage content is what's coming down the pike right now: 50 Shades of Gray. And it's not passing for anything. People were talking about the bondage content of 50 Shades from Day One. it had the form of a romance, but was clearly a piece of bondage erotica, which it was described as in some places.

It never occurred to me back in 2007 that people would openly accept bondage porn, especially the adult women who got 50 Shades of Gray dubbed "mommy porn" by buying it in droves. Completely blindsided me, and everyone else, apparently. I had spent too much time listening to all the "Bondage ... eeeeewww!" talk that was so prevalent in the mainstream media. It had conditioned me to think that bondage erotica would never be accepted in the mainstream.

I should have know better. I had observed on several occasions that the content of many romance novels, especially 'bodice rippers' had strong dominance and submission themes and were very close to being D/s erotica. And that romance novels were developing wilder, sexier lines. But I missed the significance of that.

Here's another thing I missed: that the readership of romance novels had done a "student body left" into online erotica. Everybody missed that. But that's the only way that 50 Shades of Gray could have become a runaway bestseller -- the readers were ALREADY THERE when the book went online, and the Twilight fanfic fans made it a bestseller.

Which is yet another thing I missed ... the fact that fanfic has become the new bedding grounds for writers. As I've already pointed out, mainstream publishing has turned into a winner-take-all lottery, focusing only on bestsellers that they call "tentpole books" and ignoring the midlist books that were once the basis of their sales.

Of course, mainstream publishers are now frantically struggling to "get into" the online erotica market, looking for new tentpole books. And they are bringing their books to the online world at TRADITIONAL prices. Now I created Karg all by my lonesome, as many online erotica writers do. And I get 75 percent of the money when the book sells. If I had the kind of sales that E.L. James had BEFORE she signed with a big mainstream publishers, I'd be rich ... probably a millionaire. And Karg sells for less than $5 US. Like most online erotica publishers, I keep my prices low.

My point is, most online books from traditional publishers cost just as much as the hard copy -- often twenty bucks or so. What is your money paying for? Presumably, the hard copy costs are covered by hard copy sales. I'll tell you what you are paying for: the CEO's house in the Hamptons. The marketing manager's biannual vacations to Europe and the Caribbean. The sales staff's Lexuse and BMW. That's what you are paying for. And these people are useless, really. They are NOT responsible for the success of E.L. James' books.

And the overall point of this article is that it is good to look at your past predictions, even if they are wrong. Because you can learn a lot!

Sigh. Looks like it's back to Media Studies 101. Image source: Sex and

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bondage Rummage Sale Hits The Streets

On reflection, she decided her impulse to wear the bondage gear she had purchased at the sidewalk sale home, had not been a wise one. Image source:

The flying monkeys brought in an amusing image from a website called AfterdarkLA. It seems The Stockroom, a well-known supplier of bondage toys in the U.S., is moving some of its stock off the shelves (probably to make room for all that 50 Shades of Gray merchandise that seems to be selling like hotcakes). So they put out some dummies on the street wearing the bondage gear. Makes for an arresting image! (Heh, and check out the older woman in the background of the photo from Public Disgrace. Nobody can look outraged like a middle-aged woman!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

50 Shades of Kinky Images in Mainstream Media

Coming soon to a grocery store magazine rack near you! (Ok, maybe not all THAT soon.) Image source: Sex and Submission.

Well the 50 Shades of Gray tsunami keeps rolling in, and as it rolls in gives mainstream sites all kinds of excuses ... er, reasons ... for showing images of sexy women in bondage. Here are a few more for your consideration:

Yahoo Lifestyle Australia has an article on 50 Shades of Gray spurring sales of sex toys that features a lingerie-clad cutie trying on a pair of black fur-trimmed love cuffs.

The Sun over in the UK boasts an article proclaiming that 50 Shades of Gray Fans Want Bossy Sex which features a large photo of a woman clad in a skimpy pair of red-hot panties with her cuffed hands crossed over them.

Mommy non-porn site The Frisky features an article entitled "Girl Talk: I Want To Be Dominated," about what a turn on it is to be dominated, that's illustrated with a cutie wearing red fur-lined love cuffs, white stockings and not a lot else.

Aaaand just to show that old dumb dies hard, Female First, which bills itself as a
celebrity gossip and lifestyle magazine features an article entitled How To: Bondage," which is illustrated with an image of a well-endowed blond in a boustier, thong and blindfold being held by a romance novel cover-looking guy ... but no actual bondage.

The 15 Hottest Damsel in Distress Movies

Now THAT'S distressing a damsel, but of course you won't see anything like this in a mainstream film. Image source: Fucking Dungeon.

The website known as The Complex has compiled its list of the 15 hottest damsel in distress movies. I don't know that I agree with them: where is "Slavegirls From Beyond Infinity" and "Barbarian Queen" and "Deathstalker"? But what the hell, it's a fun idea, a fun list, check it out and see if you agree or disagree with what they have to say.

Parenthetically, it's interesting to see a mainstream site unapologetically listing hot damsel in distress movies. Most of the time when the term "damsel in distress" is used there are so many apologies, qualifiers, notes, explanations and so forth that you wonder where they even got the nerve to use the term. We get it, it's not the 1950s any more. Just setting it out there is so much easier and less tiresome to read.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Ever Politically Sexy Video News Report

I did a NEWSY type video today, the first ever Politically Sexy News Report. Uncanny Vallerie is the host, she'll report on events of the day, hopefully improving her diction, as she has a bad case of Squeaky Robot Granny voice at present.

The first report is about 50 Shades of Gray of course, it being the Big News in the bondage world at present. It's actually a near verbatim copy of the story I wrote up here, updated a bit and tucked and nipped here and there, but basically the same story.

Uncanny Vallerie, star of so many riveting videos about Second Life, now hosts the Politically Sexy News. Cause she knows how to fill out a teeny-weeny bikini. It sure isn't her voice! Image source: me.

I hope to get the learning curve down to a reasonable level and get an improved voice for Vallerie, and turn these things out regularly in the future. If you have any suggestions on the voice issue, or for the show you know where the comments go!

Coming soon to the mind of a woman near you ... these fantasies! Image source: me.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mainstream Movie Bondage vs. Kinky Internet Bondage

Straightjacket, ball gag and nudity notwithstanding, this model is in control and totally into the moment. Image source: Sex and

Over on the Bondage Blog they've found a very thought provoking article on the psychological difference between doing kinky scenes in mainstream films and doing kinky scenes for Internet porn, from the point of view of the actresses.

The essence of the article is that the Internet porn actresses typically are involved in their scenes, and "own" them psychologically, even though they are tied up, gagged, etc., they still have a sense of being in charge (at least, at the decent sites like Kink, Inc., knowing the Internets I am sure that somewhere out there an Internet porn producer is doing Everything Wrong). Whereas Hollywood stars often use booze and drugs and so forth to take themselves "out" of kinky scenes or scenes involving nudity and sex.

And they often are emotionally upset by those scenes as well, whereas for the porn stars it's all in a day's work.

Annabella Sciorra says she spent 12 hours hogtied during the filming of this scene from the mainstream thriller "Whispers In The Dark." She says it pissed her off, and I believe her about that, but ... 12 hours? o0 Image source: Damsel in Distress Interviews site..

I have three thoughts on the topic. One, I think mainstream actresses often play up the difficulties of such scenes as a way of promoting the movies. As Exhibit A I offer the DiD Interviews site, an excellent resource that features interviews of mainstream actresses about their experience in making mainstream scenes.

The particular interview I linked to is of Amanda Fuller talking about the difficulties involved in being hogtied in a mainstream film, feeling her arms and legs going numb after just ten minutes of it. She played up the discomfort and the potential danger ("I started to think, "I'm actually in danger.") I'm sure she DID get numb and maybe a little scared, but point is, she was likely playing it up to promote the film as dark, edgy, scary, because if you read the interviews, you'll see that most of the actresses are doing just that.

Secondly, it might be more dangerous to be an actress on a mainstream film than an internet porn star on a site like Kink, which is considered by most to be topnotch in regard to worker safety. I've had a lot of fun mocking the stupid bondage in Hollywood films on my Loosie Awards site, but if the stupid rules in respect to Loosie bondage in Hollywood films, and it surely does often enough, then it probably also rules in regard to all their bondage scenes.

The people at know what they are doing, and so do the models, they know how to avoid nerve damage, joint damage, and any pain that gets inflicted is generally intentional and carefully, um, apportioned. I have all kinds of doubt that mainstream crews have that skill set.

Thirdly, as I've noted in other essays, there is an almost dreamlike sloppiness to the bondage in mainstream scenes. I ascribe it to the theory that the filmmakers don't want to directly confront the sexual aspects of bondage scenes, which are present even in a straight-up damsel in distress scene. The actresses may be doing the same thing. It's hard to say, because I tend to distrust anything that appears in mainstream media, which is basically all about the money.

One final thought, and that is that the article that sparked all these thoughts, "Why I Wince Through Hollywood Sex Scenes And Not Porn" is not published on a porn site, it's a women-oriented site that does the usual fashion and shopping stuff. And yet Sarah Woolley's writing has a certain clarity and reasonableness with regard to porn you don't see outside adult websites, generally. Three possible explanations: first, Sarah Woolley is a much smarter and better thinker than most; second, it's a UK site, they just are not as hung up about porn and sex as Americans, and third, maybe 50 Shades of Gray is making editors at women's sites sit up and take notice and let their writers speak a little more freely about bondage and such, rather than cribbing it in the usual "eew"-speak they have used in the past.

Maybe it's a little of all three explanations.

In any event, check out the sites, read the article, see what you think. Bon appetit!

Friday, July 6, 2012

50 Shades of Gray Times 20 Million Equals ... What?

Ah, wealth porn and porn pron, a traditional fantasy combination! Image source: me.

My flying monkeys have informed me from sources worldwide that sales of the 50 Shades of Gray erotic trilogy have passed 20 million copies sold worldwide, as reported in a previous post. Well as Anna would say, "Oh my!" As I noted when sales passed 10 million, this is a huge, huge number. It basically means that 20 million women are enjoying BDSM fantasies. And I want to put this a little more in perspective by describing how it affects something I know well, rather than dealing with it just as a publishing phenomenon, as I did in my previous post.

I'm a player in Second Life Gor, which has tens of thousands of players. The best number we have is 50,000 players, but that was from several years ago. The widespread use of alts (alternative avatars) could have inflated the number, or not (IIRC the 50,000 number was leaked by a Linden based on credit card numbers, which would not be bamboozled by alts. The source also said, based on the gender of names, that the ratio of female to male players in Second Life Gor is about 60/40, which roughly jibes with my personal experience. (I use Ventrillo, an internet voice service, to raid, and with voice it's easy to tell who's male and who's female.) So the number has some cred with me, though it remains guesswork and not exactly reliably sourced, as the Linden who revealed the numbers has not come forward. But it's the best estimate we have.

Now let us suppose that some tiny fraction of the women who read 50 Shades of Gray decide they want to enjoy some bondage and dominance fantasy in a more direct way, and find their way to Second Life Gor. Suppose that number was just one tenth of one percent, i.e., one in a thousand. That would lead to 200,000 new players joining Second Life Gor. Four times the number of current players.

Unfortunately, given that the readership of 50 Shades of Gray is almost completely female, the odds are that the overwhelming majority of 50 Shades of Gray readers who come to Gor will want to play slavegirls. Sexy slavegirls, who want a master all their own. And with just 40 percent of Gorean players being male, and only 50,000 Gorean players total ... there's gonna be a LOT of unhappy slavegirls!

Ah well. You win some, you lose some!

The importance of the fact that 20 million women are enjoying fantasies like this cannot be overstated. It's the sort of thing that the term "game changer" was invented to describe. Image source: Sex and Submission.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

James Deen Is Not Having Sex With Lindsay Lohan (at the moment)

An actress who is probably not Lindsay Lohan, but who IS having sex with James Deen on camera. Image source: Sex and Submission.

The flying monkeys brought in this interesting tidbit, an article in the Huffington Post's celebrity section to the effect that porn star James Deen (see above) is not sleeping with actress Lindsay Lohan.

I'll bet you were as shocked as I am to receive the news. I mean, the sheer CHUTZPAH of presenting a story about someone NOT sleeping with someone as NEWS! I mean, come on! I'M not having sex with Lindsay Lohan either! I think it likely that a not inconsiderable fraction of readers of this blog are not having sex with Lindsay Lohan as well!

Granted, Ms. Lohan and Mr. Deen do have some acquaintance, as they are playing lovers in Brett Easton Ellis' film, "The Canyons." But that's as far as it goes, says Dean.

Now my acquaintance with Ms. Lohan is somewhat slight, in that she probably has no idea that I exist and would be horrified to discover that I did. And yet, despite all this, I am still not having sex with Lindsay Lohan. I want that understood!

And you, gentle readers, if you happen not to be sleeping with Lindsay Lohan, feel free to leave a comment in response to this post explaining that you are not having sex with Lindsay Lohan, and the circumstances that have led to your not having sex with Lindsay Lohan. The world deserves to know!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

50 Shades of Gray Update: 20 Million Sold Worldwide

Picture this, times 20 million, in the minds of women worldwide. Oh, the times they are a-changing. Image source:

To a certain extent, writing about anything other than 50 Shades of Gray feels almost futile, it's that big a phenomenon. New sales figures show the book has sold 20 million copies worldwide.

I think by now the explanation for its success is in part its success: it now has "plausible deniability" going for it. The fact that everyone else is reading it makes it OK to read. You can enjoy the dirty, dirty scenes in the book knowing that you are not an extraordinary freak, or even out of the ordinary, while doing so. Like Slave Leia, it's entered the popular culture. It's "OK" to enjoy it.

But here's the thing. It's being described as a new "tentpole" book by traditional publishers. Such publishers have pretty much neglected their midlist books ... once the staple of the publishing industry ... in hopes that sales of one or two bestsellers will compensate for the lack of the lower-profit books.

Here's the thing, though. 50 Shades of Gray owes NONE of its success to the big publishers. It was a runaway bestseller as an e-book, long before Vintage Books moved in and made E.L. James a multimillion dollar offer she would not refuse. All the Vintage Books people did was add traditional sales to the success of 50 Shades of Gray as an e-book.

So, there is no guarantee that publishers can generate such sales in the future. They did not create the book's success in the first place. All they can do is jump on the bandwagon and hope that fan writers or erotic romance writers sends a new tentpole their way. It's no way to run an industry. In fact, it's down right stupid. Then again, we've seen bankers and politicians behave like idiots for years. Why shouldn't traditional publishers do the same? Personally, I hope the lot of them go out of business, if they can't do better than they have done.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Second Thoughts

"What have I got myself into?" Image source: Whipped

I feel like I'm on a roll with the images of damsels getting all expressive on us. Here we have a naked tied damsel on a bed looking all wistful, very second-thoughty, very much "I wonder if this is as good an idea as my genitals think it is?"

But it's not just her, the domme, played by the inimitable Sandra Romain, looks down at her, all "Mmmmm, what will I do with this toy I have all naked and tied up?"

A very evocative photo, indeed!

"Oh, THAT'S what I got myself into!"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Damsel In Distract

Have we beeeeeeennnnnn innnnnnnntroduced? Whoa! Image source: Hogtied.

Continuing with our theme of damsels in various forms of emotional expression. Here we have a distracted damsel, and understandably so, hung up by one leg, the other leg frogtied naked, hands tied over her head, clothespins on her nipples, and having her "down there area" relentlessly vibrated. How do we know she's distracted?

Check out this closeup of her face. Not a whole lot of iris visible in those eyes!

A Distressed-Looking Damsel

Ouchies! Image source:

After yesterday's laugh-fest, thought I'd run something showing a damsel in, well, distress. Kind of a masks of Janus thing. This particular damsel looks very unhappy, probably because the dark figure in the background is flogging her ass. And the way she's tied, she is not able to escape the whip in any way, shape or form. Very dramatic, very unhappy. Let's hope there was a happy ending for her -- Hogtied tends to work it that way.