Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hard-Edged Satire From the Onion, Sexy Bondage Video on Vimeo, Steel Restraints on Youtube

The Onion does some flip and fun humor, one of the few humor sources anywhere that can make me actually laugh out loud. This video did not make me laugh out loud, but I liked it MUCH better than Onion videos that made me laugh out loud, because it has a nasty, concealed undercurrent of anger about a social issue under its light, frothy exterior. It's like a Thomas Kinkaid landscape on the surface, with a pit of boiling acid underneath. That's what gives the humor its edge, the tension between the mundane story of a social media rockstar on the surface, and what's being said about how well people are compensated for their work underneath. I'm sure what fuels the pit of boiling acid is that the Onion writers feel the burn personally.

And to keep things bondage-y, here's a link to a nice Vimeo video full of sexy bondage images with a jazzy tune to carry it along, and look below for a Youtube video from Rapture Products that appears to be a straight up commercial for steel bondage restraints, which seems to be getting away with a lot in the area of "being too sexy for Youtube," though granted, there's no nudity.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Edgy Safety, Seth Mazzaglio and Elizabeth Marriott

Choking play with a thoroughly tied up partner, done with a hand. You know what's great about using a hand for such play? You can remove it by simply letting go. Still dangerous, of course. Necks are fragile. Image source:

There's quite an interesting dichotomy in the things brought in by my flying monkeys this week. There are a lot of articles about safety, and concerns about safety. For example, Voice host Holly Willoughby has bravely announced that she LOVES reading Fifty Shades of Grey ... couldn't put the books down. But she's afraid to do any BDSM stuff because people do get hurt over it. This is akin to say you enjoy watching people swim at the beach in the movies, but you'd never do it yourself because some people DO get eaten by sharks. (If you don't understand why this is an airheaded thing, look at the stats on traffic fatalities vs. shark fatalities.)

An article by Maureen Matthews on a site called "Daily Life" has some useful advice on safety in BDSM with its emphasis on safe, sane and consensual conduct for a reader concerned that BDSM is filled with "sick, nasty weirdos who get off on hurting and demeaning women." A guest spot in the adult web comic "Oh Joy, Sex Toy" deals with how to rope bondage safely.

And on the other end of this useful and informative Web info, we have ... Seth Mazzaglio, whose name is coming up because he is the accused murderer of Elizabeth Marriott. He claims she died in an accident involving consensual sex that involved breath play and a rope around her neck. Well, at first he claimed that he had never met her, that some mysterious other guy did terrible things to her. Later he came around to the "an accident involving consensual sex" story.

I don't much care whether or not Mazzaglio killed her intentionally or by accident. Point is, he killed her. To my mind, Mazzaglio, and any other edge player who gets careless and the person in his or her care dies, is like one of those drunk drivers who complains that he didn't MEAN to kill anybody. Sure, he didn't mean to ... but he did it. Like a drunk driver, he assumed the risk that he might kill another person, assuming he was a really tough guy who knew his stuff/could hold his liquor. And like other such tough guys, it sometimes turns out he was wrong about that.

Of course, I'm assuming the best possible interpretation here. Mazzaglio COULD have deliberately killed Marriott. We'll never really KNOW, because Mazzaglio and his girlfriend dumped Marriott's body in a river that leads to the Atlantic Ocean, a fairly guilty act. They admit they never tried to revive Marriott or call for help. (Yes, all the indications are that they are really, really stupid people.)

And to my mind the fact that Mazzaglia has a girlfriend, apparently a long-term one, whom he has never killed, is an indication that he may have treated Marriott differently, either deliberately killing her or not being so concerned with her safety as his girlfriend's. In either case, I'm completely OK with Mazzaglio spending the rest of his life behind bars, and possibly his girlfriend as well, depending on her level of complicity. I don't blame the District Attorney for filing murder charges.

I'm sure both Mazzaglio and his girlfriend are very sorry Marriott died -- now. I'm sure they understand the dangers of edge play a LOT better now! I'm sure they'd LOVE the chance to make up for what they did. And I will be happy, on behalf of humanity, to offer them that chance. All they have to do is restore Elizabeth Marriott to life and to her family. Can't do that? Didn't think so. Looks like Seth has done fallen over the edge. That's the thing about edge play ... that last step can be a LULU!

Ask Seth Mazzaglio.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The New Battle Line On Human Sexuality

"I hope you aren't confusing this with rational behavior!" Image source:

I'd like to start by pointing out that I do not know Emily, executive editor of XOJane, and have not had anything to do with the XOJane website. Emily does not know me at all, and joins billions of other people in being “people who don't know that I exist.” And that's OK.

But I do feel that Emily and I are kindred spirits, mostly because of THIS column where she writes about how totally apolitical her vagina is with regard to its sexual tastes. She likes playing at being a submissive, she likes breast play, she likes rape play she likes being spit on, she likes being tied up, she luuurves breast play involving clothespins, ropes and slapping. (Though interestingly, sexual roleplay, such as Master/slave play, does nothing for her.)

Like me, Emily has thought about her sexual proclivities and found that they are not rational, in fact, they do not originate in a rational part of her mind (hence, her “vagina” has these tastes) and has decided it is pointless and irrational to hold one's sexual tastes to any politically-derived standard of behavior. (Of course, whatever one's sexual tastes, one is still compelled to treat other people in a rational and ethical manner, real life being different from sexual fantasies, but Emily clearly gets that.)

Emily has written that she gets a lot of crap from feminists over her public advocacy of her sexual tastes. I totally believe it. And thinking about that, I realized that that may be the essential dividing line between the sex-positive folks and the feminists and moral conservatives. The sex-positive folks understand that their sexual desires are irrational and that the only rational way to respond is to treat them as such and not try to make them conform to any rational framework -- to totally enjoy them while understanding that they are not something that you can program to behave for some value of "properly."

And that's the part that anti-sex feminists and moral conservatives just don't get. The reason both of them are united in opposing sexual freedom is that they both insist on forcing sexual tastes to fit into the external frameworks they want to impose on them. Feminists have an ideological frame about the proper relations between men and women that they want to fit sexual feelings into, and moral conservatives have a religious/cultural frame they want to fit sexual feelings into. (Note that this applies to Islamic conservatives as well as Christian conservatives.)

And with both groups, if your sexual feelings/sexual culture doesn't fit well into their framework, their solution is to force you to conceal/alter your sexuality so that it fits in their framework, and to fuck with you (the bad kind of fuck with) in various ways until you fit in their frame or die. Procrusteans, indeed!

It strikes me that this may be the new frontier in sexuality, the true place where the good guys will be battling the bad guys. The battle will be fought over this line: people who think it is OK to force sexuality into the confines of ideological/religious frameworks, versus those who don't. The basis of the frameworks may vary, but the mechanisms will be the same: laws, prison, shaming and shunning (and in the Third World, possibly beatings, torture and murder as well) for those whose sexual tastes do not fit the framework (and this is the important part) WHETHER OR NOT they are expressed in a safe, sane and consensual manner.

I particularly like this line of thought because it explains why both anti-sex feminists and moral conservatives are teeing off on BDSM fans. The frameworks are different, but in each case, the problem is, our tastes don't fit the framework, and anyone who openly expresses a taste for BDSM will find themselves in conflict with these types. And probably others, because strangely enough, most people just don't get that irrational sexuality should not be forced to express itself in a rational manner.

Ah, for a world populated with actual grown-ups, instead of what we have now.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kesha Wears A Gorean Slave Girl Outfit: A Camisk

A common Gorean slave market, the camisk. Cut a little higher on the waist than Kesha's camisk, but still, it's the same garment. Image source: Wikipedia.

Ah, fashion writers. They call anything with a black strap anywhere on it bondage gear, but they don't know an actual slavegirl garment when they're looking right at it. In this case, the singer Kesha is wearing a Gorean slave garment called a camisk at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards show. I've seen a lot of camisks looking very much like that on Second Life, typically cut a lot higher up on the leg, so high that the vagina is clearly visible. (In one of the books it's mentioned that in some Gorean communities, slavegirls are clothed in garments that reveal their vaginas at all times, to make their slavegirliness more evident ... the Gorean slavegirls and their fashion designers glommed on to that one fast).

It's really hilarious to see a celebrity like Kesha sporting a Gorean camisk and no one from the fashion community taking note of it. They LOVE to be scandalized, but they're too butt-ignorant to recognized a great opportunity for it. For shame!

Fashion fetish bondage is of course a thing. Here we have a model in heels, stockings, garters, silk tie bondage and a silk tie gag. The butt plug ... optional! Image source:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Politically Sexy -- Literally!

Careful examination of this image should tell you which of these women is a fascist, which is a libertarian and which is a liberal. Answer later in the story. Image source: Institute of Advanced

An article in the Glossy states that a study conducted by Grove City College suggests that libertarians like BDSM more than fascists do. 10,000 people were shown BDSM image for the survey, split 50/50 between libertarians and fascists. The libertarians returned an 89 percent approval rating for the images, while the funky fascists came in at 48 percent.

Obviously, the data in this poll is suspect: with such a small data sampling, selection error bias will very likely skew the results. Plus, how do you get EXACTLY 5000 people to do anything? Conventional scientific wisdom is that a good 25 percent of your responds will either bake on you, or are too twitchy to give reliable answers because they are full of coffee and Jolt Cola from cramming for exams, or are goofing off instead of studying.

The real question is, what is the proper answer to the cutline in the image above? It is: the woman doing the strap-on anal probing of the tied down victim is the fascist, because that's what fascists do. The woman sitting on the tied-down victim's face is the liberal, because she just KNOWS the tied down victim needs it. And the naked, tied-down victim is our libertarian, because that's what happens to you when you try to fit all social interactions into a rigid ideological framework.

(Seriously, there is no wrong answer to the question posed in the cutline, because examining that image carefully is its own reward.)

((Extra extra seriously, the Glossy News article is an obvious sendup of some political polls, and a very nicely done one, too! WTG, Glossy News!))

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Pleasure We Fear Today ...

I was afraid that I would find being spider-gagged and tied up naked and wearing a tit-press and a spreader bar enjoyable. And I was right to be!" Image source:

I came across an interesting bit in a blog for a tantric teacher of some sort. He was doing a mild 50 Shades of Grey style bondage demonstration at something called "Sexpo" which required some female volunteers. He said:
As part of the preparation for the experience I asked all of them what scared them most about it. They all said the same thing. They were scared they were going to enjoy it.

It's an interesting insight, which unfortunately was followed up with a bunch of New Agey blather that reminded me strongly of bad kajira poetry. (No, I won't cite any examples because that would be wrong, but if you google "kajira poetry" or "kajira poem" you'll find plenty of examples.)

A lot of people are afraid of pleasure. Perhaps that's what motivates prudes to advocate censorship -- terrified people standing on the shores of a lake, pointing at the happy swimmers cavorting in it and declaring that swimming is a sinful, terrible thing.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life Imitates Art, Sort Of -- Naked, Handcuffed Coed Goes Berserk in Woods

Photographic rendering of how Taylor Powers might have perceived her ride in the rescue basket. Image source:

Does anybody remember an episode of Daria where her family goes out camping in the woods and every member of her family except Daria eats berries that send them off into whack-a-doodle land? (Episode 112, The Teachings of Don Jake). Poor Daria, the only sane one left, had to call in a helicopter rescue squad to haul her crazed family back to civilization.

Well life imitated art recently when a pretty college coed and two male friends went for a hike on a mountain. They did not eat berries, they brought some nice psychotropic mushrooms with them to eat. After the coed, Taylor Powers (a distant relative? Perhaps. I'll never tell!) ingested the magic mushrooms, she got into a fight with her fellow hikers, stripped off her clothes, and went dashing into the woods stark naked.

Her fellow hikers had no choice but to call in the sheriff's officers, and no less than 35 stalwart deputies were despatched to find the pretty naked coed who was whacked on shrooms. They found her, but being whacked, instead of thanking them, she fought them, and they had to handcuff her and haul her out of the woods in a rescue basket. Well stories are conflicted here, some say her fellow hikers restrained til the cops arrived, and that it took the cops an hour to get cuffs on her. Which sounds ... improbable. There WERE 35 of them, werent' there?

The point if there is one, is don't take psychotropic drugs while hiking in the woods. You might just wind up naked and handcuffed and not mentally healthy enough to enjoy it!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lexi Belle Acts The Bondage

"I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille!" Image source: Fucked and Thanks for the help, Ropeguy! Image also seen on Kinky Delights.

There are a lot of legitimate approaches to doing a bondage shoot. One, for example, is to just ask the actress to behave naturally. She is a woman, naked, in bondage, having sex. Let the audience enjoy her responses. Sans acting, her responses will be more powerful. Rain DeGray may be the best actress who takes this approach. I'm don't really know if she's acting or if she's simply expressing her feelings with the guttural howling she does, but she SEEMS to be expressing real feelings at some level.

And Lexi Belle may be one of the best who takes the more traditional acting approach to acting her bondage. It's a riskier approach, too, because if you don't do it well you look and sound like an idiot, but the two photos accompanying this article are indications that Lexi Belle is pretty darned good at acting the bondage. The photo at the top, showing Belle gazing at the camera with cum dripping off her chin, her eyes ablaze with passion, naked and tied down like an animal, is especially powerful. If the Encyclopedia Brittanica were REALLY serious about clearly defining "wanton passion" they would put THAT picture next to the written definition.

Then look at the picture below. Tied, naked, legs spread wide with a dildo mounted on a pole thrust into her vagina with a Hitachi Magic Wand strapped to the pole and pressed right against her clit, her hands twisted with the intensity of her feelings, her lower torso appearing to clench the dildo pole, her head thrown back, her eyes closed, a sublime expression on her face, as if she had had an orgasm and found Nirvana at the same moment. Damn, that's acting the bondage!

"Good lord! She made the dildo vibrator CUM!" Image source:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Kinky Porn and Rape: Beware The False Equivalence

This does not cause rape. It DOES cause pleasure! Image source:

The flying monkeys brought in an article from a website called "The Business Standard," which is a staid Indian business paper. The article was in the "Entertainment" section, and consisted largely of quotes from Peter Acworth of, saying that adult videos which depict adult fantasies about rape and kidnapping ... like the ones his company puts out ... are not responsible for real life rapes and kidnappings.

Well, duh. Of course they aren't. Fantasy is fantasy, reality is reality. There is a great gulf fixed between consensual make believe rapes and kidnappings and the real thing. Just like there is a great gulf fixed between consensual sex and non-consensual sex, i.e., rape. Sane people understand that.

But why in hell was Acworth saying all that stuff? He specifically mentioned the recent Cleveland kidnapping case and the Vaille wife-murder/cannibalism plot case.

The very LAST thing that any adult business, including, should want is to be connected in the public mind with either Castro (the Cleveland kidnaper) or Vaille. And yet by making his statement denying any link between his consensual kink porn and Castro and Vaille's monstrous behavior, Acworth IS making that link. Granted, his statement is a denial of any link between his videos and the activities of the monsters, but that's not what people will take away.

You can see that clearly in the success of the Swiftboating campaign against John Kerry. It was a deliberate strategy, conceived of by Karl Rove, to counter the fact that Kerry had served in combat in Vietnam with real bullets whizzing around him while George W. Bush had enlisted in the National Guard, which in those days was a well known way of dodging the draft. Plus, there was some indication that Bush had gone AWOL during his service in the National Guard.

Rove used some conservative drunken reprobate swiftboat captains as sock puppets, claiming that Kerry had not sustained combat injuries severe enough to deserve the Purple Hearts he got while Bush was buzzing San Padre Island in a fighter jet and fucking every beach bunny he could while staying nice and drunk.

Even though it was thoroughly ridiculous claim, it worked, because as Rove had correctly perceived, the media were locked into using false equivalences as a substitute for actual journalism. Instead of pointing out that Kerry was indeed a combat veteran, or as they now call it, "war hero," and Bush was a wealthy draft dodger, with regard to Kerry the media said, "some people are saying that John Kerry's service record was dubious in some way, while others say he was a legitimate war hero" and with regard to Bush they said, "Some people say Bush served his country honorably in the National Guard, while others claim he was a draft dodger who went AWOL at times."

What you wound up with was two Presidential candidates with dubious war records. A false equivalence, created by the media's lazy habit of just citing both sides of an argument in the interests of seeming "objective" even though they are in fact promoting a lie as being equivalent to the truth.

Nothing has changed in the mainstream media. They still use false equivalences to signify objectivity. So an article about Acworth's claim will inevitably end with, "Acworth claims that his videos do not lead to real life crime, but Bluenoses Against Sexy Fun claim that pornographic depictions of rape encourage and promote crimes like those committed by Castro."

Now the fact is that almost every actual scientific study you can find, like this one, suggests that there is no link between the availability of kinky porn and rape. In fact, some studies show that the widespread availability of porn DECREASES the frequency of rape.

All the bluenoses really have is the religiously-derived conviction that porn is immoral and rape is immoral so they must both be stamped out, and using one to stamp out the other is just totally nifty. Acworth, on the other hand, has practically ALL the science on his side. Won't matter. The mainstream media left the truth train a long time ago.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Steampunk Bondage Porn!

The Naked Maiden Powered Airship Drive, although noticeably less efficient and powerful than steam engines, nevertheless proved quite popular among many airship crews! Image source: Whipped

Steampunk, often associated with bewhiskered gents clad in khakis and wearing large brass goggles, often sporting brass weaponry with what appears to be plumbing lines on it, which emits death rays of various sorts, is not the natural and easy stretch for porn that, say, Slave Leia cosplay is. And yet, with its penchant for heavy iron chains, brass ornamentation and obscure, menacing devices, it might just have a lot of potential for bondage porn. A word to the wise!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Synchronized Bondage Orgasms Makes Bid for Olympics

"Wait for it! I'm not there yet!"
"I CAN'T! Hurry!"
"You can do it ... this is for the Olympics!"

Image source:

With wrestling on the block for removal from the Olympics, many sports were primed to leap in and fill the gap, and none was more ready than Synchronized Bondage Orgasms, the sex sport that dare not print its name in 36 point bold Goudy Old Style, but was otherwise OK about promoting itself in every way possible.

Here we have two members of the prospective US Synchronized Bondage Orgasm team practicing their art in the all-important Vibrator Bondage event. Timing is everything here, although points are also awarded for grace, style and imaginativeness of bondage. "It's the sport you can do at home while you watch at home with friends ... very, very close friends!" says team manager Rock Sharky, "it's more than just a spectator sport!"

Sadly, Olympic wrestling was saved by a coalition of important countries that did not mind the corruption and bad officiating that Olympic wrestling was legendary for. "Rigged wrestling matches will only help prepare these young athletes for professional matches," explained US Olympics Corruption Explainer Tad Bushmaster. "Its practically a tradition, too."

Hence, Olympian synchronized bondage orgasms must wait for another sport to drop out as an Olympic event. "We're hoping that people will eventually realize how dorky synchronized swimming really is," said Sharky. "There's always hope!"

Friday, May 17, 2013

Newest Reality TV Show: Hardcore Nude Wrestling/Midwifery

"Hold still! That little sucker is slippery! I think I got a foot, though!" Image source: Ultimate

As television producers keep looking farther and farther afield for their latest hit show has led us to a new frontier: naked lesbian wresting/midwifery. In each episode, a pregnant woman and her midwife wrestle naked, with the pregnant lesbian wrestler seeking to somehow alleviate the pain caused by childbirth and wrestling, and the wresting lesbia midwife seeking to extract the child safely.

"This series has all the drama you could possibly want, as the midwife struggles to bring the child to term," says series showrunner Lydia Pilkington-Danforth. "The agonized screams of a mother in a full nelson as she gives birth will have you on the edge of your seats. The hot lesbian action as the two naked women writhe in tandem will have you creaming your seats. And to top it all off, the wonderful, ethereal experience of childbirth, a new human being coming into the world before your very eyes!"

The series will air on Thursday nights at 10 pm on the Lifetime Network, always a leader in health and medical programming.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Emilia Clarke Naked Tied and Fucked: or ... Celebrity Cloned?

An illustration offering a potential explanation for Daenerys Targeryn's sympathy for slaves or ... some invidious blogger using the resemblance between actress Emilia Clarke and her porn clone Natasha Lyn to SUGGEST such an explanation? YOU be the judge! Image source: Sex and and promo shot for Game of Thrones television series.

Well apparently the mad scientists are at it again. Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays Daenerys Targeryn on Game of Thrones, HBO's incredibly successful adaptation of George R. R. Martin's "Song of Fire and Ice" fantasy series, has apparently got herself a pornoclone, Natasha Lyn, an adult model who has done some scenes for

Like most clones, she is not a perfect copy of Emilia Clarke, small imperfections and changes which highlight the imperfections of the genetic reproduction process compared to, say, digital reproductions. But of course, human beings are very complex creatures, their surface appearance is hardly all there is to them. So when I tell you that Clarke and Lyn's islets of Langerhans and uvulas are virtually identical, cell for cell, I know you will be impressed!

Being a slave girl CAN have its ... compensations! Image source: Sex and and a vidcap from the Game of Thrones television series.

And DO watch Game of Thrones if you are a fan of things Gorean, cause it's about the most Gorean TV series ever made. Puts the actual Gor movies into perspective! Interestingly, in the book, Daenerys is cast as a liberator of slaves, because she hates slavery. Some have speculated that she hates slavery because her brother forced her into marriage with a wild horseman type, giving her sympathy with what slaves go through.

Emilia Clarke may have developed some understanding of her celebrity clone's feelings, however. Image source: vidcap from Game of Thrones.

I personally didn't buy that theory, because what happened to Daenerys is what happens to many noblewomen in the Game of Thrones world. Following the medieval custom, they are married off as best suits the political ambitions of their families (as are princes, on occasion). Granted, Daenerys' personal interests are no more catered to than those of a whore in one of Kings' Landings' brothels, insofar as who she winds up fucking, but I don't see her making the imaginative leap between that and slavery. Most noblewomen would have every reason NOT to make any such leap, as not doing so enabled them to retain their self-image as rich and powerful noblewomen rather than lowly slaves.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Plight of the Middle Class Conservative Voter

"Go ahead, Tea Party bitch, squirm and scream right into the Citizens United brand gag ... you know you love it!" Image source: Sex and Submission.

Middle class voters who vote for Republicans are a puzzle to me. While the Democrats are bought out by Wall Street, the Republicans pretty much ARE Wall Street, and if there is anything that has become very evident over the last few years, it's that Wall Street is putting the hurt on the middle class, big time.

Wall Street profits are up, they're keeping oceans of cash overseas (and out of the economy) for tax reasons (i.e., they don't want to pay their share) the one percent owns 65 percent of American's wealth and the economic recovery from the 2007 crash is generally described as "jobless." The numbers are so hugely obvious that voting Republican is essentially stealing from yourself and your children, as the only technique the Republicans can come up with for raising revenues is gutting Social Security and Medicaid, the two most effective programs for alleviating poverty we have.

But the wealthy conservatives dangle the specter of gays marrying and women having abortions in front of middle class conservatives, and damned if they don't vote their kids right off the island in every election!

I found the image above to be a powerful graphic representation of the plight of middle class conservatives, artfully detailing their situation. I'm sure it'll be on all the cable news networks soon!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day To All the Slave Girls!

"Ok, I'm naked and tied to a cross with mousetraps on my nipples, a double-dildo Sybian working at me, and being whipped at the same time, but hey, beats doing the dishes!" Image source:

Being sophisticated and all, I know that many, many of the women who enjoy playing slave girls are in real life, mothers. Just like a lot of us ferocious doms who spank 'em and tie 'em up and fuck them senseless are dads. So I will take this opportunity to express my love and respect for women and especially all the mothers out there, because god knows the lot of you deserve it, and more. Happy Mothers' Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Cover For Hottitude of Servitude

NOW we're talking hottitude!

I recently updated some of the text in "The Hottitude of Servitude," as I had gotten some emails and comments from folks who found errors in the book. Although it was difficult to understand how a mighty writer such as I could make an error, but there it was. So I did a thorough proofreading of the book, fixed all the errors I could find, and re-published it. And while re-publishing it, I redid the front cover.

Whether or not it could really be called an error, I did not like it, it struck me as the typical editor's too-literal approach to graphic design. That is, I had taken a variety of images from various vidcaps and put them together for the cover, so you could say, "There's Slave Leia, there are the Slavegirls From Beyond Infinity, there is a hottie from Electric Blue #44, there's a slavegirl in a baggy tunic, etc."

The result was a jumbled mishmash of a cover, I've since decided, that does not really convey the beauty of slavegirls properly. Thinking about it, it reminds me all too much of the phenomenon of "art by committee" you get when a group of non-artists take control of the design of an artwork and build it by non-artistic standards.

Jumbled, I tells ya!

I could have avoided the jumbling problem by having just one or two images of a sexy slavegirl on the cover, but to my mind, that would have created a new problem, maybe giving readers the book is primarily about whomever is on the cover. So I decided to go with a simpler cover that expressed the theme of "hottie slave girls" using what I hope will be perceived as generic Second Life slavegirls.

In addition to giving the cover a more uncluttered look, the new cover also allows me to control the content in ways that I could not with vidcaps. Since having entirely naked slavegirls would limit the books salability on mainstream sites, I made sure that the slavegirls on the new cover had all their naughty bits covered up, but I was able to use Photoshop to make sure that their naughty bits were the ONLY thing covered up. It's better marketing, plus I hate censorship (what would really be wrong with drawings of nipples and vaginas?) so getting as close to violating the hell out of the spirit of censorship rules while sticking to the letter of such rules feels great to me. Call it a hobby!

50 Shades of Yoga

Nirvana was just a dildo vibrator away, she was certain! Image source:

There's a fascinating Facebook page called 50 Shades of Yoga which makes an interesting connection between sexual bondage and yoga. Now let me start by making this very clear: I know very little about yoga, I'm not speaking as an expert on yoga.

Splitting the Beaver was a difficult position, but it did maintain proper feng shui in the room. Image source:

Still, there's a certain superficial visual similarity between yoga and some of the more extreme bondage poses. The 50 Shades of Yoga page seeks to establish some greater similarity, but I'm not informed enough on the subject to make any judgements along those lines. Read the page and decide for yourself.

At last, she had mastered the difficult Looking At The Flower position! Image source:

I found the 50 Shades of Yoga through a post on a the Elephant Journal blog that completely condemned it. The Elephant Journal post is by someone who teaches and practices yoga, and she's cheesed about it because she feels it's wrong to conflate bondage and yoga, or most forms of sexiness and yoga. She says, "This is the shit that makes men wiggle their eyebrows and make inappropriate comments and passes at me simply because I teach yoga. I’m a yoga teacher, not a whore."

The Opening the Lotus position somehow always led to the Hiding the Sausage position if a male practitioner were handy. Image source:

I completely missed the meme about yoga instructors being whores, or whore-like. I had more a picture of them as spiritual, new-Agey, sometimes ditzy folks, generally focused on being healthy mentally and physically, in a sexy sort of way. Frankly, the contortions yoga practitioners go through look too difficult and uncomfortable to make me think of sex. (I honestly have the same problem with extreme bondage poses, they look so uncomfortable I have trouble thinking them sexy, even though the women are naked and tied up, though I realize that the women who are thusly bound are probably either flexible enough to handle them readily, or kind of enjoying the pain, or both).

Sure, the women who practice yoga are sexy and slinky and bendy and probably very good in bed, but it never struck me as what yoga is ABOUT, I mean, most forms of physical exercise and sports that women engage in make them slinky and sexy and are also venues for male fantasies, but that's not what they're ABOUT.

Still the visual similarity is intriguing, and fun to think about in an entirely salacious way. Check out the 50 Shades of Yoga page and see what you think.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Erotic Romance Cover, Bondage Division

"My dear, you are so beautiful, and I am so handsome, that we should be on the cover of a bondage romance novel!" Image source:

I've posted about bondage imagery that's Art with a capital A that comes from sources deemed pornographic before, in fact, quite recently. But this image from a Sex and Submission shoot featuring Chayse Evans and Derrick Pierce, while perhaps not Art, is good commercial art. The vidcap from their video just captures a nice moment, with Chayse's head thrown back in ecstasy (perhaps) while Derrick is looking unusually handsome and focused on Chayse. His hands grasp her breasts, coincidentally obscuring her nipples (always important for book covers for commercial sales).

I've seen a lot of erotic romance covers that were not NEARLY as hot and sexy and yet tender and romantic as this vidcap. It's art ... commercial art, but art nonetheless.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why Do The Bluenoses Rage?

"What, me, porn?"

Ran across a story about a schoolteacher who bought a student a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. A private school teacher named Roger Aidoo bought a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey for a 14 year old male student, who had requested the book as part of an extracurricular reading assignment.

The student's mother, Maya Ladson, did not think this was an appropriate thing for the teacher to do, and complained to the school about it. Fair enough, the school administrators hauled Aidoo in, gave him the third degree, and were apparently satisfied with his story that he was not all that familiar with the fact that Fifty Shades of Grey contained lots of explicit BDSMy sex.

Ladson, however, ain't buying it. She wants Aidoo fired. But the administrators, in a rare display of scholarly backbone, aren't firing him over the irate cries of one crazed bluenosed mom.

Here's my take on the story. Buying the kid a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey was a boneheaded move by the teacher. But it's not a firing offense. Hell, any kid with access to a computer can find porn that will make Fifty Shades of Grey look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. So the appropriate thing to do is to haul Aidoo in and tell him, "That was a really stupid thing to do, and if you do anything remotely like it in the future, we are going to fire you so hard and fast it will make you head spin. Now get out of here, you knucklehead."

The interesting thing is why Lawson's panties got totally bunched up over this. Bluenoses seem to get worked up over sex-related matters orders of magnitude more than regular people do. That's why they have so much influence, I suppose. I suspect that bluenoses are people who have attempted to repress their own sex drives in various ways, and every sexual thing that comes along is just a huge irritant to them, whereas it just does not bother the less sexually repressed. They're pains in the asses and generally useless, and it would be a shame if Mr. Aidoo lost his job because he irritated a bluenose. He would hardly be the first if he did, however.

Mrs. Lawson, just in case you were wondering, this is porn. Fifty Shades of Grey is what we call "erotica." And there is nothing wrong with porn or erotica, just for the record. If you want to shield your boy from it, that's fine. But try to have some reasonableness here. Image source:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Diamond Girl

From the mud grows the rose, and, well ... diamonds gotta grow somewhere! Image source:

Recommended music for this post: Diamonds and Gold by My Terrible Friend.

So I found this story on Jezebel about a woman who accidentally ingested a $5000 diamond from a champagne flute. Why people think putting valuable stuff in food makes sense I have no idea, because sure as shit, sooner or later, it'll get eaten. Even if it's a $5000 diamond.

Only one way to get that diamond out ... Image source:

Monday, May 6, 2013

Good Gorean Combat Video On Youtube

A still from a Gorean combat video showing a naked slavegirl just hanging around while a battle rages around her. Image source: TheGodofBeer's Gorean battle video.

The God of Beer, aka BradAtWar "Superman"Guardian has posted a few battle videos that give a pretty good idea how Gorean combat works, like this one here. It's basically Brad carrying a camera during a mass raid on the Agarath Vikings and camming around on various people as he fights. Or doesn't fight, you can't really do an effective job of fighting in an SL Gor Evolved if you are doing anything else at all. Brad gets downed twice, and I've been in fights with Brad, he's a legit super bow, and mostly it's other people who get downed when he fights. I think he was basically just doing the filming in this fight.

Experienced Gorean fighters will be able to easily figure this out, but I'll point out a few things for those who are not experienced fighters.

You'll note a lot of large pointed stake-like objects growing out of the ground. Those are tree trunks. They look like stakes because Brad has his alpha channels turned off, and the foliage on trees is normally rendered in the alpha channels. I know this for sure because when Brad is downed, no red bubble (also rendered in alpha channels) pops up around him.

Some Second life viewers, like Firestorm, allow you to place your camera so that it views another avatar in the same sim you are in with a mouseclick. That's what Brad is doing when the camera suddenly jumps to a different scene in the battle. He's watching others fight, basically.

Interesting bit at the end. There are various people lying on the ground bound in ropes. Brad takes one as a captive, leashing her up. (You do that by clicking on the ropes and then clicking on the popup menu that says "leash." You can then drag the person in the binds wherever you like.) And so Brad starts dragging his captive off to the docks, probably with a view to roleplaying with her for a time and thus encouraging the Agarath Vikings to raid his lands to rescue her.

But as he's leaving, he gets sniped by a defender, arrows hitting him from the fort. So Brad drops his captive since you can't run while dragging a leashed captive (in fact, you CAN run with a leashed captive in the game, but it's against the rules of battle on most sims). Once he's free of the captive, he starts shooting it out with the sniper, which typically would not go well for the sniper, but an Agarath Viking, unknown to Brad, makes a run out to where Brad is and sneaks up on him and downs him with a sword while he's engaged with the sniper. Excellent tactics.

Brad's former captor then proceeds to bind him, but she does not take him captive, when the video ends she is clearly headed away from the fort, which generally means she is going to sail him, the fate of most invaders who are losers in a battle. Generally just one or two are kept captive to be roleplayed, though sometimes virtually a whole group will be taken. It's up to the victors how many get roleplayed, and since that means committing an hour at least to interacting with the captives, there's a tendency for most to get sailed.

An important part of many Gor Evolved is missing here. Most Gor Evolved groups use Vent when they raid. It makes things a lot more exciting, hearing your friends voices as they shout on Vent, "Over here! I'm downed! My captor is in the red, you can take him down easy!" or "We got snipers in the tower to the southeast" or "Ok, lets stick together here at the gate and wear them down before we go in."

Finally, I do not believe this video is at all typical of Brad's performance in battle when he's not filming. He generally gets into the thick of the fighting and stays there. The filming made him hang back a lot, so in that sense it's not typical of Gor Evolved battles. Mostly you want to be in there, shooting and stabbing. But it still gives you some idea what goes on in a battle, and that's a good thing!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Here, a model gives an interpretive face-making of what I felt like in the emergency room. Image source:

My kidney interacted badly with some dye that was put in my body for a medical test. How badly, I did not know until the next day, when I went on a ride to the emergency room and then spent four miserable, boring days in the hospital. My kidneys are back to normal now ... whatever "normal" might mean, in respect to me. Let the bloggish blathering continue!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Art of Bondage Photo 4 - The Perma-Squirmer!

In the dark dungeons of Alzeroth, she learned to perma-squirm! Click on the pic to get a wallpaper-sized copy of the image. You're welcome! Image source:

As I've noted in previous posts, sometimes bondage imagery becomes art. Not lowercase a art, I mean, Art! It's hard to say whether or not the intent is there, but the EFFECT is definitely there.

This image, which I have dubbed "The Perma Squirmer" is a wonderful case in point. It uses color, shape and form and a very original bondage pose to create a multilevel artwork that succeeds both as porn and as art. There's no doubt that the image is highly erotic. The way the model's butt and back are arched, a collection of smooth, luscious curves that are in stark contrast to the straight line of the dildo pole sticking out of her ass. The image is a beautiful evocation of sexual arousal in bondage, the woman's body straining and squirming in the harsh, restrictive bondage.

The image also works on another level, it's very evocative of traditional "art" nudes in which nude models, generally photographed while twisting and contorting their bodies in various ways that resemble this bondage image, which are then labelled "Spring" or "Joy" or "Grace" so you'll know it's art and not porn. "Perma-Squirmer" works as a sly dig at such images one one level, arguing FOR the sexual content that art nude creators seeks to minimize or deny. It doesn't deny the sexual content of the image, that dildo pole puts it out front and center.

What's more, the bondage is in stark contrast to the similarly-themed "art" nudes in which the model is often thusly posed while in mid-leap in an alpine meadow (or studio equivalent). The model's pose here is the product of very carefully planned, rigorously applied bondage. One knee is secured to a metal ring, that leg is tied doubled back on itself and the big toe is tied to the model's other knee, which is in turn secured at the ankle to a ballgag head harness the model wears (controlling the angle of her head) and by the big toe to an unseen ring. (Also, the dildo pole is secured to a rope running off the knot around her ankle.) Her hands are tied in a elaborate rope harness that leaves them coupled over and pinioned to her shoulders. The squirming, writhing pose of the model is thus seen as a controlled phenomenon. She is perma-squirming, like it or not.

In addition, the image works visually, with the model's curves working in opposition to the straight lines of the floor's planking, and her honey-brown skin contrasting nicely with the honey-brown wood she is bound on. The angularity of the ropes and the dildo pole also contrast nicely with the model's body. The gleaming skin of the model works against the flat matte color of the boards, except where the water has dampened the boards, where they gleam like the model's body. As a color composition it's a study in tone and contrast.

But since there's a naked woman, a dildo pole and rope bondage involved, we KNOW it can't be art ... right?