Monday, August 15, 2016

"Pet Shop Slave Girl #1: Katie Now Available

You can get the book in a WIDE variety of formats (including the Kindle's Mobi format) here or by clicking on the pic. You can get ALL my books by visiting my International Bookstore links page.

Wrote another story just too HOT for Amazon, and by hot I mean full of slave rape, lots and lots and lots of slave rape. Because really, if you are going to fantasize about slaves having sex, part of the fantasy is that the slaves have to have sex with their owners, or whomever their owners order them to have sex with, like it or not. That's slavery, and that's sex slavery. It's part of the fantasy.

But Amazon is not grown-up enough to understand that, or rather, does not believe its corporate interests are congruent with understanding that. They are willing to get in bed with sex-negative feminists and prudes rather than work with the authors who are driving most of the sales of indie books.

So it's off to Smashwords I go, where I'm selling some books, but not nearly as much as I did with Amazon, largely I think because Smashwords does not have a subscription service like Kindle Unlimited to create additional revenues and drive additional sales.

I'm studying the works of other authors to try to determine how THEIR slavegirl fantasies manage to exist inside Amazon's structures. So far, no answers, only questions. But I'm sure I'll find a few answers down the road.

Meanwhile, we have “Pet Shop Slave Girl #1: Katie, the first in a proposed series of stories dealing with the lives of women living in the not-too-distant future in the early stages of a post-scarcity society where almost everyone lives on Basic Income because robots … well, the foreword to my story explains it very nicely:

The year is circa 2116, and the Oligarch War has been over for about 50 years. Only it isn't called the Oligarch War any more, it's called the Socialist Rebellion because the winners write history, especially over the short term.
Millions died in the Oligarch War, but those who survived are living wonderful lives. All their basic needs are taken care of -- food, clothing and shelter, at no cost. Almost everyone, even most members of the former technological elites, is unemployed and unemployable due to automation. But the same machines that displaced almost all human workers build everything humans need, from homes to food to clothing to gadgets and geegaws, with little or no need for human supervision or assistance.
The Basics, as the unemployable humans are called, couldn't afford to pay for any of the things the machines produce and would be back in the street shooting at oligarchs and dying by the many more millions in short order, if not provided for. And the Oligarchs don't want that ... some few of the millions of Basics managed to kill a few hundred Oligarchs (and tens of thousands of their minions) despite their fleets of drones that can blanket the skies. The deaths of millions of Basics is a statistic, but the death of a single Oligarch is a tragedy.
Basics get an allowance to buy the consumer goods that make some of the Oligarchs rich, and making Oligarchs richer is the whole point of Western civilization now that the Socialist Rebellion has been quashed. It's a good life for the Basics unless you make a mistake and do one of the few things that can get you kicked off Basic.”

Note that I set the story about a century from now, and that I have a civil war that kills millions occurring about fifty years from now. I think such a war is unlikely, but I do think that if the present trends toward increasing automation, increasing concentration of wealth at the top, and the corporate oligarchs continue to use their political clout to dismantle the social safety net and prevent the construction of new nets, civil unrest of some kind will occur. Something short of open warfare, perhaps, but certainly rioting, protests, mass demonstrations, and other forms of protest.
But it's hard to make any kind of definitive predictions about the future because technological change is moving faster every day and will almost certainly create changes that will throw my predictions completely off. Over the scale of a century, it's almost inevitable. I mean, the people who lived at the turn of the 20th century walked or rode horses to get around, did not have access to electricity except as an arcane scientific oddity, used chunks of ice shipped in from the north to preserve their foods or put them in underground cellars, had no mass media, and still had very high death rates due to infant mortality, though modern sanitation was helping reduce it.
At the turn of the 21st century we have all these things, plus computers, the Internet, the beginning of nanotechnology, nuclear weapons (well not all change is good) air travel, satellites, and manned trips to the moon. And things are probably going to move FASTER in the next century. The predictions I have made are absolutely TIMID compared to the changes that occurred over the previous century.
Still fun to think about, though.

From what I'm saying you are probably thinking I have written a science fiction story full of political implications disguised as porn … and you'd be right. But the disguise is hardly superficial. The story is FULL of sex slavery, slave rape and graphic erotic content. All the science fiction content is hidden away in the background.
Our protagonist, Katie, has little or no interest in the history and origins of the world she lives in. As a young woman on Basic Income, with all her needs provided for without effort on her or anyone else's part, her whole life is concerned with hanging out with her friends, buying clothes and geegaws, or better yet getting boys to buy them for her by dating them and having sex with them, which she thoroughly enjoys even without the lovely presents from boys.
When she screws up and winds up off Basic Income and forced to become a Pet Shop girl on sale to anyone with the means to buy her, Katie finds her life considerably less agreeable … but not wholly disagreeable. It may be slave sex, but it's still sex with a boy, and Katie likes sex with boy, even if she's bound, gagged, hooded and has a … well, read the book and find out.
Here's the blurb:

Katie couldn't believe it. There had always been a way out for a clever, pretty little thing like her, no matter how badly she screwed up.
But now here she was, standing in the window at the local Pet Shop, wearing nothing but a collar, cuffs and shackles, looking out at the customers, any of whom might buy her at any moment. Her old life on Basic Income seemed like an idyll now … living free, no work, no responsibilities, spending all her time shopping, visiting with friends, and dating boys. Boys who gave a girl nice toys if they liked you.
And all the boys liked Katie. She was pretty and she liked boys and she having sex with boys. It had been a wonderful life for clever Katie, until the day Katie got a little too clever for her own good and did one of the few things that would get her kicked off Basic ... and into a Pet Shop, where girls were sold to the wealthy elite who could afford them.
Katie has no control over who will buy her, and when she is purchased she will have to do whatever her purchaser wants her to do. Which is very likely to involve sex. Lots of it. And any way her owner wants it, whether she likes it or not. They used to call it “rape” and “bondage.” Now it was “the privilege of ownership” and if bondage was involved, well that too was a privilege of ownership. And you had to do something bad to get owned, everyone knew that, so how could anyone object? Katie can't.

Whatever will clever Katie do now, other than whatever her owner wants?