Sunday, March 31, 2013

Most Needlessly Complicated Sex Act Ever?

"All right! Very good! Now bring out the tap-dancing chickens and the flaming wiener dogs!" Image source: Training of O. com.

Training of is proud to announce the invention of a new sex act, the Double Reverse Frobbish Nubbin-ride. To do it properly requires six to 12 naked slave girls, two to four vibrators, a calliope, a complete set of the Encyclopedia Britannica, and a choreographer. Supposedly the orgasms are tremendous, if only from the relief of not having to perform the sex act any more. Word is that the Guinness Book of World Records is looking into it to determine if this is indeed, the most needlessly complicated sex act ever. We'll keep you posted!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Big-Budget Hercules Movie: Slave Girl Imagery?

"Leather diaper epic? Yah, I think I can handle it!" Image source: vidcap of Dwayne Johnson in "The Scorpion King."

The news feeds are abuzz with word that a new Hercules movie will be coming out, directed by Brett Ratner and starring Dwayne Johnson of "Scorpion King" fame. I like the casting of Johnson for the lead, he has the looks for the role of Hercules and he has a flair for comedy, maybe they are planning to bring back the lighthearted feel that made the original sword and sandal epics so much fun. (I honestly doubt this, the modern standards for violence and bloodshed are too compelling and will just suck the lightheartedness right out of the movie. It's ultimately why I don't like Spartacus despite all the sexy, sexy slavegirls.)

But the real question for this blog is, of course, how will the slavegirl imagery be handled? As the author of Hottitude of Servitude: Slavegirls In the Movies and On TV, I am the greatest authority on this topic, possibly because I'm the only one. I do hope some kind soul will send Brett Ratner and his production designer copies of the book so they could be informed. I'll be they'd be crestfallen if they were to miss the chance to read "Hottitude of Servitude."

I thought of a variety of ways I could describe the probable costuming that will exist in the movie. But really, a series of lightly captioned pictures should do the trick.

Dream of this. Never gonna happen, of course ... but you CAN dream! If there's any slave girl sex, you can be just about certain it will be "tasteful" and won't involve any bondage. Or, probably, onscreen nudity. Image source: Whipped

Hope for this. The nudity is unlikely, but possible, after all, Spartacus has shown just how nicely naked slavegirls can enliven a sword and sandal epic. Much more likely will be a thong and a tiny bra or pasties to cover the nipples for family considerations. Image source: Found it on Crueltimur's gallery, no idea who created it, but it's a fine piece of art, somebody let me know if you know.

Expect this. Because, c'mon. Hollywood is running a good fifty years behind its audiences nowadays. Image source: vidcap from the 1973 film "The Amazons," which to be fair has some VERY tasty naked slavegirls elsewhere in the film. Including lesbian wrassing.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aesthetics of Bondage Test

Examine this image carefully. You will be tested! Image source: Sex and

All right, we have the bondagette tied with brown straps in a variation on the Savage Fold, we have her labia spread with straps, we have her anus held open by a glass butt plug. Your question: is the gag she is wearing the proper gag to go with the rest of her bondage, aesthetically speaking?

It's a ball gag, but is it the right gag? Image source: Sex and

Answer in the comments section.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

70 Million Shades of Grey, Hooray!

"I know you want to scream in pleasure but we must keep you silenced!" Image source: Public

A recent article in has announced that Fifty Shades of Grey, having sold 70 million copies in 2012, half of them ebook sales) singlehandedly helped the Bertelsman group (the company that owns Random House) maintain overall group profit levels despite stagnant conditions in its TV, magazine, and music publishing businesses.

I'm very pleased that Fifty Shades has been so successful, it's my hope that it ushers in a whole new era of acceptance and enjoyment of kinky erotic romances, even if some publishers are trying to prevent that. But is a lot more conflicted on the topic of Fifty Shades. On the one hand, they probably understand that many of their readers bought and enjoyed Fifty Shades. On the other hand, a lot of their readers, either because they are antisex gender feminists who hate any depiction of maledom/femsub anything, or are lit-crit types who can't tolerate sexy romances and the slutty women who read them, absolutely HATE Fifty Shades of Grey.

That's why I love the article, because short as it is it almost explodes with the tension between happily reporting Fifty Shades' success, and snarking the hell out of its success. The article has snark going in opposite directions. On the one hand, it describes Fifty Shades of Grey as "E.L. James' cult sadomasochistic masterwork" implying it's a cultish porn novel (that Somehow sold 70 million copies). But it also takes a slam at the lit-crit crowd, pointing out that Fifty Shades' high level of ebook sales may be because unlike other books, it invites "the book-shaming eyerolls of MFA-holding Barnes & Noble cashiers."

A nice commentary on our economy, the value of a Master of Fine Arts degree, and the probable status of the lit-crit crowd's louder voices.

A very tasty bit of writing, very revealing to the discerning eye. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today's Bondage Tempest In A Teapot

India's got 999,999,999 problems but this ad ain't one of them. Image source: almost every news site on the Web yesterday. Maybe broadcast TV, too, but who watches that any more?

A recent ad not run in India by Ford's advertising agency has got the Web media in a furor.

Wait ... not run? That's right, Ford never ran the ad, the ads "somehow" got leaked to the media. So, at some point someone said, don't run this ad. So in essence all this furor is over something that did not happen. But in another respect, it's something that did happen ... that Ford has no responsibility for.

But what's wrong with the ad, you wonder? It looks like a goofy, funny play on damsel in distress themes as seen in SO MANY TV shows and movies and such, with former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi driving around with three bound, gagged women representing his political troubles (the hot, ball-gagged policewoman is especially nice, looks like an Alazar damsel) in the spacious trunk of his Ford.

The ad is arousing a furor because it comes on the tails of the infamous Delhi rape, in which a gang of young men attacked a young couple on a public bus, severely beating the husband and raping the wife to death. To. Death. They used something described as an "iron rod" to sodomize her. The horrific case aroused an international furor, and much of Indian society, especially female Indian society, was as furored as anyone else.

Apparently there is a huge rape culture problem in India, which I presciently covered before the Delhi rape. It's fueled by a large population of uneducated, poor, often illiterate young men who have little prospect of finding a decent place in Indian society (and by all accounts, you REALLY don't want to live in any of the indecent places in Indian society) and with little or no prospect of getting laid, as India has sadly absorbed the memes of sexual prudery from the Muslims and the Victorian Brits.

These Indian temple sculptures represent the distant past of Indian culture. Sadly, it's easy to understand how a culture which was once so vigorously, happily sex-positive as represented here, could turn into a rape-infested festival of prudery one billion strong. Image source: the Web.

India needs to deal directly with the social, political and other factors that made this rape happens, and the perpetrators (who have been found) need to experience the full extent of justice for their crimes. (I am anti-death penalty but some criminals do things so horrible that I can't be bothered to care about them, no matter what their fate. The New Delhi rapists fall into that category, for me.)

Maybe it's not a good idea to have a culture that ensures you will have a large population of young men (and women) that can't make money or get laid or get some basic respect in their culture. Four hour movies full of dancing and singing happy people might not be enough to make up for that, y'know?

But here's the thing. The ad images are fantasy imagery. Fun, lighthearted fantasy imagery. The Delhi rape was real life. They're not the same thing. They should not be conflated. Cartoon Silvio Berlusconi driving around with cartoon hotties bound and gagged in the trunk of his car is not about the Delhi rape, though to judge from the many, many pearl-clutching posts about it that I've read, you'd think that the Ford ad (which never ran) was virtually a CELEBRATION of the Delhi rape.

Come on, people, stay on the sane track. Reality, fantasy, two different things. Not the same! How many times do I have to tell you this?

There's also this ad showing Paris Hilton driving around with the Kardashians bound and gagged in the trunk of a nice Ford car, which ALSO did not run. There's even an ad with three men bound and gagged in the back of a car, which not only did not run, but did not get covered. Well, at least the media is getting something right. Image source: every damn news/celebrity website in existence.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cameron Diaz And Tina Fey Lesbian Bondage Sex?

"Hi, moms!" Image source:
You know, it's not often that I wonder, "What if Cameron Diaz and Tina Fey were to get naked and have lesbian sexual bondage? And what if Cameron Diaz were to put on a sex harness and a strap-on dildo, and Tina Fey were to be naked with her hands tied behind her back, and still wearing her glasses of course and sucking on Cameron's strap-on?" That's actually a pretty rare thought, strangely enough. But on those rare occasions when I DO wonder about that, I imagine it would look something like the image at the top of this post.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

On Mesh Breasts And The Real Thing

Mmmm, mesh breasts as seen on the Gorean Dressing Room blog.
Back in the old days, female avatars in Second Life had just two choices with regard to breasts: the ones that came with the avatar, and prim breasts. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Avatar breasts have bounce. But they can only grow so big before they get ... polygonal. What do we mean, polygonal?

"See my giant polygons? Do they make you hot, baby?"
We mean POLYGONS! That's standard avatar breasts scaled up to the max and seen up close, about as bad as it gets, but you have to admit ... that's bad. As the camera draws back the polygonality disappears, but still ... that's pretty bad. Especially compared to those nice, round, smooth mesh breasts seen above.

Prim breasts don't have this problem, they are smooth and round, but they are like any article of prim clothing, which means they can be very hard to fit properly. And it's annoying when clothes won't quite fit or get out of alignment when the avatar moves, but it's really unfortunate with body parts.

Prim nipples on giant polygon breasts ... who can resist, eh?
Just check out the unusually well-fitting and color-matched nipples above. Nice as they are, one of the nipples is slightly higher than the other, they are kind of the wrong size and shape for those huge honkin headlights they sit on. When you move, such nipples can get discombobulated, and actually seem to be floating a short distance away from the breast, or sunken into it. So ... not optimal.

Now check out the prim breasts at the very top of the page. They have that 3D nipple bump and nice, smooth curves. They look like breasts should look. The only problem is, some of the inhabitants of Second Life have taken a good idea and supersized it waaaay too much, as this article points out.

As a wise woman once told me on this very blog, "Ain't nothing like the real thing" and Rachel Roxx convincingly makes that point here. I say "convincingly" because I'm pretty sure Rachel's breasts have implants. But she bought wisely, enough to give her an impressive rack but not to make her look weird or distorted. No polygons on her! Image source: Whipped

Friday, March 22, 2013

Visit My Second Life Gor Blog!

A new place to hang out and dig on Second Life Gor and other sexy, sexy slavegirl video game thingies!

I've taken my Second Life Gor related posts and created a new blog with them, much as I did with my Fifty Shades of Grey related posts. It will be a place to easily find the stuff I've written on the topic, and also I'll put posts there that aren't necessarily appropriate for the more kinky, social-observation, newsy topics you'll find on politically sexy. Or I may turn it into a Mechwarrior blog. Hell, I'm capable of it!

Given its more adult subject matter, my SL Gor will be adultly illustrated, unlike my Fifty Shades blog.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nightstands Finally Advertised Based On Actual Uses

"Sure beats a box under the bed!" Image source: Training of

An article in the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal demonstrates the further mainstreaming of bondage. They cite a nightstand sold by local manufacturer Blu-Dot. The online ad copy for the Modu-licious Nightstand says, it will hold, "Ten T-9 Ball Gags, one box of tissues, and six copies of Architectural Digest."

OK, so the nightstand costs $599. If your lifestyle is such that you need storage space for ten ballgags, expensive nightstands are probably the least of your worries!

And when local business journals are reporting on bondage gear storage devices ... well, things have changed!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Left Holding The Ball

"Master said, if the thought of being whipped bothers you, I will let you hold my ball while I whip you, does that not show trust?" Image source: Training of

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lesbian Bondage Expert At Univ. of Tenn. Causes Excitement

Hell, you'd think the demo was going to look something like this... Image source:, educational division.

So apparently someone at the University of Tennessee has invited a lesbian who is a bondage expert, the wonderfully named Sinclair Sexsmith to give a lecture on lesbian bondage as part of the University's first-ever Sex Week event, causing a huge furor, because you know, lesbian bondage and Tennessee are not terms that go well together.

Complainants are the usual suspects, religious types, political types, prudes, busybodies, moral guardians (aka bluenoses) of all stripes. "University money is being spent on sexy stuff, harrumph! Harrumph! and Gadzooks!" they are saying, perhaps not in those EXACT words, but that's EXACTLY what they mean.

It's probably about the most entertaining thing that will happen in Sex Week, and all praise to the University, by the way, for sticking to their guns on the issue. My basic feeling is, tempest in teapot. It's just a freaking lecture. Get back to me when they're offering graduate degrees in Advanced Lesbian Bondage.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Writer Prefaces Comments On Fifty Shades of Grey with "Have Not Read It"

Scientists* say, "Women who read Fifty Shades prefer that the heroine be the one tied up by lebenty million to one!" Image source: Sex and

The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy section has a post where an indie moviemaker, Kieran Evans, compares his indie film, "Karen+Victor," which apparently has a femdom/malesub relationship, to Fifty Shades of Grey ... which he prefaces by saying, "I've never read Fifty Shades of Grey." But ... he's heard a lot about it, so that's all right.

I wrote a response to his post, because I'm really sick of all these people who never read the book confidently going out there and making fools of themselves by getting their facts all wrong and, of course, drawing wrong conclusions. So I straightened him out on a few points:

I have not seen your film, know very little about it, so I can't say if it's any good or not, and won't. If only you would be as fair to Fifty Shades of Grey. Anyone who says they have not read the book and then makes pronunciations about it loses all credibility, in my opinion. You get basic facts wrong: you said, " While the sex act may be viewed by outsiders as “S&M,” unlike “50 Shades” these two people have never before been involved in BDSM culture." Well the fact is that Ana is a virgin at the start of Fifty Shades of Grey and had never had ANY experience with BDSM. So ... poor comparison

Also, Fifty Shades is not ABOUT a maledom/femsub sex. Both Ana and Christian enjoy the sex, but the central story of the relationship is how Christian tries to set up their relationship as a purely contractual relationship, and how Ana refuses it, and it evolves into something more like a regular romantic relationship. That's really what it's ABOUT, the sex, while important, is not the central element because there's no conflict over it ... they both like it.

Now all you need to have said to make the point that your movie is different from Fifty Shades is that the relationship in your movie is femdom/malesub (i.e., it's Karen who does the tying-up) whereas in Fifty Shades it's maledom/femsub. Gender makes a huge difference to MOST (not all) who like BDSM, and for the readers of the romances and erotic romances, who enjoy maledom/femsub stories. You're in a different genre already. But I get the impression you don't know that, which is another strike against your credibility.

*The scientists I pay to say such things.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Launch The Fifty Shades of Grey Considered Blog

Meet Ana, the hostess of my new blog. Christian will be the host, but he still need work. I see Ana as a bright, happy 21-year-old college student with an open, engaging face and a killer bod ... I think I got it nailed!

I've launched a new blog, "Fifty Shades of Grey Considered," which will look at Fifty Shades of Grey as a social and media phenomenon. It already has 44 posts on it! Many ... well, all ... of the posts on the blog will look very familiar to readers of Politically Sexy, because they are lifted directly from Politically Sexy.

Ana will not be getting naked on the FSOGC blog, but hey ... THIS is Politically Sexy!

The blog will have some posts of its own, but frankly, I think the 44 posts I have written to date that deal with FSOG constitute a very good start on the blog. Granted, those of you who have read my every post will find nothing new to read as yet, but if you DO need to find out something I've written in a post about Fifty Shades, it will be a very nice resource for you.

Basically, I am seeking to attract new demographics and new dollars to this blog, which is why it will be nudity-free (could go naked if I don't have any success with it in its nudity-free format). Anyway, feel free to check it out, and like it and so forth, I'd like to get this baby launched properly!

Like I said ... this IS Politically Sexy, so Ana may wind up bound over here!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Is Second Life Leaking Into Real Life In Unexpected Ways?

Some scientists* believe that many real life bondage models got their start as Second Life avatars. Image source: the sim on the grid.

An article on Alternet has some interesting food for thought. Titled What the $15 Billion Sex Toy Industry Tells Us About Sexuality Today, it proposes that the success of the sex toy industry is an indicator that America is in the midst of another sexual revolution, one that has gone unnoticed by the media and even the ever-suspicious religious right, because it's occurring in America's bedrooms, in private.

The current revolution, claims Alternet, involves the adoption of the safe/sane/consensual values for sexual conduct developed by gays and BDSMers, by the general public, with a strong helping of "what people do in private is their own damn business so long as nobody gets hurt."

It's an interesting and thought-provoking theory, and probably has a lot going for it. Sixty-five million copies of "Fifty Shades of Grey" argues fairly convincingly that there's something to it, if you are not convinced by the sex toy industry figures alone.

But what also piqued my interest was the success of a sex toy manufacturer called Crystal Delights. And the reason for that is, Crystal Delights' product line (butt plugs, presumably, glass butt plugs) started out as a Second Life virtual sex toy. Then it made the hop over to real life, because one real dollar will buy you 250 Linden dollars (I suspect.)

I wonder if other elements of Second Life are leaking into the real world?

"OMG! I've logged into the Real Life grid! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" (Interesting how similar the avatar here is to the bondage model at the top of the post ... could it be???? ... Image source: Public Disgrace and Second Life.

*mad scientists!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

For The Record: Wonder Woman Is Not A Silicon-Enhanced Pornstar

C'mon, this is so unrealistic! Wonder Woman does NOT wear high heels as part of her costume! Image source: Some tumblr site. Don't know who did the art, but Rowan did the color work.

I've seen a variety of images of Wonder Woman in various pornish situation on the Interwebs, and I've developed an aesthete about them: I like the ones where Wonder Woman actually LOOKS like Wonder Woman a lot more than I like the ones where she does not. Specifically, I don't like the ones where Wonder Woman looks like a pornstar who has never done a pushup in her life, who has bought a couple of gallons of silicon to bring her breasts up to ludicrous size. (See above.)

There are MANY such illustrations on the Web, and my problem with them is that they simply do not look like the buff fighting woman that Wonder Woman is supposed to be. I know, the basic idea is "Wouldn't it be great if Wonder Woman were naked, bound and (fill in the blank)?" But then the artist goes on to think, "And wouldn't it be great if Wonder Woman had huge breasts and a big ass, you know, a little meat on her bones, and big puffy lips and huge round eyes?" And that's where the artists screw up, because the resulting image doesn't LOOK like Wonder Woman, she looks like a stripper/pornstar wearing a Wonder Woman outfit. And that, as we all know, is Power Girl! And it AIN'T ... Wonder Woman!

Power Girl! And not a porny fantasy image, but a canonical image from the actual comic. She really DOES have a butt on her chest! Image source: the Interwebs.

What makes this phenomenon PARTICULARLY annoying is that Wonder Woman having a nice, big rack is canon. She's not one of those B-cup superheroines. She's always been portrayed as filling out her boustier nicely, in comics and on TV. (Linda Carter being the case in point, we will not speak of the Cathy Rigby Wonder Woman!)

But some guys want her to fill it out WAAAAY past normal, and frankly, the image at the top is far from the most extreme example I've seen. I suppose if you have a big breast fetish, by which I mean a ludicrously big breast fetish, you gotta make Wonder Woman look like she's smuggling basketballs in her boustier to make her seem sexy to you, but really, for most people, past a certain point breasts don't look sexy, they look deformed.

Plus, Wonder Woman is buff, she's an Amazon for cryin' out loud, she doesn't have a pencil neck or twiglike arms or (see above) tiny, tiny feet. She doesn't have excess fat on her hips or her butt. She doesn't necessarily have to look like a damn body builder, but at LEAST like a gymnast.

Poor Diana. All her enemies have the exact same idea for her once she's captured. But note: this Wonder Woman is at least built realistically. Big breasts, but not ludicrously big. Is that too much to ask? Don't ask! Image source: the Antileaf website, according the watermark. All sorts of goodies to check out there.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Damsels In Distress: Part 1 - Tropes vs. Women in Video Games: Astroturf or Grassroots?

Astroturf or grassroots? We suspect astroturf! Image source: Damsels in Distress in Video Games Youtube video.

Sometimes my flying monkeys (the news agents I use to search for news on the Web) get oddly specific. Case in point: there was a time about a year ago when my "Damsels in distress" news agent search was bringing back nothing but articles about Whit Stillman's movie "Damsels in Distress." Which was a disappointment to me, since the distress the damsels in the movie are in is a very genteel form of distress having to do with romantic disappointments, mostly, not ropes and gags. But it was understandable: the movie title was spot on for my news agent search.

And for most of the past year, my news agent search for "kinky" would produce very little if it weren't for the antics of Texas musician/politician Kinky Friedman, and the musical "Kinky Boots."

And it's happening again with my "damsels in distress" keyword search, for the last two days the ONLY results they have returned has been news about a new video put out by Feminist Frequency, Damsels In Distress: Part 1 - Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. I mean, yesterday I got nine hits from Damsel in Distress, and ALL of them were about the Feminist Frequency video. And while it's a WAAAAY better result than the Whit Stillman movie, as you can see from the vidcap, it makes me suspicious.

The video is well made and interesting, I have no beef with it, really. Hosted by Anita Sarkeesian, it starts with a brief history of the damsel in distress in stories, and moves on to how video games use it, which is to say, badly. No surprise, the bulk of video game stories have been noted for their lack of imagination, and using a woman as the bait to move the story along (and nothing else) is a very common technique. I kept waiting for the narrative to sink into "men bad! sex bad! Pretty women bad!" but it never did. Maybe in Part 2, I dunno. Mostly it was a very thorough analysis of how DiDs are used in video games.

It's how I got the story that bothers me. I would like to think that the Google news agents comb the web impartially and bring back only the most relevant results from websites big and small. But I just don't believe it. With all the millions of sites on the web, the ONLY results I'm getting are about the Feminist Frequency video? And before that, the Whit Stillman movie? And in the case of kinky, the musical? How likely is that?

And the thing that makes me DOUBLY suspicious, is that the news agent search results that are oddly specific are all for things that have money and/or political connectedness behind them. Kinky Boots, big musical, got marketers. Damsels in Distress, major movie release, marketers and promoters, you bet. Kinky Friedman, politician/musician, some kind of political muscle. Feminist Frequency, also some political muscle.

Why it's almost as if the Google news agents are being bought off or influenced somehow. Or more likely, that they are visiting certain favored sites or giving more weight to certain favored sites and pop up stories when those sites and not when more obscure sites (like mine for instance!) put up an article or post that is relevant to the topic the news agents are searching for.

I am sure it is the hope of every ink-stained wretch on the Web, of which I am surely one, that Google news agents are objective searchers for relevance, searching out the very best stuff on the Web. But I strongly suspect that the Google news agents use a very similar metric to Google search, looking for the most linked-to sites. Which create a tier of sites that are favored, after a while. And a lot of sites that are disfavored.

What's more, you have to wonder to what extent the media manipulators are using this to get their favored stories in front of potential readers/viewers. Because they can't be happy with the Internet. They've taken over traditional media to such an extent that most of it is putty in their hands. There's a REASON Consumer Reports won't take ads, it's that ads are corrupting, in every publication that takes them. There is no quid pro quo, that would be far too clumsy. But favors get done, publications that run ads about movies are apt to review those movies, regardless of merit. And the same goes for books, or cars or foods or whatever.

That's why publishers can pretty much KNOW what books will make the New York Times bestseller list. It's not merit, it's marketing. Don't believe me? Think "Snookie." You know, the reality show star known for her general vapidness whose book made the Times bestseller list. Think it made it on merit? It was sheer media marketing muscle. And that's how most products become successful, a big corporation puts a lot of marketing muscle behind a product, and voila! It succeeds.

A product, idea or political movement that is successful based purely on corporate/political money power is called an "astroturf" product/idea/movement. The phrase has its origins in politics, where political movements that came from the people, from the bottom up, so to speak was called a "grassroots" movement. Whether you agree or disagree with a particular grassroots movement, everyone agrees they represent the genuine feelings and interests of their supporters.

A good example of a commercial grassroots phenomenon would be "Fifty Shades of Grey." It became an ebook bestseller without the attentions of any corporations or marketers. The Twilight fandom loved the book, bought it in droves, and made it a success, all by their lonesome, with romance readers who had switched to ebooks because sexier and more private helping, also sans marketing power. When Random House bought the rights to publish Fifty Shades of Grey they were buying the rights to a grassroots bestseller, which is why the prices was so high. And it succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

The term "astroturf" is a counterpoint to "grassroots" and describes a political movement that is strictly the creation of moneyed corporate or political interests. The most well-known current example is the Tea Party, which was created with money provided by the Koch Brothers and their conservative cronies. The Tea Party was originally conceived of as an anti-tax party, but it grew beyond those boundaries to be a ragingly anti-tax, hyperconservative group that has primaried regular Republican candidates, only to find that the many hyper-conservative Tea Partiers cannot win an election that involves non-Republican voters.

The astroturf Tea Party, in short, developed grassroots elements and they took over the Tea Party and now the Koch Brothers and their babies are not all that happy about their precious Tea Party.

It's no secret that marketers have been studying the Web looking for ways to make it as money-friendly and controllable as possible. And by going with their favored-site linking strategy Google is playing into their hands, perhaps not unintentionally, as Google is all about the money, too. Basically the Internet was ALL grassroots when it started. Just a bunch of computer geeks having fun with porn and a few other things.

But as the Web has become more and more popular, with every home wired and on the Web, and many workplaces as well, the marketer and the promoters of all stripe are looking hungrily at all those eyeballs and working on ways of capturing them.

And when I see Google news agents apparently unable to find anything but a single story in a variety of sites, on what is a fairly broad and common topic ("kinky" "damsel in distress") I can't help but suspect that the marketers have astroturfed Google's news agents, y'know?

I do have a solution, for those who are interested. I keep track of the keywords that people use when they find my site via Google analytics. Often it's an image search, often for a celebrity. But far from always. I get hits from the terms "slave auction" "Roman slave auction" "naked slave girl sale" etc. And one of the things I do is run those keywords in an image search myself, to see who else is getting hits from those keywords.

I have found a lot of great sites that way (Crueltimur's, for example) that are not exactly Jezebel, Slate, The Stir, Gawker, or other Usual Suspects found by my news agents.

So a word to the wise: Google news agents may have been snared by the astroturfers. Seek alternative sources, lest you be snared, too.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Perils of Negotiating While Being Given A Blowjob

"I don't care if the price I quoted for the silk was a silver blowjob per, the cost of guards to prevent blowjobs means I have to blowjob at least blowjob ... blow ... what was I saying?" Image source: The Gorean tumblr blowjo ... er, art collection. Unattributed, as usual. I looked but was unable to find the artist who created it via reverse image search. If anyone knows, let me know, I'll credit them and prolly write up a post about them ... this is some VERY nice work.

Oh, I know the temptation is great. Why wait until AFTER the deal is made to reward yourself by having a slavegirl give you a nice blowjob? You know you're going to win! Why not have the celebratory blowjob DURING the blowjob ... er, negotiations? It won't be distracting at all! Just a lovely slave kneelng between your legs and sucking your dick while you work. Call it multitasking if you will.

Seriously, this is a nicely imagined piece of art. The two guys are arguing vigorously while the slavegirl kneels before her owner, her arms pinioned behind her, sucking master's dick while they talk because that's her job and she has to suck his cock no matter where, when or how she's ordered to do it. The slave behind the master looks on, a litle bored, holding a vase that may be the topic being argued about/negotiated over. It subtly says a great deal about the society being portrayed, where big-time master types were so busy they couldn't even take breaks for blowjobs, and where slaves were not permitted any privacy whatsoever.

The version on the Gorean Art page is much larger, btw, but with the 7 inch width limit on this blog, I cropped it to focus on the essential blowjob ... er, elements.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Slate's Saletan: Dinosaur Stupidity Or Hatchet Job?

It is totally unacceptable that a woman should receive such pleasure from techniques that Willian Saletan does not approve of!" Image source:

Well I brought you a bit of dinosaur-stupid reporting on BDSM from ABC News online a few weeks ago, and now Slate has decided to follow suit with a truly boneheaded blog post from William Saletan stating that BDSM will NEVER gain popular acceptance.

But I wonder if the post was simple boneheadedness. Sure, he spoke from dire ignorance that got his ass thoroughly kicked in the comments section and also provoked a pretty good ass kicking in this detailed response to his post on buzzfeed.

But there was some sneaky, subtle use of language in the post that made me think it was more of a hatchet job than a simple case of stupid meets sexy. Particularly Saletan's use of the phrase "consensual domestic abuse" to describe consensual kink. What a wonderfully sleazy bit of misdirection! This disgusting phrase links consensual kink and domestic abuse as if one were not the opposite of the other. Abuse is by its very nature nonconsensual. It's like saying "cold hot" or "good bad."

But if you don't like BDSM in the first place, or are butt-ignorant about it, you might just let the phrase slide. After all, women's shelters in England have recycled Fifty Shade of Grey as toilet paper, their leadership also having problems with detecting the difference between consensual and nonconsensual.

Saletan also makes the dubious claim that Americans find it easier to accept homosexuality than to accept BDSM. A moment's thought will convince you of the silliness of that claim. Which is Joe Average gonna find scarier, Mark tying Patricia to the bed, or Mark kissing Patrick? Mr. Saletan apparently thinks they will be more alarmed at Mark tying Patricia to the bed. Mr. Saletan is nuts. Or dissemblig.

Early on in his post Saletan makes the point that "mild bondage is no big deal" and my tastes are very mild. A lot of the stuff I see on promos make me wince, not to mention what I've found on other BDSM sites. is supposed to be the very pinnacle of safe and sane and consensual, but I don't care for pain at all. I understand that others like pain, but it squicks me past a certain point. But I'm not going to oppose individuals' right to enjoy what they like because it squicks me. And I sort of have the impression that that is exactly what Saletan is doing.

I don't know if Saletan's post is from sheer ignorance ignorant, so I have to consider that this may be a hatchet job. If it is, I doubt it will work. With 65 million copies of Fifty Shades of Grey sold, Saletan is whistling past the graveyard. The mommies like their kinky sex. Saletan is welcome not to like it, but he's an idiot if he thinks he can make a blanket statement about what the mainstream will or will not accept, when the mainstream has ALREADY spoken loudly and definitively on the topic.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fifty Shades XXX Parody Creators Claim Original Fifty Shades Is In Public Domain

Creators of the XXX porn parody hope the peculiar circumstances of the origin of the novel will get them off the hook! Image source:

I'm still following the progress of the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon in the media, but there has not been much to report on, as it has mostly devolved into increasingly wild speculation about who will play the leads in the movie. So when a bit of actual news comes along, I'm all ears. And some has.

The first actual news I've seen in a while indicates that Smash Pictures, the creators of a porn parody of "Fifty Shades of Grey," is being sued on violation of copyright grounds by Universal Pictures, which owns the movie rights to "Fifty Shades of Grey." Seems the porn people didn't do an adequate job of filing the serial numbers off!

Now I personally think the story in Fifty Shades of Grey is different enough from Twilight that there's no question that it's not copyright infringement, and I'm guessing Random House's legal department agrees with me, as they greenlit purchasing Fifty Shades.

The defense of Smash Pictures is that "Masters of the Universe," the original story written by EL James, on which Fifty Shades is based, and which was published on a Twilight fanfic website as fanfic, was in the public domain, and that therefore, Fifty Shades itself is in the public domain. For a detailed analysis of the Masters of the Universe fanfic and its relation to Fifty Shades I'll refer you to the Obsidian Wings website's analysis.

Their contention is that since Master of the Universe was published initially as fanfic without any copyright claims, and that since it essentially IS Fifty Shades of Grey, the work is in the public domain and Smash Pictures can't be violating Fifty Shades' copyright.

I don't have the legal chops to speak on the matter of whether or not Master of the Universe's original provenance puts Fifty Shades into public domain territory or not. But my cynical self tends to see that legal cases are generally decided in favor of the person or corporation that has the most money/legal resources. That would be Universal Studios. In any event, publishers, legal experts, movie studios and the fanfic community will be watching this one with great interest.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

She Had To Ask!

When Master had brought up the topic of "kegel weightlifting" she had had to ask. She had to! And the result was so predictable! Image source: Training of O. com.

The marketing team was amazed that no one wanted to by Stretcho, the Tampon with the Longest String Ever and a Weight on the End. "It worked so well in the focus groups!" they said.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Prize of Gor: Gender Feminist Turns Sex Slave!

There are many positions for gender feminists to assume on Gor ... this is a favorite! Image source: Sex and

Prize of Gor is the most aptly named novel in the entire Gor series. It is the novel in which John Norman reached for the brass ring and actually had a member of the group he so despised, i.e., antisex feminist academics, kidnapped and taken to Gor to be a slavegirl.

This is the second book written after the long hiatus after DAW dropped him and before he started publishing via Amazon. (it is preceded by “Witness of Gor” which has much less going for it). And throughout the Gor series, Norman has been fuming and fussing about those horrible, antibiological sexual frustrates back on Earth who Ruined Everything for men and women by denying that a woman's place is at her man's feet, in chains, generally in paragraphs-long rants that cranked up whenever a sexy scene started to happen. Or sometimes the rants would just crank up out of the blue, stopping whatever plot or character development was occurring dead in its tracks.

(I'm not calling Norman's rants “rants” not because I disagree with his ideas (though I do disagree with them) but because of the way they are organized. They are repetitive, forceful restatements of the same ideas over and over again with no added depth or background, the very definition of a rant. If you want to find some ideas about evolutionary biology stated as arguments, with lots of background and support, I suggest you watch a Girl Writes What video. She's also a thorn in traditional feminism's side, but a much more subtle and effective one that Norman will ever be.)

This happened a LOT in the Gor novels, but interestingly, Norman never had a feminist academic kidnapped and brought to Gor for some immersive slave training of the sort Earth women tend to get on Gor. So when I saw that the protagonist of Prize of Gor was going to be a professor of gender studies, I was hoping that Norman had finally decided to go full-bore at the issues surrounding feminism and his viewpoint that women are natural-born sex slaves to men, and I was glad, because even it produced a novel that was full of pedantic arguments about the true nature of sexuality, they would at least be (I hoped) different and deeper arguments, and I could handle that. Just no more repeating the same old complaints over and over, please.

What's more, Norman added a delicious twist to the story when he had the gender studies professor, Ellen (it's just her slave name, no real Earth name is ever provided) be old at the beginning of the story. The Greens of Gor, you see, have figured out, not only how to render everyone young and beautiful for a thousand year lifespan, but they've also figured out how to wind one's age backwards in ten-year increments. And so 58-year-old Ellen (let's just pretend her Earth name is Catherine MacKinnon) is transformed into a woman who is physically an 18-year-old slavegirl hottie through four such age-reversing treatments.

And there's a recuperative period between each treatment, in which she's given increasingly strong doses of slavegirl training, or as it would be called on Earth, molestation, assault, torture and brainwashing.

I thought, “Wow, what an opportunity to explore these topics in depth, combining and contrasting youth and age with discussions of sexuality and gender, autonomy and submission, all in one tremendous package. This book is indeed a prize!”

Those who have already read Prize of Gor are laughing their asses off right now,because Prize of Gor contains no such things.

Instead, it had lots and lots of the same exact stuff we've seen in all the OTHER Gor novels, which is to say, lots and lots of exposition about how bad evil old Earth sexuality and how liberating and free good old Gor philosophy is, being 100 percent more natural and all.

I've been describing these rants of Norman's but the rants themselves do more than any mere description ever could. Read this, and imagine it going on for page after page after page:
Someone, you see, may be watching you, you entirely unsuspecting, unaware, unwitting of this so significant a surveillance. Someone may be thoughtfully considering how you might look in sirik, that striking custodial device with its collar, the connecting chains, the wrist and ankle rings, or conjecturing, taking notes, on your likely value, as he watches you, what you might be expected to bring on the slave block, first, and then later, after having been suitably informed and trained. All your laws then, your politics, your ideologies, your legal remedies, your petty threats, your thousand devices to obtain power, to control, reduce, tame and destroy men, would be useless. Remember them, such seekings, such devices, when you are chained naked in a Gorean dungeon, collared, with other slaves, a mark burned into your thigh, waiting to be brought to the auction block.

But with you, on the same chain, perhaps prized even more highly than you, their collars locked as securely as yours, their chains clasping as perfectly, their bodies as bared, may be other women, they selected as carefully as you, quiet, gentle, loving, needful, natural women, women less removed initially from their sex than you, women who disdained to strive to be facsimile males, such monstrous transmogrifications of human reality, those to whom grotesque propagandas could not speak, those who could never bring themselves to believe the catechisms of negativity, horror and hatred, those who had no difficulty in detecting the unsatisfying special nature and hollowness, the idiosyncratic party-serving nature of diverse bromides and slogans, the lies that others would impose upon them, but who knew themselves female, even from the beginning, despite all the propaganda and conditioning, female radically and profoundly, those who even on Earth have longed to fulfill their femaleness in the service of men, men who will understand them and treasure them, but will nonetheless give them the domination they crave, who will supply the masculine to their feminine, the yang to their yin, who will see to it that they are, as they desire to be, let it be stated explicitly, mastered, wholly, and beautifully, and uncompromisingly mastered.

Imagine that going on for page after page after page. Now you have some idea of the effort it takes to read Prize of Gor. To tell the truth, after the first couple of instances of this, I just skimmed the pages looking for unusual words or short paragraphs or quote marks indicating that something interesting might be going on, and then backed up til I was at the start of the non-rant portion of the text, and started reading until I encountered the next rant.

Now I'm not saying that Prize of Gor is an epic fail. I am saying that it was not a fail because Norman never even tried. Instead of working a little deeper on the topic, he just larded in lots and lots and lots of his usual rants into the book. I'd say it's about fifty percent rant, by volume, and I'm being generous. Some of the rants do relate to what's going on around Ellen, since she's a slavegirl and gets molested, furred, whipped and switched and bound and gagged and hooded a lot, and Norman very deftly and thoroughly describes how she feels about anything relating to sexual bondage and slavegirliness, though he continues to avoid explicit descriptions of sex to keep things PG or soft-R rated, even though you know EXACTLY what is happening.

(For example, there's a scene where some captured enemy soldiers are tied up and naked and Ellen is ordered to give them blowjobs and swallow it all so there's no spooge revealing that they've been blown. And she does it, with her hands tied behind her back yet, and apologizes nicely to the soldiers since they are free and she is a slave, explaining that she HAS to give them blowjobs because, hey, slavegirl. And though Norman would never use indecorous language like “blowjob” or describe what she feels like with cocks in her mouth, but he uses much more, um, refined language to let you know exactly what she's doing.)

Anyway, point is, the descriptions of Ellen's slavish activities slide easily into rants about how good sex slavery is and how bad things on Earth are, and if you wanted to be strict about it, you could reasonably say that “Prize of Gor” is 70 or 75 percent rant.

But the sheer amount of it is not really the important thing about all the ranting, in terms of the Gor series. The important thing is, it's a demonstration that Norman has either no ability or no interest in really taking on the issues raised by feminists about his books. (And to be fair, a lot of feminists really hate Norman and the Gor novels, and have raised many objections to them, in terms both snarling and angry.)

I had envisioned … well, fantasized … “Prize of Gor” as a story about a feminist enslaved which would bring forth all the most powerful and cogent arguments of feminism against Norman's vision of sex slavery, and Norman gets in there and responds with his most powerful and cogent arguments FOR slavery, for a really interesting donnybrook of an argument.

Norman is a professor of philosophy, clearly he's CAPABLE of making a tough argument, but he sure didn't do so in “Prize of Gor” and if he were going to do it ANYWHERE, this would have been the place to do it. And Norman did not do it. The man has nothing when it comes to expanding or deepening his ideas. And yeah, a lot of people, especially feminists but quite a few of his fans as well, have assumed that all along, and after more than twenty novels, who can blame them?

The only counter-argument I can see is that the Gor novels are fantasy adventure novels and they're no place for intellectual donnybrooks. But if you are going to take that approach, the Gor novels are also no place for the lengthy, repetitive rants about the virtues of sex slavery, which frankly, could not POSSIBLY slow down the story and character development, such as it is, as much as an in-depth intellectual argument. You can't have it both ways, in short … if the intellectual donnybrook has no place, neither do the rants.

And on the issue of character development, that's where things get REALLY revelatory. Just think of this character, this Ellen, an aging, virginal professor of gender studies who has spent her whole life on Earth in a career as a successful academic suddenly finds herself in a prison on another world, reduced to slavery, and at the same time restored to her early youth and beauty.

This could credibly be a cause for driving her insane, certainly her psyche would have to make some major adjustments. And there are some interesting questions to consider – we know the brain is still growing and developing physically until you reach age 25, she gets aged back to 18. Does this truncate any of her intellectual abilities? Would there be different levels of hormones acting on her brain as a young woman that would radically change her emotional and physical responses? Would she be aware of them? Would her aged, finely tuned, highly developed mind experience these changes as some sort of alien experience forcing itself on her, or would she perceive it as changes in who she was? Would she be AWARE of what was going on?

As an academic involved in gender studies she probably should be aware of these things, but of course there's no mention of any of it in. There's no examination of what she goes through mentally other than the “I love being the slave of big strong men!” “I hate big strong men for enslaving me!” “Being a slave is wonderful!” “Being a slave is awful!” stuff … granted, whole rafts of it, but still, nothing that creates a real, living character.

Of course, if such character development were to occur, it wouldn't really be a Gor novel. Because let's face it, if the mental effects of being broken by Gorean slavers were unstintingly portrayed, it would make for something more like 1984 than a sexy barbaric fantasy novel. That's why Norman stays away from it. And that's why his rants are kind of a cheat: he keeps insisting that slavery is wonderful but he can't go into the real effects of nonconsensual slavery as practiced on Gor … his ideal, apparently … without making clear how brutal it was.

Instead there is just the occasional switching and whipping and of course, all the sexy, sexy bondage.

He also does not go into the innate wastefulness of using a woman whose mind is intelligent and detail-oriented enough to be a successful academic, just to prepare food, sew and suck cocks. Norman makes a lot of how fulfilling this feels to the enslaved Ellen, but he gives us no idea how a mind that can do research, read and analyze long, detailed texts and then write long, detailed texts in response can handle spending most of her time watching eggs fry, pushing needles into cloth and walking around a lot. And furring, of course. (“Furring” is the Gorean term for “fucking” as it is done “in the furs” most of the time. I like it a lot better than fucking.)

As is made plain at the beginning of “Prize of Gor” the manuscript is written by Ellen, so clearly someone (Bosk of Port Kar, who makes a cameo or two in “Prize of Gor”) has recognized that her mind needs something to occupy it. But as the book Ellen turned out is full of even more of the lengthy rants than the other Gor novels, it's pretty clear that Ellen's mind is not what it once was.

And the thing is, Prize of Gor has a pretty good story buried among all those rants. Ellen is kidnapped, exchanges owners several times, gets involved with the opposition to Cosian occupation of Ar and with the mysterious plotting of the Kurii and their human agents. There is much pleasing of different Masters, much intrigue swirling about, much danger and much fun.

Because here's the hell of it: underneath all that ranting, Norman is REALLY GOOD at telling an adventure story. He also has a genius for creating rich, detailed societies for those adventures to occur in.

And of course, he had the masterstroke of understanding that softcore bondage romance works BEAUTIFULLY with sword and sorcery fantasies. He even realized he could sidestep the necessity of dealing with the horrors of actual slavery in ancient cultures by placing the stories in an ahistorical setting (i.e., Gor).

Norman is a genius, period.

But he's a flawed genius. I'm not saying he's an idiot savant, but after reading a few dozen pages of his rants on sexuality you DO get the impression that you are reading rthe equivalent of an OCD disorder in text form.

If Norman had the ability to constuct halfway decent female characters and focus strictly on the softcore/bondage sexyfantasy and adventure elements of his story, while imbueing them with his normal excellent world-building skills, his books would be FREAKING popular. Maybe even “Fifty Shades” popular, because he writes a much more compelling adventure than E.L. James does and he has a better feel for the appeal of sexual bondage than James does.

Hell, if Norman even had an editor who would relentlessly trim the rants and push him in the right directions, that would do the trick, I think. But as “Prize of Gor” conclusively demonstrates, he does not have any such help.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Fifties Smiling Housewife Sexy Slave Girl

I love the smell of trope subversion! Image source: (top) the 1950s. (bottom) Charlotte Vail on

Feminists and, frankly, people who just like the funny, have had a great deal of fun snarking on the trope of the smiling housewife of the 1950s, since all those ubiquitious advertising images from the times have created a goldmine of manufactured joy to laugh at. And here's Charlotte Vail of subverting the hell out of the trope. Clothespins on nipples, check. Big honkin' collar, check. Chained to bed, check. Garter belt, check. Fishnet stockings, check. Buttplug sticking out from between butt cheeks, check. Dildoes on headboard, check. Big Fifties housewife smile, check!

Sexy, sexy slave girls of the 1950s never wore that big housewife smile, that was just for the woman who was trying to keep her man from thinking about sexy, sexy slavegirls via Swanson's frozen turkey TV dinners and an evening spent watching Westerns on a black and white TV set. (Good luck with that!) Fifties bad girls (of which sexy, sexy slavegirls were a subset) always wore intense, smouldering, dramatic expressions intended to lure men to their sexual dooms! Or should we say, SEXUAL DOOOOOOOOOOMS!

A bad (i.e., overtly sexy or sexual) girl from the 1950s wearing that big honkin' 1950s Doris Day smile as she coyly angles her hips so you can see her buttplug and her vagina? So WRONG! it suggests that the housewife and the bad girl might have been one and the same person, in fact, that the distinction between bad girls and good girls was entirely made up and artificial ... and it would be a few years before anyone would come to that conclusion, at least, publicly.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gorgeous Arabian Nights Slave Girls From 1979

Gorgeously constumed slavegirls in the hardcore flick "Arabian Nights." Image source: post on the Vintage Erotica Forums.

This is a very nice pic of some properly gorgeoused-up slavegirls, a production still from a British hardcore short film called "Arabian Nights" made in 1979. You can find out more about it, not at the Internet Movie Database, but at this blog post that has all sorts of details about it. It starred big-busted cutie Nicki Stanton. I'm not absolutely sure which one is Nicki, I bet though she's the one with the largest breasts. You can watch the whole film here at Xhamster.

I put the post up because it reminds me a lot of the cuties at Electric Blue No. 44, as covered in my book Hottitude of Servitude now available on Amazon and very much worth reading. The girls in Arabian Nights are properly decorated, with elaborate headdresses, necklaces, belts, beads, bangles and whatnot. Clearly some costumery shop or belly dance shop was shopped hard for this production. Good to see some pride in a hardcore film. They still did things like that in 1979, instead of going to a hotel room with a video camera and two actors.

Like the girls in "Electric Blue 44," however, the girls in "Arabian Nights" are missing one key element and that's bondage gear. Collars, chains, ropes, gadgets, etc. That's what says "slavegirl" instead of simply "naked cutie." Slavegirls need fricking bondage gear AND glamorous slavegirl bangles, armlets, and similar accoutrement to achieve maximum hottitude. It's a simple matter of common sense.

A naked slave girl chained to a wall is forced to watch another naked, tied slavegirl get fucked. The sex is just as hardcore in "Arabian Nights" but there is no bondage. Unfortunately, in Training of O there is no glamor. Somebody will get it right someday. Maybe. Image source: Training of O. com.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Daniel Craig: Bondage Master ... Or Is It A Clone?

James Bondage, you betcha! Image source: Break the Logic's photosteam.

Well I don't generally go looking for male celebrity clones, but I found one while looking at some VERY nice shibari suspension bondage on Break the Logic's photostream. The guy who has bound and gagged the woman so nicely is clearly a clone of Daniel Craig's. Now as to why mad scientists created a celebrity clone of Daniel Craig, I think that's fairly clear: it is to cloud the minds of women with fantasies of being bound by Daniel Craig. So whatever you do, female readers, don't fantasize about Daniel Craig tying you up and subjecting you to all sorts of sexual delights. It's what they WANT you to do!