Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Vote For Republicans Is A Vote Against Your Freedom To See Porn

You like being able to find images like this tasty bit of superhero bondage on the Internet? Then don't vote Republican in November, because they have officially come out against porn of all kinds, for all ages. Image source: sex and

One of the little things that has happened in this year's Republican convention is this: a plank was slipped into the Republican Party platform that calls for the VIGOROUS enforcement of current obscenity laws.

The laws against obscenity haven't changed over the last 30 years, they just have not been enforced, except for child porn laws, which HAVE been enforced vigorously. Not coincidentally, in past years the Republican platform has called for vigorous prosecution against child porn.

The year, the platform calls for vigorous prosecution against ALL porn. Internet porn, cable porn, you name it. And Mitt Romney has given Patrick Trueman, the nutjob head of Morality in Media, assurances that he will vigorously prosecute porn if elected President.

Now you may be thinking that porn will not be a big priority for Romney, and of course you are right. Romney is primarily a plutocrat, his main concern will be to continue the looting of the American middle class and increasing the control of corporations and wealthy individuals over American government. But that's EXACTLY why a vigorous censorship campaign would work well for Romney: like abortion and gay marriage, it will get middle class conservatives invested in their politics and distract middle class liberals from all the looting that is going on.

It's a win-win for them, a lose-lose for middle class Americans who like porn. So don't let Romney get into a position to win-win against you. Vote Democratic in November, if you don't want the dark days of censorship to return to America, and also if you don't like being robbed blind by the one percent. (To be fair, the Democrats are in league with the plutocrats too, but they rob much more slowly and carefully, sort of an installment plan, whereas with the Republicans it's more like a stickup.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ambition: The Blowjob

A man's reach should exceed his grasp, and a woman's sexual reach should exceed her mouth." Image source: Not sure, found it in a search for Alyona Minkovsky clone Jynx Maze. Something about this picture just cracks me up. Maybe it's just the bit of humor gleaming in her eye as she takes in a cock that's waaaaay bigger than her mouth, combined with the total mismatch between the cock and Maze's mouth. The mask I made exactly follows the outline of the cock she's sucking. Ambition! Yes.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome to The Bondage Building!

Typical bondage building waiting room seating. Image source: Device Bondage.

The flying monkeys brought home this image of a street sign giving directions to a place many readers of this blog will find of interest. Some commenters have said they think the sign was altered by pranksters. Bah! With all the bondage extant on the Internet, there MUST be bondage buildings ... where else could you store all that bondage?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Alyona Minkovski: Naked, Chained Lesbian Bondage Fuck: Or Just A Clone Army At Work?

Alyona MinkovskI, up and coming Russian propagandist! Image source: vidcap from The Alyona Show on Russia TV.

Alyona MinkovskI has been hired away from Russia TV (Russia's news channel on Youtube) to the Huffington Post, which has started a new video channel. Looking at her picture above, you can see part of the reason they hired her: she's a very attractive woman. She's also smart as a whip, has a great telegenic presence, and is quick on her feet. It's no wonder she was by far Russia TV's most popular commentator. She'll bring a huge group of fanboys to the Huffington Post video channel if they ever get around to airing her show.

Here's Alyona clone and porn babe Sabrina Taylor doing the sort of stuff her fanboys could only imagine, i.e., making a great attempt to fist herself. Image source:

But as the above image indicates, Alyona has a problem: a clone problem. And not just your average clone problem, she's got an army of clones. Many, many clones. I found a few without really trying all that hard ... there are undoubtedly many more out there.

Here's Alyona chained in the Cold War dungeon where Soviet dominatrixes taught her to obey and love Vladimir Putin and all he stands for. OK, that's just a little reheated Cold War sex fantasy, it's actually model and Alyona Clone Tiger Wilde doing a scene for Whipped Ass ... but feel free to enjoy the Cold War fantasy! Image source: Whipped Ass.

Now the interesting question is, why does Alyona have so many clones? Well anyone who knows a little about mad science can figure out where that one leads: back to the Cold War, a halcyon period for Mad Science.

Here's Alyona naked, fucked and with an ass hook in her butt ... wait ... this just in ... it's not Alyona, it's her porn clone Jynx Maze. Is there no end to these Alyona clones? .... Probably not. Image source: Sex and

Here's my theory of why so many Alyona clones. A favorite movie of Cold Warriors around the world is of course Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece "Dr. Strangelove." One of the characters is an American general who is convinced that the Soviets are scheming to "drain American manhood of our precious bodily fluids!" (We'll give you one guess as to which particular bodily fluid he's referring to.)

Alyona clone Tiffany Star flashes a bright smile. Source: Also an FTVgirl.

Well Mad Scientists can be sort of literal and clueless at times ... that's why we love 'em, among other things! ... and it's very likely that some Russian mad scientists saw the movie and thought, "Of course! We will win by draining the Americans of their precious bodily fluids!" And so they created an army of Alonya celebrity clones with horny, porny proclivities and a mission to drain American males of their precious bodily fluids, once Alyona became Youtube famous. Line starts to the left and ends at Tierra del Fuego, guys!

Alyona, naked and tied and wearing some nipple weights, gives blowjob for the Motherla ... oh, wait, it's Jynx Marx ... I mean, Jynx Maze ... again. Darn all these celebrity clones! So confusing! Image source: Sex and

The only other explanation is that while Alyona's features are attractive and regular, they are not really all that different and remarkable, and hence a lot of brunettes with attractive, regular features in the porn industry might look like her in some photos, and that this whole clone army thing is a crazed Cold War fantasy much like the Domino Theory. And who would believe a preposterous thing like that?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashion Bondage With Monica Cruz

Even if you have NO idea what Monica Cruz looks like, it should be obvious that this is not Monica Cruz in her Agent Provocateur "bondage" photoshoot, as the woman in question is in actual bondage, not that lame, fakey "fashion bondage." (Not to mention, she's naked and having sex.) Image source: Sex and

It seems that Monica Cruz, sister of Penelope Cruz, has been doing the sexy "fashion bondage" thing in a photoshoot for Agent Provocateur, the sexy underwear company in Europe that puts Victoria's Secrets to shame with their sexy, sexy ads like the lesbian dominance and submission ad I covered in this post. A recent photoset came out that shows the photos, they are hot and sexy, but bondage-y? Well, kinda in that limp, sad "fashion bondage" way. Monica Cruz wears a garter and bra that have WAAAAAY more black straps than they really need, and she ... oh, it's so bold ... in some shots actually TOUCHES a chain!

I mean, she's not chained TO it, that would be way to close to real bondage of course, but look there ... she's TOUCHING it! Wow!

So, fashion bondage is still a far cry from bondage bondage, but at least some regular folks are wising up, as this comment on Kim Kardashian's so-called "bondage bikini" points out.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Excerpt from the Journal of Irresponsible Results

"Remotely induced hyper-orgasms while contorted in a pretzel-like condition and in a state of extreme bondage are not known to cure any medical conditions, but still the search continues, because it is so very popular with the researchers AND the subjects alike." Text source: Journal of Irresponsible Results, Issue 10 Volume 53, page 452. Image source:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Audrey Hepburn Wears A Ball Gag

Back in the 1950s, Audrey Hepburn's heydey, ball gags were rare and mysterious things, seen only on the likes of Betty Page and other inhabitants of the den of vice and depravity known only as New York City. Which is why it's really amazing to see a picture of Audrey Hepburn wearing one.

Fortunately, there is a rational explanation. It's a fake, a photomanip, but that said, it is one of the very best photomanips I've ever seen, comparable in quality to the fake of Princess Leia in nude bondage I wrote about here. Ropeguy found it on a message board, so hie thee hence to the Bondage Blog and check it out.

If you REALLY want to lure people away from commuting by car, HERE'S the way to do it. Instead of rideshare, it's slutshare! And if you miss your stop ... TOTALLY worth it! Get on the bus, people! Image source: Public Disgrace.

Monday, August 13, 2012

50 Shades of Weird, Part Lebenty Million

Hooooney ... come on upstairs, I'm in the bedrooom ... I've been reading Fifty Shades of Graaaaaaay ..." Image source:

Time for another post covering all the weird, fun and funny things that 50 Shades of Gray is popping out of the culture like toast from a toaster -- a toaster running on the unbridled sexuality of mommies!

To get off to a refreshing start of weirdness, here's a story of how the novel Fifty Shades of Gray saved the small town of Millinocket, Maine.

The UK site has a really NASTY critique of the British literary establishment's generally stupid and short-sighted response to the success of Fifty Shades of Gray, which was basically the equivalent of monocle-dropping followed by extreme harrumphing and tut-tutting that such a smutty and poorly written novel should have achieved such success. In short, the usual stupidity. Writer Cecilia Rodriguez argues that it's just the usual traditional sexism, with the literary establishment belatedly discovering that the vast majority of books are bought by women, and that they buy books that are written that spark THEIR interest, not some middle-aged literature major's interests. Let's get our tiniest violins out and play them a tiny little song, shall we?

Well what's more likely to get a horny soccer mom up all bright-eyed and buzzy-tailed than the Little Rooster Alarm Clock Vibrator? Worn inside the panties but outside the body, the Little Rooster starts out with gentle vibrations but has 30 different levels of power to step up to, until Mom wakes up with her buzz on. Mom will be SURE to get her kids to soccer practice no matter HOW early it is, and do it with a smile on her face. Maybe a little bit of a flush, too.

Dublin, Ireland, will be hosting the "Fifty Shades of Bliss" sex festival, a Fifty Shades of Gray inspired event that will feature generally sex-positive events and lectures and some good old-fashioned BDSM training. Ireland, traditionally mired deep in religion-inspired guilt and shame about sex, has found the runaway success of Fifty Shades to be a great way to get the public discourse going on topics sexual in ways that do not involved priests shaming young people into not having sex, or having sex with the young people themselves.

Aaaand while we're on the topic of Irleand, the website has an article on kinky fun 50 Shades of Gray style that features pictures of comely colleens in ropes and love cuffs and lingerie.

Will there be more weirdness and fun ahead from 50 Shades of Gray? How could there not?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sandra Bullock: Tied and Fucked, or ... Cloned?

Oh noes! America's sweetheart, naked and tied with a condom on her hip! (Inset: publicity photo of Sandra Bullock.) Image source: Sex and

We may have come closer to solving a puzzle that has been plaguing mankind since 2005, when I demonstrated conclusively that Sandra Bullock must have traveled in time to pose as a model for the cover of John Norman's novel "Slavegirl of Gor" back in 1977. Since Bullock was only 13 years old at that time and the painting that graced the cover was of a fully mature Sandra Bullock, there HAD to have been time travel ... or DID there?

If you ever wondered what Sandra Bullock would look like naked, tied hand and foot, and being fucked doggie style, well take a look. It would probably look a lot like this. (Inset: publicity photo of Sandra Bullock.) Image source: Sex and

Now my theory has not made much headway in mainstream media, primarily I suspect because they have never heard of it. And even if they did, they'd just get out their money, guns, lawyers, logic and rationality and pooh-pooh my theory, despite its superficial logicality.

But suppose we throw a little something EXTRA into the mix: the notion that Sandra Bullock has a celebrity clone, i.e., the model/actress Allika from, created by the sort of mad scientists who go around cloning people. Allika looks VERY MUCH like Sandra Bullock, being a clone and all ... suppose SHE was the one traveled in time and modeled for the cover of Slavegirls of Gor? It makes MORE sense ... the same mad scientists who create clones can make time machines, after all, it's mad science, people!

The only other explanation is that I've made a fanciful connection between Sandra Bullock and Allika based on a few photos in which they are vaguely similar-looking, and ALSO that I made a fanciful connection between a painting on the cover of a Gor novel and Sandra Bullock's face, and I ask you, gentle readers ... what are the odds? WHAT. ARE. THE. ODDS?

Ever wondered what Sandra Bullock would look like naked, tied and giving a blowjob? Who hasn't? (Inset: publicity photo of Sandra Bullock.) Image source: Sex and

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Leash Law For Slave Girls

Keep your slave girls leashed and controlled!" this sign warns. Image source: Public Disgrace website, plus, well, see below.

As the effects of Fifty Shades of Gray created more and more women running wild, crazed with sub frenzy and seeking masters with the desperate intensity they once only displayed at clothing store closeout sales, it became necessary to enact severe leash laws encouraging men to keep slavegirlish women naked, leashed and bound lest they run amuck and disturb the public order with their desperate pleas to be used like the sex beasts they were. Thus the leash law signage program was born.

Actually the picture above is a photomanip combining the Public Disgrace image with this one, which I found on a tumblr site, no attribution of course. Anyone knows, let me know, I am happy to give credit where credit is due.

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Wrote ANOTHER Damn Book!

The cover to "A Little Bit of Monica," my latest emission of great literature. Image source: Hottitude Press Art Department.

Just put up another book for sale on Amazon, it's actually a novelette called "A Little Bit of Monica." It's essentially the same story that has been posted on Bondagerotica by the same name (it's no longer there) so if you've read it there, no need to buy it unless you like having it in Kindle format on a portable reader. You can get it here. For the record, the prize is right: $2.99.

I did add a significant subplot involving the publishers of the Slavegirl Belinda comics, so there is that. It'll become important if sales make a second book in the series seem advisable.

For the record, here's the writeup on the book:

AT LAST! A book that RIPS THE LID off HARDCORE COSPLAY and BELLY DANCING at so-called “Cons”!!!!!!!! And describes in DETAIL how much FUN it all is!

When Monica saw the three sexy Slave Leias belly dancing at GamaRamaLamaDingDongCon, her latest obsession was born – she had to learn belly dancing! The women moved so sensuously, so gracefully, entrancing all onlookers, including her, but especially boys. Especially especially cute boys. She could learn belly dancing and do the same!

Monica's parents were only too glad to pay for the lessons, because she needed to lose some weight, and they had heard much tougher requests in earlier years … like an electron microscope so she could study superconductors, or a 100-gallon saltwater aquarium, or a four-color silkscreen press. Dancing lessons seemed sane and affordable by comparison.

Monica dove headlong into bellydancing with the same fire and energy she dove into all her obsessions. And she stuck with it, something she had not always done. Her instructor, Madame Yasmina of Madame Yasmin's School of Dance, was a wise woman and encouraged her students to reward themselves for practicing by spending some time dancing in any way the pleased, to the music they enjoyed. Monica wound up dancing for hours every time she practiced, and she practiced almost every night, in ways that Madame Yasmina had never spoken of, but might have understood.

As a result, after six months of belly dancing, Monica was transformed from a girl that boys ordinarily did not give a second glance to, into a hottie that ALL the guys gave first, second and third glances to. She lost weight, her hips and breasts became nicely rounded, and she moved with a sensuous sway that the dance had taught her without her even realizing it.

Not interested in the local boys who had treated her like furniture when she was overweight, or in the nice gamer and cosplay guys who were as obsessive as she was and hence kind of a bore to be around for any length of time, especially in the fishbowl environment of her high school, Monica set her sights on SciFiFunCon. She had noticed that some girls spent the whole four days of a con dressed in skimpy outfits that left them half naked, hugging cute boys and dancing and having a wonderful time.

Now, Monica realized, that could be her. She decides to go as Slavegirl Belinda, a web comic character that some snarkily called “Naked Girl” because of her very skimpy slavegirl attire. Her friend Joanie and her work up a costume and make plans that their parents would be seriously shocked by, if they knew them.

Will Monica be able to keep her parents in the dark about her plans? How will they react when they inevitably find out their daughter has been running around almost naked for four days and hugging on cute guys while being photographed? Will she be the hit of the drum circle dance? Will Monica find a very special cute guy to engage in some hardcore cosplay with? What will happen when she meets the publishers of Slavegirl Belinda comics at the Con? Can she, bursting with sexual energy and love, keep it together for four days?

All we can say is that Monica will probably have a lot of fun. If you want to know the details, you should probably buy the book and read it.

Monica, dressed as Slavegirl Belinda, poses with a Slave Leia cosplayer in a way that proves popular with the boys for some reason.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey Gets Fifty Shades of Weird

We prefer our Fifty Shades of Gray weirdness straight up, just bondage and dominance, and ... whatever this is. Image source: Sex and

Time for more news of 50 Shades of Gray, the erotic juggernaut of modern publishing. How much of a juggernaut is it, you ask? It's so bad that Penguin Books's profits are down, way down, like down more than 50 percent down, and they are complaining that Fifty Shades of Gray is at fault ... it has "distorted the overall books market" with its 30 million and counting in sales. Sounds like that analogy I wrote about here was quite accurate. Not surprising ... my hindsight is 20/20.

Some of the hoopla around 50 Shades of Gray has an almost forlorn, desperate quality, like this article claiming that the sales boom in books and sex toys spurred by the novels might "save the economy." I guess it IS a stimulus ... but not THAT kind of stimulus. It's better than all the nothing and WORSE than nothing that our government and business leaders have managed to do, of course, and you can be sure that if Fifty Shades of Gray DOES help the economy, those selfsame leaders will line up to take credit for it. Though Mitt Romney has been telling the social wing of the Republican Party he'll censor the hell out of everything if elected, which I guess would include Fifty Shades of Gray. Sadly, that's the sort of promise Republicans generally DO keep.

We're starting to get some oddballs jumping on the bandwagon, too. The British energy company npower has started a promotion called "Fifty Shades of Green" to encourage energy conservation. Well, perhaps that's not too odd. They're an energy company, they are all about forcing their customers to submit. Old hat for them, really.

Even the little guys are getting in on it. An amateur theatrical group in the village of Llanrwst, North Wales (that's in Great Britain, in case you are wondering) has created a theatrical presentation based on Fifty Shades of Gray. It has the local theater packed every night as the participants "talk about their sex lives as if they were talking to a qualified therapist." I guess the book MAY have a huge ripple effect in England with stuff like that going on. Question is: will there be a Fifty Shades of Gray bubble?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jessica Alba Was Not Kidnapped In Real Life

Poor Jessica Alba, gagged again, this time in an episode of "Dark Angel" titled "Designate This." Image source: Found it over on Danger Theater, where lovely hostess Sasha has a DVD web rip of the entire scene, if you're into that sort of thing.

The flying monkeys bring me stuff that get me into debunkery now and then (at least it's not debuggery) and today is one of those "nows."

The flyng monkeys found a site called Wondertrash, that's basically one of those celebrity gossip sites, that had a post claiming that Jessica Alba was into bondage in real life. Two major pieces of supporting evidence were offered: that she wound up bound and gagged in so many films, and that she was purportedly kidnapped in real life, winding up bound and gagged in the trunk of a car.

Now the first bit of evidence is familiar ground, and can be explained on the basis of the sort of roles she gets offered: gang leader's girlfriend, biker chick in leather, or stripper or waitress. Of course she winds up bound and gagged a lot, hot chicks in action/horror movies tend to do that. If she were a romantic comedy actress and she were bound and gagged a lot ... THAT might be indicative. But action movie heroines and Mexican soap opera actresses get a pass here ... comes with the territory.

The kidnapping is more problematical. Rumors have swirled on the Internet for years that Alba was found bound and gagged in the trunk of a car when she was filming the "Flipper" TV series (and seriously underage). And people have looked for some substance to the story for years and found ... nothing. I did a Google search myself for this post and found ... nothing. Nowhere is there a cite or link to a magazine article/post/video in which someone in a position to know says, "Jessica was found bound and gagged in the trunk of a car" in real life.

Instead all you see is posts to message boards asking about it and celebrity sites gossiping about it, and not a single one of them offering any actual cites or sources.

So, it didn't happen. A lot of guys WANT it to have happened, in their fantasies, but no, never happened. If there were any evidence, it would have showed up somewhere.

But what made the Wondertrash post interesting to me was the way they tied it to their claim that Alba is into bondage. They theorized that the experience of being in bondage scenes with handsome young male costars affected Alba sexually and that the car trunk thing was not an actual abduction but Alba acting out some kinky fantasies. (They also stated that a lot of women do this sort of thing and then cover it up with a sketchy story of an abduction, often confessing they made it up eventually when the police start asking sharp questions.)

All of this presented without the least bit of evidence, mind you. If there were any solid evidence in the form of links or cites to authoritative sources, it would definitely be a theory worth considering. But as it is, I can only admire the ingenuity of turning the fact that there had never been any official records of the kidnapping into a plus,into support for the theory that Alba is into bondage in real life, by claiming it was a kinky fantasy gone wrong when acted out.

My own theory is that I have no idea if Jessica Alba is into bondage, and wouldn't know unless she or someone close to her said so, of she got caught in flagrante de kinko.

A couple more Jessica Alba in bondage related posts you may enjoy:

Jessica Alba's celebrity clone

Why I don't care for celebrity photomanips.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Goodbye, Movie Star News, Hello Bound Panda Gang Bang ... Bwuh?

Betty Page, the woman who will forever be associated with Movie Star News and Irv Klaw thanks to Senator Estes Kefauver ... though apparently, other less famous people were in the Movie Star New collection. Image source: the 1950s. Really, this photo is all over the Web, hard to pin it down.
The flying monkeys recently brought in news that the Movie Star News collection has been sold to an auction house for an undisclosed sum, but given that the collection is estimated to be worth $150 million, it was probably a fairly huge undisclosed sum. Entertainment Collectibles, the purchaser, will auction off the collection, which includes 1,500 images of Betty Page, in a series of sales next year. Sad to see the collection going up for auction, but maybe the new owners will do something cool with it, you never know.

And in a weird "when one door closes, a window opens" Portal-ish kind of way, on the same day that my flying monkeys brought in the news about Movie Star News, they brought in a story from the Sex SF blog, which is described as the San Francisco Guardian Online's local sex-positive blog, called "Inside A Panda Gang Bang, From A Woman Who Has Been There."

"Quiet on the set, please! All right you pandas ... action!" Image source: Bound Gang

The article consists of interviews with Princess Donna, the filmmaker who created the film, and Ashli Orion, its star. Now the thing that I found remarkable about this article was that it read exactly like a "golly gee-whiz" kind of actor interview for a mainstream movie in a mainstream magazine, and was in fact published in a blog associated with a mainstream publication (the ads are from the San Francisco Museum of Mondern Art" not "" like, er, my new ads). You know, a kind of mainstream-ish publication.

What a long way that is from what Betty Page went through back in the 1950s, summoned before Congress because she was posing while tied up and gagged, but in underwear. Two pairs of underwear! (Really, there was a rule about it, read the article on Movie Star News.) Very tame stuff by modern standards, but enough to get her called before Congress. Now in 2012, we have actresses taking about their experiences filming a short film about what it's like to play a role that involved being tied up and gang-banged by a group of guys dressed in panda suits, all very, very explicitly (see pic above).

I think this is a good thing, getting the lines of communications open between the porn industry and the mainstream folks who are its consumers, so they can see that the actors and actresses involved are just people, like them, albeit really uninhibited people.

What a long way we have come, I hope we continue down this road.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Skyrim: Rise of the Naked Slave Girls in Bondage

"Dragons? This game is about DRAGONS? Since when?" Image source: Lover's Labs.

It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong, and I am a giant in my field, which means I get to do a lot of admitting when I'm wrong. For example, I missed out on a lot of things with regard to 50 Shades of Gray, as I admitted in this post.

And now thanks to those wild-ass modifiers at Lover's Labs, I have to admit I was wrong in this post. The caption on the pic says "Skyrim has not yet reached Second Life Gor levels of kinky sexy fun" but as the above Skyrim mod indicates, they have made up for lost ground. I mean, we're talking dildo gags, beads, cuffs, body cages and sexy, sexy poses. Yum. Now if they can just get the game to allow others to see your mods, it'll be SL Gor in another venue. Nothing wrong with that!

Collars, cuffs, nipple chains and steamy looks ... oh, I'm feeling the slavegirl love all right! Image source: Lover's Labs.

Nice, intense bondage, people ... but come back when you can fight werewolves and dragons between slavegirls ... Image source:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Naked Slave Girls in Public Sexual Bondage

Gorean Auto Parts became number one in the nation in auto parts sales because it was the first to offer the kind of seat covers that men really wanted, with free butt plugs yet! Image source: Public Disgrace.

Apparently, there's at least one paga tavern on Earth ... Image source: Public Disgrace.

As brick and mortar video rental stores lost more and more customers, penalties for keeping a popular video past its due date became very rigorous indeed. Image source: Public Disgrace.