Friday, November 30, 2012

Meet Cherry Torn, Bondage Model

Cherry Torn hangs around with Matt and Isis Love at Note that she is feeling up Matt's package ... sneaky little thing! Image source:

It's not that unusual for bondage models to have blogs, but many of them are little more than marketing vehicles for the model's various projects. Not so Cherry Torn, her blog is a fairly up front and honest accounting of her life as a porn model and staffer. (Of course, she does tell her readers about her various projects, but it's not all that much marketing babble.) Most of her blog consists of her honest responses to reader questions and the issues of the day.

I'd hold up her post entitled The Next Chapter as a pretty honest recounting of her experiences and feeling about working in fetish vs. vanilla porn.

I really admire Ms. Torn for being willing to bring her humanity to her porn work. I think in a way that porn stars and porn watchers have a sort of complicit agreement that porn stars will be an exotic "other" -- the girls you won't bring home to mother, but would dearly love to meet in a hotel room somewhere. It gives the porn stars a sense of glamor and also of separation from their job. It gives the porn fan the chance to think it is all right to mentally treat the porn star in ways they would not treat the real life women in their lives.

But I think this agreement is part of what makes it possible for sex workers to be marginalized ... they are the other, it's OK not to treat them as we treat others in society, it's OK to keep their totally consensual, non-destructive behavior illegal and deny them the same protections we afford other workers in our society because they're "other." They're those glamorous porn stars (and prostitutes) who are not like real women, the ones we hang out with all the time.

Oh, they may have mothers, sisters, brothers and lovers, but they're not like us, oh no. In primitive societies like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, women who are accused of being sexually promiscuous by their standards can be so thoroughly "othered" that their own relatives kill them out of fear of getting those "other" cooties on themselves. "Honor killings" they call them, in a fine bit of irony.

So when women like Nina Hartley and Cherry Torn and Susan Bright insist on being sexy, sexually active and still present themselves to us a normal human beings and not merely exotic "porn stars,' I think that's a definite positive development. We need all the humanity we can get in this sorry old excuse for a world. Plus, it's more interesting to read Torn's complaint about the extensive preparation she has to do prior to doing an anal scene.

And I found it revealing that tattoos tend to devalue porn performers. And strange, too, since so many of them have extensive tats. I personally think it's unprofessional for a model to have tattoos -- their body is a canvas, if a tattoo or tattoos are required for a certain shoot, they can get temporary tattoos and apply them. Part of the job, y'know?

Anyway, give the blog a read, totally worth it.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kelly Rowland Gets Slavegirly In Music Video

Bondage porn is an equal-opportunity employer for black people, a good thing though there are unpleasant echoes of the Recent Unpleasantness in such images. Image source:

Kelly Rowland, a Brit singer, has a hot new video out that features her in all sorts of slavegirl imagery of the barbaric slavegirl variety.

Most slavegirl imagery you see in videos is of the modern variety, which to my mind is not as appealing: the brass bangles, the gold necklace, the leather skirt and especially the big bondage collar with the heavy metal hasp all make her look like an extra from Barbarian Queen. (The song itself is not all that appealing, in my opinion.)

I personally have had a problem with images of black women in slavery because I find them depressing: they remind me of the slavery of black women in the American South, which still has ugly echoes in American society in the form of racism, and racism is nothing but ugliness. And the slavery in the American South was racism to the tenth power. Pure, undiluted ugliness.

And I recognize that real life slavery has been nothing but ugliness wherever it has appeared, but there's very little echo of Greek and Roman life in the society around me, that is, I have never known anyone personally who says "vae victus" to justify slavery, but I've heard many people I know personally use the term "nigger" in a totally evil and non-ironic was. And if you have ever heard a racist southerner say "nigger" in just that way, you will know that the term as used by them is definitely hate speech. It's just curdled with hate.

But you know, watching Kelly and Rihanna in slavegirl gear and various black porn actresses doing the bondage porn thing, I thought, "If they wanna get past that whole pre-Civil War slavery thing and go on to the fun bondage slavery thing, I prolly can and should, too." So I'll do that, consider it past history and move on, and hooray for the black women who like the bondage.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ahead Of My Time ... Six Years Ago ...

Six years ago, I thought the readers of America were ready for this! And maybe they were ... but Fifty Shades of Grey didn't happen until this year ... Image source:, and that is contortionist and bondage model wenona looking unusually gorgeous.

Found this old thread I started on Literotica six years ago ... wow. I had noticed a lot of mildly kinky stories in various "hot" imprints of various romance publishers and correctly deduced that there was a lot interest in BDSM style romances among those readers. I wondered if the form would evolve further.

What I did not anticipate, of course, is that romance readers would abandon traditional romance publishes for ebook publishers en masse, or that fanfic would be the source of a whole new generation of romance writers with much more direct and powerful ways of writing about sex.

Resulting in Fifty Shades of Grey, of course. But still ... I knew SOMETHING was up ...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Slavegirls From Beyond Infinity On Youtube

Mega-breasts vs. chains: Who will win? Image source: Slave Girl from Beyond Infinity vidcap.

Slavegirls From Beyond Infinity is one of the films that best handles the issue of scantily claddiness of slavegirls, with a gorgeous Elizabeth Kaitan and an also very good looking Cindy Beal spending most of the movie in ragged slavegirl bikinis that expose their cleavage and butts pretty much constantly, so ... hoorah! It's one of the few B movies that have been metioned on the floor of Congress, mostly by an aged Jesse Helms who for some reason thought it was hard core porn or something. He was very old at the time.

Well I found it on Youtube, the whole freaking movie, here's the link to it. Watch and enjoy. The nude scenes have been edited out, but there really are not many of them and it should provide little or no issue with watching the film. OK, the rape scene of Brinke Stevens' character will be kinda hard to figure out, but it wasn't all that intelligible in the first place.

Basically it is a fun, cheesy B-movie to have on in the background while you do useful or fun things, or to MST3K. The scantily clad slave beauties just give you plenty of eye candy to enjoy in what is about the billionth remake of The Most Dangerous Game. The movie is thoroughly reviewed in my book, "The Hottitude of Servitude: Slavegirls in the Movies and On TV. Enjoy it before it gets taken down!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Why There Will Never Be "Another Fifty Shades of Grey"

Welcome to the mainstream, kinky romances! Image source: Public

I didn't like Fifty Shades of Grey as a read. Not because it was badly written, it struck me as well written in many respects. I didn't like it because it was a romance, and I generally don't like romances. Too much characterization and plot development, not enough sex. I'm a guy, what can I say?

I was pleased, however, that the kinky sex was quite kinky, I had feared that the kink would be watered-down stuff ... you know, blindfolds and eating strawberries off the tummy, etc., ... the old 9 1/2 Weeks treatment. But it was not. Cuffs, chains, gags and ben wa balls, oh my! Also, the characters really loved and enjoyed their kinky sex, and James did a great job of portraying that, something she did not get much credit for, among other things.

Also, I don't read a lot of kinky fiction, since I write kinky fiction, thus, reading other people's kinky fiction is a busman's holiday kind of thing.

That's why I read the book, not recreationally, but because I realized it was an IMPORTANT book, part of several important breaking cultural phenomena, the most important of which was the more widespread acceptance of BDSM sexual fantasies among women (“mommies") but also the rise of fanfic as an acceptable form of writing, and hopefully, the demise of traditional big publishers in favor of self-publishers and small publishers that actually serve their authors and readers' interests. (it's hilarious the way the big publishers are now trolling the Twilight fanfic community for "the next 50 Shades of Grey").

I also think much of the criticism is incredibly superficial, concentrating on minor stylistic errors ("Oh my!" and dancing inner goddesses) which bothered me not at all when I read Fifty Shades. Or they criticized Fifty Shades for having a male protagonist and a relationship which were not poster children for good BDSM practices. (HELLOOOOOOO! It's a work of FICTION! It's supposed to be DRAMATIC! If Ana and Christian's characters and relationships had been role models for BDSM, NO ONE would have read the books because they would have been TOO FRICKING DULL!!!!)

Also, the critics have left out some VERY GOOD ASPECTS of Fifty Shades of Grey in terms of social responsibility that are not present in most romances. The topic of contraception comes up early in Christian and Ana's relationship, plans are made and carried out, it's not ignored or neglected as in so many romances. There is also much emphasis on communication and trust in the relationship. Christian almost always is very careful to get Ana's explicit, enthusiastic permission for whatever high-jinks he is up to. It's something that NEVER happens in your average bodice ripper (which is OK, they're FICTION, they aren't sex eduation manuals, just as Fifty Shades of Grey is fiction) but it's nice to see it happen in Fifty Shades. The WHOLE STORY is about the way Christian and Ana build a real, trusting relationship instead of the superficial paid sub/dom contractual relationship that Christian initially offers Ana.

(Ana NEVER signs the contract in the book, you have NO IDEA how many times I've read posts by writers who inadvertently revealed themselves to be lazy, lying idiots because they say at some point that Ana signed the contract. It's a KEY point and they missed it … probably because they never read the book. Of course some admit straight up that they never read the book when they write articles dissing it, and that's all kinds of sad. Do your homework, people.)

Reading all the stupid, stupid criticisms of the book has been tough. I set up news agents to bring me articles about Fifty Shades of Grey and related topics early in 2012 (like, February or so) and I would estimate I have read well over 300 articles a month (a conservative estimate, probably more like 1000 a month in late spring and summer when the media finally caught on to the phenomenon) on the topic of Fifty Shades of Grey, and the vast majority are incredibly stupid and superficial. I realize that that's largely because big aggregator sites like the Huffington Post, Gather and the Examiner hire whatever stupid-ass word monkeys they can get to write for them for the glorious sum of … NOTHING … and the ones who DO pay, pay so little it wouldn't keep a budgie in sunflower seeds so they get intellectual mouth-breathers writing for them, too … but still, it's MADDENING to see so many thousands of displays of stupidity and butt ignorance displayed as if it were intelligent, insightful commentary, completely missing the key points about Fifty Shades time after time after time.

It's exactly like being a progressive and watching Fox News, only Fox News is everywhere and nobody knows it's Fox News. Whenever I find intelligent, insightful analysis of Fifty Shades I post it to my blog immediately because, at last, a pony under all that horse manure!

Still, I am glad I did set up those news agents and read all those articles (OK, the obviously stupid one like “who will they cast to be Christian Grey in the movie?” got no more than a glance, and they constitute the majority of the posts I've seen) because it's put me in a catbird seat to see the way the media responds to a big cultural phenomenon.

I first became aware of it via publishing sites which started taking note of this former fanfic ebook that was THE best selling ebook, selling hundreds of thousands of copies despite the fact that it had virtually no marketing muscle. Fifty Shades was beating the books that the big publishers were hawking with ALL their marketing muscle, primarily because the Twilight fandom from which it arose were completely behind it. The Obsidian Wings website still has the best coverage of this part of the phenomenon.

The early articles tended to be more intelligent and accurate and on point than what came later, mainly because they were looking at Fifty Shades as a phenomenon. One thing the early articles didn't do that later articles DID do, massively, is miss one of the KEY issues of Fifty Shades, which is that it was ALREADY an ebook bestseller when Vintage Books bought the rights to it in a fierce bidding war. THAT'S why James got a six-figure advance for the rights to the book -- they were buying a book that was already a bestseller, all they did was buy the right to print it in paperback and hardback and put their marketing muscle behind it. Publishers don't have bidding wars over books that are not sure things.

It's kind of suspicious that so many reviewers, posters and commentators missed the importance of the fanfic community in promoting Fifty Shades and making it what it was: it gives the impression that it was just another instance of the traditional publishing meme of a Wonderful Big Time Publisher giving an Unknown But Deserving Writer a shit-ton of money for being so good at what she does, when it was actually Big Time Publishing using money to muscle in on a sure thing created by Internet fandom.

Once Fifty Shades started selling in the millions, the coverage immediately got dumber. It started off with a lot of posts showing genuine bewilderment: what were all these “mommies” doing liking hardcore BDSM porn (which was how Fifty Shades was portrayed, and to be fair, it did have strong BDSM scenes and content)? There was a combination of prurient interest (“Soccer moms wearing ballgags, oh my!”) bewilderment (“Women are reading … BDSM porn? Bwuh?”) and some but not much viewing with alarm (“Women are reading porn! The sky is falling!”)

Once the book was selling in the tens of millions and showed no sign of slowing down, the viewing with alarm increased, and people started coming up with reasons why Fifty Shades is a phenomenon, most of them shallow and bogus. And people started bandwagonning furiously. Every erotic romance that any publisher bought the rights to was “The next 50 Shades” (and still is). Every poster on every blog had to call at least ONE post “Fifty Shades of (fill in the blank)” no matter how unrelated it was to the book. I mean, I think there was some kind of Internet law, or maybe a contest.

Criticism of the book cranked up, as the author's copious use of “Oh my” “inner goddess” and lip biting apparently rendered Fifty Shades unreadable for many delicate souls – but it was NEVER (well, rarely ever) the BDSM content or the romance novel elements that bothered any of them, they had NO ISSUE with those, oh, no! These delicate souls could HANDLE BDSM.

This is when viewing with alarm started happening, as many did not welcome the trend toward mommies reading BDSM porn. Religious types didn't like it because of the sex. Prudo-feminists didn't like it because maledom/femsub was not one of their approved sexual modes. And there were also the people who think that bestsellerdom is a meritocracy, so they viewed it with alarm too, because it had all those stylistic errors and it was a romance, let's face it. It's been going on since, but has never really drowned out the overwhelming message of surprise that greeted Fifty Shades and continues to be its main message: “Mommies like kinky porn!”

Plus, as the sales figures indicate, those who dislike Fifty Shades have not made any noticeable dent in its success.

Another thing that happened when the book really cranked on the mainstream media is you started to see how the media machine was working on the Web. With traditional print media the machine's work is seamless: stories get placed, planted, picked up, often in conjunction with advertising. There's never a quid pro quo, of course, but everybody who plays the game knows how the game is played. Favors get done, deals get made, the wheels of commerce spin and the big publishers, distributors, etc., get their products publicized as they like and are willing to pay … how else do you think Snooki's book got on the New York Times Top Ten bestseller list?

But the Web is different, not everybody is part of the traditional media machine, and even those that are sometimes don't behave like they are. But it was interesting to see the big aggregator sites like Huffington Post, Gather, Patch, etc., and the online versions of traditional media, picking up the stories about Fifty Shades like they were on a schedule. Or more likely, passive receivers of whatever came in on the transom, and the agents and publicists were making sure that what came in on the transom was Fifty Shades stuff.

Whereas the way independent, weird sites like Politically Sexy covered Fifty Shades was much more random, because nobody was trying to place stories (or, sigh … ads) with us.

Over time the surge of stories directly about the book Fifty Shades of Grey have lagged. They have been replaced by endless speculation about the movie, mostly who will be cast in the lead male role. (There has been speculation about who will play the lead female role as well, but I think it's fair to say that the vast majority of people who read the gossip blogs that are totally covering this story are primarily interested in the male lead.) There has also been plenty of bandwagon-jumping, and an increase in prudo-feminist and social conservative viewing with alarm.

Oh, and a huge proportion of the bondage-related scandal and crime stories that deal with female submission/enslavement have had Fifty Shades tied in with them. The most egregious: a recent story about a wealthy female banker in Britain who sued to divorce her husband because he would not give her any Fifty Shades type fun, and a women's shelter, also in Britain, which plans to recycle copies of Fifty Shades as toilet paper. (Well if you can't distinguish between consensual BDSM and domestic abuse. I can see how Fifty Shades might alarm you if you ran a women's shelter.) Basically, any story about human trafficking has a potential Fifty Slaves hook, however inappropriate, and it gets used very often.

It's obvious to me that the media buzz for Fifty Shades is being expertly milked by the publicists for whatever movie studio has the contract to make Fifty Shades, they've stretched out the casting of the leads forever. And of course there is also news of a new book being written, almost certainly new books, because as the James Bond movies show, if there's one thing those Brits know how to do, it's milk a franchise.

So I don't expect news of Fifty Shades to ever become RARE, certainly not in the next few years. Even if the movie flops, and just on general principles it probably will (see: Nine and a Half Weeks, the Gor movies and, well, everything based on a kinky book except Story of O, which was a French film) there will always be new books.

What there WON'T be, I feel confident in predicting (which generally means I am wrong) is that there will not be ANOTHER Fifty Shades of Grey. There will be other kinky erotic romances that do well in terms of sales, though probably not as well as Fifty Shades did. But there will never be another book that makes the same kind of splash that Fifty Shades did, because its success was the product of time and tides.

My theory, which is worth exactly as much as you are paying for it, is that Fifty Shades succeeded because it was a romance which featured the hot, kinky sex that most readers of the bodice-ripper species of romances have always enjoyed. However, traditional publishers like Harlequin have long acted as a brake on romances. Oh, sure, they've published “spicy” romances but there were no butt plugs, ben wa balls, ball gags or other fun stuff in them because, “Oh no, too kinky for our readers.”

Well, the readers did a student body left on the publishers and started reading ebooks which, being self-published or published by small publishers like the one who initially published Fifty Shades, were just as raunchy as they wanted to be, and what was more important, just as raunchy as their readers wanted them to be. That phenomenon cannot be repeated, though it may continue to create surprises for traditional publishers. It may be that the new model for writers will be to grow from fanfic communities and succeed on ebooks and then get bought up by traditional publishers as James did. We shall see.

But Fifty Shades will always be the book that broke the traditional publishers' stranglehold on bestsellerdom and brought BDSM relationships (as opposed to BDSM scenarios disguised as damsel in distress stories) into mainstream romances. There will never be another Fifty Shades of Grey.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Huffington Post Gets All Naked and Tied Up!

This is why I don't like image of women with pubic hair. Vaginas are pretty, pubic hair obscures them, and frankly, makes them look dirty. And yes, sex is good sometimes when it's dirty ... but not THAT kind of dirty. Image source: The Huffington Post. I kid you not.

So my flying monkeys brought in this article about Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki in the Huffington Post's Arts & Culture section. Apparently, he's a bad boy in Japanese photography circles, doing lots of nudity and bondage. In fact, we've covered him before on Bondagerotica, for doing a nude bondage photoshoot of Lady Gaga for the September 2009 issue of Vogue Hommes Japan.

But the point of this post is not Mr. Araki, it's the Huffington Post. Just a few days ago I noted in an earlier post regarding an article on IO9, Why Do Geeks Like Kink?, that big sites on the Web that copy mainstream media have also copied the uneasy relationship that mainstream media have with sexuality and sexy imagery. That is, they don't show explicit sexual images, or any nudity at all, as a general rule. When they do cover stories involving nudity and sex, they tend to write about it in a coy, adolescent manner that's distinctly off-putting to those who are used to the direct, adult (in the "mature" sense of the word) manner that websites that deal directly with sexual issues use. Like this one! (OK, keeping it real, I am quite capable of being coy and adolescent if I think it will get a laugh. See: cough! But I'm kidding when I do that, the "mainstream" websites are for real about it, sadly so.)

So, it's kind of AMAZING to see a raunchy pic of a Japanese woman stark naked in full suspension with her labia lips sticking out from a nest of pubic hair for all to see, on the Huffington Post.

I can't help but think that the Huffington Post editors may be taking a cue from Fifty Shades of Grey and getting jiggy with the kinky nudity because, hey, people seem to be ready for that sort of thing. Or they may have just now realized that they are publishing on the Web, and the rules are different here.

Will this become a trend at HuffPo? Among "mainstream" sites? Time will tell, I got NO idea on this one!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sexy Naked Thanksgiving Cooking Tips

Mmmmm, SOMEBODY'S got a lot to be thankful for! Image source:

Politically Sexy is always grateful for Thanksgiving, so here we share some Thanksgiving cooking tips that makes things juicy hereabouts every year:

1. Tying the legs together will keep the insides moist.
2. Keeping the skin moist via basting, or "sweating the bird" (see illustration) will give your Thanksgiving treat that golden glow you so enjoy.
3. Some advocate injecting the bird with liquid for extra lubrication, often referred to as a "hot beef injection" strangely enough. It does appear to work!

Take our advice and your Thanksgiving will cook right along and will truly be a juicy one, and of course, we wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving, and a wonderful holiday season.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


(Man at left): "All this is all right, I suppose, but ... sigh ... no pancakes!" (Waiter): "More coffee, miss?" (Bondage vixen): "Mmmfffh mff mff." (i.e., "No thanks, I couldn't.) Image source: Public

I found pancakes to be a theme in two surprising places on the Web this week: a article on how math can be used to solve everyday problems, and a bondage blog. Not THE bondage blog, which is where I found a link to the article, but a tumblr blog.

In the Cracked article, the very first instance cited of math helping in everyday life is that of pancakes, which mathematicians worked to improve the flipping of. You can't go wrong with these formulas!

In the tumblr, an intrepid model and some bondage wranglers took on the challenge: was it possible to do full suspension bondage, leaving the bondagee helpless to do anything EXCEPT eat pancakes? YOU be the judge!

We applaud these forays into pancake-related bondage and pancake-related mathematics, and await with bated breath pancake-related foreign policy, pancake-related gymnastics and pancake-related archaeology. It can only be a matter of time now.

(Thanks to that anonymous person for their suggestion for the caption. You know who you are!)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Do Geeks Like Kinky Sex?

Confessed science fiction and fantasy geek and cosplayer Justine Joli, who is also a porn star, gets her kink on at

And why, oh why, do fools fall in love?

Found an article by Annalee Newitz on geeks and kinky sex in, of all places, IO9. IO9 is part of the Gawker family of sites, and Gawker has an uneasy relationship with sex, reminiscent of mainstream media's relationship: they want to exploit sex without in any way BEING sexy. Kind of like the approach of arty films to sex: you can show any sexual act so long as no one involved enjoys it, and it's not enjoyable to watch. (This, among other things, is why art films are so dull, for the most part.)

The article never really came close to answering the question, but there's one line that really struck a chord. Cosplay was covered, and Newitz hypothesized that:
Maybe the fantastical self-expression permitted by cosplay also allows people to experiment with sexual identities that they might otherwise try to hide.

Ya think? Image source: the One Click Chicks Forums.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Who Knew?

Although it did a fine job of concealing the face, the butt mask proved impractical for armed robberies, especially when combined with the full-body cage. Image source: Whipped

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

True Lesbian Bondage Romance part 2

She never knew what to say at times like these! Image source:

True Lesbian Bondage Romance
Scene 1 continued

(JOANIE continues to ride SUSAN'S face while SIDNEY fists her, the intensity of their efforts increasing as SUSAN approaches orgasm.)

SUSAN: (voiceover) My senses reeled as JOANIE pressed her hungry pussy lips into my lips, her fleshy flower's moist kiss igniting my soul into a flame of desire!

(writhing increases)

JOANIE: My entire being is throbbing in ecstasy, slave! Use your tongue like the gorgeous, wonderful, loving slut you are, you crazy kid!

(writhing increases)

SIDNEY (as she fists SUSAN): You don't have to put on an act with me, SUSAN! You're a woman, aren't you? Then BE a woman to me!

(SUSAN orgasms)

SUSAN: Mrrfffgh mmmmmfffh mmmggggg! (Voiceover) I never knew what to say at times like these. Perhaps it was just as well that JOANIE'S butt was in my face. I knew what was in my heart, and the feel of SIDNEY'S hand in my pussy told me all I needed to know about her feelings of me!

Fade to Scene 2 as JOANIE rises and SIDNEY pulls her latex-gloved hand out of SUSAN'S pussy.

(Voiceover: As I lay there in the afterglow, I thought back to the day it all began ...)

That'll be enough for today.

And Now For Something Completely Different

"Help! I'm being menaced by ... neoprene!" Image source: this Youtube video.

We're gonna take a break today from our scripting duties because, well, we can. And besides, we found this really funny vid on Youtube from a movie entitled Tarkan Viking Kani or something to that effect. It's uploaded in segments, this one in particular has an actress clinging to a wooden version of a set of playground rings and screaming her head off at a "giant octopus" that looks a lot like something you'd expect to find floating in the water of a kiddie pool. Sort of the damsel in distress equivalent of the poor dude in a loincloth wrestling with a rubber alligator. Enjoy!

Now isn't this a LOT more dramatic? Granted the nudity would be a no-no, as would the vibrator, but the style of bondage and the spider gag would work just fine, as would the whipping, if the woman (Christina Carter, I believe) were wearing, say, a thong bikini. Image source: Whipped

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kink Script Contest Part 2: Less Proactive, Noisier!

"You've been holding out on us, Susan, and now we must know the truth that is in your heart ... and also, a few other parts!" Image source: Sex and

After meeting with the Executive Producers about the script-writing project and kicking Scene 1 around some, we decided that the Gorean, er, Lotharian bondage scenario was too proactive and also lacked sizzle. Therefore, we've decided to steal ... er, create ANOTHER, less proactive, noisier scenario. Therefore we present:


(Scene: the living room of an apartment. A naked slave, SUSAN, lies in the middle of the floor, her hands bound behind her back, her feet tied wide apart to a spreader bar. A naked domme, JOANIE, sits on her face, another naked domme, SIDNEY, kneels between her legs, fisting her. SUSAN writhes and moans on the floor as she is used, but of course her moaning is muffled as JOANIE'S pussy is all up in her face, particularly her mouth.)

SUSAN: (voiceover as the camera pans along her body, trapped underneath JOANIE and SIDNEY, lingering briefly on her bound feet and hands twisting in helplessly in their bonds. The camera ends looking down on SUSAN's eyes) Even now, I can't believe the events of that madcap month of May that led to what you're seeing right now! Two beautiful dommes forcing me to serve their every desire! (giggles). Icy, aloof, SIDNEY and hot-blooded JOANIE both fell for me! It's every girl's dream!

JOANIE: (voiceover, with the camera moving from SUSAN looking up at JOANIE along JOANIE'S body as she rides SUSAN'S face, ending on a closeup of JOANIE'S face as she looks down at SUSAN): I can't believe I am sitting right on SUSAN'S face! The most beautiful, submissive woman in all of Seattle, and she's mine, all mine ... well, half mine ... I must share her with that ice queen SIDNEY! But half a girl is better than none, especially if it's the half with the tongue!

SIDNEY: (voiceover, with the camera starting with a closeup on SIDNEY'S face then moving to a shot of her hand buried in SUSAN'S vagina): What is that between my ring finger and my little finger? Is that her uvula? I hope I don't pull anything loose that's not supposed to be loose!

That's enough for today!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to Get Writing For's Script Contest

Everybody knows the most important part of any script is the hook!" Image source: Sex and

Who hasn't had the experience of watching a porn video and thinking, "Hell, I could do better than that! They should hire ME to do write their scripts!" Well, is giving you a chance to put your words where your mouth is: they're holding a scrpt writing contest for November, whose top prize will be $2000 and a free tour of their Armory site. There's an ad for the contest to the right of the blog, or you can just follow this link.

Other scripts may be used as well, with full credit for the writer.

I of course am thinking of writing a script or two for them, my ideas are still nebulous but I'm thinking of something along these lines:


(Opening shot: a crude iron and wood cage. A woman, Shana, is locked in it, she wears a heavy iron collar around her neck, and shackles on her wrists and ankles, and nothing else. The room around her has a primitive look to it.

SHANA: (in a rich, entitled, snobbish but slightly frightened voice): "Hello! Hello out there! I need help here, I'm locked in this cage and can't get out!"

A woman dressed in barbaric finery: brass ornaments and chains, walks up to the caged woman and kneels to peer into the cage. She wears a collar, shackles and cuffs like the woman in the cage, but her barbaric finery and the way she carries herself suggest that she is a dom. Her barbaric finery does nothing to cover her breasts, ass or vagina, it accentuates but does not in any way conceal her beauty. Her name is HONEYLIPS.

HONEYLIPS: Silence, slave!" she hissed, glaring at Shana.

SHANA: I am not a slave, I'm a graduate student!" Shana replied, "in Obscure Studies. Now let me out of this cage! (with petulant anger) "This is way past being funny."

HONEYLIPS gazes thoughtfully at SHANA, then smiles an evil smile. "Of course I will let you out. What was I thinking?" She takes out a key and opens the gate, gesturing for SHANA to exit.

SHANA: That's better!" she said. "My father is one the richest investment bankers in the world," she said as she crawled out, "he could buy six thousand women like you and ... GAAAAAH!"

HONEYLIPS leaps on SHANA and quickly ties her hands behind her back with one of the "decorative" ropes dangling from her waist chain and gags her with rope that has a mouth-sized leather "decoration" set in it, ie., it's a gag. SHANA struggles but to no avail, HONEYLIPS is much stronger, faster and more skilled at wrestling than she is. Once SHANA is gagged and tied, SHANA is shoved back into the cage by HONEYLIPS and it is relocked.

HONEYLIPS: You will taste the whip for that when the Master calls for you, slave.

SHANA: makes protesting noises through the gag, her words almost intelligible. "MMMMMMM!" she screams. "MMMMMMM!" her eyes blazing with fury, and perhaps a hint of fear.

HONEYLIPS walks off, no longer concerned with Shana, who struggles a bit and then sinks to the floor of the cage, helpless.


More to come.

Feel free to suggest improvements if you like. Or write your own script!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Partners in Shame: and Fetlife

"Sure, you used your safeword, but you didn't say "Mother may I!" Image source: Fucking is running an article about the community at Fetlife slut-shaming a woman who wrote about being groped on a college campus on the Fetlife website. The student wrote about being accosted by a couple of costumed fellows on Halloween day as she walked across campus. The student tried to defuse the situation by smiling and telling the guys to buzz off in a nice way, but when they grabbed her and groped at her, she got shrill and yelled, and still no one helped her.

She posted about her experiences on Fetlife, expecting support from a kink community that understands, and what she got from a lot of them was a lot of slut-shaming. She was derided for not screaming, for not biting them, for smiling at them initially, etc., as if the attack was her fault for not being unfriendly enough.

The Fetlife response was blaming the victim, classic slut-shaming behavior, and it was a shameful way for any kinky community to behave. Kink is supposed to be all about safewords and informed, enthusiastic consent, and yet when this woman got attacked, she's hearing it was her fault because she did not immediately start biting and screaming when a group of men approached her in a not-particularly-threatening manner.

What next? "Well yeah, you were using the safeword and I still put the anal hook in you, but you weren't SCREAMING the safeword, so how was I to know you were serious?"

The thing is, as I've written in the past, it was the sexual freedom that feminism fought for that makes kink acceptable ... if "No" does not mean "no" then "Yes" does not mean "yes." Without the culture that says sex with informed consent is OK, you really can't have kink as an acceptable part of sexuality. Therefore, kinky folk have a particular responsibility to eschew slut-shaming and to condemn non-consensual sexual activities, not just because it's the morally responsible thing to do, but because it's important to our fucking self-preservation!

The people who slut-shamed the woman on Fetlife were not just morally wrong, but promoting attitudes that are dangerous for the entire kink community. They should be roundly condemned.

However, so should the editors at

Why? Because look at the title: "Kink Community Tells Sexual Assault Victims It's All Their Faults."

Here's how it should read: "A Kink Community Tells Sexual Assault Victim It's All Her Fault"

See the difference? The article dealt with only one sexual assault victim, a woman named Dayna. It dealt with only one kinky community, Fetlife. But the editors/writer CHOSE to publish a headline that made it appear that all kinky people were slut shaming sexual assault victims, and that's just not true. It was undoubtedly done in a cheap, sleazy grab for recreational outrage readers. Basically the editors at Jezebel were willing to fuck over the entire kink community via their headline for a little attention-getting.

Readers (other than me) wrote in to let them know their headline was misleading and wrong, and they've shown no interest in changing it. So, it's a considered, deliberate bit of sleaze. I've written about the unwisdom of tarring one group for the actions of a subset of that group, but this is not dumb partisanship, I don't think, it's just sleaze.

Well fuck em both I say. The sexual assaulters need to spend some time in a jail cell. The Fetlife slut shamers need some heavy ostracizing. And the Jezebel editors need to get their asses kicked by readers and everyone who reads the site should be aware that the editors will go for sleazy recreational outrage-baiting at the expense of kinksters. There's plenty of blame to go around for everyone.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Polish Casket Sexy Slavegirl Bondage: Seriously!

Yep, that's a casket that slavegirl is chained to. Image source: Polish casket maker calendar. Really!

Y'know, in the 12th Century you just might have seen ads showing slavegirls chained to caskets, if there had been advertising other than minstrels singing about stuff, because then you had your Vikings killing a dead warrior's slavegirls at his funeral so he'd have slaves in the afterlife.

But you don't really expect to see ad featuring hot naked slavegirls chained to caskets nowadays, because, well ... not even Rule 34 would ... no ... because ... JUST BECAUSE, ALRIGHT!!!!

But New York Daily News's online adjunct reports (more hot n sexy photos of models and caskets at the link!) that a Polish casket manufacturer named Lindner has created a calendar featuring hot, nearly naked models and caskets in poses designed to provoke, pique and please, in a pre-postmortem sort of way.

And one of those photos shows a slavegirl chained to a casket, which supposedly really makes you want to buy one of their caskets. And frankly, if they had women dressed like that, who looked like that, chained to their caskets I would at the VERY LEAST visit their showroom. Yet like most, I am hoping to delay using their product absolutely as long as is possible.

"Yes, Master! I will pull your casket, whatever kind of horrible perverted thing that might be! Image sourse:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four More Years

"Four more years of this ... hoorah?" Image source:

Well, like a chump I went out and voted. And I say "like a chump" because I'm a political progressive, and also in my opinion, Obama is more of a Reagan Republican than a Democrat. My choice was between someone who is in league with the plutocrats who run things in America, and an actual plutocrat. Woo-fucking-hoo. No matter who gets elected, my political opinions will be massively ignored. Obama can't wait to give away Social Security and Medicaid in his "Grand Bargain" and Romney can't wait to dismantle those programs and everything else resembling a social safety net. Both will do whatever Wall Street desires.

The only difference between the two Presidential candidates for average people is the vigor with which they will get reamed. Democracy triumphant, indeed!

A Guy Agog Over Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga: If she'd stop treating her hair like it was a bad wig and take off the clown makeup, she's be a DAMN fine looking woman. Image source: Publicity photo.

Lady Gaga has announced that she enjoys submitting sexually to men, according to an article in The National, a national ledger of some country or other, possibly the USA.


And I believe her! I mean, she's done her share of photoshoots that involve actual bondage.


Now the question is: Who would want her?

I mean, she's attractive enough when she isn't slathered in makeup, I'm not going for a cheap shot here. But she's a major recording artist, she does tours, does publicity stunts, attends premieres, generally keeps pretty damn busy. I mean, being a submissive/slavegirl takes time! There's the tying up of her! And the fucking of her, and dom/sub sex is not ten minutes and out. There's foreplay. There's teasing. Spanking. Long submissive cock sucking, you want her to have a chance to really WORSHIP your cock, express her feelings of submission and desire as much as she could ever want to, and prolong your pleasure while she's at it. And of course there will be much time spent driving Lady Gaga to the point of orgasm and then making her beg to cum before you even START fucking her, and that's really time consuming because you want her kind of screaming into the gag and crying a little bit with the intensity of her need to cum.

And then after you've fucked her there's the untying of her and the cuddling with her to get her back down to earth, and the thing is, doing this sort of thing properly takes several hours. And this doesn't even include whipping, caning and flogging, which adds another whole layer of time.

And when does a celebrity like Lady Gaga have that kind of time? Who wants to battle with agents, managers, personal assistants and personal trainers for their slave's time? I suppose it might be a worthwhile use of the time for her if she made a sex tape that could then be leaked to the public with the usual faux-outrage that it happened, but who wants to have to treat a director shouting "Cut!" as a safeword?

"What does he mean, 'four hours?' I've got a shoot for Mademoiselle in 45 minutes!" Image source: Whipped

So there are logical reasons why no one would want to accept Lady Gaga's submission, but let's be real ... Lady Gaga has MILLIONS of reasons why a man WOULD be willing to accept her submission. Plus ... a great rack!

Monday, November 5, 2012

New Girl: Called It

An image you will not see on "The New Girl." But it's the sort of image they SHOULD show. Image source: Fucking

A while back I ran a piece on Carla Gugino's upcoming role in the TV comedy "The New Girl" which was hyped as being straight out of "Fifty Shades of Grey." As I noted, the indicators were that Carla would be a femdom to some male character in the series. And I pointed out that this was not what would attract readers of "Fifty Shades of Grey" because that story was all maledom/femsub, as are the romance stories that most Fifty Shades readers enjoy.

Well a vidcap from Carla Gugino's scene has come out in this article, and as you can see, it's the guy being tied up.

I'm right again. And I'm also right that "The New Girl" will not get a big ratings boost from its femdom/malesub story, because most people are not into that. The ones who ARE into that will love it, and that's all right. But it's not ratings fodder.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wonder Woman True Romance Comics Was A Thing?

"Sure I'm naked, tied up, gagged and having a cock waved in my face, but it beats being a romance comic character!" Image source: Sex and

When my flying monkeys brought this article (Myth_Understood: Wonder Woman: Feminist Icon Or Exploitative Fantasy?) by Betaraysyr in I tabled it, thinking it might be useful but was probably just another bit of the Wonder Woman glurge that pops up on comics sites every so often.

I wish I had not tabled it, it's a good and interesting article that brought up a few new bits about the background of Wonder Woman that answered questions that have puzzled me.

For example, I had always wondered if Marston (Wonder Woman comics' creator and initially, writer) had really gotten away clean with ALL the out-there bondage imagery he put in Wonder Woman comics. I mean, he was RIGHT OUT THERE with it. Check out my article on Wonder Woman's bondage years if you don't believe me.

Well, turns out Marston didn't get away with it, according to Betaraysyr. The usual bluenoses and busybodies were "who'll think of the children?"-ing their asses off. They wrote letters to William Gaines, Wonder Woman's publisher, complaining about all the bondage. But Marston pulled the argument to authority on Gaines, saying that as a psychiatrist he knew the comics were not harmful with all the bondage. (Marston was right, of course, the amazing thing is that Gaines bought it, comics publishers being a uniformly churlish and dumb group, as a rule, though Gaines is considered an exception.)

The other interesting point, and I think the more interesting one, is why Wonder Woman's popularity declined so sharply after Marston died and DC got their grubby little hands on the writing end of it. Of course they immediately dumped all the bondage stuff, especially Transformation Island. But that should not have KILLED the comic, it was never a BONDAGE comic per se. If they had written halfway decent stories using the rich mythos Marston has created for Wonder Woman, it should have puttered right along.

Well, according to Betaraysyr, DC killed the popularity of Wonder Woman comics by trying to transform it into a romance comic, hoping to attract female readers while Somehow retaining its male readership. Well it didn't happen. Female readers did not pick up on Wonder Woman and male readers lost interest in droves. DC probably would have dropped the title entirely if Marston's terms for giving DC rights to publish the comic hadn't stipulated that the rights to the comic would revert to Marston's estate if they failed to publish four issues a year.

The back cover of "Wonder Woman True Romance Comics" circa 1955. Ok, that's a lie, but oh, IF ONLY they had thought to do lesbian bondage romances back then. This is actually a scan from Russ Heath's Cowgirls At War" comic in "The National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humor." I wrote about that some time ago.

I have some doubts about Bataraysyr's claim here ... I did a lot of research for my article on Wonder Woman's Bondage Years and I never came across any such claim. If this HAD occurred, you'd think everybody would have mentioned it to explain Wonder Woman's slumping sales post-Marston. Yet none of the sources I looked at did. I LIKE Betaraysyr's explanation, it's so consistent with the combination of greed, sexism and stupidity that characterized comic book writers and publishers in the 1950s. But I have to doubt it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

And the Handwaving Award For Theorizing About Kinky Sex Goes To ...

Can trends in the workplace lead to this sort of thing at home? We certainly have no evidence! But that's not ABOUT to stop us from theorizing! Image source:

Someone other than me, for once.

Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller blogsite is the lucky winner. He wrote a blog post in which he theorized that the rise of kinky sex is linked to the increasing success of women in the workplace. His idea is that men who can no longer strut about like the proud cocks they are in the office, dominating all women there, have turned to dominating women in the bedrooms. He cites the success of Fifty Shades of Grey and vague allusions to a general trending toward kinky sex as the evidence, but which we mean he has none.

A few points. Lewis wrote:

(after all, it’s reasonable to think that a changing economy and changing gender roles might eventually manifest itself in the bedroom.)

Why is it reasonable to think that? You may think that of course, but without any supporting evidence, it's hard to say if it's reasonable or not. It is probably more reasonable than thinking that it's due to Venusian rays penetrating our tinfoil helmets, but that's really about all you can say about it without evidence.

Lewis also wrote:

the man was out of work and he, you know, confessed to me after two or three interviews, that the way he would reestablish his manhood was through sex, basically — that he would have more aggressive, violent sex … not hurtful — this was his wife, not his girlfriend —

So, it's OK to hurt your girlfriend, but not your wife. I had no idea!

He finished with:

It’s hard to prove, but it seems plausible.

You might need evidence to prove it, or you might need to examine the evidence you do have. For example, the whole Fifty Shades thing: all the evidence I've heard is that it's women who are buying the book in droves, and that men are indifferent or even hostile to it. You'd think if men were starved for sexual dominance they would greet the books with loud hosannahs of joy. Haven't heard a lot of that, or of an equivalent phenomenon in men's sexual entertainment media, i.e., porn.

(Yes, there is bondage porn, but it's still a niche market. Most mainstream porn remains vanilla. Yeah, I know that interest in anal, black on white, and violent and abusive sex has grown in mainstream porn, but most in the industry ascribe that to a relatively small percentage of porn buyers who drive the market because they buy most of it, because they are, well ... it's kind of their thing, as opposed to relationships with actual women. I mean, very few regular guys like the spitting and money shots you see in most porn films, either. Just the pornophiles.)

Still, I do like theorizing for the sake of theorizing sometimes, which is why I do it myself now and again. But you should be aware, Mr. Lewis, that my prospects of getting a MacArthur genius grant seem more distant every day. Yours too, if you keep this stuff up. Perhaps if you could somehow demonstrate convincingly that women getting only 77 cents to the dollar compared to men in salaries is some kind of Patriarchy-sponsored last-ditch effort to hang on to male dominance in the workplace, you might get somewhere with this line of thought.