Monday, December 29, 2014

The Prop Master Soars Into The Desert Air

Cover of The Propmaster. Cindy should be braless and Jack should be pantsless here, but Amazon is having NONE of that! Click on the pic to go to the Amazon links for the book.

First of all, I want to start by saying that I wrote a huge, all-in, bang-up, balls to the walls and tits to the floor sexual bondage scene between the protagonists of my new book The Prop Master. (You can find a link to Amazon for your country here). My goal was to write a sexual bondage scene so compelling that anyone reading the book who was vanilla would finish it, throw the book to the floor and yell, "I have GOT to try that!"

Not that I care if anyone gets "converted" from vanilla to kinky by the scene, I just wanted to write a scene that shows how very, very good maledom/femsub sexual bondage between two lovers can be. I don't know if I nailed it -- that'll be for my readers to say -- but by damn I sure tried. Now, as to the story:

Jack Davis and his girlfriend and love slave Cindy Sturges are an up-and-coming couple in the movie industry a few decades from now. Jack is a prop master for movies, a job that sometimes entails tying people up for scenes. Cindy is a stunt woman/actress who's trying to move into acting full time. Jack's bondage and dominance sexuality with Cindy pays off on the job because it has made him a strong advocate for safety in bondage scenes, even if that means objecting strongly enough to stop production at times, and also because Jack knows how to use bondage to ramp up the drama and sexiness of any bondage or damsel in distress scene to whatever degree the director desires.

This makes Jack appealing to both smart, ambitious actresses who want their scenes to work well, and insurers who want to minimize costs associated with injuries on the set and the resulting lawsuits.

Cindy is in demand because she has an instinct for getting the most out of any scene involving bondage or a power exchange, most especially scenes involving male dominance and female submission, because in their private life, Jack and Cindy play out these scenes in the bedroom and enjoy them immensely, within the context of their thoroughly egalitarian relationship outside the bedroom.

Jack and Cindy's skills lead them to sign with Desert Industry Dreams Incorporated,(DiD Inc.), a well-financed movie production company that plans to create movies that, when properly cut, can easily earn an R or even a PG rating and be shown in theaters and on cable television, a dying market in the future, but whose full versions will entertain viewers on the adult websites who are major backers of the company.

Can Jack and Cindy's relationship survive the attempts of hot female movie stars who, almost by reflex, attempt to seduce Jack, and the attempts of some men to use Cindy's sexual submissiveness to make her their sex slave? Will the dark forces that oppose DiD Inc. succeed in shutting down production? There's an easy way to find out .. read the book!

Scene inexplicably not used for the cover of The Prop Master.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Riverbeast Games Is Now Available On Amazon

Riverbeast Book 4, now available on Amazon at this link.

Riverbeast Games is now available on Amazon. Constance Harlee, princess of the river town of Euharlee, Missouri, has been reduced to a human pet, lower than a slave, by keelboat captain Bart Fink, who had a grudge against her father. As they travel down the mighty Mississippi, the riverboatmen find all sorts of fun, sexy games to play with their pet. She learns her role in the games, and how to play them well. She intends to seduce the men, to fool them, to trick them into making them treat her better. She poses prettily as she begs for table scraps, she But she will slowly learn, to her chagrin, that sometimes you play the game, and sometimes, the game plays you.

There are a lot of nice bits in Riverbeast Games: Constance has her face secured to the cock of a riverboatman named Big Jack Folsom by means of straps attached to her head harness and his belt, and then Belle the whore joins in on the action and suddenly Constance is the bound third party in a three-way between Jack and Belle, literally unable to keep her face out of their crotches. There's also a scene where the riverboatmen and the whores conspire to bring a helplessly bound Constance to the point of orgasm, and then denying. Finally there's a scene that's a bit of a nod to steampunk in which Belle brings out a brass device, a steampunk style "spreader" that Constance finds herself wearing, helplessly displayed to the men as Belle manipulates her body.

Along the way, a bound and naked Constance experiences the river in a way she never has before, not as background scenery while she plays her social games on a riverboat, but as a dangerous and unpredictable place where the only thing between disaster and safe arrival is the skill of the riverboat pilots.

I say, buy it and read it, dammit!

Riverbeast: Beneath Slavery Now Available Free

You can obtain Riverbeast Book 3 in mobi form for free or read it in HTML format by clicking on the pic above.

Riverbeast: Awakening is now available for free to anyone who wants to buy it. Amazon has "blocked" the book, their term for banning. I could in theory make changes and ask them to reconsider publishing it, but what I have learned from other Amazon erotica authors is that this would be a bad mistake. You might say, "This book is not at all different from the other three books in the series that you've already approved for publication" and the likely result would be that Amazon would ban all your other books. For example, one Amazon author in a situation similar to mine got a book banned. In an effort to be cooperative, she changed the book, as well as all the OTHER books in the series, and resubmitted them all (even though all of them but the one had already been approved. Result is ... you guess it ... all the books got banned.

In any event, the letter that Amazon sent me was incredibly vague and useless and told me nothing about why my book got banned. On re-reading the story it has content that could be interpreted as scat, having to do with the difficulties of wearing a buttplug tail that you can't remove yourself. I wrote what was intended to be a raunchy humor piece about one of the whores on the boat removing Contance's tail so she could relieve herself. Neither Constance nor the whore responded sexually to the result of the buttplug being removed, because it's not my kink and I don't care to explore it (it's not so much that is squicks me, but that human waste products are just gross to me, no sexual interest whatsoever and a certain amount of "ugh" there) but I can see how someone who enjoys scat might enjoy that scene.

The general conclusions of Amazon erotica authors is that if a book is banned the safest and smartest move is to forget about publishing it on Amazon, just move on to another book and publish it elsewhere, perhaps for free as a promotional piece. And I am publishing it for free, mostly so that readers of the series won't have a missing chapter. I'm not going to use it as a promotional piece too much, because the scat content is atypical of my stories. However, the "scat-related" scene is hardly the only scene in the story, and there's some pretty good (IMHO) writing to be found contrasting Constance's predicament with her life as a Boston socialite. So read it if you're curious. And enjoy!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Riverbeast: Awakening Is Up And Running

Here, the Riverbeast gets a ride ... but mostly, she IS a ride!

Riverbeast: Awakening, the second in the "Riverbeast" series is now available on Amazon.

If you want to know the general background of the story, read the promo for "Riverbeast: Fink's Revenge" below.

"Awakening" deals with Constance's further reduction to riverbeasthood by Fink and his men and the whores Kind and Belle. Having a buttplug tail in her rear end makes life a lot harder for Constance, especially about an hour after mealtimes, and ESPECIALLY because she must beg the ruffians to remove it for her, her wrists being tied to her ankles. There's also a cleverly developed o-ring gag with a built-in plug to keep her mouth nice and available for whatever hi-jinks they have in mind for her mouth. She'll also get a well-deserved whipping after finding herself face to fanny with one of the whores on board the raft.

As the rivermen use her, making a game of it as they gamble to see who uses her next, Constance discovers long-repressed feelings surging forth, feelings of a distinctly sexual nature. Will the refined young woman of Boston society be transformed into a cock-guzzling, shameless bondage slut so low that she makes whores blush? Can Constance somehow maintain some semblance of self respect while tied up naked with a butt plug in her ass and a rowdy riverman's cock in her mouth? We'll never tell ... or rather, we will only tell in the pages of ... The Riverbeast!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Riverbeast: Fink's Revenge is Published

When rich girls get nasty, they get REALLY nasty!

"Riverbeast: Fink's Revenge," the first book of the Riverbeast series by yours truly has been published. You can buy it here.

"Riverbeast" is the story of Constance Harlee, the princess of Euharlee, Missouri, a small Mississippi riverfront town whose lifeblood is trading with the riverboatmen who carry goods up and down the Mississippi on their keelboats. Although born in Euharlee, Constance has spent most of her young life in finishing schools back east in Boston, consorting with the finest (and richest) people, learning the manners and making the connections to secure an advantageous marriage.

Constance's beauty and grace were also a great help to her in Boston. But they became a hindrance to her when she returned to Euharlee from boarding school, on the day she was kidnapped by the wild keelboaters of the Mississippi. These rivermen were among the toughest and most dangerous men in the Old West, men who braved the pirates and Indians who populated the river's wild shore to take their flatboats full of very stealable goods down to New Orleans.

Worse yet, Constance's captors have plans for her, plans for making her lower than the lowliest slave. The keelboaters plan to deny her humanity entirely and make her a Riverbeast, a naked slave, crawling before men, who must serve any man in any way that pleases him, on command.

Can Constance survive the torments of her captors as they teach her what it means to be the lowest kind of slave girl? Can she survive life on the mighty Mississippi in the days when it was wild and free? Can she manage to struggle back to the life she once knew, or something like it? Will she ever find love in her new and degraded state?
Riverbeast is an historical erotic romance novella, a classic piece of Western erotica set in the Old West days of the Mississippi River.

An Excerpt From Riverbeast: Fink's Revenge:

I do not know for how long I lay in the back of that wagon, watching the leaves and branches of trees speed past above me, groaning and crying out as I was jounced about, watching the pathetic bobbing of my companions' hooded heads as they tried to somehow protect themselves, hearing their muffled cries, and making my own muffled cries. It seemed to have been forever, but it could not have been long, because the path we had ridden was not far from the river at any point, and the river was our destination.

I discovered this when my feet were freed from the chain and I was unceremoniously hauled from the wagon and dumped on the ground beside it. I was half-dragged to a wagon wheel and my bound wrists were secured to one of the spokes of the wheel.
The spokes behind me were hard, as was the iron hub of the axle, but the ground beneath me was soft, for we were on a sandy spit of land that jutted out into a small tributary of the river. Behind us an embankment towered over us and the water, with trees growing right to its edge, casting us all in deep shade. The tributary made soft trickling and rilling sounds as it flowed past half-submerged rocks and fallen trees and branches, and the birds whistled and called in the trees above us.
My companions were also pulled from the wagon and laid on the sand before me.

Still unspeaking, one of the men turned to the one who seemed to be leading the group, and made a circle with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, then poked the forefinger of his other hand repeatedly through the circle, then pointed at my companions.

The leader shrugged, then nodded his approval. He singled out two members of the party by pointing at them, then pointed at the embankment. They nodded and climbed it. Guards, probably.

My blood froze in horror as the men drew their huge knives and approached my companions. I shrank as I prepared to see their throats slit.

Instead I saw the men use their knives to remove my companions' clothing without loosening their bonds in any way. They stripped off their skirts, petticoats, bodices, and panties until they all lay completely naked before their captors, save for their hoods and the ropes encircling their wrists and ankles. Muffled cries of protest came from beneath their hoods, and they struggled feebly, but bound as they were, to no avail.

One of the men who had gone off to the woods returned. He held in his hands several long stakes cut from saplings. The other men took the stakes and pounded them deep into the sand, not far from where I sat. Then they dragged their victims over to the stakes and secured them to the stakes, two of them on their backs, spreadeagled, and the third on her knees with her hooded face pressed into the damp sand, her wrists still bound behind her, feet secured wide apart by two stakes, ropes running from her throat to the stakes at her feet, so that she could not slide forward, forcing her rear end in the air.

She was, I believed, the one who had first proposed riding home with me. It was hard to tell, really, because in the garb of a proper young lady of the town, the only part of her that had really been visible had been her face, and here that was the only part of her that was covered. But I spied a familiar piece of blue satin print in the strips of cloth that lay scattered about her, that had once been her clothing. It was her.

Seeing her nicely rounded bottom and the pink curl of her cunny raised so flagrantly in the air aroused all sorts of feelings in me, which I had just as soon not felt. I'd no idea she was so sexually developed. Her friend who lay spreadeagled on the ground to my left had been a little more obvious -- no amount of clothing would conceal the naturally ample proportions of her bosom, and now both of her breasts sat exposed, her large nipples puckered and swelling in the damp air, the large mounds of her breasts lying apart on her chest, jiggling with her every tiniest movement.

And I would never have guessed at her other friends' full, ripe cunny, or the large clitoris that sat atop her swollen-looking nether lips.

And I would have paid dearly to have never found out about those things.