Saturday, June 28, 2014

Get Yourself Some Nook Books By Pat Powers!

What's worse than being a second banana? Try being a second banana sucker! Take a look at the lower right hand corner of this image. The poor woman is naked, she's in bondage, she's sucking on a guy's cock, and she's not really the focal point of the image at all: that's the naked woman getting her pussy licked, her feet licked and her breast fondled while everyone watches, with poor Miss Second Banana Sucker literally overshadowed by the woman at the focal center of the photo. Poor kid! Maybe you'll hit the big time one day and it'll be a closeup of YOUR face plastered over a DVD with some guy's cock in your mouth. We can only hope! Image source:

In my efforts to make owning ebooks by Pat Powers so easy that it's almost inevitable, I've converted them to the Nook format, a task so Herculean that just thinking about it makes me break a sweat. And just to make it easier for you, here's a list of the books on Barnes and Noble's website:

Fifty Shades of Slave Princess Gaia

The Hottitude of Servitude
A Little Bit of Monica

and just to refresh your memory, here are the links for the books on Amazon:

Fifty Shades of Slave Princess Gaia

The Hottitude of Servitude
A Little Bit of Monica

Now go forth and buy, my minions! Buy! Buy! BUUUUUUY!!!! Bwahahahahahaha!

End public service message.

Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Friday the Thirteenth, AKA Sex Positivism Day

OMG!!!! I almost forgot it was sex positivism day!" Source: Model is the incredibly tiny but still very accommodating Rachel Roxx.

Do you like porn? I do.
Do you like to watch women dance naked? I do.
Do you patronize prostitutes? I don't, but I'm totally OK with those who do.
Are you a sugar daddy? I'm not, but I'm OK with sugar daddies and their sugar babies.
Are you kinky in any way? I am.

Today is a day to say so, to support those who like any of these things, and to support those who work in those industries, and to call for decriminalizing sex work of all kinds, as well as a general toleration of consensual sex of all kinds.

Be good to yourself, sexually speaking. Be good to others too. And have a great Friday the 13th.

Here's a link to the Maggie McNeil blog post that inspired this blog post.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

50 Shades of Slave Princess Gaia Available Semi-Free

Cover of "Fifty Shades of Slave Princess Gaia," the short story disguised as a novel that I was not allowed to give away for free.

I've decided to release one of the stories from the Powerspack as a promotional item to get people to buy my novels. "Fifty Shades of Slave Princess Gaia" is an adult parody of the story of Princess Leia when Jabba the Hutt made her Slave Leia in "Return of the Jedi," though of course the names, the facts, the scenes and well, lots of stuff was changed to protect the guilty, i.e., me. In this updated version I have made quite a few editorial changes to increase the humor factor, in fact, the story is now a full 40 percent funnier than it was before -- and it was pretty damn funny before.

Unfortunately Amazon won't let people give away books for free, you have to charge a minimum of 99 cents for each copy (I don't blame them, Amazon would be up to its eyeballs in promotional free books if they let people do that). And Amazon will only give me 35% commission on a 99 cent book so I'm making almost as little on each copy as a traditional publishing author of a $20 hardback makes on each copy sold. But it's a START towards a free work.

Here's my promo copy for Princess Slave Gaia which will convince you it is worth at LEAST 99 cents, possibly as much as $1.04.

If you couldn't get enough of Slavegirl Leia in "Revenge of the Jedi," you're REALLY going to like "Slave Gaia," the story of a beautiful princess captured by a ruthless alien gangster.

This is a story that has it all -- giant, disgusting worms, alien harems, kinky advanced technology and reckless adventure as Floot Skootfluter attempts to single-handedly rescue Gaia armed with nothing more than his Popiel Pocket Saberman!

You'll thrill as Gaia learns what it is to be a slavegirl, whether it's being tied up in sexy ways, tormented in sexy ways, or having sex in sexy ways, as well as being used as alien chewing gum, and other alien practices so obscene they don't even have names.

Can Slavegirl Gaia use her Jiggi mind powers to maintain her personality and avoid being transformed into a will-less sex doll via her addiction to the Hunn slave stalk? Will Flook rescue her? If he DOES rescue her, you can be sure it won't be before several fates worse than death occur! Just click on the link for Chapter One to find out!