Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When her Master told her she would be caged and balled, Delores had imagined something a lot more active! Image source: Sex and Submission.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Questionable Content's Faye Gets The Tape Gag

Always great when non-bondage cartoon characters break out the duct tape. Image source: Questionable Content.

Here it is, the only gag scene in the very popular web comic Questionable Content. Faye, a mouthy barista with a rapier wit is giving a shy girl a hard time and her boss Dora keeps telling her to shut up, and finally, out comes the duct tape.

There's also a scene where Marten, the comic's male lead, puts the sexy lesbian librarian in shibari bondage. As a favor. You'll have to find that one on your own.

In fact, Questionable Content, although it is not nearly as sexy as many webcomics (don't look for nudity) does have a supporting character who is a famous former bondage model (described as a "nouveau Betty Page"), that's Marten's mother, who modeled as "Veronica Vance." No images of her in bondage gear, but who knows what will come down the road eventually.

However, the point of Questionable Content is not the bondage, it's the funny, sharp writing. The female characters are snotty baristas who work at Coffee of Doom, and the wit and barbs are very tasty indeed. Mostly the strip is what I'd call a Marty Stu, very appropriately as the lead character is named Marten and has what amounts to a harem of hot young twenty-something women, all of whom think Marten is incredibly cute, despite his shyness and the ease with which he's flustered. However, Jeph Jacques the comic's creator, is well aware of Marten's flaws and has plenty of fun with him.

It all has a hazy stranger in paradise feel with young adults with healthy libidos agonizing over their relationships or lack of them, and the tasty wit makes it all worthwhile. I highly recommend you go to page 1 and read from the beginning.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walkin' The Line

"You can mmmfff the mmmfff, but can you walk the walk?" Image source: Jim Weathers' Bondage Cafe.

Well, this is a very nice and original take on the old meme of making a bound woman walk a line with a lot of lumpy knots tied in it pressing against her pussy. A succession of vibrators makes so much more sense, when you think about it. And what fun it is to think about it! Brings a whole new meaning to the term "baby knows now to walk the line!"

Bondage Cafe has a VERY tasty preview section, I highly recommend a visit.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Now This Is A Bondage ARTIST

"Now that I have tied this chair securely, so that it can barely move, I will tie YOU to the chair, so that neither you, nor the chair, may escape me! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Image source: Don't Stare At The Sun.

It's interesting, the way the mainstream and bondage are closing ranks in all sorts of subtle and mostly unnoticed ways. Here we have an artist, Kennedy James, getting a grant to put chairs in shibari bondage. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "chair tie." I look at the photos and think, "This must mean something!" Well, that's art for ya! I'm totally missing the point of putting furniture in bondage. Perhaps it's a sly commentary on the whole human furniture bondage fetish. To me, it simply seems pointless, like so much of art.

But then, look at the sculptor! Hawt young indie girl type doing the bondage! Whoa! She looks like she could have come straight out of Coffee of Doom from Questionable Content. You gotta love it! Perhaps that is the point. I guess it is, as far as I'm concerned. I'm pretty sure I would not have written this article if James hadn't been so hot and sexy. YMMV!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ye Olde Kink: Dr. Samuel Johnson, Kinkmeister

"It was worth the three hours it took to remove your corset to see your splendid physique, my dear!" Image source: Fetish Pop Culture.

One of the interesting points about history is this: how did kink express itself in a time period when slavery was a real and extant thing? I mean, if you wanted someone to be your slave in such times, and you had money, you just bought them. There was no power exchange, consensuality, slaves were just property. A consensual kinky relationship would have undoubtedly been more appealing than owning a real slave, to anyone who examined the ethics of such things at least, but was there even a framework for that kind of thinking around at the time?

Cue Kate Chisholm's book Wits and Wives, Dr. Johnson in the Company of Women, which sheds a tiny ray of light on the topic in an offhand sort of way.

A review of the book in The Guardian Online points out that Wits and Wives has passages that reveals that Dr. Johnson engaged in some kinky correspondence with Hester Thrale, the wife of a wealthy brewer who plied him with meat pies and such, that may have had some basis in a real life kinky relationship between the two of them (no one knows, apparently, if that was true).

Here's the relevant passage from The Guardian's review:
Johnson’s other chief adult relationship was with Hester Thrale, the wife of a wealthy Streatham brewer. Hester kept the morose widower supplied with ‘meats, pies, puddings and tarts’, of the pastry variety. Whether it was a sexual union is disputed, though their correspondence contains kinky references to chains, keys and bondage.

So apparently there WAS some awareness of consensual kink at the time, which the early to mid 1700s, for Johnson and Thrale, a period when England was neck deep in the Atlantic slave trade. Just the fact that their correspondence was laced to kinky references to chains, keys and bondage indicates that it was on their minds in a sexual sort of way.

I've no idea how that worked. Certainly the ability to buy human beings and keep them in chains and physically beat and torment them as a practical and completely socially acceptable means of bending them to your will must have had some effect on anyone having bondage fantasies. It's really hard, though, to wrap my head around what it must have been. Of course, ordinary human hypocrisy probably easily accounts for any cognitive dissonance of old-time bondage connoisseurs, and undoubtedly many bondage fetishists of the time simply bought slaves and used them in the ways their sexual fantasies worked, while maintaining a vanilla relationship with their spouse. (In my the same way that Spartans had other warriors for lovers and wives for child-bearing.)

Still, the fundamental unfairness of actual slavery must have generated a lot of congnitive dissonance among thinking men and women. It must have been strange and disconcerting to be a bondage fan in such times. Hell, it's strange enough nowadays!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Hate To Keep Harping on This

"Now that's what I call a harpy!" Image source: vidcap from "Fashions of 1933" a pre-Code Busby Berkeley movie.

Alternatively: "In her case, the "g" in "g spot" stands for "glissando."

Busby Berkeley got away with one hell of a lot of kinky stuff before the Hays Code rang down an iron curtain on filmmakers. This is definitely part of the "human furniture" kink, which mostly consists of human tables and chairs, but in the case of harps, you get that imagery now and then, and by "now and then" I mean "almost never." This image and the one below are just about it for the theme, that I know of.

A cutie harpy. Image source: this is a VERY old jpg that most likely predates the World Wide Web, yeah, we're talking Newsgroup stuff. Ran it through the usual sources, no luck at all for a point of origin, or even a match of any kind. Probably scanned from some bondage magazine, however, the sloppiness of the ball gag and the bondage makes me think it might even have been a mainstream porn mag sliding a little kink in.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wild Raid Of The Lace Panty Commandos!

They stabbed Nazis just because they could! This is the sort of thing that happens when you let Betty Lou go out!

Cap Bronson leaned back in the chair, confronting the unusual audience that sat before him, a bevy of Navy nurses, their proud American womanhood straining the fabrics of their tightly stitched American uniforms.

"So that's the story, girls," he said. "We need you to raid that Nazi destroyer and take it over for us. We've looked at it from every angle, and your participation is absolutely vital."

"But Captain ... the white lace panties as our only garments ... are you sure ...?" asked Nurse Bettie Lou Stiglitz. "It seems so ... wild and wanton!" she said, her large brown eyes flashing with what was perhaps hidden desire, or perhaps indignation, it was really hard to tell with the luscious beauty of the farm-raised American beauties all around her to distract Cap Bronson.

"These are hardened Nazi murder fiends," said Bronson, "accustomed to seeing buxom French peasant girls sauntering by flashing their luscious lips and legs at them. They will not easily be distracted. It will HAVE to be the white lace panties. That ... or nothing!"

And audible gasp swept the room at these words, as the import of Cap Bronson's words sank in.

"Look, girls, I know it is a lot to ask," said Cap Bronson, flashing the disarming grin of a man who had killed a thousand Nazis in a single afternoon and enjoyed a bottle of Chianti with half a dozen willing Italian beauties later that evening. "But I want to remind you that every day young boys go out there and give their all for America. I know it's a lot to ask but I ask, not in my name, but in the name of the fallen and the wounded whom you have so often nursed back to health."

"Of COURSE we will do it!" declared Bettie Lou, her brown eyes flashing, her proud Ameerican bosom heaving. "For the boys!"

"Fine, I knew you had it in you," said Cap Bronson. "Now get dressed out in those panties and let's hit the practice field. I want at least a dozen dress rehearsals before we send you out ... there will be no mistakes!"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Introducing Abercizer Plus!

A thinner waist in 30 days or double your money kept! Image source: Fucking Dungeon.

NEW! From GORCO! It's the Abercizer Plus! Let's face it, gentlemen ... the REAL reason we don't work out our abs is that the exercises are BORING! There, we said it: BORING!

But now, with the help of Gorco's brilliant new invention, the Abercizer Plus, doing abs will be EXCITING and FUN. Just put the Abercizer Plus on your slavegirl and then do abs right on top of her! The sight of her squirming and moaning beneath you (don't forget to put the ballgag on her!) will encourage you to do abs with an enthusiasm you've never experienced before!

Never before has any exercise system directly addressed the issue of MOTIVATION! The Abercizer Plus ENCOURAGES you to use it by making every exercise experience an ORGASMIC experience. (For extra fun, FORBID your slave to orgasm and see how long SHE can last!)

It's not sold in stores, it's not sold on television, only in the remotest corners of the Internet, such as this one!

Offer void where prohibited by law. Slavegirls sold separately. If erection lasts longer than four hours, TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW ABOUT IT!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Naked Slave Leia in Chains

"Who knew Gammoreans had cocks that long ... and prehensile, too!" Image source: Paheal's Rule 34 site's Return of the Jedi gallery, which contains eight pages of fakes and drawing of Slave Leia and friends that range from just barely PG to Totally Not Safe For Work and Deeply Disturbing As Well.

A question that this image implies: if the inhabitants of Sodom engaged in Sodomy, is having sex with a Gommorean Gammoramy?

All kidding aside, even though this fake is not NEARLY as slick at the one I ran in my article on Slave Leia RP in Star War: The Old Republic, it's technically a more proficient fake. The SWTOR article fake was mainly a matter of excellent picture selection ... the faker found a bondage model whose skin tone and lighting almost exactly matched a photo of Leia's face from Star Wars.

In the fake shown here, the faker had to match three key elements: a vidcap of Leia's face from Return of the Jedi, a photo of a bondage model, and a photo of a 3D model of a Gammorean guard. Getting these three images to come even CLOSE to looking like a single image had to have been very difficult. The photo of the bondage model, I think, was a much cleaner and sharper image than the vidcap. The faker had to make her body look grainy enough to match the face, it could not have been an easy task. Making the Gammorean model look realistic enough to match the other two elements had to have been a bear. Or at least, a Gammorean. Kudoes to the artist whomeover it is, becuase in the first few seconds that you look at the image it does look like a naked, collared, shackled, manacles Slave Leia straining against the leash of her Gammorrean guard. That's an impressive feat.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nabber's Empire: An Online Bondage/Damsel In Distress Game

Being kidnapped will definitely put your ordinary bad hair day into perspective.
Image source:

Well this hits just keep on coming in the world of kinky gaming. Over on Danger Theater I found an article about a new online game called Nabber's Empire which is all about kidnappers and damsels in distresses. Participants can be either ad kidnapper or a damsel in distress, they roleplay their situations. The kidnappers try to build up resources to aid in the kidnapping of damsels. The damsels try to snoop around and find ways out of their predicaments.

The game does not appear to be playable just yet, but here's the link if you want to bookmark it and keep an eye on it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Skyrim, Other Video Games: Invasion of the Naked Slave Girls Continues

A bold barbarian walks onto town past a punished naked slave girl on a rack, while at far right, the oldest whore in the village looks on. Image source: photomanip of an image from Skyrim with an image from Second Life, created by me.

After introducing you to naked slave girl invaders in Dragon Age and Oblivion, I've found the mother lode: Lovers Lab, a message board site dedicated to adult mods of various games, with sections devoted to Skyrim, Fallout 3/New Vegas and Oblivion, and boards for other games and sections for popular adult mods as well.

You can find out where to find the latest mods (for non-gamers, "modifications of game features, such as avatars," discuss issues in game modding and socialize with others who enjoy adapting games to their own purposes. I had no idea things had gone so far so fast in games outside Second Life, but I shoulda knowed, I guess. Check it out!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOPA Explained

Image source: Public Text provided by me.

Just so you know, I'll be shutting down tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to protest SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, or, if truth-in-labelling were required of Congressional bills, the "Let's Shut Down The Internet Act" or, to be even more honest, "The Shakedown of Online Providers Act." Since I host almost all the images on this blog on Bondagerotica, this may interfere with the visual element of the blog as well.

It's a terrible piece of legislation that you probably already know all about (I already wrote about it here) and I wish I could ignore it, piece of crap that it is, but people with MUCH more to lose than me are shutting down their sites in protest, and the least I can do is, the same. So I'm doing it!

For more information, visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation page on the topic.

As she stood there waiting for Master to tie her to the tree, she found herself wishing that her Master wasn't so cheap, so he would just chain her to a parking meter like all the other slavegirls. Image source: Public Disgrace.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Damsel In Distress Fest

“I wonder if my new owner likes cats? I've always wanted to be a crazy cat lady!”

What you see above is a vidcap for a movie called “Endure” which is, according to the listing on Brian's Page, a real damsel in distress-fest. Basically, a serial killer kidnaps a young woman, takes photos of her bound and gagged, and then leaves her tied to a tree in a Florida swamp, intending to come back later I guess. But he gets in an auto accident, and dies, on the way back home, leaving his captive tied to the tree. Detectives find his captive's photos in the car when they investigate the wreck, figure out that she's missing and the race is on to find her before she dies of thirst or gets sucked dry by mosquitoes. (I don't know if there's a threat of being eaten by alligators, but if there's NOT, somebody has missed a dramatic opportunity!)

What I particularly like about the image is the “Sold” sign next to the bound and gagged damsel. It very strongly conveys “Internet sex slave auction fantasy.”

Which gave me an idea for a new article. I was thinking of posting scenes from various types of films and making the readers guess their origin: mainstream movie, mainstream TV show, softcore porn, hardcore porn, freaking Internet bondage porn with personal butt cannons and melon squishers, Youtube videos, or what-have-you.

If you have any ideas for vidcaps you'd like to see in the game, just post in the comments section here or send an email to Whatever works! Don't need to have an actual vidcap, just the name of the movie/TV show/whatever and a brief description of the scene: “blond hogtied on four near the end of the film” would do.

Could be a lot of fun!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Concealed Carry

They grabbed her. They stripped off her clothes. They put her in steel stocks that rendered her hands and feet useless. But they never counted on her personal butt cannon! Image source: Sex and

Alternatively: "You'll not be boarding this shapely lass lest ye get broadside from her backside, mateys!"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ancient Brothel Coins Were Explicit

"I'll have one of these!" Image source: Perfect

A recent find of an ancient Roman coin in the Thames River that was essentially a ticket for entertainment in a brothel has brought to light some of the sex trade practices of the Roman Empire and also inspired some prose in the Mail Online, the online version of The Daily Mail of London, that comes very close to being heavy-breathing bodice-ripper fantasy. You can see a pic of the coin and read the article here.

Here's a bit of the heavy breathing prose:
The girl lay on a stone bed in the tiny cubicle, awaiting her next customer with weary resignation.
In Londinium, there was no shortage of men wanting a few moments of sexual pleasure: merchants, officials, freed slaves from around the Roman Empire and, of course, soldiers.
Sure enough, the flimsy curtain was drawn back and a Roman legionary entered the room. He handed over a small bronze token.
The girl looked at it. The image on the front depicted the act he required — it showed a woman face down on a couch and a man on top of her.
On the reverse, the number 14 referred to the price he had paid: 14 asses, the equivalent of a day’s pay for a labourer in the first century AD — not that the girl would see any of that money.
For the girl would have been a slave, possibly a native Briton captured in the rebellious north of the country — enslaving women was one Roman way of subjugating and humiliating these savage tribes.
Some ended up in Rome, where their fair skin and blonde hair could fetch a high price.

I think I could fairly easily flesh that out into a pretty good slavegirl bondage fantasy, and without a hell of a lot of work. I believe the writer either got "inspired" by the subject matter or she is trying to "inspire" the readers. Works for me!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


"Oh my god! That jangling sound! I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CAR KEYS!"

Alternatively: "Oh my God! This is incredible! I just figured out Fermat's lost theorem!"

Image source: the good folks at Sex and Submission, where every orgasm is 30 percent improved!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Article: Whither Bondage In The Mainstream Media?

Pamela Anderson makes an ordinary damsel in distress scene from her television series V.I.P. look like glamor bondage. What ever happened to these lighthearted scenes? Image source: vidcap from Damsel, where you can find many of the more light-hearted damsel in distress scenes. Check 'em out!

Some fans over on Brians Page put up some posts a few days ago about the fact that they're losing interest in mainstream bondage scenes because they've become too dark and violent. The sense of lighthearted fun that characterized damsel in distress scenes in mainstream media is gone. It's gone largely because you no longer know that damsel in distress are safe, with TV's emphasis on dark edgy dramas leading to them being beaten, tortured, raped and murdered, and an increasing tendency to let the viewer watch.

Seems a lot of bondage fans really don't care for that sort of thing. So I wondered in what direction mainstream media are moving and wrote an article about it for Bondagerotica: you can check it out here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update

Hootchie-kootchie time in Star Wars!

Apparently, players will be able to tog out as Slave Leia in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Here's a slavegirl character doing a hootchie-kootchie on Youtube. You can check it out here. I have also heard there is a "Flirt" option for NPCs. Seems likely that actual players might do more than flirt. As indicated in an earlier post, there are indications that Stars Wars: The Old Republic's owners might be worried about that.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gratuitous Bondage and Nudity!

Ooooooh, yeah! Image source: The Greyman Report.

In a comment on the post Contradictory Image, an anonymous poster said, "Well You found the image on somebodies site you liked it, it turned you on, but you didn't like the poster, or it turned you on you wanted to post it but could not just post it and say you got a boner so the best thing to do to make sure you kept you good side out was outrage!! works well don't you think?
Its got to be that right? or something along those lines right?"

And I just wanted to demonstrate that I'm perfectly capable of just putting up an image because I find it sexy. I LUUUUURVE the hips on that model and the way the leather straps on her bondage gear delineate her curves. Good gravy, that's one hell of a beautiful picture! And we are presenting it for no other reason that it is one hot, sexy bondage picture. There is absolutely NO other reason for this post. Doesn't NEED to be, either.

Bondage Hangman

"May I buy a vowel, Mistress?"

My flying monkeys found this pleasant little time-waster from Ucogi Games, a free Web game called "bondage hangman." The blonde above is suspended by her wrists, starting out fully clothed. Each time you guess a letter wrong, a whip lashes one item of clothing off. If you can guess the word before she is reduced to just her thong, you get to lash her more whiles she hangs by her wrists wearing only the thong.

Not being into lashing, I don't find the winning reward all that much fun, but the game itself is still Hangman, and the visual is MUCH, MUCH nicer than the stick figure on a scaffold.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion Four-paws!

Famed designer Galliano just knows that pony girls will be the next big thing in fashion, despite all the neigh-sayers. Image source: If style could

The Icanhazcheeseburger family of sites once again provides improbable fodder for politicallysexy, with its image of a fashion model dressed in what is clearly a pony girl inspired sort of ensemble (French for "outfit"). There is definitely something about that outfit that says "ride me like the sex beast that I am."

It's a shame what they did to the model's face in the makeup department, but as I noted in my Celebrity Bondage piece on Christina Aguilera, something about bondage-related imagery makes makeup artists break out the clown makeup -- no exception here. In any event, this will be another fine addition to the storied history of pony girls, which I have written about so briefly and inaccurately, but majorly funly.

Slavegirls Slink Into Oblivion, Skyrim, DragonAge Origins

"My erotic stats are to the max!"

Game designers have been quick to pump up the violence in their games, but sort of slow to pump up the sex. Easy to figure out why: the censors get pumped when the sex gets pumped. Can't have young men thinking about teh sexy!

Unfortunately for the Forces of Darkness, aka censors, games are becoming more modifiable, i.e., players can alter the game and its characters to more closely suit their interests. Good for the game, good for the gamers, bad for the censors. Because of course that mean slavegirls are slinking into video games other than Second Life, which isn't really a game anyway.

You can see evidence of it on Youtube, where a gamer named kajiragames has uploaded a number of his or her adventures playing characters who are modded to be naked slave girls. He or she's got a slavegirl character playing Oblivion, as well a a naked female viking playing DragonAge: Origins, and a naked female character playing Skyrim. I doubt there's much encouragement or guidance in ANY of these games as to how to construct naked female characters to play these games, just generic information on how to mod the game, but as we all know, real people tend to be a lot more creative and interesting than any corporation would ever allow.

You can check out an Oblivion run through here, there'll also be links to other kajiragames run throughs. The easiest way to see all the various game runs is to subscribe to kajiragames' channel. Maybe he or she will post some information about how the modding is done.

Now, granted, all of the videos I've seen so far has had the chracter engaging in solitary quests and dealing with NPCs (non playe characters) but frankly, it's just a matter of time til this capabiity reaches MMOs and of course, as soon as that happens the MMOs will be flooded with naked slavegirls turning all these formerly wholesome games inot the same kind of sexual monkeyshines that makes Second Life such a riot to play.

Of course, you may be wondering, why isn't everyone playing Second Life then? The answer is obvious ... Second Life demands a certain amount of creativity on the part of its players to get the max out of it. Most other games provide pre-planned characters, roles and stories, but in the case of, say, Second Life Gor all the characters, roles, stories, clothes, locales and so forth are created by the players using the tools Second Life offers. Not everyone has that kind of creativity. But as soon as it gets easy to buy/copy/borrow/whatever slavegirl character mods for all these moddable gains, I anticipate hordes of slavegirls flooding the games in zombielike waves, crying "Buy me, Master! Buy me, Maaaasterrrrrrrr..."

"Buy me, Mistress! I'm much cheaper than the dog and it won't be NEARLY so distressing if your husband fucks me ... I mean, compared to the dog ... oh, forget it, I'm TERRIBLE at marketing!" Image source: Naked Valkyrie in kajiragamer's Skyrim run-through.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"When I flip for a guy, I STAY flipped for a guy," said Slave Slippery.

Image source: Hogtied.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Three Headlines, One Illustration

Just when the party is getting good, some guy with a machine gun has to break things up!

The cover of this venerable sweat mag has three headlines:
10 Ways To Tell If You're Sexually Maladjusted
Sex Is Driving College Girls Berserk
Bring Out the Chained Beauties of Hitler's Torture Compound

And you know, when you think about it, the cover illustration would work for ANY of them! BRILLIANT!

(Yes, I know, there's also "The Tragic Scandal of Our Homosexual Athletes" but I think we can safely rule that one out.)

Image Source: The Men's Adventure Magazines blog, of course.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Suppose Every Slave Girl/Sub/Bottom Knows The Feeling ...

"Sigh ... my villain!"

I suppose it happens to every bondagette eventually ... sitting in a chair, bound and gagged, her fella approaching, and she thinks, "So this is love ... how the hell did that happen?" It's just a little disconcerting to see the sentiment expressed on the cover of a Comics Code-era true romance comic, probably from the 50s or 60s.

Image source: Found it on Fetish Pop Culture, which has all sorts of freaky little finds now and then.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Vocal Training

"OK, that's very good, now let's see if we can get you half an octave higher!"

Well how else do you think they train singers to hit those high notes with those long sustains? I'm betting Mariah Carey got ESPECIALLY intensive training!

Image source: Hogtied. On the Beltway ... for all you hogtie needs!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christina's World: New, Improved, Urbanized and Sexualized!

On the top, we have the original "Christina's World," a famous painting by Andrew Wyeth. On the bottom, we have the new, urban, updated "Christina's World" with twice the attitude and a million times the sexitude, a photo from Public Disgrace.

In both images, we have women who are hampered in their ability to move, one in a landscape of rural squalor, the other in a landscape of urban blight. One has clothes on, the other is naked. One is tied up, the other is not tied up.

But other than that, they are exactly the same! And strangely, have a similar mood, though I guess there is an element of hidden danger in the urban scene that is missing in the rural scene, which could really have used a thresher approaching in the distance. I should probably write the Wyeth curators a note.

In other news, Happy New Year everyone!