Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Using Prudes And SNAGs To Find Good Mainstream Bondage Imagery

Two images found for me by my unwitting search team:

Both artworks by comic artist Greg Horn.

One of the important lessons I learned when I was generating content for this blog every day was that the prudery of some comic book fans know no limits and is an almost infallible guide to good stuff. If you can find somebody out there railing against something being tasteless, disgusting and/or degrading to women and/or men, you can be pretty sure that it's gonna be worth checking out.

Hence the two images above. The folks over at lizard brain were lambasting the artist who created them, well known comics illustrator Greg Horn, for being all the usual things.

I'm sure there's a certain pleasure to creating such images, aside from the immediate pleasure afforded by their sexiness. There are some people you just can't say "bite me!" to long, loud and often enough, and prudo-feminists and SNAGS are definitely two such groups.

The prudo-feminists and SNAGs over at Lizard Brain were putting both images in the same group – sexist images. I find the two images very different. The image of Power Girl they might have a case for. It shows Powergirl doing pushups in the rain, looking unhappy while a Marine drill sargent yells at her and various Marines stand by and look at her with expressions taken right out of Little Annie Fannie. There is nothing much to it except juvenile sniggering over the fact that Power Girl is large-breasted. Also a bit of power inversion as Power Girl has roughly all the power and strength of her cousin Kal-El, aka Superman, and hence is orders of magnitude stronger than any mere human. It's like she's playing Gomer Pyle or something, a pretty squicky thought all by its lonesome.

The image of catgirl … very different. It's got a hot fetishy feel to it. It shows Batman feeding milk to a stray kitty in an alleyway, and that stray kitty is of course Catgirl. Catgirl's pose is very much like Power Girl's, we see her straight on as she is supported on either side by her arms as she licks milk from a metal dish, just as Power Girl is seen from ground level looking up while she struggles to do pushups. But there the resemblance ends. Catgirl has a distracted smile on her face as she licks milk from the bowl, her mouth in a wide smile even as her tongue hangs out of it. She is clearly enjoying the experience. And she may be having ulterior motives, because as she drinks her butt is raised in the air, pointed directly at Batman who stands behind her, his face hidden in shadow as he stares down at Catwoman's butt, a clear invitation to kitty-style sex. And both of them in those tight leather garments they like. It's kink city, all right.

But I guess that's one of the problems when you get all condemn-y … you fail to make useful distinctions.

Over on Greyman's page there's another image that will undoubtedly have the SNAGs snarling and the prudo-feminists pursing their thin lips in disapproval. It involves a superheroine and a gag. Check it out!