Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tavern Sluts Bundle Now Available!

I've combined Yard Sale Slut, Jessica's Virgin Auction and Mia the Contortionist into a single volume, all for just $3.99, or you can get it on Kindle Unlimited. You can get it by clicking this line!

"Tavern Sluts" is the adventures of three women who serve as waitresses in a very different sort of tavern.

We start with Moira, who's at the absolutely lowest point in her life. Moira begins her story bound, gagged and naked, being sold along with various other knickknacks and whatnots by her owners, the Grayson family. When she's bought by a local slut tavern owner, Moira figures it's just another humiliation in the long sequence of humiliations that had led her to literally being part of a yard sale.

But the Smiling Slut Tavern, Moira's new owner, has some surprises in store for her. She had no idea she'd fall in love with one of the customers. And she was unprepared for Sky, the First Girl, whose mysterious psychic powers take Moira's life in a whole new direction.

The next time we visit the Smiling Slut Tavern, a century has passed. Technology has given men and women ways of expanding sexual pleasure greatly.

But technology has potential for misuse, too, and Jessica of Jessica's Virgin Auction is a prime example. Her parents, deeply religious and socially conservative parents put a watcherball on her, a tiny flying camera that could deliver electric shocks. It was very common for parents to put watcherballs on their children, mainly to keep them safe. Most parents turned the watcherballs off when their kids were safe at home.

But Jessica's parents never turned her watcherball off. The watcherball was always right there to give her tiny electric shocks if it sensed her fingers straying southward toward her Forbidden Place.

As a result, Jessica's sexuality is a mysterious unknown territory that she is desperate to explore in the most extreme way possible. And there's no more extreme method that Jessica knows of than to become a tavern slut.

The day Jessica turns 18, she applies to the Smiling Slut Tavern. The manager suggests that she start her slutting career with a virgin auction that might make her rich. It seems too good to be true -- all that attention, all that money, all that SEX! And sweet, sweet revenge on her parents for that watcherball they put on her. 

Which is how Jessica winds up naked, bound and gagged in an alcove at the Smiling Slut Tavern waiting eagerly for the first of ten lucky men who will have her that night.

What Jessica doesn't know is that her auction will be the spark that sets off fireworks throughout the tavern, and which will put the Smiling Slut Tavern on the map as one of the most exciting slut taverns ever and make her name forever famous within the tavern!

Finally, we have Mia's story. Mia, like most women of her times, enjoys the dating scene as it has evolved under basic income. She dates the boys, she has sex with the boys and the boys give her presents. Mia is VERY popular with the boys, because she's very bendy and very submissive.

Mia's problem is that she likes the sex with the boys all too much. Girls are supposed to string the boys along, releasing the kitty from the bag bit by bit, never emptying it. But athletic, vital, sensuous Mia had a tendency to empty the bag on the very first date. 

Tavern sluts get to empty the bag all day long, every day, with a lot of different boys and girls. But Jessica can't become a tavern slut because tavern sluts are the enemies of regular women, always on offer along with all the other items on the menu, making it so much harder to string them along. How could she maintain her friendships with the other dating girls when she was in the enemy camp?

It's a tough situation which requires a supple mind to deal with, but Mia is nothing if not flexible.

These three stories have already been published separately. If you've already bought them, you won't find anything new here. If you haven't bought them, shut up and give me your money. You'll be glad you did!

These three stories together are over 86,000 words long, and are part of the Basic Income universe.

Jenkie Jenkins: Interstellar Sex Reporter -- The Story On Durango Three Now Available

The Story So Far ...

“I'm going to be a sex reporter? And my beat is going to be WHAT?”

Those are the first words of newly hired reporter Jinkie Jenkins, right out of journalism school, when her editor, Grabthar Assurilogan of the Interstellar Inquirer, put her on the Sylphs of Space beat. Jinkie was outraged. She wanted to cover the crime beat, specifically, she wanted to investigate the most exciting crime story in the Human Quadrant, the kidnapping of an entire planet.

But her editor insisted that she was on the sex beat, take it or leave it, and Jinkie was a reporter, dammit, so she took the sylph beat, even though she was from a planet where women were encouraged not to think about sex, much less have sex, prior to marriage. And since moving offplanet, she had stayed true to her planet's sex values, or tried to.
Yet here she was, a sex reporter, and on the Sylphs of Space beat, yet!

Sylphs were a popular cultural phenomenon on most planets, sex-positive, submissive women who liked playing at being sex slaves and other things. And thanks to advanced nanotech that let them shape their bodies and minds to suit their desires, play they did. Bound and gagged and chained and collared, they played with gusto at pleasure. People were fascinated by the doings of sylphs and the people who played with them, which is why they were a staple of sex reporting.

On her first assignment, Yahoo City on the rural planet of Durango 3, Jinkie will find all sorts of people. There will be her local guide Pea Eye the woman wrangler, the most masculine man she has ever met. There will be hotmeat, the wise sylph. There will be hucow stampedes and barroom brawls. And there will be her editor Grabthar, harrying her via interstellar holograms about the chaos that Jinkie leaves in her wake as she covers the sylph life of cowboys and hucows on Durango 3.

Can innocent and chaste Jinkie cover the story of of this wild women of outer space without being overwhelmed by the libidinous promptings of her long-stifled sex urges? And will Jinkie ever make any progress in breaking the planet kidnapping story open?

You'll just have to read this lighthearted, sexy space opera to find out. It's a little over 23,000 words long. If you're looking for a funny science fiction space opera set in an interstellar empire where human beings use nanotech to alter their bodies and minds to suit their fun, kinky sexual urges, you've found it!