Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Promo Video For The Final Veil

You can buy or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited at Amazon by clicking here.

Final Veil Now Available On Amazon

You can buy or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited at Amazon by clicking here.

It's been a long time since I've put anything up for sale on Amazon, and if you think it's because I've been set back by all the blocked books I encountered last November, you'd be absolutely right. But I wasn't just sitting around, I was going wide with my other books, i.e., publishing on other venues, as the post below indicates.

But I've not given up entirely on Amazon, and today I've published "The Final Veil" a 120,000 word mystery novel. Due to the fact that it has a lot of explicit sex scenes and there is a romance between the male lead and one of the characters, I've classified it as an erotic romance, but it's more of a detective story with lots of sex. Here's the blurb:

April Dancer is the best damn belly dancer on the planet. She's been all over social media and on television, a living advertisement for the beauty and grace of belly dance. She's also an openly acknowledged consensual Gorean slave girl, living happily with her master Jeff and her consensual sister in bondage, Kitten. When she disappears, the call goes out to John Bowman, via the beautiful and mysterious Lady Astra, who taught April belly dance, and whose dance studio is next to Bowman's office.

John Bowman is a former Atlanta police detective, now spending most of his time tracking down people who have been cheating on disability and worker's compensation programs for big insurers, and tracking down the occasional missing person. With his crew of technical specialists, and his personal willingness to make it with beautiful women and knock heads with bad guys, he's able to bring resources to bear that get results. And in a case like this, full of sexy slave girls, strippers and belly dancers, Bowman is going to have his lap full.

Who kidnapped April Dancer? One of her lust-crazed fans from her days as an exotic dancer? The Mothers of Propriety, a collection of morally snooty types? Or the ALFALFAns (the Alliance of Lesbian Feminists Against Legalized F*king and Assault) a collection of womyn who despise myn? Or was it a desperate TV-crazed nutjob? Can John Bowman find April before someone decides that murder is no worse than kidnapping and sends April through the final veil that shields life from death?

This novel is a little over 122,000 words long, and each word is better than the one that preceded it!