Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Looking Hard For A Place To Sit Down

"Oh, god, I wish I had worked harder at my kegels!" Image source: several Japanese websites.

You know, it must take a certain amount of ... well, not balls, maybe you could call it "tits" ... to walk around in public with your butt hanging out, however nice it might look. But it must take a hell of a lot MORE tits to walk around in public with your butt hanging out and a sex toy hanging out of it! Only in Japan!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Claudette Colbert Kissed While In Bondage

Check out that happy smirk on Claudette Colbert's face after she's kissed while collared and cuffed at the wrists! I've seen that expression before! Image source: vidcap from "I Cover the Waterfront" from 1933.

A brief and pleasant clip now on Bondage Television from I Cover the Waterfront with hottie Claudette Colbert enjoying some kisses while strapped in a torture device. Consensual bondage, in short, though of course it was not presented as such, just a young couple horsing around in a romantic sort of way.

Note the date: 1933, a year before the Hayes Code rang down the curtains on anything resembling sexual perversion in films. From then on, if you put a woman in a torture device, you damn well better be torturing her ... preferably to death! THAT'S the moral thing to do ... in those days, anyway, when cultural conservatives ruled the movie screens ... and there were no television screens.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Free Comic at Eros Blog

"Around and around she goes, and where she stops, everybody knows!" Image source: Study Aboard Volume 2.

Over at Eros Blog they got a free comic you just might want to check out. Its a fun little comic, well, not little by any means, runs to 246 pages. It's the story of a mad scientist who secretly puts a drug that makes you hornier AND more likely to engage in risky behavior to four gorgeous college students just before they embark on various education-related trips around the world.

The scientist's motivation: he thinks of the women as search engines in the real world who will help him find riches. Makes no sense, but then, he's a MAD scientist.

The four women wind up having all sorts of adventures, which leads them to engage in lots and lots of sex, and more to the interest of readers here, they get into bondage at times during their adventures (see above).

What really makes the comic fun is, well, its sense of fun. Sexy funny is something I like, but it's difficult trick to do, and even harder to combine with a story that rolls right along, but Studies Abroad manages it. The artwork is not gonna put shiniez out of business, but then, he's more than a match for most pros.

But if someone ever wanted to make a raunchy comedy movie based on a comic book ... Damn, Studies Abroad would be the comic book to use!

So check it out, it's free and fun! What are you waiting for?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tranvaginal Ultrasound: The Old-Fashioned Way!

I think I found a zygote!"Image source: Image source: Isis Love checks out Rain Degray on

In the old days, they didn't have modern technology like ultrasound. If they wanted to know what was going on inside a woman's body they just had to go right in there and find out the hard way. That's why it used to be midwives that delivered babies and so forth ... smaller hands!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Michelle Brown Bound, Gagged, Railed

"Mffle mffle mmffgh!" Image source: Whipped

I have uploaded a clip from Whipped Ass showing Michelle Brown getting railed by another porn actress wearing a strap-on while bound and gagged. It was a windows movie clip and I had to figure out how to embed it myself as their embed code is not working for me. I did a half-assed job of it, because my coding skills at embedding videos are not well developed just yet (I'll get better!) so for now it plays when you log into the page and if you want to play it again, you have to reload the page. Do that and you can play it to your heart's content. The pause and the full screen commands work, at least.

In any event, I wanted this bondage television channel to be different, and the respect in which it will be different is, that it will carry all kinds of bondage imagery, not making a distinction between XXX and G rated stuff. Bondage is bondage, people!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Julianne Moore and Mary McCray: Celebrity Clones?

On the left, we have actress Julianne Moore. On the right, bondage model Mary McCray. They are not identical, but there's a strong facial resemblance, especially around the eyes. Are they ... clones?" Image source: Julianne Moore, standard mug shot, all over the Internets. Mary McCray:

Some would say that the resemblance between Mary McCray and actress Julianne Moore (The Big Lebowski, Short Cuts) is entirely superficial and not all that complete. I say it's just the result of a semi-successful attempt to clone Julianne Moore. And an excuse to show how gorgeous McCray is. Oh, wait ... she's not in bondage in that pic ... just naked.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Consent And Unconsent: News of the Bondage-y

Awwww, what a cute couple! Image source: mug shots, found on Gawker.

This news has made the rounds of the blogs and news sites. Seems a witless young Portland couple (see above) celebrated Valentine's Day by enacting a bondage fantasy, driving around with the woman naked, gagged and bound in the back seat of their Subaru.

They were, of course, spotted by a good citizen who turned their license plate number in to the police, thinking that a kidnapping was in progress. Nine police cars responded to the report. ("You say a beautiful naked woman tied up in the back of a Subaru? I'm SO on it, chief!")

The two were booked (see pics) and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, which has since been reduced to a violation. What they should have been charged with is being kids, though they are putative adults, because really, the thought that comes into my mind when I read this story is, "Look, kids, it's all well and good playing sexy bondage games in private, but when you go around in public with your girlfriend bound and gagged, people don't have the ability to read your alleged minds, so they have to take into account the possibility that you are a for-real scumbag who is committing an actual kidnapping, see? Now cut it out and don't ever do anything like this again, or I'll have you up on charges of felonious stupidity!"

Which brings us to our next story. A Texas man (natch, Texas) kidnapped a woman and raped and tortured her over a period of 12 days before police figured out he had her, and arrested him. Found the story on Apparently, the woman is a former neighbor of the man, who rejected his advances at some point.

Instead of finding some other woman to court, he kidnapped her, chained her up, gagged her, caged her, raped her and tortured her over a period of 12 days, without so much as a by-your-leave from her.

Police questioned him on why he did it, and he said he did not really know, but did admit to having some bondage fantasies. Well, duh!

What police SHOULD have been asking his is another set of questions: "What made you think it was OK to kidnap this woman? When did you stop thinking of her as a human being deserving of the same respect you yourself would like? Why did you think it was OK to ignore this woman's cries of "NO! NO! NO!"?" Did you think once you had raped and tortured her enough she would magically be OK with it?"

Because these are the really telling questions in a case like this. Bondage fantasies, as the Internet will attest, are quite common, but the people who think they can act out those fantasies on others whether they consent to it or not are atypical, and getting at the heart of that atypicality is a lot more likely to lead to results than just figuring out that a guy who acts out bondage fantasies has bondage fantasies.

But perhaps the saddest part of the report is the fact that they bothered to note that the man was a vice-President of the local Kiwanis Club. (Kiwanis Clubs are basically a club for business types that focuses on service projects for helping children, presumably poor ones. It's also a way for business types to do some networking, ka-ching!) A Kiwanis Club vice president! Why, that has to be one of the most totally irrelevant facts ever presented in a news report!

It's a no-no unless you get the yes! yes! first. Image source:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Outlaw of Gor: The MST3K Version

Mike, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot watch a scene from "Outlaw of Gor." Image source: Vidcap from "Outlaw of Gor" as presented by Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Today Bondage Television is proud to present "Outlaw of Gor" as screened by the guys of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (aka MST3K). Not just a brief clip, the entire damn 90 minute "movie." I say "movie" because as a movie on its own Outlaw of Gor is a miserable, dull, bottom-of-the-barrel sword and sandal movie. But this is just the sort of thing that the MST3K gang can feast on, and it's considered by MST3K fans to be one of their funniest outings. And they've had some DAMN funny outings. It's the extra layer of commentary that makes the movie worthwhile.

It sure as hell isn't the bondage or the sexy slavegirl imagery, because there's damn little of that. As I point out in my review of the movie in my book Slavegirls on TV and In the Movies: The Hottitude of Servitude, all of the white-hot focus on the sexy slavegirls and all the bondage and dominance they get into that are the defining element in the Gor novels that are the inspiration of the movie, is sublimated into a strange fascination with silly hats in Outlaw of Gor.

I'm no psychologist so I'm not sure what caused this strange phenomenon, but the general weirdness that results from studiously ignoring the 800-pound sex slavery gorilla in the movie and at the SAME TIME trying to ever-so-subtly play it up to make the movie sexier even though everyone connected with the film was clearly a ham-fisted idiot, created a weird tension and strained awfulness that was red meat for the MST3K gang to feed on.

Watch. Enjoy. It's a hoot!

An image like this would fit quite naturally into any of the Gor novels, it's well within the technology and the culture of the people of the Gor novels, but there is nothing even remotely as sexy as this in the "Outlaw of Gor" movie. The difference is, the people who created this image knew what they were doing. Image source:

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Videos On Bondage Television

Cuffed booty ahoy! Image source: "Castigo" video from Buddhas Family.

Two new videos on Bondage Television, a music video called "Castigo" by Buddha's Family" and the Snake Dance by Debra Paget from Indian Tomb. The "Castigo" video features a booty-licious slavegirl cuffed hands behind and also four cuties cuffed arms overhead. The Snake Dance video features no Debra Paget doing some VERY advanced mostly-naked sexy dancing, for 1959 when "Indian Tomb" debuted.

You can find both videos here.

Debra Paget and 12 guys thinking, "I am SO glad I am wearing baggy pants!" Source: Indian Tomb video.

Welcome To Bondage Television

A veiled slave girl writhes while chained to a wall in the harem scene from "Magyar Vandor," one of four new programs on Bondage Television on Bondagerotica. BYOP.

I've put together a page for videos on Bondagerotica, modestly calling it Bondage Television, though it should also be called "Bondage and Slavegirl Television" but that seems immodest, and besides, people use "bondage" to mean "slavery" all the time, so what the hell.

Any kind of bondage images from the mildest G-rated advanture pic or 60s television show will be accepted, as will hard core XXX sexual bondage imagery that will make your face melt just by thinking about it. This ain't fucking Youtube ... this is the REAL Internet, baby!

Of course, no kids, no images that are the product of real nonconsensual sex or sexual bondage, because even though this IS the real internet, it's MY real internet, and I don't put up with that crap.

I'm starting with the three Youtube videos I've made to date, because well, it's MY fucking Bondage Television. But since I've already posted them all already, I'm adding the harem scene from Magyar Vandor, a foreign language film, because the scene is fricking HILARIOUS even though I can't understand a word of it, and it's got a veiled slavegirl writhing in chains plus a haremful of slavegirls dancing, singing and writhing suggestively, and if THAT does not qualify for Pat Powers' fucking Bondage Television page, then NOTHING does!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brits Buy The Most Bondage Gear

Recession in Britain is making scenes like this rarer, despite the massive importation of bondage gear. And my vote for the product mentioned at the end of the article is rope. It's the essence of bondage gear, really. Image source. Sex and

The British tabloid "The Sun" reports that Brits imported more bondage gear than any other European nation. It's based on a survey conducted by online marketer, which carries bondage gear among many other sorts of products. The article was accompanied by a weaksauce pic of a hottie in a leather teddy brandishing a whip, but not bound in any way. (As you can see, it's easily topped.)

Love dolls were reported to be the top seller in the general category of sex toys, responsible for four out of every ten purchases. The article speculated that the surge in blow up doll sales -- up 240 percent -- was due to the recession, with Brits seeking ways to have fun and stay home.

This is just sad. You can't afford to go out for the night and so you buy a sex doll to play with? I believe the proper response, even for hardened bondage freaks, is "Eeeeewwww!"

Fortunately, I doubt very much if there is a lot to the story, and there's not much to it to start with. The Sun was just looking for an excuse to get a mildly kinky, faux-bondage image into its pages. Success looks so much like failure, when you are a mainstream publication.

No word on what the most popular item of bondage gear was. Of course. But I'm confident about the answer I put in the caption above.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Naked Slavegirl For Warhammer

Dexterity is waaaay low here ... oh, right, hand are tied behind her back ... Image source: Brother Vinni's.

In my ceaseless ... ok, well, sporadic ... attempts to document the way naked slavegirls are infiltrating the gaming world, I have clearly paid little attention to tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs). Here's a naked slavegirl designed for Warhammer and other tabletop games by an outfit called "Brother Vinni's." (See link above.)

Interestingly, I found this miniature initially as the topic of a discussion board, and many of the players said they would buy it if they could think of what to do with it. I never played Warhammer, but buying and selling is mostly what happens to slaves in most games they participate in. Also, being put in peril and being rescued. And of course ... this ... (see below):

Not sure how this would work out in a tabletop RPG. "Rolled a 12 ... I think the orc does the slavegirl on that role ... no damage ... health +1 ... experience +26!" Image source: Sex and Submission.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get Outta Winter -- New Second Life Machinima By Me

See Vallerie's butt. See Vallerie's butt jiggle. Jiggle, butt, jiggle!

I've created a new Second Life machinima, "Get Outta Winter and Into Second Life."

"Get Outta Winter" is basically hot, almost naked blonde Uncanny Vallerie traveling through various Second Life sims in various ways -- via jetskis, ATVS, dancing cows, swimming, flying and one very silly run. Other than Vallerie's butt, the sims are the real stars of the movie, I wanted to give viewers an idea of how much just plain old fun there is to be had in Second Life, apart from all the sexy sex that people seem to think of when SL is mentioned.

The machinima is designed to be fast and fun, driven by Bob Seger's "Get Outta Denver," basically a visual interpretation of the term "WHEEEEEE!!" It's also a showcase of how inexpensive Second Life is (playing Second Life itself costs nothing) -- all of the vehicles Vallerie rides except the tricycle are freebies, either available at freebie sites or left out just to use on various sims. The most expensive thing you'll see in this machinima is Virtual Vallerie's hair, which cost 300 Lindens (in-game money) which amounts to about a $1.33US. This is actually logical -- hair is complex and difficult to build, requires a certain amount of scripting knowledge and has a great deal to do with how good an avvie looks. The avvie itself was free, as is the "skin" that covers the avvie.

Here are the Second Life URLs (slurls) for the various sims in the machinima and some relevant info about them:

Snowy run scene
Primus Weapons
This is a Gorean sim, set in the Northern Forests and full of panther girls and outlaws. Running around as a slave is hazardous in such sims if you do not want to RP being a slave, if you don't know what you're doing, or the secret of slaves in SL Gor (which is that a lot of Goreans would just as soon not cap a slave). There are a couple of other sims (Midgaard and others) linked to it at present.

Wyrldmaker (Suboceana)
This is a group of 30 sims linked together with a common theme of underwater exploration and also some nifty above-water stuff as well. Has another of freebie vehicles parked at the docks that you can ride ... jetskis, helicopters, sailboats, etc. Definitely worth a visit.

Tricycle Scene, ATV Scene
Kings Bishop
Kings Bishop is a public sandbox where anyone can rez their possessions and objects and build their own objects, and learn to build. It's in the middle of a mainland continent and there are all sort of different places nearby, much like a real life city, except with a LOT more variation, as there are not zoning codes and there's no problem with leaving stuff in midair. Also, just to the right of the landing zone is a building filled with freebies, most designed to be useful to builders but also some very useful freebies in general.

Fish and submarine swims
Vernian Sea
The Vernian Sea is the underwater portion of the Babbage steampunk sims. Some very cool, visually arresting imagery above ground and below ground. A great place if you like steampunk of the dark and grim sort.
Rising from water scene

Flying out of water scene
Caledon Speirling
Part of the Caledon steampunk sims, once again, some very arresting imagery, I used this bit just because it was a nice way to transition from the underwater scenes to the flying scenes.

Diving board scene
A sim near Kings Bishop that had a nice diving board to use as a prop to set up the underwater scenes.

dancing cow scene
Omanix, somewhere on Route 13
Another sim near Kings' Bishop that had a roadway that the Dancing Cow could use. There were a lot of other cool vehicles on the sim, but most moved far too slow for the pace of my machinima. Damn, wish I could have used the bus to Nowhere!

Flying scene, water slide scene, tubing scene
More above-water fun in Suboceana.

Run through steampunk land
Caledon Sky City
Ok, this one was a bit of a cheat. Caledon is actually a group of steampunk sims. Sky City is a very detail-rich, built-up steampunk sim, and not all of it rezzed immediately, most notably, the floor Vallerie should have been running on. But I went ahead and ran her in midair, because I wanted to give a sense of how complex and multilayered these sims can be. So as Vallerie is running, that's the ground way beneath her ... she's actually a story above it ... and there are floating blimps and so forth floating in the sky above her as well.

Volcano Run, Silly run
Corsica 3D
These locations just happened to be near a Star Trek museum I was looking for, and I thought it would be fun to have Vallerie jump into the caldera of a live volcano and run through a section with some generally weird creatures with her Silly Run.

Ice Skating
Babbage Canals
Back to the Babbage sims for some ice skating to close out the running about.

Leap to Doom
Caledon Lionsgate
This is a spectacular steampunk sim, though all I was able to use was a nice leap. You can fall any distance at all in Second Life with no problem, though some of the animations your characters use to get back on their feet can be funny.

Blowing A Kiss
King's Bishop
Taken in one of their builder's sandboxes, where I used the free FORTRESS I got, I think at the Gorean Recruiting Center. (To be fair, it's a SMALL fortress, just one story high, and c'mon, stained glass windows? In a fortress?)

Meeting an octopus somewhere in Suboceana. One of many great scenes I left out of the video.

I had to leave out an AMAZING amount of good stuff to make this video work. I wanted to include some shots of Vallerie flying around in spaceships from Star Wars and Star Trek, but I had major lag when I tried that. There were some amazing sims I wanted to use, but they were full of active roleplayers, and I make it a rule not to interfere with others when making my machinima. I've also made it a rule not to involve others in my productions, as the process of making a machinima is and can be a time-draining pain in the ass, with many retakes.

Along those lines, in some of the sims Vallerie visited, notably the steampunk sims, she was severely out of costume. Some sim mods and owners don't mind that, others will ban you from their sims for being out of costume (Vallerie has in fact been banned, um, once or twice, mostly for excess nakedness). So keep that in mind. Generally most sims that have roleplay also have freebie costumes for visitors. (I know that Babbage does, and it's true of many Gorean sims.) Some sims, like the ones around King's Bishop, have no clothing requirements other than the ones associated with their rating (can't go naked in a sim rated General or Moderate, though in Moderate anything goes so long as the naughty bits are covered. Adult, sky's the limit.)

Gratuitous bondage image to keep this post down with the bondage. I guess when you have naturally curly red hair, you don't shave it off Down There. Image source: Sex and Submission.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Duelling Butt Plugs

"I'm sorry, I haven't introduced you two to one another ... something you should probably do when you're naked and butthooked to one another." Courtesy of Sex and Submission!

Sex and has come up with a nice, imaginative bondage I've not seen before -- two naked women, cuffed arms overhead, each wearing a pony tail. A rope is tied to the base of one woman's ponytail and then ties to a butthook, which is hooked into the OTHER woman's butt. The ropes are short enough that the butthooks keep the other woman's head pulled well back. Finally, the hooks are also tied directly to one another ... a safety thing, I suspect.

Then Mark Davis takes a vibrator to one of the women's pussy, inducing some fairly intense squirming and writhing, and of course that induces some intense squirming and writhing as the vibrated woman's butt pulls on her ponytail and the vibrated woman's head pulls on her butt plug.

Fiendish! And brilliant!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Valentines' Day .. Remember the Butt!

Now that's a box of valentine hearts I can get behind! Image source: me!

Note the Valentine "hearts" at the top of the page. They're another sad example of how Western culture's sexual inhibition renders things silly. If you've ever seen a photo or a realistic drawing of a human heart, you know it's a disgusting, lumpy muscle that bears little resemblance to a Valentine's heart. The real inspiration for the Valentine's heart is a lover's butt as seen during doggie-style sex, as we think our illustration amply demonstrates.

Valentine's is a holiday that a lot of guys don't like. It's just too heavily weighted toward all the sweety-lovey stuff that makes us uncomfortable. Sentimental cards, candies, gifts, acting civilized -- it's quite the burden.

That's why it's important for us to remember that Valentine's is about butts. While you're being nice and doing everything you can to make your damsel feel loved and appreciated, if the sugariness gets to be Just Too Much and you feel like you're in serious danger of saying something too, um, masculine -- remember the butt. Always remember the butt. It just might get you over the hump.

It really is a good thing to make your damsel feel loved and appreciated, but it can be hard sometimes. That's why we say -- remember the butt.

Of course, some of us like our butts nicely packaged.

Image source: Bobby Starr on Sex and

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bondage Harnesses Are IN, Baby!

In this woman's case, the headline can be taken literally! Image source: Wholesale Sex

Word from Herve Leger is in for fall 2012 and that word is: If you like it, put a harness on it! Check it out if you don't believe me.

Seems fashion designers have taken to designing fashions based on bondage harnesses. Of course, the harnesses are purely decorative and no one should EVER think of using them to actually put the wearer in bondage, no, heaven forfend! But the straps and the rings are RIGHT THERE nonetheless, in many cases. So, you COULD put them in bondage, and that's kinda the thing that makes them work for fashion designers I suspect, the idea of wearing bondage gear to parties and out on the street (insofar as the people who buy high fashion are ever seen out on the street) has a deliciously kinky edge to it.

But since it's high fashion, it's plausibly deniable, doncha know. Funny how that works out!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Slings and Arrows: Hamlet Gets Kinky

This image is totally unrelated to the story below, it's just a very cool bit of artwork I could not find an origin for. Found it at a pic post, there are several copies of it online, two of them on Spanish-language blogs, so I'm betting it's an illustration for some Spanish-language blog/book/magazine etc. Nice work!

The flying monkeys, ever hopeful creatures that they are, brought home this story about a film adaptation of Hamlet that is staged in Brooklyn's underground fetish community. (Please consider all "Ta be or nottabe, thass what I gotta figger out," jokes to be told.) The film is a product of Genesis Repertory, a theater troupe in Bay Ridge, New Jersey. Actual members of Brooklyn's underground fetish community appear in the film. (I'm guessing roleplay makes for good actors.) I found a link to a trailer for the film, here it is, but even though it's on Youtube, its not listed there, so don't bother doing searches on Youtube ... like I did.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jean Harlow In Nude Bondage (Fake)

Ah, if only! Image source: Found it on this nude celebrity site. They have obvious fakes mixed in with real nudity, and they don't distinguish between the two, so be forewarned. A more likely origin for the photo (it's found on many sites) is Crazy Ace Fakes, which is a pay site but at least is honest about its contents.

Here was have a photo of the "Blond Bombshell" of American cinema, Jean Harlow. She performed at a time when nudity in American films was nonexistent, so we have no real images of her body. Fortunately, we have this fake, a very nicely done image that matches Harlow's face to her body fairly well (though Harlow's face is noticeably lighter in tone than the body beneath it. Good job, in any event! I don't ordinarily do fakes but given the lack of real images of Jean Harlow in nude bondage, this will have to do.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Left Flapping In The Breeze

"Next time I'll try flagpole SITTING!" Image source: Sex and

An otherwise boring city panorama is livened up just by tying a naked woman to a flagpole. Who'd a thunk it?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite aka Jak Się Pozbyć Cellulitu

"Bachelor Number 2, you can have any of the slavegirls we have captured. All you have to do is get to her from your present position ... by crawling without letting any portion of your body get over 18 inches above the floor!" (Turns gas jets on full power.) Image source: vidcap from the movie "How To Get Rid of Cellulite."

I have never seen the movie pictured here, probably because it's Polish. But damn, is that an arresting image, or what? Three different damsels in three different forms of bondage, two of them tape gagged, all of them pretty and dressed in sexy underwear, with three guys in suits opposite them, a flaming floor between them. I had no idea that getting rid of cellulite was so much fun!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another WTF "Bondage" Harness

Models ... now with handles! Image source: The London Evening Standard.

Graduates of the London College of Fashion held a fashion show called "The Shape of Things To Come" and it was the usual frippery blah-blah. My flying monkeys found this particular image to be worthy because the writers, clueless as usual, described it as a bondage harness. I'm running it because it cracks me up.

Clearly it is a harness of some sort, but BONDAGE? I can easily think of three more logical uses for it:

1) Papoose bondage. Squaw in bondage. Squaw have papoose as a result of sexual bondage. Now squaw AND papoose in bondage!

2) It's a safety device for blonde models. Should they have a "blonde moment" and closely approach something they should not, such as a pit full of alligators or a floor-mounted wood chipper, you can use the handy rear handles to pull them to safety.

3) It's a harness designed for kite jumping. The wearer just standing around wearing the harness until hooked to a kite through the handy handles at rear, and jumps into the air to land they know not where.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Nude Lesbian Spanking Art

"I'm sorry I could not come up with something more elaborate, this little rig is the best I could do at the moment!" Image source: MkG2k7's Commissions Gallery on Deviant Art.

Found another topnotch artist on Deviant Art, fella named MkG2k7. The art you see here is less than half the size of the original. I highly recommend you hie yourself hence to the image link above and check out the full-size artwork. There are also lots of other images of naked women in chains, in dire peril, etc., executed with the same skill as this art.

From what I can tell the art is heavily post-processed via Photoshop and a few other programs, so it isn't exactly a still from a 3D animation, but damn ... can't argue with results like that!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Lord of Rings!

"Could be worse ... they could be playing horseshoes!" Image source: Device Bondage.

"Step right up, gents, if you can get the ring around the stick in the lovely ladie's butt, she'll ring your stick with her lovely labia!"

Friday, February 3, 2012

We've All Been There

"Will somebody drag the slavegirl out of the way?" Image source: Naughty

Something great comes on TV and the naked slavegirl IS IN THE WAY!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ksenia Solo and Asphyxia Noir: Celebrity Clones

Left: bondage model Asphyxia Noir. Right: "Lost Girl" TV star Ksenia Solo. Image source: left, Sex and, right: vidcap from "Lost Girl".

So, Ksenia Solo plays a hot Goth girl on the SyFy Channel's new TV series Lost Girl about a couple of hot young goth girls (one of whom is a Fae, a succubus in fact, making for much edgy sex, by American TV standards) who gets involved in a secret near-war the Fae (i.e., fairies of various stripe) are having. The Fae live among us and keep their identities secret, but they've got magical powers alrighty. It's all very urban mythology and it's a pretty good watch. (Psst. It's actually a Canadian science fiction TV series that is now in its second season, which is why it's so good.)

Asphyxia Noir is hot Goth model who sexes it up on Sex and Submission. Quite a resemblance eh? I'm thinking this is more definite proof that mad scientists are cloning Goth hotties for some reason. Not that you need a reason!

Try not to think of this next time you watch "Lost Girl"! Good luck! Image source: same as before.