Saturday, December 31, 2011

Alien-Themed Bordello To Open In Nevada

"Wait ... what? LEGO Trekkies? And nobody mentioned group rates! What have I gotten myself into?" Image source: it's surprising what a resourceful fellow like me can do in Second Life.

News is hitting the celebrity blogs that bordello owner Dennis Hof (of the HBO reality series "Cathouse: The Series" fame) is planning to open an alien-themed bordello in Nevada. And no, it will not be full of Latin Americans. It will be a REAL alien bordello, with Slave Leias, Orion Slave Girls, Silurians from Doctor Who and Neytiri from Avatar on hand to offer sexual delights to all the guys whose plans to get laid at DragonCon fall through, as they so often do.

No word yet on whether or not Hof plans to include Gorean paga sluts in his business plan, but really, he's missing a bet if he does not.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Super Happy Japanese Breast Bondage Fun Time

"Japanese scientists and engineers struggled for weeks to contain the huge breasts that threatened to overwhelm Japan's bondage industry last week ..." Image source: the pic says but it redirects to another site full of Japanese bondage imagery, so let me spare you the redirect.

Comments? What else is there, after "Whoa!"?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Star Wars Online Worried About Slave Leia RP I Think

"Jabba WOULD sell me to a Gorean paga tavern! Image Source: Original art by me, Pat Powers.

So my flying monkey brought home a link about Slave Girl Leia, which didn't seem to productive at first glance ... a discussion on what appears to be an official forum of the Star Wars: The Old Republic online RP game. It starts off innocently enough, with an RPer asking where she can get a sexy slavegirl outfit for her character. There are a couple of reasonable sorts of responses, then long about the fifth post the mod rushes in and locks the thread on the grounds that"We ask that everyone hold off on submitting feedback until they have experienced gameplay on Public Test." Check it out here.

Seemed kind of abrupt to me, then the penny dropped. Star Wars is not exactly Gor, but let's face it, the Web is FULL of visual evidence that fantasies about Slave Leia are pretty much all about sex slavery. Or heroic rescues from sex slavery. Often, both! (See above, and below.)

So, Star Wars probably wants to attract that wonderful, mythical FAMILY audience that corporations love so much, and they are probably EXTREMELY leery of all the RP that Slave Leia is likely to spawn, so they're EXTREMELY skittish about it. I mean, it COULD be that the thread was shut down purely for the technical reasons that were cited, but it sure seemed awfully HASTY to me. I'm betting, corporate stuffed shirts gave out orders to put the nix on the sexy slave girl stuff.

Good luck with that, corporate stuffed shirts.

HAD to include this image, it's the best Slave Leia fake I've seen by a long shot. Found it on the NVM discussion board. Attempts to chase down the actual origin proved futile except for several other discussion boards and pic posts, despite the fact that there was a cartouche on the original image that said, "faked by HM." Googling the image, the term "faked by HM," "fakes by HM," "photomanips" and "HM" all proved futile, as did Googling the cartouche that said "faked by HM." So, whoever you are, HM ... good work! There's a lot of other good Slave Leia art on the NVM board and elsewhere on the Web, have fun checking it out.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Slave Leia Cheerleaders

Dibba! Dooba! Yibba! Yabba! You kill Bobba, I'll strangle Jabba! YAAAAAAYYYY!!!"

Another thing that HAD to happen sooner or later -- Slave Leia cheerleaders. Of course, the substitution of a gorilla for Darth Vader is an INTERESTING choice, to say the least!

Image source: The flying monkeys found this on Something Weird. It's the NBA's Phoenix Suns Dance Team bringing the sexy on a Clone Wars Night promotion.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ElfXXX -- World of Sexcraft

"How about a nice drowjob, Master?" Image source: Elfxxx site trailer.

Had to happen sooner or later! I was reading the smart posts over at the Erosblog and I noticed and ad for what looked like a sexy video game called Elfxxx.

I checked it out further and realized that somebody has decided to bring the sexy to the World of Warcraft, using those incredibly lifelike Poser 3D animations that just keep getting more and more lifelike. Thus, Elfxxx, a new porn site/game/whatever-the-hell-it-is. Apparently it is the story of a number of hot female elves involved in a war with somebody or other, whose primary response to attacks is to fuck their way out of them.

The Elfxxx site
advertises that it has storylines, and has a demo showing some limited ability to control the action in the XXX sex scenes, but there's no indication that players can become a character and get immersed in the game as you can in, say, Second Life Gor.

There's also no indication of sexual bondage, but that may be a sampling error.

Still, it looks like a beautifully realized vision of World of Warcraft with sexy elves doing the sexy sex, and I imagine may prove very attractive to WoW players and other RPG types whose minds turn to the occasional sex fantasy. The sexual killer app that will drive an adult exodus from WoW? I doubt it. But a step in the right direction that MIGHT become such ... very likely!

The farther apart her knees are, the more powerful the spell she casts!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Contradictory Image

I'm in the corner, but there's no guarantee I won't be naughty AGAIN ..." Image source: one of those TGP posts.

Interesting image. The face is round and soft, looks almost like baby fat, like it's one of those 'barely legal' girls that are so popular among scumbags. (Cause what they really want is girls young enough to be illegal.)

But then looks at those hands! Worst case of man hands evah! And those arms! When I first noticed her hands I thought her cuffs were tight and had cut off her circulation, but then I noticed the ropy veins on her arms. That girl is buff! I mean, waaaaay buff! Scary buff, in conjunction with her pouty expression. I'm not sure what I'm looking at here, really, because the rest of her body doesn't look that buff at all. A puzzler! (I love puzzles.)

BTW, I have not posted for two days, not because of Christmas but because my old computer caught a trojan and I was planning to update to a new computer and i spent a day installing a new power supply and video card. Rocking with it now, but it has been tedious. What's more, GoDaddy, where my Bondagerotica site is hosted, supports SOPA and I am going to be looking for another host. No money of mine is going to them. (They claim to have withdrawn their support, but a nuanced look at their statement shows they are just trying to keep the tens of thousands of sites that have been leaving them every day to stay on while still pleasing their Washington scumbag friends.) Gonna go, GoDaddy, yes I am.

Update: Thanks and a tip o' the hat to Spank Boss of the Spanking Blog for giving me the 411 on this image: it's from Hustler's "Taboo Magazine," the print version, but there's also an online gallery. Here's the URL for Taboo.

Friday, December 23, 2011

If You Find One Of These Under Your Tree This Christmas

You know, this is the sort of girl you DON'T bring home to mother. Hell, this is the sort of girl you don't even untie after the sex! For your own safety! Image courtesy of Blue Blood.

Here's hoping you find something agreeable under your Christmas tree this year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Holiday Treat

Bondage Barbie? Piece of cake!

It's not often I see something on the icanhascheezburger family of websites that fits right into this blog, but Mrs. Powers spotted this over on and it certainly does fill the bill! Check it out, and you know, you can always bookmark it and "accidentally" discover it with someone whose reaction you'd find interesting, while remaining deep within the realm of plausible deniability. Plus, site is an excellent time waster!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Political Gets Sexual, And Vice Versa

Believe it or not, this is a statue of a sex slave, apparently her specialty was catering to men who liked to look at women sitting around fully dressed. Those Koreans know how to create arresting imagery, eh? Image source: Yonhap News.

The flying monkeys have been very confused this week. They've brought back an awful lot of political news, but I just didn't have the heart to shoot them because it was clearly labelled bondage news.

First off is the story associated with the image above: South Koreans have set up a statue of a Korean comfort woman outside the Japanese embassy. Seems that the Japanese army kidnapped tens of thousands of Korean women to use as "comfort women," i.e., sex slaves, for the troops. Perhaps you think the Koreans are kind of harping on something that happened 60 years ago, but you'd be wrong. Seems the Japanese have been very, very slow to admit their culpability with regard to the wholesale murdering, torturing and raping they did during World War II, even though everybody else in the world knows what they did.

So rather than harping on an old wound the Koreans are giving the Japanese a well-deserved poke in the eye for refusing to acknowledge their guilt. If the Japanese had been able to man up and admit their culpability like the Germans did after World War II, this would be harping. But as things stand now, it's not.

Now THESE are sex slaves! The fun kind! Image source: vidcap from the hentai "Behind Closed Doors."

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spicy Mysteries of Housework

She kept scrubbing the floor, and SCRUBBING the floor, but SOMEHOW, she could never get the hands with hypodermic needles out of it!

Alternatively: There HAD to be an easier way to test new vaccines than kidnapping blondes and chaining them up in basements, but damned if any of the scientists were interested in trying to find one!

Image source: Spicy Mystery magazine.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Slavebuttvision and New Celebrity Slave Girls

The first thing the guys did when they got their bachelor pad was throw out the old TV and install slavebuttvision. Sure, there was only one program, you couldn't change the channel, there was no remote control and the volume control was a gag ... but you could fuck it! Image source: Fucking

Also, three new lovelies added to our Celebrity Slave Pens: Jennifer Connolly, Rose McGowan and Kelly Brook.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Having Second Thoughts

"And THIS, Marge, is why you NEVER go third-class on Nazi submarines! Sun deck, hell!"

Image source: a sweat mag, of course. Not sure which one. Did you know Shere Hite used to pose for them? Oh, and I HAVE to add this great quote from "If you want reality on steroids, with an LSD chaser, there’s nothing quite like the surreal “reality” of vintage men’s adventure magazines."

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adventures of Hercules In The Land of Cheese

"Oh ... goody. Another rescue. How many times do I have to get tied up like this before the big lunk gets the idea?" Source: vidcap from "The Adventure of Hercules." Thanks to the good folks at the Peplum blog for pointing it out!

The Adventures of Hercules is a ripe piece of sword and sandal cheese from 1985 starring strongman Lou Ferrigno. The reviewers on the Internet Movie Data Base give it a fairly thorough drubbing, but frankly it does not sound much worse than a lot of other family-oriented sword and sandal flicks.

And in one respect, it's much better than most. In this adventure, Hercules has a couple of lovely young wenches accompanying him on at least some of his adventures, and I guess it being 1985 they figured out that some watchers would like to see skimpily clad females along with the usual leather-diaper clad male lead, and the female leads are MOST entertaining. You can check out a very abridged version of the movie to see more of what I'm talking about.

That's what I'm talking about!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Red Lips And A Ring Gag

"eh-oh ah-er."Image Source: Jasmine

While perusing a number of eminent websites in pursuit of my intellectual studies, I noticed something rather striking: very few of the artsy bondage kinda sites have any idea what gags are all about, as they almost never use them.

Come to think of it, a lot of hardcore bondage sites tend to neglect gags, using them rarely, or not effectively. The pic above shows what gags are all about ... controlling the sub's mouth. In the case of a ring gag, it's propping the mouth open, allowing things to be shoved rapidly in and out of it. In the case of your more commonplace ball gag, it's filling the mouth, letting the sub know that even as her top is working her pussy, her mouth is still under his control, not hers.

It's also about the softly muffled cries of passion that get out from under a gag, and the way a string of drool trails down the chin, a visible reminder of the sub's helplessness. Sure, it contorts the sub's face a bit, but that's just another aspect of her helplessness. Her very expression is controlled by her top. The sub's mouth is for kissing and licking and oral sex, and when not in use for those purposes, is quite properly bound and put away for such uses later.

If you think about it in those terms instead of going "Eeeew, gag!" you might just up your game a notch or two, art bondage people. I'm not saying that this is my taste and everybody's taste ought to be like mine, I'm writing this because I think a lot of bondage/sub-top/master-slave/up-down/whoopsi-doodle type folks might just find themselves enjoying gags a lot more of they put a little thought into what they are really all about.

And come to think of it, there ARE art bondage people, a lot of them. What the hell? What happened to bondage's ultra-skeeviness? I feel another post coming on!

Yours to use as you please, and when you please. Get the picture?Image Source:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

You Want To Put What Where?

It took them forever to reach orgasm with Janice tied up that way, and she walked with a limp for the next two days, but you don't win Needlessly Complicated Lesbian Bondage Sex Awards by wimping out.

Image source: For all your lesbian hogtie needs!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Illustrated History of The Feminist Sex Wars

"I beg to differ on the construct of patriarchal society as an aspect of inter-gender colonialism -- you BITCH!"

And now for something COMPLETELY different ... over in Bondagerotica I've written a history of the Sex Wars ... what, you never heard of the Sex Wars? AKA the Feminist Sex Wars? AKA the Porn Wars? Well, neither had I, but if EVER a war had a name that was a triumphant example of the Rule of Cool, the Sex Wars did! And the more I read about it the more interesting it got!

So I HAD to write an article, and illustrate it properly you bet. What you see above is a re-enactment of a panel discussion in the famous Bernard Conference of 1982. I might have gotten ONE or TWO details wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm on target here.

So go read the article already, enjoy the pics and videos. Once again, much as in my history of Pony Girls, history will never seem quite so respectable again.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It Had To Happen ...

Steampunk bondage!

Source: Vidcap from the horror film "Hidden 3D." Apparently a mad scientist has developed a machine that can extract addictions from people by (waves hands wildly about) and the addictions live on as mutant monsters because (rolls on the floor gibbering madly). One woman gets the idea she is the mother to the monsters and decides to extract a mutant from the woman wearing the gag. The IMDB reviewers just SAVAGED this movie, it sounds like they wanted their two hours and their self-respect back for watching it. So don't watch it, but say, lovely steampunk style mutant extractor they've got that poor woman bound and gagged in, eh?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Why I Dumped the Paypal Donate Button

Won't you PLEASE help this innocent bondagette? She has no money to buy clothing, and her house is so small she can only wear it on her head! Please send money so she can at LEAST update to a brick house to wear on her head! (Image source: Public Disgrace.)

First of all, let me say that I feel that I am a truly worthy cause. Granted, I am not a sick cat, but my family owns a cat and he does not always feel well, and that should count for something. But apparently it does not in the eyes of Paypal, those bastards!

But generous and deserving soul though I am, I am not about to go through what Regretsy went through. They decided to collect money to give gifts to 200 poor families, and put up a Paypal donate button so visitors to the site could donate funds for that purpose. Paypal somehow discovered this hideous act of chicanery and froze Regretsy's Paypals accounts -- all of them, not just the charity account -- in order to keep those needy families from getting any ill-gotten gains.

Seriously, Paypal said that the donate button could be used for sick cats, but not for needy families! And a lot of other bullshit ... read the story at the link, it's got almost unbelievable levels of corporate bullshit and dickery in it ... well, unbelievable unless you've ever had any dealings with Paypal.

So Regretsy got lots of publicity out of the debacle, which is great, but a regular guy like me? Doing sexual bondage humor? They'd squash me without a thought.

In fact, the only thing that has saved me from being in serious trouble with Paypal is YOU GUYS! You, wonderful readers, have kept me out of trouble by not making a SINGLE donation to my site through the Paypal button or otherwise! It's like YOU KNEW!

Still, even without the Paypal donate button, you can help. I've created all sorts of phoney-baloney artwork on Cafe Press and Deviantart that can be put on T-shirts, mugs, mousepads and other ostensibly useful objects for you to buy. And they allow credit card purchases as well as Paypal, so you are relatively safe.

In fact, I've created new artworks for both sites -- four new t-shirts on Cafe Press, half a dozen new whatnots on Deviantart. Here's a sample below:

Just a sample of the great art to be found at my Deviant Art and Cafe Press sites. And for the record ... my children STILL have no (sob) polo ponies ... and my cat, well ... I threw the jangly ball a short while ago and ... (sniffle) he showed NO INTEREST* in chasing it!

*OK, he never does, but still ...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting the Joke

Sure, right ... this will be my ticket to Hollywood. I'm sure I'll be working underneath a lot of famous Hollywood directors ... tell me another one!"

Ya know, we stay so busy being sexy and bondage-y that sometimes we forget just how fricking funny sexual bondage is. Well, I don't, but to judge from a lot of websites, plenty of others do.

Then you see a model like this flashing a big delighted grin while she's naked and chained wrist to ankle in a hogtie, because OF COURSE bondage is funny, and fun, and downright silly at times, and OF COURSE it makes you laugh if you're in a non-threatening environment when you do it. And you can't help but smile in response. A very good thing.

Image source: first found on Anything Like This, a tumbler site that reblogs bondage images, and has a good feel for good color and composition and most of all, interesting expressoins on the model's faces. An image search reveals it's been on a lot of sites, many of them Russian, so I'm betting one of the Russian bondage sites, but I'm not sure which.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Empowered Meets Wonder Woman

Captioning on my part would be gilding the lily. And I know better than that!

Permit me to introduce you to the work of GrouchoM, another Deviantart sort of guy (if that is indeed his real name!). His specialty is drawing artwork based on existing animated images and comics. He appears to be a big fan of Totally Spies, but he also does Teen Titans, Drew Saturday, Fantastic Four, various anime and manga ... he goes wherever his sense of humor leads him. His specialty is humorous captions, and as you can tell from this image, he's got a great feel for making his characters' speech exactly match the original, which greatly ramps up the humor. And he also has a nice way of ramping up the bondage and damsel in distress imagery in his art, though he stays within the confines of the original character (i.e., the costumes tend to stay on).

As you may know, I'm a big fan of Empowered and Wonder Woman, so this comic really pushes my buttons.

In this case, Empowered's bumbling foot-in-mouth geek girl style of speech perfectly fits the occasion as she gushes over Wonder Woman but manages to do so in a way that just might infuriate her. Great stuff, and there's plenty more like it on is DeviantArt gallery, so hustle on over there and get some laughs!

Friday, December 9, 2011

You Have To Read the Fine Print!

She had seen the sign in the store window that said "Shoplifters Will Be Persecuted," and had noticed it had not said "Prosecuted," but THIS seemed to be taking things a bit too far!

Image source: Public Disgrace, of course.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chloe Sevigny's Bondage Closet

"This is my steel slave collar, it's just the thing to wear when you want to give a very special sort of blowjob."

So there's the video show called "Opening Ceremony" on the Web, some kind of celebrity thingie, and in its "At Home With Chloe Sevigny: part I" episode, Chloe Sevigny invites viewers to tour her closet. It's a big closet, stuffed full of things, it even has a desk in it where presumably Sevigny has spent many happy hours, literally in the closet.

So the show is following her as she rummages around in her closet, just the very thing that would thrill me if I were female or gay, instead I'm sitting there wondering which of my flying monkeys I will put to death for dragging this piece of crap back from the Interwebs, and suddenly Chloe reaches into a drawer and pulls out a stainless steel bondage collar (see above) and puts it on her neck. Flying monkey reprieve, you betcha!

"I went out and bought some bondage gear while we were filming (whatever) because I was bored," Sevigny explained as she displayed it.

Let me help you with that, Chloe. Your spelling is a little off. It's not spelled "b-o-r-e-d" it's spelled "h-o-r-n-y," OK? You don't buy bondage gear to combat boredom, you buy it because you want to do the nasty in that special nasty way.

It's a shame she didn't show off any gags or cuffs, but hell, a collar is a very nice thing to show off. Celebrity Bondage section? Oh, yah!

Here's a link to the video if you want to watch for yourself. I forget where the action starts, but ... it's far too long, wherever it is.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Great Bondage Comic Talent Discovered By Me!

Yeah, a big image, might take a little scrolling, but damn, totally worth it. You can see more like it at shiniez' deviantart page. Do go there!

So, a couple days ago I get a message from an acquaintance on a message board I frequent that said, "You ought to check this guy's art out, I think you'd really enjoy it." So I checked it out, mostly to be nice, because most of the time I get such recommendations it's for an artist who's basically mediocre but is pushing the recommender's buttons in all sort of ways. Which may not be the same buttons I have.

But after an hour so staring bug-eyed at topnotch artwork, wondering why the hell I'd never heard of Shiniez before, I posted to the guy and asked if I could publish the piece you see above. He was cool about it and so, here we are.

It's not JUST the quality of the artwork though. Shiniez has a white-hot focus on the lesbian bondage fantasy, not just from the viewpoint of the kinky sex, though he is absolutely spot-on there, but from the viewpoint of the character dynamics of the fantasy. You understand the attraction the highly kinky relationship has for the characters involved, which makes the sexual imagery much more powerful.

What I'm saying is, this guy is a major bondage art talent and you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to get your eyeballs over to his page and give it a look. And if you like it, damn, buy something of his, nothing like rewarding talent directly! This guy is freaking good. He's been at it for over a decade! (/grumbles) How did I miss all that bondage-y goodness for so long?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Booke Burke Charvet Is Our Newest Celebrity Slavegirl

You should see her when she dances. Yow-fucking-zah!

"Dancing With The Stars" co-host Brooke Burke Charvet is added to our Celebrity Slavegirl department thanks to a smoking-hot photo shoot she did for Playboy Magazine that included a costume that is even more slavegirlish than the one seen here, which didn't QUITE make the cut. You can see the photo here.

Image source: Playboy Magazine, natch.

Putting the "Power" in Power Tools

"When he said he was going to strap me down and drill me, I had something else in mind, but ... this'll do!" (Kid, don't try this at home! These are professional bondage models, they know what they're doing!)

Image source: Mythbusters. Um ... wait, that's a different Mythbusters, the one I sometimes imagine when I watch the show. Actually it's Sex and Submission where they often display a sense of fun where bondage is concerned.

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Celebrity Slave Girl Department Features Celebrity Slave Girls!

"Welcome to the slave pens, ladies!"

Now, I'm going to be honest with you. STRICTLY speaking, there are no celebrities who are slave girls. Mostly they are wealthy and enjoy a lot more freedom than, say, anyone else on Earth, for the most part.

HOWEVER ... a lot of them, in the course of being celebrities and actresses and so forth, have dressed in a manner that is purest slave girl fantasy fuel, and really, we'd feel downright foolish ignoring all that fantasy fuel. Frankly, considering the general state of the economy and the world, we feel that fantasy fuel should be mined as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible. We do not want to be responsible for America, or the world even, getting behind the curve on ensuring slave girl fantasy fuel supplies! We're proactive! Engaged! And totally enjoying all the hot celebrities running around dressed all slavish and skimpy!

So, check out our Celebrity Slave Girl Department and see what you think! Bondagerotica is COMMITTED to having America's fantasies humming along smoothly into the foreseeable future!

Our first inductees are Carrie Fisher (natch) and Katherine Heigl. A careful examination of the artwork that accompanies this article should give an idea of a few others, but frankly, there are MANY candidates here. All to the good! (I'll post the celebrities in the header in the comments section later, in case anyone wants to guess.)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gagged, Harnessed Paga Slut Dances For Masters

"Her dance was so hot it melted the tabletop candle even though it was not lit."

Got some new art up for my Cafe Press T-shirt shop, a Gorean paga slut dancing for free men in the confines of a paga tavern, wearing only a ball gag and a sex harness, not knowing which if any of them will drag her to an alcove and use her. Adds a whole new element to being a waitress!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Three Double-D Bondage

Check out this great poster for the movie, "The Sword and the Cross" in which two of the female leads and their very large breasts endure 3 double-D bondage. I mean, those are some rope-straining hooters on those sword and sandal babes. Somebody in the marketing department knew what they were doing!

The poster can be found in a larger size over at the Peplum site, which is a great resource if you like sword and sandal films, and who doesn't? By the way, the poster appears to be a reference to a different title for the film, as "Die Sklavinnen von Karthago" means "The Slaves of Carthage" as far as I can tell. Same movie, different title, VERY nice poster!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jessica Alba: Naked, Tied Or Just Cloned?

"I'm pretty sure there's a no-nudity clause in my contract! Can't we just leave my undies on and gag me? I have no non-gag gag clauses in my contract, I'm sure of that!"

Once again, we have semi-irrefutable evidence of yet another celebrity gone all naked and bondage-y! This time it's Jessica Alba, seen here naked and tied in suspension with her nipple showing and everything! She doesn't look too happy about it, and who can blame her, since she is one of the few younger actresses who refuses to do nudity?

Of course, it's not the bondage that bothers her, she's shown up bound and/or gagged plenty of times in her film career, most notably in "Into the Blue" where she's handcuffed to a dead guy and is tape gagged.

When it comes to bondage, Alba is a trooper, alrighty!
Image source: vidcap from Into the Blue.

I've included two images of closeups of Alba's face so you'll know that it's her alrighty. I know what you're thinking: a fake, a photomanip, a MacFukkin. Nope.

Of course, if you want to get TECHNICAL about it and do some RESEARCH -- which I seriously advise NOT doing! -- you might discover that the person in the image is the bondage model Kristina Rose doing a video about kinky vampires for Sex and Submission. Those guys again! Wouldn't you know it? So ... don't do that research! Sometimes, ignorance is bliss!