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See my Fuck You Too, Google post a little way down the page for an explanation.

Dimorphism At Work!

"Dental work? Dr. Feelgood only drills where it feels good, woman!" Image source:

Another nice instance of sexual dimorphism (one sex differently bodied than the other, in this case, large male, small female) once again courtesy of Rachel Roxx, who's very short to begin with, and who in this image is kind of folded up by the bondage. If you unfold her with your eyes (and let's be honest, fellas, we do that to women we see on the street all the time) I bet the top of her head barely grazes the guys' shoulder. Check out the post I did on this topic featuring two women earlier.

But along with the dimorphism, this post tickled me because of the background, with the three vibrators hanging on the wall like power tools in a garage. Obviously, very much a work environment, granted, it's sex work. Now some may say "sex work" is an oxymoron, but I say if you do it for money, it gets to be work after a while, even if it's fun.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fuck You Too, Google

At least she can see it coming! Image source:

In case any of you were wondering where I've been, I've had major computer issues the past few days. A lightning storm fried my motherboard on my main computer. I have a backup, but it had a virus on it. I cleared the virus from it, but then it crashed -- total black screen of death, didn't even have a blinking cursor. It wasn't fried motherboard, it was a software issue. Days of work cleared that up, I had it working and THEN it wouldn't connect with the internet. More days of work. Yesterday I had it up and running and was all set to begin work again, when my Internet connectivity allowed me to visit my mailbox and find this missive that Google had freshly sent out:

Important Update to Adult Content Policy on Blogger

You are receiving this message because you are the admin of a blog hosted on Blogger which is identified to have Adult content.

Please be advised that on June 30th 2013, we will be updating our Content Policy to strictly prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger. After June 30th 2013, we will be enforcing this policy and will remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites.

If your adult blog currently has advertisements which are adult in nature, you should remove them as soon as possible as to avoid any potential Terms of Service violation and/or content removals.

The Blogger Team

Well I can summarize this message for you very neatly: "Fuck You, Adult Blogger." Basically, they are giving me four days ... no, three days, as of today ... to scrub all the affiliate links from my blog, or they'll shut it down. Many long hours of tedious work for me, a flip of the switch for them, if I don't comply.

Or even if I DO comply, because really ... why should Blogger give a shit about whether or not its adult blogs make money? They don't. They're just trying to clean up their corporate image even though as everyone knows, when searching for porn, "Google is you friend." (Let's see how long that lasts.) Google has already forced us behind an adults-only wall, they penalize adult blog links in their search engine, and they are generally assholes when it comes to adult content. I think this is another step toward cleaning out their adult blogs entirely. Clearly, they are going down the same corporate road that Yahoo and Apple have, shitting all over the porn content that makes new innovators successful, once they have other sources of revenue streaming in.

Well, I am currently mirroring my site, and to be honest, I never trusted Google ... all my images are mirrored on my own domain, and I've been saving the text of my posts for a while now. So even if Google finds some affiliate link I've missed and uses that as an excuse to switch this blog off, I've got plenty of resources to get it back up.

And frankly, at this point, any adult blogger who doesn't believe that Google has him or her in their crosshairs is playing the fool.

I saw this coming. Just didn't know how fast it was coming.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Confused Sex Slaves

"Please, Master, it's not what it looks like! By the way, Master ... what does it look like? Really, we've got no idea what we're supposed to be doing here ... are we being lesbians or what?" Image source:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Safety Straps

"Sure, she LOOKS harmless right now. But she's a fully trained battle slave, and if that buttplug weren't strapped in, she could, with one clench of her buttocks, send it hurtling at your head so fast and so accurately that you'd be lying on the ground with a buttplug-shaped dent in your forehead in a split second!" Image source:

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Punishing of Jendri Reviewed

Cover art for Punishing of Jendri. Looks all right at this size, but it does not scale well. Image source: Punishing of Jendri ebook.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Punishing of Jendri by Susanna Valent, because it's just filled with lesbian slavegirl dominance and submission goodness. The book opens with General Jendrickar Verrian, brilliant young head of the Obdurian armies, leading the fight against the Asperian armies. Democratic Obduria has decided that it's time to teach autocratic Asperia the importance of being democratic and peaceful.

The battle is decisive, a disaster for the Obdurians, and General Verrian is captured on the field of battle. She's brought before K'endarra, Queen of Asperia, naked in chains, and learns that her fate is to remain naked and in chains, the personal slave of Kendarra, and by personal we mean she'll spend much of her time naked with her tongue in Kendarra's pussy.

It will take a lot of torture to break Jendri, but the Queen is down with that, she's willing to punish Jendri as much as it takes, and also to punish Jendri's captured subordinates, and well, anyone else. Fortunately, the punishment consists of whipping and paddling, mostly, no heavy BDSM here. Another reason I liked this book. But it's worth noting that it's not pain that finally breaks Jendri and makes her Kendarra's slave, but pleasure ... ANOTHER reason I liked this book.

The Punishing of Jendri definitely falls on the porny end of the erotic romance spectrum. The characters are strong and well developed, but not subtle. And the sex scenes, which mostly consist of cunnilingus, are explicit and lengthy, and there are a LOT of them.

There is also a lot of tasty slavegirl dominance and submission in the story. Jendri is renamed Riki the slut, and is forced to go naked at all times, including when the queen is holding an audience. Riki the slut is also forced to lick Kendarra's pussy in public while naked, which is a damn good idea. What's worse, she's physically attracted to the queen, and her body often “betrays” her as she gives her queen the lip and tongue service she requires.

Jendri also has to clean and serve as a personal maid to the queen, who has other slaves of course, but being a defeated enemy and all, Jendri gets the brunt of the dominance.

Despite the physical attraction, there's no love between Kendarra and Jendri. Jendri spends all of her time scheming to escape from the queen and lead a rebellion. She does as the queen orders but only out of fear of punishment, a well-founded fear, as the queen punishes her for the least little thing. The story element of the book lies in how Kenderra and Jendri's relationship changes, for the better overall. I won't give away plot points on that but I will say that the change in the relationship is handled well. It's not a John Normanish, “I will never be a slave ... oh, I LOVE being a slave” sort of thing at all. There's a good reason why the relationship changes, and the changes are shown as occurring incrementally, over time.

That said, I wish the book had dwelt more on the breaking of Jendri. She was a freaking GENERAL, I should think it would have humiliated her a lot more to become a naked slavegirl, or at least, it should have been shown more. It would have been a valid excuse for lots of sex and D&S scenes, and would have made Jendri's character more believable.

Still, I enjoyed the book. The fantasy milieu appealed to me. The story is set in a basically medieval Amazon world ... there are men in it, but they are definitely bit players, women hold most of the power and the men are not mentioned much at all.

I liked the porny sex scenes for the strong slavegirl dominance/submission aspects, I just wish it hadn't been mostly cunnilingus. I like cunnilingus, and it works very well for dominance/submission stories, but lesbians do other things than cunnilingus I understand, and some of them can be very, very bondage-y, and also work very well for dominance and submission. Just a thought!

The book was also way short on bondage for my tastes. No gag scenes, and Jendri is tied to tables and posts and so forth when she's whipped and paddled, but that's about it. There is a nice scene when she is forced to spend a day going about her slavey business in the palace with a whip handle jammed up her pussy, but that's more humiliation than bondage.

That said, I'm very comfortable with having spent money on The Punishing of Jendri. I wish it were longer, but it appears to be one of those cases of dividing a long book into four shorter books and selling them for $3.99 each, rather than trying to sell one book for $11.96, much like the Slave Harems of Xhagia series. I don't really mind this actually … it gives me a chance to get a really good feel for the book for a relatively small price, though I think the individual elements should be less expensive. Twelve bucks is a lot for a book that costs $0 to print.

I am thinking hard about buying the next book in the series, just to see how the relationship between Jendri and Queen Kendarra develops, like do they ever move beyond cunnilingus, but I've got a lot of books on my “to read” list right now so probably won't be doing so right away. I'd say if you like slavegirl dominance and submission with lots and lots and lots of cunnilingus, especially in a medieval lesbian fantasy world, get your damn money out now, this book is for you! Even those who, like me, mostly enjoy the slavegirl sex with dominance and submission scenes, will enjoy the book.

It is good to be the queen! The queen's slavegirl ... not so much. And note that that's not cunnilingus those two are doing. Image source:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Straightjacket Supermodel Video

Now THIS is a hot music video! Click on the image to see the video. Image source: Straightjacket Supermodel vidclip.

Found a video called "Straightjacket Supermodel" on Youtube, by a group called "Eve To Adam." It's got a racy scene with a latex-clad (I think it's latex, I don't have any fabric fetishes, so they are kinda all alike to me) dominatrix uncaging a ballgagged babe in lingerie and leading her around on a leash. Not THAT a big a deal, except I also like the music, it's nice growly rock with a hard metal influence, I found it quite listenable. Don't know if I can dance to it, but I can DEFINITELY watch ballgagged, collared babes being led around on leashes to it. (Warning: there is NOT a happy ending for the ballgagged blonde, an axe is involved, but it's all very cartoonish and affected, so not all that grueling.) Check the video out and see what you think.

Is she or isn't he? Image source: Straightjacket Supermodel vidclip.

Of course, with a group named "Eve To Adam" you have to suspect that there might be some gender-bending going on in the video. Stands to reason. So I checked this video out hard. And this is the most incriminating vidcap I could find. Nice sized chin. Nice bicep. Brown hair under the blond, is the dye job growing out or is that a wig? Nothing that seems all that determinative, really, so my conclusion is, don't know, don't care. But a fun game to play, nonetheless.

The Thrill Of Victory, And the Agony of De Butt

The Olympics' new Silly Weight Lifting category would call forth some of the silliest weight lifters in the world, but her Mistress had whipped her into a frenzy of determination to win, and she was sure she would win, if only because the shoe gag would surely clench it! Image source:, for all your lesbian whipping needs. By the Beltway.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Her Lips Are Sealed ... All of Them ...

"Note to self: "I'm not sure what I said or what I did to piss Master off, but next time I'll hide all the clothespins before I do whatever it was I said or did, if I can just figure that out!" Image source: Sex and

The buttplug was completely gratuitous!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Catwoman Ball Gagged and Hogtied, But It Ain't Porn, Nope!

"Catwoman ball gagged and hogtied! Zowie! Batman! Where did you find that? Some porn site so porny that it doesn't even have a name? REALLY? I09? Jeepers! I'll have to check it ... what do you mean, it's been bat-blacklisted?" Image source: This article in I09.

So, my flying monkeys brought in this story about a Kickstarter project called Superheroes In Bondage. The relatively modest budget of a little over $4000 allowed model and writer Lela Gwenn to travel to the studios of photographer Richard Kadrey and do a photoshoot of her dressed up as Catwoman (see above), Harley Quinn, Death and Leelo from Fifth Element, all of them in various states and forms of bondage. DO check out the article, you might like seeing Harley Quinn tied to a bed in a spreadeagle.

In the article you'll see a link to other fetish photography by Kadrey. DO check that link out, because it's got pictures of women's vaginas in it. Shaved vaginas seen straight on. From back in 2008.

A very naked woman seen on I09 in this article. Hey, but it must be art, because she's got a dead octopus on her leg. Right?

Now here's what kills me about these pics. The rules I know about porn as far as big advertisers is, if you got boobies, it's porn. If you got naked vagina, as I09 and the Huffington Post have, it's HARDCORE PORN.

You know, porn like this blog is porn, according to Adsense, which won't run ads on my blog because it's so goddam porny. Huffington Post and I09 meanwhile, are awash in mainstream advertisers. Now granted, they don't run images of naked women, or naked women having sex, with every story, then again, neither do I. (My stories' naked women frequency may be a TAD higher than theirs, I'll admit.) But the rule is, if you have just one image of a naked breast, you're porn! A vagina with the labial lips hanging out? Porn! Porn! Porn! No mainstream advertisers for YOU and you get stuck behind an "I'm an adult" wall!

Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break! It's pure bullshit! There is no porn! There is no erotica! There is no mainstream! There are only articles, about sex or bondage or other things, well done or badly done. Everything else is a fucking lie.

Is this so far from what I09 has shown? Here we have Scarlet Johanson and Anne Hathaway as Poison Ivy and Catwoman, respectively, in nude bondage with their vaginas displayed. A nice fake from Dr. Villain, go to this page to see a MUCH larger version of the same image, and there's also a story to go with it. Also, kudoes to Dr. Villain for crediting Device Bondage for the original image from which the fake was created.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

... but he's so cute!

Brunette: "Sure, he's got me naked with my hands cuffed at head height, and my legs tied in a split, and he's fucking me up the ass instead of where all the good nerve endings are ... but he's so cute!"

Redhead: "Oh, yeah ..."
Image source: Sex and

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Horniest Little Disney Princess

Saw the cute little eyes of the handgagged girl in the lower right hand corner and was IMMEDIATELY reminded of this image of the Disney cosplayers seen above, especially the two to the immediate left of the the inset photos. Image source: the Interwebs, this one is on about half the cosplay pinterest boards on the Web. Seriously.

This is the image that the handgagged princess is from. Not exactly Disney. Ahem. Image source:

Something about the way the handgagged woman's eyes looked up at her captor just tickled me. Very Disney princess! Not cosplay, however. For that, you have to have a costume.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Feminism: What's In A Name?

"Let's see, you're both naked, you're both ball gagged, you're both butt plugged, and you're both in wrist-ankle bondage, and you both call yourselves feminists, but one of you is an equity feminist and one of you is a gender feminist. Fortunately, I have this paddle." Image source:

You know something is happening when a group that has a well-known, iconic label that has served them well finds that label being fractured and modified. Well, that is what is happening to "feminism" right now. I coined the term "anti-sex feminists" years ago to describe those feminists who were generally opposed to heterosexuality, often of female homosexuality, that didn't fit their opinions on what was politically correct. I wrote about the origin of this group and the deep schism that they created among feminists in my article on the Sex Wars.

But I'm not the only one who's felt it necessary to find more apt descriptions of feminists. Some feminists have adopted the terms "gender feminists" and "equity feminists" to describe themselves. Gender feminists are feminists who see the feminist cause as a struggle between the sexes, with one side gaining at the other's expense. It's described by the inventor of the phrase as a "gynocentric" and "misandrist" element of feminism, due to its "us vs. them" approach, no doubt.

Equity feminists believe, basically, in equality between the sexes. They want equal pay for equal work, no glass ceilings in the workplace, that sort of thing. Sure, they want to end sexism, but they see the result as a benefit for both men and women.

A lot of feminists have started using this terminology, including a few who'd fall into the camp of the gender feminists, which is surprising, because the term was invented by an equity feminist (scholar Christina Hoff Summers), and gender feminists are definitely the villains in this terminology, with equity feminists the heroines.

Here's the thing though. Gender feminists are also called neofeminists and (by me) anti-sex feminists. People are creating these terms for a reason … they don't think that the set of beliefs and behaviors that the feminists they call “gender feminists” are or should be those shared by all feminists. But it's not just people who have thought about feminist issues.

There is a famous phenomenon called “I am not a feminist but” in which women, often women who are notable or have done notable things, say "I am not a feminist, but" and then go on to say they believe in treating women as the equals of men, or that they believe it's all right for them to do their thing that's so notable, or something to that effect. Feminists tend to dismiss such statements as the products of ignorance.

I think just the opposite. I think that most of these women are either explicitly or implicitly identifying themselves as equity feminists ("I am not a feminist, but I believe in equality between men and women" is exactly a description of an equity feminist, except for the "I'm not a feminist" part). And they are distancing themselves from some other perceived feminists. What sort of feminists?

Gender feminists, of course! Those man-hating, patriarchy-believing, porn-censoring, women as victims portraying people, that's who!

But why, if there are gender feminists and equity feminists both, do notable people believe that feminists are by and large gender feminists, and not equity feminists?

Because the leadership of feminists mostly consists of gender feminists, of course. And gender feminists are not popular because they are backing a lot of actions and ideas that most people don't care for at all … that whole “men are rapists by nature” thing, and spreading lies about sex trafficking, and opposing porn, and generally being over the top and beside the point where most Americans are concerned.

When a notable woman says, "I am not a feminist but" she is trying to avoid the feminist label because it's widely associated with gender feminism and not equity feminism.

Gender feminists generally do not self-identify as gender feminists, they simply consider themselves "feminists." They have every reason to do so. They of course wish to claim the mantle of feminism generally, and may honestly believe that equity feminism does not represent feminists or women. But I'm sure there are others who realize that by calling themselves feminists they are getting the good-will mantle that traditional feminism ... i.e., equity feminism ... has earned, even though much of what they advocate is not what would be considered equity feminism.

The thing to know now is, there really are two kinds of feminists: equity feminists and gender feminists. The vast majority of women who call themselves "feminists" have not given it that much thought and assume that everyone understands that they are equity feminists, which is what they assume themselves to be. There is a smaller group of feminists who HAVE given it a lot of thought and consider themselves equity feminists with complete understanding of what they are talking about. There is a much smaller group of gender feminists, mostly in academia, who call themselves feminists, too, but basically they are all about hating on men.

Both sides call themselves feminists, but it behooves you to know the difference, because one is basically benign, and one is basically malign, in terms of advancing human freedom. And the gender feminists have once again hooked up with the moral conservatives. This relates directly to my earlier post on the new wave of censorship. More about that later.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kink Shows How To Yoke A Captive Properly

A yoked captive chained to some poles for execution in "Thor And the Amazon Women." Image source: vidcap from Thor and the Amazon Women.

Thor and the Amazon Women is a goofy little film that I reviewed in Hottitude of Servitude. It's notable for having the only mass yoke scenes in any mainstream movie that I know of. The bad gals routinely yoke captives via s short pole tied to their wrists, which the captives hold at the back of their necks. The binds at the wrists are nice and tight, but there's nothing binding the captive's neck to the yoke, which means that there is no reason the captive can't just lift the pole over their heads and carry it more comfortably in front of them, perhaps even using it as a weapon of sorts.

Still, there are practical reasons for not binding the actresses' necks to the poles -- it's dangerous. Necks are fragile things and the part that allows your brain to control your body runs right up the middle of them. In my review, I suggested a simple trick for making the necks APPEAR to be yoked to the women's bodies without actually having them yoked there.

But check out the image below:

A yoked captive from a video.

WhippedAss offers another approach: their captive is very similarly yoked to the one on Thor and the Amazon Women, and the yoke is secured in place as you'd expect in a bondage site, but instead of securing it to the captive's neck, it's secured to a rope running around the captive's upper chest. MUCH safer. Plus the ropes running in front could probably be rigged to accentuate the captive's breasts very nicely. All in all, a winning technique. Also, the wrist bonds on WhippedAss's captive, being thick with multiple loops, are much safer than the thin, tight bands on the wrists of the captives in Thor and the Amazon Women which are not faked, and which could conceivably cause nerve damage -- wrists are also fragile things. Learn from the pros, Hollywood.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Censorship Is Springing Up All Over

"Now kiss and make up, you silly censors!" Image source:

I'm sure you've all seen the news about Yahoo buying Tumblr, and their many corporate reassurances that they would leave Tumblr just as it was. This is what is known as a "lie" and the folks over at the Eros Blog have documented it. It seems that the folks at Yahoo have already altered the robots.txt for all the Tumblr blogs that have adult content, so that adult tumblr sites can't be found by search engines. Not just the Yahoo search engine, ANY search engine ... a sure indication of their intent to fuck over their adult content blogs.

In addition, Google Glass has said that Google Glass will NOT be used for porn. And Apple was banning porn from the Iphone back in 2009. And porn stars are being refused bank accounts because they're porn stars. Not loans, mind you ... accounts.

I know about the insane stupidity of corporate porn bans firsthand, of course. Seen any Google Adsense ads on this blog? Nope! Google, widely considered a TOPNOTCH way of finding porn on the Internet ("Google is your friend") will not run Adsense ads on its adult blogs. Fortunately for me, there's and a couple others. I've also tried a motley collection of scumbag advertisers who've proven to be completely useless as well, and often annoying.

In addition, Amazon won't let me get commissions for linking to their products from my Bondagerotica site because my site is too porny. This despite the fact that carries sexual bondage gear, bondage erotica (including my bondage novels) and a whole lot of movies that are just as raunchy as anything on my site.

It sounds like corporate interests are putting the squeeze on porn. Of course, corporate interests have never been friends of porn, nor necessarily ENEMIES of porn, but all they care about is making money and if it means censoring porn, buying Congressmen or robbing your grandma, that's bizness, baby. If businesses are people, they are greedy sociopaths.

But it's not just corporations. Worldwide, there are calls for censorship. I've reported on the Australian censorship drive, and on the English censorship law, well now there are calls for censorship in Iceland and the United States. Is there something going on under the surface here? I rather think there is. I'll write about it in an upcoming post if I don't get distracted by any pretty submissives with shiny tails.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Seven Reasons Everyone Wants To See Lindsay Lohan As Ana in Fifty Shades of Grey

Lindsay Lohan undergoes extreme method acting training at the studios of Image source:

Over the last six or eight months, the ballyhoo over "Fifty Shades of Grey" the book has mostly quieted down. It's been replaced by ballyhoo over casting for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. In fact, the ballyhoo started off full steam last summer and has hardly lost a beat all the way the present.

I have studiously, perhaps stupidly, ignored these stories (except for my April Fools post) since it was all baseless speculation. You can tell it's baseless speculation because practically every actor and actress in the United States and Europe has been put forth as a likely lead for the movie.

But I have finally encountered a speculation I can't resist: this report that Lindsay Lohan may be, or perhaps should be, interested in being the female lead for Fifty Shades of Grey. And the reason I can't resist it is there are SO many reasons for wanting Lindsay Lohan to be the lead.

Seven Reasons Everyone Wants To See Lindsay Lohan As Ana in Fifty Shades of Grey

1) From the viewpoint of the producers, actors, etc., involved in the movie, if it's a bomb, they can just blame it on Lindsay. At this point, who wouldn't believe it?

2) With all the drugs she's done and all she's gone through, she's probably be willing to do ANY kind of scene, we're talking right up to and including a full double-dildo Savage Fold with flaming dachshunds and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (see picture above).

3) She's probably ENJOY doing such scenes, and her enjoyment would probably show through and make the role work for her.

4) Even if you don't think she's hot and you hate her for all the weird stuff she's done, you STILL might want to see her in handcuffs and a ballgag with a butt plug up her ass.

5) If you DO think she's hot, you ALSO might want to see her in handcuffs and a ballgag with a butt plug up her ass.

6) If you hated the book and hate the very IDEA of the movie, you might just want her in the lead in the hopes that she'd fuck the movie up royally with some stupid new antic. The insurance premiums alone ...

7) Americans love comeback stories, and dammit, a comeback story with Lindsay Lohan triumphing in a role that has her tied up and fucked senseless is JUST what this country needs, dammit!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Human Commodity Reviewed

Nice work on censoring out the nipples. If Smith paid someone more than twenty bucks to do this cover they got screwed, cause I doubt it took more than half an hour's work. Image source: the Interwebs.

Human Commodity by Candace Smith is a book I bought recently on Amazon. I was hooked, frankly, by the storyline. It was absolutely compelling: in the near future the world is wracked by second economic collapse even worse than the one in 2007. (A very credible storyline, as Washington has failed to control the derivatives market that brought the economy down in 2007.) All the stock markets are locked in the doldrums, up arrows are not appearing by any firm's names and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

That is, until an evil young economist figures out that legalizing prostitution could easily lead to commoditizing women, and that women sold as slaves could be the hot new market that will bring the economy back into the pink, so to speak. Meanwhile, a feminist group is working hard to stop this new commodities market, even risking their daughters to stop it.

Damn, that's good plotting. I have seen SO MANY stories where the background is a simple, unimaginative set-up for the sex -- Arab has girl captive in his tent, mysterious rich man enslaves poor girl, etc. etc. -- and HERE is an interesting scenario indeed. And with maledom/femsub bondage as well ... oh, I spent the $6.45 (kinda high for a 143 page story) figuring what the hell, it would be an interesting read, one way or another.

I was of course, hoping for an incredibly enthralling read, with the sort of sexual bondage scenes that engrave themselves in your mind with their sheer hotness and brilliance, combined with a plot that pulls you irresistably from one scene to the next, and characters who live in your mind well after you've read them.

I didn't get that. No surprise, there is not a hell of a lot of that around. The sexual bondage scenes just were not all that hot to me, and although Smith definitely followed through with the plot and the storyline, there were places where she expects us not to notice some fairly obvious flaws. One of the most egregious: the women are enslaved in the time-honored capitalist method, via contract. Adult women can contract themselves out as slaves, and parents can contract their girls out when they turn 18. (Which adds a very DIFFERENT feel to a girl's 18th birthday, with the economy in the pits, which to her credit, Smith plays up very nicely in the book's opening scene.)

But here's the place where the plotting gets weak: there's a HUGE commodity market in women, enough to get the global economy restarted, and one of the ways in which it's made acceptable is that there is a fiction that the women are working as personal assistants, maids, housecleaners, etc., for the wealthy. But unlike personal assistants, maids, housekeepers, etc., their friends and family never hear from them or see them again. They utterly vanish. That's mostly because, of course, as soon as the human commodity firm gets the contract and the woman in house, off go her clothes, on go the collars and shackles and she's hustled off to their commodity training center for some hardcore sexual bondage slave training.

But the story completely glosses over this point. I imagine that there would be MASSIVE media curiousity about commoditized women in the first place, if they vanished from human ken after being commoditized, the media scrutiny would be overwhelmingly intense. Not a word about it, which was enough to break my suspension of disbelief, and I've got a MASSIVE suspension of disbelief.

Another bit that broke my disbelief suspension and also fucked up my transmission pretty bad: so you've commoditized women as sex slaves, how is that boosting the economy? Basically most young people get commoditized as it is in one way or another when they enter the job market, they just aren't purchased wholesale, they just rent out their labor. So how is wealthy people buying women going to create new money? It's not.

But it was the sexual bondage that was the most disappointing. Granted, women were forced to strip naked, get collared and cuffed, suck cock, get whipped, be caged, all that good stuff, but there wasn't much of an erotic connection between the women and their captors/trainers. The torment was sexualized, but not eroticized. The torments were like 1984-style breaking of human beings using sexual tortures rather than purely physical and psychological torture. The women were not submissives, and not portrayed as such.

And nowhere in the novel does anyone form a close emotional relationship. The commodity traders are all heartless bastards. The trainers as well. The feminists who oppose them are portrayed as crazed (really, their children call them the OTRs, for Off Their Rockers) and shrill. The women who are sold into slavery are just standard victims, suckers who get played into signing themselves into slavery (even though they do not understand the way the slavery works). There is one group of characters who are portrayed relatively sympathetically, but there's still no character in the entire book I could regard as a sympathetic heroine.

The bondage and dominance behavior therefore just was not sexy to me. The BOOK was not sexy to me. And that was its major failure. The sex slaves were women who had literally been tormented and terrified into accepting their slavery, there was no sense that they enjoyed it – they were sucking cock on demand out of simple fear. It just was. not. sexy.

And the thing is, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to like this book. And the book was strong on plotting, for an erotic story. But even in Human Commodity, the plot kept breaking my disbelief suspension. The biggest, most powerful feminist organization opposing the slavers consisted of half a dozen dead broke, crazed women? REALLY? What happened to feminism? No politicians got bought to make the sex slavery legally feasible? REALLY? Since when does America work that way?

Human Commodity might have been a feminist warning of the future under controlling corporate overlords, sort of a corporate Handmaid's Tale with lots of sexy bondage and dominance thrown in. That could have been fun. Or it could have been a bit of crapulent wallowing in anti-feminism and misogyny with the bad guys doing one awful bit of sexy corporate malfeasance after another throughout the story, then briefly getting their comeuppance in the end, with the good guys (and gals) enjoying happy maledom/femsub sex forever after. That could have been fun. But having read Human Commodity, I'm still not sure exactly what the author was trying to do. After all the plot points had been played out, we're left with so much human misery as a consequence that it hardly matters that the bad guys suffer too.

I am glad I bought and read Human Commodity because if I had not, there would have been some intolerable itching of my curiosity to know if it was what I thought it might have been. I know now that it's not, so there's that. I just wish I hadn't had to spend $6.95 to find out.

Ms. Smith, a word to the wise. It's very easy to create cover art on Second Life if you play there long enough to know how things work. You know what I did to create this bit of cover art? I posed the photo, downloaded it (very easy on Second Life) opened it with a graphic arts program and cropped it to fit my blog. No art skills required.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Study Finds BDSM Is Good For Your Mental Health

Scientists have discovered that although BDSM practitioners may on occasion have actual sticks up their asses, as seen here, they are less likely than vanilla folks to have metaphorical sticks up their asses. Maybe it's the vibrators! Image source:

The online journal Livescience has reported on a study conducted by psychologists at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, which finds that BDSM practitioners are mentally healthier than the sexually vanilla. In the study, 902 BDSM practitioners and 434 vanilla (non-BDSM) participants filled out questionnaires on personality, sensitivity to rejection, style of attachment in relationships and well-being. The participants were not told the purpose of the study.

The result was that dominants scored highest of any group. Submissives did not score as high as the dominants, but they never scored lower than the vanilla folks and often scored higher.

The results of the study has led to speculation in I09 and other general interest sites that BDSM participants may be healthier mentally than vanilla folks because of the increased emphasis on trust and communications that's generally present (because it's kinda necessary) in BDSM relationships.

I have a different theory, though the suggested theory certainly makes sense -- no reason both can't be true. BDSM practitioners may be mentally more healthy because they have learned to directly confront the dominance and submission elements of their personalities, and to deal with those impulses through sexual play, leaving them less vulnerable and conflicted than vanilla folk with regard to the general dominance and submission behavior that's present in most relationships. Vanilla folks never really deal directly with their dominant/submissive relationships so they kind of blindly blunder around in that respect.

Also, them vanilla folks are CRAAAAAAZY! It explains so much!