Wednesday, October 31, 2012

50 Shades of Good Communication

"About three degrees more to the left and I think we've got it!" Image source: Sex and

Scanning through the stuff my flying monkeys bring in from the Interwebs, particularly about "50 Shades of Grey," is a task not for the weak of heart. Most of the stories are complete fluff, or are completely stupid, thus suitable only for mocking (see previous post).

So when I come across a SMART story about 50 Shades of Gray, I gotta share. This one's from the Psychology Today website, and it is head and tails above the rest because it appears to have been written by someone who has actually read the books with an open mind, instead of having them described to them by a junior high school boy forced to read Fifty Shades of Grey against his will.

The key point of the article is that Fifty Shades is a book where the characters go to a great deal of trouble to communicate their sexual feelings. It's a key point of the book, and the focus on feelings is a hallmark of romance novels. The author notes that people may be attracted to each other purely physically, which are triggered by reading stuff like the sex scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey, but it's the play/joy circuit involved in communicating your feelings (as often occurs in sexual roleplay) which combined with trust, can lead to deeper feelings, like love. As the story says:

In 50 Shades, Ana (the main character) constantly battles with the competing urges of approach-and-avoidance, emotions that are controlled by the most ancient parts of the mammalian brain. But Christian Grey (the wealthy male character who fears close intimacy and attachment) tries his best to be gentle and kind. These genuine displays of affection stimulate the caring circuits of the brain which allow the couple to slowly build a mutually loving relationship.

Hell, yes! It's interesting that professionals like the sex educator cited in a previous article and the psychologist cited here tend to like Fifty Shades of Gray, whereas most critics are generally run of the mill bloggers, such as this bit of drivel on something called ... though it's nice to see readers giving the author a few well-deserved non-consensual kicks in the ass for confusing BDSM power play with abusive relationships.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Details, Details ...

"Forget something?" Image source: Sex and

The flying monkeys brought me this thought provoking article from, a site for women, apparently. It's the top tips for bringing bondage into the bedroom. You know ... spanking, blindfolds, delayed gratification. Just one thing they left out. You guessed it: if you are going to practice bondage, maybe someone ought to, you know ... tie someone up. Just sayin!

A gag would also be advisable! Image source: Sex and

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Setting the Hook

"She's quite the wiggler, she'll make a fine piece of Master bait." Image source: Sex and

The real key is to distract 'em good while you set the hook.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Brains, Beauty and Sexiness

Melissa Jacob (she's the one wearing the ball gag). Holds a degree in accounting and a certificate in aesthetics, the science of beauty. Also, a celebrity clone of Jenna Louise Coleman. And very, very, hot. Image source: Public

A website called has assembled a list of the 15 Hottest Female Intellectuals, for those who like brains with their beauty, a group I number myself among. Smart women are just more fun to be around. They get all my jokes, and are nice enough not to notice when I pretend to get theirs! So check out the site, and see what you think. My nomination for the list is above. And below.

Justine Joli. The nerd's porn star, by all accounts. Loves her some sci-fi, some comics, some Cons. Also, a celebrity clone of Felicia Day. Can't go wrong with her! Image source:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Magi Slave Girl Anime

It's not what you think it is, I think ... though it is Slave Morgiana from Magi Slave Girl. Image source: vidcap of Magi Slave Girl.

Found this on a site called "Sankaku Complex." While images like this and MUCH more explicit than this are commonplace in hentai and ecchi, the toon this vidcap is from is apparently an actual anime. So anime fans who like a little slavegirl hottitude in their stories might want to check it out. I personally have grown tired of hentai and ecchi, they're too porny and predictable nowadays. Call me jaded.

Image from the hentai Maison Plaisir. The male characters' mother and sister prepare to have a cocksucking contest. Hentai may be predictable once you've seen a few, but they're still fucking weird. Image source: vidcap of Maison Plaisir.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Help Identify The Unknown Slave Girl

Hell, a picture of a hot, naked woman in chains and a collar from the distant past that I've never seen. An interesting mystery lies here, and not just "how could I have missed this?" Image source: the Gorean Life tumbler.

Over on the Gorean Life tumbler, the blogger has posted this pic he says he found on a vinyl record somewhere ... I'm thinking album cover art, or more likely, liner art because album cover art is all over the freaking Web nowadays.

Anyway, the clue is vinyl record and the image you see above. I know my readers know their bondage arcana cold, thought I'd post about it and maybe ask over on Brian's Page as well, and see if we can help this fellow out. Anybody have any answers? It's one white hot piece of art and comes from the days when a sexy chained slavegirl like that would get NOTICED because there wasn't a lot else out there like it in mainstream media.

Images like this tend to put traditional media images of slavegirls in perspective. Sex and

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

World of Warcraft Second Life Gor Mashup: Boss Drop

The guild's prayers were answered when, having defeated the boss, it finally dropped what they REALLY could use ... naked slavegirls! (Click on the pic for a much larger version of the image.) Image source: Azeroth!

Just a little World of Warcraft and Second Life Gor mashup I thought would be fun to create. Naked slavegirls are sadly lacking in the game, but hey, I hear the night elves will dance almost sexily.

For more on Second Life Gor and how it's NOTHING like World of Warcraft, visit my introduction to Second Life Gor.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paga Tavern Scene

"Check please!" Image source: something really old I think. Found it on the Internets.

Ah, wouldn't it take the sting out of paying the check if your waitresses' head was nestled in your lap after being very busy there for a time, an activity covered by the cost of the meal? Damn, John Norman did some tasty fantasizing in his Gor novels, and the paga tavern, where the cost of a drink covered the cost of sexually using the slavegirl who served as you waitress, was one of his finest fantasies. Inspired? You bet!

Related video.

Earlier that evening ... did you know that is opening a restaurant? Hmmm. Image source: Training of O.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beauty of SL Gor is Up

The docks of the Pirates of Tyros, one of many brilliantly designed lands in Second Life's 300-plus Gor sims. Image source: Photos of Tyros Isle, home of the Pirates of Tyros in Second Life Gor.

I finished the article on the beauty and completeness of Second Life Gor that I promised in my post on Gor Made Flesh. It's full of very large pics of Gorean landscapes and also of course Gorean slavegirls doing what those Gorean slavesgirls do so well. But mainly, it's about what a beautifully designed place many Gorean sims are to roleplay in.

Check out and leave a comment if you care to.

Slavegirls of Kink are trained in the art of being naked with their legs spread in public, an essential skill for slavegirls in Second Life Gor as well it turns out. Image source: The Training of O.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Everything Old is Re-Contextualized Again

Everything old is new again, but maybe in a different context. Serena Blair puts on a ballgag while wearing sexy underwear on Youtube. Source: this Youtube video.

Found this video on Youtube. There are a fair amount of videos like it of attractive young women in underwear posing in various forms of bondage on Youtube. And the thing about Youtube is, it doesn't do porn. Note that Selma is wearing underwear and not appearing to be in the midst of having an orgasm, for example.

But the reason I think this video is worth mentioning at all is that it reminds me so forcefully of videos like these:

This is bondage porn, circa 1970. Image source: Close-Up Concepts video advertisements.

Now in the early-1970s, late-1960s, these videos were PORN. You couldn't get them through regular retail channels, you had to buy them through porn distribution channels like adult bookstores and the ads in the back of adult magazines. Even though the women were more clothed than Serena Blair in her Youtube video, it was PORN ... in those days. (Granted, Close-Up Concepts and others sometimes featured nudity in their videos, but in many videos, there was no nudity.)

This beautifully illustrates the arbitrariness of the line that delineates that which is porn, and that which is not porn. And makes you wonder what porn actually is.

How long will it be until this is not considered to be porn. Never? Are you certain? They may be naked, but they are not having sex. It looks like painful bondage gymnastics of some kind. It may be an Olympic Sport some day. Image source:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Binder Full of Naked Women

That's a binder full of woman, alrighty. Image source: Sex and

Thank you, candidate Romney, for bringing some desperately needed kink into this political campaign season!

Wait ... what ... that's NOT what he meant? Well, what else could it be?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 Hypocrisy: Slut Shaming Fifty Shades Readers model and Felicia Day celebrity clone lookalike Justine Joli being professionally slutty on Your average reader would defend her if someone tried to slut-shame her. But there are those that Jezebel readers WOULD slut-shame.

As I wrote in an earlier post on mainstreaming kink, I am seeing signs of a backlash against Fifty Shades of Grey and its readership in the material the flying monkeys bring in of late. All sorts of groups hate Fifty Shades of Grey. Feminists because maledom/femsub, BDSM people because Christian Grey is neurotic, social conservatives because it's sexy AND kinky sexy, literary types because it's not Great Literature ... and there's probably more, but these are the main groups with beefs.

Despite all the different groups backlashing against Fifty Shades of Grey, I felt that there was some vague underlying theme to the backlash, but I couldn't quite figure out what it was.

Until I read this very insightful review by Kristen Elizabeth on the website, of a recent episode of Law and Order: SVU that dealt with a Fifty Shades sort of author who got raped. The review was full of sharp points well presented, but this was the paragraph that really got me going:
It’s like we’ve finally reached a point in our society where we’re willing to let women enjoy sex…as long as it’s straight-forward, missionary position, no-kink sex. Anything else and it’s suddenly all right again to mock and shame them. If you need proof of this, just look at the backlash against 50 Shades or the way romance novels have been treated throughout history, but most especially in the past forty to fifty years. A book that is entirely about a woman having and enjoying sex or even just falling in love is dismissed as being fluff or ridiculed for being implausible…even by other women!!

And that's when it hit me: the women who are backlashing against Fifty Shades of Grey are engaging in a variation on slut-shaming. They're saying: "These women who read Fifty Shades of Grey are NOT LIKE US. They like trashy books like Fifty Shades of Grey, it's not a GOOD book like the ones we read, their fantasies are IMPURE, all WRONG, not the proper sort of fantasies for a woman to have! They like to read sexual fantasies about transforming neurotic billionaires through love! They're trashy, sexually immature, not very bright, oh might as well just say it ... SLUTTY women!"

That was what was bothering me, that hidden subtext running underneath the criticism of ALL the articles I read, most especially in the comments to the various articles and posts, like a crowd muttering obscenities while the candidate speaks, egging them on without speaking any obscenities themselves. That slut shaming.

I'm not too surprised by this sort of thing from social conservatives, they are what they are and I expect hypocrisy from them, it is after all embedded in the beliefs that make them social conservatives.

But c'mon ... That's what bothers me, that they engage in slut-shaming while loudly decrying the practice of slut-shaming when it is used with respect to things other than like Fifty Shades of Grey.

You don't have to take my word for it. Here's a list of Jezebel's articles about slut shaming, they're on the right hand side of the page, scroll down them and read as many as you like, you'll see a very clear condemnation of slut shaming.

Now here's a list of Jezebels' articles on Fifty Shades of Grey, look at all the negative, slut-shaming-ish comments embdded in them, like the one in article on "Try Not To Imagine Your Nubile Daughter in Bed Reading Kinky Sexy Books":
The fact that semiliterate sexually inexperienced children are fans of Fifty Shades of Grey actually makes perfect sense.

And you'll find much more slut-shaming type quotes in the comments at the end of the articles listed here, of course. (The article that is highlighted in the list at present is a review of the Fifty Shades of Grey Law and Order SVU episode Elizabeth reviewed. But the Jezebel review completely misses all the salient points brought up by Elizabeth in her review, though some of the commenters brought some of Elizabeth's points up. It's not ALL slut-shaming with regard to Fifty Shades of Grey, though there is far too much of it.)

The thing is, this kind of slut-shaming on's part (and don't get me wrong, Jezebel is just one with the herd in doing it, all the sites do it, it's almost reflexive in most cases) is not only hypocritical with regard to their stand on the issue of slut-shaming, but just plain dumb as well. All these women who have read Fifty Shades of Grey are potential converts to the cause of sexual freedom.

"You liked Fifty Shades? Oh, isn't it great we can read books like that nowadays? Wasn't reading about all that fun they were having fun? I like that too!"

See, take that approach and maybe you have a new friend now instead of someone who thinks you're a stuck-up bitch for putting down Fifty Shades and its readers so severely. There are fifty million women who have bought Fifty Shades of Grey, more or less. MIGHT be a good idea to see if you can use the book to widen some horizons.

But hey, the appeal of a little bit of cheap moral superiority is intoxicating to many people. Ask any fan of the double standard, or anyone who wants to consider women who wear party dresses when they go out clubbing to be "deserving" rape victims.

Yeah, that IS the company you are keeping.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Gor Made Flesh?

In this exciting outtake from the never-produced movie "Captives of Gor," kajiras are taught to position themselves in the "she-sleen" pose in a Gorean kennel. That, or it's a photo from's Training of O site.

So over on the Bondage Blog, the fellow who runs the blog has written an interesting post about how the Internet has finally brought to life some of the things he used to see in his mind when reading the Gor novels.

He is exactly right. Some of the images created by and other online bondage sexytime creators would fit right into an adult film based on Gor. It's an interesting observation. Hollywood created two Gor movies, neither of which had any of the appeal that made Gor novels so popular back in the 1970s and 80s. It took adult media creators to create visual images that matched those in the depraved minds of Normans' readers.

It reminds me powerfully of the lag between the creation of really good, well written science fiction novels and the first science fiction movies that didn't look ridiculously stupid. Back in the 1950s and 60s, the Golden Age of science fiction, writers were producing stories that were topnotch in every respect. Written SF was a wonderland of brilliant stories and new ideas, but science fiction in the movies and on television were still in the Dark Ages for the most part.

There were a few SF TV series that tried to mine the gold in the Golden Age of science fiction, specifically, the anthology series Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. They made a few brilliant episodes, like "Demon With A Glass Hand" and "It's A Wonderful Life," but for the most part the scripts were mediocre and the visuals were feeble stuff indeed.

Left, we have Zharkov's spaceship from the 1936 serial "Flash Gordon,' and right, we have the spaceship from the 1961 B movie "The Phantom Planet." Frankly, I'm gonna have to give the edge to Flash Gordon. The medium simply did not do a lot of developing with regard to space imagery for 30 fricking years. And it was not the fault of the goddamn Hayes Code for once!

It was about 20 years before moviemakers developed the tech to make SF films that could match written SF visually. I know the exact scene where they did it:

Any circa-1976 science fiction fan who did not loudly proclaim "Holy Crap!" when they saw this while getting chills all over their body was NOT a true fan! Image source: Vidcap from the opening scene of "Star Wars: A New Hope."

Since then, CGI has progressed to the point where stuff like this was possible:

HOLY CRAP!!!!! Image source: I think this one's from Attack of the Clones, but it might be from Revenge of the Sith. Did I mention, "HOLY CRAP!!!???"

And there has really been no matching improvement in visual imagery for things like the Gor novels in the movies or on television. Take the Gor movies, please:

As a review by another Gor fan put it, "Sadly, it does not get any better than this." This fur bikini clad slavegirl is really not any advance from the 1950s fur bikini clad cavegirls and slavegirls. I know, because I WROTE A FRIKKING BOOK ON THE TOPIC! Image source: The MST3K version of "Outlaw of Gor."

Now is producing some VERY tasty imagery that, as the Bondage Blogger points out, does match some of the imagery in the Gor novels, specifically, the imagery about slavegirls, and how they are used, and trained and so forthed. is really good on the slavegirl using parts, you gotta give them that! Image source: Sex and

But here's the thing. SL Gor novels were not JUST about the sexy slavegirls, any more than SF movies were just about spaceships. There was a LOT more to them than that. There was adventure and beauty and fighting and well, a completely realized alien world., for all its skill at realizing the slavegirly portions of the Gor novels, has never made the effort to realize the other aspects of the Gor novels, because it's just not where their focus is.

But there IS a technology and a place where the Gor novels HAVE been realized. That technology is virtual worlds. That place is Second Life Gor. They have the whole package there, in a format more immersive than any mere movie will ever be. And yeah, I'm sure that a lot of you saw that coming.

But here's what makes this approach different. I'm going to write an article about SL Gor for Bondagerotica. I'm working on an article about the COMPLETENESS of SL Gor. It will have a LOT of pictures. I will let the beauty of SL Gor do its own talking.

See that gorgeous city partially obscured by Uncanny Vallerie? It's not just a backdrop. It's a place. You can travel around in it. The sim's builder went to a lot of trouble to design and build it so it looked just right. It exists because Goreans do other things than train and use slavegirls. Honest! Image source: Uncanny Vallerie in one of the Piedmont sims in SL Gor.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Diminished Expectations

When she had taken the job as a toe polisher, she had imagined she would be working in a nail salon. And that she wouldn't be tied hand and foot. And that she'd get to wear clothes! Image source: a site, not sure which one.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Arizona Women Seek Fifty Shades Online

"Oh, CHRISTIAN! ... or whatever your name is ..." Image source: Sex and Submission.

A CBS New affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona is reporting what may be the most obvious and ordinary news report ever: that Arizona woman have gone online to see Fifty Shades of Grey-like experiences!

Channel 5 in Phoenix reports that over 4,000 women have flocked to a website called in order to seek an arrangement, which is about the vaguest term imaginable for wanting to get tied up, gagged, butt-plugged and fucked, but I guess it works in keeping the local authorities off your neck.

/me looks at the title of his blog, "Politically Sexy" and tries to look innocent.

Well what the hell, nobody's buying my secret to keeping slaves from drooling, guess I might as well dye my hair gray and start calling myself "Christian." It's a living!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Female Dungeons and Dragon elves get naked, bound and intimate a lot in the world of the artist known as Grigbertz. Image source:

One night about a year ago I discovered a series of pencil sketches on the Interwebs by an artist named Grigbertz. They showed extremely sexy female elves enslaved by various individuals, some of them human, some of them not, generally in some very sexy bondage (see above).

In addition to being sexy, hot and well done, the images were lighthearted and fun, in fact, some of the elves seemed to be enjoying their sex slavery and bondage (see above).

Along with the pics was a very sexy storyline about a planet of elves where female elves who were not tall enough on reaching adulthood were forced into slavery in a vaguely medieval society that seemed to have offplanet visitors a lot. In short, it was a gloriously irrational mashup of stuff that made for a nice erotic fantasy, kind of like the Gor novels, only without all the lengthy diatribes about how short elves being sex slaves was part of the natural order of things. Although that would have been kinda funny.

I downloaded the images and kind of forgot about the story for a while, but came across the pics recently and decided to track the story down.

I never was able to find that story again, though you'd think Gooogling variations on the keywords "female elves enslaved by height" would turn up SOMETHING.

But I did find out who did the artwork, a Swedish artist going by the handle of Grigbertz. Grigbertz has been a busy lad, right through about 2009, when most of his activity as a kinky online artist either ceased or decreased greatly.

But if you go to you will find a message board full of ... well, spam, if you look at only the most recent posts, because spammers have taken advantage of the inattention and lack of moderation on the boards and posted all sorts of messages about products and services that are of no interest to any sane person. But if you go to the older posts you will see that at one time there was a community of roleplayers building RPG storylines based on Grigbertz's art, sometimes in conjunction with Grigbert himself.

Around 2008 the posts in the forums just stopped, with maybe a few trailing into 2009, I'm not sure. The forum has been dead for three years. Fortunately the galleries are still up, and in fact the most recent sign of life I could find on the site is a May 2012 invitation to download the entire Grigbertz gallery as a single zip file ... which I highly recommend.

Also around 2008-2009, Grigbertz moved into Second Life with his Bondage Witch Project. Apparently there was a roleplay group, and there was a store/headquarters where you could get avvies that looked like the characters Grigbertz drew and there are also neat bondage accessories and things for the avatars to wear.

Entrance to the Bondage Witch Project headquarters in the Second Life region known as Lugubris. (The SLURL is Image source: me.

Like the Grigbertz website, the Bondage Witch Project place has a cobwebsite kind of feel to it. There were no tumbleweeds blowing through the place, but there was a server to distribute news subscriptions for the group, and it's offline. All the models have 2009 style hair, the sort of stuff that is only found in freebie markets nowadays, and which is far from the best hair you can find in freebie markets. Plus I camped an avvie there for three days on and off and never got a single indication that anyone other than Uncanny Vallerie had been there.

Now the weird thing about THAT is that it takes REAL MONEY to have a big store in Second Life: you either have to rent a whole sim, which will run you a cool $300 a month (you can make payments a nice car for that kinda money) or you pay rent for a portion of a sim, a distinct possibility here, or you get somebody else to provide you the land for free.

Any way you cut it, somebody is spending real money to leave up a site that gets very few visitors. Not that there aren't a LOT of ghost lands on Second Life.

Grigbertz also maintains a deviant art page as seen here, but it's totally inactive, all it has is a link to the Grigbertz website.

So did this guy lose almost all interest in his kinky artwork around 2009? Did he fall into Second Life like I did, except of course, I re-emerged and he did not? It's hard to say, since the absence of information is not enough to base a theory on.

And he has not fallen COMPLETELY off the map. I found a message board that mentioned that Grigbertz is the artist behind a webcomic called Pawn. It was most recently updated in January 2012, which makes it positively modern by Grigbertz stardards. The comments indicate that updates on the comic are few and far between ... going on about a year since the last one ... which is a shame, because it's a fun, engaging, sexy read that promises huge potential for an interesting story if the lead chracters can ever get out of that undergound labyrinth. (I suspect Grigbertz may have written himself into a corner here).

Pawn is set in an underground cavern (so far) of your typical Dungeons and Dragons world. A hot sexy young female scholar who apparently does not wear pants goes to a treasure room in the caverns where a gigantic but hot, sexy and very well endowed demoness guards the treasure. The story is about the relationships between the scholar and the demoness. It's done with the usual wit and humor. For example, the scholar is having digesting issues that result in a lot of farting. At one point the demoness says (paraphrasing here): "My feeings about your butt have grown ambivalent. I find it both disgusting and attractive." Ah, the raw honesty of demonesses.

So basically, Grigbertz hasn't done any new stuff --that I know of -- in almost a year. A shame, he's a talented artist and storyteller. Some of the posts he has placed on Pawn indicate that work is keeping him too busy to do much, but given that Pawn, like most of his artwork, consists mostly of pencil sketches, which are relatively fast and easy to knock out. (That's why Adam Warren's Empowered consists mostly of pencil sketches) Interestingly, Empowered seems to be sputtering out after six volumes, Warren's upcoming project is a 16-page one-shot that will be drawn and inked (but not written) by a guest artist.

My hope for Grigbertz is that he has a great job, and has found the sexy elf of his dreams and that his reality makes fantasizing feel beside the point. In short, I hope his status is like that of the Deviantartist Shiniez, whose webcomic Sunstone has amassed a huge enthusiastic following and is now available in PDF format for free (run, run, get it!) and who doesn't do commissions because he has a lucrative art job and doesn't need the money or the grief.

The real point I wish to make is that it would really be great if there was a way for artists (and writers) on the Internet to get compensated for their efforts properly. I've purchased volumes of Empowered, I've bought some of the gear at Grigbertz's Bondage Witch Shop and so forth, but my experience indicates that it's very unlikely Grigbertz has made significant amounts of money as an artist based on his online work that I've been able to find, despite clearly having a lot of talent and a very interested fanbase.

I've read about various proposals to monetize the Web in ways that make a little more sense for what the Web is. The one I think makes the most sense is micropayment systems. I understand that few of my blog posts are worth much at all in the way of money for visitors to my blog. But you know, if I had a penny for every time a visitor had read my blog or visited my website, I'd have ... a LOT of freaking pennies. Let's just say, it would make the difference between this being a hobby and it being a job of sorts, in terms of income.

And aside from my semi-noble works, I'd like to see artists like Grigbertz and Shiniez compensated for doing the things they care about and really enjoy, rather than commercial art that may be more of a matter of technical prowess than personal interest. Because I think works like Sunstone and Pawn are the real gold that these artists have produced, metaphorically speaking, and I think our world would be a lot richer if artists and writers were able to get gold for making gold, instead of getting gold for making dross, however skillfully they make it.

What we have here, is a failure of the marketplace.

Yes, this pic shows that this is The End of this post. And the thing on Uncanny Vallerie's butt is Grigbertz's "Buddy" a sort of living metal thong (the eyes moves about and glows in the dark) that I immediately rechristened (in my mind) the "Butt Buddy." Very imaginative work, you bet. Just fifty Lindens (about twenty cents US$). Image source: me.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Anne Hathaway Naked Tied and Smiling

Ever wondered what Anne Hathaway would look like if she were giggling and goofing on the set of a nude bondage shoot? Probably something like this! Image source:

Actually, it's not Anne Hathaway, it's Anne Hathaway celebrity clone Iona Grace, I first covered their look-alikeness here. This pic adds nothing to that story, I'm running it because I like the relaxed smiles Grace and her bondage rigger wear in this image. Nice!

Friday, October 5, 2012

On Dealing With Baptists

It's bath time for this slave girl! Image source: unknown. Looks kinda like a image, it's their style of rope bondage, and they do outdoor stuff on occasion, but I see no watermark and don't have any source for it. Let me know if you know! The dominatrix looks like Chanta Rose, who has done work for Kink and others, but I'll just link to her site Chanta's Bitches so SOMEBODY gets some credit.

Who can forget Molly Ivins' famous line, "There's nothing wrong with the Southern Baptists that holding them under the water a little longer couldn't cure!"?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Was Obama's Mom A Porn Star Story Will Make The Mainstream Media

The Obama's mom as porn star story continues its journey into weirdness! Image source: vidcap of a Youtube video that no longer exists.

So I was scanning the stories from people I subscribe to on Youtube yesterday, and what should I come across than a story from The Young Turks about the Frank Gilbreth video claiming that Obama's mother, Stanley Dunham, was a porn star. A story that I had covered way back in June when my flying monkeys brought in a report about it.

Well you can be sure I bookmarked that sucker, in fact, I left a tab of it up, because clearly I had my next day's blog post all set up, updating the original story with something to the effect that the mainstream media might be picking up on it.

I check in on Youtube today and click the link for the story and I get one of those annoying gray boxes that say "Sorry! This video has been removed by the user!"


Fortunately, a search for the video shows that it has been uploaded by another Youtube poster. You can see it here. Might want to click on the link fast, as one of the theories is that Youtube had The Young Turks take it down because of the pics of Marcy Moore nekkid with black bars across her naughty bits, so that video could be dropping out too.

This is not my theory concerning why the video was taken down. I think the Young Turks did some poor reporting and got embarrassed and took the story down on their own. (Plus, I didn't see the story on the Young Turks' website, and if they stand behind it, you'd think they would have published it there.)

Why do I think The Young Turks dropped the video about the story? Because nowhere in the video (or the Digital Journal blog post they cite as a basis for their story) does Cenk mention a key fact: that the Frank Marshall theory has been around for years in the conservative blogosphere, something that a quick Google search and some reading with comprehension easily made apparent back in June when I covered the story.

Made a vidcap of the cite for the Young Turks story, too. Just in case, y'know. Image source: vidcap.

To be fair, it now it takes a LOT of searching to find evidence of it's prior existence (or you can just add 2008 to the keywords Obama's mom porn star), because every last blog on the Interwebs is reporting on it. But here's a post from 2009 about Obama's mother posing for porn photos way back when, pointing out that they missed the story when it first broke in 2008.

This is not a new story, but all those blogs and websites reporting on it are treating it as if it were. And there has to be some good reason that all those mainstream conservative news sites that played up birtherism and young earth creationism as if they weren't bull-goose looneytude, chose NOT to pick up on this juicy tidbit that's been around so long. Such as that it stinks to high heaven.

The only new thing about the story, in fact, is that the Republican dirty tricksters have decided to use Gilbert's video as part of their election year bag of filthy tricks, and that some undetermined number of them are being sent to voters in Ohio and probably elsewhere. (I'm not sure I buy Gilbert's claim of a million videos with three million more to come, but then again, with all that post-Citizens United millionaire money floating around out there, why should the Republicans do things by half measures?)

And if the story is true, and Gilbert owns the rights to the video, he's probably a millionaire now if he made just one dollar of profit per copy, and his numbers are correct. Scumbaggery scores again. Sigh.

However, with the widespread coverage the story is getting on the Internet news sites, I don't see how the mainstream media can ignore it for much longer and I don't think they will. I may yet get to see some Fox News commentator having to take the story seriously. Hopefully a female one, that would be sexy and funny at the same time. "Yes, that is Obama's mom's butt, it's round and firm just like hers ... and mine!"

Here we have it! Visual proof that Mitt Romney's mother did bondage modelling, for we have incontrovertible evidence that the wall in this image is IDENTICAL to the wall in the parking garage in the Romney household! What's more, we ALSO have incontrovertible proof that the man in the black suit using the dildo on a stick is none other than Rand Paul's father, Ayn Rand!!!! Where do I go to get my million dollars, please? (That watermark in the corner ... a dirty liberal trick! Ignore it! Image source: -- of course! P.S. the model is actually contortionist model extraordinaire Winona ... don't tell the dirty tricksters!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mainstreaming Bondage: Halloween 2012 Brings On The Gimp!

Given what Halloween 2012 is bringing us, this is kind of a reasonable extrapolation of what Halloween 2013 might bring us! Image source: House of Gord.

If you go to Target and ask them if they have a Gimp suit for Halloween, you'll probably get told "No.' But if you go to Target and ask them if they have a "Rubber Suit Man" outfit, they'll tell you yes ... and the costume you will find will be a gimp suit. Don't believe me? Check it out!

"Oh my!" as Anastasia Steele might say, and she'd be the one to say it, because you have to believe that the success of 50 Shades of Gray just might have gotten this particular outfit green-lit for Target. Now that's going mainstream!

We'll have to see if there's a backlash against the suit, now that it's being "noticed" by online media it'll probably hit the mainstream media soon.

The flying monkeys have been bringing in a LOT of negative stories about 50 Shades of Gray of late. The social conservatives never liked it, some feminists never liked it, and a lot of literary types never liked it, even a lot of bondage fans never liked it, and now that the books aren't making headlines by topping the bestseller lists week after week after week, the naysayers are trying to get some traction. And a backlash against 50 Shades could very well be accompanied by a backlash against kink. I hope the hell it doesn't happen, and if it does happen that it gets no traction in the media or the culture, but let's face it ... there's a lot of people out there who hate kink, 50 Shades of Gray and sex generally.

As always, I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Unknown Vidcap

"Check out the ass on this one!" Image source: Unknown.

Found this in a cache of images from old times, it appears to be a vidcap, probably from some Swinging Sixties or Sexy Seventies R-rated romp. It could be hardcore too, I don't know. Does anybody know? I'm hoping it's from some unknown R-rated romp that featured lots of sexy naked slavegirls in bondage, but given that this is the ONLY image like this I've EVER seen, I'm betting that it's probably the only sexy naked slavegirl image with hotties in bondage in the background, that's in the film, and not a long scene, either. Then again, the cheapness of the set says "hardcore." Then again, the fact that there IS a set says "Not hardcore" but not so definitely as nowadays, as they sometimes had actual sets and plotlines in the early days of hardcore.

Well, that's the speculation. Anybody out there got any hardcore information on it?

Monday, October 1, 2012

50 Shades Of Pearl Scratching

Why can't women masturbate in the wholesome, old-fashioned ways their foremothers did, such as, well .. this one! Image source:

Bandwagon jumping on the 50 Shades phenomenon has hit a new low. A post on the Babble blog (a parenting blog) by Carolyn Castiglia describes an item for sale on Ebay through October 8: a used copy of Fifty Shades of Gray. And we mean THOROUGHLY used: its being auctioned off by a trio of Brooklyn wives described as "MILFs." They all enjoyed it VERY much, the ad copy assures us, but the blog post makes sure, saying:
Get it? Three hot white girls scratched the pearl to this book!
There are SO MANY things wrong with this. The cringe-inducing metaphor of "scratching the pearl" ("petting the pearl" or even "poking the pearl" work so much better), the notation that it's "white chicks" (why would it matter if they were hottie black chicks?) but most of all, the fact that if you bid on that book, you are pretty much on par with a Japanese businessman stopping along the way home to buy a pair of used girl's undies from a vending machine.

I still got my old copies of Playboy and Bondage Life stacked away somewhere, and my Gor novels are right on the shelf ... I wonder ... (/me checks his paypal account for income from his ad for the secret to making slavegirls stop drooling, notices there has been none ... naaaaaaaaaaah.

All that said, here's the ebay listing. Never let it be said that I stood between the equivalent of a lonely, perverted Japanese businessman and fulfillment.