Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Rescue

Her rescuers, cracked crew that they were, had her strapped down on the board with her body and head immobilized in seconds. There was no time to waste! Quickly they cut away her shirt and unbuttoned her shorts ...

...Hey, waitaminit! What kinda rescue is this, anyway?

(Identity shielded for reasons of she probably didn't figure she'd wind up with her pic displayed here ...)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Should A Slave Girl Look Like (in a sword and sandal movie)?

AKA: The Hottitude of Servitude

A screen cap from the new "Age of Conan" video game. Oh, there's gonna be some sore thumbs created by this one.

On my Bondagerotica site I have a new article "What Should A Slavegirl Look Like (in a Sword and Sandal Film)" aka "The Hottitude of Servitude". Basically, it's a primer for sword and sandal filmmakers on how to use slavegirl imagery to crank up the hottitude in a sword and sandal film to any desired level. So many filmmakers have been abject failures in this respect that I really felt I ought to help them out.

There's also a series of visual analyses of sexy slave girl scenes though some are admittedly not so sexy -- failure can be as instructive as success, and there's a lot more instruction of that sort available anyway.

In addition, there's also a Slavegirl Scene Hottidunal Index that attempts to create a rough guide to how powerfully various slavegirl accoutrements and behaviors, such as bondage gear, skimpy or no clothing, and sexual activity, will affect a scene among a mostly vanilla audience. I know there's a lot of subjectivity in that area, I just tried to create a general framework for judging the hottitude of a given slavegirl scene. All the scene in my visual analyses are ranked according to the index, with plenty of explanation about whytheir index ranking is misleading. I figure, better me than someone else.

The article includes caps from Arena, Gor, Star Trek, Flash Gordon, HBO's series "Rome," Warrior Queen, Arabian Nights, Hercules and the Captive Women, Deathstalker, Barbarian Queen, Quest of the Delta Nights, the Age of Conan video game, Mei King, Invincible Barbarian, Star Wars, Alien Sex Files 3, Cleopatra 2525, Alien Apocalypse, Son of Sinbad and ... other stuff.

It was a huge amount of fun putting this article together, I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. (It's unlikely, but I'm rooting for you.)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

How To Handle Thrilling Wonder Science Cheese

AKA: Saving Flash Gordon
... Yeah, I know it's too late.

On the left, we have a dummy displaying a slavegirl costume worn by harem slaves of Ming the Merciless in the Flash Gordon TV series. On the right, we have a slavegirl designed for a Second Life character by an anonymous female fan. The fans are trying to tell you something, movie and TV executives! They've got more mojo in their little fingers than you have in your entire production staff.

(By way of introduction: this is a post I put on a message board around November 2007. As you will observe, it offers cogent advice and plenty of it for the executives responsible for the SciFi original series Flash Gordon, based on my cheese-o-analysis system. Unfortunately, Flash Gordon was cancelled by the SciFi Channel, brought about by poor ratings caused by the fact that it really, really stank, not to mention its executives never took any of my advice. This is about the time we would have been seeing a Season 2 series of Flash Gordon had it not stank and not been renewed, so I thought I'd post this in hopes that maybe some future Flash Gordon producer or other sci fi thrilling wonder story series producer (the principles are pretty much the same for all of them) will see it and do things right next ... oh, sorry, gotta go, the flying pigs are here with all my lotto winnings!)

As we all know, Flash Gordon will

Sa-a-ave the Uni-verse!

And now folks, it's our time to save Flash Gordon.

The first season is a stinker and right now there's no reason to believe the second season will be any different. Flash is in danger because the people who made the original program have no idea what the hell they are doing. The ratings dropped by half from the premiere to the second episode.

Flash being a guy who'll risk his life to save the universe from Ming, I must risk my credibility as anonymous Internet posters to save Flash, by posting whatever harebrained, whackadoodle schemes I can come up with to save the series on a message board which probably isn't read by the producers of Flash Gordon, but MIGHT be read by 1 or 2 people in Vancouver, Canada, where the show is produced.

And that could produce a chance ... a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless ... that someone from Vancouver might read these ideas and be so overwhelmed by one of them and then be so moved that they go out and kidnap a Flash Gordon executive from the set of Flash Gordon, and force them to listen to the idea, and then the exec is so overwhelmed by the idea that they retool all the remaining episoldes based on the new idea, and it's a HUGE SUCCESS because it's actually fun to watch.

It ...

(But it probably won't and please don't anybody construe this as urging people to do something illegal. I get enough grief for my own illegal activities, thank you very much.)

It's pretty clear that the people who created the Flash Gordon series don't understand why people enjoyed the original Flash Gordon. The original series offered both Thrilling Wonder Super Science cheese and Exotic Adventures in Foreign Lands cheese.

Thrilling Wonder Super Science cheese isn't all that hard to do. There's a SciFi Channel series that is doing a topnotch job of delivering that brand of cheese right now: it's called "Eureka." Every week the wacky scientists of Eureka come up with some strange new invention or project, or unexpected side effect of a strange new invention or project that Sheriff Carter has to deal with.

It is topnotch thrilling wonder super science cheese with good writing and characterization to boot, I happily watch it every week.

The orgiinal Flash Gordon series delivered the thrilling wonder super science cheese with its stubby spaceships and ray guns and so forth, and it worked because that was new and exciting stuff to see in a movie or TV series at the time. It won't work now because it's old hat: to reuse it you just about have to do it as camp, like the 1984 Flash Gordon movie did, and the Flesh Gordon parody did, both to good effect.

Updating the thrilling wonder super science cheese won't be hard, just give the Mongonians nanotech and artificial intelligences and they'll be fine.

Unfortunately, the Mongo that we've seen so far looks, well, primitive and dirt poor. Feudal. Not the sort of place you'd expect to find advanced super science in. Frankly, the impression I've gotten of Mongo is that a single armored cavalry division from ANY of the world's top 20 or 30 armies could take the whole planet without a whole lot of bother. With the excepton of Ming's palace, the place is a dump.

(Of course, it's easy enough to handwave away Mongo's primitiveness by postulating that the Mongonians inherited super science tech from a more advanced earlier civilization, making them dangerous for all their apparent primitiveness, but no one has bothered to do that yet.)

Otherwise, if they want Mongo to look dangerous and advanced, it ought to look richer than Earth, not poorer.

The other cheese that the original Flash Gordon delivered was strange adventures in exotic lands. This cheese cannot be served by having Flash spend so much of his time wandering around the outskirts of Vancouver, Canada. He needs to be on Mongo, seeing strange and exotic plants and animals, meeting with strange and exotic peoples, and visiting strange and exotic cities full of weird looking buildings and such.

(I have to say, if the creators of the series had even a HINT that this kind of cheese was part of what viewers want when they watch Flash Gordon, in a recent episode when an animal came to Earth via a stray rift (an excellent plot device, BTW) they would have delivered something different than a slightly larger than Earth sized dragonfly. Maybe a flying snake with glowing green eyes and batwings. Something, you know, exotic.)

Of course, it does take money to really do nice sets and great CGI graphics and such to totally deliver that otherworldy look. But I think viewers would accept a little tacky so long as they're delivering the cheese. And frankly, the mistakes that have been made so far have been products of not knowing what they're doing rather than just budgeting. For example, it probably would have cost no more to deliver a CGI flying batwinged snake lizard than it took to deliver that slightly larger than earth sized CGI dragonfly.

And there's an additonal bit of cheese that could help a lot: sexy cheese that plays into the Exotic Lands cheese. Start all the costume design for young Mongonian women with string thongs. Add a few wisps of silk, some metallic armbands, headbands and whatnot, and stop right there. Fanservice has always worked for any kind of medium whose audience is primarily male, so there's no reason it wouldn't work for Flash. Hell, have the guys run abound in jogging shorts and shoulder harnesses and nothing much else if you want to be sexually egalitarian and all. (Though you really need to remember that your core audience is male and straight and put the cameras on the gals most of the time. Otherwise you'll start hearing "Flash Gordon" jokes along the lines of -- well, you remember the song "I'm A Sweet Transvestite from Transexual Transylvania" from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" where the gay lead sings to another guy, "We can take in a few Steve Reeve movies"?)

Cheese theory alone won't make a show a success. You still need good writing and characters. But cheese theory does help deliver good writing, because it forces writers to think about the audience appeal of their works.

There, I've said what I have to say, albeit in a place where it has a snowball's chance in hell of doing some good. I have done as much to save Flash Gordon as any human being not employed by the series may reasonably be asked to.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cute Light Fixture

In retrospect, slave Maya realized that she should have known better than to be hopeful when Mistress had said she would have light duties tonight.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Luxury Cot

Masters, having trouble with your slavegirl snoring? The Sleep Restraint Systems Luxury Cot is the answer!


She was so excited she was glad she was gagged so no one could hear her chortling with glee. Her camouflage was perfect! No one would notice her with her black and white striped bed and the black stripes agains her pale white skin! ... Then she noticed in which direction the stripes were running ...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Son of Sinbad review

Ladies, have your master buy the Sleep-Eez cuff and chain, the cuff and chain that helps you sleep so comfortably that you won't WANT to leave your bed, which is a good thing, because you won't be able to.

My site is updated today with "Son of Sinbad," the Arabian Nights sword and sandal flick that was made back in the 50s, but with Dad in mind. Features hottie Marie Blanchard (see above) tied and gagged as well as chained, and hottie Sally Forrest chained and also dancing half naked. And a whole lot of other hotties dancing half naked and lying around just being hot. And a slave auction with actual bound slavegirls. Pretty damn good for the 50s. Check out my review here.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Unintended Consequences

She didn't know why setting up a beam half a degree off plumb was such a big deal, or why Ralph got all worked up about it. She only knew that as long as this was the punishment, she was going to keep doing it. Image courtesy of Tied Sex.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Slave Leia and the Orion Slave Girl

"Bitch! How dare you! You're like, so evil!"

I'm working on an article for my website called "What Should A Slavegirl Look Like? (in a sword and sandal movie). It will be informative, useful, and awesome. While doing research for the story I made an important discovery: the Orion slavegirl from an episode of the Star Trek series Enterprise,pictured above at right, totally stole Slave Leia's outfit from Star Wars 6, Return of the Jedi, as seen above at left on a Dragoncon attendee. Well, at least the back of it. I think someone, possibly Congress, should start an investigation! I understand Sarah Palin would like people not to think about what's going on with Troopergate. This could be the very thing!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Forget Winning the Lotto: Be Ambitious, Win the World

I personally think spending a few buck on the lotto each week is potentially a fine thing for many people, because it makes them think how they would live their lives if they had choices.

Oh, they think they are dreaming of how they would live if they were rich, but really, the essential point of the kind of wealth that winning the lottery can bring is that you have choices in your life. Real choices as to how you spend your time and allocate your resources.

And sure, the first impulse of most people is to think about spending a lot of time lounging by a pool eating lobster and drinking champagne. Hell, I'd spend some time doing that, too. But it would be a boring way to spend your entire life. Not as boring as spending all your time flipping burgers or filling in spreadsheets, but ultimately boring as well. Sure, it sounds like fun, but think about spending a year partying. Partying is fun, I'm all for doing it regularly, but it's ultimately dull because it's pointless activity.

People who dream about the lottery, I suspect, sometimes go to the next level and ask a REALLY ambitious question: what kind of world do I want to live in?

That is, imagine that you have already won the lottery and your every creature comfort is taken care of and all your time is your own. What about the world around you? What kind of world would ou like to live in?

I've thought about that question a lot. The world I'd like to live in absolutely beats the living hell out of the world I presently live in.

I would like to change one very fundamental thing about the world, and that is, to make freedom of choice much more central to people's lives: to give everone the same freedom of choice as to how they shall lead their lives as a lottery winner.

This is a very tall order, because of course I mean every person in the world, not just Americans. I am certain it will not be accomplished in my lifetime. But it's surprisingly easy to reach this point, in certain respects. All you need to do is perform the thought experiment I have already described. Imagine that you have every creature comfort that you could want, no money worries, all the time in the world, then imagine what sort of life you would like to lead and what sort of world you would like to live in.

Then work toward creating that life and that world. Sure, it will be difficult, because you DON'T really have all the resources you need, in fact, you may have damn few. You may have many claims on your time that are difficult to put off -- jobs, family, etc. But even if you can get just a little done toward making your life and your world more to your liking, you will have in a sense reached your destination. Because you know, each step on the road to heaven, is heaven.

Most people make the mistake of going after just the life they want to lead, and not the world they want to live in, which tends to trap them in an endless loop of whoring after more money, because after all, that's what the world is all about.

Well, as a comedian used to say, "That's how they get you." It's really hard to make a lot of money because everybody wants to have more, which tends to make them reluctant to give your more. Zero sum game, y'know? But changing the world is easier because most people are dopey about such stuff and think it's strictly for idealists. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As you work to change your world, your life will change, and almost always, for the better, because the act of working to change the world for the better orients you toward your own real interests, and leaves you less at the mercy of whoever has the money you're whoring after (or "working for" as it's called in more genteel circles).

Of course, there are many values of "better" out there and many may stray far from the beaten paths of political activism or religion. For example, mine. In my perfect world, I spend a lot of time thinking about and writing about sexual bondage. So I do it as often as I can. And over time, that adds up. Sure, Hollywood is still way behind the curve on sexual bondage issues, but I am having a lot of fun trying to educate them. I could be fighting world hunger I guess, but I'm just not that interested in world hunger. Everybody has to take their own path


The more observant among you will have noted there are no pics in the previous posts on this blog and that you can't get to That's because Bondagerotica is where I've been storing the pics for this blog, and Bondagerotica is down until I work out some stuff with (i.e., give money to) my ISP. I expect to be up and running again by Saturday. Sorry for the problems, but Hentai Revue is still up and running if you're up for some anime related snark.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Jewel of A Gag

Unable to muster the will to remove the huge, delicious pearl from her mouth, and thus unable to speak, actress Olga Kurylenko was reduced to communicating her distress by fondling her own breast and ass.It didn't work of course, but it was fun.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Hooters Girl Too Far

"I've been stiffed on tips before, but this is just going TOO FAR!"

Other options:

When they said Hooters Girl training was rigorous, they really meant it!

The other Hooters Girls thought her body was too much to compete with, but this was not the way to even the playing field.

Other Hooters waitresses got to serve as caddies at charity golf tournaments. She was the official bondagee at the Kinky Invitational Tournament secretly held at Dragoncon this year.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bad Connection

"Giddyap, supermodel!"

Cell phones could be so tricky when you had a bad connection. When her agent called about the shoot, the supermodel thought she had said, "It's a bit of a gag." In fact, the supermodel was SURE her agent had said that. Very funny. Now she was wondering what her agent had meant when she said, "It's a pony trail, but plug you where on the shoot." It hadn't made much sense then. Ah, well, she'd find out soon enough what her agent had meant by that.

Announcing Our New Sword And Sandal Section On Bondagerotica

Now, that's a well-designed gag. In the sense it has actually been DESIGNED, not some scrap picked up from the prop room floor.

This week over at Bondagerotica, we have a new section on sword and sandal movies. Seems everyone and his cousin is making one right now ... I'll have a list up soon ... and so I have prepared much-needed advice on how to handle slavegirl imagery properly. Hollywood will be SOOOOO grateful. They'll probably make up an Oscar, just for me. Because they just don't get enough free advice on how to do things.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Men's Adventure Magazines In Postwar America

A Recommendation -- And A Warning

City of Branded Women! Fire Ants Ate Me Alive! Bring Me Every Maiden in Mexico!

I recently bought a copy for "Men's Adventure Magazines in Postwar America" published by Taschen. I got it as a gift for my wife, and she loves it for all the glorious over the top artwork and cover lines. Stuff like: "Terror of the All-Girl Posse and Their Necktie Parties!" and "Satan's Pigs Ate Us Alive!" and "I Gave My Legs To The Maggots Africa!"

It's full of true LMAO (laughing my ass off) material. The book reproduces hundreds of men's magazine covers and the artwork is just as lurid as the headlines on each page (see above). The GREAT thing about the artwork is this: really great female bondage imagery is incredibly common on these covers, generally involving very, attractive, scantily clad or half-naked women.

And the bondage imagery is just as lurid as everything else. But I have discovered two things about the book, one positive and one negative, that the publisher isn't likely to tell you (because they probably wouldn't have noticed).

In all the 117 images of women in bondage in Men's Adventure Magazines, there are only FOUR images of women gagged -- two over the mouth gags, one cleave gag, and one cleave gag in the process of being applied. (There are also two images of women handgagged.)

Absolutely weird. If this is a representative selection of covers, it means there must have been some sort of bias against gag imagery in the late 40s through the 60s (after which the genre died out, more or less). I mean, I'm sure the phrase "bound and gagged" was in use prior to World War II. So why were the women almost always drawn bound but never gagged?

I have no idea. It boggles my mind.

But that's not the only boggler in this collection of cover art. Out of the 117 bondage covers,* only TWO show women with hands bound in front, and not tied to anything. Either the woman's hands are tied TO something, or they are tied behind her back. The default seems to be, tied behind her back.

Otherwise women's hands are tied to an incredible variety of things: Jeeps, stakes, posts, wagon wheels, ship's rigging, stone idols and, well, more. The women are tied in elbow yokes, wrist-ankle ties, hogties, suspended by the wrists, tied to poles for carrying .. it's all good.

But the thing is, there must have been SOMEONE ... a lot of someones ... saying you can't tie a woman's hands in front and leave it at that, because it only happens twice in all those covers.

I have NO IDEA how this happened. Is it a selection bias on the part of the editors at Taschen? Censorship? A widespread sense that this is what readers want? What?

I thought maybe the publishers and/or artists understood that tying hands behind is a lot more dramatic than tying hands in front, but how is it that they "got" a subtle point like that and DIDN'T get the visual appeal of gags?

Like I said, a boggler.

If anyone knows the answer to these questions, let me know. I'm off to look at covers offering, "I Was Trapped in a Beatnik Brothel," and "The Desperate Raid of Wilson's Lace Pantie Commandos!" and "I Survived the Electric Snake Torture!" And if you ever want to know where Frank Zappa got the title for his "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" album, where here's where you can find out.

I guess what I'm saying is, even if you're a gag snob and the covers aren't that exciting to you, they're still damn funny.

If you're not a gag snob and you like bondage, you, like me, are really going to enjoy this book.

*There are many images of men in bondage in Men's Adventure Magazines as well. I didn't count those.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Barbie in Bondage

As Barbie's owners age and puberty kicks in, many Barbie dolls find themselves doing very ... different things:

They spent their money to buy her like it was play money -- because it was.

Then she found out why the boys were willing to shell out so much plastic to buy her.

Maybe if some nice female doll bought her, life would be better. She might have to run around naked, but at least there wouldn't be all that sexual bondage the boy dolls seemed to like.

So much for that idea.

She finally gave up and accepted the ballgag as a fashion accessory.

BTW, there's a lot of interesting stuff about female slaves in ancient Greece at I don't know that I buy all his or her conclusions. (I mean, the status of free women in ancient Greece wasn't all that far above sheep and goats, how would they be able to stop their husband/masters from fucking the slaves if they were so inclined, however rational the reasoning?) However, it's interesting reading and there are lots of pictures of anatomically correct, naked female dolls in bondage.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Second Thoughts At A Slavegirl Auction

Somehow, she did not think the guys would go for just calling the whole thing off.

Being the only slavegirl at auction in all of Far Duckistan had seemed like a great idea, at first. Now Slave Mara wondered if the bidding was EVER going to stop.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cage O Girls!

At last, gentlemen, we have a total, definitive, complete and final answer to the question: "What is more fun than a barrel of monkeys?"

Didn't like that caption, eh? Well, I've got a few others for ya:

Sometimes, the requests made by older children left the Make-A Wish Foundation in something of an ethical dilemma.

"Please don't leave me alone in this cage!" Slave Cindy had cried to her master. Master obliged, but not in the manner she had anticipated.

The hoary old tradition of college students squeezing into telephone booths updated for a new era!

Santa sighed happily as he placed the squirming package next to the tree, knowing that this particular present would make a certain boy very, very happy.

Politics Gets Bondage-y

In The Moderate Voice, a post by contributor Jazz Shaw had the following interesting passage:

" Martin was interviewed as part of our weekly radio show, and there were a couple of points where my co-host Cindy had to be restrained with a straitjacket and ball gag, but to her credit, she managed to maintain her composure for the entire thing."

I'm sorry, I just won't believe that unless I see a photo or some video. My standards are high for journalists.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Carrie Genzel Stars in "Caged Hearts"

Carrie Genzel in cuffs! What an innovation for a women in prison film.

Up and coming star Carrie Genzel stars in Caged Hearts, a topnotch women in prison movie that includes a nude catfight/lesbian rape scene for Ms. Genzel. Genzel can currently be seen in the Flash Gordon SciFi Channel series, and in Under One Roof and she plays Jackie Kennedy in the upcoming Watchmen movie.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

True Blood Gets Sexually Bondage-y

When he invited her over so they could hang it all out, he meant it literally, it turns out.

Well, the scene from True Blood, the new HBO series, occurred as predicted -- non-missionary position sex that included bondage. It's not nearly as wild as I hoped it might be (see image in previous post) but it wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined it could be (see text in previous post). The bondage wasn't overwhelming, and they did manage to show the best imagery on a TV set (a naughty woman is showing a VCR of her tryst with a vampire to her current human trysting partner, to arouse him and get him to tie her up and fuck her like the vampire did, which he does). But the imagery of the "real life" scene just wasn't up to the imagery of the TV scene. Shot from the waist up, basically.

Still, well lit, much more than a blinkie, it was the gal who was tied up, and the bondage, while not exactly stringent, wasn't a total embarrassment (which was what I expected). The really interesting (and good) thing about the scene was that it wasn't Skinamax style sex -- both guys really bang away at the bound woman's butt. Way to go, Alan Ball. The prospects of your version of Bad Girls being tasty is looking better and better.

As the reviewer noted, the sexy woman had to die shortly thereafter. It's like a rule. Makes you wonder how people manage to have kids. One scene of unmarried copulation and you're dead meat, according to horror movie memes. And that's just one of the reasons I think horror movies suck as a genre. Vampire movies, doubly so, of course.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Set Your DVD Recorders for "True Blood" Sunday Night

We can only hope. Image courtesy of Bondagerotica sponsor Sex and Submission

Get your DVDs, Tivos and VCRs rolling for True Blood a new vampire series that premieres Sunday night, September 7, 2008, at 9 pm EST on HBO. I picked up this gem about it from a review of the series in the LA Times:

Stoker was a Victorian, of course, and apparently so is Ball. With all the ills of the world at his fingertips, he still reaches for sex as shorthand for depravity, treating viewers to a variety of nonmissionary sexual positions that often involve bondage. How. Shocking. True to the time-honored code of young-women-who-enjoy-sex-must-die, the gals who engage in same are the first to go.

Sounds tasty but there are soooo many ways they can fuck it up.

1) It could be the guys rather than the gals who get tied up.

2) They could use the technique of chairobscuro to louse up the scene.

3) The bondage could be so spectacularly badly done that it deserves a Loosie Award.

4) The editing of the scene(s) could be so fast, short and furious that you can only see what's going on by putting your DVD or VCR in slo-mo mode.

There are a whole raft of ways to mess up a scene.

Still, let's hope for the best. And the "Ball" referred to in the quote is Alan Ball, who's also doing HBO's "Bad Girls" women in prison TV series. Which also gives me reason to hope.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Heidi Grows Up

"Odle-lay-ee-hoo! Any dude'll do!"

When Heidi outgrew her dirndl skirt with such womanly vigor, her kindly uncle knew it was time to put the ring gag on her and teach her the Swiss folk art of cock yodeling.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Personal Ad

"I'm so famished after wearing that bacon-flavored gag all afternoon!"

Fifi thought about the personal ad that had led her to Master. "I enjoy candlelit dinners," it had said. "I enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset," the ad had said. It had left out the part about her naked, collared, leashed and on all fours. "I enjoy tenderness in a woman," the ad had said. It had left out the part about him being willing to spank or flog her skin to make it tender.

Still, she was somehow glad she'd answered the ad. For example, tonight's dinner was Alpo! So much better than those Weight Watchers meals.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Flying Under The Radar 1

"Our next game will be ... hide the weenie!"

Here's a pic of what looks like a happy family gathering. Or maybe it's game time at a campout.

But just take a look at the bikini-clad (it's kinda between a full bikini and a thong) cutie on the right, seen from the rear. Her hands are tied behind her back, and she's gagged with what looks like a scarf.

I'm sure that if challenged the folks conducting this event would have a rational, non-kinky explanation for what is going on.

I'm also sure that at least part of the explanation is "Schwinggg! Sexual bondage flies under the radar again!" Because it's the cutie who's tied and gagged. What a coincidence.

Faces obscured to protect the naughty.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Subbie ready for hubbie

"He's gonna be SO surprised ... and I'm gonna be so READY."

While subbie lay there, waiting for her husband to return home after work, the telephone rang. She heard the message being dictated into the answering machine. It was hubbie!

"Hey, subbie, I'm going to be late getting home as something has come up at the office. But mom called and said she'd be over at about the time I normally get home so you two can maybe chat for awhile and then we'll go out to eat somewhere nice."

Damn! she thought.

Then the doorbell rang.

"Why did I have to give his mom that spare key to the front door?" subbie wondered.

(Image courtesy of