Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lifespan: Sibari From the 70s

Shibari, aka kinbaku in its consensual sex fun form, has been around in Japan since at LEAST the 17th Century and probably well before that. But it never made it to a mainstream venue that US audiences could enjoy until the 1970s, in the form of an odd little scene in an odd little European SF flick called "Lifespan." It seems that the local hottie who's been sleeping with all the smartest mad scientists has been sleeping with a mad scientist who has discovered what might be the key to immortality. It has something to do with DNA and the double helix, all very scientific you know, and not a mere excuse to show the exquisitely beautiful Tina Aumont tied up in shibari bondage because it contains the "double helix knot."

There's an article about it on my site, with pics of Tina all shibaried up. Check it out right here.

Oh, and the truly weird thing: despite the vastly increased awareness of Japanese bondage practices thanks to the success of adult manga and anime in the US, it hasn't showed up in a mainstream venue again since "Lifespan." Weird, eh?

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