Monday, June 20, 2011

What Others Are Saying About Slave Girls In the Movies and On TV

A slavegirl cranks up the party the old fashioned way!

You know, it's rare that a book comes along that makes you thinner, smarter, younger, richer and better looking, but my book Slave Girls In The Movies And On TV: The Hottitude of Servitude has done that for every single person that I know of who has read it! While it's undoubtedly the finest book ever written on the topic of how sexy slave girls should look in movies and on TV, it's also more fun than a barrel of monkeys, sexier than a harem full of vampire cheerleader stripper ninjas, and smarter than a speeding bullet. But don't take MY word for it, for as we all know some authors have been known to mildly exaggerate the worth of their works, drawn astray by fondness for the product of their labors. And though I am the soul of modesty and the very wellspring of truth, I cannot blame you for having a nagging bit of doubt about my claims ... so read the words of others about my work:

Sex slavery has never glittered so brightly on the big screen since "Birth of A Nation"!
--Sarah Pullin, Commentator,
Faux News

Although some Christian women were enslaved during the Roman era often seen in so-called sword and sandal movies, there is no evidence that any of them strutted about clad in nothing or next to nothing, just a few filmy silks and some barbaric jewelry, slinking through moonlit courtyards and casting sultry glances at imperious masters, then writhing, helplessly aroused and ... what was I talking about, again?"
James Dodsworth, president, Christian Americans Concerned About Everything That Makes Us Horny

Normally we only give Razzle Awards to actual movies, but "Hottitude of Servitude" is the sort of book that really makes us want to make an exception and move into print.

--Michael Medevaca, founder, Razzle Awards

I liked "Hottitude of Servitude," I think it was kind of hot -- at least, some of the pictures were. I shall have to hire someone to read it to me!" -- Jessica Simpleton, celebutante

Our whole family would sit around and read "Hottitude of Servitude" together in the evenings, it was such a wholesome family experience we could share!
-- Kim Kardoorvian, sexual adventuress

In a world gone mad, one man stood alone against the tide. One man with the courage, the fortitude, to ogle slavegirls BOTH in the movies AND on television, and then write about it as if there were something more to be said than, "Aaaaarrrrhhhh!" And that man is Pat Powers!"
-- That Movie Trailer Guy

The canon of the great books that form the foundations of western civilization (a particular favorite of mine) has been enriched by the addition of "Hottitude of Servitude," Pat Powers' brilliant analysis of the teleological, sociological and sexological aspects of slavegirl clothing in movies and television shows. Others will surely follow in his footsteps, but it is Powers who blazed the trail in the wilderness of silky panties, furkinis and baggy tunics, and for that we can all be grateful!
-- New York Tomes Review of Books and Stuff

This is the most compelling and exciting read I have ever encountered since the last book I read. Powers' lucid prose and ready wit illuminates the dark crevices of slavegirl clothing in ways that will bring new pleasure and insight to even the most casual student of the topic of half dressed women slinking though moonlit courtyards.
-- That Guy Who'll Give A Good Review To Anything He Reads

Anyone seeking to test their ability to withstand censorship efforts to the utmost need only put this book on your shelves. Our research has shown that its cover alone will induce actual foaming at the mouth in social conservatives in under 30 seconds.
-- American Liberry Association

While I blush at such praise, deserved though it surely is, the fact remains that "Slave Girls In The Movies and On TV" is the most important book on this or any other subject ever written.


The Greyman said...

Quick Review By The Greyman -

I like my slave girls like I like umm, well, pretty much all my girls: Tightly gagged!

Simply put: Not enough gags.

Bottom Line: Where the heck's my free copy signed by the author?

`Nuff said!

Pat Powers said...

Review copy on the way, my friend! As a major bondage blogger, you are of course entitled!

The Greyman said...

Aw man, thanks a lot. I was totally kidding about the freebie. Don't do it if it's gonna cost you any cheese, but I'll certainly take it with gratitude if you decide to go ahead.

And hey, wish you nothing but great luck and success with the book. Don't forget about all us little people once you're a multi-millionaire!

Pat Powers said...

I'd been planning to send out review copies, your post was what spurred me to put aside the fun job of making up video ads for the book to send out some copies, so thanks for that.

I'll be happy if the book nets a couple thousand, but hell, SOMEBODY'S gotta do that breathrough ebook that comes outta nowhere and makes millions, why not me?

Pat Powers said...

Turns out it was EL James who did that breakthrough book! Who knew?