Friday, July 8, 2011

WTF Happened To This Blog On June 14? -- The Tupperware Anomaly!

Actual screen cap of my stats for the last month. June 14 is … atypical ...

So I checked my site stats the other day, just to see what was going on, and I saw the graph you see above. Everything is mooching along at the normal 500-600 page views a day until June 14, when suddenly the site stat jumps up to 16,000 views out of nowhere, and jumps right back down almost immediately.

WTF? I mean, what the fuck?

Clicking on that day's stats gives me links to the top sources of my hits, and one of them was responsible for 15,000+ hits, google image search. And clicking on that showed what I presume is the image that all those hits were searching for: the picture in this article.

Now to my uninformed eyes there's nothing particularly particular about the photo, except it is one of the very few unsourced photos on this blog (i.e., photos I don't know the source of … when I know it, I reveal it, and provide a link if possible, that being the proper thing to do).

The annoying thing is, I have NO idea what led to all those searches … all I can think is that it was referenced (maybe even hotlinked) by some much more popular website or message board, but was pulled after one day or maybe the members don't backtrack much for old posts. I sure would like to know, but I don't know how to find out. (I did a Google search for the url of the relevant post, but found nothing).

Anyone who has any idea why a blog post put up last November would create a spike this June, let me know. Otherwise, may I say … WTF????!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't think women still did tupperwear parties

Jay L

Pat Powers said...

I didnt think so, either, but what other reasonable explanation could there be for that photo? I ask you!

Anonymous said...

Well if your asking, I'd guess a bunch of women still want to go to one and came after googling... Cause I really don't want to know about a tupperwear fetish.

Jay L

Pat Powers said...

Considering there is already a Saran wrap fetish, a Tupperware fetish seems inevitable.

The Greyman said...

Bwhahahahaha! I be those soccer moms and grannies had one hell of a reaction when they saw the rest of your blog!

LoL... man, that is so funny. Can you imagine what they were thinking and saying to each other?

That said, bet there were a couple of them who were thinking, "Well, this looks interesting..."

Funny stuff my friend.

Anonymous said...

that picture is from a shoot.. starring Charley Chase I think.

Pat Powers said...

Thanks for the ID, I'll check it out and credit them. It does look like a Public Disgrace kinda thing.