Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Crying In Cell 49 Is Now On Sale

I had written a pretty good short story back in 2002 called "The Mmphing in Cell 49" and published it on my Jolly Roper site. I considered publishing it on Amazon when I started publishing there, but I soon realized that I would not be able to because of their absurd censorship rules. Also, it was more a horror story than erotica, though it definitely had plenty of fuel for dark bondage fantasies.

So I put it in my virtual desk drawer and moved on. 

I happened to see the story file while I was working on a Smashwords story, and I thought, "this would work out fine on Smashwords." So I pulled it out and had a look at it, and it does. 

However, it's not really erotica, which is why I am calling it a horror story. It's a futuristic, dystopian story set in the world of the Morality Laws introduced by Eileen MacCammon, the protagonist of the President Slave Girl series. Here's a link to the first story in the series, The Homouth, which is a freebie, and here's a link to the full novel compiled from the President Slave Girl stories, which is complete, but not free.

And here's the blurb for the story:

Evil never identifies its true motives. It always has excuses to hide its intentions. When prisons began replacing solitary confinement with Total Restraint, which involved putting dangerous prisoners in extreme bondage but keeping them housed with the general population, the reasons cited were mental health and fiscal prudence. After all, solitary confinement drives prisoners insane, and bondage gear is much cheaper than solitary confinement cells.

But Total Restraint makes prisoners extremely vulnerable to the prisoners and guards around them, and many of them are Not Good People … that's why they're in prison. Hooded, cuffed, shackled, gagged and deprived of all clothing, they are easy meat for the predators that surround them.

Here's a short story that that examines the pavement that is the road to hell for female prisoners in Total Restraint. It's basically a horror story, but it provides plenty of fuel for the darkest erotic fantasies.

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