Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"Attack of the 100 Foot Virgin" A Jenkie Jenkins Novel, Now Available

I didn't intend for "Attack of the 100 Foot Virgin" to be a novel, but it is, and I'm glad it is. I'd planned it as a another 20 to 30 thousand word novelette to go with the first two Jinkie Jenkins story, ending the story arc and setting up further stories if that proves advisable (i.e., if people buy tons of the stories, and the Jenkie Jenkins stories have done very well in the marketplace).

“Attack of the 100 Foot Virgin” is by far the best story in the Jinkie Jenkins series. I had a number of story lines built up in the first two stories that allowed me to create a kinky slapstick climax that takes all the elements from previous stories and in the early stages of this story and brings them to what I think is a funny and satisfying ending.

That took a lot of more writing than I'd bargained for, but as I was adding each element and it fit beautifully I knew I was on the right track. Especially since I was able to draw upon some seemingly inconsequential details I'd set up earlier and make the events that occurred organic to the story, instead of pulled out of nowhere.

“Attack of the 100 Foot Virgin” is 100 percent pure science fiction humor. There are a couple of strong erotic scenes, but they're not the point of the story, they fit within the story very naturally. The experience here is one of reading a fun adventure with interesting, sexy characters and a wild ride of science fiction adventure.

I also had a lot of fun planting little Easter Eggs throughout the story, references to other science fiction and fantasy novels and movies as well as a couple of general pop culture references. I've made up a list of them elsewhere on my subreddit if you are interested.

I was wearing a great big fucking grin when I wrote this story, and it's my hope that my readers will be wearing one, too. Because damn, this was a fun story to write. If it's as much fun to read as it was to write, I'll have struck gold.

But maybe you're saying to yourself, “Pat Powers is bragging pretty strong on this book, but let's face it, he's biased. He wrote the book, of course he thinks it's great. Even if he DIDN'T think it's great, he's got an economic incentive for lying about it, since he wants us to buy his books.”

These are reasonable and valid thoughts. But I have a counter argument. Go to the link for my book and read the free sample and see if it isn't a fun ride that grabs you and sweeps you along. It will cost you nothing, and if I'm wrong, you can say so, right here in this thread. But …. if I'm not wrong, you're in for a very good read. Read the sample and see for yourself. I dare you! In fact, I double dog dare you!

The Easter Eggs

The blurb, in case you are interested:

Oh, noes! Jinkie got kidnapped! What happened to her?

Well we can't tell all, not in this blurb anyway. But in the writhing mass of kinky science fiction erotica, hilarity and fun that some call “Attack of the 100-Foot Virgin” we DO tell all.

And in this blurb, there are some things we CAN say. We can tell you that on Alderan, Jinkie is now known as “The Riotess of Cyzlyk City” and is wanted by the authorities there on numerous charges. We can tell you that Marty Stu becomes a Forest Management Services bot and is eaten a couple of times. That the Mayor of Cyzlyk City comes to believe that a distant city called "France" has declared war on Cyzlyk City, for perfectly good and sufficient Jinkie-related reasons. And we can't tell you why Jinkie HATES being a hundred-foot-tall virgin in the middle of Cyzlyk City square. Wait a minute, we can: it's because she's naked. We just can't tell you why that happens, or why Jinkie is naked. But it's perfectly rational on Alderan.

We also can't tell you why the Rebellion, the mercs, Grab Ass, John Quill, the Borkistanis and the Cyzlyk City copbots all want to get their hands on Jinkie and hotmeat, or why Marty Stu got defenestrated. We can't tell you hotmeat's real name, or Marty Stu and the Interstellar Inquirer's fates.

You'll just have to read the book to find out, you ridiculously silly human, you.

This novel is just a hair over 55,000 words long and we can tell you that it may well be the funniest thing Pat Powers has ever written. Especially that one scene. No, we can't tell you what it is. You'll know.

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