Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I’m Virtually Wealthy!

This picture has NOTHING to do with today’s post. However, in an earlier post, I did threaten to post beautiful images of women’s pussies each time I found one. And I have. This one. Damn. Don’t tell me women’s genital aren’t beautiful. Now you know why some call them “flowers.” From Fucking Dungeon just so ya know. (Yes, it‘s also the “Disney butt“ model (Jasmine Jolie is her nom de porn) referenced earlier on this blog.)

As a writer, it’s wonderfully ego-stroking to have people paying real cash to read your books. Especially if you translate their cost into SL currency. In SL each of my books runs you over 1200 Linden dollars! And they’re WORTH it, dammit! Twelve hundred Linden dollars each … I’m virtually wealthy!

It sounds so much more impressive than five dollars US.


Anonymous said...

You'd be even more wealthy if you uploaded riverbeast.

Pat Powers said...

You are correct, sir!