Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lucille Ball the Naked, Chained Slave Girl

Lucille Ball is naked and chained in Roman Slavegirls of 1933.
Lucille Ball would have turned 100 this week, had she lived to be a hundred. The hard-living, hard-smoking former chorus girl was quite the little wild thing in her early days, ready to take on any role, which is how she got her breakthrough role as a naked slavegirl chained to a cake in Roman Scandals of 1933 a pre-Hayes Code comedy that went wayyyyy farther than anything that could have been done in the dismal Hayes Code Era that blighted American films for the next 30 years or so.

Of course, it WAS 1933 and there WERE limits, hence the knee-length hair on all the slave girls. I think Lucille was the second one from the left, but I'm not certain.
Ball went on to produce “I Love Lucy” the comedy that pretty much created the mold that we now know as the television sitcom. She and Desi founded a major studio (DesiLu) and she generally proved to be a major success as a businesswoman, though by many accounts, Desi was very much prone to cheat on her in their marriage. But to us she'll always be a hottie, and a hilarious hottie at that, and so we salute her for the hilarity and hottitude of her celebritude. Here's to you, Lucy!

What a cutie!

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