Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tumblr Badmouthing and Hiding Its Adult Sites, And There's A Great Gorean Image Site On Tumblr

One of many, many great images that look very much like a Gorean sex slave to be found on the Gorean Life tumblr. Image source:

The corporate types who run Tumblr have started badmouthing and hiding from search engines the huge number of adult sites that have been established on Tumblr, as the Eros Blog has pointed out. I've never been all that crazy about Tumblr blogs because they're so fricking bad about tracking down the original artist/photographer that created the images that they use. But there's no doubt that tumblr is a VERY efficient way to load up a lot of great art, especially those archive pages.

I'm particularly fond of the Gorean Life tumblr blog. The guy who runs it has a great eye for Gorean imagery, as I've noted before, and the main reason for this post is that link so that Tumblr's fucking asshole ways will be in vain. Check it out if you have not already, bookmark it if you haven't already, because fucking Tumblr is not about to help you find it if you lose it.

And finally, I'm kind of amazed at ALL the images of slavegirls on the Gorean Life blog that show that whoever created the images shares my view of what slavegirls should look like: hot, naked, sexy, beautifully made up and so forth, and wearing lots of barbaric jewelry and ornamentation. What many of them DON'T seem to get is that they should also be wearing bondage gear: collars, cuffs and shackles.

Now I'm sure many of these image creators and their fans might argue: slavegirls don't go around all the time in shackles and collars (nipple rings and pussy rings work too!). True enough, but the problem with no bondage gear is that you've got nothing to distinguish between a free woman having sexy time and a slavegirl having sexy time. The point of a slavegirl is that she is in bondage, she can be tied up or chained up at any moment by her owner. That's what gives her that very sexy dom/sub edge. And since your image of the slavegirl is the only reference the audience has for the slavegirl, MAKE HER LOOK LIKE A FRICKING SLAVEGIRL WHY DONCHA? If she's not actually tied or chained to something or someone, have her AT LEAST wearing the fricking gear that will make it possible to SEE that they're SLAVEGIRLS! The collars, cuffs and shackles can be made of precious metals that are encrusted with jewels or wrought with intricate designs, but dammit, make them thick and heavy enough and with at least one inset ring that can be used to bind them securely, so they'll look like slavegirls.

Still and all, the beautifully adorned naked slaves on the Gorean Life blog are a wonderful thing in and of themselves. I've not seen a lot of photos that really do the hot slavegirl thing justice in the past, but it appears that a lot of photographers and artists are catching on, and the Gorean Life blog is finding them a lot more successfully than I ever did.


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