Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A LIttle Bit O' Monica

My bondagerotica site is updated with a 27,000 word short story called "A Little Bit O' Monica." OK, that's more like a novella. It's about a young woman who figures out that cosplay can be an excuse to spend four days naked and crawling all over cute boys. The secret lies in her costume ... a webcomic character called Slavegirl Belinda, who makes Slave Leia look overdressed!

There are also panels for a proposed webcomic called "A LIttle Bit O' Monica." I'm trying to entice some unsuspecting artist into buying into the story and helping me bring it to live visually. Because this is a story with HUGE visual potential and also a very strong story with lots of character, humor and parody of, well, everything.

If you are a webcomic artist, or know a promising artist who'd like to do webcomics, this could be your big chance. Or their big chance. In any event, it may be SOMEBODY's big chance. And even if you're not an artist, there is the fun of reading the story.

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