Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pony Soldier, Funny Games and Pimpin' Da Bondage

I've written an article called "Pony Soldier, Funny Games and Pimpin' Da Bondage" over at my bondagerotica site. It was inspired by the discovery that Penny Edwards wore a VERY tight bitgag in her scenes in the 1952 Canadian Mountie-worship Western, "Pony Soldier."

Bitgags are extremely rare in mainstream media, maybe because to make them look halfway convincing, they have to be worn kinda tight. And Edwards wore the bitgag in SEVERAL scenes, which meant she spent quite awhile sitting around tied up with that thing in her mouth.

I wondered if there might have been some comment about it in movie mags of whatever, so I did a Google search over 100 sites deep looking for results under several different keywords.

In the meantime, I'd been discussing the way Naomi Watts talked up the bondage for her scene in the upcoming film "Funny Games" over on Brian's Page. I felt Watts was trying to promote the film by talking up the bondage scenes, others felt the talk about the scenes was incidental.

So I did some research ... actually a LOT of research ... looking for evidence that current actresses were talking up their bondage scenes to promote their films, and that actresses in older films didn't do that. The results of my research are detailed in my article. The best resource I found was H's Damsel in Distress Site which has over three dozen interviews with actresses about their bondage scenes, or their feelings about bondage. I also found lots and lots of caps of for the films I researched, all are present at the article site. Check it out, it's a fun article.

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